The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 15, 1961 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 15, 1961
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY li, BLYTKEVHUB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAG« THIRTEEN OUR IOARDINC HOUSE — wltfc M«j»t HoopU OUT OUR WAY •y J. R. Williams OU UUOLEUM \ TAKE MIMB MOTWW' BUT •SIKII'TM' M AOUlP»OAItt>\M*UTl»H« ne HAVE- A fett SKSPTICS mine UOIEKC6 WHO eeuEvjE THAT DOSS REdCttY 15 STILL lltelDfc.' •POOR TO «J1LDOP MK.RJL'tOrJ.ftJSHlrleBARSl ^-/^ ,... t«ii» BORU FIFTY *EARi TOO SOOW - NOTICE HE ALSO HAS A WEAKNESS fOR. CAPOLYM WUMDRO, THE MOVIE QUEEN' I'M GONNA PM IFUP IN NW LOOTER RiGHr AWAY/ STRICTLY / WEU- ALMOST A PICTURE op« . MILDA—FRESH , C FROrA THE PHOtcxs/ H« own* the butcher »hop! ShuKz only makes friend* with the people who can do him the most good I" Cheer up, Meg. money itn't everything. Th«r«'» know!" "AS OWE WISHES HI? CHIIDRCM TO Bt •JO THtY AKC.'" 1 KUCVt THAT, VOU.WLPtt? WCU-, You JUST M14KTFIUDRCASOK OK BCUSES TO SCfJO THEMTBUT WILl THE NEXT DOOR.THE POINT IS 1 CWILDRCM HOW KAUY, ttOTKHt, HOW1TO WKD UK SKVKBS (THAT SHE NPEDS TO B6 ACCEPT M«. CAN I WtXS MYGIILDKIIJASA BABY *iTT6R/^X SUfOStO TO CHILDREN! 1 ELWEU? WITH A T»Uvi*ion—Tonight, Tomorrow—WREC Channel 3, WMCT Channel 5 and WHBQ Channel 13 £ WKKC Ckauel 1 ;' Wednesday, Feti. li '. Highway Patrol 6:20 Aqufmnuts "' 7i30 Dead or Aliv« "' 8:00 Sister Eileen 1 fl:T1 not A Secret '' 9:00 U. S. Steel Hour '10:00 N«wi ~!0:10 Lite Movli n :-15 Alanamc ^11:50 SlBti Off ^, Thursday. Fill. M •i 6:<0 Sign On '• 6:4i Above Clouds ~: 1 :00 MomlnK Mem, •> 8:00 CBS News " 8:15 O.. Kangaroo ~^ 9:00 December Brld* •; 9:30 Video Village "10:00 I Love Lucy ''10:30 Clear Horlznn 11:00 Love of Llf« 11:30 Search Tomorrow 11:45 Guiding Light 12:00 CBS Neu-s 12:05 Our Miss Brooks 12:30 A* World Turn* 1:00 Fill Circle 1:30 House- Party J:00 Millionaire 2:30 Verdict U Yours 3:00 Brighter Day 3:13 Secret Storm 3:30 Edge of Night 4:00 Karly Movie 5:30 WREC-TV New« 5:40 WHIG Weather '5:45 DoUff. Edwards 6:00 HlBhway Patrol 6:30 Ann Southern 7:00 Angel 7:30 Zana Grey 8:00 Qunillnger 8:00 Face Nation fl:30Focui Memphli 10:00 Newt 10:10 Late Movie Almanac 11:50 Sign Oft WMCT Chauel i Wedneiaar, Feb. IS Wagon Train People's Choice Price Is P-rlsht Perry Como Peter Loves Mary Mlnhunt ESSO Reporter Spcru Weather Jack Pa«r Sign Off Thlirsaaj, FeH. U 6:00 Chemistry 6:30 Mathematics 7:00 Dave Garroway 7:25 Weather 7:30 GarroWay 6:00 7:00 7:30 8 :00 9:00 !>:3» 10:00 10:15 10:25 18:30 12:00 8:25 In Memphis 8:30 Garrowiv 9:00 Romper Room &:30 Play Hunch 10:00 Price I« Right 10:30 Concentration 11:00 Truth or Coiiscq. 11:30 Could Be You 11:55 NBC Kews 12:00 Midday News 12:10 Mid-South Today 12:30 Burns and Allen 1:00 Jan Murray 1:30 Loretta Younff 2:00 Dr. Ma lone 2:30 These Roots 3:00 Purex Special 4:00 Big Beat 4:30 Looney Zoo 5:30 Hue*. Hound 6:00 News 6:10 Wentheiscop* 6:15 H-B Report 6:30 Outlaws 7:30 Special J. Benny 8:30 Ernie Ford 9:00 Groucho Show 9:30 Jim Backus 10:00 ESSO Reporter 10:15 Sports 10:25 Weather 10:30 Jack Paar 12:00 Sign Off WHBQ Ckannel II Wednesda Feb. 15 6:00 S F Beat S:30 Hong Kong 7:30 O?.2le i: Harriet 8:00 Hawaiian Eye 9:00 Naked City 10:00 News 10:05 Weather 10:10 Late Show Thursdi), Feb. U »:30 Goory Movie* 10:00 Happy Hal 10:30 Rocky fc Friend* 11:00 Mornlne court 11:30 Love that Bob 12:00 Camouflage 12:30 Number Please 1:00 About Faces 1:30 Dr. Hudson 2:00 Day In Court 2:30 Road To Reality 3:00 Queen For Day 3:30 Who You Trust 4:00 Million S Movie 5:30 Chatter's World 5:45 News World «:00 S. F. Beat R:30 Guestward Hoi 7:00 Donna Reed 8:00 My Three Sona 7:30 Real McCoys 8:30 Untouchables 9:30 Sea Hum 10:00 Newt 10:05 Weather 10:10 Late show ODD NAMES ;. KAYENTA, Aril, at — Agnes ^'M. Peterson has some interesting ••names on the hooks uf her motor "^upply company in Kayenla ; They include Trixie Cjlamity, t Pipeline Begishie. Buddy Miu| lache, Poorboy Kid, James Left: hand, Ernest Yellowhair, Liltle | Laughter, Wee Willie, Le« Soni• hrero, Littje Red house — and I Ben Franklin. ' Kayenla is on the Navajo Indian - Reservation. S & E SUPERMARKET 153J N«. 6th Ph. PO 3-9663 PIT BARBECUE B««f-P»rk-Chick«n-Chopped Sieaki Featuring— MRS. MABE'S ALL MEAT CHILI Pot.t. S*Ud And aUked Bean* With B»rb«ue TUCSON, Ariz, if* — Lena Hast! ings Johansen of Tucson liad a • habit of leaving her pruning . shears on (he sill outside her bed. room window. A thief brok* that habit by using the shears (o cut a window screen, enter the Johansen home , and haul out several valuable items. PRESCRIPTIONS BEST BUYS — FRESHEST DRUGS WE DELIVER KIRBY DRUG STORES CoineHe Laundries COIB Operated, Agitator-type Washers Wash — 9 Lb. 20c Dry — 30 Min. 25e "We Never Close" 1916 W. N. Broadway Main 236 TEJALCBY SLANMl TUB' STORY, qui-.llon. of friend! yiix»l« Jnnrt Hamilton, t'HirrlallT- ftlnrr thrr *eem to Ati«prct there In m man -IN hrr Tiff. .Tanrt, * irlili'W, linn kern T:U;lTi|c rnnrxr.<i HI nlKNl irhnol }K nrrifr lo nhlaln n tfnrhlnir err- 'tfflrntr. ^he hi* Hlmrlt up HH firriuaintunce Mllh Tlr. .l^.vnn AVhHinfr. hrr In^lrurtnr. Shr m- . By t.iay, Janet kne^r exactly how many class meetings were " left in the school year. As they • dwindled, she experienced z ccr- . tain tension in Jason's presence. He, loo, seemed to /eel the con"; straint. Their talks veered away • Irom the personal; they discussed 1 books, philosophy, religion,' the teaching profession. At times . they merely sat quietly, not be• cause of a reluctance to touch '' on the one thing topmost in their . mint^s. Tbe last Thursday of class ses- ' sions, she watched him walk into the classroom, his tall lean figure • commanding attention. Her hear pounded, and her palms grew *„ moist, just as they had lalelj when she sat across from him ii the drugstore booth after school !, Frequently she had had to lool » away, afraid that her face was a " fhowcase for her emotions. ; At the end of tht period, h • rose Irom his desk, cleared hi ii throat'ind announced In an *x ' pressionless voice thai he woul .' not be present for the exam; h • was attending a conference am ^ would be out of town. A proclo .. would be there; reports would b V mailed to each student, «nd so or r For a moment Janet was jolted \ Why hadn't'h« told her that h ) wouldn't be here? Well, he woul ; discuss it with her after clas ; Along with the rest of the slit t dents she gathered up her thing ? Alone, she hurried through I, light rain to the drugstore, t Th« elderly tounterman ia' ' hello as enthusiastically as h ropping in on a Sunday afler- oon in the middle of a ball game, e made no effort to take her rdcr. When they had begun in ebruary to meet for coffee, she ould slip away first and he ould join her after the class- >om had emptied. They had kept ? the practice of going separate• to their meeting place. • • • The door swung open, and she raightcned up. Jason's eyes ound hers and he smiled hesi- antly while the counterman usicd himself pourinj, out the sual two mugs of coffee. Jason ook off his overcoat, brushed he raindrops from its shoulders nd hung it up deliberately. He alked slowly over lo the booth nd sat down across from her. They drank their coffee and voided looking at each other. Finally Jason spoke. "You're ; uiel tonight." "It's just knowing th* term Is ver. I've enjoyed it and knowing 'ou. I shall miss all of it." "Yes, I will, too," Jason said ibsently. Her face slung as though he had slapped her. Was this all? "Janet?" His eyes, ooked at him, \ver« on the steam rising from his coffee. "I think I'd belter . .. you ought to know ank gray hair. "No. Thank yon. You needn't bother." She pushed away from the table and put on her toat. "I'm going f« :atch my usual train. Goodby, fason." She held out her hand, •fe did not take it. "Don't be childish," he said quielly. "Walt for me while I pay for the coffee." He walked over to the counler. The minute his back was .urned she ran into the street, icedless of the rain pelting her jare head and the curious faces of the-people she passed in her flight. She ducked into a door- vay, seeking shelter in an anonymous entry while she caught her >rcath and brushed the blinding ears and rain from her eyes. It was a long wait for Ihe train- She sat disconsolately on a bench. Then it occurred to her thai Jason knew her Irain schedule as well as she. He knew there was a wait. He would follow. She looked at each newcomer. . . . Only five minutes now until the train left. The gale had already opened. He wasn't coming. She got on Ihe train, which was uncrowded at this time of night. ihe train gathered speed and be bravado she had felt in the rugslore cracked. Why hadn't he listened to what he had to] ay? She could have done that; much, at least. Now everything vas ruined. She'd never see him gain. Her mind made frantic finger tips ihat I'm married." "Are you?" Her gripped the edge of the bench as she tried to keep her voice even. "It's no sin. Lois of people re." He looked at her sharply, hi: deep set brown eyes probing She smiled a bright, adilida smile and put her cigarettes in her purse. "I must go," she said. Ha looked miserable, and she enjoyed his misery with « fierce elation. She stared at Ihe greasy rag the counterman was using d polish .-his counter, at a nakec 'it bulb ahininj down «a bit )!ans to get in touch with him. Jtr pride rejeclcd them. In an :ffort to dispel her grimness, she ;hought of her sons, her home,of others much worse off. U didn't help. She had behaved ike a schoolgirl. She remembered a college roommate saying, "Give me an out-and-out wolf any time. It's Ihe shy helpless ones who are dangerous." Why hadn't he spoken of his marriage when they first met? He could have spoken of it casually. They had talked of j John. Yet be had never made thej slightest effort to touch her with! anything more than warmth an4 companionship, into which th* 1 resd a deeper meaning. IT* I - Now Open! the PIZZA HOUSE 1004 North 6th Specializing In PIZZA And SPAGHETTI All Kinds Sandwiches Delivery Service Phone 3-9923 TAKE IT OUTSIDE BREAK LAMPS! HAVE YOU ANY IDEA HOW MANV SEVENTEEN? J ONCE A CONSERVATTVe, ALWAY6 A COrSeftVATIVB. "ONEAW/RNDA5 MANYAS45BIUJON ARE ON THE HEAD OF THIS PIN? . PIN." GOOD HEAVENS'/ IT IS MY TKUMKl GET IN SUICKl VE MUST CMCH HW AT PA FOOT CP PA HILL, REWWD DEES HOUSES HELP ME DOWN THESE STEPS WWHL WE SHOUID'VE GONE BV NOW! IF WE'RI CNK3HT NOTiA AU OUR HWf WEKCOMpy SORRY IT TOOK ME SO CA55 ARE HARP TO FIMPl Now Open! 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