The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 12, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 12, 1934
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JUNE 12,. 1&S4 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS t OriiMilul Kcsnivcli lit Copper Mines of King 11; IT j f> ,.__.J weapon ujea uovemea Art Students to Study at In nrl|slli- circles WK.I B recent d te'ar'c)i(itr)d-i!(!iicattorl department* nl 'the'nstloiial park service. flstonof-New York University to cent) Its Eiimmer tlnc-trls students lo Olncior Park. Tho Kchuol will Often • Jiir.c • IS, Solomon Unearthed Uulus u[ (urniuTs unit hc»l>s »1 i,lm; mul uHi'ii inai'k the ;,iu.' nf riejil mini's. The I>:TIIK| was llxcil tensor Ni'lsun CihicYk, of Fine Assessed Glacier National Park Germuny citizens burn winte (UP)-K mi UK' weiinon yon 1135' nl vvilh it boutblnck liiii'd $10. (DPI worked by Kins Solomim's] have been unearthed in the, region between Hie IX'n'd Sou mid GLACIEK NATIONAL Um jMom CUl')- Tilnp wnsj A "\, ei ' lc »" llrll!llb "«' .•-.lny si( homr lo llnil thi'lr In cHltj'y'cveiy yciir to'inuke quite potlr»yer' of l °itx> director. sure, lie dins. Tills -ciiitoin, known SuimiiRr, Is carried out wllli trend »r. H. c. Bryant; director ol ri'|»rt snbinlUed to the Anirrl- OUR BOARDING HOUSE IIITIN(J THK TOk THAT KICKS! / HO.HO.'TK ROVAl. CROWN OF ( ICMf H«W.' W07TA PIECE OF -M JU A ALONG - WWBE 1 CW4 USE. IT l/^VJiffN \ 60 FISHIM DONlCHft fM A OENERAU? acwT A SAune r NOVJ,DO >rtR GtUFF i YOU PtftR-RWK 6AVOOT.' ALRIGHT, TIE UP TWS FONNV I.OOKIN 1 OH .WELL— "BOTHtR WITH THIS TIMBPP. YOU LUCK ,BUT IVE BfctN u ,-v K-ROUUD THESEPKRTS TOR W/t>. t THU1tY-PlV& YEARS, N^i^ v ONLY CiOLD IVt ,'""} SEt^4 WA-o \M BAM3O V OL'SONi'S TEtTH-^^4" W/WE THt TUNNEL MHCfcJ "^ «" ™EfA IN ST.TAUL) INTO A -bUNiK HOUSE ,X T^tVS "BEEU HUNDRtDS OTr - FOR rV\Y CR£W OF ) "PROSPECTORS T)UGl " rWS r< w , vc .- T& , < rM MINERS ^,> SECTION, AM AvLLTW&Y^W^STAKEN STRUCK WAS OUTSIDE THE WHEM I WAVE THE ATT OUT, BUTT THEUSLS A NEW CROI? NOW/ 5IX-5EVEH-EIGHT NINE.' rtO 1 ,-), PEMEfABCR -> UCW ) DOWN ON VER > AN' KISS TH' TOE OF (. WNG GUZZLE, GR^^^O ) VJ1ZZERWCVJER OF MOO/ .y BOOTS AND HER IHIDDIFS VOOUM WOTC-rVW By Cr«l> I KHEW YOutJ CONSENT, S6 lVl£ /.I.P.EADY ^i V5K6D THE CHlEP OP POLICE TO COOPERATE. VJ6LL. Cj'BY. I'LL SEND 'EM PI&HV UP. WASH TURHS DECIDEDLY IRREGULAR, MISS Bei rv, r.n~ SIMCB YOU REQtlEST IT,WHY SEE,THEV WERE YOU WANT HE TO AI.LOV/ TOTAL STRANGERS THE R(JM OP THE BAMk2 PHOME CA.tLS AND THE LIKE BGFORE DAD WA9- BEFORE HE DIED. THEY KNOW ALL ABOUT THE CASE. SALESMAN SAM _ MOto.LBT ME HftUE TH'"\TH' r iAME's f LQLPiDER :FV^ FACTS ftBOUT TH' LAST ( pi.6T>Ce •' WOPJ, LETS GF ; e -IF I ROBBERy, MR. SMELTS' JR.EMEMBEP, RIGHT, fl COUPLft ' " rM WAXKS SARCASTIC! dt 2.17 f AN' V6R.TOSSIM' ft FiTOVepTHfYT AMOUNT ?r THERe MIGHT BE SOME AFTER THEV TOOKTH' CflSH, THEY GRABBEP -SOME BflS- AM 1 FICLED'EM RJLLft FRESH FISH AN 1 BEftT WHY, THERE WASN'T A FISH (.EFT (NTH' MARKET SHAME ON Mft, TOLDJP, FLOUND KIMDLV FIWISH 6V TH' WfiV YOU LET TWO MTTLe FELLflS <3FT AWRS WITH TH LOOT— FRECKLES ANI> HIS FRIHNDS MINCi; WORDS! OSSIK DOESN'T I 'YEAH I 8UT- 'I'M'STitL VONPBRINS A8<xrT. YOUR POSTERS READ,* YOU WHJ. BE REWARDED, IP YOU •SEE THIS MANr IWHAT WAS ,-^SiMpi.y THAT •THE MiAN- .. /SEtlNS ME IN' 1N6 OP /r—DWINDLING SWEENEY- REWARD JM IT5EU] V>JELL ; IF YOU ASK I THNK THE WHOLE THISJC3 WAS A MEAN TRICK ON MR. MASOM. I FIWALLY OOJ TO THINKING THE SAME "THING, SON [ THAT WHY I TORS UP HIS CHECK. I GOT PLENTY OF PUg L1CITY- TKAT WAS ENOUGH t REWARD? I PICTURE WAS TERRIBLE/ You DELIBERATELY \VOSkED THAT CHECk GAG AND Tt> SUE MR. KA50M, JUST To GET P«3- LIC1TY FOR YOUR MOVIE AS A HASTES OF FACT, . THE SUIT WAS MY C<WJ PERSONAL AFFA1R-I BUT, Hi EMPLOYERS 16OT A HUNCH TO1-.E 1 IT UP WITH THE PUSH LIC1TY STUJJT — AND IT WENf OVER. ci4§siiiED SECTION - CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION D»lly raw:'pei anc ror consecutive Insertions: IFIVI: average woios to m lino) One time per llnu 196 Tvo times pet llnr>. |>cr Uay ., OHC 7)irec limes per lint per rtajr .. Wo tlx tlmci p»r line per day .. 06o Vontn r»te per lint We Minimum cn»rg« Mo Ads oriicred lo> three or su umes and slopped before «xplr» t'on will be charjao lor the num- l/cr of Limes Uie id iiipeucd aoo adjustment ol bill made. A!l ClasiiUMl Advertising copy mibmltted by persons residing outside ol '.lie city irust be »ccom- D»nled by cash, llatfcs mty be ciully computed (rnm above ubl«. no responsibility »ul be taKen I or more thau one Incorrect insertion of any classified ad. AilvcitislUK urujiia ior Jrregu- *r iiiBeriluus uki- tlie one time rate. Sell •* jtti r**trj. •We «t prtcn tor bta» * T. \V«rthj 315 E. Mai*. H? I* 1 * •< fnr«t». Mckt-14 AUTOMOTIVE Save Time and Money by vUtv "<" complete ilock Aut* KrplKrmeBt furls Itubturd H»r*w»rc C«. Audotnothe Dtpt - - Phone «ti UOGS, PETS foe Sale: Toy lype FOX TER- H1ER puppies. CHEAP. Ross Beavers, ra N. 5th. 8-ck-ia FOR RKNT THREE Jlooin unfurnished aparl-j nient, 122 Ensl Davis, Dionc 1 023-J. lie k!5; Room With Hilh, f.s«, *.15, ilW. Or ?S-5» up to $3.5* a wctk. !>»- bodr Hotel over Ben Franklin Slore, iMaln and Broadwi)'. 8-ck-1-8 USED CARS WIlV SFKND MONE1- ON TilE OLD CAK WHbN VCD CAN 1KADK IT ON ONK OF OUK LA'li: MODELS. OUAKAN- TEK1I AND KKADVTOGO •32 FOKI) V-S TIIDOU. A-l Ccndiliun $513 •32 CHEVROLET COACH. Looks anil Hum OooA .. $JJ9 '29 FOKI) TUDOK. New" I'aint 5 9 A Heal $131 '29 PONUAC COACH. Buy 79 nOIIRE gam ... SEDAN. A Bar- TiUJCK. SPECIALS 'iKUCK and •liuiiLtu. Kcaav 10.00 . i •32 K3KU ION 'lllliCK. , Aliens. •3E FOKD CLOSED CAB 1'ICK- LT. KtJi uoaa euy ...... ^ PHILLIP MUIOil t'onitr CAH L.U'1' & nalniu Sts. URNISHED 5 room holism, servant house, garage. Very COOL, sliady ird. Mrs. H. G. Wlckham. Call 2UD. 7-ck-tt URNISHED Aiiarlmpnt. 108 West Kentucky, Phone 683. 5c BEDROOMS. Mrs. Ed Hurdln, 1017 W. Walnut. Call 102 Ick-tt IODERN 3 room furnished or un-! lurnislied apartment over Kirby Jrug Store. F. Simon. Call 764. 30-ck-t( Cicely furnished APARTMENT, private balh. Llghls, water lice. 19 W. Main. Call 332-J. c k24 UNFURNISHED 5 room apnrlnient. 1013 W. Walnut. Cull 303. S-30 c ktf room house with bath. Nicely fur nished. Vacant June 1. Ill Division. Call 650 or 968. 22ckll JOOL BEDROOMS. REASONABLE MRS. WERT, 212 W. MAIN. FURNISHED apartment, 305 Dougan. Phone 810-J. 18c ktl Nicely Furnished BED ROOM Mrs. Nolen, 310 West Walnut. 30c k6-30 WANTfc^JJ TO RENT WANTED: servant short distance of sawba. Call 218-W. room within 1100 Chlcka- li CLEANERS, TAILORS We .ckan and sin re winter clothn and bed covers. Moth-proof, are- proof Tiolts. Fay next fait Unique Clranuif Sfrvke REAI, ESTATE KOTICE TO THE PUBLIC am IJ.H-K lii ilio ina« ^"Hi junk Business at lid ti. nauro.ia SlrceL MEYEH ujittl'rtICK lointerjj uiJiwi-ue rusvo diation SlitS. L. M. BUKKEll'K announces tue upti}in£ of s-innmer cl^-sscs In ijpUn, inoitiisiid, wioiktepil^. Call o^.-iV. fcc kl-!: IUK- would ;ou like a home of your own in the beautiful Ozarks? A 40 acre farm, 10 minutes rom town and 15 minutes from a good fishing hole, good house and llenty of fruit trees. Can xraght CHKAF. Smalt cash pay- uent, baUncc ea^>y tenns. \Vh. lonaider trading for merchandisf tock. 1. C. CHAF1N, MANILA, Ark. COUNTVT WORKERS UNIOM jor men and women over 16 Due*. *1 per year «pt 6-24 Reailj--Ma6c Slip Covers Approved by lioud Housekeepint. Choice at food materials. Fit Guaranteed—>,i Usual Price ->Irs. C. 11 Gray, agent SALE SecoiKl Hand LUMBER. At old Creamery Package Co. Oak. Gnni Pine (loornig; buck; tin roofing See J. Mell Brooks, C. M. Baxter or City Engineer I,. E. Tull. l^-c-k-19 Second li:;nrf furniture bought am tuld. Inquiic r.irkhurst Co., 103 K. Main, ulytlicvillc. Ark. Ic-k7- BAKUA1NS i" Btxxl, dean, used ice boxes. Everett B. Gee Sales Co See me for 3, 5, 10 or 15 acre tracts fron(ta{ on Franklin Street be- [inninj at Missouri Arenve, north E. M. TERRV Phone 617 or 346 FURNITURE L&WN CHAIRS Utinpalnted Jl.Si Painted »2.5C HIE ARKMO LUMBER CO. 25-CW-6-25 FOR SALE OR TRADE VS=m GAEAGE doing good business, well equipped. Easy monthly payments. J. C. CHAP1NTManila, ArX 6-p-U LOST White Rat Terrier, black spot neai tail and black spot 1 ; on ears abonl Thursday morning. n/: for return. Plionc 72-M. till H CHEAP--25 acres growing alfalfa near Blytheville, E%-crett B. Gee. 22CM-22 Tor Sale—I good used Delco light plant, I battery radio set, 1 used electric reirigerator. new & used electric fans. Everett B. Gee Sales Co. 2'2 ck 6-22. WANTED Job Wanted liy boy Just grndualcd from High school. Not atrald ot work. Will tk, anything. Box J Care Courier News. Write REPAIRING KEEP YOUR HOME, IN GOOD REPAIR When it • needs a prescription Phone K. D. Ferguson. "The House Doctor." Plionc 100. DARK CANARY BIRD. Return Courier News for Reward. 9ckH Annual NOTICE meeting of stockholders of Blythevlllc Cotton Oil Mill will be held »t 10:30 A. M., Tuesday June 12, ID34. at ollicc of W. A Gage <fc Company. Falls Building Memphis, Tenn. Among other matters to be considered will be proposed change of By-Law providing tor amendments of By-laws eliminating therefrom necessity fo notice of pruposea cnange. W. E. Gage, Presidcni I. H. Hemlng, Assistant Secretary. 8c-k6-12 Tei-nis Kackcls Kestrnng Overnight service, * trades llulitiAtd lUrvlmtt Co. C-ck-1-6 1'KHi; II 0 I. f! Estimates Hoofing, 1'nintlng, Rerxiirs THE AHKMO LUMUKH CO. KXPERT Typewriter anil Addln* Machine Repairing. II. S. Blank enshlji, llt> K. Kose. Call 163-J. ' 32ck6-22 POULTKY S EGGS Milk fed l-'KYERS ior sale. PICK> ARD'S Store. 1W4 Chlckasovba. 17-ck-G-17 WARNING ORBKR Chavles M. Orccue. Thomas D. Greene. Anna G. Kollock, Laura J. Pendnrvis, Theodore Greene. T. J. Morrisey. Mabel James. E. N. Rynlls. A. B. Greene, J. C. Greene. Julia PcgiiMC and Susan Baldwin nre warned to appear Irt the Pro- bale Court for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi Comity. Arkansas within' thirty days and answer Ilia pelitlon filed by Lottie Greene, as widow of William B. Greene, deceased, for dower, homc- itead and other allowances. Dated June 11, 1834. Fred Flccman. Cierk. Reid. Evrard fc Henderson. Allys for Petitioner, 12-19-20-3 Oscar Fendler, Atty. ad Ulcm Read Courier News Want Ads.

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