The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 11, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 11, 1934
Page 3
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ifONt)AV, JUNE II, 1934 BLYTHEVTLLE, (ABK.) COUBIER NEWS PAGE Mitchell Johns, valedictorian of the senior class, Mary Emm- Lay- «nd Patty Shane, lied for first honors lit the honor roll of tin city high scliool for the tee- I wnwslcr. Fourth honors went to Mtrgnrcl Shaver. Otl*rfv of Ihe 33 on thr roll le, the order of their points yerc: Ocll Branson, Wnndrnw Hall. Anne Tompklns, Versi RaHba, Bessie Sue Arwood, Mildred Biinch, Jane" Branson, Ben Craig, Frank Douglas, Helen Hood, Howard Moore, Elltti- bfth Abraham, Nfplbii Alexander Helen GIpfion, Ira Gray, Jr.. Virginia. Little, Claude Whit worth AH» Mas Judd, Pmncps Ulllr K. B. Rogers. J. T. English. Join Sanders. Burnelle Bradley, Constance Smith, Chiqnlta Douglas Virginia Durham, Frrtiice.s Holland.' Dorothy Kinix mul null Rho«des. Honorable mention is given Marilyn Burnett, O'Neal Norrna Crow, Dorrk Douglas, Em nia Jo Hess, Mildred Hood, Mil dred Jarrett, £ula Mac Kinning ham. 'Glenn Martin, Effic Moore Jack Wllsoif, Thelma Talc am Gwendolyn Smith. In the last term of the semest-i pour near Sioux City, Tn t r v ^L* lllerc WPrc X m the Porches and through his to Prayers for Rain Answered Jiojl. They were In order of points: [-.Mitchell Johns, Mary Eunice Lay- Ison, Patty Shane, Cecil Branson. iMtrjaret Shaver, Anne Tompklns. 1 Elizabeth Abraham. Jane Bran- Ison, Hildred Bunch, Howard Moore, IVera Saltba, Melbti Alexander, Bon ICralf/Woodrow Hnll, Helen Gipsbn, I Claude Whitworlh, Frances Little, I Helen ».Iood, Dorotliy Krulz, Norma I Crow, Eula Mae Kinningham, Vir- Iginia Little, Elfie Moore, John 1 Sanders, j. T. English, Ira Gray, I Jr.. Alta Mac Jurtd, Virginia Dnr- Iham, Emma Jo Hess, Mildred Jnr- Irett, Glenn Martin, E. B. Rogers, |Jan~ Kbchtilzky, Ruth Rhoades, ICcMtance Smith and Buniellc |Bradley. Honorable mention for thl 1 ; term Iwere: Bessie Sue Arvi'ood. Mildred IBunch, Marilyn Burnett., O'Nenl I Crate, Chtqnita Douglas, Anna Dil- Idlne, Dorris Douglas, Frank Doug- lias, William Faught. Naomi Pein- Ibtrr, Pauline Fowler, Mildred Hood, I Virginia Star tin, Frances Parker, I Albert Ridings and Thelmn Tsie. Thu farmer who lived here ho|>ed long nnd impiously fur rnln and he finally (sot. it. When (he down had •subsided, most ot nis Intid wius submerged mul waU-r swirled abo\ii- h barnyard. Drainage canuls mid creeks In northern unit western lown over- Readier Joins Assembly of God Rovival Meeting! The liev. Murk B, 1'nddock. of tuusns City, Mo., hius Joined forc- wllh Mis. Clmrliitte Shook mid HRS I'siiLsy Sinnple, I'Vnnrn'lisls, In hr> I'Ysi Assembly of Otxl i-evlvul | lijin. ttlilrh Is Ix'luu held in! ho ti'iii. ia Second unit Hcyinnv.' Uwls. Mi. IMddoek lius bwi i>. Mis- tonnry H:i|itl.<t pastor urid t'vun- ellst for ->t yciirs. He is n Brmln- to of Wlllliini Ji'Wdl colli-jie, f.lli- Tly. Mo., mid utU'mlMl the New- on Tlioolnjilail Insllliue.llaslon. Mass., m>'.! the Louisville Theological S.'mluary, LouLsvllle. Ky. During the Worlil wur he WHS n iNnlm- ol ihe "Flying So.mulrmi" of Spi-nkm In Franet iind rici 1 - innny. Mr. Piulilork will suenl; m Hie revival tent every night nt a o'clock. His subjects will lie selected from Die fnllovlnfi: Tin' Sinful Christ, Pictures of your Hearl, Tin' Wickedness of Itellglon Jesas and the NUA, 'Hie Slii til' Priiylni;. When Jesus COIIUTI Atiiln, Tlw Cioss-Kyrd Chi'Ittiun, Clod':; Foolishness. The Clod-Crushed Soul, Christ or Anil-Christ. The Mule-Faced Tijmbslo^j, The Clrcut Sorrow, Tin- Secret of, The Orphans of Cio<l, Ymir Emptv Clircir. Egad!! Ahem Couldn'l Keep Hoople Down flowed and the torrents swept ninny .square miles of fnnnlni; country, forcing families to flee homes. New Books Received for "International Mind Alcove" KITCHEN BY MARY E. DAGUE NEA Scrvke SUIT Writer •TJiere's a.^psycholpeical £ome- I thiiiK. about Stmlay morning brenk- 1 fast' that Is : a fine influence on I family-life. 'Other mornings the I meal-must be eaten with one eye 1 on the clock'arid'-the' day's work Imminent, - but' Sunday brings 1 the | luxury of 'time: : : So many home-makers do make I much effort to i serve something extra for Sunday morning breakfast that I am suggesting some menus which may help to take breakfast out of its cvery-day rut. Breakfast' No. I '— Unhulled strawberries with mound of pow| dered 'sugar,- rcady-to-scrvc cereni . with cream, scrambled eggs with I mushrppms, reheated rolls with marmalade, milk, corfce. Choose fine large berries. Wash | thoroughly but do not hull. Spread on a platter to chill. Pack pow- I dercd sugar in a small cup or mold and turn out in the center | of a small plate. Surround with berries and serve. Scnmbkd Ens With Mushrooms Two cups mushrooms cut ii pieces, 4 eggs, 2 tablesnooiks butter, 2 teaspoons flour, 1-2 cup milk, 1-2 teaspoon salt, 1-4 teaspoon pepper. Melt butter, add mushrooms ant saute five minutes. Sprinkle with | salt and pepper and sift over flour Stir lightly with n fork until thoroughly blended. Stir in milk ant cook until thick and smooth. Add ggs and stir them lightly into Cook slowly, stirring and with a spatula until mix t'ure is firm. Serve at once. Gar nlsh with watercress if possible. I not use parsley. Breakfast No. 2-Chilled fres! pineapple and lime juice, ccrca cooked with dnle.s, eggs ]»ac)iei In milk, cinnamon toast, milk, cot fee. If you make your cereal th llieht before add the dates in th morning when it's reheated, you make your cereal the firs thing in the morning, add th dates when you put it over ho water while preparing the rest o The Blythevilte library has «- ceivcd another shipment of books of the Carnegie Endowment for its International Mind Alcove". The*; ooks, given to certain public llh- aries to be placed in -special rcad- ng alcoves, are chosen from the nosl rccsnt publications tliat bear uixm the custoriis, art. culluie, government nnd geography of foreign nations nnd peoples. They [ire free to library patrons. After having been on the waiting list for more than two years, the local library received the first of these books last October. Pour or five nre sent at rcyular iuter- n (of three months. These books, which if retailed would cost from 53 to $5, are sent as gifts to the library. The purpose of the International Mind Alcoves is to assist readers to gain a wider knowledge of the people of the world and thereby a larger interest in them A review of the books in the lust, shipment, given by Mrs. H. A SniEth, librarian, Is given below: "My Russian Neighbors", A Wjcki>lcc<}r-"This book I read straight through at one sitting. The author a Britisher, tells ply nnd informally of his experiences in Russia where he hits ved 'for U-n years. While T do iot nyi'L-e willi some of his views found every- word in the book nterestiim and heartily recommend The quick-cooking ce excellent made in th the meal, reals are morning. Breakfast No. 3 — Cantaloup with minced mint, rcady-to-serv cereal, cream, broiled liver and ba con, Scotch scones, milk, coffee. FacUry Avthwhed FEIOIDAIRE SERVICE Genuine Frigldalre Parts Factory Trained Mechanics Reasonable Charges D»F (7 -rh«M- Nfefct 414 Everett B. Gee Sales Co. 4« M*te Si, Nevada Silver Boom Created House Shortage VIRGINIA CITY, Nov. (UP)— Steady Improvement in Nevada's silver camps has resulted In u housing shortage. The shortage has Iwcome so iicutc that, prospects are favorable for an extensive building development. Travelei-s, e.s[>eelally salesmen, ro]X)rl they have to ''double up" when slopping over at, the Chill melons over night and cut si before '.serving. Do not pu '. in them because it impairs the vor. Scotch Stones T* p » cups flour, '2 tablespoon: utter. 2 teaspoons baking now r. 1-2 teaspoon salt. 1 egg, 3-4 p. cream (about). Mix and sift tlour, salt and bak g powder. Rub in butter or her shortening with pastry blen- er or two knives. Beat egg with ream, using 1-2 cup to start with, ake a well in the center of the ry mixture and pour in egg and ream • mixture. • Stir until well ixed. The dough should be quite oft. If-too stiff add more cream. urn: onto a lightly floured mold- ng board and roll into a sheet bout 3-4 inch thick. Cut quarcs and brick with a fork. ake in a hot oven, for fifteen linutes. The oven should be 425 egrecs P. to those who care lo read the lonest cxpicsslan.s of a genuine idmirer of the Russian system whose eyes nre not closed to IU uauy defects." "Undiscovered Euro|«", E. A 'owell—"This book deals with a lumber of the small countries which rarely figure in the international news of the piess bu which nre familiar to us all. Tin i r ery names Ijiechtensteln, Andorra and Monaco arouse our curlcsily Tiiere is so far as I know n other one book which treais o all of these picturesque and unusual little kingdoms nnd republics. chapter is a story in Itself, although the whole book can be read at one lime." "Government and Politics of i Italy", II. U. Spencer—"We nre I all interested lo learn about Italy, but are perplexed by books which are either given lo indiscriminate praise or bitter criticism of conditions now prevailing in that country. This book is a fair analysis of the present government and politics cf Italy and is written in clear simple language which can be easily un£eistouu by the general reader. "Sweden". Agnes Tlothcry—"We ; Americans, .ought especially to find it interesting since it presents the life of the Swedish people hot only in history and loniancc. bu; in tlic practical working out ot such problems as we nre now facing In the New Deal. The discussion of theso modern developments in no way overshadows the fascinat- camps. From Toiiopnh. Manhattan, Round Mountain and Silver Peak come the reports of a shortage of houses. Here and in Carson City, the state's capital, there Is also rt shortage. The silver camps are enjoying a steady boom. In the past when one camp was flourishing it was customary lo borrow houses frotn neighboring camps and move them. Male Eagles Stage Day Long Battle (or Female ASTOftlA. Oie. (UP) —An nerbl bailie lo ihe donlli of Iwo malt- bald eagles for possc>;:;Ion of n mate was wlllicsst-d by ivsIdcutK of the Young's nay cllMrlcl near hera Participants were n veleran, who had lived there with Ills male f(ir more thnn l?n yeaivi nnd a young' freelwoler who cnst covetous eyes on Hie fi'inale bird. Tin- eagles fouiil-.l for almost an cnlire d-y. scpjiniling, then chnif;- ing I0[;c(!:er. Occasionally tufts of bloody fenlhers drifted down. At dawn the nesl day they continued, but the old bird wns wcnkcr. l-'inallv he plunged to the earth dead. The conqueror took possession of tin- nest, the female apparently accepting (he change as n mailer of- course. Lily Pons Will WedPhysiciau Cirnt Ahvrii, »)io ilruwi. "Our Hniisc." .last Read Courier News Want Ads, whitt kind of man I.s jle for Iliu linmnrtul Major Hoopla?' Well, his nume Is Gene Ahevo, and he's a Uill, dark-haiicd, liluc-cyed lii;,liman.. ..born In Chlau;o who lives In Hollywood. He broke Inlo the art, UMIDP ilnini: n litll^ lilt o( evorylhliiij turned to .sport car- loons— then to cumlcs — iind finally started "Our Boarding House." He's Lecn drawing ''Our Boarding House" for 12 ycms atnl Ls pi'etly well dominated by the major.... Just unother cnse of not, being uble to keep a good man down. The lowdown on Hoople Is that AhLTii's famous cartoon ran for inonllis before- the nmjor nuidr ills muieariince lii'lnnlnn to life Ihe Mullchausen of the funnirs svus Just a hiipjiy iiftcrltioiiclil. Ahmi Is an ixpsrl on slims;... the life of Hie party when he to be — mid u collector of In his more serlnus mo- metils. ..Krudrrs jutt can't go away on vacation mn4 leave Major lloople and Ibt "IVvirdlriff Htuse" jrani brhhnl. 'Ihfy'rr railing the clrcu Ulliu department every day, to rrqimt (hat the Cwirlrr News be »crt to them. There's a tip I }<m! Thine 3*8. I.lly 1'ftin will warble L lovo notes with n<iw In her fit- : lure appearances, for tlio fainted .Melroiiolltan opera' Blnger, ; biuiwii liore, has succumbed to ! loinuuce. 'Confirmation In Riven \ by niemliors nf her staff thut nlie ! v.-lll liccouic DIP l,r!d« of Dr. i )''r!(7. von ilcr llecke. on I lie (iPiRian liner tlio ii' Relievos I'i'riiHlii' Pnins And Nervousness Women who sulfer severe pain and nervousness at monthly per- icnLs. din: lo iXKjr nourishincnt' as ntlen shown by n, rim-down condition, may find Cnrdui as liclpful as s» inaiiy women Imvn reported. Here Is what. Mrs. Curl Graf, of Gcoigetown, Fla., writes: "Cardiil has keen very benellclnl to me— having used 1L us a young girl and since when lit a run-down condition, f can testify to Us relieving pain during menstruation periods and as a ' tonic for women.".... Thousands of women u-stlfy Cardill benefited them, if it does not benefit YOU, consult n physician. —Adv.SCPS ing presentation of this picturesque country which lias .teen called the most civilized country of Europe." Tomorrow's Menu BREAKFAST: Stewed prunes, ereal, cream, rice omelet with ba- on ctirls, crisp toast, milk, coffee. LUNCHEON: Jellied vegetable .alad, graham bread mid butter ,ndwiche,s, strawberry tapioca pudding, milk. tea. DINNER: Fruit soup, fricassee of , creamed carrots, spinach and egg salad, chocolate milk, coffee. cream jelly. Do; Went lo Jail With Muter PORT CLINTON, O. (UP) When his master was jailed here large police dog took up pemia- ment abode in the jail yard where le could hear his The man was awaiting grand jury ction. Th« Nicest LAXATIVE f«r Busy People Just as auto* liave replaced horses, scicnra has Jcve?ni>c-d and Jimvcii a new, more llxjrough and prompt-acting bia- lletl Fcen-a-mint live call I-Wn-a-minl i» Ihe delirious clieiving gum laxative. It •-•ontains a lantive ingrnlicnt ro^nbrly prescribed by physicians. l''«n-a-raint M iKll.r than nld-fashionnl l.iwlivt). IM-- i-auscdieting distributes tire lixntivcuni- formly into the s.vjlrm, thus insuring a "full' action without shock or irritation making (^hesteifielcls ...\ycuscmild,-ri{x;.Turkish- : and Domestic tobaccos'..-.'.:to- -.' • • baccos carefully seicctqdifor their ; . smoking qualities; that is, for . • . their good tnstc and mildhcss. ' ; ' ' . . •...'.'.•.•'..-•. e cigarette paper ... that we use for Chesterfield is tested again and again foir. three things .... purity, the right burning quality, no taste or odor. The right paper adds to Chesterfield's milder better taste. In cvcn-Oie ddicale digestive organs of children. The prompt, gentle hut complete action o! >'fca-a-raint doa not •yitcm of coiulipation'i hc-iilacliM «n NOTICE Under a new state law poll tax must be paid on or before June 15 to qualify for participation in the August Democratic primary and the November general election. C.H. WILSON Sheriff and Collector • UM, lltwrr * KTWI TotMtt C«, the cigarette that's MILDER the cigarette that TASTES BETTER

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