The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 7, 1945 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 7, 1945
Page 2
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•PAGE TWO tells Of Crime Long Forgotten Killed Teacher After ^Whipping Son In 1905, 74-Year-Old Man Says •FAIRMONT, W. Va., Feb. 7 (UP) -^A 71-year-old man relived in a quiet courtroom yesterday a violent page in'the story of his'early, years. 'Gray-haired Benjamin Franklin Male told quietly, even eageriy.Oioft' he had killed a crippled ' school teacher who had whipped his nine year-old-son Cecil. An^ he told It as though It had Jiist' happened "yesterday, Instead of 40 sears ago *• .Male 11 o$ a husky construction worker »nhcn he burled a grubbing hoe in' the skull of W. O. Smith, teacher in R one-room school house j. .It happened on the afternoon of Nov 16, 1905 Testifying In a firm clew \olce. the'slight stooped little man toJd how hls-ison:had come home and tdld him the teacher had "almost" beaten him "to death.' ,Male told of going to fjinlth's boarding house and asking why he Hart-beaten 1 Cecil. : A' fight started, t irt the tv,o men struggled into e >ard, Male said &v"We had a nice, little fight down iiiere. The reason I lilt him with tfie mattock v,as because I beat him to It.'V ^ . ', ^ ' f-The quiet little man continued ? his quiet little voice 'I saw him looking around In !)ack of me and when I turned and MR the mattock r saw he was teaching for it. So I grabbed It. I didn't mean if'to be-'fatal " V After the fight, Male ch-mged cloihes and etarted on a flight (hat ended '" Oregon Tlierfe ho lived until his ivife told someone of Qie t illmg, and he returned \olun- fcirlly to face trial t Judge Charles E Miller has announced that final arguments nnd his charge will be given today. The qasc is expected to reach the Jury during the afternoon ^Ration Calendar £ 'CANNED AND'PROCESSED j FOODS ,, J ebruary 1-First day for blue stamps H-2, J-3, K-2, L-2, nnd M-2 •n Ration Book IV (Blue stamps x-5, Y-5, Z-5, and A-2 through O-2 BLYTHBVILLE COURJER NEWS Remain good)' '. March 31-Last day for blue gamps X-5, Y-5, Z-5, A-2, B-2 In Ration Book IV v . April 2^—Last day for blue stamps p-2, D-2 E-2, F-2, and G-2 In Ra- Uon Book IV , Y June2- Last day for blue stamps 1 H-2, J r 2, K-2, I r 2, and M-2 in Ha- jJon Book IV 7 MEAT, CIIEESt BUTTER. !. AND FATS. \ January 28—First day for red Hnmps Y-5, Z-5, A-2,.B-2; O-2, and B-2 m Ration Book IV (Rea stamps O-5 through X-o'remam good ) t March 31—Last day for red stamps P 5, R-5, and S 5 in Ration Book IV f April 28—Last day for red stamps £-5.U-5,V-5, W-5, and X-5 in Ha-, lion Book IV I t June 2—Last day for red stamps' |-5, Z-5, A-2, B-2, C 2, arid D-2 In Sation Book IV ?• • SHOPS J November l, i944_pj rs t day for Airplane Stamp No 3 In Ration Book III Airplane-stamps No l faid No 2 continue good indefinitely J .SUGAR. ; November 16, 1944—First day for Sugar Stamp No 34 •February 28, 1945—Last day for Sugar Stamp No 34 I February 1—First day for Sugar Stamp No 35. f June 2-Last day for Sugar Stamp ( , GASOLINE. J-March 21-Last day for No 14 gasoline coupons In "A" Ration Book v In the Chancery C«urt of (he Chick- i-asjiwbi District of Mississippi <_ Count), Arkansas, W P Merra ether Plaintiff ; VS. Eloise Coleman Menivether. •- •• • • .Defendant. J' WARNING ORDER I The Defendant, Eloise Coleman Meriwether, is herewith warned to appear in this Court within 30 days JT this date to answer complaint of Elaintiff, w. p. Mertwether i- Witness my hand as Clerk of this . Court and the seal thereof this 24 d.ay of January, 1945. ' \ HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk, »• By Mary Lee Jarratt,- D. C. Navy Lt. Whips Gnat Problem At Pacific Base U. S. AIR BASE Central Pacific (UP) — The tent was broiling hot and sweat rolled down tlic neck of thc slim young man squinting Into a microscope perched on a soap box. "There, I think you can sec 11 now, sir," he said. Ho got up from tho camp stool and stepped back a pace on the sand floor. Brig. Gen. Harold D. (Spud) Campbell, Island Commander, sat down and peered Into the microscope. He saw on tlie slide below screw! small, legless, wormllke creatures, with a small brown' head and 12 body segments. "Where did you get, these fellows?" the General asked. "In the moist. !ityer$ of decaying vegetable matter down hi the mangrove swamps." . • Test Mystery Ended The mystery of the breeding place of the Islands woret pest had been solved. Control measures now could be started against.the vicious little gnnt of tho family Coratopogo- nldac— commonly known as biting midges, punklcs, no-see-ums mid sand flies. The man who solved thc problem was LI. Carl Dorsey of (437 Woodlawn Avc., Webster Groves) St. I Lotils, Mo., an ( i his associate was Lt. J. P. Jones of Richmond, Vn. Both nre nltnchcxl to the U. S. Navy epidemiology unit stationed on this island. Thc gnat docs not carry discuses, but an intense Itching develops in the nren of its bite nnd a large weal soon Is raised. A secondary infection usually sets in ana the skin assumes an ulcerous nppoar- ance. While the victims have not had to be hospitalized, the loss of sleep and constant harassment from thc tiny pest menaced the efficiency of .aircraft pilots and other personnel of Ihc base. Dorsey bcgnn a survey that lasted more than two months before he found the breeding place. Corpsmcn Guinea I'igs He searched thc benches, (he fresh water nrciw, the swamps, the odd ponds. The survey Included the use of human guinea pigs, corpsmen of the epidemiology unit who stood stripped to th c wnlsl and allowed gnats to settle on them while Dorsey nnc! Jones music observations. The human guinea pigs were oil- served at specific times and places about the island. They''were exposed by dny and by night, and the night experiments included standing In a beam of light for five minutes to determine whether light attracted the posts. Dorsey correlated tlic rise nnd .11 of the gnat population with :he action of the tide and found that there was n definite relationship. Twice monthly when the tides were at their lowest ebb, the insect emerged from 'its breeding place,'. In tremendously increased numbers. And life on the island would become almost unbearable during those periods. It was not, • however, until thc day he notified. Gen.'Campbell that he Identified the breeding place of he gnat. Earlier In the morning of that day he-was searching through a mangrove swamp when he happened to,look back nnd noticed that nls footprint had filled with wn- [cr. ? rinds Larvae in Water Porsey returned and scooped up some of the water In n dipper he carried to gather specimens. In She dirty, brackish water he found several of thc thlii, wriggling wisps of ; larvae, -and examination under a microscope later confirmed his suspicion that they were the larvae of the island's vicious little gnat. Under the sun-beaten, hot tent with Its makeshift laboratory of packing eases, experiments on control measures were started the day after Dprsoy made his discovery. He is confident he can find an element which will cover the ancient, soggy incubators and kill the pest long before they emerge to dry their wings nnd forage out search of warm, American blood. "The experiments with the human guinea pigs also are continuing The'•volunteers for this work Include George E. Geiple of Glei Rock, Pa.; Robert L. Van Buren 01 .'tfodeslo, Cal.; Martin a. Austin Court Of Honor Is Held Monday Two Scouts Awarded EagJc Badges; Other Pins Are Presented GiHhani Sudbury served as master of ceremonies at the Court of Honor heW Monday night at thc city court room for the North Mississippi District of Boy Scouls of the Eeastern Arkansas Area Council. Thc Invocation was jjivon by the Rev. P. w. Nash', 'ahd;'brief talks were nindo by Percy ; \Vrlght and Ward Akers, Scout Executive from Jonesboro, before uwnrds nnd badges were given the Scouts. Tenderfoot awards were, presented by II. B. Stout to a large number of new Scouts, with second ^lass Scout awards, presented by W. B. Nicholson to James O, Fox, Kenneth Prultt, Curtis McDadc, Bobby Coloirinu, Graham Partlow, Leon Siwck, James Westbrook and Tony Birmingham. Mr, Smlbiiry gave first class Scout awards to Billy-S. Berryman, Richard Linn and Charles Phillips, while J. V. Dates presented the Slav nwanl .0 Don Wright, Charles Leggelt and n. B, Hodge, mid the Life award to C. G. Redman, Billy Bracy and Jimmy Lowe. Eagle badges were pinned on Roy Calvin and Randall Hawks by their mothers. Merit badges, awarded by Farmer England and w. L. Horncr, were received by L. E. Mobley, Mann Harris, Lllburn Burgln, .J. T, Harris, Morris Steele, Jimmy Lowe. L. I,. Word Jr., Benny Johnson, Billy Williams, Howard Bailey, Charles Phillips,'Joe Mac Hester, Billy Bmcey, Lucien Coleman, .Charles Leg-gelt, Don Wright, Curtis McDade, Harold Overtoil, Frank McGrudcr, J a Tocld and R. B. Hodge. Members of the Court of Honor wore Mr. Sudbury, the Rev. Mr N«sh, Percy Wright, R. B. Stout W. B. Nicholson, w. L. Horner, Farmer England, J. V. Gates, O. P. Rainey, Don McLean, Wnrren Jackson, James O. Davis and visiting Scoutmasters. Officers Seek Slayer Of Kansan Near Rison RISON, -Ark., Feb. 1 (UP)—Police have identified the body of a man found murdered in his automobile near Rlson .Saturday morning as that, of E. O. Adams of Humboldt, Knns. Cleveland County Sheriff T. H. Glover says he talkcit to Adams' wife In Humboldt Monday and earned that Adams had started o Caimlen to work nt the Nnvnl Ordnance plant. Meanwhile, state police are :heckini{ fingerprints on a "half mtchel" found in Adams' aulo- nobllc. The hatchet ; is. believed to have been the'murder weapon. '• The'-body, of* Adams wns found .n his car near Risen Saturday. :Ie apparently was robbed, but It Is not known how tiuich money ;ie had. of (4718 18th AVC.) Seattle, Wash.; Jacob Kerlicshlan, of (118 Boyles:on St.) Walertown, Mass.; Bnyless E. Rutherford of Wagoner, okla.; Wallace H. Frilsch of (1180 S. 8th St.) West Salt Lake City, Utah; lames G. Mermscn or (811 Wilson St.) Little Chute, WIs.; Gaylmd P. Gaunt, of (7002 Ideal AVC.) Fort Wayne, Ind., and James W. Harvey of (407 S. leasant St.) Dnlnes- vllle, Fla. FARMERS NEED LIFE INSURANCE —lo IHVI a farm mertgagt-flMr. —!»irfi/cato ihlldran. —to pay dibit, K. L. SHBUU1CK Uox 985, Ulythcville Rfprctmrmg THE MUTUAl lift INSURANCE COMPANY o! NEVV VORK TwesJmpfesfeps to an amazing NEW VITALITY •••better looks! YOU CAN'T BUY ... . j in aspirin than the assurance of £nuahly and purity guaranteed when you | fbuy S(~-Jo*cph A«pmi.jvorld'j largest ^''""'•'^DtoandSl-joBephAspfrii!; feller Thursday — Friday — And Saturday NighU 9:30 to 1 O'Clock In the Beautiful Biae Room of the HOTEL NOBLE fc fed. -«S-s . S, 80NO helps build STUROY.HEftLTH- Stanton Pepper Entertains Son Of Old Friend WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 1945 In [012 Stanton Pepper accepted the hospitality of n. school mate at, Newman, III., who entertained him frequently In hfs Jiome During the past two months Mr. Pepper lias returned that hospitality by entertaining this man's son when n cadet at Blylhcvlllc Army Air Field. Bearing out the adage "It's a small world after all," Mr. Pepper also hud the pleasure of entertaining Moyd E, Boyer, his childhood friend, when he came here for the Biaduntlon of his son last Thursday. Tlic two "buddies" reviewed events in their lives since the Huffman >lant«r had attended high school a l Newman from 1912 lo 1917 nml spent nuch of his leisure at the country liorne of the Boyer family. Cadet Edward E, Qoyer spent much of his spare time while here at the Peppers' country home, after ris father had written Mr. Pepper of Ills son's transfer to Blytheville tor training. He ate Christmas dinner with Ihc 'epper family, Just ns Mr. Pepper md been a isuest at tlic lioyer home or holiday meals many years ago and was shown the country by Mr. Pepper who ' dellfhted in ollerlna 'southern hospitality" to the son of ils northern friend. The elder Mr. Boyer was nccom- mnicd here for thc graduation by ilrs. Boyer, who makes her home In Indianapolis, Ind., while her hus- wnd Is in training. Commissioned a second lieutenant 'hen he received his wings, he was . group commander of the large lass. homecoming Services : "Vanned Fcr Church I Annual Homecoming Services will held Sunday at New Providence iaptlst Church, located at Buckeye, between Lenchvlllc nnci Mnnlla. : The program is planned for nil lay, with dinner to be served In the basement of the church building," vltli an Invitation extended to all 'rlends of the church. : The new, five-room parsonage of he church also has been completed ml soon will be occupied by the pastor, the Rev. G. W. Boyd. Contractors Licensing Board Members Named Liri'LK ROCK, Pel). 7 (UP) — Governor Lauey yesterday announced tlic membership of the Arkansas State Lici'iising Jioar ( i for genera! contractors. Governor iMey this morning announced the membership of the Arkansas Slate Licensing Board for Bwiornl contractors. .'Members of the Board, and the number of years for which (hoy were npiwInuHl, are: E. V. Bird' of Fayetteville, one year; S. M. Dixon of Wnrren, two year.s; E. \V. Daniels of Ltttle Rock, three years; J. K. Frasei of Fort, Smith, four years, and A. C. Kennedy tit Malvcrn, five years. : Temperatures HI Low Atlanta , 45 40 August!! .14. 39 Blrnilnehtun 46 32 Charleston 48 37 Charlotte 40 23 Chattanooga 43 41 Chicago .11 29 Cincinnati 39 20 Denver ....42 lii Detroit ;..., 30 27 Jacksonville 71 49 'UnJIaJHfscc 59 39 Kansas City .46 20 Mncon 50 41 Memphis ...47 40 Miami 74 oi Montgomery 49 31 New Orleans 53 40 New York 35 23 San Antonio . ., (53 43 Savannah 55 43 Washington 33 2B Dallas eg 44 Houston 63 54 Little Rock . ' 52 40 Formfer Luxora Men Promoted By Army, Navy LUXORA, Ark., Feb. 7— Ensign Robert Julius Barnett, 31, and Ciipt. Charles Conditt Barnett, 29, sons of U. C. Barnett, a former superintendent for many years of Luxora High School, and Mrs. Barnett, who are now making their liomo at Little Rock, have been promoted to •. lieutenant and major, rcs;)eclively. • ,' ; Major Barnett has been overseas since June 1943. He Is with th> 354th Engineers. He entered service in August, 1841 and was in iigland more: tlia'n a year before he Invasion. His \v|fe, the former MlBs Mary Lee Mitchell, Is with li'er. parents. Mr.- and Mrs. Roy Mitchell, Little Rock. 'Lieutenant Barnett recently returned from the Pacific and now Is attending school at Princeton University. Hk wife, the former Choose Your VALENTINES While stocks are new and complete.' Priced lOo to $1 The GiH Shop Modern & Antique GlfU MOSS BRYAN Since thc war emergency began, day transportation needs, Frisco is Frisco has been handling record planning ahead for the resumption traffic. Hut this tremendous t*sk is of peacetime openufons. Even now, not new lo Frisco... this war is thc Improvements arc being made seventh in which Frisco has served throughout its vast 9-statc area to its country. While fulfilling present-, provide unexcelled rail facilities. WANTED Experienced meat culler to manage I'iggly Wiggly Market. Apply N. J. Rowland, at Piggly Wiggly Store, Friday or Saturday. AETNA LIFE & ACCIDENT INSURANCE CO. —Phone 2811 E. H. FORD, Representative Miss Mary BeiUley Spikes,'of Para- eonld, Is with him. CARD OF THANKS Wo wish to Dmiik our n>a»y mends for their beautiful floral of- fci-JDgg and for llielr acts of kindness during our recent bereavement. W. A. Kcmper, husband. Eugene Kempcr, sou. Worslcy and Nclslcr families. Lemon Juice IRecipe Checks Rheurnerfic Pain Quickly It you euacr Irom rheiimaUt-. artlirltlA or ncnrliu iuln. try thin aini|,l, ? inrnwritlvi! >>»"«> rcdl/o tliac tltousuntls ure iwlnK. GfX a i>ark- iini> o; im-i-:* cwmi^uii'i, u tif^vc.-k siuii'iy. Wilay. Mil It wtlk n ^uarl r,l mltr. t,!a t)A- lulcu ot 4 Icinoiu. ll'a easy. No lio'jblo ul all unU bU-uajnl. You n«y( only a'6L»oon- luls iwo limes B day. Ofton wlilitn 48 lioun — soinctlrcea ovemlj.1,1 _ si.lmlt,! rwullti un obtained. 11 HID jalua do nut uulrliy lt : m £i[iu 11 you do not f«'l bettrr, reiurn iljv cuiiily pwi3 2 e anil Hu-Ks iilll C Mt you uotli- Irw 10 lit ei It ll BOW Ijy j-,,ur ilrufsfsl uniltr au atjaolutc silsMnta- llu-1^ Couipounil Is lor nalci a ia| loiumiiwuiteil by Klti>y lltotlitr., ,,,,| ,| r ,,, Orchids grown Irom seed require from seven to 12 years to reach the blossoming elage. Cenlolnt Hi: ol<ohnl_ Pleatonl iherly Aov«r. 8, Icrliflta lor Ihol etfg*" leeling. 20S Lynch REFRIGERATORS and RADIOS REPAIRED City Radio Repair 324 EAST MAIN ACROSS FROM LILLY STREET NOT/CF TO PROPERTY OWNERS Termites may be ruining your property. Call me to check up without cost or obligation. RATS, MICE AND ROACH CONTROL GUARANTEED WORK 309 E. Kentucky H.C. BLANKENSHIP Flume Z35fl SENTIMENTS EXPRESSED WITH FLOWERS properly designed, are remembered nlwnys. Our flowers are always fresh, nnd nil work Is guaranteed to please. Let our expert designers help you with your noral needs. T JnFLOWERSHOP F.TJ), Service W* Deliver Anywhere rh. 491 Mr*. J, M. (M»c) WIllMni*, owner Glencwi BW». 'Home Furnishings Moderately Priced" MAKES A LOVELY AND PRACTICAL BEDROOM! Yes, sunny maple is a favorite in smart homes everywhere because of its rugged durability, economy and quaint charm. At this time we've a representative showing of maple in modern and American Colonial design. 5 Piece Maple Suite : 95,25 6 Piece Maple Suite, Extra Fine 215.91 Dust Proof Construction—Center Drawer Guides Arc you interested in a new bedroom suite? If so, you should visit this store and make your selection. 3 Piece Poster Bed Suite, Gumwood 55.90 4 Piece Panel Bed Suit-, Gumwood 73.50 4 Piece Panel Bed Suit, Walnut Veneer, Large Plate Glass Mirror 94.50 and 107.50 5 Piece Light Walnut Veneer Suite .... $169 :\:... (See This Suite In Our Window) 5 Piece Mahogany Veneer Suites 155.75.., $199... 237,50 These mahogany suites are pre-war type construction. They have dust-proof center drawer guides, and are as good values as can be found! Keep Faith With Our Fighters - Buy War Bonds For KEEPS/

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