The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 7, 1945 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 7, 1945
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHTH BLYTIIEVILLE COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 1945 Buresh Defeats * J * 51 George Bennett r Jo« Wolf Overcomes, ?:Fldy<l*Byr4l!t'dthtr ," Bout On Arena Card Reflection on Archery, * Like Tenn> son's .immortal brook, the winning' streak, of Stanley Buresh goes on and on George Bennett, admittedly one of the roughest-toughest' men ever to' grace a ring, failed in his attempt to hall the clever Polish bos, losing a sensational 2-1 match at the American Legion arena Monday night as a feature of Promoter Mike Moroney's weekly wrestling show Joe Wolfe, former crack fullback at Ohio State University and pro football sensation at Toledo, borrowed from his gridiron experience to defeat Flojd Byrd in the first and third falls of an excitingly rough battle as 'the other half of the all-star~carcl Benrtett C«mea Clwe Bennett,' rougher "arid,, tougher than e\er, came v-lthin an eyelash of making good of a pre-mktch boast that he »ould tame Buresh Carrying the fight to his lighter foe George emerged from k a sensational fir-it fall defeat to even the score In the second, but GUI; climbed to the cagey Polak. in a battle that packed a little, 6! e\ep' thing into the hour of 'action ' Buresh approached allots! ring record for brevity by dOF"!"? Bennett In just H> seApnoV »tw trie match got undfr way, Corning •jowly out of his corner he ( sud- derHyi lashed outyboth iwU with the speed of a kangaroo, The timing and aim were perttet Both feet landed flush , in Bennett's There's not a llasv in si«ht as Gloria Sanders, co-cd archery en- .Ihusiast of Northwestern University, studies form m.muTor.* lite DOPE BUCKET j. r. BKKAK Meeting an old friend or even n that should be understood. The natives lire very friendly mid I believe a little more civilized than , lnnp „„, lluv ur luituu uiu >" ""-i farther on south because they have fans hardly realised. *hat «" hap- one^ ^ ^^ W l, c n there was no the American custom of wenrins fs'tne^^ novel experience -SS««SSIsSr JtawA-s"' - """ Tilden Defies Years On Court Greatest Tennis Star Still Puts On A Show Despite His 52 Yecrs NF,W YORK, Feb. 1 (UP)— Bill Tilden, one of the greatest tennis champions the worlj has ever seen will be 52 years old Saturday. And what do you suppose • Tilden plans to do on his birthday? Why he'll be stepping off a train in New York, getting ready for an exhibi lion match on Feb. 17. Fifty-two years, and the tall gaunt champion Is still playing competitive tennis. The great star who shared headlines with all when he was In his prime have long since retired. Babe Ruth, nn< Jack Dcmpsey, Bobby Jones, am Hcd Grange, all those heroes o the 1920's have taken thetr place on the sidelines and in the legend of their sports. But Tilden goes on, He tcachc tennis to movie .stars in HollywMt and plays an occasional cxhibitioi This trip to New York will tie th second in the last year. He cam lo Hie championship courts'at: For est Hills last July and lost a clos Red Cross match to young Frai Kovncs. Yet, Tllclcn goes on. He'll con pete In matches at the 17th Refi menl Armory in New York for t! benefit of a canlccn-by-inall fui to send packages to servicemen. Bill ts scheduled to meet Jol Nogrndy, the veteran Brookl professional in the singles. In do bles, Bill will learn with his o partner, Vincent Richards. Tho two won the national doubles crov. three tltnes. Richards Is 10 years yount thnn Tilden. Vinnic was a 1 wonder of 15 when they won the first doubles title in 1918. Now h just about washed un as far tennis goes, and a little, on, stout side. But the amazing Til< Too Much Talk Without Proof About 'Fixed' College Games NKW YOKK, Feb. 7. (UP)—A lot .iiBS can be said "pro" and i" about the after-effects of the rooklyn College basketball scandal, 'or one thing too many Individ- are making public statements ut whiit the gambling evil Is .g to do to collegiate sports, ecently New York's Mayor' La ndia told n potential radio nutli- e that lie believed the Brooklyn legc players were not the; only x>ys Involved in "shady" dcnls. 'he mayor went on to say thnt Brooklyn players were the im- ortunatc ones thnt got caught, bu it there were others, 'hog Alien, basketball coach a University of Kansas, has beei Inuallng that there was crooke< rk going on not only In colic itc basketball but also in collcg oottall. So far, neither of these respecte llvlduiils, Allen or La . Guarciin lave proved that any type of co eginlc game has been tosseil be use of some crooked deal between fall He cut Buresh down »Ith painful hammerlocks, finally TC sorting to the stompi' to make Stan surrender after minutes Coming across I often wondered how In the world Columbus discovered America the way the waves tossed \VhicrT v.e shall call X, less thnn nlonr crnft about. But I .win when he spied his older | someone else figure thai out. brother, also a Marine tind Dell H,.h School cinck basketcer. Sorry to hear that the Chicks ex- pcricnccd another disappointing sca- ' The third and deciding >{«" ' one for the books as the giants themselves go with everything at their disposal Bennett' s«med to have the edge of the^rough rrijlllnf and apparent)) Twas on ,the vtrge of victory when Buresh spoiled his well-manemered plans Stan eame off th'e ropes 'and put a clincher •with anothei volley of kangaroo kicks followed by'the usual bodv pin Bennett v-as out Jllte a light Fnjoymg a' substantial weight advantage, Wolfe used his superior poundage, vouth and opeh tactics to bring forth his first victory In a local ring But he Yiad Vo extend himself to subdue the lighter Bjrd, and there were se\eral anxious moments nhen the fans Couldn't have,given a plugged copper for his chances to emerge-on top, • Reaches In B*c -' Bvrd took the second fall, pulling a hold out of the mothball's to turn the 'trick Escaping from a - seemingly - fool-proof ' rolling fliort arm scissor, Tlpjd slipped heallysintc! trie>barJ4nn_ He^pun- Jsjied'^olf' " that to coi .— —,—-. jfans-'feared \ hi? shoulder 'iftf, in-> lutediso Jsyerelyiif *~ i.._-,»!._ him'in the ijlnaleJ- , , If It d Id, t hero was little, visible When Oival wns here ou furlough son this year. T followed them very Ucvcrnl months ago he nskcd about closely and rather expected them to seural former tribesmen and Ely- come through this year. Beating thevllle boy 1 !, both in the European Batcsvllle must hnve had some cf- |..- a j cr ftm i the Paclflc Ilclfcct on the fans of better days in . . . whcrc , lc wns headed, Chick history. Here's hoping buV Orvnl hit it on the head by slating that it was more likely the S. ionic around this Fall. We fellows who nre far nwny arc pulling for them in every game and wish for Pfc Shines felt reveals his clntion I them only success. The Jonesbdro nnd gives some | loss wns another bitter dose. How | W. P And so It was. It's the legs that BO first on athlete. Babe Ruth would proba still lie driving out homers if spindly legs had held out. Tilde underpinning is still pretty gone though he admits that the co looks very big after the first se For tennis fans wilh IOIIK met lies, the sight of Bis Bill Tilden on the court is a thrill that brings buck other thrills—there were those seven national singles titles, the innumerable Davis Cup matches against foreign stars, nnd those boomlnj aces that still come from Big Bill's racquet every once in a while. The greatest •tennis pluycr in Ihc aycrs and 'gamblers. It docs seem that remarks like cirs, without any substantial proof, nothing more thnn food for might/ to amateur athletes. A lot of loose talk about tin horn amblers offering "big" money to ollcge players for tossing a game s nothing more than n come-on to bunch of swell kids who up to this imc never gave it a single thought. The alleged "fixed" game be- wccn Brooklyn College and Akron Inlvcrslty was never played. No one las ever proved that a college game vas lost because of some shady deal, Until this is proved in court per- iaps those "Individuals who like o talk" should remain quiet. The Big 10 Conference has made ,he most sensible move. A new rule n this -important Mid-West loop orders nil'.'of its members to play their basketball games on college campuses'. after this season. A lot of other college conferences no doubt will follow the Big 10 lead. High officials in'the various college conferences across the country arc in daily contact with the college athletes. They know their feelings, the desires and the honesty of stich fellows. Instead of loose talk, that apparently is doing more harm than good, these fellows are going into action. It is men like the Big 10 officials that will always keep college sports 'above reproach.' 94 Exhibition Games Slated By American CHICAGO, Feb. 7 <UI>>—Base tans of the American Lcaisnc have plenty of chance and ball will time to pick out a favorite In the coming junior loop pennant race. It was announced lotiay thnt 04 exhibition games have been arranged for the eight Amcricai League teams prior to season openers. The opening exhibition Barnes start March 24. Of th'.-, total 54 games are skirmishes between teams of tlie two major leagues. Bin-. Miss Kirk defeated Dorothy!I "aster of Springfield, Ohio, 4 aiidil ami Mrs. Covington defeated'.! liuth Balchelder of Coral Oablos,i| Pla,, 5 and 4. In ihc second round today, MissH now will meet Louise Suggs of',! Litlila Spring, Gii,, winner of tliel'l Miami tournament, last week. Miss! I Suggs defeated Mrs. George Miller! I of Miami yesterday, with a 5 aiult| 3 score. Child's Colds Relieve Misery -Rub on Time-Tested Miss Row Leads Women Golfers At Palm Beach PALM BEACH, Pla., Feb. 7 (UP) —An Alabamlan, Marjorie Row of Annislon, tops the list, of golfers entered for the first round of the Palm Beach Women's Golf Tournament. She took a 19-hole decision yesterday over Mrs. Marge Becker of West Englewood, N. J. Two other medalists, Mrs. Jane Crum Covlngton of Orangeburg, S C. and Peggy Kirk of Fiiullny Ohio, won out by substantial mar- OVER TOKYO fly with Phillips they do on all WOOD and KINDLING Barksdale Mfg. Co, South Broadway CHICKASAWj West Main Near 21st St. Sat. starts 12:45; Sun. starts IA5\ Night shows 5:45 Except Monday, opens 6:45 Continuous shows Sat. and Bnh. Wednesday & Thursday Double Feature "FIRST COMES COURAGE" with Brian Ahcrnc and "PRIORITIES ON PARADE" .wilh Ann Miller nwr information on the' people and the we hate to see, or rather, hear about world, that's what Bill Tilden was. " 'usto'ms'on the island in his recent In Ulylheville team being beaten by And when he gets out on the court .usiorai uu | JoncslK)1 . 0| cvcn |f Petc Cral( , is foi . j u n. mon ey, or charity he's still coaching the Hurricane. By the a great sight »nd a great show- way, he seems to have done a great man. Job over there, hiisn't he? I'l.UOS I-'Oll SI'OKTS Tell Ihe gang to stay In there letter which follows in part: Pfc. Henry O. Shaneyfclt V. M. B. CIS, U. S. M. C. % Fleet Post Oilice San Francisco, Cidif. C Aftcr having plenty of time to re-1 nnd pitch. They may not know it cover from a very nice turkey din- but school days are the happiest Day, 1 of their lives. They should make the we had on Christmas .. thought f would pnss on lo you a best of It. By nil means keep up little gossip of the outside world. the spoils program iliere. It is part Ondoubtedlj, the greatest surprise of the great American life, of my life cnme as I ran into my Since joining the Marines I have brothei Vhgil not more Ihnn 30[seen several good ball games. But Phillips is one of the nation's six largest producers of Combat Aviation Gasoline evidence as the to work on Byrd ex-gridder It nip ahd tuck with both tiring* to ; otit-iox nilstak the other into making 'a ' minutes after coining ashore. I didn't know he was here, which made the shock even more startling and effective Ypu could have pushed me o^ei^ith a:fcalher. -Of all the islands" in the-Pac-itlc.'thai make rrtere pin,heads on the map we nrc iuciy enough;to be stationed together, and believe you me, it makes a big difference. NATIVES WEAK CI.OT1IKS Tlicre is very little that I can say about this island. Of course I'll take my sports back in the good olc United States. That is the only place to live. Over here we can appreciate It even more. Keep the "Dope Bucket" .going, We fellows surely • aiipreciate'-, iti (Thanks, blc Orvnl. And when he's fresh and untired, in those first few games before his legs begin to weary, Tilden is as good as they come. He plays to win. He waves defiance at th{ years that have tried to ereep in HIM "ft the racquet from his hands. . ' ' Bill's a clown, sometimes. Bui when he clowns he docs It in the grand manner. He does everything that way. He's the last of a genera- Sincerely tlon of athletes that forgotten. will never be P. S. Give my warmest regards to "Coach Pop" Mosley. Wish I could have seen his kids in action. They must have been great, just us he is. Bjrd was th'e first to show; his hand and It cost him tlie Match Joe caught him napping^artd opened with flying tacktes.'Fivc times he threw vicious body" blocks into the tiring veteran, each succeeding tackle ; ev'cn more terrific than the other, until Bjrd was ripe for the kill. It was no : trick. "&t ;aH' for Wolfe to fall across him wfth body pin, 'He drew little opposition Fivfng tackles also pa\ed th way-tor the first fall .'which Wolf took- after. 27 minutes ;durihg which the battle" alternated' from sclcn tifio to modern style and bae again,: much to packed house. the; deligfit of iM «cr*P« MX! the bl« Ulpll > . 'oor miraf. « °d» W _uxora Teams Divide Honors With Lepanto The Liixor.i girh defeated the ^cpnnto girls and the Lepanto boys won over the Luxora boys in basketball games played ut Luxora ast night. .Tlie games, scheduled for Lc lahto. were changed to Luxora because , the gymnasium there wa not completed as planned. The bo.ys' game va,> au cvenl matched one wilh the score 28-2' while the Luxora girls won 32 t 13. There was no outstanding ma on the Luxora team but Hill mad high record for Lepanto. Gra starred for the Lepanto girls. Next games will be Friday night I Luxora when the boys and girls leet Mississippi County High chool boys and girls. Suffers Battle Wound Among those recently wounded in action from this section was IM. William B. Harwell, brother of Thomas W. Harwell of Carutli- ersville, Mo. Private Harwell wns fighting lithe Southwest Pacific when injured. Read Courier News Want Ads. When you read or hear postwar promises of fabulous motor car gasolines, or of astounding products of petroleum chemistry, recall the simple words of the hcjdliuc above. It has been said that the future is the ftuit of tlie seed of the past Little wonder, then, that intelligent men and women expect great postwar products from Phillips. In the meantime, every time you They record attiumph of Chcm- see the Orange and Black Phillips ital research, enginccring j ;ahd:-66;Shie[di,jet:it remind }<oii ;thac .production. Add.tothcm,.PhillipS:: 'Phillips refineries >•*..;• in addition '*•••'•'<• i _•.• •._:!_•:_:--_ -_ -I-.'- to producing gasolines, lubricants, and fuel oils ... are also gigantic (htwical plants yawngaui weapons grand-scale contribution to the' making of butadiene for synthetic rubber, and they suggest how competently and completely Phillips is devoting itself to the war effort. RITZl THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAT' NIGHTS Boi Office Opens 7:15—Show Start! at 7:30. !| SATURDAYS A SUNDAYS Boi Office Owns 1 Show BUrti 1:1! for victory. PHILLIPS PETROLEUM Co., B CARE FOR YOUR CAR- FOR YOUR COUNTRY FOR VICTORY... Buy U. S. War Bonds and Stamps WARNING ORDER i the Chancery Court, Chicka- snwlin District, Mississippi County, Arkansas, Dcnnic H. Smith, Plaintiff, vs. No. 8061 Alice Mae Smith, Defendant. 'llic defendant, Alice Mae Smith, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named In the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff Dcnnic 11. Smith. Dated this n day of January, 1945. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Doris Mulr, D. C. Percy A. Wright, Atly. for Pltf. Claude Cooper, Ally, ad Litcm. 1J24-31-2J7-14 U. S. Navy Surplus 7 1-2 Gallon STEEL OIL C UNUSED - Built to Government Specifications For storing or transferring oil,, kerosene, anli-frec/.c, linseed oil, turpentine, etc.; an auxiliary gas container for cars, trucks and bouls, or fur refilling hcnting stoves 0 ML Y 129 JL • Each! • HEAVY GAUGE METAL ... 24 gauge top; 26 gauge bottom; 28 gauge sides • OUTSIDE SOLDERED SEAMS • SIZE; 14H inches high; U*A wide; 10% deep • TRI-SURE SCREW CAP ... flush type; easy pouring lip » STURDY HANDLE . .. convenient for one or two persons to carry • OLIVE DRAB f INISH ... rust resisting terne plate interior BEN Acrou From Riti Theatre Phone 901 Last Time Today 'ADVENTURES OF KITTY 0'DAY" ; .• • ,•;.;•. '..-with '.. .'•••' ; Jean Parker RRO News and Comedy Thursday and Friday "POWDER TOWN" wilh Victor McLaglcn, Edmond O'Brien, June Havoc and ' Dorothy Lovctt THEATRE.LUXOBA •PRIDE" Of THE COMMUNITY" Greetings, brother...Have a Coke .., or initiating a new subject of Neptune It's a fine old cusiom-thc good-natured initiation of those who cross the equator for the first time. In. much the same spirit of good-natured fun, people everywhere respond to (he invitation Han a Coke. That's when friendliness speaks a refreshing language all its own. A pause for ice-cold Coca-Cola » always greeted with a smile in so many places, on <he seas and overseas, ,ust as it is in your home. It's a happy symbol among people who understaad the pleasant ways of friendship. »OmiD UNDtS AUTHORITY Of THE COCA-COIA COMPANY BY COCA-COLA BOTTLING .CO. of BLYTHEVILLE a-Cola I You nalu"Uy hear Coca'Cola I called by its friendly abbreviation TCofef.Botli the quality prod) uct of Tho Coca-Cola Company. Open 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 Wednesday & Thursday 'Cry Havoc 1 with ct Sullavan, Ann Soulhci and Joan Blondcll News of the f)ay Short New Theatei Manila's Finest ' What liava you done today th/ji some mother's son should die '• you tomorrow? —BUY BONDS— Wednesday & Thursday "STORM OVER LISBON with Richard Arlcn & Ericli von Slrolici Fox News & Short tet

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