The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 12, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 12, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEVlLi,E, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, JUNE 12, 198.1 THE BLYTIIEV1LLE COURIER NEWS TH« COURIER NEWS CO, PUBLISH EBB O. R. BABCOCK, Editor ' H, W. UA1KE8, Adrertlsing Bole National Advertising Reprtfciitttivcs: Arkansas Dillles, Inc., New Yurie, CUIcneo, Detroit,' 6t. Louis, Dallas, Xivcua City, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered ns fccoiitl cl&ss mailer nl llic pi»sl ullicc nl Bivlhcvllle, Arkansas, under iii-'l ol Congress, October U, ian. OIVL-U oy mo Umicii i>rr*s crelion to authorities to avert deportation of certain aliens of good character who have not been convicted of crime and who are not engaged in subversive SUUSCimTlON HATIW By carrkT Hi um Cliy or illylMi'Vll per wet'k or J«50 IKT ycur In ,-ulviuicc. By mall wiumi ft ruclius a! 60 miles, $3.00 per year *1 W for six monuis. 85u lur aim immllu; r^mii In l x«»l roius wo .0 <!«., HJ.W) per M".xr, In TOWS "ivvii am 1 uWU, * 1 "' wl per yc'tr, puyiitjlc lu advance. __ Ld America Correct This Injustice • Vei'ii IK'Uinmi is :» \vimum wiMiinil a country. Unlike tlu> "Him Without. a Country," of Eilwtml Kvei'cll lUile's famous I Mi-, Veni 1 (oilman is in no way re.s|)oiwil)U: for her plight. Slio i* <"'<; of '105 unoffending nlk'iis wiwisu cast's arc on record in the DriKtrliiii'iil of Litlmr. They liavc clone nothing out of lliu way, nothing iHe^al, luil tiioy facu deportation, soiKiralion from tliuir families and I'ricjnds, and in stJinu ciisu's loss of tUcii' menus of livelihood lio- causc of our lutiglul immigration laws. Miss Ik'llmim lives in New York. She is unable to leave the United States, although, under the law, she can not remain here. Uoni in Uus- 'sia, she and her piirenis went tu lier- lin to cstiipe tile revolution. In 1U82 she cniw! to the United • Slates, using a League? of Nations passport. Since she is Jewish, she am not return to Germany, ami llieru is no other country to which .she can BO. » » » She has made every ell'url lo obey the law hy leaving the U. h>., but she' can not leave and she can not stuy loyally, although her sister, a naturalized citizen, Iw.s given her a home. In every large community in the country there are wises which arc similar — -husbands and wives separated, .children 'banished to; couiilriisrHlicy have never seen "and where tltey know not a living soul, because of legal complications. The Kills Island Committee. and Labor Depaiinient workers have investigated the 'IUD niiolfenditig aliens. At the same time they hnvc uncarllml records in New York mid Chicago showing. 2'Ai> criminal idiens who are not de\>orU\blG because of loopholes in the law. * » * On the basis of the information they collected, live bills have Ijeen drawn • and presented to Congress by Secretary of Labor Frances JO. t'ei-kins and Col. Daniel \V. JlacCormack, commissioner of immigration and naturalisation, calling for changes in existing immigration statutes. One of the remedies proposed in tiiese bills is tile giving of limitwl dis- If tin: discretionary powers bill is passed, Vera Hellman need no longer be n woman without a country. Scares of home-loving, law-abiding men and women, cruelly separated from llieir lovi-il ones, can look forward l» reunion with their families and return lo Uu'ir homes. The most casual study »f t!ie immigration situation shows how crying is the need for this new lcnislali<>ii. — linuv Callim. Pay Your Poll Tax Now In three days Shurilf \Vilsoii will close his books for the sale nf pull tax receipts. Emergency I'cceipls will In: available later, b'.it tlic.v will not qualify the holder lo vole in next August's Democratic primary or in next November's general election. IT yon want to have a voice in the selection of county and .-talc oll'icers, and in passing upon a mnnhi.T of im- pmtanl constitutional aini'iulmi'iils to Lie submitted this year, and if you want to vole in next year's iminicipiil anil school elections, you miisl pay your poll tax by Kriday, June lf>. So far only about L'.jJUl) poll [ax receipts have been issued in I lie C'hicka- sawba district of Mississippi county. The Uscuohi district, in-cording lo officers here, lias sold even a !• mailer number. Both districts must double llieir totals in the uexl three days if .Mississippi county is to casl ;t representative vote in (hi! August primary. It is worth a dollar lo have a voice in public affairs. Fnilhrnnore, '.)(> cents out of each poll lax dollar goes directly to the .schools of this county. They need I lie nionev. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Disabled Teacher Builds Grecian Tfaeiter of Rocks COSHOCTON, O. (UP)— Some x.'oi>h> have rock gardens. Others coltecl." Hut Everett I.owary's hobby is i Grecian llieiiler oc-1 an acre ami a half of by Ills Home, unable lo '• teach for .several yours on account i of heart iliseabe, Ixnvary has de- full attention lo llic project. A .small lull Ims been .shaved clown, tlie slope terraced, to pro-' vide scats lor 200 in the outdoor THIS CURIOUS WORLD * Al the liill't; fool, a Hjiy llower- lincil btrevim serves iis a fronl Tor Hie ilaye, llnis providing n con- Iliiiinns growinc setlint'. And in the gaiden: ihousancls cl lilies, I'ock phinls, ills, ii Memory. of lea roses grown ficni cuiliiigs still Ijy friends, lii- (eu'.sled In tlie proji-cl, now iwo years old. A lioncysiirtile division includes plants senl by Julia Grey Jeim- iiius and Elliel Gray, of Zanesville. O., cousins of Author 'Amc I (iecy. The rock giuilcn stclions hold fiwciint-ns Ironi a wide scattering ol slalcs, most of them silts of friends, all catalogued. "She wanted a fancy church wedding, but he iliiln't. They had a big quarrel over it and decided to call (he wholo thing i>IY." Chronic Invalid Occasionally Suffers from Painful Sores Montgomery Makes Plans For Angling Dodeo MONTGOMERY. Ala. (UI>) - Alabama's annual deep tea flsh- Ins nxlco, to vliicli fisheriiien In a (loj^eii slates look Corwiiul each year, will Ijo hp]u AnaiLst 21-W, olf Mobile. 1. T. Qiiinii, slate same and ishcrits commissioner ami ehiih'- nan of the rodeo, announces that, implications for entry blanks arc Muring in. request lias come from Louton. Others include Montreal. New York, Chicago. Denver, New Or- cans, Alliinln. St. Louis, Cleveland and do/eiLs of other eilics. l'ri/cs of every kind and description will be offered for both the best and Ihe worst exhibitions of foiling, Qiiinn said. HV DIE. MOKKIS FISIlKI-:iN FMilur, .hiiiur.'.l i^r (he Aiiii-i , .Medical A:^oi-ialii>n,' anil nl the Ih-allh nia,i;a/i:H likelihood of development oi a •a:i l.vd tore more pos.sible. i Tliu .sheets of chronic invalids, !»s well us llic body cluihim:, Let our yinint! men pass on from their delrsla- lion of war to a personal enisacle to strcnBlhen every international agency dtsisiicd tu piovrnl 11. . — Prrsklvnt Hubert C. Clolbicr of Hntsei.i. * * r Too many highballs and loo much baseball arc l:ollieiing schools lodny. —Cl.ov. W. II. (Al- lalla llilll Murray of Oklahoma. » • * Our conlliel i:; tint .with individual men bill with e^Ublb-lwd iiyslcius, eiurcnchcd eu:,louis, habltuid ultiludr:;, vu:.lril inicrest.'', and false standards nl lite. —Dt'ttn S|U'ight ol Hwnrlh- niore College. * . * * Tlif Japanese s:'cin to ue recon.uderin^ tlieir allitiiile of a 1:1;region ngaliibl Cliin.i. —liubcil I-;. Lrwi:;. fufL'i(;n allaus ndvisoi tu tlie Nankin;; government. * • .v Hocl:i'Ii-Uer CcnterV Oil, yes, il seems 1 liiive heard abunl tlie place. I think I shall rjct n Biildc in id to visit il m.vM'lf. —John U. liojkc- efllcr, Jr. > » * Leistire has never been respectable in this country, ami il shculd not kc r;'SiK-ctab;e liii- Itss it is well employed. —I'rof. Dixon Hynn- l r ox o! Cultiinliia Universily. Tlie rlirunic invalid who has lo':OH>u)<l be Xcpl .smooth. It i.s also remain lu Ijecl a Ion 1 ,' tini:- Mil- I very iiuixirtant lo reinou 1 crumbs fins ou'[)iiiilly L'rorn brrakmj i cl iuoil of uny other ui;ileria! £ ilinvn of (he Kl:ln iind lis.sue.s. The ' which might lead lu roughness 01 process is exceedingly yialnful mid . uiu.'\\'uues.s of the: sheets, dhlrc.ssing. I The fust Sinn of a boil sore i: lied ;,orcs uccur more ufirn in. usually a redness of tin ;t;;c<l iK'itun^ than in the yuun.;. iskin, which di.->a|>]>dirs on pres. bill llk'y ccciir primarily bLT,n::><.'! Mire. When .spots ai-j found MLI- tissues have last their vitality .sUp; Mionhi be taken immediate through tllnc. 1 -. 1 ! or ase. '-, ly lo remove the .source 1 of irrlla- In yciiinc pcr.-.ons tal soiv:; do 1 th " 1 »" fl "> prevent the i»:*il)il- not occur frequently, rey-anlleM !''V « f infection, by application, of the amount of nir.'-snre or how'!™' Amiable- antiseptic siiu.sliinccs. greiilly POOT6ALL IS NOT A MODERN SPORT/ THE CHINESE PLAVEO IT 2000 VEARS BEFORE THE BIRTH OF CHRIST. Williim Fafguson COSSIL HUNT€RS/' A PAINTING BY EOWIN DICKINSON, WAS AWARDED THE Ar THt NATIONAL ACAOEMX I NEW YORK CITtf ALTHOUGH IT HAD BEEN HUNG WRONG S/DS UP/ ...192.Q.. 1HI; LAST SHOT OP THE BATTLE OP WAS FIRED MARCH J, I9M-/ A C.C.C. WORKSR. UNCOVERED A SHELL THERE AMP EXRLOOSO IT WITH OyNAMITIZ, Thu Ijall nsixl by ancient football players v:ns made o! cisht i»int>| strips of lealliei-.-fnstenecl together and siu'Icd willi hair. A Iiar.d-Lul written in Ihe Hall dynasty. 200 years Ix-fors Christ, gives (hi; NKXT: Can the poison out barm? of |ioi>:onou5 sr.-ikcs be Mvxlluwed wili! Mnntan-i Turns In DILLON, Mont. (UP)—J is a new industry. W. U. H. L. Tollry have im|>onc(i a icjis". So far ns i.s Known, this il Hie first lime tli:U- fi-oys Imvc iiiii; i :l uoiniiiea-inily in MujiLi The event, the .sixth, has been ami fet back a week tills year in order'•miniljcr of Louisiana builfroLis, j Ilus-o Ciiotins Ihe ijriviL Duu to catch the Iji-st run of tarpon ; whose- progeny, they wiil | scholar of his dav, had n B ood if Mobile Buy mid of! Uanshfin !«iu!i be supplyin- R«;ky Monn-! practice at 17 and was attorn 'lain slates with succiik-iu "froK indicia! at 2-1. I rrt. To nll Ihe ( mr h skin may lie soiled. In the ngrd. ur iti those wlxj have iiecn in bed for a Ion:; time, the >cd .sovos dcvolnp mo>l oiteii in )lact-s thut are inv^sL-d ujwii til 1 n p.nt;, of tlie tody in which (he •kin is lacerated, due to various cau.H'.v » r + Whrlher we are abk-jp or viike, our Ijodii 1 :! ar(' not in .my one pniitinn for any length ol run: 1 . Howt-vrr, il a person In:; imeoi^ciou:; or p.ualy/jrd, or If h r _' is :io weak thai he cannot turn hi.-, liudy ea.sily, piT.v.iirc oc- c\iis . i ,u\-.dily on t:;-rtuin places and Ihi- viuility of Ihe i.rtin already injured is damaged moiv Ol coui.^c, list- ctmcHUuji can fcc ! liclf^'d by ino^iii!; the ]i:u:t'nl irc- cjn.'nlly. to chunyu his i^asition, and aJso hy ussn-; \vattn- cushions and other [wds to mfc? nuay the pressure and to sliilt it uhout. The second n:o.-.t cojnnujri cause thcM: bctl sorrs i.^ Ki«.crEitio:i OUT OUR WAI I-t v Williams WES, VOU KNOW T TH' COOH'S OFF, AN 1 WE'LL HAVE TO VyAS.H OUR CWN SO- I WELL.-UH — VOL) ' \ DOWT NINDA LITTLE SMOKE WHEN EATIM', DO VUH ? E f !].L' .skin ntrnttion makes Die h •ulncrablc to intcction. from sweat -u- from us o! the lio.'.iy. Tills 'km easily | ne<?dle patented la Anna- dictator of Mexico. railioay ppenai Shr . . lcllnr'. linnir li> ri-ninrrn rr. ilfnc In ht flip nfhrr clrl. nxhnninl of ih«. tlrrrprTon I'itt hccii-t If nn . pvrn wlipn nrl.l. Slllll.M,. MnnrllncV oon.ln. nik* livr lo ninrry kirn, ulll nnil Uonnn art- mnrilnl. SHIS. I'l., \.\TKn. h.Hi.r-kcrrrT rti^i'linrscJ hy Donrn. fi* fcrr en- j Domia'3 cy« n-iileneil. Her lips ptirlcil bnt. untieing Minnie's stnro or curiosity, slio left the room. Her licart poiiniled n-itli agonizing Intensity ns she clinilied tlie stairs. "He can't know—not so soon! Unless Mrs. t'toiilqr telephoned i)V UAVIII. Iht- ktllril. Cnn k oirc-C him. Mr*, "f Ilil* nnil wrJtrji IMOII* Irilpr. Ilnnna ilcn.Trr*. l« milnc to T *hp im-rt* * of * »(i fhp n:i ni^rt-rv to rin nlll nn Hill niihl*. Hill h tvl him—and I don't kno,-.r Mrs. Phinlcr who saw us. wouldn't listco to anylhinc; it svas Hill said. 1'crtiaiis I slioalcl Imve tald liim I acril lo town. Mavlre b2 telephoned the Aihtnses. Supiiose lie phoned! Oil (iOd!" Tho room reeled about her and waves nf oniiEc.-i rose In tier trying to cling to flis raltli In tt M'OTnnn he loved more than tlilnK else in life, nut at the eii of an lionr tlie douhls ettll llnRprt and he was no nearer a decisic tlian he-foro. That hour was ns mlscrahle fi Doniin. Slie went with Miss 1'e kins to Grandfather mddal's roo and sat there while Hie nnrso t tlie olrl man his supper. Sho l.i?-' casually but nil the time ~M.. thoughts were with her husbamj wondcrins; wlicre ho hnd gone nnj what had caused his straug tliroat. Slio hracerl her=elt acainst r ATER the nurse confirmed he realization of I *- fears. the dresser with the her tolly. The mesh was lightening with every step she tool;. How hard Hill's face was! Like grnnite. H he fonml out about this > (hrrnlrnv (n krr. »rnn- .Icphnnpil the rrlslrlior nntl Ifnrnril 1h:ir Dnnnn lin^ nnt !>rrn fhcrr. 11^ hn« tunr Irflt-r ^Thrn «he nrrEvm. MIW <IO <l\ «'ITI! THE STOIty CHAPTER XL1 TMLty and Donna stood facing each other jn tho warm, cheery sitting room that smcllcd of wood- fire and drleil lavender and the faint mlor of drugs (IrirtinB In \ m(:al Unlc £ounli H ^p,,^,,,,., ,„ from Grandfather Siddal'3 room. ThrnuFb the donhlo doors Minnie cnnhl be seen setting tho table for supper. Donna Hnglicil nervously, milled When Grantlfnthcr ilozp the two women returned to tli living mom. Then Miss Perkln snitl. "Your husband was terrihl worried. After ho telephoned you fricm! and fnnii'l tliat yon hailn' been there Ills face was as whit as a sheet." "I —I should have 'phoned him Donna stammered, wondering Hie oilier suspected that she ha lie served Donna in silence. The not told 3ill tlie truth. "When nurse. Inclined to bo lonnacions at U3 s dciuyert I -1 tntc-nr^d atnn tbore on my way linck h\ lie anil reacted so bitterly what would ho do when ho learned their whole married life bad been a lie? Whon she descended tho stairs Rill and Miss I'erkius were already at llio lahlc. Uill did not rise nnd '1'ii'j l;:-il HUTS uiuiei' such cir- cr:n. lances may J;e prc^-.tcd by £ci.i|ii:lo:i.s cleonlMii'Ss. b;. rcmov- ^ of .secrclior.s anc! excretions . rapidly n.s |>w.-.iulo. itiui by fre- lent w.-vi-liUi-;.-! \vith \x,r.or. fol- v,ed by spoKuii!:; with alcohol, which lends to hard: 1 ]! Ihe .'.r;in mid dvJlroy r.i-rins on Ii:; surface. Any brcT)kdoaii of the skin's airfare plus i:p|Kjrtuni-v [or in- va-ion by ^1:1115 and ir..iki-s tlie D13linger Again Hits and Runs ANNOUNCEMENTS 'J'hc Conner i\'eA5 has brcn nu- (ho.-lzcd to nnnour.cL the following [» candidates for p!,b:ic ollicc, subject to the Democratic primary ncxl August: I-'or lieprc.srntalisr IVY W. CHAWTOH1) Tor <;uuiily ,lnd;r V.Mj B. HAHinSr,;; GKOKOK W. BARIIAM Vur IMcmber nf C'tin;rci3 CLINTON L CAr^JV.'KLli i'ur Slirrifl and rolirrtor CI,AHI:NC;K u. WILSON rot Kc-clrctlon for Second Term I'or (..onnlT Trcasnirr JOK K. IMM.AIIUK'IY UOLANU OHKLX 1'i'r <:itrnlt I'uiirl < tcrk IlliCiH CRAIG AUDIRON SMITH H. il. (SKEUD STOUT for County Court I'd rk ' I'-KKD I'LlvKMAN Tor Uc-t::ccllon lor and Term l-'nr Aucuvr II I.. (UlLLYt GA)NI-:3 V! C. (IKK) HUDSON Vor ComlsMr ol rbirk^sawL.i Township JACK HOBEIITSON- l:cep up n conversation, with CIM glowering at the bead of the table anil Donaa obviously 111 at case. The anonyrnoas letter burned la Bill's pocket. He u-ns torn between off the snow.covered hat, removed ] a desire to completely Ignore it "and the suspicion that It held too iv.illclproot vests nml plolols lonacil Hie lool of John Ulllin- ser, nfcovc, in his latest dar- iiiS raid, on tho police nation ut \Vav.-iiv, Ir.d. Ho lied wllh .1 coiiii\ini;<n in a wailing auto - " .' COIILUU Ot Ills fCllfll': wllll .* \V. 5 rr/.-.v s-.^lict-n'ian had spread au uljrm to »alc'.> vlslUutel tuiilcly her coat and shook it: then crossed lo the fireplace to warm her stiff, chlilcd nanns. "If sho lies I'll know that damnable letter I; true." Rill thought, "flnt she von't lio. There is no w.ison why she should. Minn- vinous letters are always vfle untruths." Nevertheless he waited. "I'm hie." Dnnna said. "The 'Ivifts JUP soniptliinj: awfnl for snrti a —wli.-ii's ihc matter. ISHl?" Nmicins for ihc first time his curious nalor and tiRhl lips, she went on. "Is Grandfather worse?" "I was worried. That's all." Klin tnrnc'i her back so that ho cr-.nld no; sci> ker face as she sno'<c. "1 stayed InnMr than t Intended. Mrp. Adams—" "Oh. yon went to tlin Adamses?" "Ot cnnr.-e." She lifted bcr hat ir.d Illckcd it with her forefinger. "1 told you 1 \v,i3 goins there." "1 know, ti:it when yon stayed so ion:; I thought perhaps you had cban:;cd vour mind." Hig voice w;ip harsh, ns colO as the air out' side. "N'o. I'n sorry If yon were w-or. ricd. Yen Ealil you didn't mind my ^o 1 "1 didn't." His fist clenched ami unclenched In an effort at self control. "Thought maybe you tnitjht have cone to town." "No. Why shmihi 1 RO to town?" "No reason I know." "Supper!" Mlnnlo announced. "I'll—I'll clmiKC my shoes," Uonna said Inslily. "They'ro wet." nill Inolce:! nt her (eeL Tlie shoes were sodden. "Why didn't you use tho rol>e!" "t did, tun ] hart to gel out— there's a knock In ilia car and 1—" * • • TT1S l.ingb r.i = potl. "And you got li * out lo tit> what cays«) it', thlcs lor you to cTo lo Ibis vbea you can't tell one nnicli truth for his happiness. If only Madeline had no! lied! Where i.-ul she been If nnt fa town? why bad she denied fcotng tlicre unless sho had cone for some reason sho did not want him to know? "Xo de.=?ert. Minnie." Hill said, shoving back his chair. And I fronted rilOliT nnollier \vonl tic Icfl lio (Unlnn room. In fur cap. cont nnrl hi^ti rnhher hoois he r=trodo out Into the storm, taking satisfaction in t!to rt!?com- fort of truilgltir ill rou ;h ilrifls that the slorni kept me in town longe than I expected." So Tlill know sho had not hce near the Aaunscs! He hart Ulrko ii or I n to tell i n g fi d oHlxra t e II I Tor cheeks hu:*.vd with suddc resentment n gainst him. It her con?cloncc hat oeon en j Urcly clear Donna would have Co hfm and demanded t'r roason for snrti a narrow Knowing she wns Irearttne th« c-d;; of n precipice, she could nothing. She was too ro?tle?s to fci and tho rndin rasped her nprv Slic ronld not keep her atl-?m1n nn what Miss Perkin? was 'j and her hands tromhled loo for her to sew. Sho went ln{f k\tchcn anil rnnrtn some nir»'. candy, glancing every few with his mntic htm stiimhlc. t!ie ter^rtn^ wliul. pitting strength o^nlnpr t!to olemnnts %a?Q It im courage tri Mre cornel Inns he might clianso his life. Uicrc must In course of proof Eigainst |]fs wife l;c?tiloi l!:c vicious words of llio unl;nn\vr. letter writer nnd [he He hnr lips had nt Icrcd. I'.vcn U he Insnri o:it that tho man niDnlLoncd i:i the loitnr was tn I.obanon he wnnM not CIIEO Mnilcllno. Kven II Uc Icurncfl Hint she h^tl nicl llus man Uc would not ho i love her nnfatt'ifnL She couldn't |;G. ,\;arielinc! Tlifiro miisl bo snnio cxplnnnllnn of wlint hci<l hnppcnp^l but he^ Inckri! ilio cnur.ipo to n?k for It. Ho had Inteiutcfl to show Uonnn the letter anrt laiiph ni the whole thing, giving It Hie con~i(icr;illod such scrawl? (Jpsorvert, but tlie lie she had loM made thnt impossible. With the sufplclon growing every moment thcit what ibe levier ei\id -was true, ho could not ha oil U to Donna and say, "Is'nt this .1 jnke: As if such a thing would influence mo!" He walked. ?i ujicg to convince bim^elf tbfi whole affair should b« dismissed a^d toward the clock and li.-tcnins f llic sound ol Rill's footsteps. . \Vbon he came In she Aid nit to meet him. She heard him bi f !l tho nurse i;ood niciu anrl n>h Ittl Orandfaiher was slcepinc ! ' fully. Then be weal up the stalrs-l] \Vhcn lie did not come down acain] Dnnn.i realised lie was not lor>Mnr,J for her, did not care where, she svas.1 Her reluctance lo bo alone with.; him grew stronger. It was nol 1 she was actually afraid of the cn-^ lire Irulh Ijeroming l:nown so mneh^ a.> lhat she was tn a slate ot ranstni; her to lo?R ner?pf She knew II Hilt sal In \\iAz-i merit over a small lie. the en.l would be reached when Mrs Vhnter spoke—as speafc she nn-1 questionably would. Tho teellnpl (bat Ihe man she loved and would! liavo Irnstcd to the end ol Ihe! world bad failed her war. n tlceperj hurt than .inytblns else could have] bcfn. Bill, the steadfast, the true, the I man of high principles ami honor. had never existed. r,er] husband \va3 proving himself oih', unreasonably suspicions, smalt-minded and latoleiant. \V] difie.reuce could It make now tbcir niarrlag- did po on The r. ,'^k .ITo UB Continued)

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