Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on April 27, 1951 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, April 27, 1951
Page 8
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PAGE NATOATPCK NEWS (CPNN). FRIDAY, APRIL 27, 1951 Qwner Signs The Lease . Sund&y>*3r< ; -CORF;, NAUGATUCK, CONN. Telephoned 2228 and 222£—All 'Departments' Entered as second class matter at the post office In " .• Naugatuck, "Conn. ' SUBSCRIPTION RATES ~~ Payable In Advance _.....-....;....$1.30 l~rear .:.;„:..v;r$I5.BO Publishers' • Ass'ri;;.; N;;E. Daily ' Ass'n.; Conn. Newspaper Publishers' 'Ass'n. FRIDAY, APBKL 27, 1961 i We-hear Hartley Taylor Is new green earring these days... A Wllkes-Barre, Pav gal newly arrived In the borough is Marie MlskeJI. > •- • Doesn't seem possible it's time to-chango the clocks' again.'.".our annual- warning..:...don't forget to - set clocks AHEAD ope hour Saturday 'night'ibef ore retiring • • .•!/.-you don't you'll be sorry... don't feel badly about losing an hour's sleep/ 'cause you'll get ij back in September. . . . Just received our copy of The Progress Record, a monthly bulletin put 'out by Waterbury hospital... very well done and extremely newsy.. .Joe - and. Elsa Noyark ar« in the process of getting ready to move into their new home... quite a project. Prom radio station WTIC comes •word that Mrs. Carl Swanson, 127 New street, has been selected as one of the finalists in the station's "Hollywood Weekend" contest. .. with, seven: other qualifying contestants, she will appear on the station's "Juke,.Box. Jingles" '.broadcast/Saturday afternoon "from 1:45 to 3 o'clock to read the four 1 line jingle, which won her a place among the finalists and to tell her.favorite story or joke. Francis E. Jones, representing the Risdon Manufacturing Co., and John R. Formica of the U. < S. Rubber Co-., footwear plant, were among 1,200 members of the Society for Advancement of Management ' held recently in /New York. - The Army has asked SPEBSq- SA to furnish three morale building quartets to visit Army establishments in, Europe, Alaska, and the Far "East to dempns- . trate barbershop quartet singisg encourage the formation of quartets, nsd furnish entertainment, probably during July. v Mr. and Mrs: Eldon Rohs and family of Quinnffstreet are, in Chicago, 111., where Eldon tending a meeting^of. 1 the 'central board of the Augustana Brotherhood... he's vice-prestdent of the national group ...:!$» expected while they. are. in, the mid-west, they'll -visit MrsV- R/s^family... they'll return to the borough early next'week.? .-,-., 1 .- Town Clerk Ray St. John tells UB that-dog owners, are very slow in obtaining licenses for their pups.. .the .deadline is May 1, only four:'more days ..... to date only about 200 dog: licenses have been Issued by the town clerk, who says there should be In the neighborhood of 600 registered in Naugatuck. The annual freemen's. meeting is scheduled in the Naugatuck High School auditorium at 8 o'clock Monday evening, May 7...'ll probably 'be adjourned for a week as is the usual practice best only 500 people will be able to attend .the session, .for that .would be !maximum capacity of the hall ;..and that number-is less than five per cent of the freemen in the borough ... did someone once say ..that freemen's meetings'. were fair. Approximately 2 00 absentees ballots, have been : sent voters out-of-state, but to date only a hinimum have been, returned... ; they'll be cast In the May 7 bi-; ennial election. i Atty. Hank Marlpr reports h'is I dad .is coming along very- well', at the Waterbury. hospital, where • he's a surgical .patient .... and Hank is.glad to report that his wife* is back in circulation again after being : laid low by the virus bug last week. Mrs, Stratton Kralls, former Park avenue resident,.;. was , a visitor in the borough the other day and dropped by to say hello. Paul Passeck of Beacon Falls was out opening .day of the fishing: season last Saturday, and caugfrt the limit of five from the Shepaug river. BRIDGE + By OSWALD JACOBY Written for NBA Service Panic Gets You Nowhere Fast Interesting facts regarding cancer a disease, it was recorded,the Egyptians In 1500 B. C... .there are more than one. quadrillion cells in the human body and cancer can start in at least one-third of them... there are seven-common danger signals of cancer. ... since 1900 the U. S. population has been doubled, but five times as many people died of cancer last year as died SO years ago ...about 215,000 Americans are expected to die of cancer.this year...cancer kills more women between the ages of' 35 and 55 than any other disease ...fhe 1951 Cancer Crusade is a double attack on cancer by the American Cancer Society ... the local: quota of funds .has been set at $3,000, and there are only a few remaining days to reach this quota so GIVE during tag days in the borough today and Saturday. Ask Ramons. Novak what time she was out picking violets Wednesday p. m., at Delia Scheithe's house ...the Scheithe's by the v-ay have a young- terrier by name, Chubby, who has the run of the house: Written for NBA Service PANIC is a bad basis for the play of a hand, as South found out in the case of the .hand shown today. He was so concerned about getting rid of his spade lossr that he forget to count his tricks properly- Declarer took the opening spade lead with dummy's ace and saw NORTH *A9763 87 SOUTH (D) • KJS4 4QJ8..- WEST EAST AQJ108 ¥J842 *6532 VA10953 4A9872 *A N-S vul. •••-,. South West North East IV Pass 1* 2* 2 • • Pass 5 • ' Pass 6 * . j Pass Pass Pass Opening lead— A Q Stringed Instrument IBiepicted , musical • instrument filtsbodyls shaped like •;• - 13Intei;sticea 14Singingiyoice 15 Insect egg ••. ''" 'VniTOJAL- I'By hand 2 Awn 3 Seine 4 Accomplish 5;Oil(preflx> ' 6 Molten rock ^•Roman'road 8 Italian priest Answer to Previous Puzzle that he could dispose of his remaining spade by' developing a club trick in dummy. Hence he took the ace of clubs, laid down the ace and king of trucps, and then led the queen of clubs, through East. That worthy covered -with the king obligingly enough, and South ruffed. Signing- with relief, he led a heart to dummy's king and cashed th jack of' clubs . to discard his low spade. -'*• At this point, although he did not yet realize M; . South was a dead duck. With, two trumps left in his hand, he could ge't to hi= hand only twice. That would allow him to cash the ace of hearts and ruff twice in the dummy — but then he would be unable, to return to his hand for the last heart.. The spades were not established, zo, South had to lose his slam contract. - , if South had counted his tricks carefully, he would have seen that the slam depended not only on getting : rid of the spade loser, but also, on developing the heart suit. Correct play consists merely in cashing the king of hearts before leading the queen of clubs from dummy. Then, ..after ruffing out the' queen of clubs, declarer is m position to ruff a heart in dummy, my. • .. • .... • . At "that point N deciare'r can cash the ijack pf. clubs, to,, discard his losing spade. ..Now. he has two trumps in his hand but the difference is that hearts have already been ruffed once. He can get to his hand with the first trunip to cash the ace of hearts, asd to lead another heart for dummy to ruff. If East over-ruff s, South makes the rest with the last trump and the last heart. If East discards, South makes his trump by leading a spade from dummy. DO YOU REMEMBER? One Year Ago John. C. Carr of the FBI was the guest' speaker at the annual father and son s banquet of the Naugatuck YMCA. f Mrs Francis Zettlemoyer was elected president of the Women's Society of Christian Service of the Methodist church. ' 20 Years Ago Rev. "and Mrs. Arthur F. Lewis returned from a vacation" in Bermuda, Mr. and Mrs Cecil Gaynor, Springfield, Mass., former residents, visited in the borough. • •. ' CARD SENSE' Q—With neither side vulnerable your partner deals and bids one heart. The next player bids two diamonds. You hold: Spades K-J- 7-4, Hearts A-10-6, Diamonds Q-2, Clubs Q-5-3-2. What <io-you do? A—Bid two hearts. You are "not overjoyed to raise with three-card trump -support,:' but a free bid -of two spades would overstate both the strength of the spades and the value of the hand. TODAY'S QUESTION With neither side vulnerable you rpartner deals and bids one heart. The next player bids two diamonds. You hold: Spades. K-Q- 7-4, Hearts A-10-6, Diamonds 6-2 Clubs K-5-3-2. What do you do? Answer Tomorrows ' .iV- + Questions and Answers Q-T.HOW old is the • willow-ware pattern in china? ,•*•—The Chinese-inspired willow•ware pattern as engraved by .Thomas Mmton. famous English potter, made its bow in 1780 for Thomas Turner. + THE DOCTOR ANSWERS ByEDWEVRJOBDAN. M. D. Written for NBA Sendee to it; lirctted neck. Wg*£™ 23On.;•':••> :??9™* or s 25 Measure of ilan* 27 tardy .;-*'.ii 26 Fasten 33 Pass 34 Keep 36 Stupor 37 Vegetables 42 Thulium (symbol) 43 Corded fabrics ,44;The same 45 Number 46 Spanish capi 49 Little mass 51;Era : , !?-- 5S:MariU!icript • ,.. 55 Measure of . area 30 Kind of radio '' 33 Gaelic 38Ogle 39 Famous. English schoo 40 Near 41?ir:asua£l]r has inetal — i— 47 "Smallest Stat^ (*b.) y 48 Animal -foot 60 Voiced stop 51 Philippine volcano "•*' i - t 52 Former name ol Thailand 1 : 54 Government • *?'"-t -,• ^, sa. f ; z .• -, y-i- \ . i' ••-• -?** f V' & m rt • . 29 U ^ *r <''* '%% -7-"** •.v *i$ M s . f- 3w b ^ **^ " 7 • * *.Vj a .. f 5 *!y . 1*05 y? 9- '-f H ^ ».. zo • U. *~ W Vr'i <0, U» K> *. m ib.-. ~'S •••;* y M i U • -r ST- »:; TJ ' •?. "-" ™ Yl Only The Doctor Can Help Cross-Eyed Child-Operation On Eye Muscles May Be Necessary Parents always have something 'to worry about — if it isn't one thing, it's another. Today two parents ask about the same problem. Q— We have a -two-year-old boy who looks cross-eyed at , times. Should something .be done about this? Mr. and Mrs; W. M. Q— Can anything be done for our little two-year-old boy?. At times he looks' straight ..'and at others', it seems as though his right eye was m the corner side of - the nose Reader: -r •;-.-.;•......,,. A— Both youngsters seem to have a condition known as cross eyes or strabismus.. It Is hard to start treatment so young. or 'at least until the child becomes accustomed to visual concentration. As soon as possible children wh» squint should be given corrective,.glasses and perhaps eye exercises under the direction of a skilled physician. In some cases : it '.may be .necessaryj to ; operate on the eye muscles in order to correct the condition. *. * . * Q — What are some of the causes for shortness of breath in a man of 56? L. SA— Heart disease probably heads the list. Asthma is another possibility. ' Q — Not long - ago'" my husband, who is a locomotive engineer, was driving his car in ; a bad snow storm. He had the car window open and the defroster working which caused .quite. a draught. "Sud- i denly he felt a drawn sensation on the left side of the face, making it difficult for him to laugh. It gradually made his face appear as if his mouth- was going up to his right ear, causing the other side of his face to seem .lifeless. The doctor.calls this Bell's Palsy Can you tell anything about this' R.C.K. " A—I wish space made tt possible to quote all the above letter since « is a beautiful description of Bell's, Palsy: This is 3 nervous affliction and quite often does follow exposure' to cold draughts. There is almost always; complete recovery, though this -may take weeks or months. Medical treatments (especially physical therapy) may speed the return to normal. * * « Q-*—I am 53 years old and my hair is slowly turning-'gray. Are jttie shampoos and hair dyes safe" to use? I am thinking of trying, one A—One of'the' best hair dyes Irom the standpoint of color is afeo rather dangerous because of Us chemical composition. Many of the others—I believe the one referred) to first has been largely abandoned' —are fairly safe, but it is a goofl idea to have them tested on ia small area of the skin before they are applied to the entire scalp. * * * • f Q—I drink tea with milk. Lots of people have told _me that TOO can get hardening of the arteries from mixing-tea'and milk. Mrs JtA, A—There Isn't.the slightest danger. " -;; ;; Q—Is it O.K. for a man of 70 to- Q—Who discovered penicillin.? A—Penicillin was first recognized and named by Alexander Fleming an Englishman m 1929. He. saw it as a form of penicillium, the name given tufts of spores formed on molds or \foungus. Q^-Were the Old and New Testament written in the same language? - A—The 'bid Testament was Written in Hebrew, and the New Testament in Greek with the', exception- of. the..--Gospel according to St Matthew, which was also written in Hebrew. _.•...:. r Q—Bo.the untouchables of India nave :» caste- of their own? - A^- Untouchability, the age-old stigma imposed by India's caste system,, is. abolished under India's •new constitution.- , : ,J?r! IO £ does the United States rank in the production of uranium? , A—The,United States now is the second largest ..producer of uranium iir the world. The pitch-blend area of . the Belgian Congo still remams^byfar the richest on earth' What's Right -^^^^^^^^^^^*^* ~-~^- i—*%^i,-^__. ,J°l! U '!JL m ? h ', n e > «wwt when to get on an ele- : Get ° n the KTrwT """king the cigarel KIGHT: Put out the cigaret 'before yoiii, 8 tep into the elevator walk 5 or 7 ayeragTblocks a day? Has excellent health. JR ' A-Cfc,ngratulatlons to the gentle- ^lan. .As-tong^as he does.not feel tired fnsrn his walking and is not Sufferta^rom so*,e-<iVase which would make it inadvisable, there seem» no reason *>r giving up the watting. ?n .facfe twaiw* ig a good ealerclse for the elderly because it is not too strenuous. ON QUESTIONS .n is'nnaMe to answer .directly individual questions from r^SffV However, once a week, In thi»j^Q-&j A -; commiulie wiU answer *he most interesting and the most frequently asked ques- jtfons received during- the week We Have Your T.V.SET Tke^slcShop ^™ VVWyttlillf tiMtffon| ^^ IIW-CHCBCJH ST. PHONE 528T I JACOBY ON CANASTA ,B*EDWINP. JORDAN, M. D, Writt<sn,for NBA Sfervice Watch Opponents Every Minute Written for NBA Service Canasta is one of the most competitively of all games, If you really want to be a successful player you must recognize the fact that your opponents have cons id erable scope for action 1 and that you must watch them like a hawk Not only that but you must alsc learn to anticipate their probable action. As an example of how to vary your'game with your opponents, consider this : "hand. Both sides needed 50 and after my first draw 1 hold Joker A K-K 9-9 6-6-6 £-4-2. Against most Canasta players I •would meld joker-klng-king and discard a six. My plan would t>c to continue throwing sixes, and the chances - would foe greatly, irt favor; of my grabbing the first discard pile and getting back in big business. However, some Canasta players have a defense against that type of play. If I meld, they promptly freeze the pack. Against suoh players this meld would be vo-'y Ineffective as I would have no pairs and no chance to gvet the -frozen pile. Furthermore, after my $lxes -were gone I would bu Jeft witnout any good discard Against that type of player I would adopt one of two other lines of play I might meld joker-king- king, discard an odd card and play for a quick out, or I might simpily meld nothing, discard my three sixes and*hope to acquire othu- pairs while doing- that. • » s Q—The first person to play, immediately after the deal, melds out at once. What happens td red threes held by the other players? A—Each player puts his red threes aside but does not draw in replace them. Each player Is; docked for the remaining cards in his hand since they are mimeldcd cards. The red threes are then counted as though they had been put down on the table. For example, if the meldpr or his partner have any red threes: they get full credit for them. Their Ridei has melded, so they get the regular bonus for red threes. : However, the dealer's side loses: 100 points for each of 'its 'red: threes (or 800 points if they are- unlucky enough to have all four of them). Their side has not' melded,, .so they are debited for! each re* three in the usual way. Note.that there is no penalty of 500. points for failing to put the red threes down. That penalty is applied only when a player has a chance to put a red three down and. fails to do. so.. In .this case nobody but the first playei had a chance to put his red threes down Rules on wild cards, red and black threes, and meids have been changed by recent rulings. You'l) find them in the- authoritative 1951 1NTERNATIONA1, LAWS'OF; CANASTA. For your copy of thlr easy-reference "rule bok,, send IS cents In coin with your name" and address to Oswald Jaeoby (Nan- gatuck Daily News), P. O. Box 4S8, Times Square Station, New York 18, N. Y. Guy Mitchell This Weekend At State, Hartford Guy Mitchell, Columbia Records sensational - young - singing star, whose recording . of "My Heart Cries for You," has swept the nation, will headline a triple-star stage show at the State -heater, Hartford, this Saturday and Sunday Guy's fresh, exciting talent has brought his overnight stardom Hear him sing "My Heart Cries for You", "The Roving Kind", "Sparrow m the Treetop", "You're Just m Love", and many other lop hits. Co-headlining will ; be The Pied Pipers, "America's Foremost Singing Group", who are known to millions throughout, the country tor their splendid harmony and terrific song arrangements. Also appearing will be Bobby Sherwood, popular band-maestro and orchestra. One of the most versatile entertainers in show business; Bobby sings; plays the guitar, the trumpet'and the piano. Added attractions on the variety bil.l will include Alan Ames, new comedy-impressionist, and other stellar entertainers. Re ransactidns The following papers have been filed for/record- in the office of Town Clerk Raymond"J. St. John: Mortgage. Deeds Edmund and Sadie Kindulas to First Federal -Sayings "and Loan association of Walerbury, prcp°rtv on Maple Hill road. ' Edmund and, Sadie Kindulas to Alexander an d Helen- Kindulas property "on Maple Hill road. : ' Mortgage Release Alexander and. Helen Kindulas to Edmund, and Sadie Kindulas. . TOBIN PREDICTION' • Washington.—iLabor Secretory Maurice Tobin..jsa»:s. thai., by ..the end of next year, one out of.-every six nbje . bodied Americans will be either in thei armed forces or 'in defense Industry. He Bays " a good many workers* will "transfer to, defense from civilian jpbs, but that "more than half of the needed 7,300,000 defense workers will be recruited from the ranks- of* the unemployed. ~ High-grade popcorn, on being properly popped,' ' should increase its volume at least 20 times ON!THEsAIR - ci.Ju«t i; I»l«*n Bill O^Ad Bcatty Sj»rky • .. . WBHY— HI . Schobl HUIUI -.. .WL.CR— Best .'bnUWa*: - X 6:46— WBRT-r-Cnrl , , 6:00— ALL, Stations— New*, WBRY— K 'ChrTptfc:.fSrk G.:1GT-WATR— NAUG-. -iNEIW* • • • WWCO— Sports JJpuridup , TORY— Penthouse SerM*40 : -. M WTIC— strictly Sports- ";; -:•' 6:30— WATR— Von Tobel; Son« A' . . . ,. WWOO— Dinner Revue-; ;^--— •• WTKJ— Emlle Cote . Glfee ' 6 :4b~WATR-rAlf !V«*ti-d'B • Show - ; ^' "£ . .. WTIC-rS Star Ertr«: •.;•-'. WBRT— IX>weH- Thornh* 7 :00-\VATR^-Camp.,l?ickett, Inter' view "•*•••• .'"•• " . - Show WWCO— Newsreel SiOO-WATR-^Rlchard DlamoB*. Prl». .' • JJOt,. ''.'-, .4 - :~. 'Ajt . ". : WTIC— Nero WoUe . ^ WBRY— Play, Radio ! '^••^'!-- : ... JfWCO— Count- ol Mont* Crtato 8:»0— WATR— Thw >i» Tour FBlT * .-sm WTIG--Sain SpRfl* ' - 9:00-jWATR— OB«e «f Harrlrt-;- WBR-Y-T-Hear It Now - WTIC— TUaEriiI!ccnt7>lQ o ,n IKO-AIr' Pore* Hour 9 :30— W.TIG— Dolly's- Taverni "-»••-•«»•• A. "^ -W*tl>J.f«|.- ..' , n ••: WWCO—MaBiurtno TKeaUr tO:00:r-WXIC—liire'of Rlley WATK--Boxlns: Wagner vs. •s-Boooeronl' --.,.. . WCO—Wax Muscuni . ' ~ " for Sale- n pfaort« WWCO.— MUsip You Want J? :45-W*I<3^MtI-r. the X^n7BomB 11 :00— AEL iBtatlons— Newn -•• Sumpb ud 111* ,. . ••> • H :15— WTIC^T^B.'A. •'. • i ,; '. . diy-r ^f Band Gens' ^ , B:00-^Luclty G.-:I : B — Time 5:30— Howdy 6:30 — Faye Em*r»ori l •'•'., • ,' .• S-igrHgwrt. Sp«IUWit> : 7!0£-?KuBa, Fran and -Ollto 7 ISO— Roberta Quinlaa "'' ' 8:00— J 8 :30r«%«»- thi«« People 9:.00— Bfe-'lBto>yj, .*'• "!) rSO-^Henry, Morgan.* .. 10:00 — Cavalcade" ot S 10:45-Gi-e«test •wens- 6:00— The Realr-McK , « ^O-rTh^Earl/Blio*'.;,' 7 :30-«CBg -Television New* ':«— ferry qpmo ••! ; . , 8:30— M-anlAgaliist -.-;9:80— Bergen &, McCarthy 10 '.O— - the Family ^ - ' G SOrrTex and Jinx «:55^? I *Jr 7 30-^Roberta 7 8 OO-fllz Kids O1U« 9 ... i rt flri._-T_r_ LU UU~~J>WJIIJIB •,: - ^-'^ ••"-• LI 00-7-Broaflway Open Houk* WHERE ELSE? The '•- •*.:''.••'< :d. r j"i'. : In Ifaugatuc^'s Largest T-V Service Department: Done In Our Own Store... ; r ^ THE MUSIC SHOP ——JEVERYTfflNG ^8 CHURCH STREiET Work

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