Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on March 3, 1942 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 3, 1942
Page 6
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ispsjy :;,;'•>'•':*. pillll^ ' By Jack, Sords dson and Grimm Awarded Expert Bars Naugatuok Pistolmcn Split A B o u b 1 e Header I n Matches At We&t Havon Tim U, N. lloynlrt pistol Umin, lioru'OHoiil-InK II" 1 Nuiivcatlii'k' pInnlM of l-ho Unl Uul Htaton Hubbn' roiu- ymruv, hroko «v<<n In U«"ti' <i" lll)l0 hoiulor wuloliMM on Mm No, « |ian - tt " In tho WOH(. Ma von town hull IU.-H nlKhl, Thoy IOHI Urn llrnt *lu«»l l» tho Wont Huvun Klsh and dam" . (Vliih hy a worn fif tUH l<> UM unr ; oumo Imok wM-onX In Mu» M(1( ;' 1M( mnluli bv dol'iMt • UK Mm Muniiii I I IM I' I' I I W .' VI ||||<I lii No. 2 ollil) hy ti Hooro <>l I«»M K' li lias In tho 'luUor Mhnot M ( m ,|,oum lopixxi < l M{U|1< " ol M(l(1 ' Ili'Mt Umu Hlnc-n MM oi'Ktuilvuicl and -l (: . with u HOOI-U or W • aiul n. i). (U'lmm wIMi U7Ji wore nWMi'dm Mmlr oxporl. qualification burn and fop Ilio lino WMUTH llu.iy In, 'I'lio bul'H and rorl.llli'ntoM ' |. ( , Iho plMlolmi-M HrorlMM yr>5 oi' ovoi 1 , TlwijwH'Urt follow: WOH<. Ifnvon Klwli * 1 i»* (l' r M.' Tabor u ' r ' ' h, llai.nol.ln ••"'-'• TWO KNOCKOUTS WERE SCORED BY JIM MULLIGAN Most...., March I! -(('I') T X v.'lKlH ;1' ol' I.owoll. Hl , .Sorviu'l,y Total • Cluh M.'Tolur M HI) ' !dW HM 00 '-«7!» ,41 84 VJ'i7 MO HIV2 sr. wi i HM U, H, »«»yulH S, T, T, Mllno ,«-. ^ ^ !j[j ! H, Orloiloi' S^ M7 H2 H, lia.xLor «» f'/ «,/ (j, (irjrnrn V~ •'• 8l) ....Kill M, Tidal Total T. MUnn M, C (fitooond Match) IJ, H, Hoynlfl ' S. M\ M, Tnlal DO HH ." .,,. fl, (irlnim < •*" J, KduiondMnu ,...W 77 87 HH MM 87 87 (M W> Mil UI H. \V. J. n. l Lincoln No. '-i S, T, ,,,,,UO ^. ,.,..77 HI ....Hl'. 70 .','.' "I M, Tnlal H7 «7ti HI y:w 75 !iM7 7li VIU 'M7 1 w I I Ilut'Uonl, Oum,, Mai'olt M -,-.'(I H 1 )- 4 I' v p OMt'il Clhi'lnMo, U. S, WoaMior lUiroitU 'iVfol.OOrplox'i^t I" 1 ' 1 " l ' nl ' . n . H< na»l. I wo yoai'M, will !K» l.ranMl'orriMl ,o Alhany, N, Y,, nojct month, ho nrdd today. Ni'.W 'mm SnilUipaW HlllKK'T t'i'oin lu'l Ana.UM.iy i-aslly wmlml .tlmmrfli I >" HUi.i.omul division In li«- M* '- ''; ,„,,„„„ A, A, diamond rli.K Urn M I *l nliclil. hy MiiopliiK IAVO knonKmilrt I <•run, ',,()<)" raim al, HoHlon Aron.i. M ! llalt"un«l I'Mwunl ^l'"*"! 1 ' n( ; n ,; (m s| (itinnl In dim round an II ^ jmllshoil «'IT. Alfred ni-orn ol MoKluu In two si'HsloiiM. Mtnlhci- 1-owHI lad, .foo MolK'N, hn-n.-d In the top [.(Tl'onniinoo n lH rival, Tony I'-Pl'l, '" .Today's Sports Parade (Hog, U, S Pat, Off.) (HUH-, u, *. pat, .on. HV JAC'lk CiUENTHK nirdtod Press Slafl- Corroapon'rlont) (l N.w York MiU'ch n-(UP) T Aro you Mi.; lypo ol" person who, wl fit 1 Jiy ll M1 « llL ot " LI: M uliiinl by n ".ornlng consli u- I, ml and «rjin|)lolcly,.«xljnusl«d I .Jjy 1 walk to Iho corner.groocr.y shop. So am''I, pals, hut u roue y rroirclv. Pay a cull on your nolglir hc'irhoml 'l.iypnotlst and wlM)h,V ft wtM-U you will l>e hopplUI? (ll ? out ' lltl iii-i'iklv as moi'oury. .', '",'j, 1 ,,„, ....juvlualloji .IW'l_ ? B — SLUGGER BOB Yankees To Win irti, In- Mm ir^i l,,,|,|,y Xollo of IM'ovldi'iHM', II, I, n r«>all.«iw | lolim . M |,y ( |i. H m'hiT(-.|aMMWInn(M'M Uanlain Saun- or NVHIai-d of HoHlmi and I'al iJovliin tit' TERRY YOUNG WINS DECISION OVER WILSON Now York. 'March '^^r'^ I, .lar.klo \Vll8cm <d' HIP St. Nli'-liolaM I'alaci! last, n! YOIIIIK poitiidi'd mil mi |.|io National UnxlMK I'n'ilhnrwnlKhl ('luunpi 1 '"- I)'. 1 n klinnkHl uul. Hi" PlllMlim-Kli "<'K"n I,, thu scco/id, sending him •<"> t ; 11( Iwli'n wllli luODlHK l ( 'll. llOOKS \\'HHiiM rcc.dVcnHl from thai har- iitini.ii i'* . MI.fol V rawi' and 1'fiiiKlil buck -* f) (leHiioiuM-ij In ihc c.loHlnjx rounds and allhnu,u;li 71/1 pounds by Ih' 1 °l)I,, n xanin Mt-and hoforo IKIMOIII. .'lOO t'" IIM ' I !„,, in-. Ah-xanili'i- SdillT, (•.omtnlHslot l I'XMIIlllHUl WIlMOIIM l(Ml lihVMloldll, I'XM oirann nl'trr Iho IlKhl- JUKI «» nounood thai Iio luul sutiurod n of Uio li'l'l i- ',s I'vo Indltuuucl, «'..' Jl . l '« ul - , " , k ,K.C to loso Ids. membership in Prr <>K fnc. This World's rnaioHt lt .an, iNVO-inlln and three-mllo variety has JiiHUn.rpnn.ud nip that •|.ho utlilisUs'H pi'ovor-hlal Iron Jews , .,. rrcul-ly oynr-r«ted, .fn running, It IM uic''or mJ»rt that counts. The slain of mind must ho ae- mHiipanlml hy a few .minor qualil- ri iloii)(, hut primarily l.he brain i$ I fie LhhiK wliun It eomos lo rool- l,, K (> rf distance.* In. short orcUu-. I,-,,,, |.|,|.s reason Mio I'onnor- Noire i mim ,- hoy with Iho seven .league boolH diwltlios his Idcnlltlcatlon as a m n,.han-loal man. Mn says Ihcro ,lust. Isn't, 'any suoli animal. • : i\ic(! wns 'on' a ruhhInK whio wht-n I llrsl orillai-JKl him and al'lef,- ohsnrvhuj Mlm lirlofly 1 was convinced hu svaH corroul, VOLI see, tic •Is just a 1IUU) follow, for rtn f! IlilMK, 'and , hn- IH exceptionally, mndusl. Hn \volgh« only :I.M pounds, and his logs actually upiJnaf.; hi-; Hlgnlfliuiiil,, Ills, weight hulks In h s ahcHt. Krom wnlst lo neck .ho -Isj built Ilkd a koltlo drui'i)/ ; llo Isi.i't shy, ' hut, ho regards, hlmsotr 'In a cllnloul uumnor. lior« Inst.aiH'p, IK; .said .his mochanlcul: man rop'utrdion was bosh bocausoi ho Is lUHt anothur'.hoy who has taken |)n.lns Lo pi-acl.l(ju 'a pastime hn onjoy.s. Onoo. a runner reaches cc-rtaln phynloal standai-ds, the rost is up to his mind. Ho must learn |.o IhlnU very actively. Uli-.n thinks of- many things when hu runs. A I'ow ''arn pace, cadpnpe, I lining, laps, persontil' stamina, his fooling, minor Irritations, and the positions, probahln stamina, poteii- Miilitins and hahlts - of tils rlvnls. TlnM-o IH u lot mnro to this husl- ni>sM thtin Just, watching thn. man aln-acl of you and keeping an. oyu ijockcd on tho clocks, .._ "[ used to read about Nur-mJ and his wrist watch," -t'Jrog said, "hul. I oouldn't make'that work. 1 hoiimM- around so iuuoli..I oan'.t see my waUm, So I must depond ^oiv my HfiiHOH and l-ho timers. \on havt! lo have sort of a clock In your hraln, Thon .you know whoth- i-r you arn going good and how y.ou c,aii (Inlsh. That, Is Important. ..; .';•:. "You .must- .measure your «llength as you go along. For in-: Hlann>, last Saturday I know as '( svtuil. In to llio last. two. laps that I would brciak my -throe-milo. roo- ord or como awl'ully close. \ou AmepcJWi League Training €amp Briefs! u'ml Oliai'Joy '.Havana^ ^cilV 3 ~ oolcyn :D.ods.ei:s.. e Wednesday's,. giunq, .^ All-Si,^ .by... .sU " for the club's two! wjns. over. J]Wy Yorlv' thp,.yenr;s first exh^ b'ition games. ; ,.- .•-,.Miami', Fla, March 3-(UP):-Mau- aser Mel Ott ordered, his Ne>y, : \PV ofants through, long, intensive ; ball : at' thf club's poor : " ; shp\ying; : {n..the u i \.t t-t •-* t if i. ( .. Of fl JlT 4^J$ ^ * I l'J1 . u« i *•* ,.-"""' ^ • " 'i •' i • '• fcoufiht ; to .toughen the club s,J Baseball's Pricemaker P re j ditfts Clpse Race Betweei Dodgers And Reds HCO, .1 had a-good-Idea u.r nn and J know 1 sllll had \ loL - ° :kick luft for the. .last round. \ou ; Yi.avo to know,! those, things , In••.-. •ro r.un.1!, Ores has been running: IJ years. Me started- -as, a sprinter iiV, M.ont.,. but s\vltched..,to longer' naoos. bocaiiso. a . team, maj.o .could sprint us-:, fas Has , hc-lCU soponds 'Tor -lOOi yards-and .his stiiiboj ncoded, extra "first places, .I-je ii.lso has 'plnyetV football., and. basketball hncl still' . enjoys golf, .although lie' seldom breaks .100. Since; h,e;.;-lbl't high-school, he has I'Vupn 'rim n Ing 1'ar.tiiei: .' and iastei'- he: Is the best distance • man .iincr in the world today, i-lc UUIIIp»'LIIlg H» l ' no >VU1 ' -,~,',Hnh doesn't follow-any regular vout no except, Keeping in shape, avoiding ft-'reasy food, and not eating io- spvpii' hours be I'd re a race. He Warms up for ; Lln nom> l^ 1 ' 01 ' 0 an ^vn.iTt'and; often loses :0ve pounds before he hits the tape. HG prefers the tw.o-mlle run to other distances and, ho docsn.t believe he has yet made., li.'s -host time. Once he does, he-\vlJI.ttriulii.- ully. drop out of- competition. As vpl he has no i.den. \vh.en.. : tliat \vi be unless ho- should .happen Lo -pu I -•',„,,c,nin '"if i.iiiii; hanpens—knock .wood here—no •, • of- experience, or brain work, can : . greatly matter. , So, if you nnvo. a pulled muscle, don't bothei-calling on i that hypno- Msi, because then he. can't help. you-. In any. event dou't call-on him right away/ because .1 want, to arrange two' appointments la -a hurry. Why two? Well, one. Is for me and the other is for a liUlc friend-- of mine. You: may know him—a -fellow hy. Mio . n'amc;-. of Alsab. - - .^. ^ • . "'_ . Try a Classified. Ad to dispose of ^^cmfwiJi' a oac;" ^.yorcniP- ^^ l ^^°«*\ fe^^^-^arf who was concerted into a. , . . , . after serving'hv the lri|]eld, vsMll .see '/! , «i,{ui Hin "QnlipfllllCS. action wiui ,ine ; - a "muscle. "K .Uiat happens—knoc j-uHHiiuiui, Cal.,. March ^-".^^.T Manager .limmie P^kes. of the om- caffo White Sox shifted Bob Kennedy tb^no- outncld ldtlay.:ip relieve . a shortage in that department. Dario l^ocligianiV''stumpy aggr^ sl'vc inflol.der, wjlj probably- take:.U?c l.hird balse -'nsBitenmenli vacatca.JJ^ iCcnnedy. unless,.one of the fielders "can oust him. : By G1SOR015 K1UKSKY (United/Press Staff»oniip n jj Miami 13eachv-.KJa M March :i-u;pj —Tlie World Champion Y;ml«>o,s \vii| nun away wit ; li the American Un gUo nenitant aiKl-th'c Cardinals, l)o<ig tlls and Reds will stage u typical nation*! circuit dogfight in i.he.maturod ment.of .lack poyle,-baschnifs O ni; oJal-pi'ioeniakor, here, sunninn him. self in -preparation for a slrtni season. Doyle; who's #wn qviou-ng ( •on'baseball sinQe the turn of century,' thinks the majt.r will : have an .exciting w,\* that events."i», the )°ar Eitsl. itnd on| other battVefrontt? might possibly' play an'important role in th'» il' races., . ... "Right now the Yankeis arc ;ii standout and• \> f l.n be a sliprt prioodj favorite in their,leaguo," Im 8;ii,l.| "You have to like the C.-uvlinaN the National league. .Few U>n hud the hai'd i\ick they .' injuries last .•season, and were in the thick of the -.5ci-np umul 1 ho 1 last week of the: race, Tlu; llodg. ITS however, w-i'li .have tn h':. ivcU i qjiocl .wi.Ui and the Hods co«iU i-omcl ^bao'k iu'?o like the ( x Jubs, chinnriions for three ^l.ruipht yt-ars. did in JJ!0 after, blowing !ho in !',0r Doyle pointed -out that the \v«r's effect, on, Baseball; is something llu\rs jn the ]a"]rotthe:gods. «'^o- one .'can ,-toll for sure . how hard any team will bo hii," he said. "I had, an. .idea tlnu -»' teams would suffer about ahko, look'at DQtroit last season Tliey lost Hank Greenberg which tlealt ihc Tigers a Clashing blow. Tlmi almost happened..bga.Jn in the case of Ted'.WilJiaips and tjip Red Sox. Dm overnight the.-pie-lure- -has clmnged and' Willianvs with llie^ 1 Sox ail. season. , J don't need to what a, difference thaVJl- nmlu HI tk V Around The Clock" by Jerry Poheny in exclusive-feature on inside Naugatuck..---"" > -' ' - - '' \. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday The Don't miss,a single one of these interesting presentations — breezy — newsy — informative — all: about the people you know. "* • '"•• ,,- , . '•^' : ^'f Order Your Subscriptiirn'of THE;NEWS Today! qHA3F»TEK TWENTY-ONE Ton -minutes later,. Sonny and Alex vyore off in the latter's road- Bter', horded for the .country. They stopped i!or djnner 'at an,inn on the Jprgey shore,. Alex ; secured a. small private 'dining-room, hiring the .nc- cbrdipn player tQ/seronade them. He borrowed $50, from .Sonny--but;she did not mind. It such fun.sneak- ing out whon<youi,were-supposed to bo living fiuiotly. ,..;:.-.' . Near the end of'tho.evening, Alex brought up',the'.orchestra and Sonny inct.Al Corey, itis loader. . " In the midst of the-gaiety, she remembered tho rhun-ihft. shc^ danced to tho. night she, met Tom. Corey s' it ; for her, accompanying him- aclf on ; the,'gi?itar...!" . . /,'•. : ... , " ..Suddenly,. Sopny was-,.tired.-of(.al.l Uie niin'rity. .It seemed so futile. She p'orsuaclccl , Alox : ,tQ : . take .-her . hpmc. He 'wrote a ch'eck for-, the res- ' iaurant bill .giving 'Gorey .the ,?60.bill' w,i,th. a flourish.; ,:.•/-.;• , I;t-was almost daylight when.they 'reached the hotel. Now .that, she was" home, "Sonny-began to .wp.rr.y about'Ann. 'She, had. seerned very ' far. away and unimportant when they were'over in Jersey. . . .' Al.bx kissed Sonny;good night -be r fore 'the. Doorman's observing.-eyes, ,r.nd;the girl hurried across, the lob r by into the'eieva'tor.' yAt'.-her door, who'' slipped- the. ; key -into,,bhq>,lock 'carofuUy'.' .Tho 'dpor.;,opened, and 'there', ( sat' Ann, waiting,, .her fac,e white .and drawn,!...'..!. .'.. •/;., .. „';,-'• • Sh'o did not spoak as Sonny cam.Q ''in,'..apo^ogcfically... "I'ra. sorry Km ^o late." . : , •','-. .. ' Something - in-, Ann^s '^ace \yaivned of the storm to come.. She sat there staring at Sonny's face, then suddenly-exclaimed-:. '!You v were • wi,th . "You ore .trying to take him aw^ay;. ''' '' ' ; romme.-. ; . , ,..,,•. •, ••• ... •.,-/••; Fiu'stered; Sonny said 1 :. n; V ou: can^; not steal what another \does 'hot; , 'j.v i ..--...; • . .'•; r; i. •,-••, : . • ' ' •. . A' •;.<•• •. own;""- .. v v . • : r r : ,., .,,.,;.; ,.;•;: Ann-'clohcHed • her hands .on the' arm of ,the , chair. ; She was strug- eling! ( t'o bp'ntain herafelf'.'.b.ut^lesperr fltion='shb;nQ ; in- %r : eyjos.i '"You're' a, sclfi'sH;; ; ^hfiming; ,, girl ! ; :'', Tou ; : gpt: what^ybu 1 -waiitacl ,-'— :.the •Hbllister millVori.^r 'T^at: should. Satisfy, /sfou. 1 '^ "Tha't's -'riot V: truo ! " 'Sonny blazed- ,,.-,i • I .',"'•• • :'' ' >' ." ; .•.-'> v . : •'• "* '•..••• with anger. 1 ' . -.•'.. •; -.,. :u r .-., , .-. . •.;••• -.-.!" But ' :Anh ; - r contihue'd mercilessly: "You, ; went oiit after the Hollister mondy/'uncl ; 'yo ; u .Vgpt^it:, '"•'tf^-'it" were: : not* fpr,' n you,',\T6m >yould be ,aliye, today !'-•: You're -'^ruel.^ari.d ; self-;' centered^; -T ;knew it; when • you' fiTSt, cameiherel'! [•'•"•'• .-'• -.'•"';..'. '•'•••;' '.. : ',; ..'. i . : ,. ! The/primitive suddchly seemed .tqi leapi .up:; iu^ Ann, told^lier; Sonny's vulrierablo spot; "iTiist:; because "i^ou, ' can't Have Kirk HdUist'er,' you want ' •"'•'• to drive Sonny into Alex's: armsj she certainly used the perfect method. She sh«yqltf not have been, so,hasty. "I must patch up our quarrelsome- how," Ann/tpld", herself. She went over and-kriqclced softly on Sonny B door. '~'-:•'•'*.. ''•' '.-',-. . • ^Sonriy'opened'it. She was wearing a'dark, wool .suit and,,beyond, Ann cpu.ld,.see her'bags. ...'.. .^Please, 3onhy. Forgive me!" '. ".There is -nothing to, .forgive. I probably behaved like a fool. 1 'But I'.m through. I-couldn't live with you after this.. I'm. leaving,' Ann'. The terror,.in. Ann's -eyes .was- plain. ' . • . ,:'...".Don't worry." Sonny's voice was bitter..;"!'!! pay. the rent here until you .make, other plans.". •-YNo .more was .'said until the. porters came and. took the' baggage. When they had gone,'Sonny turned to Ann: 'M;'ll: communicate.'with you throughv;bvck.' ; I;"guess.-that's all." V.""Don't, go: like this, Sonny."' . '.' "I'm sure.: Kirk would' not ; want me. to'stay, under the circumstances.- Goodbye!? The: door closed; after her, - .••. : • Downstairs, the doorman helped. Sonny, into:a cab. "Where .to, Miss?" "Pennsylvania Station." . Sonny said the first-thing, which came, into her head. ,Wh;en they had left the .apartment behind:, Sonny tapped on 'the win ; do\v,;and said:;."Driver,.take n>e'nice hotel;,where, they have small 1 apartments. , I want .a Q-ood 1 place;.quiet and respectable," *," ' .."*; ."..+ .,-''* .•-.*• •'-.'. Sonny- awakened about-'-M- : in her new ^apartment overlooking GentraT'Park., For -,a moment she'; cbul.d"not.rememb"er where she was. Then she sat bolt upright, reached rfpr tl^'phone,, and put-..ih-a. call for K-i'rlci vi butvhe was ; out on the Ayriell. .yacbt for a'; few.;days. : ; She,; fel.t let .•doSvh'ahdtde'serfed, then, decided'to : call:'Ii>ick 'Ilbckfordi, When tie came "To distraction. But- you-'re;.lots' more attractive with,.that, .money 'than without it." ... •'.•-. ;,-..... • Sonny was., more shocked at Dick's words than she .would admit. ""'Now,'.tell :me,.;what.';-are,..your plans?-"'-asked,.Dick. ,. .-. '-. :TJ '.' . 'Soriny's.face..lighted/up: I^.K 0 " ing to , get an','.apartni(?nt. . .All. my life : rye wanted a home just.for.niy.- self.' Now. I'm. going to/have one, •' "Ple'ase, Sonny,, please,! ..Take, w easy. You'll be sa'ddlcd vyith an apartment 'whenV you., want .to. .go. places. Furthermore, you. can.t live, aione."- .... . . ', ' '• "What's-to'stop-mc?-" -. ' "Well, your legal-guardian,^ Kirk, for one thing." ^. ' ; ' - - ' She tossed her head,:. "He and leaves me. '.What; does' •pect?"" ! ; '•" \V:. /•• " ' ': ... : "Why, he tlVought|you were going indrth;".' • '" ' "' : - ; ' •".. ' ' •_, • : "Well, I'm not! All my life I've been pushed around by •somebody. ;Now I'm going to do what I,like! Dick tried to put in\ a word: of :wai*nirig. '"Doing what y.ou: like is not so ' much fun. when it hurts 'others; you've got ;to- think of-the Hollisters. They've^been through, a 'That was the last straw for Sonny. She exploded:' "What about me? All anybody .says is'": 1 the Ppor Hol- iister's-': I'm sorry- for what "hap-/ pehed; but do'you think I haven't suffered ?• I'm sick of'all of'you. V.m tired' of: doing',' tilings to;";plea'se' everybody.. ' 'Frdm. now' on, v Sbnny looks : -af.ter Sonny ahd/nobody else!" "Thero""was nd'us'e'to reason! with her-in, this, mood, Di,ck knew, but he decided; to,,ieave...lier.v with;'this serious thought: "As,your, lawyer, I'm .going to keep; a check on the. bills." "Jpheck as!:"., "You have; to': sign/ .leases' foi. Ipn^theMi^e,Vs.h'e- said::V;"It J s Sonny. ^.'.yb^ie^t--'Ann."' I've moved',to 'an- i6ther^otel. M '.She;gave i him her new .. -..•,.-.,,,,. i ! '"I'll-cbme pyer, as soon' as 1 can,?' ,.KidvDick.. He arrived shortly after :hoonyaml fpuriii.-Leslie.jin':her pret- :-'tiest' > .'ium'hier.'\lo.un^ing/pa'ja !;J;i"How;dp.' : ybu;like-:it?V, shei § asked, ; ; wayirig'Vh'er, .abputv.her/ new . _ y '•prettyV but' what,' hap- ; pened?"-' v,..;, ; " ' ,•:•••'•!:•' •.-•.•.'- .•"•,' - ,' : ', • "I'm" not 1 going to' tell ; y'o.u the; de- •ta'ilaV They're'pretty r awfu],",;. j^.'^iclt'.grjniiejd/.V^V^lexi'I-.aupppse. For 'an instant-Aiiri'. thbu'ght Sonny vyas going to str|ke : her.The : girl;i stood thero';\yHite;with \, rage. 1 .• T^'e'n : sho -.wallcCiil'' .into' /her ;-bedrponV' ; and :: closed ! .;tha' dobr^'w.ithbut, a''.word:. ;' yi AJn'ri.: covered •• her face.-with.. her. hands ,'tjndi did .' hot move. .She, needed the'; companionj ;jb'b: ; Why ' had/'fihg-'spoken like thto ; ^But ; ,she' ha<i 'been^ goa'ded .beyond'eridurance;; ' ;Why ' could n't Sonny; let... AJIex : ' aloho? S'he ; didn't love him. Ann; know that;'•''But'.if she. hud Lakeland; Pla,,: Marflh- 3— General Manngcr .lack, /ellcr of me YJciroi!,'' Tigeps' said , tq'day U?nl, i^ari i,"l?c lnl,orna'UbnqV ; league, ,had signed and rolufhcd ", h Is' ;'10/j2 -.. con tract. Cook's signing,' reduced Uic. i-jgu holdouls l,o .seven , and- absenl-ees. lo five: ' '" ' '. . .. ''.".;., Fla., March 3— (UP)- Oscai- Gri'inos, an all-around hand: man for l,hc-Cleveland Indians since fro joined- 'life liribo in 1939, is. go i;p l.b concenlrale on just one posilloi l.his ' season. . ' And oi 1 all the positions lo gun-foi lie piciis'scooncl basc-nuxy held down by hi'nn'og'er 1 Lou Boudreau's punay,: Ray Mack. ''His decision lo Iry lo oust Mack leaves only two first, base candidates, Lcs Fleming and Larry Barton. ' ' . •' ' . El CciHro, Cal., March- 3—(UP)— Boh Elliott was to be a',; third, base today-when the Pittsburgh. Pirates iieot the" San Diego learn of lhe-Pa- iinc coast league for the benefit of a 'i-esh air camp. 'H will be IherPi- • 1 first- 'full- length ball game..of tho season and the first in which KWoLl has ever-'filleel-Hie hot corner. Elliott -pdtroled the ouLHeld last' year; • '..',•,. Anaheim, Oal., March 3—(UP)— Connie.Mack's hopes,for an improved Philadelphia Athletics .t'eam Ibis;year suffered another setback' today when X-rays revealed that George Donaldson, rookie outfielder, would* be out oi! action, for, at least six.weeks. .He suffered a tlpuble-fracture. ,.oC ( bis iMglil "leg" iii Sunday's game with Seattle. NO OBSERVATION TRAIN FOR YlLE- "Some clubs -may:-not I»J lilt as hard as-others..- • Por jnslum-c, ^ understand Cincinnati and nrokolyni have yery: -.rpw,. Uey. p.layurs likely to be. called u^-for .servidi IJCQIISC of dependents. .:. Cincinnati, in i ticular, 'is Jj.kcly to,.have its strength all 'season.' 1 - • / Tlie. en-tire^ bulj.pok is so uncor-j tain that Doy.Lc' won't announce" opening line 'on the pcnnmjl rf until tlie- Su.n(3ay befp)'o Mm sf-ason starts on Moiinay*April l'i. Tlinl ,,be one of,'the'Jatesl. dates on svhich .he ever has .given out his official Unti.l- Ted Williams was rop.lnssl- fled, 1A l,o 3A Doyl.e. h:ul the Chicago I White Sox tabbed as -the socond| choice in- the Ameri'cnn luaguc i ''Evcn''^']!!!. Williams J. ranlr White Sox and Rpd Sox almost n my. present-ca.lculftlions," he said. 'You know that White *ox pilch- ng staff, could carry Uiom. 1'nv. M'ilh li-ti.ors like. Cecil'.Travis, Sam. C/wp- man and" Hank; Greenberg Jn Hi' '\rniy, ii/11. make ,the Chic;u;o slalt cvoa, better. ..;'.:!' I coujclv see ' i t 1-1 cpnii hg; • An n's been crazy-about him for;.. ages;; but vhe's : , lo.pking^/'for 1 , 1 a' : marriage."with •moneyV Do^you/'SUpRpse', Alex!\y,6.uld ;have. r made;:a :play for ypii if .you rdidn.'t have: money?' 1 .. '.'.:• V ;., v ,> v S qn n y ; sta' r.ted i to • s p e a k, ^but -Dick ;he^d^up; ; his ;; harid.;"Yo;u're : going .to ''•lip^rriVa^es^bri^'my.'child;' Every for- 'tmie h'u'hter in KT -"'' VA^I;. ;« ^A^rr>« ; ''.vycll,.l;can;'V-cah't I?" • ?! :'^ro;t without Kirk.' K '... ,. .',;.. . /Sonny; eyed, Dick:'"If J pa;y hali- a year's rent in advance,-.;!.- .don't :think: anybody is going, tovmake 'much-.fuss.": -'' ,' v'''•'.',''•-,.,-•' ...-'. ;; . Dick felt that he had underrated: this young wpman's; acuteness. He'd. ;try io rdach/'Kii^k;by;^ireless. later- 1 in tHe da : y.;' H'er gua'rdian. : mighj;be: ; ablte; to influence, her.,; • . . ^. Dick Jeft^'SonnyV'&fter/making' a, .'dinner.^'date^wi•th'.;h!i3;;••.* ; He spent the •aftqrripbn^ 'witliotat-succesa; That 1 ;night 1 at.,din'. ner Spnny|:' ; was.- on', ; her , .good ;be- havibr. i'SIie' sMd not a' word 'about : th.e apartinerit'and .Dick hoped that; /she;Had•giyon''up.;t,he v idca.: ;L^ter.he. : smiled- at his. own ~ naiyete.., He 'should- have; khoxvrij.bettcir.'-," 'T'-'\ : I' ;That aftornopn/Soriny had/:foun,d' 'a'n.apartment up : on'Riyerai'do';.Drive, , : with ' a'/ |fme;'. ; yievy. ; '.'pf ' tlic' liu.dsoo: ;River'/' ':ari.d•', George : Waahln^ibn; Bridge. 1 . .It;cost..\isb.;';i'hat'-. .;eyeiV-slV&:.'\yas'. : st : uhiVedj at' first;VSh> :handle.d';thG lease; situation p'yrfe^.tr itiry 'and- marry ;y6u'. : • N ot, th'at • y oil 're 'Ugly'i'V:lie:\grinned. •; "But ;that-good; old Hojlister cash looks 'pretty;'nice, ; "You?re:h6rrid!":'''.'..; : ; ' • ' .-.;• 'I'm being honest, Sonny.- Even ! "Don't, be ridiculous J, Don't you think a;man might like me for my-. '--' ; '-'-- - . . ly ... .Her guardian was-^p lit of .town. •Hence, wo.u 1 id 'i t %: be all ..; ri gHt : . if •• *&• ',made ; a ; ; deposit bf ,:six-monib3! rcrit in lieu 'of a;;lease? ! Tlie/.Jrvgeiit "^ ;mbst fainted.; Even ii ; the guarcliM> objected;,. he'd have a nice;. churn; of vmoney. : Let .them try : •. to v •'get^ii'•back! : ' ' ''"" '/'.'" "• '':•'" '':'-'";' "•"'"•""•' . (.To be .continued)' ;. CppyrlL'lH. by yerii. Crown J : ..' Dhtrlbu.led by.KUig • New Haven,- Conn., March 3 -(UP.) —Yale university athletic, authorities announced today an observation - trajn would not be available 'for the annual regatta \yith-. Har- ivard May 2a on; thp HpusaVonic •river. ".'... : .'.'"' The "New Haven" railroad, it was said, was unable to furnish a train because of beayy.war business. Two; Yale-l.Iai:var v d baseli'alT-. garnet will be played; at' Cambvi«.lge;.'Jun6 fi, it was announced, and Prince•ton wjll play hei?e June'-8. Dart- .month '.\yili;- piny''' a - double-header •here.June 9: . ' , ./ • A track -meet,- scheduled |V foi •bridge May. 23;'-'will be held here: instead. . . •' . ,: LEADS IN HOC ffi SCORING RACE New Haven, Conn-., March 3-(UP) Pete Kelly- of the Sprln^clrl fiis continued today to hold an clgm- pojnt lead In Ihe American Hockey league's Individual scoring we, Kelly's. GMiqiiHS;. gave hlni^ fl cora^ fortabl'c ,iii t avg'in ..over l^ou nv Wnshingi.6n;"Avho bns 58. The leading .scorers Kelly, S Trudcl, Waslijhgton . IDeMarep;,: , !?)<ovl dence ' CaYladine'/ OJFljaherty, . Sprjngf'd. Slioc'f, .Pittsburgh ••.,. Burns, New H avoir .. ;MacBoiiald,'Buffalo- . 0. .'22 ,2-i .23 .:](] JG J(> Pts, .',0 32 30 .30 2'2 3<> •ft 2-'i 23 51 51 53 M 5'2 W 48 11 .'^-:,.A; ; ,(I'J;.'.".--.' l ', v^"; 1 .- 1 ^-'.. ATNOT HAVEN 111 "•• • • , ,1 • . • • . ' . Now Haven, Cp.nri'.,; March 3— (UP) T-Baskethali teams New Britain and -Torrington .High schools won) their.first round games/lasli.niglit iiv' ''the 19Ui annual'class A Gonnecti'cut High School Basketball ships. ,,],( Ne\v Britain, considorod one 01 • tournajnent - favorites, dcfl>ate .,,-,^1 bury, -4i to 28, and Torrlnglon.c.i ra Bridgeport Bassiclv, 30 to ..--, .Uirniiiig'-encjouniier. ,j Tonight, Meri'den meois .v 1 ^ ven, and Bi'islol 1 ' Bridgeport Warren Harding- ^ 'In the 'class OD tonr- Hartford, Morris High Ceated Bloomfield, 35 to li Jn ; gt6n'.,c(lgecl.-.Glaslonbin i y and Staples : trounced 47 lo 3P. •;..-' , ^pi:ris,Ayqn its. victory ond overtime period. in tlietfH DUFFY'S ''' Water Street DAILY PINNERS : LUNCHES OP KINDS A Full Liquor License

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