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The Dothan Eagle from Dothan, Alabama • Page 2

The Dothan Eagle from Dothan, Alabama • Page 2

The Dothan Eaglei
Dothan, Alabama
Issue Date:

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 1958 PAGE TWO THE DOTH AN EAGLE. DOTH AN, ALABAMA Banks' Lending To Pray er day Citizens Meeting On Fate Of Macon Capacity Upped is being considered by a special legislative committee composed of WASHINGTON Wl In a new antirecession move, the Federal Reserve Board has acted to increase the lending capacity of its 6,400 member banks. The board did this yesterday in Senate and House members from Macon and five other counties. The committee is to make a rec ommendation to' the Legislature 0 God, bur heavenly Father, Thou who art from everlasting to everlasting, speak to our hearts when courage fails, and 'we fainl for fear; and there is distress throughout the earth. Keep us resolute, and steadfast in the things that cannot be shaken, abounding hope and knowing that our labor is not in vain in Thee. Restore our faith in the triumph of the good; renew in us tha love that never fails: and make us to lift our eyes and behold, beyond the things that are seen and temporal, the things that art unseen and eternal'; through Jesus Christ, our Lord. AMEN. (This prayer is offered by the Rev. P. Glenn Pearce, pastor of the Cloverdale Methodist Church, in keeping with the fact that -World Day of Prayer will be observed here tomorrow. SpeciaK services will be held at the First Methodist Church and will be sponsored jy the Dothah Council of Church Women.) r. lowering the reserve requirements of the banks by one half of 1 per next year. Reduction in size would be pref r-V'v v8 Y'Pt lit yr fa irr- cent For some banks, the action jlbNTGOMERY V-Citizens of unrounding counties will be given their -first chance today at a hearing in Reeltown to express their views on the proposed abolition of Macon County. Tie Reeltown hearing will be the first in a series to determine popular opinion in affected areas. If the county is abolished, Tallapoosa County, in which Reel-town is located, is one of five surrounding counties which would absorb the heavy Negro population of Macon. The problem of doing away with file county or shrinking it in size erable to completely- erasing the is effective a week from today county from the map, committee For others, it takes effect March members have agreed. 1. Purpose of the proposal is to The reduction will release about prevent Negro political control of 500 million dollars from reserves the county by breaking up the which the banks are required to heavy concentration in Macon. hold aeainst demand deoosita. White spokesmen have said they This is expected to broaden their fear the new civil rights law will lending capacity by about three War-Hot Or Cold billion dollars under a banking theory that each dollar freed from enable enough Negroes to vote to politically control the county where Negroes outnumber white reserve generally yields six dol All In Business Of lars in lending capacity. Accord residents nearly 7-t Currently, white voters have a 2-1 edge at 2 I the polls. ing to wis reasoning, money loaned by a bank usually is re- i i 'n Crash Known Testifying before the committee the shooting starts. last week, a Negro leader, G. uepusuea eventually mat bank or another institution. Much of the deposit can be loaned again, This time it has to be an over Gomillion of Tuskegee Macon's County seat denied that political all strategy political, military, economic and social. with the process being repeated 8 domination is sought by the We should have a systematic Officials said the reserve requirement, reduction could push down interest rates by making 1 ii i A public hearing set lor Tuske of strategy to relate foreign and domestic policies, civil and military viewpoints, private and governmental interests. gee earlier this week was can more money available for lending. celed. A 23-year-old North Carolina aviation cadet who died in the flaming crash of his T-28 training plane 13 miles north east of Graham Air Base yesterday morning was Identified by the Air Force as James Woody Elkins of Clarkton. Elkins was killed instantly. Witness to the crash, which followed a routine training maneuver over the outskirts of Bascom, CHICAGO HI War hot or cold is everybody's business. That's one of the thoughts that-stuck in the mind of a reporter who listened for three days to men from the armed forces, business, education, science and government Their mutual brainpicking ended late yesterday at the National Military Industrial Conference. And then the reporter sat down and typed out suggestions he had heard. Like this: We have to formulate our national strategy now. We can't as we did in past wars, wait until The last cut in reserve requirements was ordered in 1954, also Other hearings scheduled are Industry and business should Feb. 27 at -Montgomery; March a recession year. into a can Mary Lou Doolen. Other models are Diana Herndon, left, and Karen Mitten. Tucson temperatures have been riding in the 6 at Union Springs in Bullock CANNED SUNSHINE Winter weather' has pfeyed havoc with the North and East so these pretty models are canning sunshine at Tucson, to send to snowbound climes. Using a piece of aluminum to deflect sunshine take a hand now in shaping strat-fj The enemy has to be met on the economic front, as well as in the military sphere. County; and March 20 at Opelika. mid-80's this week. (AP Wirephoto) Under the new action, the reduction in New York and Chicago banks is from 20 per cent to 19V4 per cent. This will free about 125 million dollars in reserves hvtbese 'i Money handed out by the gov was another pilot flying a T-34 out of Graham. "central reserve" cities. ernment serves a purpose. But private capital should be invested to help build industry and job skills in the underdeveloped coun Cause of the crash has not yet been determined, Graham Air Cold Weather Stings Florida (Continued From Page One) Jaycees Will Help Dothan Baseball In other large cities, called "reserve cities," the reduction will be from 18 to 17 per cent This Mobile X-Ray Outfit Slates Extra Time Base authorities said. Cadet Elkins was midway through his pri- will release about 195 million dol Egypt Dispute Heads For UN tries. Then the have-not peoples will have something going for them, and they will be less inclined to listen to the Commu mary pilot training when the ac lars in banks there. The change for these two groups The Dothan Jaycees have decided to back the Dothan Base ward into the-Atlantic. However? temperature drops were reported cident occurred. He was a member of training In order to chest X-ray Fort nists. of cities is set for Feb. 27. On March 1, the reserve requirement dents have filed past X-ray machines so far. The campaign ball Association in a concerted in the upper Great Lakes region class 59-D. His instructor was (Continued from Page One) Rucker persons not able to get into the city before p.m., be Some our best brain power should be put to work for the com drive to help raise $5,000 which as skies cleared. W. F. Cyrus of JMarianna. in "country banks in smaller communities will drop from 12 per started Feb, 10. Vlsiton Welcome would be used to -assure the suc Rescue operations continued in viet commander in East Germany of plans to reduce the Soviet mon good to checkmate trained The body is being shipped to Clarkton by Neal Funeral Home cess of the ball club. 1 the hardest hit storm sectors, in. cent to WVt per cent This will release about 180 million dollars. forces there by 41,000 men. President Alfred Saliba said eluding upstate New York and ginning Monday the mobile unit at the courthouse and City Hall will remain open till 5:50 p.m. each day until the close of the survey Feb. 28. He added that persons from surrounding areas out of the county who happen to be in Do In the United States view the Soviet propagandists. Education has a basic" role. The quality of teaching should be improved. Performance standards and northern Indiana. Many rural of Marianna. Survivors are his parents, Julius and Hazel Elkins of Clarkton. the board of directors voted unanimously to undertake the proj Soviets and Red Chinese can take families remained isolated. than are welcomed and urged to these actions at little cost to them- Food and fuel have been brought Blakely Church ect through the sale of box seats. Charles Stringer, field repre for students, should be raised. take advantage of the test. Many flfi. selves indeed they may beneces- season tickets and ballpark to many of the marooned families. isary for rasons. unrelated to a persons, he continued, especially from Headland, have called and In northern Indiana Army helicop vertising. Murray McDearman was ap summit conference yet make a Schedules Prayer sentative of the State Health Department conducting the county-wide survey, said he was "very pleased at the number of persons over 50 who have respond- That means among other things, more homework. In science, we need a laboratory for handling new projects, and more accurate information requested they be permitted to show of relaxing tensions. ters have rescued about 60 persons from snowbound homes this week. pointed head of the project have a chest film made. Eagle's Headland Aide Celebrates Mrs. C. B. Murphree of Head Much the same thing happened before the 1955 summit confer BLAKELY The World Day The association plans to raise A downtown survey of mer Gov. Harold Handley of Indiana of Prayer will be observed at and urged others of the same on high-grade manpower avail chants showed only 43 per cent ence, when the Soviet Union sud a total of $15,000, Saliba said, before this year's season begins. age group to take the free test. the Blakely Methodist Church tomorrow at 3:30 n.m with Mrs. of the employes had re last night declared a state of emergency in the storm-stricken denly agreed to unification of State law requires every per able. We also need cooperation and common planning by all Western powers in the field of science Austria after years of stalling. land observed a joint anniver- unbar Grist in charge of the region as fresh snow threatened the South Bend and Michigan City areas. ceived chest X-rays. "Since they deal directly with the public they are urged to cooperate," Stringer explained. By such means, as well as by the letters which Soviet Premier ary yesterday. It was her 26th wedding anni program. The theme for this year is "The'Bread of Life." Mysterious Tremor Shakes Earth Again WILMINGTON, N.C. (fft-They're all shook up in the Wil son living or residing in Alabama between the ages of 13 and 50 be chest X-rayed for pulmonary tuberculosis. Stringer then poihted out more Bulganin has been writing to Pres versary and coincided with her In Albany, N.Y a dairy farmer The music will be presented Those store employes who have group appealed to Gov. Averell by Mrs. A. J. Singletary. Others ident Eisenhower, the Reds can hope to build up worldwide pres first anniversary as a correspondent for The Do than Eagle. taken the test are wearing "I've Had A Chest X-Ray. Have You?" taking part on the program are than 12,733 Houston County resi- mington area again today. Well, Harriman to call out troops if necessary- to dig upstate New sure for summit talks. Mrs. R. C. Singletary, Mrs. lapel cards. The double occasion was much not to share so Mrs. Murphree baked a triple-decker cake York out of the snow. Drifts not shook up bad but jarr4d, anyway, from-an earth tremor They apparently hope that once the talks are started the demands A mobile unit will be stationed Paul Morrell, Mrs. Richard Grist General Hospital ranged up to 25 feet in some that's beginning to be a habit and at the county courthouse tomor and brought it to The Eagle news for East-West agreement will be so great that the Western powers The- Blakely Methodist church has the experts puzzled. Four admissions were record room for the celebration. will join with thousands of other For the fourth day running resi ed at the Southeast Alabama On hand to help with the cake- will be forced to make concessions to Soviet interests. communities the The long spejl of cold and storms since the weekend was blamed for at least 247 deaths in 25 states and the District of Co dents along a 25-mile stretch of General Hospital during, the past cutting ceremony were Mrs. Ju United States in observing the ocean front from Southport to 24 hours. They are Ruby Nelson, lian Hall, woman's editor; Nat Joe Linch Hurt; Condition Critical Joe Mack Linch, Dothan used car dealer, is in critical condition at University Hospital in Atfl gusta, it was learned here today. Reports said that Linch, about 45, was driving approximately 20 miles out of Augusta when his car failed to make a curve. The accident reportedly occurred Tuesday night and the victim, who was alone, lay on the roadside several hours before the accident was Linch and his family live at 617 Ashland Dr. Wrightsville Beach and 15 miles Alton J. Akridge, Lingo Cum- editor; and Miss Abby EL Among other things, Bulganin has indicated the Soviet Union would like to neutralize Germany. The Soviets have also made clear they want to break down Western lard, state editor. World Day of Prayer. Observances are held in 144 countries. The World Day of Prayer is sponsored by United Church lumbia. Most of resulted from accidents on snow and icy highways, overexertion in clearing mings and Shelly Mae Roberts, all of Dothan. inland reported a mild earth shock, this one about 9:55 a.m. All have come about the same row for white persons from 8 a.m. till 5 p.m. Negroes can be X-rayed at the Lincoln Recreation Center unit tomorrow during the same hours. This will be the final day for the unit at the Students of Cottonwood High School will be filmed from 8:30 a.m. till 12 noon tomorrow, also. Cottonwood general public can be, X-rayed at the school from p.m. Employes of The Eagle took Dismissals for the same period time out from their duties to en snow and fires. restraints on trade which would Women, National Council of the joy a sample of Mrs. Murphree's time of day. Though not as long or as severe Ice choked the Mississippi River benefit their own industrial build Churches of Christ in the U.S.A. included Morris W. Edwards, Mrs. Melba June Trub and Sui-ianna Virgie, all of Dothan; Mrs. 30 miles above Cairo, 111., virtu as the three Others, the shook trembled the ground, rattled win ally shutting off traffic from the Louise Reynolds of Ashford and culinary art, which was proof though no more was needed that she knows her way around in the kitchen. Hardly a week has gone by during the past year upper Mississippi to the lower Marriage Licenses up, and to get some kind of non-aggression pact which might have the long-range effect of weakening the Western resolve to maintain dows and dishes, and caused at Mrs. Ida L. Glover of Ozark. river and back. least one glass jar to bounce off A sudden drop in the Ohio River, Only two couples applied for marriage licenses in Houston a shelf. costly defense that she hasnt brought LITTLE ROCK PROBLEM which joins the. Mississippi at cookies' or cakes to her friends County during the past week. Cairo, left several towboats and their barges 'which had put Into on the staff. They were Oather B. Jones to Anna Lee Bell and Loyd Franklin shore for shelter, high and dry. Henderson to Nell Senn, all of The fall in the Ohio was caused Dothui Col No. 25. K. Dothan. by pileups of ice which created meet tonight Business Men Ask Integration Stop Annual cone lft A Good right arm when you want dams, preventing a free flow of water. The Ohio was blocked to traffic with heavy floating ice floes from Pittsburgh to the mouth lection of officers. All member a urged to attend. want some need filled; A Do J. M. JONES, Recorder than Eaglf Classified Ad. Dial 3-3535 for a trained ad-taker. of the big stream. LITTLE ROCK, Ark. Wl A plan of gradual integration at Little Rock should have further court review. group of business and civic lead Strictly Grade 'A' Dressed ers asKed tne ume Rock school board to seek a stay This obviously referred' to a series of clashes between white and Negro students at Central in a federal court's order for integration of Central High School. Britain's Best Buy High. Several white students have If such a stay is granted, it ap parently would mean withdrawal of eight Negro pupils now attend Ml I been suspended. Minniejean Brown, one of the nine Negroes who started attending Central High Sept. 25 under federal troop ing the big school which has been Pure lork PAN SAUSAGE, 3 lbs. $1.09 Smoked SLAB BACON, lb. 39c Swift's Yellow HOOP CHEESE, lb. 49c the center of an integration dispute since last September. protection, has been expelled for the rest of this semester. The 24-man committee of citi America Gov; Orval Faubus, informed of the group's letter, said its contents sounded "pretty much in zens did not indicate whether it wanted the stay to be temporary or permanent. conformity with what I have urged Specifically, the group asked the in the past I think it is a very school board to petition U.S. Dis BLACKBURN SYRUP good statement" trict Court "for a stay of compli ance with the adopted schedule of integration." School Supt Virgil Blossom said he saw nothing wrong with the group's suggestion for going back into federal court Wayne Upton, president of the school board, declined comment NO. 10 YELLOW RIPE BANANAS LARGE GRADE 'A' 89' In a letter to the board, committee said that "in the kght of our experiences of the past several months," the school board's JUG EMERGENCY LOANS SUPERB CRAFTSMANSHIP AMAZING ECONOMY FAMILY SIZE! Meet the Vauxhall, a masterpiece of British genius for piactmal living. In spite of its trim silhouette there's actually room for the average family and all of their luggage. Fuel economy is a miracle of austerity, and it manoeuvres with a close-coupled ease that lets you park Virtually anywhere. All this, plus bulldog ruggedness and the classic good taste of its styling, makes this a truly extraordinary car and one you really iriust see! Up to 93 miles per gallon 4-aoor convenience) MtUy 'at turnpike speed Room for big people Hooter standard oqutpmeet ALL LOAN REQUIREMENTS Set Asida- to help the good people of the Wiregrass meet those unexpected bills, we're making money available without delay and red tape. lr ul i GROCERY MARKET Trustees Finance Thrift Co. PARKING DELIVERY FREE! OPEN ALL DAY THURSDAY 114 W. Crawford St Phones 3-3420 3-4795 Ph. 2-6044 ROBERTSON BROS. MOTORS 805 N. OATES ST. DOTHAN, ALA. 115 E. Troy

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