The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on August 25, 1948 · Page 6
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 6

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 25, 1948
Page 6
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BROOKLYN EAGLE, WED , AUG 25, 1945 Boro Rolls Out Carpet For Its Star Student By IRENE XEER j 'Among the question? David I Greenwood is pietty sure he fluffed in the State-wide competition for university scholarships i- ne which railed for the diet suitable for p. two-year-old ami another on' the proper method of cooking chuck roast. 'He did right veil on some c! the other question though--taose more in his line, like eco-! rtpmics and history questions snd those on current events! so well that he wound up with' the highest possible mark, a ceot 99.9 percent, and he is be-j !ng acclaimed in educational! cfrcles as the 'brightest pupil1 Li '.New York State." 'David, a Mid wood 11 i 3 h graduate, who lives at 2" W in-throp St., received a scroll tithat titit-i from llnruimli President (;inmnre tud.iv ;ii th New York ( 'it v t inldi-u A 11-1 Wer;uy Kpi-i-. tiin p.irt of the I'.ionkUu Phy cereinonic.- Tln i nil. u lnili ;i pre- Ffrt-ted in Inni! ut th,' ll.iioiiuh ri'fe'ideni's rx'iibit mi ih 111,1111 f ;ibr of the exposition in (Irand ( lenttai raiace. .-hiiihmi the V.i..'. ., J. . ....l: 1. i:t' 1 1 1 1 1 1 o J 1 1 1 1 1 1 n ,n 1 iimi'iiM' j j j mlt which relied " '' 0 a 1 Stiiool (ffiilit upon hiiiwlf. hi par- j.v) a' enifS ann upon hioiikinu ami 11-superior edui-atiopal sv.-tein." Will Be 17 Soon i j bright -eyei I teen-yijci I'Ham' suspended ifor( Organization Honors Max Lasky For Illegal Radio Link With Zion Representatives of the Ford L'onmpany today pre . I jf I M 11 I V Washington, Aug. 25 (U.R) Tlie Federal Communications iotor .: V, .. .. iahi.i,.ai, c,, ' i.omiini,ii u ic.n.aL.Cij ur, . .,, mov 1 Ex pended the amateur radio; t t ' - - - j. license of a Staten Island law-jpresident of the Lasky Motor yer who admitted illegal com-j('ar Corporation, at ceremonies munications with the .Jewish'in the general salesrooms, 90 underground in P a 1 e s t i n e! Monti ose Ave., in recognition earlier this year. j of the operation of the business. The attorney. Reuben F,. The local organization is one Cross wa charged with send-of -t-veral of the 2W Ford ing coded menage overseas dealers in the .Metropolitan and attempting to conceal the area, nine of which ?re in identity of the Palestine station Hrouklyn. to receive the award, to which he M'lit lliem by gi ing In pre-enting "liie badge of it fal-e call Idler-, 'distinction." Harry T. Coergei'. Cross, admitted iran-initting district nnmaeer of the Ford the coded messages fur .ionisi. Motor Company, lauded Mr. parties, and said he tried to con-: l.ask.v and his company for its ceal the oilier station's identity ji mud finances, efficient man-because of possession of ladio aaement. competitive spirit, transmit ters in the then P.rit-good public relations and its ish-( out rolled area was cause completely modern facilities, for severe penalties. A luncheum followed at Peter The suspension w;is for six r.uger's Restaurant, Rroadwas month'. The F. ('.('.said it felt and Cates Ae. (justified in issuing, a ''light". 'penally because of Cross' good character and ardent interest in amateur radio." BROOKLYN STORE OPEN THURSDAY TIL 9 P.3L Cups and saucers that blend with your dishes David L. Greenwood War's Fog-Maker Used in Queens Buried Spinster 'Asks' for Chance To Regain Life Washington. Aug. ::-ear-old spinster cided upon i caieer. lie may n n llou- the leaching pattern set Battle On DUOS his father. Cemge. a ma the '. inaiics iiisirucior at Alexander . An area of from l 'n to ton X'ocational High acres in Malba. (Queens, consul- i i hoiI his inirlher. Kalh-'eied to be badly infested by bad private school teacher.' insect s. was spraved last night ' esierd;i . ir s!ni- ,uv iipnii gradual ion vin a llessmn nucrosoi : .miss i-.nnna on i oerne. w no f ,,,,, I',',,,,,. it Snaking machine, which was died Aug. said in her will, ' ,, ,. v... i, .. ., : ,i used for the lii si timi! in the that she made the request he ie iiiov ed to l!l ookl u W ith his ... (U.R1-A spiritualist who died earlv tins liioiiih left a w ill asking that her ImkIv not ',00 he embalmed for two weeks to her a chance to 'come to life," it, was disclosed metropolitan area .cause 'there may he some The machine is an adaptation danger connected with my ( I the fog and screen conceal- spiritual investigations." i'ig devices u-ed b the navy "I may at some lime lie In a during the war trance or slate of catalepsy for The machine is de-igned to a few days or more, and seem will he 17 in November Max id father, mother and oldei discounted the 'hrighie-.t pu- In other. Arthur. VI years ago pil " tag yesterday. lie attended P. S. frj and the '"I don t think anvone could Communilv School before en ,i,. ,, ..... I.-'., i.. ..... xii',i,c,..i ii,,. I, -s...,,l Hie machine is de-igned to a lew Hays or .elam." he ex,-lai,n.',l. "Thd e x here he maintained a 91 per,1 V'.koI f.,g from dead." she explained, is only a difference of a few it general average I 1,1 . fT1 S!'? i"'! ,1" . the C "inei injiiiiis i,- iiiiui. , Hd iiiiii.-ii iii n hum icin. 1.1,1 ,1 (V group oi city scientists ami cnyj.xug. u. oui a sister, .xirs. uoro- neann oilictais irxxed tlie proc-toy Mmonsoii ot Arlington. irom the Mallui ( ivic A..-o- said, however, that her request Ciallon ( il l iva "n vlanliM v to oxx-en oi v, n i&rjiffS I Ife&aAs. .in iwttfux 1 1 m nnii ii.raii,y . .. last points between me and t he sec-, lie didn't studv for una lushes! student. And an- animal ions, w hich took a swering some of ihose (pies- and a half and were gixen tiona was a matter of guesswork Max . or a sunerfieial knowledee of "You couldn't." he said,' something combined with a. "they were too comprehensive.! lucky choice." ;Tliey covered things you didn't i Winner of both, a Ncxv York cover at school politics, new'sk; State .scholarship and a Cornell ex cuts, and pretty nearly'l? University scholarship w hich, everything you can mention, j; together, will give him S.j.",o a "l" did spend a few hours Jtar for four years. Uavid will leading over past examinations -j major in economics and his-iwith another fellow though.! tory at Cornell, lie hasn't yet lie got a scholarship, too." .'? Shop Thursday 9:30 to 9 P.M. Fulton ot Lawrence Street BROOKLYN I I: i 1 E Shop Thursday 9:30 to 9 p m. Fulton at Lawrence Street BROOKLYN TWICE AS STUNNINCp strapless dross with jacket Stunning duet ! Boned-top dress with billowing skirt for porties, dancing. Add the charming jacket for cocktails, theatre. Black swishy taffetanzed royon faille sparked with gold, blue or green dots. Sizes 10 to 16. " ; Better Dresses Fashion Third Floor Mail uml (un order (IIIpH Call: t imer .1-B00 .Alio at Oppenheim Collins, Garden City, White Plains li ft If i H Salle! vriliii'J full U i SAMIPLIE MATS 4.SS3 values to 0. Imagine, a lowprice like this before the new season even begins! Stunning fine fur felts, all feather hats, many exquisite showroom samples. Millinery Salon, Street Floor feathers, ribbons, veiling pillboxes, berets, calots profile hats, rollers, cloches gorgeous new fall colors Sorry, no mail or phone orders ! dozen Usually 5.40 The white cup has aswirled bate, blue handle that matches the soft blue saucer. These simply styled cups and saucers will blend or contrast with almost any diuncrware. You sae 1 .41 on a round dozen! 20'pieve lunvheon service for our Mi-oxer cliinlz pattern in aoft pink or blue nn a whil jiiouml. 4 each: luncheon platen, bread and huttert, fruit, cup, saucers. Open slock exfra. 94-pleve dinner service for twelve Pink and grey flowers. Platen, naiads, bread and hut lern. soupi, fruit, cup, saucer; 2 platter., 2 veg. dislien, gravy boat, relish dish, sugar, creamer. Ik i,lWti''"')jL.."'l''.l X Sv. v.?'? v mK' 53-plece dinner service tor eight Mamiiij: orange poppies on a pure uliite ground make tlii set cliarming. 8 each: plates, salads, soups, fruits, cups, saucers; platter, vegetable dish, sugffr, creamer. Vinnfruiirr I.neirr'n Fifth Hour Mall and phone order filled Poppy wreathed dlnnerware for 8 Wreath border of poppies, foliage. 53 pieces, 8 of each: dinner plates, bread and butlers, soups, fruits, cups, saucers; platter, vegetable dish, sugar, creamer. Spread jour table with a delicate lace cloth 8.5!) In "Empress pattern by Quaker laee Your table gains so much trace for so little money with a Quaker lare elolh as easy to care for, as strong wearing as it's fragile looking. Creamy beige. 72"x90". 4 rMliWtii Qimi$n utrnx I Fleldcrest "Golden Gate" long ivearlng tittisUn sheets Reg. 3,19 8i".r9 ' full site This, strong, stout muslin i woven with i smooth, comfortable finish. It's durable and long lasting. nV'xUm". Reg. J..19 W'xWS". Rpt. 3.t1 .)".v .V. Reg. ?': 3.19 3.39 74. Tahln lolhi, Slim - l.nMfir' Third Floor If ail and phone ordern filled when lofal it 2.01 or more e.vcutlce of lOJf iwtwwwi i' mssii'igng; Q SALE AT THESE LOESER STORES: O JUIOOKLYV 1. IN. X. TRUngle 5-8100 (CAIIIIEN CITY Garden City 7-1800

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