Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 4, 1977 · Page 10
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 10

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 4, 1977
Page 10
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. October 4, itTT 10—The Pharo»-Trlbun«. Logunsport, Ind. Hints iram tee just above the bread, then snip TUESDAY 12:00 ALL MY NETWORKS AND STATIONS RESERVE THE RIGHT TO MAKE LAST MINUTE CHANGES TV KEY O_WTTV—Indlonopolii. 4 on Cobl« CiT—WMAQ—Chlepgo. Not On Cobl» Q_WRTV—Indianapolis. 6 on CobU ;r'_WlS—Chicago. Not On Cabl» O—WISH—Indianapolis. 10 on Cabl. O—WON—Chicago » on Cabl» (D—WTTW—Chicago. 11 on CobU (B_WTHK—Indianapolis. 13 on CobU (B—WNDU—South B«nd. 2 on CabU ffi)— WIFI—Lo»oy«tt». 7 on CobU ffl—WSBT—South B«nd. 8 on Cable QD—WSJV—Elhharl. 12 on CobU Television Highlights BOZO FRENCH CHEF GONG SHOW . (E HERE'S LUCY (EXC. THUR.) Archies (THUR.) ff) AFTERNOON SHOW 12:30' O JIM GERARD SHOW C5J Q JB DAYS OF OUR O Q3 ® AS THE WORLD TURNS m MOVIE •Monika 1 (MON.). 'The Magician' (TUE.l. 'Summer Interlude' (WED.), 'Wild Strawberries' (THUR.), 'A Lesson in Love' (FRI.) 12-58 i7)ABCN£WSBRIEF 1:00 O MOVIE •Edge of the Cily' (MON.), •Green Mansions' (TUE.), •It Started With, a Kiss' (WED.). 'Sand Castles' (THUR.), 'For the First Time' (FRI.) T>ffiQD $20,000 PYRAMID Q BEWITCHED DD OCTORS 0D ONE LIFE TO LIVE P OD© GUIDING LIGHT LOVE AMERICAN YLE CO 03 ANOTHER WORLD (EXC. WED., FBI.) . American League Championship Playolls (WED.), National League Championship .Playoffs (FRI.) Q ANOTHER WORLD O OD FAMO THOMAS 4-30 O THREE STOOGES (5} NEWS [ROOKIES IIDREAMOFJEANNIE . SESAME STREET I LOVE LUCY 4-56 JB GREEN SIDE OF ARDENING 5-00 Q © ANDY GRIFFITH ' SHOW i FAMILY AFFAIR EMERGENCY ONE , ABC NEWS 5:30 Q ODD COUP cv;(B ABC NEWS 8 (r) ffi CBS NEWS MYTHREE SONS OB BIG BLUE MARBLE ©NEWS 6-00 Q EMERGENCY ONE 1:30 2:00 7 p.m. CDT. CBS, The Fitzpatricks. The children decide to pitch in and secure the family finances. NBC, National League championship playoffs. ABC, Happy Days. PBS, Making Television Dance. 7-30 p m. CDT. ABC, Laverne & Shirley. Laverne protects a love-struck Shirley from a Don Juan. 8 p.m. CDT. CBS, M-A-S-H. A prankster sets out to prove B.J. is a medical imposter. ABC, Three's Company. PBS, Mark Russell Comedy Special. 8:30 p.m. CDT. CBS, One Day at a Time. Paul asks Julie to accompany him out of town. ABC, Soap. Jessica and Mary exchange gossip about Corinne. , 9pm CDT CBS, Lou Grant learns the woman he s interested in is the editor of the rival paper. ABC, Family. Nancy's ex-husband plans to marry. „ , 9:30 p.m. CDT. PBS, Americana, "The Only Game in Town." 2:15 Q) LOWELL REMEMBERS on <p HOSPITAL 2'30 Q FORMBY'S ANTIQUE WORKSHOP (THUR.) § 03 m MATCH GAME FLINTSTONES SESAME STREET (JOINED IN PROGRESS) 3:00 O MICKEY MOUSE CLUB C51 GONG SHOW O CAROL BURNETT AND FRIENDS (T)IB EDGE OF NIGHT ' |(B©TATTLETALES I ARCHIES 3 BUGS BUNNY !) BATMAN 3:30 O COWBOY BOB'S 3HRAL (5) ROBERT YOUNG, FAMILY DOCTOR O MIKE DOUGLAS © MOVIE 'Blue Hawaii' (MON.), • Ch arro ' (TUE.), 'Roustabout' (WED.), 'G.I. Blues' (THUR.). 'Girl Happy'(FRI.) O DINAH O NEW MICKEY MOUSE CLUB O) MISTER ROGERS ' f ) MOVIE ( jBRADY BUNCH. U JFIliO Tf4 t^fc-"^ DICKVANDYKETSHOW , AS WE SEE IT reedom of Choice examines. ,the innovative style and curriculum of a Portland, Ore,, magnet school which attracts students from all over the city, in • 'Alternatrve Learning Program.' Providence, R.I., students establish and guide a unique scnool in what was once a downtown bowling alley. OD0DGUNSMOKE 6:30 ?f) $100,000 -NAME THAT Q HOLLYWOOD SQUARES ODD COUPLE MACNEIL-LEHRER rIEPORT ALL ,N THE 7:00 ^TOmLTHETRUTH^ LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP PLAYOFFS The. top team in the National League .West plays host to the winner in the Eastern Division in the first game in this best-of- five series. r?)(BE) HAPPY DAYS 'My Cousin the Cheat' True to the Fonzarelli code, Fonzi will have nothing more to do with his cousin when the youth skips school and cheats on an (0 ffi 0D THREE'S COMPANY •Strange Bedlellows' After a wild party in- Jack Tripper's apartment, landlord Stanley Roper gets up on the wrong side of the wrong bed. OOD&M.A.S.H. An irrepressible prankster from B.J.'s past shows he is still in. good form when his visit is heralded by a report the Provost Marshal is checking to see if B.J. is a medical impostor. O MOVIE "eoonds' 1966 Rock Hudson, Salome Jens. A middle-aged banker gets a second chance at youth, with horrifying results. (2 m''MAKING TELEVISION DANCE • Choreographer Twyla •' Tharp explores the creative relationship between television technology and modern dance. Performances include a rehearsal of 'Once More Frank 1 with Mikhail Baryshnikov and- the premiere, of ' 'Country. Dances.' QD GENERAL ifi ROOM 222 ••( J • JMERV GRIFFIN g) MY THREE SONS ' <:00 O FLINTSTONES ( I GILLIGAN'S ISLAND ( | ELECTRIC COMPANY ( ) GILLIGAN'S ISLAND ( iXC.WED.) Big Blue Marble (WED.) BONANZA D STAR TREK r ,,ZPAfRlCKS The Fitzpatrick children are concerned' abo.ut the family's finances'!, with a new baby on the way and all decide to help out. Sean finds.that he. is not up to holding a job, attending school and being a football hero all at the same time, ' OSTAR TREK 'ByAnyOtherName' . {DNEWS 7:30 QNEWLYWED GAME © ffl 00) UAVERNE AND. SHIRLEY "'The.Pact'- Shirley meets a -. man* who^sweeps.'her ^off •' " her-V'feet,* but Laverne determines :his true colors ' andWies to protect Shirley, ' ''from'' 1 the ''roving . eyed lothario. : CD INTERVIEW Guest: Herbert Biegel, Chicago lawyer. 8:00-QMERV GRIFFIN Guests: Betty While, John Ritter, Jaye P. Morgan, JohnYun 8:30 'Has Anybody Seen Our Ship' On learning that her ex-husband is planning to rernarry 'Nancy tries to break up the relationship. O OD © ONE DAY AT A TIME Ann's temper overheats, Julie's feelings ignite, and it could all be too hot for Paul to handle when he asks Julie to accompany him out of town. Part II of a lour-part story, ©SOAP Episode Four. Jessica Tate and her sister, Mary Campbell, exchange a newsy bit of information about Jessica's daughter, Corinne, and Chester Tate is laced with an ultimatum. 8'58 (TJABCNEWSBRIEF 9:00 O OD ® LOU GRANT Lou is shocked to find out the attractive woman he has been trying to meet Is... . trie rival editor from the 'Today' section of the - Tribune, m MARK RUSSELL COMEDY SPECIAL ,":' Taped Oct. 4 at the State '-''-' University of New York at Buffalo, the witty political humorist begins a third season of comedy-with- music specials, spoofing everything from the X 1 * Washington scene to religion.: ©FAMILY ' •; 'Has^Anybody Seen Our Ship''Oh learning that her ..- ex-husband Is planning to remarry , Nancy tries to breakup the relationship. 9:30 QNEWS Episode Four. Jessica Tate anil her sister, Mary Campbell, exchange, a newsy bit of information • about Jessica's daughter, Corinne/ and Chester Tate is faced with an ultimatum. (D CONCEIVE IT, BELIEVE IT, ACHIEVE IT A look at project preparations by students and teachers for the 1977 Chicago 'High Schools Science Fair. , 10-O OGUNSMOKE , [53 Q (S O O <D (B 00 • (D LOWELL THOMAS | REMEMBERS •Adolf Hitler' Part II. From Czechoslovakia in 1938 through highlights of World War II newsfilm recalls the events that led to the downfall and suicide of.Der Fuehrer, Adolf Hitler. 10:30 © Q <D THE TONIGHT SHOW „ ,. Guest host: George Carlm. Guest: Norm Crosby. rn ffi SD TUESDAY MOVIE bF THE WEEK •Death Sentence' Clons Leachman, Nick Nolle. A- juror in a murder case discovers that the wrong man is on trial and finds her own life threatened by the real killer - her-husband. (R) 6 CD © THE CBS LATE •Kojak: Be Careful What You Pray For' Three Puerto Ricans finance their plans to buy a farm by stealing plumbing supplies. •Anatomy of a Crime' 1969 Darren McGavin, Ted Knight. David Rose is hired tolook into allegations that a woman has 'found a wealthy man's kidnapped daughter. (R) O MOVIE - 'Soul Soldier' 1971 Rater - Johnson. Cesar Romero. ' After the Civil War a select cavalry unit of former slaves was stationed in western Texas patrolling the Mexican border. The Texans hated them for their ' origins, the Mexicans feared them 'and the Indians despised them for being soldiers. (1 hr. 27 min.) . m MOVIE - 'Smiles of a Summer Night - - 1955 Ulla Jacobson, Eva Dahlbeck. A group .of - people switch partners during'a weekend;, at: a; .Swedish country estate In this Ingmar Bergman comedy. (2 hrs:) 11:00 O MOVIE •The Chairman' 1969 Gregory Peck, Anne "•" Heywood. Scientist is sent to Red China to bring back formula for- new Communist-developed ..enzyme that speeds the growth of food. (S.hrs.) 11:57 QWGN EDITORIAL 12:00 ®(]0.TOMORROW Host: Tom Snyder, O NEWS 1207 ©MOVIE Sealed Cargo 1961 Dana Andrews Carla Balenda (1 hr. 54min:) 12:10.® STAR TREK 12-30 O MUSIC HALL AMERICA flS ABC CAPTIONED NEWS 1:00 0 TOMORROW Host: Tom Snyder. BONANZA F.B.I. NEWS FIVE MINUTES TO LIVE picnics where «. .5- trouble the nex Marsha look nea ter. - green DEAR HEIOISE: Try as I might. I cannot get rid of crab grass and I am sure you can tell me what to do, ma'am. I'll be waiting for your answer. - Henry O'Mally • » » DEAR HENRY: I would go to my garden shop u they have many special sprays for your problem., . I urge you not to try to pick It with a screwdriver and try to get the roots up. I found this completely time-wasting. Once you d^crab your own yardby meat on the grill and let It heat No burned hamburger patties whatsoever. Best of all. there was no mess where the fat drips into the fire and causes a flame, thus overcooking some of the patties and having them become too dry. Some of the crowd wanted their meat smoked so she took an icepick and punched some holes clear through the wrapped patty. Also, for those, who weren't ready to eat ]ust then, their patties were kept in Marsha's hot-pot. She told me that she did weiners the same way since the kids always burned theirs- By using her method, all the weiners needed later was a little warming and the kids had the thrill of the roasting Itself. So file this in your sweet brains for the next time you have a burger party or weiner roasting. I think it's great. - Heloise * ,* * DEAR HELOISE: ._> A professional sewing friend of mine once showed me this- ^ ^ ov ^ dear secret to professional-looking j^y-,^ daubed on any frayed creases in those homemade ^g^ f a bric will keep it from pants. '. raveling further? , Before sewing up the leg Wofks e8pec j a iiy well on seams, fold front pieces of pant r - -—•-,„ .. - .1 iir 1 _.>«**Vi>mti«A TO8t~ In the meantime, out at my lake home, I Just decided to cultivate It. In other words... I Just don't bother anymore. You can consider this a -letter of laughter" If you wanna, but It's the truth. — Heloise • » » DEAR of 1:30 2:30 3:30 3:35 legs in half lengthwise, mai- Mr ^ A j.W. ching cut edges. , ,, . • • » Press with, a damp cloth .and.,.. HINTS PROM HIM the creases will be perfectly DEAR HEIOISE: . centered and permanently ^^ ^^ , cake from pressed..-'Peggy Banks ga-atch; or when making bread. •,*..-* « measure all of your dry LETTER OF LOVE ingredients into a plaitic bag. DEAR HELOISE: Twist the top, trapping air In- Thank you for all your help skte anr j give the.bag about 28 and I hope rhave^been of some shakes . ._ help too I think favors ought to No sifting is necessary and aU be passed along - sorta like a of ^ , ng redients will be mixed linked chain of friendship.' - together better man you couW Reader with a spoon. - Dave Sheridan Reader friend, a letter sich "£ EAR ' HELOISE: as yours Is a help anytime. My smaU grandson left long, Even though I am sometimes ^ f /4t streaks from cowboy unable (for various reasons) to ^^ acroti myUghtrblue vinyl use a partlcutar hint you dear Boor COV ering. folks were kind enought to send g^p would not take the in, l love bearlnfe from you. stre aks off, neither would Each and every one of you are dining powder. very important link in my i tried a prewash spray and it -" - - • «'•*•-— « !»*• -- _t«_j *_ Alki* ^*« n*tv L.M.BOYD Sun's reflections burn up the fleet His.ori.ns have ,e,d that the Greek scientist Awhtaedt, ta about 200 B. C. used a big burning-glass to set fire lo Roman shin" b^ieKins his home town of Syracuse. Bur inasmuch .s he cSiidn-l have the savvy to make that size o ! buriunfr L those hlsl or ia n S cou.dn't figure ou. just how he d,d ,t Recently a modern Creek engineer surmised that Archimedes had »Wcn polish their shields and focus the sun s reflections 'r o'n the enemy ships. No, long •f^P'^ 70 Greek saUors. using simulated shields, likewise -in a target offshore and set i. afire in three second,. It's likely you knew thai the old liairy-chesled'Viking drank hb Uq«-, o"' ^ • h"" 14 " h " db ° ne ' W H he .^±f" 80 ' '" "skull" n what he meant when he toasted. Skoal! TV performers contend that television adds about four inches 10 lhTl.ei.hl. and ,. le.s, 10 pounds to theu weights. SAUSAGE SILO. O. "What's a 'sausage silo'?" ^ _. A A big plastic bag more than 100 yards long. The Germans invent i.. A farmer can move i, f'°« .>« anywhere in his barnyard. A special rig tamps mtc , alfalfa or whatever, and the juices of same, as «« cylindrical ,Uo. mix chemically to make- . pretty rich feed for livestock, • Q. -What', the difference, if any, bttween je«ns, Levia and ANN LANDERS His Threshold Of Tolerance Is Low 1 . i. .1 ... 'i if ..rtn Kn/\Lrl»l HflW \\l1ilt corn. mue. J«.« «« »o called because their material n,i.inaUv came from Genoa. Levis are so called because that s A? trade «Tm* of the Leri Strauss pants. And dungaree, „« w «Ued b«:.us. they were fint seen by western-world /sailort in the East India.port of Dunga. SADDLE BOIL Whtakcy. psrdntr. moit whiskey! The big book st h.nd »y» our word "blimp" came from "the sound made by sirikhtr the'•» b.g w,th the thumb It „"' further th.t our word "dirigible" csm.rom the U» word meaning "steersblc." But . schoWy cll.nt .nsiMs lh.t both w«e derived from Nsvy lemw: "Clsss B-Lrnip »nd "Cl»u D-Rigkl." Who's right?, R.membcr. .bout pn« out of "W 100.000 M.,on. csn clthn ihst dtollnction known as the 33rd Degrw. NECKTIES You could buy 109 different neckties every day of the year «ven days a week and still not duplicate any one of them.j; that's how many various patterns are on the m»rket. Most mw. though, only get; three rurvv ones » year, and throw their 0 extras sway, keeping a stock of about 18. Pure protein, spidur woi». Very tasty. At least those jpideri that eat their own webs-rrtany do-rnust think %o. The White House cookbook of just 53 years ago reported th»t»»r»cnt» could be cured by tobseco »mok«, " Dear Ann' Landers: Will you tell me what is wronfi with a man- who conies home dead drunk at least twice a week? He makes it to the ''door, then collapses and is unable to walk or talk. I know he K an alcoholic. What 1 can't figure out is how in the world he can get into such a state of drunkenness on throe eight- ounce glasses of BEKRi How is il possible for such a small amoun'l ' of alcohol to change - an intelligent, good looking, 50-year-old man into an immobilized, drooling, mindless wreck? I'd appreciate an answer.-Mis Wife N Dear Wife: Some people can yet bent out of shape on le-,s than what your husband di inks, while others can put awav a fifth of bourbon and s<.nrccl\ show it. .It 'all .depends on the individual's threshold" of tolerance — and ohviouslv your husband's is very low. Dear Ann: Mywife and 1 Dave been married for 12 \eais. 1 . have a good job. we have a nii.e home and three lovely children. Trudy is a wonderful woman - a full-lime" homemaker and mother. Iwofk nights. I came home early a couple of limes last week i didn't feel well) and found a man in my house When 1 asked' Trudy .what he was doing doing there, she said_hc was just driving by and stopped in losay hello. When 1 asked her how long this had been going on she replied;"About six \ears " ' Trudy says the - : reason s.ho didn't tell mo about his visits was because she didn't want to upset me. Now thai 1 know. I am deeply hurl that she lived with this iecrel lor so long The man involved is a friend \vc used to spend weekends with His is also married., , I'd like'.your opinion on this mailer. -New Discovcrv ' Dear New-: Now that Trudy knows you don't approve of her entertaining a man while you are at'work, that should Di.thc end of it ..I f she doesn't go along, some joint counseling is in order. (Maybe HIS wife should be included i Dear Ann Landers: You said, •Show me a person who is icpeatedh taken ad\dnUige ol and I will show you, someone who allows people lo kicli him at ound Yes, Ann. we do allow in- consideiaUi clods to kick us around \Vo urc so toncc'i ned. with being nice and Inendh and polite - dealing lolks the wav wed like to be tieatcd - that we are incapable of .protecting ourselves agams.1 the heavies 1 -am ,il years ot dge When I was 201 haled myself tor letting people walk all over me I tried, lo-improve and. thankfully 1 did Some-but not enough \ ou say we allow ourselves lo be taken'advantage of You are right But we already know lhat Tell us, how not lo lei il happen How can we he tactful sav what we are thinking wilhout hurting anyone s feelings. - even though they may have insulted us'' Jf you con solve this problem you will have done a a lot of good- for many. — N.C. . : . ' , Dear N.C.: The meek may inherit the earth but Ihey sure get dumped on a lot Wh\ do \ ou feel you must be tacliul when people mbuli you' I suggest counseling Acs — again i Find out who you arc and then von will learn how to deal with bihcis 4nd don't tell me you can'l alford a psvchialriM There are mental health clinics all over to help you get your head togethei Look in the phonebook. •ft »V" T •«»«pir»——- friendship chain: Love you lots - Heloise * *' * DEAR HELOISE: I don't know how many people really get annoyed with plastic bread bags. You see, as slices of bread are taken out of the large, loaf bag, you eventually have a long, flapping bag to contend 'with. . Well, I've solved the problem I keep scissors In my Wtcnen i iricu «jii w»»«i trf**v*f -^-— really worked. As this was new to me; I-was delighted! How did we get little boy* (andglrls— H.) pant knees and - dean Mme we had this lous product? - Grand" booklet How What and When to Tell Your Child About Sex ' For join copy send ill cents in coin alonp with a long stamped. ..-—r --— --- • sell-addressed envelope to Ann - drawer and when I taKe Landers, PO Box liTO, out of the bag, I put the twistem ^Chicago Illinois GOfclI Wasn't easy! - Heloise THIS COLUMN 1* wrmm I" *•"• • • Mlll) nn wMtwvt How lo - Jid n° w i nucn " Find out with XnnLandcTs new Art On Tour PARIS (DPI) - Rubens year will be celebrated in France with a huge show of the lale artist's works in Paris in the fall but also with an itinerant exhibition In the north of France and m Caen WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY 8OZ. T-BONE STEAK / ZOUBUL'S tVIRTTUISDAT NIGHT BAKED CHICKEN $4.00 P,.p.r.w jpt..i. S.rv.d wl* A« Or««n Potetox Chole«elJ»lod,H«Ht.t«»t»r », T«o i STATE tieifc ENDS THURSDAY l" Shewn Tonight TtpOafiOO . Try Our NOON LUNCHEON , Strvtal Mo*. Mm rn.. . 11 AM t» 1PM INCLUDES: POTATO, CIMARRON ROLL AND (ALL YOU CAN EAT SALAD BAR) the movie/ otco//plaxo aSS SHOP PLAZA, AT 2« CAJTJ 732-1300 STUDENT I SENIOR CITIZENS DISCOUNTS iSun.mniTIMin.1 . INtTOHTID WTOW COMMIW 1 MAKCH ! IMANSPOH'S MOST COMIWI^ PACWGI ;: UQOOISTOti BANQUET FACILITIES AVAILABLE KOKOMO ^ FRANKFORT LAWRENCE LAPORTE W. LAFAYEHE NEW HOURS: . „ MON.WEO.THWtSUN. 11 AJ*.t»»r.»». TUES. 11 AM ' T9 If* fU * $AT II AM To 10 PM •i'Vi, , H i." •;(\:l'l J.'ilM^iihnUjH'l/ 'M/ ife

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