Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 30, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 30, 1896
Page 5
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Dunlap's v Celebrated ———^^m^- Silk, Stiff and 5oft. —Spring Styles. DEWENTBR, The Hatter and. Furnisher. SHOE BARGAINS. 98 Cents Buys Men's Shoes nolid leather, lacs Or co.ogrecs. 98 Cents Bays Ladies Kid Patent Leather Tip Shoes, batfon or Uco. 63 Cents Buys Ladies' Kid. Oxford Ties, pat- tefit leather. tips, 73 Cents BnystLadies'- Low Calf Skin Shoes just the thins for 9arden. 29 Cents Bays Ladies Serge Slippers, tolid comfort.. 69 Cents Bays Children'? Tan Shoes, button or lace. 19 Cents Buys Baby Shoes patent leather tips. 50 Cents Buys Beautiful Velvet Slippers for house wear. Stevenson & Klinsick, 403 Broadway. ~ THE ~~ FIRST NATIONAL BANK -OF- LOGANSPORT. . INDIANA. A. 3. Murdocn. Prei. W. W. ROM, Ca»h. j. r. Brookmeyer, Ailt. Ca»h. D1BJ8CTOBS: ' w - H - Banking In all lt» bepaninonts promptly and carefully done. th.Mor. Safety to Customers and Stockholders "°Btron« B*««rv« Fund mUntolned. Business Change. James Bc«toor has purchased the Pelton meat market. He now occupies toe n»w roam Ji»t ere;cted to the -west .of the oW •tamd, and It to his Intention to run a first-class stop and handle a full line of fresh and salt meat*. DAILY JOURNAL THURSDAY, JULY 3~o7l80C. Watermelons on Ice. Botberniel. Hammocks at your own price at Qeo. Harrtaon'B. . Disease attocVs the weak and debilitated. Keep yourself, healthy and strong by taking Hood's SarinparUla. Bound trip rate to St. JogepD, |2; to Lake Maxlnknckee, |1. .Train leare* Vandalla station every-Snnday M,7 a. m. The crop bulletin lias the following for Cass ooimtj'--Heavy KHQS; some corn blown down; corn and potato crops promise enormously. W.'T. Wilson lectures this afternoon at'Michael's University at 3:30. Subject "History of a Bank Note." Free of ctrrge. All Invited. ..•Mrs. Schmerber, who waa arrested Tuesday for permitting her cows to run at large, was arraigned yesterday morn-' ing in Mayor McKce's court, and was .discharged. : Awarded Highest Honors—World 1 * Fair. •DR; CREAM BAKING PERFECT MADE I r «eGrape Cream,.of Tsrtar.Powder. .Ftei I t Ammonia, Alum'or'iriy other adulMWrt '•"'.. 46 Yca?s the StandwA LADOK, SILVER AND SLAVBRY. Ph-IUidel'pbla IH-esfi: When Uie votes are counled for Mr. Bryan considerably ovw -t \vo-Wiirdi3 of tlieiu w.11.1 come from til ic old sUive-lioldiing Stsvtcs. The lead- ens iii those Stfltes aix.* all l'» favor of Mr. Bryan, and die Chicago plat.fonn. Tlie South Is Hie only seat Urn in which tiliosc who Imvc iwoperty favor <1e- biuiehtng anul depiwiatiliig the currency. TJie lx>tto-m reason for ttA* is put frankly ami NiliiwiioXuUy Jn 1111 Interview published l>y Wie "Wall Street Journal." Tliils paiwr pu-bllsbes conspicuously the following: A very proinhiou,t Southern mrui isi'.d. SiiUwilay in. (.lie oflice of one »f the leading brokers: "It seems to me that my 'fi-llow Peniocralfc are bUud. I eaunot iindotsthnd wby they hetiiitnte for one moment to Indorse .free silver. As n party wo favor Mio widest possible trade. We wish to push our products Into all (Jie markets of Hie world, and the only tliiaiK which stands Iir'tbe way o-f our so do-Ing Is Uie -hlg.li price of our labor. EveryitWiig that we make lias come tlow.ii, In price. But while everything else has declined in cost, our labor still sticks at tlie old pri-ees, and Iharc doe.sn't seem lo be au.y way to bring hibor down except tliroujrli some sort of a protracted i-evo.lut.Ion. Free silver, however, would solve Hie question In .in hour. It wouldn't advance Uie price of ,lin.v kliud of lalXH', beca.ui^e all labor Is WEBROKB : £VEN And That's Better Than Anyon Expected in Kokomo. CLEVELAND \VQ1N}ONE •:"f'-- ' .-' Gave the Reds a'SoundTjrouncing —The Score's.':''- • .750 . now at Jmflaitton pr.lcw, nnd juet as a» It woukl be under nTiy' coiidlUon But If fjree sQver were adopted we would pay lalxir In, 50 ; cent doMa.rs. That wou-ld cut labor ta two at once, thus fetching It down to the plane of. every Hdng else. This neeornpl'Uhed, vf'e would bo in s;hnpe to suctessfully comi pete with England or a^Tiy otilicr coiinti7 for Hie markets of tJio' world. Tlicrc- Core I enm't see why our party does not nt once ami entirely Indorse -free silver, because by so doing we should establish our commercial supremacy a,moug t:he nsiitlons of the earth." This Is cmnsisteat. .It agrees with Hie fact. It Is true.. A great mnnj- Soutli- ernersi ho.pe to sell their cotton in gold dollars worth 100 cents and to pay their labor In silver dollars worth r,0 cents. 'is the rsason that tilio Soulliern colored delesntes In Hie Kepublloan convention. at i?t. Ixiuifi vored for "tbe ex- Js*lng gold standard." It Is the reason white delegates from the South In the Chicago convention voted for silver. There Js no worse foe to labor tJmn silver coinage. .The cost of living will doulnlc h» a. (lay. Wages will -drop to Uie r,0 cent basis' of the pllver-nsln* countries. Mexico. Brazil, Japan, and Qlulrni. An Mr. W. M. Ivtns, of New York showed In detnll in a recent Interview on lite return frem Brazil, In. tilie past ten, years Miere, imder a de- pi-ecla.ted curpcncj', wlrile all other prices ha.vo risen', wages .have remained •wohnnged. This will be the result . Tfce.la.boriiisr msn -who votes for tree (stiver coinage will vote away half lite wains i;f hl« vote Is one n-f a majority. LHEY'RE STILL FRIENDS. Pat. Oraney and C. W. Welch Will Race Horses Today. Pat Graney and C. W. Welch will gut- tle the qiie.itlon as to v-lileli IMW 'hi> fastest horse this afternoon. nt the driving 1 park. 'It will be mll<; heats, two In- tliire, and the owners arc to drlvu their owji horses. The Indianapolis News, In' speaking of the race Monday, said that Ihe, rivalry. had. grown so strong be-. tween tlie two railroad men that they did not spwik: The story was 'the' pro- 1 duct of. tins' overheated Imagination of the: veracious -correspondent ''of the 1 New* at this place: Mr. Welch and Mr. Graney have ticyer..been -wrought up. to. sjicl) a,.«tate Hint-' they would jiot spcnk to each other, :a'nd whoever wltw.tlie. race nnd the purse^of ?100 will be just as* good 1 n friend 'of the loser nnd ffle' loser will reciprocate. <f Simon Holt,- who' mnile It a-practice to insult girls ami women while lie was in (lits.tow,n 'a few weeks ago wusi-coii- vict'od of,the snmc offense.nt Indiana-, polls Tuesday .and fined $25 and co?t,=. STAXDIXG Clubs Anderson Logan-sport' .... El-wood ....... RiiislivHIo 1 '..' " Kokomo Qoimoiwviilt* ..,, Anderson, lends th£-ionise-,, aiffl- tlie t.ennrhns not yet play^''n~];.9iji<i;,!, It is not the'fault, of the tliiit-sucli l« the case." K •Connorf-vlHo imd notified tlie .' hi -time, tliL-re would not iiow bo a game credited to Anderson "and' a lost one debited, to Couuersviljc.- TJlits will all bo changed before -the week Is out, however, and LopmsporPvi'tU'lii'at Hie top. Anderson plays at •Kokoiuo,. jiiud ;hc tor 1s sure to takc-.nt 3east-«nt>. j of the two. -••.-.; The schedule of games'- for- stlit'.- remainder of this week-Is as follows': Friday and Salnmla^:—Xijide.'son- at Kokoiiio; I»ii.*livil,-le.at. Coiini. ; i'svi'le; Logans-port nt Ehvpod... .fcohncisyille lias buc>n reorgai-1/.eil uuder-.t ; ho, ; .-,iuaiiage mciit of O. M. Hemplemai);: ; ii.nd-' i wilJ ibe made us strong nu -'nny c'ub lir--. the eagnc. Anderson has secured grounds on which Simday ball' 1 wljl/he played, 1 tlie other clubs, of tlit-'leagrioareiln ,jood shape. A schedule i£|b£nig fornied for the month of August, and up.to.aiij. nolndliig Labor Day;. Whether-or not .'lie-season will be- extended"-reti'mlns with thf executive boai-d'-fif-the leflgiie. Tor Sale!—New'typewriter, ?20, Ben- Wiam'nn, Room 4, Crawford block,' : KOKOMO , Kofeonio. .Tnly 20.— Specia'l.'^On account of thi; (rnme yestt>rdflji:b.ei. n s P'' c " vented by ruin, two games- .wei'e played today for one price ot-'iuTinisJiion. In Hie first game tho Logn'h'sf'Ort'shigRers conUI <lo nothing wlUi'-jTcn^'fj.ciin-c.'i and after -mailing one k>uelf<>rUTriu the first liming, they never I oucU^dHtitj rubber for another PCi)re,": T '.Q.''Cb"uicn pitched a good game; hat.- wqsjililt hhrd enough to win out the game!- .for Kokomo. Score, tlrst gaiiie;~, ..... u-vr ;I,oga.nsport ..... .1 0"0 0 0 0 '0 "0 0-1 ; Kokomo ...... . .2 6 1 ;'2 ; '0 0 qo CM-r, 1 Batteries— O'ConricU h "r.'mT rBttille;, Heuley and Garvey. "., ...... ; ,,. In tlie second game Henley started lu .to "pitch, but tho first ' all 1'iis speed, and the touched him hard ami often, .iwikjng ten runs in (he first 'two Innings.' uo$ers then relieved him ami hej(l;'_tlie;\vti»l|ors down to two runs. Score^si'eoud gajne: Lognnsport ..... !• r, 0 o'.iO:.pfl t..0r-12 Kokomo ........ 20 S.O'.0-.p.a:o-0-S Ba-ltet'les— Lyaa and ''iriwiier'-'and Be- vlllc; Henley. Boger.s-"n'ittf'i?OT*e"y: - . • - ••"-' -• • RUSHVILLE 0. July'20,. vHIo was defeated byMiie -Ebvoods In the third game of tlie. ; seI'teuttHlay,.the, visitors .winning by .bundling their -hits', in die sixth Inning.. The jjias'Ing 'W>* ; loose on .bo*,sides. .Score:. .,. ;j : -f..wi Bushylllo. ......,2-,2 2;'<);ft,fl.,',0..0 6f* Elwood ..-.2:1 fMO'C 0,0.0 *--9- Bntt.erk-6—for RuKhvJ'lle,' Weaver; and Campbell, errors 4;. 151 wood|7,. crrpns, 0.. .Folkeitt. .. ...."• "^..oL-'iy'l- The postpcneil.x.gaiiiiv stoirpe<l by iiilna.:*ndsdayj)-will, 'be plnyed tomorrow.'"'• "->'''- s 5 ."•'<•• •] ' . -.'»'!y7:!.'3/.-'' . - ' Telir Avas. The -Reds nt. .Last- Met .Def.-'at.,-ijti Hands of Mia;spw-s.mv*" ' '-"'* .Clm:lnna.tl was iit'ln^'ttlt'wieil'hy the. In tJielaet.gjwjeVoj^ihe pros- series betm r cen.'the-WiO-team*, "Tlie Spiders won with a liloaty to.apare.iand there Is mourning ln-"GitfcHrt«Mi;>'\Vh!at-. ,-ver-may be snld ot .the gairtC^Tiiesday, It Is -ceii-n-in that Ca-ptain Tebeuu was tMig kick!-: and Hie gnme wiis jirori^tc'cl aofl .will probably not be alloweji;j|j^ia&:; They hnd -a young man IJutlie'iuufiJUv 1 * 1'Qsl- Uon by Ibe na-mc otrBobi9itonil.it is sitlil hlls decision* were, 'something 1 fearful— wowe tliaa tlie tim'plrJ«iJ' ; oC EdvKcii'w for Kokomo, If ']K5sslWt^'-;;-'B'n ; ltimpro- wonVroVn Boston.' nnd.ififliip'''^^cnnncu SPRING NECKWEAR,' SPRING OVERCOATS. J(OS. G. GRACE -•\' M WILLuSELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TODAY FOR LESS MONEY Wi^HAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER IN LOGANSPORT. LINE COHPLETE. Buy a Lougley Hat and be up to Date 426 Broadway. T.;-.i .-;••..'• • ; . -. . P>,S, If you want a Tailor Made Suit don't^forget my line of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing Bultiinore .... .........53 Olevelnnd ...".•«.,«• k-H Obleago .^.".v.,52- Boston ...". ."-A""-.vv ;•!:!. •.v.f:ri!4 eW 101-K-! .....:.•>„. •?t..Louls .-..-.-;..•... .u.2.7,: ;.'.-.21' ',30 3S 38 30 47 57 00 .CCT .04 .r,7? .Ml .MO ,4G AT,' .430 AV. .322 'She'cjijKsl.clih'cge posl.tloiis again to- l(|j,v.. Clqyelajid ••joeg.jo. St .Louis, Pltt^- jurgh to Ci'ucluual,.-aud Louisville an<_' Ohicago.Umve hvoi dn-j's off, wtyle the ilistern dubsplny-ln'tlic same positions .f. ,T. Peters of Eocbester is hero. HOD. p.^.;^C ! lia l se. j fe at Chicago. Gee Luee.lia/Sf.reiu.vned from Town. iMtes MabcJi.-pisor .Isi.nt Chicago. Mfes/KatC'Moiitfwftrta-vlstltlnjj at Da}' n, 0'. ••• .-"](!«•••«'"',- '.Atfe WaJtcP'thJilcrlfk Is visiting at - . .- ~" ••• "':,:• :ri ^t:. 1 :.:. 1 ' > F "' u - . -.*„- :v,l-~'-r .B Lnudls ctplii was here ycs- ,.., .. E..D. BaUwjii^foE/ttrt Wayne Is in bO'VMy. ;-.-'-•.•: ^ _.^.: E<wHeW6i'11iani''of-'TeiTe 'Haute Is lu It^^" 0 •'-'.•",;;• •..;;:." itllss.4miiV fiifkfr^aii.'^eturncil from SflV'SV-V '.a;-.'.« T»V'; ; ~. I . • • Jim. AT.iDl<ak«j4!9ff|^as.. returned from irjuanine-.- •'. .-:^:'..'D ; ..... i^dlGoiiKlrlln-of-Illclinioiid wa* bere tcrUn'y:'^^; "^ '-':.''"' v ' '..''A. .RpsS'"\'v(is ! tier'o V'asterday from ' *f . -j." ^ •. .. | .".-i/4-w.'.'^T. 1 .•••'••.•; . '.. . n'R.' retnnied .... v. - 'C!i;iTl(>s LcebricljiQiulrOimily have ro- irneil't* -P^rtf.*""-' "-•*••••'••: ' 1 llrA 1 ' > Tl]ftwi.«' SnUIva'u' -has returned '•om 'ilbiiftcelllj.. ;"..';';''. ri'ios." -Jf c-F(U-l3J:i<i.^-3t.;ir!iiont \vn.s .In o:i\-ii hist • eveni-jlg: . : ..', r .. Harry Herff ha,3;';retwmed to Pern /.lei: a TveekV viptr.-— • : '.,.ls tlie . :3n«lre .T^, jt,>\y,(iUer« is "at .MJlwau- e on n .pleasOr^Uarfpii. S. G. Brffwn-'i'owwfii. 1 .'over yestciMuy om PuTask-T orr'fiusltn'.w. Sirs. Ei, J5.'Stevejis and daughter, ''—'••"'in'; hre,M.P^uK, Ohio.' ' i . I.. C. piiltitlj^ofj.tliJe'Hocliesit'er Bridge yet that the Riids , w!M , .,..,_.. ,. ... with, t-lint bo'i»'i for •"•* P?^?" 1 ; '' F ° l ~ lowl'ng are the-»=eor«t!;of; ftega mf* l'*&-. terdtiy: ' --.^ •-.,-•; • '' ' (At' C.lTicImiiiti-Cleveland ^fi,. Clue!ri-- inti 1. .. - . ' ....-, ,..,y,r ' ?,':>.••'•:;. •At, Boston—Baltln)Oi;ifc.7 R ..B9^tpn; A:,. K: • .At PhiladelpliiiWj»,«)»iJS : i9fik.-9;.-.-PlJl»a- delphla-ir>. - ••'•'-' *' *•'! JJ -'."-.;- --.. :''-' 'At Chlcn(to r -Pitt*Ki«'«h76;-eWcap * 'At Brooklyn—WjlMfW^Sb : 0;-'Brwk' : ;. At. St. Lo;.ilfi—Loilr&vIHWV'-Sti I.flti'f'^, Clubs' Cincinnati . CoiH-t 'Bailiff Hilllsi «f : <Snlvcston' was „ • tlie city yeatcifl'n^.'oii 'Dlisiuess. • :: ; r E<llt'6r"" 1 5 r i8ortnaii 1 ' of' tlie Ii1-.iville •''Oliservor ' jVi'i s fji J iVo! guy"- yew erdu y , . 1 •' , ivhc - .,..., week's v;ic;Uion ; !rt-Stsiro«':;;5licliisah. ' . 1 ... If .tor, lI^..,'MaLTO.w r of Thlril street. . 'ami- Jlrj^H^my ,MeWon are vl*lt- n.t-.'M«nc:e.",TJi*yrwin remain two ' • •• r;..ana.'W-. y. „ 1 . H. >( - city . «"<v -''ti' Jones; •b*"»)fr>?flriirOon'n. > rep. ' '....^- (-^,» o.' •"?•/';*'•,' : ..... .'• the Colunibia b:c.vclis was bore yesterday. Miss Lizzie Sdi.iefer went to Peorin, III., to attend Die funeral of Jier couslii Clyde Schaofcr. .T. M. Love, Georpts Davis and Dr. McCullbuglii of BurncDUvllle were in tlie ci-ty yesterday. Sirs. Sarah Douglass of Walton i.« tin? guest of ucr molher, Sfrs. Edna F. Bebee of flic cMy. M. F. Malioney, \vtfo nn^tnotber, are a.!. Xei-re'H'aut<>, vlsliJng bis sisler at St. Mary's of tbo .Woods. Prof. P. B. Skiuticr and family have returned from Bloomneld, lud,, after a visit of tivo monttis. JIi-s^ John Alber'aiwl sister, Sir.?. K. E. Moore of Oma-lia, and two daugbters. art'ait Harbor Point, SIlcli. Slondicello Press: Sirs. Elseubiee, of I.ogansiwrt, wJio bn's been visiling Mre. Wlls Christy, returned home today. W. H. Sanders of tho Marion Chrou Icle, was here yeslerday on bis way to Lafayette to aitterid (he Republican Editors' meeting. Richmond Telegram: MJ*s Gertie Freshonr, of rxwinsqwrt. arrived last nigiht from i: week's visit with the lly or .iior 'iincie. Cbades Esmnkcr, of the Westsidc. A HIGH WIRB PERl-'ORJIANCE. Kra-nkfort Tjwos: About 11 o'cloOfc last nijdit a soli way rat gave an. exbJW- (jtoii of ))j?]i wire w.nlldnp to a select audience*, of poli<*. expressmen, news- pa.pei- men, c1e. Whm first discovered tlie roOent was calmly crossing Clinton si.rwt oji Colnrabti by means of tbe tel- ephoiie cable. He WHS KO'iJg north and walked alojij; on his slendei- piitli a« sodalely as tihoiifth on iJie ground instead of at least auirty reet aboue It. Steadily be iiivxieedoti along, followed by. the crowd, until be readied a point near .1oh.ii«>ii',« livery bain where a well aiiffie<l dmuk of cool caught bJm in U)« rilis and broujrht lu'm to, earth. He landed with a sou^iil aud then licfor* any more cool uiluos could De started . his .dl.roct.ion he dived iulo a hole. It was a performance th.it excelled nn? of our recent Fourth. THE MONEY OF THE CONSTITUTION. Ne.w York Tribune: What wild talk is Hi's of Uie "Silveiiites" Convcnti-jn, "ta favor of restoring lo the people of tlie United Sta,tes the time-honored money of the Constitution—gold and silver-not one, but both?" The Costl- tutfon preserflxv' no stidi money, nor n,ny form oif uioin'y whirtever. Bui .if .it Js "gold aud silver—not one,' but Iwtih."—that tJiey want, why: are they inot contented now? Both gold and sllvi-r jtre. In eircuJafton now, on ci)u,Tl terms,'-in larger quautities Uian ever lwfo.iv. In ttie twenty-two yenre since the blood-curdling "crhne of 18T3'.' was ])eiix'h-n.teil mou-e than fifty times. :i» many silver dollars have been coined- us lu t-he eighty yon is pi-ecodlng. Tin? (.-liiiipk* .fact 'l>- that the Uuiled Statfv has' today a very mud. larger acruaj supply of full legal-tender silver money Mian any other, country ; m tbe world, excepting IJidia and China, a^rt. a larjtei* supply lu projionlon to Its |W|)- iilatilon tJrn-n any other, excepting a nee. Spain . and Holiand. Ir ha* nmre gold In o.i.ivnvl:i.tiwi. 'actually, than uny in the' world, excepting only France nnd more pi-oporlion:.tel,v-ilwii Jiny.Eur- opi?a.ii aumtiT. (>xc-optJ.ng Groat BrMsU-n. France a.iid GCHTKIU-.V. Ir also linn morr money of all.ki'iids In dreuJation ar.d al! nl ])ar. .iliaj). h'iost luidoiis rf the world. ^s tfl'.k, a.nd moiv n.-llectioii woul.l iivlri/jO Mils'* would-bv enrrpnoy'.M- forn«-ffl tilmt we .already haye what y.tiolk of as "thc'titue-honored money of rtio Constitution," In abundant sup- )ly, for every nuir. who Is willing lion- ently to earn It. ' .. . , . THE WHICH FACTION' GETS ROOSTER? Wabasli Plaindealer: An discussion occurred Monday afternoon ou Wiitosdi street, ,i,s to which faction of Wn> Democratic partly. In case th« sound money element nominate a na^ Woual ticket, wilt tw entiUcd to the rooster as a party eaublem. One nwn suggested tin; .1 conipre- inlse might be effected by "Uie silver element adopting the plow wJtli a bniv ta,m ivxistcr sitting on one handle liold- iug a liaimmei- in liis b!IL Anotlicr suggested tl)nt one bniuch should adopt^a wliitc rooster .the otlier a red rooster, Tlisit suggestion was deckled uuconstl- 'ttilonnl, OM 11?« ground .rtwiit Ihe ticket* lU'iist lx> on wlute'papfir printed 1m black Ink with no dlstinj?ui«liliig mark. •-The Qiiesflion is stUl inwolved and the lo«iJ DeinociYiej- will jn-O'bflbly offer » row.'ijxl to any man vdw can settle the matter sutlsfactoiily. SOME DELAY NECESSARY, Pensioners Will not Receive Their Checks Promptly. .Joseph Bryant, of Fisher's Station, w.hlle In NbblesvJJlp, ilrank !o excess, and lie.started to walk home via the Lake Erie & Western, tracks. "A pas^- ng- train ground him Into rragmeuts. The deceased-was-forty years old. iSpoiJNer li-is i. n'oll«- to iH'nrfoner*: '•Tlie ,'ill<ir,inpnt for cleclc hire fi>r tie ttscal year 1S!)7 o<»i;i5iiiiii< IM provision for UK: o.miJ.'oyiiiHU't of tcniixiwr.v o)erk» during tlio- ijiiavtcrly jia-yiuwxis. There •s afco a chaiifro in Uu> jimnbor of horns rtie- <'!«^'ks will, .be re'l'iircd 'o wo-fk, .siM.ii.rim.lici' l>e.i«g.iii;uorjal!.v k'sst-ued. This boiii*; Uiv i\u-x' pini.vfoiiitf; \v!J! not receive ,tiip.lr nhecbs iJi paymeui oT ijuaiT«-Jy jicoisiuii as nijvlill.v as h:is bet-n rl!«? ' car-x luireiofivre, as tiif sa-inc will iw'ccssarijy In 1 doitiyoil. ft'fmi live lo ten "Payment will \x niiiiU* Jnsl as ww and as promptly a» iw^xissiWe with tlif nuinlter of clwlis employ od.Herote- fow.* we bavr. employed fwm rti'ti'i'n (» forty extra corks' during the ijnarterly paynHHit, iuul. luive..ilu j rrt>y Dcen in m |X!slcioii to niiiJce ivipiil.p.i.vrm?n.fA "WJtJi :his e.\])la;:i:iU<in, ploane avoSfi wrltJiw IpiMors ''jl 1 iiiq«h:-j'. a« lo tJic cau* of d«:ay. W. V. R. SPEXSEI7, "Cnstecl S'cjites renslmi Subscribe for The Journal

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