The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 29, 1952 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 29, 1952
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLTOTEYTM,!! (AKK.) COURTKR WKW9 TUESDAY, JULY 29, 1952 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION H Moving & tl Vftn trucks Sttfe— Ur-p Mid Able, Mcrd help ' W W, Heck hum, I II Minim S'J^a. 7,9 pk 8 U lit* M* »•• chirr* rr line 11 ttMts per Hn« Month JIM M«« Biptrl settle* on Alr-contllUoiilnE. •cillrt Rrlrlr«»ILon md Al>pll»il«'e». BUI ' Tcgdhoff find Hurrjr Krooki Phon* 6P80-Lf no nns**r, cull 6n«l »KOrF KirmCIERATION CO.. 3337 Birch. 3,2! ck I! ** c - 1" '" Ad ordtrfd foi three or 111 tlmM «nn tlopprd hffort rzpl/xlom wHl h* <kacctd f«r tX« number of times ik^ »" tppnrfd and adJimmrM of VUl mid*, All r1»i*Uir<] »<lTerti*l»c copy iwb- •ilttrd b» p*t«im retMIng oillildr o( the clly mint \if accompanied by ra<h Rain "inxy f-aslJy be computed from tkt a*nr* ttkte. ' Adrrrliitnr; ordrrrd tfir trr«ul*r '»• •rrtloMS tiVe th^ ont <1mf laile. Ko rrmORilbMlty will b? laKf» «'| V«T« thin nnt Imrnrrrrt Inirrtiom of »». diiiifEtd ad. AM iiJ* »" rfslrlrl^d lo Ihflr prop" lUnUieiHoa »ljle "<! type. Tur C»urler N*wi rr«r»«( the rlchl to edll *r reject i»y »d. Plans-Estimates r.M.A OR a. i. j.oAwa NO OBLIGATION I'hnn. 3064 Frank Wagner Builders Supply Co. MINUTE I'KOTOSTATJC SICRV- o'STxxrrs STUDIO, us « MAJH 121 o« ir for SaJe, Mfse, 1 floor safe, -10 in. liijrh, 3fi j Notice '"• w ' ( ' c ; " u ' -'' '"• '''-''I'- 2 doors, -I storage drawers, 1 CARD OF THANKS sh ,],..,„.,,,. •) ^.^ f\ K \ VCK Mav tt-f usr> this innuu in nsi'•'"•' i m • 1 . i i i oiir unwro ihmihi «> tiif •*. >•/ : on rollers. Slightly (lamiiKC'ii, ,rt m-mhbor? _f.»r tlulr -. -H ; 575.00. J fonUM'-Wilsnil Motor Co., :U7 K. Main. E'h. 2050. 7 ( 2K ck and rxpresslons of pathy. \\> ffc! ih many ways, h^li'fl our drnrl El5ter, I.ornn Et^H •Jimml'M V'e Jnvr j _ _ ._ .. br<?n rtf^plv rr •-•"•' liv rhf im.nv <-x- nrp an'J hiirplar pionf fn\f", M pre?Mr>ns of f'< ' "hio rml will Rl»M/' t •-.);•'•*, Vault dnor*.. FrolRh.1 pnirl Phftn he grateful. God h'--^ ,te:=* lln-nrr I.ornn Homer June Horn'-'__ 1 W pk 3T i Apartment for Rent j N>w!y rteroratod furnished apt. Fire- | trie kitchen. 102 W. Ky. Phon^ 'UW I I Olt>!-:nil Elrftrlr icfr!i:cr:itor, I otsrh. t rornrr (-iihinii. I hflrooru fiiilt. I'JcTlilr: Juln'r. 201 W. Kfillm'V.y nr noil •Mnrbri'-K rtiMr- I v-ltt) lou- Duric. 1 , L floral. Pli. 5102. 1 room fuvi. i»pt.. clo«e In IMHUlf'j furn. Ph 2.S92 1 "2f> pk 3(1 ^Tcely fiirn downstair- »pi. Prlvti entranc* 1 . new refrlpfr^tnr. utUirf-' *10. 100 W. Kr 7 - ?fl P^ 7 ' 3 rm- nnfurn npt. pvt hn(b. nu matlc hot w»t*r hefltnr I'h 3125 7jia ex , . 7 2n pk K I PHILLIPS' '50 I»J,YMOUTJ! $1295 M7 FOHI) ....... f»45 A Kwerl little Kile nwlrl carl irs R ,<>, J7 Fon | (8) 2 . Tim KLr. 1 .^^^" T,«r k w,,h Z .,p««, „„. Th. fic<l;in ruuiiitK'il with a tood motor run* n°oil—HIP tlrrs :irc luster, Drhe H tml.iy! lair. The price In terrific! M<J TOKO $1015 Mft FOIU) ....'... $595 Complclcly i-(|iil]ipr«l. Oils 1319 A !i-Tim Sl:tUf Roily Truck. I'nr^l Custom Tudor h;is ovrr- H'K ;i K <iD *'~' nu ^J"£i SH'ret- rtr3\'r, r:ul[n ii;id Jipntrr. I*nw- run/tin^ truck. , fioiul tlrrs. rrctl hy lite famous Ford V-8 lira I or, Xou 1 priced at only engine! J595. J.fl's go. '•17 NASH ?C15 'JSDODCK $<M5 This 1!>I7 N':ish <luh C'nupp K This Irurk Is a 1!)I8 DoilKe a iiilgfity ulrp rnr. Com ft In J-Tori I'ichup with RII cxprrRS aii'l iJrivP It Uii.s wrrk, Thcrr's dfd. The Urr* arf nrnrly new. iiriMiinir wrong with tlie price It's a bargain /or snnifon*— lap, either! tnon! '10 CHKV $11)0 Mti CIIKV $.")(15 J'or n Hal Slfin you r:t;i own A '.--Ton Pirkup Trunk. Drive Ihls ]!>HI rhevrnEot Cluh it. Vcnfll agree willi us (hat Coupe, Tlmt's :\ rc'nl liny! Ami 11) is; Iritrk Is nlmvo avcrnf-o In vrllli ntcllo and lit-nler, you get .'very rcs|>rt't—except Phillip** cxlra value, lo\Vj low price. N'lcp 4 nil. 11 nf urn. ap! -, en.-;, In Brlnst reclfrrorRted Day pti 33" 3ft12, nltc ph. 23C6: 7 23 | Uorttrn 2 room fur apt Pli W: Modern Rpt.. 3 rooms md hMh. n>-w- IT dfcorntcd. pood rnrnllure, KH rqnlp- •«nl Ph. 3371. F. Simon. > a; ck tf USED COMBINES! If you need a jfnocl used sclf- ph. jojn pnipollcil «inil)inc . . . see us 12 ' pk3 ' first. Clioosn from Msisscy- llarris. Inloriiiitioniil Miirvos- tcr, John Dpcnraiwi (,'nso. 61 IMPLEMENT CO. N. Hi way 01 I'hiinn '.'AVI 7 10 tf Small Apartments, furniph- ed. f 8 up per week. Bedrooms |4 up single. 11-1 \Vest Ash. Ph. 2833. 8-1 ok tf rlosr 3 room apt. on Hcurn flt lo ncliool. Screened In hiw-fcporrn. built-in cnblnrU. N'owly rirrnnitccl Ilnl »«ter. Ph. 2552 or 23A4, 6.26 cfc tf 3 loom IiunlsnKl ftj Kentucky. Mrs, S1sk. 729 pk 8.5 4 room, newly decora tod, motlpr Jurn. flpt. Ph. 2-152 or 3233. ";2f» ck 3 mom unf. sour:, rj-,. 4r.*5. 6 FT. Ml«T 20 pk ft 5 Services Bob Malone. Ph. 2771. 7117 ck 8.17 Laundry In my home. Ph. UI47 7;i3 pk 8,35 Expeit service on cornmrrclrU nnd fvlr condition rrfrlperntlon, Ph. 2Rfi6, If no Day or NlRiit RnrrSrp 61 Abbs RefrlKerfttlon Service 7 Ifl pk 30 E. R. Al]py— nlr coMUIonlng servlcr. I'h 247 souri. Blythevllte. Ark 102 K. Mis- Save Money When You Buy _ Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARRISON A SON FU UN ITU UK CO. 517 W. Ash Ph. 2S. r >2 1-1 ri tl TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. ill W W»tnm Phont 3MW Plenty of Parking Space ompani) Phone 4453 GET MORE BEANS WITH A GLEANER COMBINE Jack Robinson Implement Co. Rlytherille, ArkatWM — Phoiw 2371 READY FOR REDS—Whito-lielmcted police o( Osuka. J:ij:an, ciuucli behind Ihu J.liuniiHiin shields with which tlioy li^ivc t<iui|)pcd Ihcnisclvcs in anticipation of Comrnuaist riols. Nlrf cool hrtlrooin Mi \V. Ash. Ph. 220!). $-182.00 DOWN '['HAT'S AI.I,!! f]nr]m«<>fi iill floMni! rn.tsl TUT n modem, 2-lifliooin hojnn In tiptop shape inside and 01 n Monthly p.iyinfills; j-m.n", N'o inorstlily pay- nicnls rtiip iiinl] O-t. 1 E. M TERRY He/p Wanted, Male WrkllnB fhrel innu] workprs, In and mill work \Vtl- Falnlcntijlg. OsrroU, 73fi c* 81 for Rent A room hou«if v/ltli bath. 716 W. MgnHrle Dr., S47.50. Ph. 35,19 7 TA pk H 'J Rooms . pk 8,19 Bi-riroom convenient lo bnth 611 W. Main. Pli 3325 1\\\ cK 8.11 Bnl ttxun. prlraic ha Close In. Phone 4432, 1,18 ck tl WARNING OKDEK In Ilie MLssisMiipl Citurl, riiEfk e.iwha District, Mississippi County, | ArkaiLsas. PauUue Kelley, Ptf. ! vs. No. 12,114 • O. A. Kellpy. Dft. j The tJefenttant, O. A. KclJey, is' Rcrlniom convenient lo bath. Prl- \le Men pr*>ferrrd- 601 Chlckusa-A-- ba, I'll. 3741 ntlm 5 p.m. 729 pk 812 i Farm Loans Wonted Farm I DALIS Wantc<l Wo RTC injw tPjirosfiitJiHiT.i for MUTUAL I.IFK INSUE'tANCK CO. of NPW York ami nble to mnkc new lonns or refinance your old loans on n rind no I chrviit;*' your prrspni time of [tRyrnpnt wltti no nppralsri] lee. Ellales t-and Co, lllvlhuvllle. Ark OKIc*- Prionr :\\','11 W. T Hnnn-Cl Russc'll E. Hinlos 7.22ck H?2 Ororprv. (litnrr. nlork. 1 roomn, 2 M04 So. 2lst, , nroonm Of hnrt ' Attention Cotton Gin Owners: Spray pulntln?—\Ve nre rq\lipped to pulnl yo\ir gins nr HnyLliLug you have to be Aprayert. Ph 2M9 nr Manllti 223. 7;7 pk S,7 Watch and Jewelry Repair ir*tch»» *nd clorlc* Tiiiarantecrt work Ann* bj *rpen rep-lrmen LXIWP^I TAT O'BRYANT Main & Second Need jour rartlo rtjiairert. Call Walton — R31R nisablrd vrtrrun ic radios at homp. 313 N. 3nrt 73 p Oxi»rftnlfMl tuning aiul re- jMr. C»ll M71 dijs. 2053 nlciltn. 529 tf Lucian Gaincs Furniture Co. Trade your old furniture for new. I will also buy your old furniture. Farmers terms Vi down, hatance in (lie full Formerly Ai'iiold & Onines. Ph. f>3r>7. -1117 ck If For Safe, Real Estate . rll l is wi-M of Kr-l- RIvU. 1'lu •it IIL/X! i.-ul , m quartci-s 1n>l ii-ntl rolil walor, rnl In It IS"M1s for S.SO prr ino Tire J2Z5 pfi nt-re. Knsv )mu<!lcrl. Kiilll'S l.illld Co. Hlythcvillc, Ark. Real ESTATE Farms — City Property LOANS INSURANCE laltrMttil la Noble Gill Agency Glencoe BUlg. 'Ph. 6868 Tillc.t norlh of Gosnclt, 7;3 pk B|i hunio, iH'.'iv C'ntholic school. Has rental house on rear. Will trade for farm land. Ono six ronin house near \Valker J'ark, cheap al 52500.00. ORO. Ji. i.,i-;ii; 120 W. Main, Ph. Bdfil 72!) ck S 12 Modern 3 hrdroom house & balli nl !)05 Pcciin Avc. Iliird- wooil floors, floor i'uriinco, 5(1 Kill. elcf. hoi water hcatur. Ivxtra lurfce lot. Thin house is in ciiod condilioTi. ?18()0 cash will handle and assumption of loan balance al ?,V2.SO poi month. Possession July 28th owner leaving town. Mr. (7.1.— I have a 4 rm house it hath, screened ii hack porch, HO gal. hot wnlci heater. Close, in on Vine SI Price $5250. Closing cos 1 atxmt ?lliO. See or call JOHNNY MARR Realtor 112 So. 2nd. J'hoiiff 4111 Residence Phone 250H 724 If 8 room un/iunlslietl house. ;11V LVm- iin. Thuin- I'lOH. 7 22 pK C i .1 loom hou^e Modern conrrnlrncfs, ulf t lucfttlnn, I, O Thnii)p*;r)ii, f\'2\ FrmVlln. ph 213* 6^7 ok it S room house with ni[l<t fan and lonr fnrnaco. I-ncaif-rl al 201 W. K>n- iirlty, Call between thp hours ot 7:30 nil 9 00 n.m, or fi to B p.m. Ph -1231. 7 20 pK 8 2 :p. 4S5 pn rnnnth. n Gatlwlii, Dsivld 7 29 pk 3 1 ties fnrn. 2311 W 7 '23 pk 3.1 4 main' un'nrn. ti 412-1 or 3631, Rcnlty. 416 Milln, H200 s<| fcot ti) n».»ti ullillny R'-aftimnhle lent, fall -1012. 7,29 C* I Wonted to Buy I 'i ton truck. Cnsli. A C. Dnclos. 311 1, Hox 235 B Osceola. Phone 82'2R5. 721 pVt 8,7 CONCRETE CULVERT TILE SlffH U[l t(l lit) III. Metal Culverts Sizes Mp to 84 In. A. H. WEBB Arlnmitic Flood Gnln Concrete <% Melal Sepllc Tanks Sewer Tile Best Prices We Deliver Hlcliwaj 61 at Slate Line Phone 7U PHOTOS •f YttK fetaliM... RENT A CAMERA All Types of Caincrai and Supplies at Barney'i Barney's Drug CAMERA HEADQUARTERS 2MC W. Main Fhinc 1(47 HERE'S WHAT $1 BUYS AT SULLIVAN-NELSON Not jiisl a grease job, bul complete lubrication Is yours for 1 buck at Sullivan-Nelson. Any day. An export chassis lubrication means us!HK ih* proper lubi icanl for eacb unit, loo ... wtut (hat incluilt'.s repackinj; (he rear springs. If you're paying more—or if you're not gct^ t\t\K this complete job . . . (hen it's lime for a change. Come to Sullivan-Nelson Chevrolet Co, SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. 301 West Walnut — Phone 4578 hereby warned to appear within thiily days in the com! named in the. ration heveot and the complaint of the plaintiff, Pauline Kelley. Dated this Hth iliiy of July. 1952. Harvey Morris, Clerk By Laverne Ball, D.C. Guy Wnils. atty. for !>tf. Ed D. Cook, ally ad Htem. 1 : 15-22-29-3:5 In the troijlc- 1 :, v,herc the banana Is Hi-own, it Is R main dish. HIGHEST PRICES PAID For tin, wire and »11 kindt of scrap riictJil. Blytheville Iron & Metal Co. N. Bdwny A Monti vie Drive Phone 8952 4115 ck tf will p*T CAK71 lor jn\tj old WE MEET ALL PRICES WHOLESALE OR RETAIL v H O T or COLD! A Slice or Truckload! SPECIAL PRICES FOR PICNICS AND PARTIES BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET Main Street Blytheville Wanted to Rent JUST SUMMER TROUBLE Yon can expect your car lo misbehave some when il's so darn but (yon don't feel so K«»d yourself, do you?), lint yon can prevent serious trouble \vilh the engine, the radiator nod the tires—most common hot weather ailments—by letting Cbamblin's friendly servicemen check your car. Rcpularly. Ami especially before you head out on that vacation trip. Try us. Service A«ti Stf**H, • CHAMBLIN SALES CO. it Y*«K D«aUr * A* . flood lo- 7 2H pk R 4 It Co.xl lo On lot. 20(1 60\ Wl, ll'inrrlirv 'viip •• yilli I' 1 f'rt I'"'-; ;\l;in- :>ir- mirili ttlf prlc rrr lornl inn. I.FAVIF RKAM'V fO. 11 1 FT;! Pnv! = T?3 -X 31 Si'f-lil Nirc lo: 50 ft. \ ISO ft nn T'l.i-.vli-v Ftrrr-i fnrlnn 5flir>ol hf»i-.r, \\'ill ir!l i'b.f.ip for r^«=h. Mikr me R c:i.«.h offer Mnv con*Ulrr terms O tl r,wy» i;!M Chrl^fA ,*<ciine Mfn»l)l-»1s, TenMf^or 7 25 I)'* Rfi I'or f xprrt h:\UtTT ch.irtint— (or A 1,1. kiinl^. nC n tit (i mobile service, vnu r.u> rrlj »n T- 1. SP»> Mnlnr Co. Prolrrt vnnr invrsl- ntcul in your car—conic lo os for «killful M-rvicf. T.I.SEAY MOTOR CO. tlralrr rk«»* lilt FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ Oil CO. "/ Sell That Staff" Phone 2089 Off ice & Bulk Plant—Promised Land COMHIII JKIIT MITAL 1HO* «T»UCn)»Al »THL • GAS AND lUCIX'C WEICIKO • GIN REPAIBI . SLACK3MITH- IHO « MAROWAIII • MACHINI I PHONES: Day 3142; Night 6153 LAUNDRY CLEANER We Give Eajfte'Slamps "' ! .'f- ; insurance Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection \V. j. Pollard Agency Planned Protection ai.mco* norm nou.oiMa 134 W A*h 51 Lost A Found P.\lr or mrrt brown £l-i* OiMiil's 0!^.' TOM bor."- I loti Co. HIUI pustolTice. Ph. . . 7,29 ps 30 FALL PLANTING SEED MAIKY VKTCH. S K K 11 WI IK AT. It. \RI.KY KKS- Cl'K AM) CI.OYKKS NKW C'KOP SI-:KD BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Phone BS.*){i-RS.>7 Television & Radios REPAIRED Any Make or Model Set 1 DAY SERVICE m ^-^^^"•—^^— ^™"™~ ' '»• *^^^^ FREE PICKUP & DELIVERY SERVICE 24 HOURS A DAY Day Phone: 2642 Night: 8858 No Extra Charge For Night Calls FRED CALLIHAN RADIO SERVICE 110 S. 1st Hlylhevillt Your Truck Is Here! $195 To $1095! Horncr-Wilson offers yon pickups from $2!)5 lo $1095 • — I.WI! Trucks (1 y t &. 2-'l'nn si/.ts with 2-.s|iecd axles . . . and snrni 1 willi new licds) jn-iced from S1!tf> to $!)i)5! Conic to Kiisl Mniti in Hlythcvilk-. • 1!)50 S'l'liDlOHAKHK 1-Ton I'lckup _ an extra clean, locally-owned, city-driven trtu-K! • 1050 CUKVUONKT 2-Ton Ti ock with 2-speed ii.xle • 1 !>.->() CHIiVHOUiT 2-Ton SWIi— clean, very s oucl • Ifll!) CUKVROI.KT Hi -Ton TAV15— new bed, good t i res. • in IS (J.\IC 2-Ton Truck — 2 speed avle, good rubber. • 1 !)IC> (J.MC 1 !'i-Ton Truck — new bed. . .2-spccd axle. • 1951 CHKVKOLET IMCKUI'— deluxe cab, perfect (ires. • inili FORD 1 "/j -Ton I.WI5 Truck — good rubber, Kood bed. • HHfi FORD '/2-Ton I'ickup _ truly in wonderful shape. • 1!M8 MACK 2-Ton FAV1! — good rubber, new paint, bargain. • 191!) CMC 'i-Ton Pickup— in perfect condition. • 191!) FORD I'/, -Ton MVB — good tires, 2-spced axle. GOOD SELECTION OF I. ATE MODKF, CARS HORNER-WlLSON EAST— : MAIN Rocket Oldsmobile — (iMC Trucks Phone 20SG Used Car Lot — Phone 6151

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