The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 13, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 13, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR THE BLYTHBVJLLE COUK1ER NEWS TUB COURIER NEWS CO., PUBUBUERfl C. B. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HAINE3, A4.veiUsiu« Uuikger Sole National Advertising Rcprvrcntallvw: Arkansas Dailies, Inc., New Vork,, S',, Louie, Dallas, ICarviss City, Memphis. Published Every Aliertioon Kx«;;l fjmiaay, Entered as second clcss mailer ftt llu: post ollicc in BiVtlicvlllc. Ar- kuijsas. iiniU-r act o; Co'igiuss, tx> lulx.T I). 1917. Sf-rvoa tiy tin 1 . Un'.icn lON BATCH By carrier in me Cuy o; mvlhcvlll;, 15c per »vek or 50.50 per ycur In ndvuifc. By mall within a radius of 01) miles, J3.00 IHT >enr, $l.!x) Jor sis months, 85c for ll.rcc inonlhs; by initU In postal zones two to fix, Inclusive, &6.50 |X:r year. In M>ncs seven ami eight, flO.OU per year, payable In advance. Hiding at Knlh Finiipy, wi-iliiii; for tin; SmppiJ-llownrd piipiT:*, snid Mowlny (lint Kf-xl'ovd (iiiv Ttifjwi'll was U CllUSCII I)V fill's 111' till' Iho r;itinM ;;s :ill nljji'i'l fur lliu nUacks thry ilaro mil level ii[;;iinsl Hit: preiiili'iil. Tliat soL'ins a iv:ison:ililc cxplann- tion of tin: wrath thai has tk-si-iMidcil upon llic liciid of a dupai'luu'iit of afiricuhiire .stiljonliiuili- inlln- em.'t: -in lliu shaping P!' iinHoiial policies, if niiy, is entirely dependent upon Ihe conlidence reposed in him liy the presidonl. Tho truth of the .-iluafion is, of course, Lhat the present ndniiiiisli-a- lion has pnt old line eunservatives iiimniir DeimHTulii 1 slalesmen in an einharrassinjr situation, '['lie popularity of Ihe presidenl is Midi that they would \m risking urave polilieal 1-011- sanieiiees if they look a sland itjiaiti.-.! him. So HtL'.v pay him h]i service and attack him Ijy indirection lhvout;h stil>- ordinales v.-lui do not. shave his per- sonnl hold upon the public. The best observers atii'ee UutL in actual fad Ulis is a one man administration. The president has plenty of advisers liut is dominated by none of . them. Important decisions on administration policy are made. l>y Jlr. Hoosi'- vcll. Those wln.1 dou'l like 'the way tilings nre truing would display more himesly and more couraKe if lhe.\' ccnt- • cred- their. -criticism on him. Jle. is; fhn man who is responsililc. In s.o doing, fnrlhcrmore, Ihey would be performing a public service lj\! drawing a sharper definition of what, in (his day ami ane, constitutes a Democrat. There are in the Democratic party today loo many gentle- , men economic ami social philosophy is thai of Hoover Republicans. If they would do the voters the favor of making clear the extent of their divergence 1'i-om ilhe views of v-'ne parly's national loader Ihe result might Lie a purging of the party's con- grcs.-ional rolls that would lie a healthy thing. There has been no Republican opposition worthy of the name to the administration'.-! program, but there have been plenty of ,-illempls at sabotage from within the Democratic ranks. The Democratic voters of the country would correct that sil- imtion if the guilty ones would come into the open with their opposition. This k nol to say, of course, thai OUT OUR WAT: \vi|h I'rcsitk'iil llooscvpll is a lust of whul c'oHsliUik's :t yowl DcnitK'i'iit. Tin; nitrly's |>i'U|;i'fini ln>- lujij;s lo its nicinijor.ship, nut In "liy one mini. There is pk'iily of rirasoii to Ijeliovi?, however, I lutl tlu' rank an<t lilt; of DiMiiotTafic vutriv an; with tlic 1 prt'sidcnl. Thosn who wntit to rluiliKi! llic party's i)ro«nini and Icatk-rsliip arc vnliiin thi'lr rij;his, of niin'sr, lint llic 1 liarly lias a right In ask that tlicy art opiMily, as sunit; -Tow liavi 1 , anil llnis assiinio llu; rbks attciuhilit upon sncli Democracy in i/ie Legion A lilllu mure (hail a year a^» there \vas a mild Hurry when New Vurk's U'illard Slrai^ht I'nst of I he Anioriean i.i'tjinii adopted a resohilion u|ipr>.sin^ iitiiiieiliale payment of ihc soldiers' adjusted compensation curlilieales. Tim legiuii a.-; a wholn was for it, and had adopted an order pi uliiljiliiij,' any |mst from making ptililir ennlrary (ipintoiis. When the Slraii;lil jmsl did so, it was sus[)cntled liy Ihe tialional urbanization, il went to court. Mow the appellate division of New York's supreme com I IIEIS upheld (he olriii^hl posl, dirceliiiK Ihe national lenioii to resloru it to good slaiidiiii;. .hislict; Albert Cohen, in his decision, said in pan Uial the legion's action had lieeii "contrary lo law. unsound in principle, anil onl of harmony with (he nolile ideals for which Ihis line- nrgan- i/.alion \\ns foiiniled." It is likely thai must legionnaires, now thai Ihe .-moke ha-i cleared away, will aKivii wilh Justice (.'ohen, and welcome, hack the Willard Straight 1'osl \vilii open arms. Tlie Ijond between iiHMi who bore arms together is stroiiK- cr Ilian any small disagreement over a national policy. lUA'THEVlLLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Honoring Jejferson \V;i:;liinglun is lull of slatia-s and iiiumiiiii'iils, soinu animate, sunn- inan- iniiili'. Mow RupruseiUiilivi! John .). Bo.vlan. is pt'clly L'xciluit aliunl somulhiiiK lliat uvuiy WiiKliinjrloiiiiiii lias known for years—that all this welter of inuinuriiils, there isn't a single tint to Thomas JclVemin. linyUni wiinls the federal govern- intnl to spend ?100,OUO for a |ietk>stal on whk'h some private association may liiler want to Iniild a memorial tu the safe of jMuitlicellu. Now yon mi^'lil think §1011,001) i.s Kinali change these days, tlie way the Kovn-miu'iH is tossing hillioiis aliotil. And ye I you might also paraphrase. I'oor liichitnl, and say that if you watch Ihi; liniidrcd thousands of dollars the hillioiis will lake uaru of themselves. Tlturu are lot.s of things we need mure today tliiin ? 100,000 pedestals. The bi-sl memorial we eonhl lioilil for .li-nVrson today would be for a few millions of us to devote just one- .ti-nlh the lliuughl. work, and zeal to democracy that JellVrson nave lo it. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark \VKDNKSDAY, JUNE 13, 10 CHURCH EXCUSES By Gto. W. TnisCuRious WORLD My ion-iji-law and hired-man both say that the end o'. llu so- called depression will never come j but it will finally (talc out. llial it. I came in thai way and most every- i thing ends as it begins. I did nol ! nltcmpt, to answer this as a man I of my knowedRC and ability seldom ! Tinds il necessary to speak when j llic average i«rson makes a stale- nicnl. or slates a proposition but I could have dis-proved llieir theory by telling ihem of the bc- giiinlng and the ending of my position ns chairman of our chinch board, as well as general manager of ti:e church, sonic who know of my work, and the final outcome may he heard lo say lhat it fizzled out bill il surely did not slarl that way. I found thai lo successfully linn things II required two tilings on the parl of file manager. One was not let jour riglil hand man know whni the one on Ihe left, was doing. This took care of the other members of the board and the members of the braird and Ihe members of the church. The other was to have better management for I loss money. By working along rwse lines 1 became Ihe successful manager lhat I claim lo be and I cannot help it if the c'r.urch could nol stand what some of the members called, "my high pressure management." (Copyrighted.) .-; REALLY A MIGRATOPV THRUSH BUT IS CALLED AFTER. THE REAL ROBIN OR, REDBREAST, OP ENGLAND.... SHOWN ABOVE Q 1534 DY hE* SERVICE, OHE FOOT OF A HOUSE-FLY.... HIGHLY MAGNIFIED / "1 never fuel comfortable 'when I leave him home with my mother." Cleanliness Often the Best Cure For Skin Eruptions By Williams WHAT WOULD 7- THIWK, IF \ VOU LAID OUT DM TH r PORCH 1 LIKE THIS? WHY, I'D THINK VOU HAP A LITTLE SENSE - XMEAM— HAD BRAINS ENOUGH TO BE COMFORTABLE STIDDA DUMB ENOUGH TO ' CARE WHUT PEOPLE THIN«1 MEAN, BY THAT— YOU'D BETTER RIGHT THERt,OREVEKJ VOU WON'T KNOW WHA7 VOU MEAN nv nit. .Mourns vtsmii;i.\ Kltilnr, Journal „( (\, K Ami' .Mrilii-:il /VsMiriation. and nf Hy- Tlie iniUinmaiory comliliDii of the skin which causes llic faro Ui i become covered wilh pimples, hut which also may alfeci neck, shonl- j dns, back and chest. Is kmwn' Iscicntillcidly ;is acuc. Specialists in I disease* of the skin describe vari- < uus typrs of acne accanlinj; lo sl/c I iind shape of Hi; pimples. Usually Uiese pimples arc as«o- i-iatod with nn iutrclion of the .•.kin ! by (jrriiM of various types, hicludms; not only Iho i;i-rm s which :uc vip- imsi'd tu IK- spcdlic for ncne. but i also the usual pus-forming yennsI called staphyloujcci. ' conditions usually come 0:1 i in yniith and may be associated tu ! extent also with the dine- '• i'4 of various glands. There are mtam diseases in which pimples aro likely to occur, particularly dis- Siiiiu-iiiiics Hi? takiiiR of drnts like bromide and icdidos will increnM: the number of pimples. • * * 'Hie bc:.t way lo pn-vcnl pimples Is. of ciiiirsr. to nlKcrv? absolute i:li-:inliiii-ss alwut tho skill. Blackheart; slunild Ix: siiurozed nut nn- <!or i-aivfui (-ondilionv Tho. face .•.ho:t!d \K'vd ihoroii'-hly with hni ualcr. The skin may bi' snaked in hot bora- arid solution coiUaimu',' about Ihr.e hr.i]iini; tablcsp-oninls of l-nadercd bnrk anil to ihveo quarts of l:ot «a(ur. Tlie tare may Ix; ,so.\krd frr 10 to 15 minutes will! tonels ivrmij; out in a liot solution n{ ihis ty|>e. This 'will rcuio\ i c [ho groasc I und inow skin from the face, as •11 as the material from the pim- !e.s and blackheads. j Alirr this ti-alme p:^o?s. tho i Jlai-kheads may :>:• s(|i.-v.ori o:il I wperly with a s[ic,-i.ii ijlackhoaa Slrartor. Thnn \\\., <,:.;iu may bJ ! K'a'.cd wilh s'.uTfsssvr .^jnnscs ol j '1:1 water lr> rnntract i!i,- pores and | i'o dilatori hi-Kni vessel.- S]:cc:alists in diseases -.\ fro skin! irovirii- various ointment, salves, o.s !n r irritated ar.rl infcct- 'd skin. It is also |>,-;ss:b:i. ;n Hie i nore sovrrc c.isc-i lo h:mj about go-.-d rpftilti by uso of tin- X-ray. I \Vlth all tins, the si-ncral liv-1 rd, and constipation and ,,,„, shn|tw Xy , mn !11|1C liicls ' Thcre si --°""l [y 01 oul||00l . exerd6 ,, . u Jack Dempsey, Referee Knocks Out Irate Boxer AKHON. O. iUP>— Jack Dcinii- sey liasn'l losl all of his former punch, fighl fans here learned. Thc foiiner heavyweight champion, refereeing a bout, disqualified Tony Elmo. Pittsburgh, for allcu- I.cs Fishbaugh, Newark. i lOlmo. incensed nt the action,' tailed after Dempsey svith nisi SNAke VGNONA i IS NOT ALWAYS /°O/5OA/... AND THAT OF MANX "POISONOUS" SNAKES CAN BE SWALLOWED WITHOUT HAR/V\, PROVIDED IT PpES NOT ENTER THE BLOODSTREAM. Tlie Enulisli i-otlbreasl Is only atom half (lie size of its Amcru nnitiesnck. Eiiglisli settlers, ivlirrevei- U:i-y linvp Bone, have givon niime.s of lliclr favorite birds to lliose found in the ne\v lands. NEXT: In what sliapu docs liglil, shinirj throush llic opnii in fcP.-iffe, tall during a partial orlipsc? Cat Leaped From Plane At 1,000-Fl fisl.s. There followed JULJIC IW 1786-- fieneral W Scott born. "Florida oPfer-s 1-200 apiece for I dft&a, or •alive. _jp\e who 'saw World's Fair wonder r th.e whole -fJViisTo over Film Funmakei ;To Wed Invalid , ROANOKE, Va. lUi')—Even Dcmiiseyiual has her worries. Jumping out of a llyiiiK pltuiL- i The feline was in Ihe liubli slecjiini; in the planes v.lnio I .wore on tho ground. finL rocci ,.•=110 fori!0t to jump onl of the s Ibclore the pilot took olf. \v Mrs. Planter, Ue Budden exit of Con uavld camo Here 10 IGC Tic tlio liouEokecpcr, tlie lelcplionc call ir 10 rccurerntr, |iri-UTiL!tn« -10 he ihc- olhcr ffltl. ^he J» a^hiiinca or the drrtplJon lull kcr^.i It up. rvcn when Ulf.Ij ^tl>!>AL. SlEKtrline'* ron^in. a«k» b(T In in.nrry htm. Jlill nnrl nonrrn . 1'LAN J'^lt. bni c*! by Dunnn, [« •rkccper her en- AMOS SIIIIIAI,. Mad<llnc'» cr;.njlnll,fr. k:i.i n slroLu-. 51rainvhilr .M.-ulrlinr nko h:l. nuirrlcd CII.V IIAVII). the nnlnMl iriiin<-r, IK kjllcil. Con knotra ol llnniinN fltMT|illnn anil decldr* lo lil:ii.-k[iin[l lu-r. lie comri (o rhe r«r:irliv unvn nnil Dnnnn nprrrji lo m.TI hint. SI ri. I'lnnlrr lrnrn> of rTklft nnri urllrx Hill an nnonj- , llr.nrr kmi IIIM hrr .d hr li.r he 1)111 n[ipnln1nirn1 . Sliu re.n.-hc» n came to s Mrs. Sidilal," Dill said quickly, course they aro fricnd3 but--" "Oh, yes, he did," Pete Insist "Or he wouldn't a-written her letter right away." "How do you know he wro a Ictler2" " 'Cause I delivered It for hi Didn't slio lell you? Fie gimnio dollar." "Rogular plutocrat, ch?" R - . .„ _ ...„ mumbled. "I'd like to sec .V dug his head into the pillow. Sup-', David." Tho name stuck in I: pose he learned she was unfaith- lliroat, "JJut ho ain't up." _ before Donna awakened "You lell him I want Bill was np and dressed. Minnie wrilten tlio anonymous letter? Who else? It would bo characteristic ot :lho woman to strlko lack in such a fnshlon, but even Mrs. Planter must have had some basis for such stall-meats. There was one thing Bill could do. Jle could find out if the circus performer was in Lebanon and what had brought him there. After that Madeline would have to mako an explanation or — he groaned and ^'""""•ri'N'iii""". 1 !,'.. 1 ""."'. «"•"« U«n,lcrt to tl o! the i):dy may improv- j ANNOUNCEMENTS Tl:e Conner NCA-S ha.s hccn au-i Uiorl7<!d to announct Ihe following I a.< candidates for piibiic office, sub-j Jfct lo the Dcir.ocrnttc prlm&rj' August: For Kcprrscnl^livr IVY W. CRAWFORD For County .luil;i: ZAl, B. HARRISON' OEORGE W. BARHAM Knr Jtcinlicr of ConrrcM CWNTON L CALDWELL- I'or Shcrift anil Colic-dor CLAHKSCE H. ' WILSON i For nc-olcctlon ftfr Second Term I'or County Trr.-ttorcr JOE S. D1LI.AHUNTY UOLAMD OREE>f lor Circuit Court ( Icrk HUGH CRAIG AOniSON SM1TIJ R. Ii. (SKECT) STOUT fur Comity Courl Clrrk VilED FLEEMAN I'or He-KIcclIou ror 2nd Term For Assessor H. I,. (BIU,V> G.MNE8 O. C. (IKE) HUDSON Foi Consljtilt . oj CblcliajawiM Towuihln JACK ROBEHT60N l.'fn is not all clowtiiug for ("licit'.-r Conklin. Ho lias time Icr (c-nderncf3 and romance, loo. a? this picture shows. Al lop Is Conklin in one of tils famed film fun-making roles. JV.c^' ho 15 shown with hts bridt-io-bc. Moig'iierlta Rouse. nn Ir^ lor :;. ycarf. attcr t'ney h.i-1 filed nc:i,.e of inten- ticu tj -,vcd in LQS llr knuv nol. M)w (.•» n.v WITH mi: STOUT CIIAI'TKn xi.ll 1)11,1. K.-IS sillins by tlie window, " siarinB onl nt tho falling snow. He did nol turn when Donna en- lerert. Slie crossed the room and slowly bcsan to remove her drop* Slin s Rill." "I liuo'.v you ilid." i-'7 : V "I went to town." "1 know tint. loo. ; Wliy?" "II dlilu'l occur to mo that yon wunld object." she evaded. "I don't know- that ! did objccl. Xnt lo your coins to town.' . had not yet arisen when he de- sccm!c(1 '" H^ kitchen. He made coffee and drank It, black and strong. He'mixed tlie mash for the cattle nnd fdled pails of "slop" for llic hoss. Then, in rawhiile Iwots, cap and cont. ho plndded through the snow to tlie stalilea. * * • 'pHE storm was over. There were . huso drifts In the farm yard. to 6 Rill's voica was more har Iban ho intended, and Ibe bny. I jaw dropping, ecnrricd onl of t ofiice and tip tho stairs. Pete h. to knock several limes hetoro tlie wag a response. Then came muffled, "Wliat is It?'' "Mr. Sidilal vrnnlg lo sco yo The namti "Siddal" woke Con once. Tell him to wait. When 1 dressed I'll ring." ilelilii-raiely tricked me "Yon in;i> \v;is objecting." "Why did you He?" He rose and lying." she said holly. "That goiur; sky save promise of a sunny day., p CTB llcFccn4c(1 a3 nntM ns Ihe car Donna had useil llio day : JL j ];1( | „ orle ,t . • , bcforo had not been taken into j n vcr j,j " lno ,,,,,c; ?n ^ c '""/'ti tbe E ara 5 e and was completely „.„,„ | Ilto "the'office tn< snow.covered The radialor must I .,„.„,. hjs nlllsti , chlj . be frozen, and probably tbe engine ,. Wo . fC .. brc;ll . fas[ „ wag water-soaked. ' After ho liad fed and watered the animals be sol out Ibe sleigh and hitched Ibe horses to It. lie was to Una out whether Con David was hi Lebanon or not. Breakfast was being served at c.imc en her. How small Blio looked | the House when he like "N'o. Hunks." Hill look from bis [locket, filled and licln il and sat down in c. chair by t window. Tho hotel proprinlor. nnt! . Bill's grim face and bagcanl wondered wha had . ...... _._ ..._, ..„ ...... d now P .iicr The healthy bronze hitched tho horses in front of the when his son whispered that m Her circus das wa of Her circus days was gone and her feninrcs looked pinched and tense. Tlicre were shadows under her eyes a pathetic quiver ah:iiu her h|-= mado his heart "Hecnirs? — because T could sec you inifiriined me—and you had swnrii intliinr;—nolhins conlil ever make you donht me again. 1 wanted to see—to see if yon—" ilis laush cut like a rapier. "Testing me. ell 1 .' Tlianks. After Riving me a couple of rotten hours visionluj you freezing to de-ilb ID Hie snow you tbink it's fportlng to tost my trust. Thanks!" "liili:" "N'cxl lime I won't waste building. A drummer wbo liad loisiddal bad font for the clrr'. catch aa early train, the conductor; former R.ider anticipated of a frei^lit tliat "made up" injr i ann preened liaili witness. himself lo because o( Ihe , u,, t tic was lo be disar-pointe I.eljanon, anrl a farmer who stayed in lown slorm were siliins at tlio. Ions i The board behind Iho desk 'res! table reserved for "rcsulars" as lcrc ,| a ben r j [lg i n ~ j n t\. fe Hill Flalked inlo the o(T:co. hurried olt to answer it and ran I'clc'a rcrt he.Tl app-arcil from j back tn tell nil! tliat .Mr. Dav behind the >lcik. followed by Isle's' wanted lilm lo co:ne np to Ii freckled face and wMe-tootlicd: ro'.-m. S ri ". j Uill's steps laaped as ba mov f "Hello, Mr. Siil.lal." he cbirpcd. I down the hail. His slices RCOIUC "You're sure in town early." ; weighted with lead nnd his hort, "Yes. Mind If I look over your; scarcely loss heavy. Co:i welromr! resistor a aiiiiute". 1 " ; him In l!ie rtoorway. oltcrla^ h Pete's answer was a grunt. In- : band wliich Rill Ignored, tended .-.3 a ne;ativc. The register | ••[ asked you np here." Con sai lay open on Hie desk antl Ilii! with nn airy grace he di.-i nol fee - - —•• ••"«-,... .../ m] ui'ku "•• ^..v it,..-n niiv. «..., uiu] HIE airy grace no rut] not an.xicty. but I wontrt like to know made a rapid survey of ll:e names , "because I langircd you wlm made yon change your plans, l Ire to re htm. then flipper! the page ! sumelbins to say to mo priva Or di'ln'l yon inlcud tn RO to Iho I to tbe day botoro. Only one name j "| have." Adani>e.i w-bcn yon left?" CHH diil nit answer. Slowly she ° reached lor her ulslnsown and went Inlo tlie tiny dressing room atlj.iininfi. Krom i closet she took out hiAiikets. spread them on the couch tn the (IreEiing room and Hung he^clt upon Uicm. Kvery bone and rnnscla ached as though she Mad doue hard manual labor. Sli» (elt she would never sleep again, but outraged natiua rebelled and soon slit r.s!eep. . Bill lay awake, reviewing bis 1KB with Donna. Llttla incWests Ibat cad =teu:;d cf no trapor'Ance list on DEW mtaainjs— tM ttradge Al>SeleS'_ aatlpatbj- telwwn Madeline and Ivalcly some coMc e name appeared. "Con D.ivnl," | "Mind if l <\,[ n \; Unlfl he saw lint nime. Heavily i while wo talk?" scrawled, ho had cli::is to the hope! -c, 0 aliead." Hill looked stcndi lliat llio clrcuc portorrncr nas not j at Iho oilier nnn, taklnq lii evci In lowu. thai Hie annnyiaons letter detail ot bhck hair, olive ski had been Hie work ot a vicious chiseled fcalurcs nurl Injngination. Shock raotneiuarlly j mnscular body. . obscured llie fcatuic:- of the small j bey, Ih- register, llio walls atx>ul him. "Sit. down, won't you?' 1 "No, tlianks." Con sat down al tho rirkefy !al-, . Pete's voice brought Bill back lo'on which the tray rc.=tiul ai Ihe necessity of hldln; his emo- j poured a cup of coffee. Ho rirai tlons. "ITye know who that Is. tt lu one swallow anrt uirnert Mr. It's Ibe feller that Dill. "Well, what iirouglit y was here with Iho circus lael here?'' spring, ihc feller Hal weut Into "An anonymous klter." prr the cage with all Ibea tioas aad , twereJ flnwly. "i did nol -• i tljtri Sal. psbiw—of course y^-j i a ; u ;t m y wift by «fkln[ he: 1 r>lum> isrgot your wife n. So 1 carte to you." was wllb tbe circus, teo, and tiat i (To Ue Continue-:!)

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