The Daily Advertiser from Lafayette, Louisiana on December 8, 1973 · 10
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The Daily Advertiser from Lafayette, Louisiana · 10

Lafayette, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 8, 1973
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10 Advertiser. Lafayette La.. Saturday. Dee. 8. 1973 B Rtft 1- 95 ik HOLLYWOOD HIGHLIGHTS MGM Opens Grand Hotel THE ANDY WILLIAMS CHRISTMAS SPECIAL The show airs Thursday night on NBC. The Andy Williams Christmas Special has no guest stars, just Williamses. Here, in front of the Christmas tree are (left to right) NoeUe, Claudine, Christian, Robert and Andy. Beatrice Straight Plays Meany In The Borrowers' By MARIA JUAREZ icitement. Barnard Hughes plays ; Basically. I start off all right NEW YORK Longtime fans my husband but he's not mean, but then I get very upset when Of actress Beatrice Straight will do a double - take when they tee her in the upcoming TV tpecial, "The Borrowers." As a stage, radio, film and TV actress Miss Straight is known primarily for soft, feminine I come up against these tiny -1 " " 11 ' I people, dressed-up mice I think TV SCOUT REPORTS they are. so completely differ- lent, so alien. In a situation like i i cu i ;.that 'he narrow person is primarily for soft, feminine,; . really tnrown and the character ladylike roles. In this latest role creating a iv puor. ana hij guy, Mrs. Crampfarl, is she's a meany a part that knows that the odds against it really thrown." isn't that difficult for her since malang it onto the home screen Funny Story ehe has covered the range of ... Rom.mtin th vr;n,.c t . Sin- are high."?.5pe lIu"': u"L'ei"" .: "I M to , .11 the filming The Borrowers.' Missi on ine stage, among "ei many - - - (.-,,, k;, ,,, ::way vtms:' Shavelso r i-Vou tx-h credits are 'The Possess "The Heiress," Arthur Millers to a CBS executive, "if I'm The Crucible " for which she bucld i m . ,0 . 1 odds won a Tony Award, ' Sing Me j c.-ni t "Oh. the odds aren no iuiiany ami xuB - 'T? U ras mM I children were fine." 'The Borrowers' i "They're only 100-to-l." ; The animals? Well mu- ,nB DrrD""!'s .there! a scene where a ferret- This talented unpretentious , . , . .. ' woman will grace the TV NBC Follies has been can- i Jl- 2EWJ2i! screens Friday, Dec. 14 when celled but producer Bob Wynnjd ,UDDOsed to have caught' Hallmark Hall of Fame brings is movmg ahead. He ll tape a Hg ' 71? L ! Sea !Tjt... mj i j i i I sweeter. She also couldn't have warned not to do anything with I animals or children. Well, we that had both on this show. The1 in you ihe .Borrowers, a script special in January found by Miss Straight moreVorld, Orlando, Fla,, starring than ten vears ago. Monte Hall. (Will they call it "I play the villainess," says ; Let's Make a Dolphin?) Miss Straight, "the mean.: cockney housekeepei who looks. The New Temperatures after old. tipsv Annt Sophy Rising is having an entire face (Dame Judith Anderson). It's a lift when it comes back later very out - of - character role i in the winter. The idea is to for me." Indeed. shift the emphasi? Nek to be "On a simple level," she more like the show was last continues, "'The Borrowers" is season. a story of little people, six in-' "Last year." says one of the ches high, who live under the least, "the show was designed floors of an old house. They; for 10 -year - olds. This year, don't steal; they borrow, they tried to raise the level of things." (the comedy. As a result, they Struggle For Survival 'lost the 10 - year - olds. So Actually, "The Borrowers' is! now they're going to try and a tale of struggle tor survival, recapture tnat audience. been less interested in what was going on. So there's the; director, lying flat on his! stomach pulling this long bit of! sausage to entice Betsy and Betsy wouldn't move!" Betsy finally came through with flying colors. Successfully Completed Despite such drawbacks, and the tough technical work involved in making Eddie Albert, Tammy Grimes and Karen Pearson look six inches high, The Borrowers' was success fully completed. "It was a lovely cast to work with." says Miss Straight, "andj the crew was wonderful. I likei the struggle of powerless people 1.-71 r . lT u ' 2 a,iT 'TV' working in television," she mako .t in a world where power; or the above quote) is repor-; add jt k 0 is the law. tedly very unhappy about the H 1 says Miss Straight, "because recourse is to walk off but he it's a combination of real charm won't do that. He was made - the people are just adorable, j certain promises about the except for me and ex- show, which were not fulfilled. By DOROTHY MANNERS Get out the old red garment bag. put in the black gown with the slit up the side and black shoes win the rhinestone buckles and the earrings that look real. What for? For the opening of MGM's Grand (super; Hotel in Las Vegas. It's one of the biggest social events of the Hollywood season, strange a s that may seem. Curiosity runs rampant among the natives to see where all that money that put the most glamorous studio of all time practically on the sidelines, has gone. The amount is pegged at S106 million some experts figure it is more. As far as Junkets go, ther's hardlv a celebrity on either Coast who wouldn't gladly have accepted an invitation to the opening of the super Hotel. Particularly with the "tab" being picked up by Kirk Kerkorian, the head man and host. Sentimental Rout But instead. Kirk and his "helpers" have decided to go the sentimental route for the initial party. (There will be others all through the rest of the month.) The stars invited are the stars who made MGM what it is today many of whom grew up on the old lot. I mean the likes of Jane Powell, Margaret O'Brien. Gloria DeHaven. the Jack Haleys (Jr. and Sr.), Jackie Cooper. June Allyson, and (they hope, although he hasn't yet accepted), Fred Astaire. Carv Grant didn't grow up on the MGM lot but he'll be there (Kerkorian's pal). Bob Hope has a speaking engagement in New York, but if he can connect with a plane that has enough gasoline and is scheduled into Las Vegas m time for the whoopla count on hUn. With Dean Martin bursting into song in the main nightclub room, you can bet on it that his Catherine will be sitting ringside with their constant companions Dolly and Dick Martin. Oh. yes all the old ghosts of the great days of MGM are also sure to be hanging around. 'Love Bracelets' Those magnificent "love bracelets" worn by the Duchess of Windsor, Elizabeth Taylor and Marc Bohan to name a few, are the work of Cartier's famed jewelry designer Aldo Cipullo. He is in town as the honored guest at a cocktail party at Cartier's in the Kenton Center, at which a percentage of all purchases goes to The Crippled Children's society of Los Angeles. Following this glittery "do," Cipullo's social pal Lee Anderson is taking over the upstairs Bistro for a small supper party at which the Robert Stacks, 1 n r s tata'a (IMP MICK! S)f"S CiKTil NOW SHOWING TODAY AT: 4:30 - 6:45 & 8:55. WEEKDAYS AT 7:05 and 8:55 (HIGHEST RATING) GUARANTEED TO PLEASE NEARLY EVERYONE. BY ALL MEANS GO AND SEE IT!" -Kathleen Carroll , New York Daily Kews Where Were You In '62? RATED (PC SHE'S THE LETHAL LADY OF KUNG FIL flnGetii cmo Ml I I II Ml BUI I Mil cfaTfl i i. - - i m NOW SHOWING ADULTS $2.00 CHILD $1.00 FEATURES: 2:00 - 3:45 - 5:30 - 7:15 - 9:00 THIS MOVIE RATED (R) iwmmmmmmmmummsmmm u II ROSEMARY'S BABY Meets "KLUTE" mm LEEErn Adulr $1.75 Child 75c 235-4114 NOW Features: 2:10 - 4:00 - 5:40 - 7:20 - 9:00 See it . . . find out what it means! Karen Black Christopher Plummer m NOW SHOWING FEATURES: 2:15. 4:30 7:00 & 9:00 Adults $2. 00--Ch!rd. 1.00 aiS MOVIE RATED (R) fwESTWOODj and the Hottest Super Agent Ever! TAMARA 00BS0fJ?& eesvxESai SHELLtY WINTERb W Ecreenriay h Max Jiiien and Sheldon Keiler Praducad by Wimlniwl Owcftd by Jack Slanett THIS MOVIE IS RATED PG Borgnine Lombardi Films Story Ginny Milner. Ginny and Henry Mancini. Grace Robbins (with Cliff Lambert, her old man Harold is working on his book). Dr. Seth and Wally Weingarten will be present and. of course, Jean and Michael Thomas ihe's the president of Cartier's). Party For Sheila 'Tis the sason for seeing old friends, and Muriel and Abe Lipsey weren't about to let Sheila MacRae arrive here for even a short visit without whippin? up a pariy in her honor. Seems .lackie Gleason is about to resume his long interrupted TV career and wants Sheila on the opening segment so she may not be here long. On hand to greet the lady who was part of our town for so long were the George Kennedys. Marty Aliens, Stirling Sillphant and his lady Tiana (they'll marry next summer), the Richard Egans, Miriam Nelson and Jack Meyers, the Ernie Borgnines, Danny Thomases. Sheldon Leonards, and lots and lots of others. When Debbie Reynolds By JOAN CROSBY HOLLYWOOD. Calif. If Ernie Borgnine walked out on the field in front of the Green Bay Packers, they'd probably take orders from him. Borgnine has just completed ithe filmmg of Portr?'t: Legend iin Granite which will be on ABC-TV Dec. U in which he portrays Vince Lombardi. the great Packer coach who made .the team into a pro 'football powerhouse. When Lombardi took over the ! coaching reins he inherited a team which had won one same the preceding season but which. said wags, "wasn't a team as aood as its record would in idicate." Strong Resemblance ; Borgnine. who. with changed hair and the addition of glasses, bears a strong resemblance to the late Ixmbardi. says he has never been an avid follower of jpro football. "When Lombardi was the thing in vogue, I was interested in being hot in my career." Yet, oddly. Borgnine recalls, arrives in Los Angeles on her break from her long-running Broadway hit. "Irene," and before she opens in Las Vegas, she will be eiven a party by Glenn Ford. But forget all that talk of marriage between these two. They are just old and good pals. "Jerry Kramer came to me and said he wanted me to ao tne life story of Lombardi in a movie. He gave me a book to read But in order to make a football picture and have it make money around the world, you have to have a hell of a character study." The TV special deals with the first two years of Lombardi's life in Green Bay and the derision 'he must make: to return to the New York Giants as head coach or to stay in Green Bay. Borgnine never met Lombardi anri the nn'v film he saw pr or to playing the man was an hour Nf L him wtven dean more w Green Bay than with Lombardi Hornung Shook Up "I didn't try to imitate the way he spoke or his gestures but more the feeling of the man. Paul Hornung. who was technical advisor on the film, told a mutual friend that he was pretty shook up after he saw me do Lombardi. He said I walked and talked like Lombardi and looked like tarn. too. , Borgnine laughed. Some of the guvs told me that a lot people used to say to Lombardi, Hev vou know you look In that guv m Hollywood - thlt Ernie Borgnine.' " Bos!l 's World' Ernie whose McHale's Navy ' was one of TV's big hiU. it making a movie for TV which is a series pilot for him It called Boselli's World and stars him as a retired Navy man who owns a tugboat, with Delia Reese as his costar. The character is. like Lombardi. named Vince and it wa Ernie who supplied the nam Boselli "That was my mother's maiden name 1 he savs. "so it wasn't hard to come by. vince was just a co nrden.e. Us a nice Ital an name. "You know. I have had difficulties wnh some roles, but plaving Vince Lombardi cams verv easih . 1 think it's becauss we're both of Italian ancestry. There's an Italian thing of anger one minute and remorse ths next. No Italian ever gets ulcers, although we sometimes oive them to other people. Anyway. I hope I did Vines Lombardi justice." Thomas A. Edison had onjy three months of formal schooling. flENTER j JINEMA 1 HURRY! ENDS WED. FEATURES'. 2:00 5:00- 8:00 Adulrj $2.00. Child. $1.00 jp) A story of love. Hmed by David uean I, (1ENTER Q JlNEMA Cm -w 233-1141 OIL CEN1 HURRY FEATURES: 2:15,4:15, 6:15, 8:15 & 10:15 Adults 2.00. Child. 1.00 Ryan's Daughter Roar once again with the original movie cast... 4Qft. An Ingo Premmger Production IPG' Color bvDE LUXE Panavision THIS MOVIE RATED Slamnq FKSERT MrTCHlJM TREVOR HOWARD CHRISTOPHER JONES OJMnMiixa .. LEO McKERN mt SARAH MILES "-Sf ft fa K srBafis. -saw-. ENDS WEDNESDAY 4,4? t m r 1 m HHfea . NEXT TRADER HORN L WmmZ THURSDAY P UHJSMOVIEISRATEDC rSttVl m tl TUESDAY SMSaSSMSaSiSSSISBBBSSBi w sslte Hikwsk i . r Open 6:30 Shawttma 7:00 STARTINCPm f NEXT "THE OPTIMISTS" f mmmmmammLmmmmmmmimmmmmmmmmm I P . v im J GILF STATtS DRIVL IN , SBSBM TUESDAY WmmJujJXMH 7 00 EAST SCREEN THE Hi-other iffik I Ja Man in the f M J&&MB. 1 Nfetrrxobr.Panavsbr, S ! THE Plus "MELINDA" j RATED R WEST SCREEN iisiB mm LEEJ.DQB6 JHGKWHHOEH HIHIM Him SB SB rj ULU UL Hi I U ! t5F PANAVISION fobcT332B2BH r ... .t . i ivi t. I nuvvl ' iv. w III 1 SCREEN 1 mean ives : with an appetite for diversion COLOR Plus "PLAYMATES" SCREEN 2 THE MOST READ BOOK OH A CAMPUS IS NOW ON SCREEN! e:per!iv,eni Bi ncow 'ffjSZL d PLUS LOVERS AND OTHER STRANGERS" ALL 4 MOVIES RATED (R) Plus "CLAY PIGEON" with Telly Savalas RATED (PC) iUU UUK UWFIM UI1U 19 Features: 2:30, 4:45, 7:00, 9:10 Admission: Adults $2.00 - Child $1.00 MoQUI:l:NMaoGRAW SATURDAY AND SUNDAY AT 2:00 AND 3:30 wt mmt sssWJfl producsd by TONY BENEDICT THE GETAWAY BBBBSal 1 Direcred by Sam Peckinpah STEVE MCOUEENAU MacGRAW HTK CETAWAVA FIRST ARTISTS PRESENTATION CO STAWiNG SEN JOHNSON AL LETTIERI A 0 SALLY STRUTHERS AS 'FPAN" THIS MOVIE RATED 1 PC I PLUS Two WALT DISNEY Cartoons SEE SANTA MATINEES ONLY! SATURDAY and SUNDAY! "SANTA SPECIAL" Discount Coupon 1-Larg Drink - 1 -Large Popcorn Cup - 1 -Candy Bar 95e VALUE - FOR ONLY 50e At Our Concession Stand With This Coupon RATED (C)

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