The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on April 4, 1909 · Page 48
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 48

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 4, 1909
Page 48
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THE BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE. NEW YORK. SUNDAY. APRIL 4. 1909. 4: pitted and ten are under war As soon r,' these are finished the other Dine will B h begun. Of the thirty-one which are S flnished only four remain upsoM. We are . 1 t . V..t.314. kink nhld 1 11 n LUV UDI VUCI UU1IUIUB uiftu ' ' " J" family two atory swell front limestone bouses in "' this region. They are all flnished In hard wood and are In keeping with the character of the street. ", Bay Ridge Parkway is under the care of ihe Park Department as d ,1s aBphalted thoroughfare 1W feet wide, extending from the Shore- Drive to McKinley Park Sat Fort Hamilton avenue. That park Is fa pretty piece of woodland commanding fan extensive view of the region-and its Jisurroundlngs. . i Vk "We selected this region as one of Ihe f'rtght sort for the best development. This S block has the same sort of Improvements ton both sides, and hence Is especially stag tractive. Bay Ridge is most attractive :'as a place of residence. The land slopes Jrrdown to the Upper Bay. along which the Shore Drive runs to the Narrows, afford-yVing an unsurpassed water view and a inmost picturesque driveway, which can tonly be appreciated by being seen. This ffregion will continue to increase, in at-'tractlveness and desirability, and the Sjprlcei of property are continually ad-iivsnclng. There has been no setback here Wand everything has gone steadily forward. pWe look for a big year In realty. Both dwelling and renting are good. The' entire region Is developing in a satisfactory Jgmanner. and when the subway comes Others will be found every advantage In flreThis territory for a great increase in population and advance in values. We J secured both sides of this block so as to ..intake, possible the control of the develop-Kjraent and to build it up and dispose of it Kho a satisfactory manner. A novel fea-Sture at the end of the row on the north fVitde of the street Is to be an office for a rloctor adjoining his house, with a garage Ijnder-the office. He bought the house jtsd we secured the property adjoining po as to erect the office and connect it directly with the house and yet be entire ly outside of the latter." Detached Dwelling Section. i The portion of. the Bay Ridge region fbrough -which Second ' avenue extends i'jnay be called the detached dwelling see-ftion. Here extensive grounds and fine r houses are the rule, and the heights are J crowned with residences which, for kftasetfulness of architecture, amplitude ?Sof design and attractive outlooks, are Vard to be equaled anywhere.. The residences along the shore drive, and overlooking the Upper Bay and Staten Island Jpn the other side, have long enjoyed MAP OF SOUTH BROOKLYN, I SHOWING SUBWAY ROUTE I Irs 'rutf"ra""& I I I v. , -. 1 . ik -vimymr a wide reputation for their eligible situa-t tion. But many of those in and near fc. Second avenue, standing on higher ..ground, overlook even a wider pano-t rama and have a more extended out-6 look. f.- Seccnd avenue haa fine churches as veil as noe residences, ana is onir a . block from a business region, along crTh!rd avenue. It Is adjacent to tha .-.-country home of the Crescent Athletic 'V-Club, and the region enjoys every facll-f -ity for automoblllng and driving. WJiile -ift number of the cross streets have not ben cut through from Second avenue to the Shore Drive, some have recently been opened, putting tracts of land in the market for upbuilding. One of these Is Eighty-third street, and on the block between Second and First avenues six new detached houses are going up of attractive architecture and elieihlv silu- (atei. They are being built by N. L. Dowling of Second avenue and Eighty-third street and Edward Sloggatt of 263 Eighty-third street. It Is expected that the rest of the block will soon be improved. Jefferson R. Edwards has just finished two fine residences on Second avenue, near Seventy-seventh streot. They are fine examples of architecture and are located 1n the heart of what Is known as the Ridge section, overlooking New York Bay. Mr. Edwards, who has been In bus iness in the region for a number of years as an architect and builder, has confined his operations strictly to the erection of high class suburban roBi dences. and will soon begin the construe tion of Beveral more fine houses- In the immediate vicinity of his present operation. Plans are under consideration for the erection of a number of new residences along Second avenue, and steps are to be taken to open more of the cross streets. Near Third avenue, In Eighty-sixth street. Peter Olllkalnen Is completing ten two-family stone front houses which present an attractive appearance. At Third avenue and Sixty-fifth street the Hoxie Realty Company is engaged In building operations. "The rapid growth of the Bay Ridge section in the matter of two-family houses (tnd detached residences In the nast few years '" said C. C. Gretsineer. who ' V. - - HanAntlv finl.UJ n r-nnr nf atn.A. nn Third avenue nor Seventy-ninth street, j wnen completed, nc mums, win ut- uu-"ha9 created a demand for more stores, j surpassed by those anywhere else in the A few years ago the store buildings this section were scarce and old-fash loned. lacking In conveniences. To-day the builders are recognizing the necessity lor up-to-date bulliilsgs for merchanijii VIEWS IN SUNSET PARK SOUTH BROOKLYN. i i i wi life I j w, Mift ""t? - 5 v"- , . w lng purpose and a number of rows of stores have recently been erected. The ones Just completed by me are as good as any down town and have the added advan-. tage of extraordinary depth not possible in the more congested districts. I am very sanguine that Bay Ridge will soon come in to its own." Mr. Gretsinger. before starting to build stores, erected a row of two-family houses -on Seventy-eighth street, between Second and Third avenues, for which he found a ready market. ' He will shortly begin the erection of ten more. On Eighty-fourth street, just above Fifth avenue, on one of the highest points o ground in the vicinity, Christopher ' P. Skelton has completed twelve two-family high stoop houses. They are of the.two-story and basement type, and the surrounding property Is highly restricted. Mr. Skelton has plans filed to complete the entire block of twenty-four, and will start work soon. Mr. Skelton has been building in Brooklyn for forty years and in that time has built in the neighborhood of one thousand houses. Some o the big operations with which he Jias been Identified are a row of stores and apartments on Flatbush avenue and Regent place; a row of one-family houses on Sixth avenue, between First and See- on streets; a row of three-story houses on Pacific street, bettwen Fifth and Sixth avenues, and many blocks of houses In the Twenty-fourth and Twenty-Fiflth wards. Building on Ovington Avenue. On Ovington avenue, sometimes known as Seventieth street, which is one of the finest streets In the resideantial section of Bay Ridge, the Ridge Realty and Construction Company has recently flnished a row of limestone front two family houses. This street is laid out on what was known as the Ovington estate, and the avenue takes Its designation from the well-known family of that name. It was laid out by the original owners, and was carefully restricted by them. The Ridge Realty and Construction Company is composed of E. H. Mowbray and Thomas B. Miniter. Mr. Mowbray has been building in Brooklyn for about thirty years, and has erected a large number of high-class houses In that time, particularly un the Park Slope. Mr. Miniter was superintendent of buildings under Commissioner Guilfoyle, and is one of the most practical builders in Brooklyn to-day. Reld & Connolly, brokers, who were formerly located at Fourth avenue and Ninety-second street, have opened an office at Seventy-fifth street and Fifth avenue with the Intention of handling tho properties of the large builders in the Bay Ridge section and conducting a general real estate business. Both Mr. Reid and Mr. Connolly have lived in the section for some time and are well acquainted with values in that territory. Business Blocks on Third Avenue. One of the developments along Third avenue, in Bay Ridge, Is that of business blocks made necessary by the great increase in population following the construction ot houses, both detached and two-family, in that region. One of the well known builders of the section is William S. Hassan. He is now erecting stores, with apartments-over them,- m: Third avenue, at Seventy-eighth and at Seventy-sixth street, conducting two operations. He is also building two-family houses in Seventy-eighth street, near Third avenue, and in Seventy-ninth street, near the same business thoroughfare. A broker who handles much Shore Drive property in Bay Ridge and is fuil of confidence as to the future of that .TnhnROn helieVeS. oliworia. On Senator street, Bay Ridge, Francis Lee. Is erecting a whole block of brown i stone two-family houses, between Third : - i anl rourtb. avenuea. region as one of the most desirable for $ ' f "SV X 1 ) ! M ' YX -J MM. Z residence purposes, In all Greater New X I 'dSSSSKSSf ! W frW?!$ York, is Oliver Johnson, whose office is - ,0 1 ft Vl P E3f ' If V f J at Third avenue and Ninetieth street. J X ' -.Jlj- IfllX- SijjB Along the shore of New York Bay and NT , JT)ZL ""Tj the Narrows are some of the finest build- . W w--iIX 'SJ Mng sites to bo founa anywnere, nr. i i S J It' ?; -" ON SUNSET PARK SLOPE Development on High Ground in the; Eighth Ward. Building Up ; Around This Pleasure ' Ground Need of. More Transit ' Facilities. ' . One of the attractive pleasure grounds of the borough-is. Sunset Park, - which crowns the high ground- In South Brooklyn bounded by Forty-first and Forty-fourth streets and Fifth and Seventh avenues. It comprises nearly fifteen acres, attractively laid' out, with a small lake In the center, a considerable number of shade ' trees' : and a commodious shelter house. The .vtew from the points of outlook Is extensive and attractive and the park has throngs of visitors, especially at the sunset hour when a particularly beautiful panorama Is presented when the weather Is clear and the sun can be seen to sink slowly behind the New Jersey hills. The surrounding region Is rapidly being built up. and with more transit facilities It is expected that a greater demand for houses will be created. The building up of streets adjacent to existing routes ot travel has crowded the incoming population to the higher ground, and rows of dwellings have gone .up where only vacant lots existed In the recent past. A steady growth has been the ' result and an attractive residence region has been created which will ultimately extend to the eastward and southward where It will meet existing developments. A new transit route for this part of South Brooklyn Is expected to be put In operation through Eighth avenue, between Thirty-ninth street and Sixty-third street, opening up a section which is Insufficiently supplied with facilities at the present time, as It is remote from existing lines. The nearest route to the west is in Fifth avenue, and on the other side there Is the elevated road In New Utrecht ovenue, which is from a quarter of a mile to a mile and a quarter away. The Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company op-: erutes cars In, Thirty-ninth street, and on the Sea Beach tracks in Sixty-thfrd street, so that all that will be necessary to connect the two through Eighth avenue will be the construction of a little more than a mile- of new tracks In Eighth avenue, which has already been opened. Cars can '; then be operated from the Thirty-ninth street ferry to Coney Island over this new route. It will open up. a territory now practically inaccessible on the high ground which Is sometimes termed Bergen Hill from a former owner. Between Sixth avenue and Eleventh avenue Is a natural plateau, which slopes to the Upper Bay on one side, and to Coney Island on the other. On this height of land, through which Fort Hamilton Parkway extends, ts the newl.$ developed region known as Borough Park. Heights. Beginning at Fortieth street and Fifth avenue, a territory, .which a few years ago was only .broken by hills and vacant lots, has-undergone a transformation. Fine residences, one-family and two-family houses, have sprung up as li by magic. In speaking of the development of this particular section, Mr, Adams of the Fifth Avenue Realty Com- and the Drive itsc;r. ' I S . I I 1 i 5 . I- H pany, said: "I regard the Sunset Park slope as one of the best sections of the city for homeseekers and Investors. Of course, the coming of the Fourth avenue subway will greatly enhance values, but the intending purchaser Is not compelled to wait for this long-delayed improvement. Sunset Park Slope is already provided with good transportation facilities, as it Is close to the Thirty-sixth street station of the Fifth avenue elevated and the Fifth avenue trolley runs through the center of it. To Thirty-sixth street, H trains over the various Fifth avenue elevated road, including the Bath Beach, Sea Beach and Culver lines lead, from which transfers are given to the trolley. Churches and schools are plentiful and the high sloping character of the section makes it essentially a healthy location. I have great faith in the future of the section." "We have heard so much about the Fourth avenue subway," 6ald Mr. Levy, the president of the Parkville Construction Company, which is erecting a row of two-family houses on Forty-first street, near Eighth avenue, "that it has almost become a bugaboo. However, when It does come, and it now looks like a sure thing, houses and apartments will not be lacking for those who want to take advantage of rapid transit to the heart of the city. Building in this section has been constantly going on and a small city has grown up in a few years. Transportation facilities are good now, as we have the Culver and Bath Beach lines close by. There is no question about the future of this section." Building in Eighth and Thirtieth Wards. One of the active building firms in the Eighth and Thirtieth wards is that of M. Green & Co. of Forty-eighth street, who have built in that vicinity and in Seventy-seventh street, Bay Ridge. Mr. Fishlovitz, of the firm, when seen by a representative of the Eagle, said: "We have preliminary plans for ten two-family houses in Forty-first street between Sixth and Seventh avenue, and plans for five in Fifty-first street between the same avenues. - Most of the available territory for building in that part of the borough, west of Sixth avenue, has been filled up, and so the tendency haB to be east of that street. Lots have advanced thore n three years from iou to $1 600 each. Three years ago Duuuei looked askance at the idea or going east of Sixth avenue to erect dwelling houses and asked how the people would be got. over there. But now houses are sold before completion. All the houses we have bum in the Eighth Ward, fully 200 in the past three years, are sold save one corner at Sixth avenue and Forty-seventh street and that is the only house of its kind in the Eighth Ward and has some distinctive features of its own. "is a 15-room house on a corner, and s more expensiv-s than others in the vicinity. AH the region around Sunset Park has great-y improved in value since that pleasure ground was laid out and improved, and there is an especially good demand foi- hZiTll.e Ridge section we are building thirty two-family houses on both V o Seventy-fifth street .of which fifteen- are completed and eleven sold. The other fifteen are 'under ay They ore all between Fourth and Fifth avenues. We have plans for the erection of five three-story store and apartment structures at Fifth avenue and Seventy-s xth street. Wo h.ive preliminary plana for high class one and two family houses with stone fronta, to be built on tho east side of Fourth avenue, between Seventy-third and Seventy-fourth sheets. They will sell from $10,000 to $16,000 aple'ce. This will .be a new developm ent Fourth avenue, i uc..c ... -- --- soon for apartment nouses tne. high class houses will appeal to persons who prefer to live by themselves. How Region Has Developed. "Two years ago the region south of Sixty-ninth Btreet was not opened up to building along Fifth avenue at all. But he efforts of such builders as John E. Sullivan, the Bay Ridge Development Company, M. Green & Co. and the Shlilc-erman Realty Company have JM this section to such an extent that the number of available building lots left on the streets which have been opened and improved between Sixty-ninth and Eighty-sixth streets, is limited to abou 200 Many houses in this region are of the two atory and cellar type . with br ck fronts for -two families, and sell lor $7,000.' subject to a mortgage of half this amount. One floor has six rooms and u bath and the other Ave rooms and a bath Houses of this type can be purchased by an initial payment of $500. and the bal-tnce in Ismail monthly installments. Houses of a second type are two fitory and cellar, stone front, one 'futures, with eight rooms and a bath, finished with high class workmanship, and sell for about $6,900. " They appeal to persons who want to jlve bv thomsclves. A third type are the two-story and basement brick front houses for two families, ch sell for $7 800. with a first payment of $1,000. A fourth type is the two-story and basement stone front, which soli for $8,600, with a payment down of $1,600. "Operations along Fifth avenue ari confined to business buildings, with apartments over the stores, while the side streets are filled with residences whose occupants will contribute the trade for the region. . All the corners in course of construction have been sold J? I before completion. The buildings- containing stores anil apartments for two families sell for $11,000,-and are so much In demand that applicants for storafe are on a waiting list. The region south of Seventy-seventh street is to have a new development by E. Edwards, who has operated in the Eighth Ward. He will build a block front of one and two family, semi-detached houses in Eighty-first street. They will be an innovation In this region, and it Is expected that the demand for garage Bpace and surroundings for fresh air will meet with satisfaction in this typo of house." On the High Ground Along Sixth Avenue. The region extending southward from Sunset Park near Sixth avenue is some of the highest ground in Brooklyn, being only exceeded In height by the region near, the Eastern parkway. From the most elevated points the view extends from the Orange Mountains in New Jersey on the west to Far Rockaway, Jamaica Bay and the Atlantic on the east, while It is bounded on the north by Sun-set Park and Greenwood, and on the Bouth by the Narrows, Staten Island, the lower bay and the Atlantic Highlands. Much building has been done in this section by the firm of Monroe Stlner & Bros. Edward Steiner of the firm which is now building In Fifty-third street, be '.V:-,;;v' - $6,900 -J NEW,. ONE-FAMILY STONE FRONTED HOMES 7STH ST., BETWEEN FOURTH & FIFTH AVES.j" B'KLYN .... . .. ,- - - v . The widest and most attractive street in. Bay Ridge, ex- ' .'tending from the Shore Drive to McKinley Park. ... 100-FEET WIDE. ASPHALTED, SEWERED, SHADE-. TREED, LAWN TERRACED AND ALL PAID FOR. X 20-foot, stone-fronted houses. Three sizes: ,7,. 8 and 9;' s rooms, exclusive of laundry, extra toilet in basement; hardwood trim; electric light; tiled kitchen and bath. V Three Prices: $6,900, $7,700, $8,300 WE KNOW we have HONEST HOUSES WORTHY OF ' THE PARKWAY on which they face, and of your inspec- ' , ... tion. YOU WILL KNOW they are an attractive invest-ment when you see them. They will stand comparison with any other houses in the Greater City. ONLY A FEW STILL UNSOLD OPEN SUNDAY. COME, JUDGE FOR YOURSELF. Take Bay Ridge Elevated Train. Change at Sixty-fifth Street to either Third or Fifth Avenue Trolley. BAY RIDGE DEVELOPMENT CO., ' On Premises, or Third Ave. and. 73d St., Brooklyn, . , ' Ki VVv. Senator St., Between Third and Fourth' Aves., Rlftht at the Terminus of the Pifth Av, Elevated Itnml. ' , Elegant brown stone houses; 12 rooms and 2 baths; arrnnKOd for two familiP9vOi:; every modern improvement, such as ftlpctrte lfarh t opon plumbing, parquet floor, . hflra ; wood trim; street asphalted; sewer, water, gas and electricity; all improvements patdv for. Must be seen to be appreciated. Apply on premises, .- , FRANCIS LEE, Owner and BuNderS 7800, 7810,7812 THIRD I I B? I 1 fi I ft I !Li ILJ U fed 2L ziij wu0i WAawvW 'bdcwV v " 'WWV vynnr.-inirt- eoceW " k ttssnm nssfSlr lft?iL JIST THINK OF IT! FtorPa Sr, feet rtrcp. flnished In hard wcvM t'lroiKhouf. considered tho lintst In F!av Rilce sei-iion; enuippcd witli every modern convenience, includtng electricity fnr lislitinK; two flats above eai-h store; fi room, bath, dumbwaiter, combination gas and coal ranftc. han-lsonie mantel. Baltimore heators; Fhow window of Crane glass; cellars 83 feet deep of beet Portland cement; liKht. dry add airy. C. C. GRETSEF4GEI?, Owner and Buiider, O.N" PHEMISKS, OR M SbvESTl-EIGHTH ST. ' ' SUPERB BAY RIDGE RESIDENCE, Second Av. and 77th St. JEFFERSON R. Architect and Builder, on Premises. tween Sixth and Seventh aveni)s. said t' the operation: We are building nineteen two family heuses on the north side of the block. -They are each 20 by 2 feet, with brick" fronts and brownstono trimmed rears. We hniH un the adiacent 'side of Fifty-second street and control the south side of this street, where We have built eleven houses, all of which afJ sold but three. So we are able to guarantee to purchasers that they will have no flats near them in either front or.reitr, and that means- much where every. iva-H-able piece of property Is seized on (or flat building. All the assessments have been paid, the houses have hardwood trim, parquet floors, art glass, brick cellars, two furnaces and everything up-to-date: .;- "We are situated at one of the higheyt points in the borough, with the best "ot drainage, a . dry soil, ample school facilities, and all Improvements. The" contracts have been given out for the curbing, grading and paving o'f Seventh avenue. There is a good prospect " ofta trolley line in Eighth avenue, as soon .as the block between Forty-ninth ail Fiftieth streets is opened, where the owner refused her consent. It will bej a new route from Twenty-ninth street o the Sea Beach road at Sixty-fifth street and perhaps will continue to Eighty-sixth, street. Its, opening should make this region' more accessible, and so. "add., to the value of property." ; Eligibly Located. - The Land Owners Company has Just completed ten two family houses 'on Forty-fourth street, near Fifth avenue, and will begin immediately the erecti&n of ten more adjoining those already completed. The company intends to- build ,np the whole block between Fifth and Sixth avenues. The houses are of brick, with limestone and brownstone fronts, and are a handsome addition to the section. Morris Kaplan, the treasurer of the company, is enthusiastic about the outlook for this Immediate neighborhood. "Our location here, so close to the Thirty-sixth street station of the Fifth avenue elevated road, is an Ideal one." said Mr. Kaplaft. "From this point a splendid view of tho bay and harbor may be had. ''Then. .too,, thefe Is Sunsot Park, which- in the-' verys sear future will he one of the loveliest spots In South Brooklyn. Of course, tho subway will help us, and we hope for splendid success." The Land Owners Company Is alSo heavily interested in South Brooklyn Water front property in the vicinity of First avenue and ' Fifty-first Btreet. V1i VY AVENUE, HEAR 79th STREET Ten rooms, two baths; separate laundry ; steam heat; parquet floor, quartered oak trim ; tile and marble kitchen and bathrooms; electric lights; open fireplaces.

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