The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 24, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 24, 1931
Page 4
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FOUR -THE BLYTHBVILLB COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO,, PUBUSUERS O.K. BAJJCOCK. EiUUX H. W. HA1NES, Advertising Manager .':'.,^. Bole National Advertising -.^- The Thomas P. .Clark Co. too., Mev York, -r pjxiltdelpiiia, Atlanta, Dalits, Sau Antonio, Baa ,£TI Francisco, Clx'caso, ' St. Lou!*. >•— • Published Every Afternoon Excepi Sunday. ~" Enured as secona cusi matter at llio pott -,'~ office it BlylhevUle, Arkansas, under acv ol .•-•• Congress October », 1817. Served, by the United Prcu BATES •-•• By carrier In the clty.ol Blyltievllle, I5c per iri we«t or W.W per year In advance. --« By mail within a radius of BO mile*, (3.00 per — feu, |lj50 for six month*, 860 for three monlhi; :~ by. m»ll in postal louea two W six, Incusive, ~», K-Ki per yen, In zoned ceven and eight, flu.OO •"• per year, payable In advance. H A Good Crop of Smiles '"•* Whalcvei 1 Uic ultimate cash dividend •^ which last night's rain will pay in ,^> Mississippi county it produced an im•"» mediate crop of smiles worth not less '—« Hum n inillion dollars. Over ti month -;^ °f d'T weather, broken only by scal- -j^ teretl showers, htid caused the glooms .rZ to sprout pretty thickly hereabouts, -~* where it was beginning to look like ti "-» repetition of last year's disastrous ~< drouth. Ncmi the drouth thvcal has -«^been chased away, anil we can mean UM -it when we say that sooil times are C« beginning to stage a comeback. '-£' Whatever happens to the price of 222 cotton Mississippi county is going to '^ ..produce the biggest food and feed crop 'i* in its history. We are not going to •'.'» have another Red Cross winter. Jay-lValfyers Because the defenseless- pedestrian is at the mercy .of erratic motorists and lias been considerably bumped around by them, the altitude is gradually taking hold thai he can do uo wrong.•• He gets the public's sympathy every time. in a large middle western city the other day a traffic officer was roundly berated by it noon-day crowd for arresting a man who delicti arrest, after ( darting across the street against the signal, "fno i^liceman, jostled and jeered, was made a laughing stock. None would have considered it extraordinary if a motorist had been penalized for the .same offense. Nor did the crowd seem to realise that the jaywalker might have been hit and that the policeman was acting for his safety. The pedestrian, for his own security, should consent to be disciplined by the same rules which govern motorists at crossings. There is such a thing as sparing jay-walking enforcements and spoiling the pedestrian. - OUT OUR WAY --. Passing of Coal Mine Police '". " Liberal-minded men and women ~ throughout the country will be glad ~ to learn that Governor Pirn-hot of "^ Pennsylvania plans to cancel tho cum" missions of all 'coal and iron irolice- men" eO'celive July 1. The move should have been made many years ago, but even though tardy it is extremely welcome. The coal and iron policemen, of course, are private guards employed by Hie big coal and iron companies who are actually sworn in as officer:! of the law. Obviously, such a system is open to tcriibli! abuses; two years ago a miner was killed by the coal-and-iron plug-uglies of Allegheny county, and it proved impossible to convict his (|iiasi-oli'icial murderer. Governor I'inchot says thai, state police, after July J, will be used to prevent disorders around mining or manufacturing properties in case of strikes. That is as it should be. There never wns any excuse for Iho coal and iron police, and no one should regret their departure. COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, JUNE 2-1, 193'i-J- Education"Seems to Pay Those Who Try II During the pasi few months hundreds of bays ;<nd girls have IK-CD rjradualcd from htjjh schools mid collP|;cr, of the state. Mmiy youua men Juive finished Ihclr practice work in the Smith-Hughes schools of the state ami arc now looking nboul for jobs cither In educational work or on farms of their own. Recently some studies were made on Just how prulltiiblc four years in school Ir, lo Ilia hoy who wants to return to the I arm. The Stale College of Agriculture of New Yoik stale found some ralher Intcrcstlnu tilings. Of n group of 17 farmers who on the average had spent n yenr at the agricultural college, 35 per cent made labor Incomes of 52,01111 or more. This Bro;ip, which Included a number who had enrolled only In the short cam-son at (he state college, icctlvcd an average Income of $1,2C2 as compared lo lili average of 563-1 for (he high school group. Willie 18 per rail or (he fanners in the high school Qraun mmlo a labor income of S'J,- 000 or more, only 5 per cent of Ihc men who had not been beyond the public school reached Iliis standard. That technical information Is Important was Indicated by (he low earnings ot farmers who hnd received their education in schools that dlil not ofler tib'ricullurnl training. Proof that education has became increasingly Important during Ihe past W years is evident In comparing the average incomes of Ihc groups In Ihis survey with those of the two previous surveys. Twenty years ago the aver- ago labor income of the high school group wns but 10 per cent Center than those who had received only a common school education. Ten years aso (his advantage increased to 510 per cent, while the last survey showed an Increase lo 5BO per cent in earnings for lids group. —Arkansas Farmer. There's lols of poetry In business, says Charles Schwab. You might say now (lint business is yoiny from bad to verse. The boa constrictor, it is suld, can digest n golf ball. Ne.xt time you miss one, look for the snake in the grass. • War story in brief Preparations; rations; reputations. "All work ami no play." :is ihc actor .sadly said when his show failed. The president of France, at tifl, has married a school teacher. He believes, apparently, lhat it Is never loo lale to Irnrn. -Then there's the gangster who opened up a roadhoiisc In his rival's territory and called il "Muscle Inn." S1DE GLANCES By George Clark TODAY IS THE- ANVERS THSS CURIOUS WORLD less attention to Hit races, innyhc yon re mi-til for this horse." IN NEY/ YORK Gilbert Sv/an Visitors fi> .Manhalfaii Often Lead long dunes in nine out of 10. For Tltomclvc* Snlu Trap by Asking you never can tell where you will Sunn; C'ali Drivers to llceommcnd wind up. KCSH-IK. • j On ihe other hand, the cabby may . hint that he knows where there is plenty of goings on; lots ot music; pretty girls lo dance with; and even RUSSIAN HKYOI.T J'1,05' On June 21, 1917, a plot to brlns about an armed revolt, when itc all-rjussian Congress of Soviet,! would be In sess!o:i. was rcv;sl?l The UolEhcviki. who planned ihe revolt, had hoped to arrest the members of the provisional government and assujne full psw^r. They also planned U rrcall all the soldijrs serving at the front. This acticn came af'.or th? Bo!- shevikl had held mass mestlnss amonc; the troops, preachln;; defeatism and surrender and urging the soldiers not to ol>:y th» orders of "bourgeois ofiiccrs." Th2 provisional government, awaic of the peril of this propaganda, did not attempt to end it by fore,?. The following month t'.r: Dolsh:- vlsts staged a two-day revolt, which was put down by Cossack troops. At this time Alexander Kercnskj- endeavored lo bring order out of chaos. So. American Humming Bird Makes Yearly Flight COLORADO SPHIKGS. Col:)., 'UP) — An old visitor ca-e back this year to fee Ralph .>. Ayer, a farmer living near tiv: \ niack Forest rcyion, and his wife, j He- is a hummin-j bird name-l iSili and his home is in South Am eric .1. Bill flew nor.h this sprlii? as 13 his custom. And just why he (lies ! each year across the Gulf ci Mex- j ico and over tropical JLIH?!?; to j the Ayer ranch -.vas rev -c-.lcii by I -Mrs. Ayer, a farm house metres; with a liking for birds. The humming bird ha- o ronri-| nesri for syrup, Mrs. Ayer sritl, anil I each year upon his rc-tuiv pcr:lUj SKIT WITH A CKACK IH THE 5 SURFACE ? £V£RY .. jKTIO.t ON 7W£ SOOTH HAS A ON TH£: AFRIC4N COAST / THE Fiesr SUCCESSFUL POWE &ROfHEt3S A .... 1903 EXCUSES W. Mother came three days back after with some spi-n-.!- , was raid hy cither of them but he icc-ls £Ure " that when the fatal himself upon a branch of a hon- |of hers, so she and ,lo? arc on fair- | words were nronoimrecl Mother ' - ' eysuckle vine, which rjw*o ur) ov:r a house w:t:rt~.w. I-:-:r:i this branch. Dill can feed from a bowl of syrup, placed (here b. r Mrs. Ayer, to the satisfaction of ills "sweet tooth." AVer has made a study .of the South American species of r,':ni- ly gwxl terms now and will be to;a dny or so. 1 told her it she would i:ui mentioned. Mother said I'matle a big mistake when I brought, him NEW VOIUC, Jiir.? 24.—Reverberations Iroin the recent wave of murdi'r inici turid crime in New York luvc wakened this town's ol- ficialcJcm to action agahrit the more sinister night resorts and cV.irte. 1 halls. At i.:e nioincnt, they are talkh-.y aucn: a lu-.v ccmmisrianjrshlp In the police department which woul:; have immeiii.Uf powers to act arai]-,^'. a mo^t vicictis breed of so- cai!c;l nlyht club. Str.'.ngei'i in Manhattan hav, been the most frequent victims of such tenderloin spawns, wlieiL 1 tl'.j ules not only never give a Mickt-r i break but gLMU-rally leave tiie victim beaten In some dark doorway will! his pockets insule-out. Visitors, however, arc not the sole ircy. Townfolk. OM on a lark. frc-. ufntly stmuDb upon eye-opening evidences ol what goes on tehin:i [cci:cd or barred doors in the;:' ov,u town. j\cw Yorkers wlio iiuinuL- Into such traps have only ihL-:;i- selves to bla:i!i\ since the w.ini- have been duubyccl Li::;:: and a^a;n. So raw is the Inlli.ilian of a victim thai, were it not for the bjat- and robberies, the whole thinj i By William! a drink to be bought. At the very suggestion, the stranger would do well to stop the cab and set out, for the driver means no good lo visiting firemen. But if ihe sucker goes along— and mosl of tr.eai do—the old, pld game begins. He is deposited at a place the address of which he' Is not likely ever lo remember again. He is turn-.-d dhcctly from tlu cabby to a dcorman who hustles him inside. There is. as was promised, sonic music and some girls. There is, en occasion, a rirink to be bought—yes. even bathtub champagne for the rjrls. And perhaps the very worst straight luiuur to be found in New York. If the sucker lias his own supply, there's the setup. The serious note begins ti strike when the lime for the payall comes. Chances arc that (he visitor thought he'd been making pi'etty good "whoopee." But sn3:icnly, in return for a couple cf buttles of ijinsi-r nlo. asni a chair he finds a bill for $28.-W. !f he bought drinks, it's even mere, lie protests. Hani-boiled leave Joe alone he probably -,vaii!J ; into cur family, and a bigger one come to our way of thinkln* ami -when 1 said that I would not mind would leave his church ,wj join ! to 30 with him to his church. Moth- ours, uiit she said that she had no j tr S3 y s most emphatically that as faith in him ever changing; t'.ir.t ; long as she lives I cannot go with she had her first time to see cue ; him to his church. She firmly belling bird. Ke declared they run'of those stubborn men eh.ingc, es- . lisves thai. i;. would be a disgrace iy across the Gull o£ o.-:exico in : pecially if he had been dipped un- I for me to do this. Joe is nice about a single night. der, as she calls it. . Now as for my idea;, he h.'.s a TKOUSKRS SOU) FOH IS CEXT3 perfect right to his notion cf bap MANCHESTER, Eng., (UP) One hundred and twenty pairs of trousers were sold at 18 cents each at a sale clothing here. It. He says he won't go with me, and ns we can't get together,. \ve are not- doing for either tism and we knew that lie believed I church and that he that- wa.; the right way beiore | wait until Mother SHOP O.N't-SIXTH OF LIKE LONDON. 'UP) -- The average woman mends one-sixth of !icr willing called. Afte? married him or rather before Inuvr-:'hat he thinks that we can settle Motiia:- says 1 should made Win walk right in'our way she treats him ab-,:it "113 church before the bells rang on that i of policemen's cast-off i r;ed him. las says the way nnt'.:cr ' everything. ! visits most all of the lime and the i havi church IOD:-:S likj he had both cf us. We had a Minister from b::.-. his i 1 :" 11 ' 07 as a!l thrc:; j aiready in her -'- — day in June. But one can't be too esa=t!ng. It . was • different with of hers x iv?re lif? shopping, A. H. Williams, di-} church am: curs and our llmhttr I EJI rector of a large department store,! said the final words and Jo? r.ays old merchandise buyers here. I he dcesn't remember much that I Read Courier News want ads I'D L\V<e Ti-VAT "TRAtT 1M OOP? FAMU^ , IF 1 AMOTT-itR IT HARD ONJ Ti-V DORM MUT~— 'AT \NORM ROOT.' and lent sl-.ows in past years. A|10[ , c .. aalnp js . ^ chKl: . rals . . „ . ig racket. The sticker finds hi Briefly, the most common pro- IlnMrt enough money and offers .. ccdurc of such spots is this; Tr.ey | check. By inornlni; liis S50 has b-cn we:k ::: league with a type of taxi- | ra j EI ,;| lo S5M „ 55300 and the cab driver who cruisci about the i rrc oks n«urc that the loss will be mld-lown section in s;an-!i of f.ircs.' swallowed rather than brins shady Usuaily tne diiver has a 'syp" cab; i adventures into court Fin-llierinor'' lhat is. a cab c-iar^'ng the higr:,-,: j [i !c croo ks also know thai most vic- , rales. But llirro are any niiinb-.-r i |i ms leave such places so di/zv lint juf other "stocrers." ' - llic driver, ot c that the averajr .it likely to be a little gic'dy; likely ID wan; to [ro places and do thm^; h'^jiy ln lake a few drinks an^i v.,nu to keep Rcing. Sumelinies :hc la: 1 -? aik.s the driver for a rec^rmnenri.i- tion--.inrl iliis is a truly :?.tal ]>-.,• U-.ey would never be able to Ilnj had been. Even these ondins;.^ are relatively iiappy. e-mparcd xvith some v.h.-re men have been nit but, beaten lo death, r-jbbcrl and carried o:it to be dumped in the mos; conveuienl gutter. GILBERT SWAN. . I codure in six out of 10 cases at::! .-. i (Copyright, 1031, NBA Service, In = Rabies Proven (ion Depends on Curb inn; Homeless Do<>" STANDARD JVING HY I)K. MOUK1S FIS it^r. .lournil nf thi- wi-.i, the lltalth M.i During rccr:;t incn;;-.-, lir.s sutlcrcd unurK.iliy :•<, frc;:i I ho bltir.s ' ! f h:-.:.. by ma^ cojs. Sine? If'Jl have died of rabies i:: ; Since ID10 and u:i :n ll'.ere have bt?n 77-13 c.'v- in Cilifornls. In ?o!i;:v;. nla 275 CAfe.s have lv.":i r as occmrn;;: in . unrv 1. 1031. Rabies or hydropi-.n'c,.-, the mrst ims>o^la:it cf lions dtsiMS'js ft oin a point ot view, 'recai^^ it v by tl-.c grr.i; Pastc'ir. v. : is associated with t'.:, 1 trM'.mcnt given to thi; keen '.jitlfn by mid :••.,. a view to prc-.vnli:v; t:. rr.cnt cf hydro-plio'Dia. At times when rab:o- lent in the community •' COtli dajS Slli Child;;; irecd J:am menace bv I!! -'N i::em a-rainrt exposure to tie bite .-'•T'I .'i of a maddened animal. Homeless i,f iii- r.nhnals should be picked up anrl /:r.- f!i = pCECd o; by the usual methods. ,:;/v- Failure lo enforce the laws rejtu- -. . - : .;. lotlnf t!ve centrol cf ho:n.-;e=s anl- i b, :i ; nials represents nothing in Ihe wav ;i •:••-. of friendship fav the animal anrl :• .- ; exposes tmunneraWe human b-inj'i :•• ; • • lo the danger of one of thr most ; --•. • i , frrtoi: 1 ! cf all diseases. '•' -'• - California shoul.i nov !.-? in ' . ^il-.e mlvist cf such a scricrs :.iuia- i ..'.-:-: tiin <vitli rclationsliip lo hydra- : -pl-.obia i 1 - d-.i.-- lo the fact this trio j • " ;: people of nnny California corn.- : - - i nnmltitj Ji.r.v not taken Mifi-cient • -.. -\ inictest in law enforcement in this • •- i: ! j ccnr.ecli-';-L .-:i.i lint probably als^ to •• ;-.:\ e i the fact more peculiar pppo- .': i ': i nenls to i-nrmtfic medicir.e rcjias • '.-H" in ti-flt slate in jjroportion to tho '•'• ~~.:".i total ppu'.ation than in any other > ; .-1:-.;;- tta'o in our country. The death of 1 uny ch"d from hydrophobia nn;st J i'.-cvr.- ] ba considered particularly a tras- :.vr= nf 'edy when the method of spread and ;viji- ts I tili ir.ethcd of conlto! of Ihe fils- • o:c-cti:ig |cas; are so definitely kr.oira. Foi'all we know, some Mongolian landowner, living miserably in a smoky felt tent, may be the richest man in the world.. . . For standards of living are not based merely on wealth. They are based rather on the way people use wealth. The reason why American standards are considered highest in the world is because the great,majority of Americans have at their command all the things necessary to a civilized and cultured mode of living. Any housewife in America, even of most moderate means, can draw upon the resources of all the world for her own private use! You may study and enjoy outright at very small expense, music... drama— art in all its forms, You You may review the smartest styles each day as they appear in the pages of newspapers. You may select household furnishings, modern conveniences, heat- units, refrigeration, food in luxurious and endless variety, cosmetics, dress-goods/ automobiles, anything in fact that is commonly looked upon as part of the American scene. .. you may select these things leisurely and conveniently by merely studying the advertisements as they appear each day!

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