The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on March 12, 1935 · Page 3
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 3

Brooklyn, New York
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Tuesday, March 12, 1935
Page 3
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BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE, NEW YORK, TUESDAY, MARCH 12, 1935 3 i I Richberg Asks Elimination of 17 NRA Codes Cover 3 Million Workers Gives List to Senate ' Finance Committee Modern Wife Has No Objection If Essad Bey Collects a Harem Washington, March 12 (JP) Donald R. Richberg today listed 17 codes covering 3,000,000 workers which In his opinion could be eliminated from the code structure of the new NRA. In giving the list to the Senate Finance Committee the recovery co-ordinator said dropping this "large number" of local industries was his personal recommendation, and that other witnesses would urge the regulation of local businesses. "This entire list has given rise to the major complaints," Richberg said of the codes he named, "and are in a certain general classification as to which we wanted to present the difficulties. "On the other side of the picture. We have approximately 3,000,000 employes in this group who are operating under low wage conditions." The list included nine service trade codes which Richberg said last week had been partially or entirely suspended and also the codes for car advertising, funeral service, outdoor advertising, real estate brokerage, commercial signs, beauty shop, ' tourist lodge, and locksmith. The nine codes previously listed by Richberg were estimated to cover ,1,875,000 workers. They included barber shops, laundries, cleaning and dyeing, hotels and restaurants, i motor vehicles storage, advertising display, advertising distribution, bowling and billiards and shoe rebuilding. Baker Astonished At Britain's Move To Increase Arms Former War Secretary sees INo Parallel m Appropriation of U. S. Newton D. Baker, former Secretary of War, who arrived from California on the Grace liner Santa Rosa, which docked at Pier 7, foot of Rector St., North River, at noon - today, expressed astonishment that Stanley Baldwin had urged an in crease in British arms on the basis of similar increases here and in Germany. "I am surprised that anyone should use so Innocent an increase and so small an army as an excuse f'lor larger : arms appropriations," Mr. Baser saia. f - - . Sees No Conflict The wartime leader sees no con flict in the near future because of : Its economic effect, but added that he would have said the same thing .'. with even more assurance before the last war. Mr. Baker t who had been visiting , former Supreme Court Justice John H. Clark in Santiago, Cal., will re turn to his home in Cleveland. Also on board were Irene Dunne, motion picture actress, and her husband, Dr. F. D. Griffin, Man hattan dentist. They referred to the trip as their honeymoon, for, although they have been married almost six years, this was their first extended trip together. Senate Fight Faces Pink Slip Repeal Washington, March 12 W) The pink slip repeal drive advanced into somewhat more difficult terrain today after sweeping through a jubi lant House by a vote or 3uz to yesterday. The Senate where this law to kill income publicity has now ar rived is the chamber which initi ated the publicity move last year, Although an unofficial poll has indicated sufficient Senate strength to follow the House's repudiation of the idea of making certain income tax figures public records, repeal-ists concede they now are facing opposition. There was no definite word as to when the test will come, Mosquito Work Film Set for Amagansett A moving picture and lecture on mosquito extermination and a pro gram of general entertainment will be held under the auspices of the jr. O. U. A. M. March 18, at Mechanics Hall, Amagansett. The meet ing, open to the public, will be general community gathering. Sugar Cane Duds For 'Sweetie Pie' Washington, March 12 Dresses, stockings, pajamas, underwear all made of sugar cane are promised by a new scientific process announced today. Moreover, sugar cane candy may one day be sold in transparent wrapping made of sugar cane. Even paper may be made of the sweet substance. The process is a new method of manufacturing high grade or alpha cellulose from sugar cane bagasse, or refuse. Alpha cellulose is the principal ingredient in rayon fabrics and in cellophane, now widely used for wrapping cigarettes, candy and many other articles. The new use for sugar cane bagasse, which may prove to be an important source of income for sugar planters, has been developed by D. F. J. Lynch, chemist, of the Department of Agriculture. 'lural Mates Might Be Travel Embarrassment, She Says, but All Would Get Even Break By ALICE COG AN Should Mohammed Essad Bey, Russian-born but converted since childhood to Mahometanism, take advantage of the Islamic custom of plural wives, Mme. Erika Bey, Berlin-born but Jewish in faith, would not object. Madame made that concession yesterday during an Interview in the attractive apartment of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lowendahl, at 46 5th Ave., Manhattan, where she is visiting with her husband for two months. But though her soldier of fortune husband was sitting in front of the modernistic fireplace as she made such startling admissions, English Is one language he does not speak ancu he had only a vague idea of what his attractive wife was saying. Also Madame added that since most of their time was epent traveling It might be embarrassing if he had morj than one wife. "For myself, I would not mind," Mme. Bey volunteered. "It is difficult in this country to understand that point of view, but in an Islamic country, It all seems quite simple. However, it would be inconvenient for my husband to travel into coun tries where polygamy is not recog nized, if he had more than one wife. Four Autoi Instead of One "Really, though, it is not such a bad custom. All the wives are pro tected. If a man bought a car for one wife, he would do it for four, If he had that many." t Essad Bey smiled amiably as his wife chatted away. Occasionally, she would address him in German and he would nod an affable agree ment. He is stocky, dark complex ioned and looks well fed for a man who suffered the rigors of the Russian revolution as a child. His wife is tall, slender, with dark hair and eyes. She was dressed in the latest Paris fashion, slim line frock, beau tifully cut of black moire. Over the fireplace was a portrait of Madame, wearing her husband s Turkish fez, painted by a young American girl in Vienna, where they have been living since their mar riage in Berlin four years ago. That is, Vienna is their home when not traveling. Hope lor Citizenship Here But they both hope to become American citizens, eventually. Ma-dame's parents have been living in New York for two years and prefer it to Berlin. While here, the Beys expect to do the usual things, the aters, cocktail parties, weekends on Long Island and Connecticut, "and that sort of thing, Mrs. Bey said. Her husband writes books, mostly based on his own adventures, and she helps him with the translation. He writes in German, which is not his native tongue, and therefore she helps with the idiom. She also does Fears No Rivals J w it S' wsp"V 3. See Kaminsky Foil in Ambro Ouster Plans Assemblyman Expected to Vote Redisricting Doom of Own 19th WA Mohammed Essad Bey and wife unafraid of plural brides. the English research. That Is the one language Essad Bey has not mastered. He speaks Russian, Turkish, Spanish, French, German, Persian, Georgian and Italian. Half, a dozen little Skye terriers ran around the room. Mrs. Bey called them "beautiful but so dumb." Her husband was born in Caucasian Georgia in 1905, in Southern Russia, and during the revolution escaped with his parents through the Persian desert. In the five years that followed, he was in one uprising after another, and eventually embraced Mohammedanism because the followers of that religion were so good to him and his family. His religious beliefs now are sincere, but not particularly devout. Thinks Little of Soviet He has written many books on his adventures, which make thrill lng reading, and his latest work Is the biography of the late Czar, whom he calls "the most misunderstood man in history." His biogra phy is most sympathetic and his opinion of the Soviet not fit to print. "The Bolshevui think of me as I do of them," he exclaimed in German, translated by his wife. Bey hails from the part of Georgia where the Mdivanis came from and his comments on them are amusing. He considers "prince" rather an elevation in the social ranks for the much-marrying Georgians. Their father was a baron, he thought, a title that Is not hereditary in that part of Russia. Both Bey and his wife find New York fascinating. "It is always different and interesting," Mrs. Bey said for them both. Eirle Burcta, CiDltol Building. By MURRAY SNYDER Albany, March 12 Democratic redisricting plans call for a thorough wing-cltpping Job on Under-sheriff Jerome G. Ambro, stormy petrel of Frank V. Kelly's Brooklyn organization, and Assemblyman George Kaminsky of Ambro's own 19th A. D. is going to help wield the shears. In other words, Kaminsky, now in his 10th week as a member of the Legislature, has broken with Ambro and will vote for a reapportionment plan which is expected virtually to wipe out the Ambro district. WJille Kaminsky refuses to discuss his relations with the belligerent undersheriff, it was learned on unquestionable authority that he is not on speaking terms with Ambro, shuns his club and has been friendly with the opposition organization of Joseph P. Marcelle, who has been recognized by Leader Kelly In pat ronage matters. Would Oust Ambro Kelly and Irwin Stelngut, Speaker of the Assembly, are credited with swinging Kaminsky away from Ambro. Their object is to retire from politics the spearhead of the fight last Fall to keep Kelly out of the leadership and the boss of the re volt against Stelngut's candidacy for tne Assembly leadership at the opening of the present session. They plan to do this by a deft rearrange ment of district lines. Kaminsky is ready to go along with this, even though any partition of the 19th would probably cost him his own Job, as well as toss Ambro out of his leadership. The 19th A. D. Assemblyman has kept in the background since the opening week of the session. On Jan. 2, however, he opened his legislative career In a manner which made him the marked man of the lower house. While Democratic State and National Chairman Farley surveyed the scene, Kaminsky took orders from Ambro, who sat at his elbow. and voted for himself for Speaker. This made it necessary fo- Steineut to vote for himself also in order te4 get the required majority of 76. Immediately afterward Kaminsky voted against his fellow Democrats on the seating of Assemblyman Julius Helfand of the neighboring Dill A. U. But a few dayj later it was announced that Kaminsky had come into the fold and was being given a full quota of committee posts, while Ambro, alone of Kings County's 23 leaders,- was being ignored in the distribution of Assembly patronage. Coughlin Hits Johnson As Chocolate Soldier; Latter Replies in Kind Priest Declares General Doesn't Dare Attack His Doctrines-'Pious Flubdub' of an 'Economic Shyster,' Is Retort of Former NRA Boss Detroit, March 12 (P) Picturing Hugh S. Johnson as a "chocolate soldier" playing the role of "Man Friday" to Bernard Baruch, the Rev. Charles E. Coughlin replied on the radio last night to the former NRA administrator's "Pied Piper" speech, The money changers whom the Priest of Priests drove out of the temple of Jerusalem," said Father Coughlin, " have marshalled their forces behind the leadership of a chocolate soldier for the purpose of driving a priest out of public affairs." After hearing the speech in Wash ington, Johnson replied that it was all "pious flubdub." He said Father Coughlin and Senator Long were "economic shysters" and promised an early reply to the priest's at- Sleuths Trail Gunmen 6A Hours; Nab Them as They Rob 5 at Bar After trailing three gunmen on a tour of Brooklyn for six and a half hours, two detectives arrested them in the act of robbing a bar at Carroll and Court Sts., at 12:30 a.m. today. Twelve hours later they were In dicted for first degree robbery. Within another hour they had been arraigned before County Judge Martin and remanded for sentence after pleading guilty. It was as speedy a case of the working of justice as there is on record in Kings County. The prisoners said they were James Tutone, 23, of 28 4th Place; Nicholas Seldita, 23, of 268 Degraw St., and John Russo, 21, of 503 Henry St.. The detectives, Charles A. Tracy and John Fitzsimmons, received a tip yesterday afternoon that the gunmen were to meet at 6 p.m. at Degraw and Carroll Sts., to go to Bath Beach and rob a certain bookmaker there. Apparently searching for their Huey Wins Title of Ideal Lover Johnson Just an Also Ran in Vote of Professional Models Max Baer Third victim, the three men went from bar to bar, then, discouraged, returned to Philip Antico's beer garden near their starting point. The detectives arrived in time to find five customers lined up against the wall, with Antico himself having just handed over $60 and a diamond ring, gold watch and chain worth $700. Detective Tracy slipped behind Tutone, grabbed him around the neck, but the other" two robbers blazed away at the detectives, only surrendering after 30 shots had been exchanged. The enraged customers at the beer garden aided in subduing the robbers, who arrived at the Hamilton Ave. station pretty well banged up. Huey Long has been called many things, but today he earned a new title, that of "ideal lover." His selection was made In a poll conducted by the Professional Models League of America, which seems to have quaint ways to fill its idle hours. According to President Gertrude L. Mayer, the shapely gals who pose gave 68 votes to the man from the bayous of Louisiana for such divergent reasons that he has "such nice curly locks" (doesn't that slay you, Gertrude?) and "sticks up for his right." Next in line of favor with 24 votes came John (Tarzan) Weis-muller, who can clutch, 'tis said, like a gorilla, and third came Max Baer, who boxes when he is not busy Broadwaying. Walter Winchell, columnist, came fourth in the balloting, followed by Clark Gable and Tommy Manville. These six happen to be married, but, as one girl put it, "that only makes them more interesting." Remaining votes were scattered between Gen. Hugh S. Johnson, Babe Ruth, Dizzy Dean and other celebrities. Court Denounces 2 Cops in Theft Two policemen who turned candy robbers, John J. Lewan, 28, of 283 Parkside Ave., Brooklyn, and Joseph Colombo, 30, of 26 Mulberry St., Manhattan, were given prison terms today by General Sessions Judge Collins. "These men preyed on the citi zens whose property they were to guard. Our safety and lives were in their custody. They were a disgrace to the police force," said the court. He then gave Lewan three months in the workhouse and Colombo an indeterminae sentence of from six months to three years in the penitentiary. On Dec. 27 last Colombo took 109 boxes of candy from the factory of the Margarella Candy Company, 478 Broome St., Manhattan, put them in his car, picked up Lewan and was driving to 95 Park St., when halted by a'police sergeant. tack. Strikes at Others Father Coughlin expanded his rebuttal to take in Baruch, the "War-burgs, the Morgans, the Kuhn- Loebs and the rest of that wrecking crew of internationalists whose god is gold and whose emblem is the red seal of exploitation." Baruch, he said, was the "uncrowned prince of Wall Street," the "unofficial Acting President of the United States." After declaring that Johnson was a "political corpse" the "first great casualty of the New Deal," Father Coughlin answered one phase of Johnson's speech of a week ago questioning his citizenship. "My dear General," he said, "I am as much if not more an Ameri can citizen as you are or ever will be. Your parents are but one generation removed from Ireland. My paternal grandfather's bones are buried in Lackawanna, N. Y. I was always an American citizen." He explained that he was born of American parents on Canadian soil. Defends Right to Speak In asserting his right to speak on political and economic topics, Father Coughlin declared: "Some one, irrespective of his Catholicity, or of his Protestantism, or of his Jewish faith, was required to raise his voice, if for no other reason than to condemn those who, refusing to leave this land of sorrow, obstructed our passage to the land of prosperity. In accepting the dignities which my religion conferred upon me, I sacrificed in no respect the rights Identified with my citizenship." Admitting that his Radio League of the Little Flower gained $12,000 by an investment in silver futures, Father Coughlin said it had brought him no personal profit. Issues Important "General Johnson," he said, "some of your fair-weather friends have heaped upon my desk the fulsome record of your personal life. I disdain to refer to it. "I am not Important, nor are you, but the doctrines I preach are important. While you were content to vomit your venom upon my person and attack my character, the American public is fully cognizant that not once did you dare attack the truths which I teach. I need not condemn you. You have condemned yourself by omitting this. Telegrams poured into the office of Father Coughlin today. A clerk said, however, that the volume did not exceed the number of messages which usually follow the priest's regular weekly address. Johnson issues Appeal Washington, March 12 CP) Hugh S. Johnson bid for the co-operation of "every thinking American" today to "exterminate" the Influence of Father Charles E. Coughlin and Senator Huey P. Long whom he called "a pair of political termites. The former Blue Eaglt chief dropped a hint that he would carry his nght to the radio again In a statement in which he ct lied Senator Long and Father Coughlin "economic shysters'' and "public political enemies No. 1 and 2. At the same time a denial was made by his secretary of a report that Johnson is negotiating for a series of commercial broadcasts. 'Pious Flubdub' Johnson declared that the clergyman and the Senator were making "visionary promises backed up by phony statistics." Father Cough lin s speech of last night he called "pious flubdub." Declaring that he would answer Father Coughlin in detail later, the General said: "I will have to answer him on three important particulars: first, his absolute distortion or falsification of my simple statements; second, his falsifications of facts in general, and, third, his falsifications of my record and other circumstances. "It doesn't take half the Intelli gence of a Hitler to know that you can win followers by promising them the world with a fence around it. Old stuff! That great dictator, Julius Caesar, taught these Loreleis their philosophy when he said, 'Men easily believe what they wish to believe.' Calls It Lying Bunk "Of course, I expected all the lying bunk about my being the tool of bankers and big business. Why, I batted those babies around so hard in NRA that I am less popular with them than the smallpox. If they wanted to hire me, it would not be to talk, but to keep still." Anti-Semitic Wave Sweeps Reich Again Nazis Denounce Groups That Encourage Jews to Remain in Country Berlin, March 12 G4) Evidence that a new wave of anti-Semitism is sweeping Germany is contained in weekly publications of various sorts appearing on the newsstands. Both Jewish and anti-Semitic publications indicate that the recent efforts of Dr. HJalmar Schacht, Reich Minister of Economics, and Julius Lippert, State Commissioner for Berlin, to assure Jews of at least economic equality have not been strongly supported by the Nazi party. The current Deutsche Wochen-schau warns the automobile Industry against failure to resist a Jewish invasion, because "Jews destroyed our economic life then shall they be allowed to participate in its recovery?" Braunschwelger Zeitung berates the League of German Noblemen for having declared In its otf icial organ mat strict application oi tne Aryan clause has entailed a regrettable loss of valuable members." At Angermuende orders were Issued by police that Jewish organizations which train young Jews to be farmers or artisans in Palestine should be given preferred treatment compared with organizations which encourage Jews to remain In the country of their birth and consider themselves Germans. Instructions have been Issued In various places to the effect that Jewish speakers must not urge Jews to remain in Germany. The Propaganda Ministry of Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels has advised publishers that Jews must no longer have anything to do even with the commercial aspects of the publishing business. Baruch Middle Name Mannes,He Explains; It's Not Mannases From Bernard Baruch today came the usual silence regarding the latest attack against him by Father Charles E. Coughlin, the Detroit radio priest. The financier refused public comment on the priest's address last night. "I've never stooped to answering all the charges made against me," he said, "and I'm not going to start now." Throughout Father Coughlin's address there was frequent reference to "Bernard Mannases Baruch," a reference witli the implication of Mannaseh, tle king of Israel who built images and cast out his God. Baruch would not remark on this twist of bis middle name, Mannes. otha? than to say, according to the Associated Press: "My middle name was given me by my father. Dr. Simon Baruch, as it was the family name of a close friend." Bazar to Benefit Hebrew Aged Home Attracts Throng With more than 5,000 persons crowding the ballroom of the Hotel St. George by noon, the eighth annual Home Day and Bazar for the benefit of the Brooklyn Hebrew Home and Hospital for Aged was well on its way today toward its $15,000 goal. Under the leaaersmp of Mrs. Hat-tie Posner, general chairman, 150 Jewish organizations united to carry out the program that will benefit the 458 men and women in the home at Howard and Dumont Aves. The ballroom walls were lined with 60 booths where all types of merchandise were sold, from groceries to fancy work. Ninety tables attracted many for luncheon. Tea, dinner and general refreshments were to be served throughout the afternoon and evening. Automobile Salesmen! INCREASE YOUR EARNINGS NOW Leading automobile sales agency offers to high caliber salesman a really exceptional opportunity. If you have a successful record selling a low or medium priced car you can make MORE money now selling the 193S Pontiac. Drawing account and very liberal commissions. Phone Mr. Burgess at SLnset 6-1241. C CHASE MOTORS, INC. 6215 Fourth Avenue Faggiano Freed In Theft Charge Felix Faggiano, 38, of 5906 New Utrecht Ave., was acquitted yester day in Federal court of a charge of theft of Government property. It had been alleged that Faggiano had been one of two men to hold up a contract postoffice station located in a drug store at 1295 Pros pect Ave. last October and steal $4 in cash and $10.07 in stamps. Although the owner of the store and a customer who had witnessed the holdup positively identified Faggiano as one of the men, he swore that he had Installed a kitchen sink for a neighbor on the night in question, and his testimony was substantiated by several other witnesses. ALYCE JANE IMPROVES Fall River, Mass., March 12 (Pi Alyce Jane McHenry, for the first time since her operation for a misplaced stomach 8 days ago, today was reported as "convalescing." An official bulletin ,at Truesdale Hospital said the lO-yea.'-old Omaha girl slept well during the night and was progressing satisfactorily, Senate Gets Plea To Extend Subway Albany, March 12 The McNa-mara resolution calling on PWA Administrator Ickes to provide funds for construction of an extension from the 9th St., Brooklyn, Independent subway to Staten Island was sent to the Senate today following passage by the Assembly. Sponsored by Assemblman Daniel McNamara Jr. (D., Brooklyn), the plan calls for connecting Richmond to Brooklyn by means of a spur to the municipal subway running from 9th St. to Fort Hamilton, parallel to the congested 4th Ave. line, and then under the Narrows. All Lighter-Than-Air Work at Lakehurst Washington, March 12 (jT) Secretary Swanson today approved plans for concentrating all remaining Navy llghter-than-air activities at Lakehurst, N. J. The dirigible base at Sunnyvale, Cal., is to be converted into an airplane training center pending decision on the future of airships. J J FULTON STREET BROOKLYN fOpP Jljjl wear as f1jiM blouse ' I your ii t i Predominating colon I black, brown, blue triped with cuLcJL. wf 1 1 FULT0N Sizes 36 to 42 3.98 STREET FLOOR! STREET BROOK LTN for lllelt "dlf f crcnt" look cape frock of sheer wool with clipped lapin fur In gray, the color fashion magazines have been stress ing! Misses' sizes, 14 to 18. 39.75 mcinxD wo it Alto at Opprnhrim, Collin; York

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