The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1965 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 3, 1965
Page 7
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(Ait.) Courier Wews - faturtay, April 9,1995 .. Pig* 8erea OUI MARDINO HOUSE -With Ma|«r Hoo* OUT OUR WAY •y I. R, William* •TO* «•«**«« IA3«V«IMt«OOyRAM JM6*A*6 HOW PRINTS ,C1W«»1HS CEILM* AND! 'OO'Rfe W6ARIM6 THeOILV MOEStHATHAVS^TBKN YOU FLY 1HKOOSH THE AIK AOAIrt •WAMUSTB* J tEANDSR'i DOlrtS.' — BUT /MAYBE I MM TAKE ' ADVANTAGE OF MARTHA'S ^( se0i>-i/*fcietf — • - -*• HISSING SOlWOfJ SlSvV LEAK/ "No, I can't guess what you're playing! But I can sure "Far be it for me to pry, but It looka like a big day for guess, where you're not going to finish pitying it!" the Carters—jqnk-wiM." Television—Tonight, Tomorrow—WREC Channel 3. WMCT Channel 5 and WHBQ Channel 13 WRE£-ChuMl I tat. April » COD Muastera (:30 Jackie Oleuoa 7:30 OlUlEens Island t:00 Secret Agent 9'00 Gunsifloke X0:00 Ten O'clock News 10:lli Weather 10:15 WUlUon Playhse. lj:2i News i WeatUer 12:30 61U Off Bun. April« T:» WHO ior -i-mur (-00 The Christophers 8.oO Travelogue fl:00 Lamp unto Feet 9:30 took up ~nd Live 10:00 camera 3 10:30 Early MOTle 11:30 Early Movie 1:30 CBS Spent Spec. 3-00 CBS Golf ClaEIlC 4:30 Amateur Hour 5:00 20th century 5:30 world W»r I 6:00 Lassie 6:30 Favorite Martian 7:00 Ed Bullivan 8:00 For tue People *x'Q Csnaid camera t:30 Wlat'« Mj US* }0:00 OBB He*i '0:15 Late Movie ..:« News and W««>«o. 11:55 81m Ofr Mon. April * «:15 Bunnee Semester »:4» A«jt« Tie liiouos 7 00 Good Mom r U 1:00 Capt Kan 9:00 CBS Mewl 9:30 1 LOT* bu 10:00 Andy of Mayberry 10:30 Steal McCoys U:00 Love of life MM OBS Mm U-.JO Bwnb Mr Tom U:49 Ouldtti Light 12:00 Deoember BrlUe U:W A» tb< World T 1:00 Jasewort 1:JO HousepaKy a** TO Tell tb* tbeTnMh 3:99 CBS News 3:30 Edge "t Nl S:00 Seoret Storm 3:30 Early Movie 5:15 WREC-TV Sew» 5:25 Weatbei 5:30 Walter Cronkltc I:uu Amok tl' Andy 6:30 To Tell the Truth 7:00 I've Got a Secret 7:30 Andy Orlfflth 8:00 Lucy Show 8:30 Many Happy Ret. t:00 CBS News apec. I i":00 New I 10:10 Weather 10:15 Late Mov> 11 :M News it Weather Tues. April « •:1S Sunrise Sementei 8:45 Above the Clouds 7:00 Good Moraine 8:00 Capt. Kangaroo 8:00 CBS News 9:30 I Love Lucy 10 too Andy ol Mayberry 11:25 CBS News ll:3u search Tomorrow 11:45 Guiding Light 12:00 Dec. Bride 13:30 As World Tumi 1:00 Password 1:30 Bousepany 3:00 To Tell Truth 3:25 CBS News 3:30 Sags of Nlgnt 3:00 Secret Storm 3:30 Early Morle 5:15 WREC-TV News 5:25 WRECTV Weath. 8:30 Walter Cronklte «:00 Amos 'n' Andy 6:30 Password 7:00 Joey Bishop 7:30 Bed SKeltou 8:30 Petticoat Jet. 9:00 Doctors & Nursse 10:00 Ten Oclock News 10:10 Weather 10:15 Late Movie 11:59 News it Weatiui 19:00 Slfn Off tYMui—channel a Sat. April 3 6:00 Flatt & Scruggs 6:30 Flipper 7:00 Kentucky Jones 7:30 Mr. Magoo 8:00 Sat. Nlte Movie 10:00 News 10:10 Weather 10:15 BH MOTle 12:00 Mldnlte Theatre 1:20 TV Chapel Sun. April 4 ' 7:25 TV i-uape< 7:30 Le Fevre Singers 8:30 Florida, Boys 8:30 TV Gospel Time 10:00 Lone Banger 10:30 Cartoon carnival 11:30 Sunday Flayh'se 1:30 IAHC Meeting.. 2:30 Proliles in' ,<ppur. 3:30 Star Performance 4:00 Wild Kingdom 4:30 College Bowl 5:00 Meet the Press 5:30 Peter Gunn 8:00 Arthur Smith 8:30 Walt Disney 7:30 Branded 8:00 Bonanza 9:00 Kogues 10:00 News 10:10 Weather 10:15 Movie S 11:50 News, Weather 12:"* RlTO Off 12:05 TV Chape) Mon. April 5 8:39 It Chapel 6:44 Pledge of Alleg. 0:45 Imperials 7:00 Today 9:00 Make Boom for D. 9:30 What's This song 10:00 concentration 10:30 Jeopardy 11:00 Say When 11:30 Truth or Conseq. 11:55 Midday News 12:<Xl Mike Douglas 1:00 Moment of Truth 1:30 The Dootcn 3:00 Another World 2:30 You Don't Say 9:00 Match O&me 3:29 Afternoon Bept. 3:30 Looney Zoo 4:00 Beam 4:30 77 sunset etrtp 5:30 Huntley-Brlnkley 6 uo rvew.4 Beport 6 10 Trl-State Bept. 6.15 Weather Beport 6:20 Sports Kept. 6.25 Gamers, a 6:30 Karen 7:00 Man from UNCLE 9:00 AiiMd altiiucocli 10:00 News 10:15 Todoy In Sports 10:25 Weather 10:30 Tonight 12:00 Mldnlte Theatre 12:30 News. Tues. April e 1:39 TV cnapvi 6:44 Pledge 01 »ueg. 6:45 The Imperials 7:0" Trusty Uld-aouth 7:30 Today 8:25 Today With Pe» n:30 Today 0:00 Make Bm. for D 9:30 What's T. Songl 10:00 Concentration 10:30 Jeopardy 11:00 6»y When 11:30 nuth or OOBMO. 11 :H NBC New* Itapt 12:00 Mike Dnuglu 1:00 Moment or imth l:3d Th< Doctors 2:00 Another World 3:31 Ton Don't Say 3:00 Match Game 3:25 Aliernoon News 3:30 Loony Zoo 4:00 Leave It to Beaver 4:30 77 Sunset Strip 5:30 Huntley-Brlnkler 6:00 News Beoon 6:10 Tfl-Statt Report 6:15 Weather tteport 8:20 Sports Beport 6:25 earner* Beport 6:30 Mr. NovaK 7:30 Hull»baloo 8:30 TW-3 9:00 NBC White Pap«r 1«!(U< Tne Reportei 10:15 Tod»> In SpnrU 10:25 Weather 10:30 Tonight Show 12:00 Peter Guon 12:SS TV Chapel 12:30 News 12:40 Sign Off »lmu—UMaaM w Sat. April 3 ^;00 Pant&stic Feat 7:30 Lawrence Welk ^:30 Hollywood FalaM •:30 ABC Mrr!< 11:30 Boiler Derby '1:10 Perspective gun. April 4 ':30 Bou. Ave. nap'. VOO Blackwood Bro* l :30 Cnrist is the AnP ^:00 Oral Bobert' «:30 Herald of Truth 10:00 Insight 10:30 Sncrid Heart 10:45 Bellavue Baptist 12:00 Roundtable For. 13:30 Press Conferenca 1:00 Nat. Basketball 3:00 World of Oolf 4:00 Science All-Stars 4:30 Moral Reamt, 5:00 Mr. D 5:30 King Family 6:30 The General :30 Sunday Movlt 9:30 Broadside 10:00 F. D. B. 11:00 News Mon. April 3 0:36 Ijatiy wuru 6:30 Unreason. Man 7:00 Cartoon Time 7:55 News 8:00 Town & Country 8:30 Jack La Lanne 9:00 Million t MOTlk 11:00 Donna Beed 11:30 Father Kn""" B. 12:00 Tenn. Ernie 12:30 Price Is Bight 1:00 Flame In wind 1:30 Day In Court 1:55 Marlene Binders 3:00 General Hospital 2:3" Young Marrleda 3:00 Trailmaster 4:00 Fun Bouse 5:00 Yogi Bear S:30 Rifleman 6:00 Littlest Hobo 6:30 Voyage to Sea 7:30 No Time Sgt«. 8:00 Andy Williams 8:30 Blng Crosby 9:00 Academy Awards 11:30 Mid-South News 11:45 Moving Weather 11:50 V.I.P.'s Tues. April I 6:29 Dam Worn 6:30 Agriculture 7:00 Cartoons 7:55 News 8:00 Town uid count 8:30 Jack La Lanne 9:00 Million $ Movie 11:00 Donna Reea 11:30 Father Knows B. 12:00 Tenn. Ernie 12:30 Price Is Bight 1:00 Flame In Wind 1:25 News l:3u Day In court 1:55 Marlene Sanders 2:00 aer"'"! Hospital 3:30 Young Marrleds 3:00 Trallmastel 4:0(1 Fun House 5:00 w. Woodpecker 5:30 Rifleman 6:00 Canonball 6:30 Combat 7:30 McHale's Army 8:00 Tycoon 8:30 Peyton Place 9:00 Fugitive 10:00 Mldsoutn News 10:15 ABC Final 10:25 Moving Weather 10:30 Hunted Gun Duel at Tiedown By Nerfson C>Nyv XBOV Most qwinti in tb« days before starting gates—particularly matched affairs cooked up between owners—took a considerable while to get on the road, and the one at the Tiedown bullring did little to mollify tb» buildup of ten- tons. The shouts and catcalls of the crowd grew ugly. No one with money up was minded to leave, and it was increasingly clear they would not much longer tolerate delay. Griss- well's black, fairly trembling with impatience, showed a froth white as soap between satiny cheeks while he fought the bit, sidling, under the girl's tight rein. The grey Eight Below, Spangler's entry, appeared in somewhat better case but the wiry Chareaa, perched on tas dust boiling up off the course and Jones, craning his neck, might have been completely alone for all the notice he :ook of her. Attention had umped tc the main event and could see the two riders bearing down oa the score. As The gunflghter's stare was :hey came up to the line fixed_abrasively on ^Geetch. Cnarcas Tavares, on the grey, shouted "Go!" der the quirt, crossed the score like something heaved than ever as bis dripping face beneath Its ehUMtrapped hat, kept twisting looks, that to Jones would. appeared almost desperate, across the cant -' • """""• lively hunched As the tidert wheeled to once again take positions Cathie Grisswell, enticingly garbet in Eastern bridlepatn toeeery, came up to take Jon«' arm with a proprietary ! smile. "They will surely get away pretty soon, dont you think?** Jones, without , plance off Geetch, gruffly said >uir;c VA* «^wv»«i o-- . • |,t_- ?••* didn't know and, looking soiucwnftt russcut n»*»i free his pistol hand • to keep hold ; her attempt to keep now « ; it. She said, looking up at him ."What's the matter will inly prescription for victory be knew. The black's frotlw 1 e c k e d muzzle now had reached the [rey's shoulder and the hard logging pound of those rac> ing hoofs had scarcely another K) yards to go. Every man in A thud of hoofs brought that incensed crowd was on aft* his feet, most of them running after «ie horses toward he finish. Geetch hadn't budged, nor ;he group about Grisswell whose features had taken on a kind of smug blandness. lharlie Mutlins cried: 'Ready?" The Gourd & Vine buggy boss, Eldon Shores, dropped several words from the side of his face which the former jurveyor of bottled nostrums seemed to find humorous Spangler's short horse, nn- enough for a laugh. •ear singer, seemed more kept for the next 20 jumps, than ever like a cornered rat And then Grisswell's black Tie- gan cutting it down, just as the dude had told Jones be • »• — f-~~- r AflC VCAA>> *•«»•*• e»,T«ii^» *amv^ ; of a protec- fl as h e d past the eighth pole shoulder. j uDa ] j 0> driving, scarcely « wheeled back } en gth behind the grey. And Rockabye Mullins hadn't ye used her bat. It was sickening the wa; that big black ate up ground most beside himself—was fo- [you? lifted groans but the Mexican face livid, kspt beating hi mount as though U was the These were the happy ones. than a full length of daylight The crowd roared approva and the Mexican, hand riding pushed his advantage another half length and that edge he could lay back and wax fat on their profits—perhaps even pleased at the plight of this :own, wholly indifferent to the havoc they wrought. •Now the'black's nose showed against the grey's head, both of them pouring their all into this effort, dosing the gap between themselves and the wire with ears The yells died awajr. They pinned'back and wide, gaping nostrils. , ^u u-I.- * .u «u. A«J The thunder of hoofs Be«t length behind the grey. And lgainst Jpnes . thoug i,ts. So close together were- the twc hones here it almost seemed as though their riders were . _ crouched knee to knee, curw Charcas—apparently al-ing or praying or whatever) Remember Pay Your Paper boy ALUMINUM PAINT Beit Quality—8>tia Finish IN 5 Gal. Cans Gal. Manufacturing Co. BARKSDALE BIythevill* HERMON JONES BUSINESS MEN'S ASSURANCfc CO. . O. B« 432> — Pftone <74-MN Memphis 4, Tennessee PLANNED FBOGBAM Lite—laeome Pmteetlan—HotMt- gt aUiatiom-Major Me4IeeJ—«e4i»- S ment—ButUieu Insunac*. iMltidiieJi and Groups RENT-ACAI people did when the chip riously belaboring the grey were down and the spoils f i with his quirt, first one side the victor only short gasp* and then on the other, but the av, ay. black kept gaining. Charcas, apparently, had! that whip away!" lost his quirt and the grey'tl ild hear Spangler stride had lengthened, seenvl 'of yelling through the crowd'! tog.less choppy «s neck anf neck they plunged toward 1 that /' - al moment of tnith. fTe Be Continued) RENT A 1965 Qolaxi* 500 LTD $11 p«rday, llcp. mil* J (Ou, 00, Iwunan i><ii«eS) PHILLIPS FORD SALES HERE'6 THE BOOK TOUASKEPFOR W KEMPT, ILL- WNtR TKQN woat WURSELF, ELAIME.YOU CAN7 YOU OUetfT TO ReM A SOOD ...AT LEAST 0«* A YEAR! J THE AIR PORC SERVES 1 TO ITS PILOTS..: DOM'T EVEN ME R BIKE NISHT/ P/LLTO ANY FGiHTATL&GT FIFTY W?«™65 (£Mi WRgVjSWfNT MLE6 OUT&D5TUS CiJY LIMITS. An,..ftT LflfrTi VOU'RE TH' HEIR TO A JUDAM ITSTHftr \ I'll LBAKM *U TO FORTUNE WP MEVEU HftVe HEARD Of BLACK/MILER.ftNP 6ETMS ALL P-»,',ED EXCEPT FOR US! THAT 16, IF iOtl AGREE .1 HIS CALLOUSEP./FOK THAT WINJrflLL. TO REPAY l» WiTH A HODfZT CUT- J^ P^ WUL! j"\ 7H6N DROP ME WITHOUT NO APfiLPSyi LULU PGI-UF / «Wfc Vwi" r IW* l»mp r IS IttPULS-IVBi I THE ScfiR* OF01X FIRST [TOpy.,.6ur soVj, >civ VEAIW mow ft. YEH...1T'S KINDA. W6LL,HS?eS AN CRUDE, BUT IT ARROW OF SHOULP DRIVE V SORTS...LETS AN ARROIV J\ iSIVE IT A REAL GOOD GOT A PREnV I SHOULP HEAW PULL, ; SAY.. BUT HASN'T IT? VITOIJ45HTA PO THE BUSINESS; "(OUR OMNIPOTENT AIAJESN ME QOINS t? ASK T YOUR 1RANSC6NDENT AWESOME, WA3ESTV BUSS, EITHER STOP TBLUN6AW HOWTO PRIVE/OR SET GUT, MOiMUff /HOW ABOUT A RIPE \WH£, PETUNIA?

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