Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on March 3, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 3, 1942
Page 1
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The Weather Occasional Light Rain, Slightly Colder Tonight, Beacon Falls ——Bethany — Bristol Terrace • i • , , Circulating In. , _ . Cotton'Hollow —— Middlebury Millvillo Platts Mills •^—Straitsville — Union City If It's News You Can Find It I» The NEWS :V XLV1I, No, 51 NAUGATUCK DAILY HEWS,' TUESDAY, MARCH 3, 1942 Price Three C=a ne And Mrs. August Swanson Feted On Golden MARRIED IN THE SALEM LUTHERAN IN 1892 150 Relatives And Friends At 'Church Party Last Evening MANY PROM 'OTHER TOWNS IN STATE ATTEND CELEBRATION Excellent Musical Program Was A Feature Of The Occasion .,.,„, tia || ,,r HIP Salem hulhoran ,,,„„.,,}, on Snl'-m street was tho <,„„„ ,„• u Y.TV pn-lty i'arty last '.-vi-nlnx whi'M nicmhers of I he ecm- T .'UiilSnn .u'ntlnM'ed In honor Mr. mi) Mrs AUUUH! Swanson of 77 New iuvrt, M'II' Mu'lr Kohlpn welding fin- t.y tin- hoard ol' u UIM| ,„• ,,„, Hiuirh ami was ulttuul- i-i| by !'»'». Mi 1 mul Mrs. Swanmm wore uuu'- r |i. ( | hi Hi" Sal'-m UiUuTun ehuroh ,,n March ',', I*M, !"''"<' >''''i» tjl (lt ' tol> '.l. Thoy wui'u milled In iimiTlimi- by IM 1 . U II. k. tin' llrsl n.'*ldrni pastor of the I'llUI't'lt, in- j>rn«raiH oj'iMU'd at ^:uj |». 111. with rtdiTlloiis !•>• UK- diui'oli OP- *»f Phyllis liohllu, i, ,\inmbello |)ol- r, May Jiolll/, Donald Olson, ' ,/n/msnn mid Uuun IJorry, i'l M«»hlln I. 1 * director Of tho Mtnt. • ' iitkxmls followed and wwro l/y tin- pfiHlor, llio -Unv. Wlllmn K. l-'iviicllirrK, Who filflp dO- UK- ailrlivs.s of woluouib.. An ohurch NEW HAVEN MAN IS GIVEN APPOINTMENT Hartford, Clnnn,, March ,V-(UP}— 1. Graham, NCJW Haven, will Howard 13, .Htiusriuin as director of II10 8lula'H Unemployment Compensation System when Llin hit- lw IH tflvun n loavo of absence March lf> to onlor tho army, II was uiulorsLood Lodny, (1 PU I win now Is dlruoLor of the Now Huvuii olTloo, and his promo- lion svlll ho OIHI toinpornry. appoint- nuuit l.»y Labor Gomiiilsslonur Gor- nelkiH J. Manahor. Ho haw bticn \vlth tho Unompltjymont iioiuponsntlon tllvKslon Hlimo It was started about IIvi! yours ago. In his iiiiw capacity ho will hu known as noting oxuoutlvo dirootoi 1 of llio division, : i; ( tidliiii"d on I'UKO TO FllHRPRNT IN AND WOMEN 16 YRS. "OR OVER § , Malono At Police Station Every Night This Woek From 7 To 10 ChH fif Police John (lorn^loy :innminri's Ilial he IIUH recMilvinl word 1'i-nm WaslilnKlon Hint llnK*M'- tifu' l.-i id IM- (loin; for inon uiifl '-M of l»i yuai'M ol' J»K(J and UVIT, H'oph- who ui'CJ lincloi 1 |(<1 •iro mil to IK.- llnMfTprlnlf.'d. Tills Jiiinnu!ii'ciii"nt IH ol 1 Hpoolal lli»- l«»rl.uitM- to mnmlH'f'H of llio division of Uiv! " Connrll, who "Hior InsliMic.lloiiH hr-l'oi'n I In; irluii iltuM'OO punched NallK«- lud, M"(nb«-rs of l.lio (lr/% hoiiMhiK .»nd \ : inialioii division* f)l ' ll)0 l )()l>f ' MM ^ •"uni-li ,u'f iiiwd l-o c-onio to tho -olin- .Gallon at tlinh 1 oarllcsl c-0!^ Miii-nn-s. i;u]iL Anthony Malon' 1 . 'il In- ai UK- slullon ovory (svnuhm l >^ \w;-k 7--IU p, MI, and on Tliui-s- 'O iinil S.tiin'duy he. will also hold fflci. 111, DCS 1'or I hu c-onvenhuuM! ol' lln ^fi \\hu wish to ho. (InKociJi'lnl- "I tl I ::j(i ji. in, In JI:,'IO (i, in. 'I'OWN IIALL.UUHNKf) SholTli.-ld, Vt., Mai-ch 15—(UP) — Five hours bol'oro a ^LMicral .town election today, llio town hall was dotflt'oyod hy a (U'n which causuri suvui'al thousand dollars diunago. The .ol(?ollpn was shll'tod Lo llio Molho'dlKl chui'oh vo.stry.. WINTER CAMOUFLAGE FOK Aft ANTIC PATROL Troops Land On Island, Where City ... * ,J Of Zamboanga Is In Flames BATTLES FOR JAVA AND U. S. Detrbyer'Sunk Off New Jersey; More Than 100 Lives Lost , By JOB AM3X U. P. Foreign Editor • . .•• • ,.-..*.. - . , ., • .,•_..•'," , Sailors imj fchopphifrolMhq hu; Mini covered Wi Allan lie .patrol ship from stem lo slorn. lllvos u coMvmciJifJ "lea, ol',.xVhiil/Hicy 'are; fjoiiiu Ihrpu.fjh o^convoy fluty in .An ctlort (o -clem sen limes ol 1 enemy submarines. ' : ; : . . • .- '.-••'"• - ''"• >•'..• '' '•:': ''•'• ' •'•"'' •" ' VTK couirr INCOMES , AGHKKMtfS'TS SIONICI) Washington, March .'i—(UP)—Tho- United StuLo.s ' Jind. Brnxil today 1 MlKiujd a Horlos of agreements.-providing I'or -lui'^e Hypl|!/p.i'0 1 cluoJ.lo.n r VQf »tPul«Kl(J Avar materials; '•-••'••-" — ruhbci'..un(.r Iron oru. . . . Hartford,' Conn.,-March 3—(IJP)~ 'Tlie Secretary ol 1 . State's office- to,- cla'y announced' the 'following, .pro•hale court '.annual.. staiomcms -for .1.0.4.!•:• 'No.\Y ••' MMforcl;: , i'nfi.pino; $5,27^, ,.. ,' balance $()7; Efiington, income ' ' Late News Bulletins ! ' SITUATION WE.LL IN HAND •" 1 BANDOENG, JAVA, March '3— (UP) — The .Dutch and UioiV Allies have" the situation ."well hi hand on all Fronts," an authorized spokesman said lato tonL^it in commenting on operations against Japanese invaders oi ? Java. RATIONING IS SUGGESTED WASHINGTON, March 3— (-UP) —Secretary of Treasury Henry Morgonthan, Jr., presenting Congress -a proposed $7,600,000,000 War Revenue program; said -today that tlie nation can halt inflation" only .by coupling the steep taxes with complete rationing -of '•consumer OFFICERS OF NAUGATUCK NEWS ANNOUNCED TODAY Ralph S, Pasho And -Clare- moub I, Tollos Named On Board Of Directors ''•N'-nil ri'rthlonlH °l' -•- -•'"''' linh-d MS uiTlr.iM'rt and' nicnihorn y 'In- hnurd dl 1 dlroi'.loi'S of 'I'hn v ''"iv,iiiii-u ,\(i\v« Cni'pontMoii In nn '"""iiircnicnl made lodny by IUI- 'I'lii' niTlci'i'M of' l.lm cnrporutlon :iud IreaMiirer; Hulpli MMri-d Ihdlund, Hccrrtary, "'"'"•'I In HIP huiird nl 1 dlrnnl-orH of 11(11 '•'iriMUTlldii fin- (Uili'h H. Pa»ho ! ""l Ally, ciui'niiKKil. I, /PrtlloH. N' Y, A. CAMP SHELLED SAN JUAN.'?.'?-/, March 3—(UP)'—An •enemy sub- marmo shoHod a National Youth Admimstratiqn ^amp^on Moiui Tslmid, 45 railbs west of Puerto-Rico last'night, the CJaiTip Administrator reported today, There were no casualties or daimigd, Army .headquarters here had no con- nrmati.oii of: the reported attack. . ..._.; INCREASE It INCQlVffi TAXES IS ^QUESTED .... I t U «v*.l. t^k > /• \ V' . " . ' . V S i {- — n-^y Morgenthau Asks, That Taxes Of Persons Earning r|, $10,000 Be Doubled SAID TO HAVE CONFESSED . NKW HAVION,, CONN., March 3—(OP)—Frank J } Russo 28 allegedly confessed to Federal Bureau o: -Lm volai^utioii agents 'today he sahotaged a-maohuie at the mVirStamlard Manufacturing Co,, engaged in vita mm n- in ° H ? - arrested last night, allegedly. hi o \ I I U*-' H VH •••••• Cl ' •-»-!• barrels, according to tlie ann •*-*-« FIRE DURING BLIZZARD HI-NHIMT.!'}, MASS., March 3-,(UP)-Mr. mul Mrs. ,,, IU | Wl.HmarHlV carried thoir three oHilclron to sal.ety to- d "wl,oiflro destroyed their nine-room.home .duvmg ^ |,liV//,nr(l which pi'locl up six inches Boikbiiiiq Ommty and forced a number of schools to close. RECEIVES NEWS BRAVELY 01,'ADJ'ILL, N. J., March 3_(UP)-"My chin :LB shlj se ol: Mrs. Francos Black, wife [ay ijiifii' iiv«•••'•• 1,1s destroyer, the Jacob Jones. , FOOD FOR GREEKS YORK, March 3-(UP)-A'.. shipment, of iood • l -^'' ' ... ,,. , ., .,..;,.:,rA^-'l in Aflinns. tnn , hv pone nufl 10 the Clveolcs has arrived in Athens the I ioaii Oitv radio said today in a broadcast recorded here th'0 Columbia Broadcasting System, ,--:. /• (United Press Staff Corrospbhcleiit) • Washington, 'Ma)'Ch i "3- : -T(lJP)~Sec- i-o tai-y Of Mi e /.Pi-oasu ry',: M on ry' • Mor- : gonthftu; -Jr. 1 ,-• \varni.n-g.'that;a war is cheap to' whv tliarr'l.o i.qsivaslccd Congress ,'todriy' to double 1; , income taxes ol 1 .persons' earning under $'10,000' a year and increase; o their taxes in '-order to raise .an $7,000,000,000 annuallyr, in .war, revenues. ' ' ' .. . ' ' The Adm'inistrati'on's '•.' "-Victory; 1 ' tax program .calls for • -;.tn'xing • soft rlrinks one cent a bottle, increasing the whisky .-tax from '$] to .$1.50 a quart, hiking tho tax'on a pack o olgarftties . I'l'bnV (Hfc.,to 8-cents •'and. doubling the-,present gasoli'ne.-.tQx of iV 2 cents a gallon. ;:...,' MorgenthGU 'dcscrrbcd the program to the 1 House• Ways' and Means .Cdm;~ mittoe,' which will, draft a Lax.4)ill. "The now .taxes -will be -severe, and their'impact will bo felt in- : ;ev- ory -American home," he said. . ;. ".\Var-is never cheap; but .•/;.•; it is a .million" .times .cheaper to win than to loso;.. ... Our task is to make the tux program an instrument of victory." '. ',. .- . He urged : that Congress add thesp annual increases to present , individual income, $3,200,000,000; corporation, $3-Otii),OOU f OOO; inheritanco _ancl gift, -$330,000,000; excise, $1,340,000,- - in addition,.' $(580,000,000 would be (Continued,oiv-'Pagc Five) . . HEKRfBRH OF BY Two Others Injured At Britain Plsuit 6 f Conn, Light arid Pbwer Henry :Braun;iB7 v ; of; Naugatuck;; Herhcrt Htrld,-"SS, "of .Torringtion;;and. Ilcnry M. Min;,^;; of Berll.v ; werc : reported,.as ."resting- oomlpr.tahly at; the New • Britain-','hpspita.l ; today. whore tl)oy i.werc taken yostorday: whon Lhcy were severely burned; by.a flash,.of,electricity Avhilc:om-- nioved' at- the 'Black'• Ro:clc plant, of; the" GonmioLicut t.ight- and ; PO\vcr "Co-.- in New Britain. : ';,./,;/ , ' [|, was ''(•.xpliVl.nccl today by./company officials that.Bruim and;.Strid werivburned when the elec|.ric.,cur- ront. lumped to: a 1 niclal •rod.Avhich. •Lhcy 'were holding.. Hi H; 'who, ;wns- standing some .distance, ,-frorn : ...the I wo men, was also burned .•vsyncn the flash agaiii jumped to a metal ohjncl. ncnrby, Reward for Vigilance Ai'med forces, of tl?.e United Nations waged see-saw, -battles for Java and Burma today, Die..Russians hammered forward on four fronts and'.'the United States -announced Uie i sinking: of the destroyer. Jacob •Jones by'a-U-boat off the coast of New Jersey.. • ; • : More than dOO ofTIccrs and men \yere-lost as the-Ilrst American warship torpedoed near the eastern seaboard went down last -Saturday with explosion- of' her.-own depth charges after; two enemy Hits. Eleven 'men ,wer<* rescued. ; , ; . ; The destroyer' 1'oss" \vas ; disclpsei;! as," sturdy;;;Dutch and -Indonesian soldiers/aide^ by,'Americaifv^British and" : Australian ' fighting. ; unHs, smashed back the Japanese"on one sector, of the three main . lighting fronts that .threaten to submerge Java under, the enemy oiTensivc-jn the .Far Kiist; • ; Today's Dutch communiirjuc. said that tlie Japanese had failed to gain since Sunday on any of; three invasion - fronts they established on the-north" coast, or Java, and United Press War Correspondent. . W. H. McDougall reported from the front that the enemy had been driven back at least seven miles on one sector. ,. ' ' *. ' But McDougall's dispatches emphasized that there was lack • of definite' ncwd concerning the central Java front, where the enemy had • (Continued on Page Five) DEATffOFfRS. PARENTS AWAIT FURTHER WORD FROM THE NAVY John Hudon, Of Naug-atuck, Reported Yesterday A "Missing In Action" Apparent Attempt To Consolidate Occupation Of The Islands PRACTICALLY NO AIR OR GROUND FIGHTS AT BATAAN New Japanese Action Is Disclosed In War Department Communique , ll> a'»i' Sfjl. .lo^pli IV. 1 -.LocKnrd, of. Wil- .luniispoi't, Pa., shown workinfj at rtulio niM.niralus, ' wurneil • of »P- pronc-liinn Jupanese. Jurcrnrt at; Punrl Ilarhor on Dcceinher 7, Ho passed his information <<>'•«• .supci'lor- olllccr who ifirioi'tHl il. As t) nnvard I'oi, his vJ{jihim:e ,l|ic siMMId-ul Ims .!>««» sent IP Miii .(MIUicijs'vTnnnlnjJ -School Port jilonino.nMi, 1 N. -!., \vherc lie niay (l.iiaUt'y I'or a coinint,ssion. IN WN HAVEN IN'cw.Jlavm, Conn.,-March 3—(UP) —Seven •: Italian and Oiirman aliens wei'o held today by Fddoral Bureau of Investigation oniciinlH al' a series ' of raids on several local placed. ' .-.'. .'•.'-'. • .,The ;i FBl agents were assisted by State police.and local uuUioriti.os. A auan'tily. ol f . contrahand. was aolxod, wave radio sot, a a hit >'n'imunil.lon. Bnrinfineld, Mass., March 3—(UP)— llonry.Oi'ls, (»3,.a native of.Belgium and a correspondent for; the Havas News Agency;-'died at his homo yesterday. . . '"•_. ..J ,-• . : -• TR3EASURY BALANCE -'.'" WasVrlngton-,,' March 3— (UP)—Govern mont expenses- and recpipl.s for IJic cuirent-n^i'jU, y^i' .tlirough Pob. 28 : i;: con-ipa : red .a year ngo:, . YE/Vn- -I AST YEAR;'''•'Expenses' ^0,775.10 .;- $7,3(50,0^,207.85 '•,';" Wni Receipts i§:.85•"'Net' =""' -3,52^173,738,67 " " - • Cnsii' Balance '' i fsr! ^90 nRG (1° 1.700.83J ,230.12 r l);OuJ ^O/6l/;UOU,U«» ijt\jV)\j^ J-. f- Former Resident Of Naugatuck Died Today At Home Of Son In West Haven Mrs I5nuna Talbdy Noble, widow or George Noblo," diod tb'is morning at the homo of her son, Robert NoliUVin West Haven after »a lingering Illness. She- was born in DCS Mplnos, Iowa, "where her .parents Look up their residence upon their arrival front England in-i835 and laler came to Naugatuck where she resided, for (50 years before Joining the family of her. son, Robert iiv West 1'laven two years ago. The deceased was the last member of it family of 12 'children. Mrs Noble Is survived by one daughter, Mrs. 'Karl DeWitl, of •Providence, n..'T., tlireo sons, Rurt and Robert of West Haven and Daniel of Chicago, 111., and 10 grandchildren. ' ' ' --. Funeral services will, be held Thursday afternoon at 2::W o'clock in the Seth Taylor funeral home af, 3<>5 'Main street, West Haven. Friends may call at Inc. funeral home tomorrow afternoon and cvc- 11 "iHcrmonl. will be in Grove come- Lory, Naugatuck, at the convenience of the family. ^ . ..^^ DISTEMPER CASES REPORTEDIN BORO SevernTcasos of (listo.mper in dogs have Deon reported_ in the vicinity of Millville .ovcnuc and Wa nui streets Owners of 'canines m thai section should'check their pets for. signs of the disease which Is con- Inglous nnd easily conlraclcd. No' additional word was rn today Uy Mr. and Mrs. <lobn Hudon, ol' D* Aetna place< from olllchils of tlie' United States Navy relni.ivc 1.0 their son, John, ,lr.,- 20, who waa reported as "missing In action' 1 yesterday in 'a Iclcgram i'rom Hoar Ad- ;miral -lacobs', Chiei' oflhe Bureau oi •Ntiiyigation'.-A. - .'- ; .'. ••'' •. • . i- .Tlie-wire advised the parents'of Lho young-mnn -thai, he was -missing in :action in the performance or hiw duty M hd in the service of-his coun 1 Ir-y. 'The nnme of the ship on which : U.i'c boy was stationed and where the^ action occurred could not- hu divulged. Ills saddened and broUen-henvled parents were anxiously awaiting further word from the Navy ioday in the hope (hat he escaped denl.h in Mie engagement. The young man wns born in Naug- ntuck aiul wns a member of the graduating class of JMO at the Naug- tttuck High school. Following hi!-: graduation ho was employed ut the Todd Dhier on Church street for n short time'before enlisting In the Navy. He spent an eight-hour rur< Jough with liis parents here two, .weeks ago and .recently wired them that he expected l.o be home with them again in t-he near future. GOV. HURLEY IS GOING TO WASHINGTON Hill-fiord, Conn., March .'1—(UP)— Oov. Hurley s»ld lift was leaving lonlghl foi- Washinglon to c.onrer with Price Admlnislr.-il.or I'CQn Henderson and OlTice. of Civilian Defense Dlreelor Janies M. hand is concerning reni, coll Ings -nnd defense, precautions in the sl;He. Henderson h;>s sel, up Three renl, control and housing areas In ConnccUcul,, al, Bridgeport, \V;Her- .nnr-y and llarl ford-New Brituln, and. announced renls should' nol, exceed -those of April i, JMO. lie gave local fair renl, eoniinil.l.ces GO days lo bring Ihoni in line. Oov. Hurley said lie would try lu Impress Henderson wiMi the ner.f.s- sil.y Of lionplng "our local fair ii-enl, committees" and l.hnl, he would ask l,he . adminisl.rii.lor f.o "let me Imvc. one of our Cohnecti- c'ul'men as administrnl.or 1 ' In cnsc the federal agency moves In to l»]:n Over the rent problem. As for his conference with Lan- dls, the governor said "J am golrtg lo try and find out where the jurisdiction lies," as regards Instructions sent oul, for defense precautions. Al the .present lime there have been conflicts among OCD, army and slate defense council orders', and the governor said be felt Mint one agency should have the sole say-so about precautions. KBL'D KNDBD Cambridge, Mass., March 3—(UP) —Tho dinins ball feud between Harvard undergraduates and .officials because of additional charges placed on all food extras ended to- dny when It was announced thai two beverages will be. served a I each meal without exlrn charge and ice cream will be added to the dessert list. Washington, March 3—(UP)~ ,hi])anese- warships shelled seven Philippine ports today as more enemy troops landed on Mindanao! island, in an ' apparent- attempt 1 to extend and consolidate occupnllpn of the Islands. • ; : . , The new Japanese action was disclosed In a Avar, department-' com- • munique ' which ' said the city of Xamboanga on Mindanao \vas in' Dames. Knomy troops )aucled : ' at Xnml)oang!i from four trdnsporl;«, escorted'' by "a cruiser", while other; Japanese .warships shelled ports on Gebu and Ncgros islands, ; ,;;/ ' .The comrjumlo;u'6 • i-ep'orlocl,:"[irjiic- UcHlIy W gl'Ound Oi'-aJr acMvity- l,n Ba,',aan" where CJcs.- Douglas Mac- Arlhur\s, KJllpJno • and American ti-oops )inve'extended Ibelr lines, hi the past few rlftys; - ," The new thrusts came at a time' when a new plan of allied.strategy envisaging strong coimler-blows In. the southwest Pacific was. reported developing- as Hie Dutch l-oolt ovor full direction of defensive action in l.he Nef.herJands Kast Indies. .Japanese 'navid units Including a cruiser and destroyers, sheile-.l flebu Oily and M'gao on the Islaiut of Cebu, the communique said, also Misos, Tolong, Dumaguclc and Marlon Bong on Negros island, and Hugo on Mindanao. The resurgence of Japanese offensive activity in Hie Philippines apparently was designed, to smusln inter-island trade and .communications and to crush guerrilla bund!! on Mindanao where 30,000'knife-, wielding Moros have pledged loyally to the United Stales. Before the new,drive the Japanese Iveld only the. southeastern port -of Oavno on Mindanao Island and, as revealed In previous com- muniq'ues, had been a))le' to dlw- rupl communlcalibns between .-tlio (Conlinued on Page Kivc) LOCAL ROTARY MEMBERS TO TOUR POLICE BARRACKS Cong 1 . Joseph E. % Talbpt Elected Honorary Member Of Local Club • Memhers of the Nougatuck Ho- lary club will lAsjpocl llio R\H.\,G. police banvichs at Bethany tom^r- i»'ow nfler their noonday. luncheon a I. Sullivan's inn' fn Cotton IIollo\y. Rev. Arthur W.', .Lewis, Jolin Schmuck and Glen P. N'oble have been appointed- the -nominating committee for officers for -Uie year of-J!M2-W. !'!)« regular oITI-, two directors and one member of the C. T/ McCarthy Student Aid Fund will be nominated. The committee will IHc its report with. Roy Johnson, secretary of Mu> club, by' March 28. J0'i2 and the Inariics will- be published In the Rotary Bulletin dated April 1st. Following the election tho new secretary and president .will )><* certified l.o represent the N.'iuga- luclc club at the spring conference lo be held at the Lawn Club In New Haven on April 25. At last week's -meeting; of lh« Naugatuck club Con'g. Joseph B. Talbol, a charter member and \a past president, was elected.' >\n honorary member, Rep. Talbol was obliged lo resign from Rotary ow r ing lo pressing business mailers In/ Washlnglon. He Is Uie first resl r dent borough to receive atv Honorary '' • •'. '''''

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