The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 24, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 24, 1931
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY. JUNE 24. 1931 W.YTI1KVU.I.K. (ARK.) TOU1MRK NKWS Where Most Popular Girl Will Enjoy Two Weeks' Vacation President Overcomes Distaste for Publicity in Interest of 'Reelection. HV KOIIMIV DIlTCllIiR NEA Service Writer WASH1NOTON.— President Herbert Hoover, once press-agenlcJ as "the greal humanitarian," is no'.v being put forward to the country as a human being. There have been opposite view? about the I leaver personality. OIK.' held him to be a ct,!d, unsympathetic, fish-like and short-iem- pcrcd individual whose emotion? were aroused only by statistics, crilicism ov thoughts of n second term. The olher pictured him r... a warm-hearted lov.'r of children, dumb animals nnd hi' ft-lb'-v man', a red-blooded devo'.-je of fishing and the outdoor lifo; : charming comrade among hi> friends and. above all. a n'n'ei and modest superman who woiked sympathetically and ceaselessly in th'f interests of his countrymen dnriir.- a period of suffering and cl'jprct- sion. Knowing the "Real" Ilonver Next year Mr. Hoover comes U] for renomination and re-cleelior and it is very obviously good politics for Ills friends and slipperier to promote that second conception of Hoover among <br voters and eradicate the first. Hence, a delinllc attempt was begun a f'jv. montlis ago to "humi-.nize Hoove: 1 ' and dramatize his personality the theory that it was only fair all around that the iicople. should b allowed to know the "real Hoover.' Hoover himself has always shown an aversion to such practices "baby-kissing" and lo letting t!r public in on details of his private life. His friends say he has I'.ere- lofore refused lo allow himself tc be dramatized according lo the ac cepted fashions of political bunk um. Hut he has relented. Thai' why the newspapers have late!) carried so many pleasing little "hi; man interest" items about the pres ' ident and his family. Thc Harding Triliule Hoover's tribute to Harding, hi ' • former chief, at Marion, O.. contain ed more evidences of personal etno tion (Inn any other siicech. h has made. Its warmth largely dis pellcd the ill-feeling and enibar rassment caused by the tact tin the Harding iMamcrfcl had son several years undedicated. Hoover now makes a deliberate effort to "contact 11 pleasantly with people. He is careful to smile for photographs—ho wasn't always s: careful. At the recent big Republican dinner in Indiana he very humanly invited everyone to remove Ihcir coats. And while his train was en route during his speaking lour he and Mrs. Hoover meticulously appeared on the rear platform wherever a group waited and the president had impromptu words fo; ail. But the change in Hoover and his altitude toward his public has been most distinctly marked in his daily life at tlie White House. Alnnj? Came. Joslin Time was when a reporter whc wanted to write a feature slorj about Hoover ran inlo a virlini stone wall at the White House The president, it appeared, might as well have been a block of ice In so far as concerned those littli human litbits of iieur, lhat mosl people like to read about the great But about, three months a°o ,newspaperman named Theodore O. Joslin of Boston was made Honvcr'r secretary, with the job of contacting the correspondent?. Things .-e- gan to be different. The most startling innovation ol fL the "humanizing" effort was Ihe use of a National Broadcasting cfim- pany representative who spent i day in the White House and than went on the air to tell the count;-) about "a day with Ihe Hoovers." Soon after Congress adjourned the Hoover grandchildren for t'r.? firs! time were allowed Iheir fail share of publicity and the newspapermen were fed many chnnnlne litlle anecdotes about !hcm. Mrs". Hoover .spoke over the radio and the country was allowed to lean that she had been knitting sweaters for drought sufferers. The women's division of the Hoover emergency employment committee issued a long story about. Mr. Hoover as an (r'rt/lr n.t-1 jule= Rive n ji!c.i!iniU tartness to till fiull ptmelK-8. Another |Kilnl that adds Immensely In the llnvnr of frull bev- ira.Hi's Is the addition of grnlcd lemnn ilml (o tlio sugar syrup. Make n ";-1mplc" syrup us usual. When rixjkii]. add Hie grilled rhul uf two li-iiimis for every cup of MiKiir usi-d nnd Id stand until cool. Slriiln and bi>Hle or use us wanted. linsptiTry shrub is Invitingly Init, nukliiv U nn Ideal thirst (luencliin- and cooler. However It 1 1. 1 . :n>l us ijood n drink for children tis "adi'" uf soint! flavor or n trull punch. liiwn-ups nnd iluisc persons who would rediite their wd|(ht will especially appreciate this dclluhlftil, old-lime ilrlnk. l!a:.|ibirry SJirub f|ti!ii-is uf rasplwrlcs frod 01 black). I 'quail in-annlnled Mignr. elder vlncgnr, pick over fruit. Put l;i.'irli'.s niul vlncxnr Into » stone 'ar :IIM| MI .stand for 'Hi horns Ketp covered wllli n chilli. Strain lhrnui;!i a Idly lias nnd measure Juice. nnl Uv nin for cup of sugar jnU'i\ I'ul tnio preserving Hi-llle :iml bfill I en minutes. Pnm Inlo slcrill/ed bolllrs and seal. Dilute nilh Icr- walcr la rerve. ' (Continued from Page One) Ulg Lake townslilp. Tills rain was. very beneficial, because tha early corn hail been rapidly drying iipl Tin; cotton, and truck crops were also benedtlcd by It. Some of the old residents nrc prophccylng more r.iln this morning, due to having spi'ii a rainbow In the west just after sunrise. This "is the first one that has Icen seen In the west for n number of years, and -lt-b> saltl to be a better sign of raore ruin limn n "flying horse." Tenn«sr« Gets Rain '•' MEMPHIS, June 24. (UP) — Fears of drouth over northeast Ar-- knnsns wlierc last year's crops were" burne<l and many fields vrent uh- harvcstcd were ulssliiatcd today fol- I lowing hard rains of the past 24 T(lM<)ltltOH"S MH KA I? PAf-T— Wa t n melon cones, j hours. Tern Fivnrti omelet, r.iilk. cnfTee. gralmm muirins. I i UNCHTON—Toneue and celery l alad, uholi' whenl bread and bul- sandv.'ich'K. baked cherry pud- Ileie, nesclcd among the pine-: includes a quarter minion acres of, is lying sponsored by sixteen lily- ] P.ubinson, Maiirine nrnnson, Eve-1 hnliols arc K lvcn lire Hirnix clad hi!!:; of New Mexico's Jeincz: forest preserve. TIM buildmss j Ihevillc licuscs ccoperatinr; with I !in linnvoll, Alberta Elliott. Mnr-1 Way Cleuncrt New -•ompanion ol h-?r own choice. Ihe ranch, until recently Ihe private estate of a \vcallhy man. tennis, aichery and cowboy sports.| |wse at each store. j Mary Do WTOSC. Hayti, and The dip lo Raiicho ttea is thei Tlie yoniv; ladk-u competing for siula liuiton. CiiriilluTsvlllo. i:ri/i: in u popularity contest which | ll-e prkc are ll-.c f.Iisses Martha! The business plaeo.s at which PEH'CBT W1I! Mrs. Mary Susan of Canvthcrsviile Succumbs at Aoe of 81. Vlr- Hiibbard The and llallery Citianl Jewelry store, and the Ncv Vork Store. evaporation cook you; hence there | present act as a lo:ilc and mild I shape for canning can be nwd (o is: sontl reason for sipping a cool- j siimu!anl. ' '' ini; beverage not only In immediate ! Xo , Ton Swc( , t clfecl but clfrcl." 11 Is also • lhat simer a!c in lhc ultimate j when ||nk| . S5 ,,, p Thc ([ . llU to know j lu make them lu yon arc rclreihminl, lake care not wnsll=(] „,„, crushC(1 lo cxlract lhc ns drinks for | Juice. It is scalded with or wilhaul r and sealed In slcrlllzrd 'jiiis I g/. •• " " 's ;»••>» 'nu.'i«uiig 10 KHU» { •- •.••~ ........ ..u . ,„..."="6." Slnca suuar ads as a preservative ' ' lint pimnr TV in.I innimiiTiblp i' S J !I '| J ls belter lhan plain sugar ,, , '• -,.^^, i B—"V •'' , sm -" 1!> ' c a ' lli "i" 111 '- 1 ^ 10 !,,,. ,, w ,, P t rain? . Thc „.„,„, or ,„,, it is a gticd plan lo mid it before If LJ El Kl ! ^«ra g es maHc v,nh : r . nl , lwil (IljnK : ls morv blAml „„,,,,.„,„„. UI10 C11|) ^ at (0 rallr j Vo*nCaN' " char B cd " m ' "catbonaled" water i smooth, nemembcr that Ibis syrup cups Juice t-, a goo:! proportion to -^____ ,,_\ al . e hi.-aUhrul drinl-.s. according io I ads as a dilutent as well as u uw. BY SISTliU MAIIV SKA Service Writer Tlurt i:; much salLsfaclion !'.nfjv--i:i'/ thi'.t we mav (he- Cliemirra] Research of the U. S ncpartmcnt uf Agriculture. These and inust be Cdnsidcreil \sliea water is addt\l. milk. ten. -llol louiiilo ^auw, new In narslcy ln'lt»>r. creamed kohl rabl, fresh fiults In niniikjc >llv with nhlj>]i.-d cream, ii^ilk, colfct. iKratnre.'i dropped noticeably during the storm. The heaviest fall mis recorded n't Blythevlllc In the- most northeastern corner of the' stole where lolal rainfall «as 2.2S Inches. Winds blew farther south but the' ' ccnlcr of the drouth area of lust meal loaf will) year received 1.94 indies of rain.' In Zurich Seeks More Consuls in Americas ZURICH, (UP)— A demand for mere ndcqunte. illulomadc and cmnmprrlnl rfurcrcnlatlon In Ccn- linl and South Americn has just l.:en made, by the Zurich Chamber of Commerce. Tn Its nnual report It Is pointed out (hat this Is more than justified by the trade figures of the past year. Three I.nlln American countries western Tennessee farmers also ben-' elllted from tlie storm which spread' over the upper mid-south late'lust: night and continued until early. morning. Covinglon, Term., reported four- Inches of ruin and Jackson, northeast of Memphis, received 1.97 Indies. Northern Mlsslsslpol had but n light fall. However, fears ;ot a drouth in that, section wcrc'/dis- slputed .several weeks ago when 1 heavy rains fell. Comlimiitiun.s IMny llr B(Rt Dnn't hesitate to combine fruit, beverages are of some food value if your refrigerator is stocked; juices. Tlie excess Julc? left from alone, Chile. Cnlninbl!) and Vcn- micla. wllli n total population of 14.000.000. purchased Swiss prod- vcls [or onlv 5.MO.OCO franco less than tbo three-Balkan states of ewce. Turkey and Jugoslavakla j with twice the population. The Chamber Insists lhal lhc Swiss f«lerul government in Ihe establishment of legations and consulates has therefore attached loo much linportince to the Bal- tho Am- BOSTON, Mass., (UP) — Chronic bone Infections have beei\ treated sucecEsfully by the use of larvae at Boston City Hospital under direction of Dr. Frederic J, Cotton, noted surgeon. Tlie larvae, an early farm of certain insects, nrc placed In the wounds with :thp -ra-' suit that many of them have healed quickly. ..., .-.^ . S' • •••*.i CARDTHERSV1LLE, Mo.- Mrs. | — ",;,-„ " ;', ; '"';-" ""^ • ~ clue Lo I Us sui'ar uw.l in their i K iih ;l bottle of sugar syrup, fruit canning small frulls and lhc juice l« 0 C l I lorlincc Mary 'Susan llrasher. one of the I'.'! ]1, ;"' s ii,,,. ,° » coil ™hi^ m!ll: " IB ' wllil " tll(> r ''" il J" ic -'-" i^'.'up nnti ginger a':e. you eau make Ircm canned f,nils can always be H°,"„ ',, , „ ° '„ '1 oldest cilizsns of rjaruthcrsville nivj, "'/i:..,;.,.,,;'":. .,';.""'',!;, I acids «nd rxlracls and olher Hrx- n delicious y.eslful drink on u min- used lo ndvnntare In summer I »>..„. . PemLvot county, and K manlier =t !-JV, n i",^ p. ,r-ni''"i- n' vnl ,, /;,'; vo '" fmnl nrolnntlc luil ' 1;!i -" l!l : '°" ls nle's notice. ' ' ' .drinks. ' " pi •>•»>. j^ one of ihe first families »t H'^ j aH "sofi drink. is"o'f"'i;iimp 'iin'iioi''-1'" V ' 1 '" -" :i " u; c " r ' M1 '"" : " k '- uab [ U '"' L "° L |ls! ' tL ''' t pno "S h '" ! ««membcr Iliad lemon and lime' Tiead Courier Mews county died at ner home in fnU whj , c j,-. f it ^ ,[..] -_-- ..... city at 1240 pm. Tuesday, death | d , fl j ^ •_• being due to Infirmities of oia a:-e.! , .„..,„,, Mrs^ Brasher was torn April Hth. C ^ "^Vorken, 1,11 us ihal ^^^^^^^A^^^J^.Z^.^^^ outdoor girl. Th I .and Tntrrvirws e rear grounds of the White House were oiwncd to tourists at noon eacii day and the HoDvers wavcci greetings from (he balcony The president Invited Bryan Un tiedl. youthful Colorado bus disaster hero, lo (he White Hon.v! wit:the assurance that, "there's a txn worth knowing.'' 7fe even granted an interview (o a magazine— presidential interviews are unheard of things— (in the subject of child welfare. The magazine has a large female circulation. 'Tinman Tout-tics" Ted Joslin. meanwhile. let it b? knrnvu how well Bryan Untied', mil Hoover were petting along tc^clhcr. released a story about iiow much oftener Hoover used the telephone than other presidents hr.rt. compared tlie numbers of Hoover and RADIO REPAIRS Plionc 121-122 I Louis Gi'oon - Julius Shide\. Mrs. Brasher was tern April l-i;r,. 1850. She c.imc to this caun'.y with tier parents, JCKSD and HulTman more than sixty years a':o. Mrs. Brasher is survived by her hiisban;!. Judge J. M. Bras'.-cr. a former jurise of Pemlsf:o'.- eo;;niy. one daughter, Mrs. Mairtc Iwo SD:IS by JL former marriage, Sieve Pato of cottonwosd 1'oiii!. and W. J. i'ate of Marianna. Ark., two brothers. J. U. Huffman, m.iyor of Canulierivilie. and E. S. Huff- mail, court cicrk, ar.d numerous othrr relatives and friend.--. Funeral services were l-.slii at the family hoir.e lliis ir.ornin? at 9:30 o'clock, wilh the Rev. C. R. y.'a'!.-:, pastor of Hie Motliodlst cV.urch. :.f- ncialin 1 Prairie Untierlakin 1 Rtse.irch workers tell us, llial "-.vater has the inopeiiy ol absorb- ed by that heat than other substances. It will absrn-b '.lie heat frn:n youv body, and in passing o!f in tile form of perspii-alion tin Interment '.va? in crnistory. vviih La company in iMnr Ekron News Noicn Ekror/s seoor.d ball ieam lo-t !o Shadv Lai:e. Snnriay afto'1-.e.on by ilie score of 37 to 2. Mifs Marjcrie Conner war, tl;e dinner gue:,t of Miss Eeflha Will- iaiv.s. Sunday. Miss Otha Brag? had as her | guests Sundny. Mi.-.s« Iluisc and j V/ilina Kforgan. Mnry Ingram and ! V.'alterine Austin. | A danro was enjoyed by the j young folks of this community at! the home of Mr. and Mrs. Cla::c!e j Duncan. Saturday nisht. j Mrs. Charles Nichols ,who, l-.ns I been seriously ill. i.i improving. I ^frs. Heart i'.ad as her week cnri' ^uest, her daughter of noar Clear' Lake. i Wynona Ford returned home j Saturday from a !wo wrcks visit | with relatives and friends at liur- i dettc. Mr. Jim Western of I.l'lle Rock | spent the first part of last week | R'ith relatives here. Mis,scs Orena Huchens, Morene I Lewis. Jane Ore and Messrs. D.-.n j MuHoney, Ted Brock and Jessie! Slull were diniirr pue.=ts of Miss i Velu-.a Lee Movan. Sunday. | Mr.-,. Newt Holmes cnlerlalnnd a few of her friends with a bridje party Thursday evening. eucst cf Mrs. T. M. Richardson, Sunday. Miss Ooldie Mae Richnrdsr-nj spent Sunday with Miss Mar"!"! Taylor. ! MiFsc 1 -. Mary and Helen Ralph I s]K-ni Sunday with Miss Shlrli-y Garner. " I Hmislon Fisher of Dycrbburc. [ Tenu.. is visitin; his sisler, Mrs. ijPonai-d King. ; M. C. Ralph and daughter. Mrs. Fdilh Alexander of Round Lake vhited Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Ralph, : Sunday. Mr. and ftfrs. T. . liailey and i daughler. Ruby synmt Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. \V. A. Scott at Trac-hcy Lane. Mr. and Mrs. James White attended lo Friday. business M'HnphL 1 :. Weal; Tim/. . J Co/ili/n't Work Clear Lake Farm speeches and confided There will lie nn i?e eream pup- IKI- a! the C!car Lake I'arm sdinol lioiise Saturday nisht. July -Illi. Prcvecds will po to tlv church. Everyone Is invited. Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Lev is t!ie dinner guest of rt!v .and Mi's. Charlie Tnylor. Snndiy. Mrs. Wilford Stafford was ti:i; "humanizing" effort is no radical >.4 j Coolldje many litlle While Ilouso occur- tial practice. Such efforts 'are nat- departiire from previous pr«::!:n- "T \\*AS weak ar.J ru;i (Town nnd i-conTJn'i wurtcniuih. Somedayi I \v,i«; in hcJ nil ihy ... 0:1 ;iccmn.t of It-male wca^ncs^. "My cntniti rccommcniTccJ ycnir Vegetable Ccmfxnind rn nic anil [ Ik-pan (akin:; u riglu a\* jy. "\ sure fee! J&c a new \votmn. \\'ork all d.\y jiul ,1.11 strom;t'r ,:ml feel line now. "I have onlj- (a!<cn 3 txwilcs hit J ftnirid relief in ific li,-\t <mo 1 t«vk. I rcitwmcrcl it to any woman \\\n\ iuffcrsrtsIdM."-—Mrs.C IMUu!.-,, R. K. r\'o. 2, Promise City. Io\\\i. rences previously denicct the correspondents. ThU sort of Ihing goes right on nnd Its publicity value to a political candidate Is enormous. Tim bix ural and probably inevitable. The thins that attracts .so much attention to this one Is that it has veloped suddenly and conic alone; with aneh i\ rnfh. They're MILDER Drive a peg down there! They TASTE BETTER Drive a peg down therel 9 1931, liGGCTI Si MrtiS TOBACCO CO,

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