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She to unable to wake up to the truth of her position until she meets-and falls for the first man who Is honest with her: James Bond. "I love Domino, says Kim. "1 was intrigued by the vole because she's a dancer, and so am 1. I saw great deal that I could do with the part rather than Just being a pretty girl in a bikini. I really feel that Bond has new kind of love interest in this Aim." Already known for her roles oct trlevifOon in the series Ug and Cat, in "Katie, Portrait of a Centerfold" and "From Here to Eternity," Ma Basinger made her feature Aim debut In "Hard Country" and starred ofipo-site Chariton Heaton in "Mother Lode." Felix Letter to played by Be rule Casey, whose recent Aim credits include "The Man Who Fell lo Earth," "Brothers" and Shar-kys Machine." Casey to a regular on television and has starred in such prestigious dramas as "Ring of Paoakm, "Maurtc and Roots." The cast also includes Max von Svdumr as Hloft ld.

Edward Few aa Alec McCuwen as Algv the Armorer and Pamela Salem as Miss Mooevpcnny. "Never Say Never Again" lagan Aiming in September 19d2 in the last summer sunshine of the South of France. For nearly two months, the largely British Aim crew 1 Miscd themselves in the elegant town of Nice and Aimed In various location along the Riviera. In the lavish ofsilenee of the furmsm Casino at Monte Carlo, the Alm-miikcrs staged several mahar sequences. The main gambling salon was temporarily dom'd to the puttie as James Bond threaded his way through the roulette tables, sc-conqmnied bv the clink of chautMgne glasses and die discreet rattle of thousand I rune chiMt.

Real cnaipiers were resfvmsibic Utr keeping their ryes on the thousands of dollars worth if genuine chips that mere in plav for the bcncAt of the cameras. While the glittering ambience of the casino was being organized inside the Im'suuIiiI Phh century building (one of Eunifar's niimt famous landmsrksh the second camera unit was cresting excitement tn the sur-nNinding streets and brvnnd. Thv trs-veiled up and down the Riviera, from Antilles lo Menton, Aiming sfieruu'ular mo-tonyclc chsse whkh includes a number breaOitoking stunts never Is fore performed (Hher main unit hsaiions in the Snh of France Included the cxqulsiie Villa Roih-sliild st Salnt-Iean-( ap-ITrral. the Millionaires Row of die RlMera Hie Roihsi hiM Museum merftows with art and treasures fnm tlie 14th lo the 19th ccniiiiics and. with Mschgant formal gurtk'ns.

It la(ame Tulrmrs, du exotic Middle last home A largo, where Bond and i kmiunn arc' bnsight as his captives. Further down the coast, in the pkmr-csqu4 and aikient Ashing village U-lelrumlte, die Cltaddlc became another srt id the xterior i4 Ialnrvrs. Dsal Asher-men and tourists were astonished tn sec gigantic wails and heavy portcullis Is mg erected the courtvard of die InqsfMng, 1 7ih-ccnturv lorlrna in Ushers were even itwMT astonished lo see prrhqs the biggest and mM cqenvlt private ht tn tie world sailing Into the tiny harts there, towering over the treasure craft and A siting boat It mss the "Nslills," the Ating pal Sic of billkmalrc Adnon KKashoggi. ho allowed a crew to Aim ilvord his evistrwn -designed vai ht Un the very Aral time. Is the Aim, the NslrtHa" become "The Hviug Saiwer," largos travelling hom and 1 Of latsmal Imisc The tm ht sx i(U ations re pirt fontssr teqil for the (ml that It really exitu It I ft et long and AJ et wide lift Avc dt'cks make it as tall a dirre -storv Iwiilding.

and srr snnl bv three fsuatc ckvator It has hi Ilcr.t4 landing fwd. nusg theater, two saunas, a swimming sxg, a dtrothepe. niri. a game room, 1 I guest suit tcat'h with its wy twih) and one master suite of fsir moms 71k fining srr gold, sod when the fibn unit lKn(d a dinner servlte for vs in (me stvne. thi ksi wa ltd gfdil 77k.

hnlgt i with mgh nih t(hn4' to ri'ol eontntl cent 7 he Nairtla" (i14e of If knots ami uoi i tnitnin any tsinwot She was the jariict -craft Cn largo and (naming rmiwua to 1 film rrl ms one if imshner 5 Si Hw srizman miqor cmip ry to II dramatic conclusion, refusing to take anything well, hanDy anything iytng down. About The M.nxr Say Never Again" to the film that nobody believed could ever be made. The cinema history books had already recorded actor Scan Connerys vehement anaertions that he would nevef again play the role of James Bond. There seemed to be no pomd-blc chance that the mueh-hjved Scottish actor mould ever be persuaded to resume the role of everybody favorite secret agent, James Hoad, 007, licensed to kill. Vet, despite all predictions, in September, 19H2 ihc cameras rolled on the first day of production of "Never Say Never Again," a Warner Bros, release with Scan Connery starring as Ian Flemings James Bond.

The buzz of excitement during production reverberated around the world and Ue questlcHis on everybody's I if were, of course: Why had Connery accepted the role and who had managed to persuade him? The persuasion came from an uncxfiectcd quarter. Schwirtzman, un American film producer with a background in entertainment taw, had been the man with the patience, Uic courage and the skill needed to acquire the luiota and to prvsenl the idea tn Connery in on ttfalmg way. According to ((Nincrv, his decision lo play Bond mas influenced ly his wife Muhcltnc. (It mas also Miclicllnc ho later came tip with the catchy and witty title (lie film "When Jiak Sehmartzman came to me to ask me to do Never ha Never Again, Michcltnc encouraged me to think alxiut It carefully Why not play the role? What do you risk? After all these years it might te interesting The more 1 thought alaait It, ihc more 1 thought she was right There mas also a certain amount of curiosity tn me about the role, having been no long away from It" Connery explains all this with the patience of a man mho knoms that he mill be asked the same questions hundreds of times before and after die Aim ofa ns. and mho has already ansmered It time and time again.

With his commitment to Never Never Again," Connery took on more than just a gtHsi nle. lie mas actively Inurcsud in nianv aHs'(lsof the pnMiuctioft fmm casting contnd to snjt a(frmul and this Unci (mrllt i uit ion eUart afTimUd him a sat Kim tnn that mas missing tn mum earlier Alms on ncn av delighted to hnu the o)Mr-tuiiirv morking ome more miih direttor Inin Krrshncr hud prcvkaiHlv eollub- orated on A Fine Madness" In (kt and Ixuh had enjoved the exis ricme lor his rt, furslincr mas excited for Oh ihaiuc tn direct hlsold friend as James Iknid In die pivotal rtli of the villuimius I urgo is Austrian ador Klaus Maria Hramlauer. mho makes his dclsit In a stamug l.nghsh-huigiittgc rule Brwndauers mugm tie r-formance In die Aewk-mv Award winning "Mcpliisto" recently placed him Armlv in du International stalight. mnerv himself has disc rtlied Bramtauer as HsMbIv the gnatest actor tn Funpc nslav 7he nle of lrgo eertainb marks a immnumvd change fr an actor who has made his name rbtnmirig the i lassa in theains thnmgh-imt mte, itii I omurv and lirandaocr as roiagrin-Ist and antagonist, rXiCptionai UUntswere mniired a the two adiug Udu s. In the n4e the niaU'voient Tatima blush Is Badiara Carrera, the Nkaraguan-lxn Is am whose nus4 recent rndits in-(Iii-k tin- films When lime Kun Ku.

"1. Ok Jurv ami Uau Wolf MihmU. and who has Is seo in mil lams on h-vtskm in i)e 1 eniennlal" and Masada rU Ms am ra goes a flam-txKant r1.rmwkc as MIUHLs No assassin, whnslu' iU s. nls as s.rc vilIaiiKss Nh like a lad thtlrl rW na see Ok tl In whai she (s (kang Ntu fust enans (kng Sh es h( ns If Kliah. th Hindu gwttes of rU di and -sination and I see bet as a hifc wt.krw sirtd ih a praving munus IU l-s sJk k-Us she must tiukc kse htm li verv ex lung nW hc nn latimas Uik and iha) mh is omi fd filed Is the o4 bkmk g-d fo4 tg Ikmitmi.

4rd bv Kim Basingt Ismuno Is the bn mg Imt rnatv mistress of James k(i, Bri'tsh Surd Vi nl (KC, Is rtsi In w.kIJ dominau cofnjwiur and tsirvam ran, hi1 i nttin Hm( grxaiesi sirengih lith in Ins im tiMuMknit, man hum i lnkc him struts hi lo I he an irf tin rluniii and hit has the oatrag ami Ok- skill tn (. Ok grawst jm riln and nhr Nit NJ Kl, S(k i tl K'niior lr int ini Iligt rntfism, Kting ami I Jlttfinml hold Ok mittld In ruunmn nh a eh nsiiimy 4 nu I i rnuim ilv Bond mMi fn cut oiruit' hi ihuiugh it On nMUnii 4 tin nt ratnai WluU ri hwrvirig hi Uili at a lu ahh hfm Ikinrt ih ns ks tip un jr anting of hp pUn lbs im4w in ni It sd lilm fmm I in tin and tht Stth of I rsm sirnot )ig tin In iht la milHiil lad eh HIh I ulirna Bhish a Ml I1KJ vmmn a Ihi r- mincd lo c( her man In mrc wav than one He ennamUra Ok (harming Imt sinKUr Largo, one of the ri st and miN lethal men tn the amid, and his mlMro 0e entgruaik Ifcnnimi, who unaware 4 largo's lime nature and mho Uo-ims quite luktn with Ok (harming Mr Ihmd Tht entire Sp I TR. of ration ih mast rmindt In- lhndn bug Inn iiuim. l.niM Stavni Aloft Against this arm nal of evtl. hrd Ih Ink bed up In hi AmerH an 1 1 bx Ic tu ho ha Oh kntfck it turning up ul the mat iiM-tiini mntmniK an an In me nil a id ih Briitli SniSnin )k adoring is Mhn vj nm and igv tht riirf nh Ion ntthiHik ated and Ingtn-hum oidJ tai of fk tr Stunts.

sfsxtul 0 In and high cd a hint aa liimea hd the.

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