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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 14

Brooklyn, New York
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Saturday, October 11, 1952
Page 14
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1 14 BROOKLYN EAGLE, SAT., OCT. U, 1951 H:OfVXBac;,l Gloria Lane Sings Lead In City CenterV 'Carmen' - Ann Blth at 24 Is Starred In Two Films Now on B'way By JANE CORBY Ann Blyth is currently on th icreens of two Broadway Bjr PAUL AFFELUER For the first time since Its Sprfng season of 1951, the Ne l'ork City Opera Company presented Bizet's "Carmen" at the City Center last evening. It was a somewhat changed "Carmen," since It had a newcomer in the title role and some new staging theaters. Sho stars in "One Minute to Zero," with Robert Mitchum. at the Criterion, where the picture has started a fourth 1 hit wk. and with Greeorv Peck in the Technicolor, "The by Otto Erhardt. World in His Arms," which has!" Unquestionably, the most ex just opened at the Mayfair. A, OPENING TONIGHT couple of weeks ago she was citing aspect of the performance was th new Carmen, Gloria Lane. It was she who created seen at the Albee in "bauy ana Saint Anne." Little, dark-haired the role of the Secretary in Ann is cutting quite a figure 1 ' i MenotU's "The Consul" on in the film world today. She has been in show busi "My Lucky Day," at the 2d Ave. Theater. Actor-pro-ducers Kdmund Zayenda and Irving Jacobson co-star with Helma Kaye In a new Yiddish-American musical comedy by Joseph Rumsbinsky, Louis Krleuian and Jacob Jacobs. Cast features Yetta Zwerling, Miriam Kressyn and Mae Nchoenfeld. Matinees every Saturday and Sunday. ness for 19 years, but she's only 24 now. Her career began when Broadway and who made her City Opera debut lri the latter work on Wednesday night. From her performance in "The Consul," we suspected that she had fine operatic possibilities, and we were not mistaken. Her Carmen was both wild and seductive; she sang even made a dashing Toreador, and John Geyans gave a most con vincing portrayal of Zunlga. Others in the cast included Alice Richmond, Edith Evans, Michael Pollock, Emile Renan, and Arthur Newman. Mr. Erhardt's new ideas for stage action served to put plenty of life and naturalness into the first two acts of the opera, n the third act, however, he Ue vised the strange and wholly disconcerting plan of changing the scene for the brief exit of the smugglers, introducing some uniformed soldiers who were completely out of place, then dissolving back to tha original scene in the ravine la . time for Micaela's entrance. In the gypsy dance of Act II, John Butler gave us some of the best choreography he has yet provided for the company. It was brilliantly danced by Mary Hinkson and Glen Tetley, with an able assist from Miss Lane. The sound musical direction she started singing for a few York radio station, and by the time she finished grade school, she was an established radio actress. In her spare time, she took dancing, drama and radio technique lessons. . . Theatergoers who can remember back to "Watch on the Rhine," on Broadway, may re danced a bit with conviction; 4 Theater Notes her trench diction was excel lent, and, best of all, she displayed a. voice with consider Bette Davis, Hiram Sherman, able power and darkly-colored Nora Kaye and others in "Two's Company," will entrain 'WISH YOU WERE HERE' actor Sammy Smith revealed this week that he was secretly mfcrried last June'to his former vaudeville partner, Helen Irwin. tonal warmth. She seemed sure of what she sang, too,, so that call Ann Blyth, playing one of the children of the refugee German family in that play. she had a commanding vocal Monday for Detroit, where the Charles Sherman musical revue will have its pre-Broadway and histrionic style about her. Universal-International signed given every Saturday at 1 and 2:45 p.m. and Sundays at 2:45 her to a long-term contract t Shaw Comedy to Open Equity Library Season which RAY MILLAND has the title role in "The Thief soon afterward. She had sev opens next Wednesday at the Roxy. The Equity Library Theater will open its new season at the eral screen roles, and finally got a big part in "Mildred Pierce." playing the restless p.m., this month and next. MOVIE TIME SCHEDULE BROOKLYN ALBEE "Moaker Btelneee." 12:20. S:M 1 We shall watch her career with interest. Giulio Gari's voice had a nice quality, but as Don Jose he lacked the power to match Miss L a n e's sumptuous mezzo-soprano. Frances Yeend's Micaela was a trifle shaky something unusual for her. Walter Casselj :4S, l:S, l:0; "Teacaeet Man la Arl- Mn, 11, z:i, :Z3. H;3B, ll:4t. 5 I was in the capable hands of the company's general director, Joseph Rosenstock. Lenox Hill Playhouse, 331 E. 70th St., Manhattan, next Wednesday with Bernard Shaw's "Getting Married." Performances will be given through Sunday, with a matinee the FOX "The Qelet Hu." 12:41. 4:32, :!, 11:44; "Treplcal Heat Waft," 11:29, 3:12, 6:41. 10:16. young daughter of Joan Crawford. Had Serious Accident At this time, just as she was on the verge of real success, she was critically injured in a fall from a sled, while tobog RKO Theaters Offer Added Weekend Shows All RKO Theaters will have late shows tonight and Sunday evening, the eve of the Columbus- Day holiday. Ray Bolger in the Technicolor screen version of "Where's METROPOLITAN "Rita Neon," 12:32, 4:09. 7:17, 10:23, 1:33: "Tkt Blai," 11:23. 2:42, 3:30, g:5B, 12:04. final day. Admission is free and a. TZaW Aatat PARAMOUNT- "Harries na Smith." 12:13, .M6M premiere a week from tomorrow. The James Russo-Michael Ellis production, which has words and music by Ogden Nash and Vernon Duke, will also play Pittsburgh and Boston before opening at the Alvin Dec. 4. Mr. Sherman and choreographer Jerome Robbins are supervising the show. Six of the London players of "The Millionairess," Bernard Shaw comedy starring Katharine Hepburn, arrived yesterday for dress rehearsals under Michael Benthall's direction. The six are Campbell Cotts, Peter Dyneley, Nora Nicholson, Genine Graham, Vernon Greeves and Bertram Shuttle-worth. Robert Helpmann is already here and Cyril Ritchard, who is likewise featured, ar I IS. 6:16, 6:16, 12:16 "Lea la Alaeka," 11, 2, 3, 3, 11. ' may be obtained by writing to the Playhouse, with a self-ad 4 ganing at Snow Valley. Fori laA4il MANHATTAN AaTOR "The Mlrarla af Oar Lady at dressed stamped envelope en closed. Fatlma," 10, 11:46, :S1, 3:36, 3:01, S:(I8. 10:11. 12:16. Charley," the Broadway mu Lawrence Carra is directing CAI'ITOL rjait far Too." 11:26, 2:13, 4:43, 7:15, 0:43. 12:13. FERNANDO LAMAS CRITERION "Ona Mlauta tt Zara," 10, sical comedy play bit, and Ida Lupino and Robert Ryan in "Beware, My Lovely," tense drama the cast, which includes Lloyd Bochner, Richard Casey, Louis Edmonds, Anne Fran cine, 11:53, 1:30, 1:43, 3:43, 7:40, 1:33, 11:23. 1:13. GLOBE "Lara af tha WIMaraaai." , 16:36, of a woman trapped by a mad seven months she was bedridden, with the thought hanging over her that she might never walk again. Then she had to spend another seven months wearing a steel brace. But the young actress has now completely recovered, and, has resumed her favorite sports: Ice skating, bowling, bicycling and swimming. Probably no Hollywood actress, certainly none as young LATE 12:46, 2:42, 4:38, 6:34, :6, 10:26, 12:22. 2:13. man, are in RKO's Brooklyn Helene Miller, Michaele Myers, Kay Parker, William Patterson, Arthur Seelen and John Steven. MAYFAIR "Tha Warld la Hla Arna," 6:67, 1 CO and Queens houses. SHOWS TONITE filKW'S Cary Grant, Marilyn Monroe - 11. 12:33. 2:46, 4:36, 6:32, 6:23, 16:16, 12:11, 2:04. MIKIC HALL "Bacaaaa Taa'ra Mlaa," 10:33. 1:56, 4:30, 7:34, 16:38; Hut, 1. 3:56. 7. f:5. and Ginger Rogers in "Monkey Children's Theater rives tomorrow from an Italian Thp Theater Guild! Business" and Vaughn Monroe 16:43, 12:44 I TWO-FISTED. The PI ay mart Children's holiday. ..a.AU .u mm J V in GARY PARAMOUNT "Boa af Palafaea," 1:31, 4:30, 7:42, 10:23, 1; alaca, 3:32. 6:53, :32, 12:13. RIVOLI "Sni af Klllalaajara." 12:33. 1:40, 4:46, 6:40, 6:43, production, opening at the Shu-p "e lougnw jun rHS.2" IIPT 10:30, 10:50, bert next Friday, is limited to Arizona" are at the Albee. Theater has opened its third season at the Carl Fischer Concert Hall, 1(!5 W. 57th St., Man COOPER as she, can lay claim to having played opposite more stars than Ann. Among her leading BIG mm n . inn hattan, with a new adaptation ten wppks. I "Wish Yoo were Here" will Late Show Monday perform a week fr orn tomor-A N y. Paramount 12:30. ROXY "Bameaadr Laea Ma," If, 3:10, 6:20, 9:03, 11:43; alafa, 1:16, 3:10, B:05. 10:50. VICTORIA "Affair la TrlaUal," 16:16, 12:22, 2:28, 4:33, 4:32. 6:2. 16:26, 12:22. men have been Tyrone Power, of the fairy ta'e, "Rumpelstilt-skin." Performances will be ANN BLYTH, in "The World in His Arms," co-starring Gregory Peck, at the Mayfair. niaavu- K Mint Donald O'Connor, Mario Lanza. row nigrum me unpeiiai iw O Fl VALENCIA WBBBjBaBBBW MOOtlM) a u the Equity Welfare Fund, Holiday revelers can get to the N. Y. Paramount Theater as Farley Granger, Bing Crosby, Burt Lancaster, Robert Mont I G KELLY TRIBORO THE DEVIL "- bUKESTKMF lAillOaE lii!L wiwic-ruuss mw . mm inc . iiiiianaim I UXTER CARET rrpaarOpaal0.l.aT3a 55PAL7t ft MttTt UMtWTI a I WAV M 6 7 iT. J W gomery and Charles Boyer, be late as 10 p.m. on Monday and 4Mk STPtEET side the two topflight male 'Roman Holiday' still see a complete stage and screen show. Bob Hope, Jane t f i n q mvooRTl MUM stars In "World" and "Zero." 'The Thief Different Eddie Albert, one of the plavers of Paramount's mam ' mmv UOftDWtTl "The Male Animal," with Elliott Nugent, Martha Scott and Robert Preston continuing as stars, enters its sixth month tomorrow at the Music Box... Samuel J. Friedman has resigned, as of Oct. 25, as general press representative of "My Darlin' Aida," opening Oct. 27 at the Winter Garden. mm & lewis PAYNE DAHL aafjCwfat MKUfl avuwirs "Roman Holiday," has returned comcv is tiTCS . run dai from the Italian capital, where "The Thief," sensational new talkless film was shot almost entirely on actual locations, by Russell and Roy Rogers are on view in "Son of Paleface," and Louis Prima and his orchestra plus the Five De Marco Sisters are to be seen in person. Sunday nieht the last staee show mtLDft I 1 I Imuiioi the William Wyler production was filmed. The picture stars KIMOS CONTINUOUS Mf tilt means of a conrealed camera, The unusual chase -and -sus ALL DAY PLDIB HOSPICT Wltl0 atooairw ORIENTtl Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn, who is making her Ameri Paul Morrison will TODAY design i has beell scheduled for 11 p.m. riTKIN KNVntRIO pense thriller, a United Artists release, stars Ray Milland, with rREMIEM CMNDT-MM GLVNIS JOHN8 I a featured cast including Mar can film debut in this modern comedy. Hurok to Canada tin Gabel, Rita- Gam, Harry and the showing of the feature at 12 midnight. Ticket are now on sale at the Century for "Buttrio 100 f K the scenery and costumes for Lionel Stander's "Deedee and the Brave," which Mona Gross and Ruth Mundy will place in rehearsal shortly. Ben Boyar, Max Gordon's manager for many years, will be general ot&n tm's csimn' c"tT f Mrar Bronson, Rex O'Malley and Rita Vale. It was written, pro Sol Hurok left yesterday for ss my BOLGERUu mmm JIltBITIWSg duced and directed by the team Square," new musical opening ; Canada to attend the North American premiere ui uie manager of the new comedy. next- Tuesday. Billy Gilbert is starred, Lawrence Brooks, Lois "HIGHEST RATING!' Malcolm Pearson and Robert Hunt and Susan Johnson fea Madeleine Renaud - Jean - Louis Barrault company at her Majesty's Theater in Montreal next Wednesday. The company , ..t...i . , Lewis have withdrawn as co-producers of "The Circus of tured . . . Random House will LAST 4 DAYS I ftOOtl OftM AJk, 'BHG Dr. Lao," by Gwyn Conger and P"Wwh Stanley oungs com- EMADWAfS GREATEST 3-n-l SKCW! opens at the Ziegfeld here Nov. Tl. tA 1 Alttf?lAtftl I atBBBBBBl Nathaniel Benchley, but Mr. , , " , " Lewis remains as director the Dickens novel . ..Joan Blon- On C. . a. I f'KIV' S'l of Clarence Greene and Russell Rouse. Dozens of sites, located principally in the busiest sections of New York and Washington. D. C, were photographed by th ingeniously hidden camera which focused on the various actors as they played out their roles against a background of passersby, none of whom realized that an exciting movie was being shot in their very midst. One of the most unusual films of recent years, "The Thief" does not contain a single line of dialogue, has no subtitles nor narration. when the plav is produced .. . ue" f.1 mp-y Helen Gallagher of "Pal Joey" a J13. '0nTW1ie our ,n,the t is this month's winner of the f1,," 1 0lm,'S, " Ih',k" dan award . .;'n' In Bridgeport last night. m s fpNt lit CUtlfl-JOHN IREUND BESTV wpy . uri 11 1 r m a HURrVCAN? SMITH 3 p. mmv LEGAL NOTICKS aaaW S I V Ua. jt 'BTVaaaaaaaV -IDS! m mm I aWWtNl I I tMOW I O. Tkt kt $l9l TWIW' WWW WP ill ifinmjwiw rZm tPMMD SHOD A JT.TmTvTmT.T. BUSINESS CERTIFICATE I HEREBY CERTIFY that I m mndurtinit- or trAiusactinvt hujine.-s under the nania or dpaisnntion r,f John G. Jnnpon Company at 16 Court Street, County of Kings. Slate o( New York. Scott McKay made his London bow last night as sole American actor in Dodie Smith's "Letter From Paris." 'Uncle Sam In Israel," Herman Yahlokoff's new Yiddish musical due next Friday at the r?. " ....l., aal -'1 1 BETTY HUTTON-RaM Meeker f . ""ii0rTNI t HlWj 1 IAR INS r"TTT SHT.U.M . it . ' Ill Ullll laM ill lUUIHi'w B tlam-aVAt. . . My lull name 1 Lne V. Janson Ave:, i 'tivn r-iwn '. . . ..,.7!:,.".. ..... JOHN PAYNE I "CARIBBEAN" LATE STAGE SHOW 11:00 P.M. KINGSWAY - and I reside at Z7a4 Bedlora Brooklyn. N. Y. I FURTHER CERTIFY that TECHNICOLOR Dr JOIINIVAYME 1 1 ant W RaHEBET Public Theater, has added Max Wilner and Freidele Lipschitz "ENCORE" BrtokJva kit TWO CBastBUBe ht DoJfirt and tat Ef It 1 the Huccensor in interest to Eva M Klutf Hlahaty 4 Ciniy hlind Avfc MAUGHAM'S in featured spots, Belle Didja I- Air A I AM Klnii Hiintty RAY BOLGER THE QUIET MAH th MAUXiEN O'HAKA TECHNICOtOR TECHNICOLOR dm ib al ruill I UJ J I as choreographer and Michael n f fiuvii ant e. iitn at.. a iaf U CDtT'C U1DIUC Flatbu Annua VVntlfE.9 Flatbush Annut nCRE. 3 arilHrtLt I i y RADIO CITV MUSIC 1IALI. Saltzman as scene designer, ISTELITA TIIOPICAI MEAT WAVE Klnii Hllh.ay 4 "BEWABE. MY LOVELY" IDA LUPIMO . aVaitlYini MATINF.K at 1 MATINEE tl Sholom Secunda, who wrote LAST 1 TIIIPC I FINAL PtflF. ' IIMfcaJa TOMORROW IVI. MATINEC TODAY al 2:30 Trlatyth, Tin NuNraakar. Til Eiiltniaitiari Marry Praakt U Fill. Mil Garara (AL0N8O-K RIIA) T0NI6HT at 10 MORTON 80UL0 MARINE "WHERE'S CHARLEY?" 4 "FURY OF THE CONGO Janson and I.ejlie D. Janson. Uie person or persons heretofore usinx such name or names to carry on or conduct or transact husincs. IN WITNESS WHEREOF. I have this 4th day of April, 1952, made and signed this certificate. LESLIE D. JANSON. No. 12280 CERTIFICATION STATE OF NEW YORK. COUNTY OF KINGS, sa.: I. FRANCIS J. SINNOTT. Clerk of Kings and Clerk of the the score, will conduct the D A Tlfa Fl"b"b Avtaut tat IrtllU Midwaat atrial ... ALL TECHNICOLOR SHOW! JAMES CAGNEY DAN DAILEY "WONDOFULl GO St m"-QUWH wio MARIO LANZA i. BECAUSE YOU'RE MINE" MIDWUUD r,7,V-WHAT PRICE GLORY" Hunaarian 'Svbill' MAVTIID " tHAS ANYBODY SEEN MY GAL llirV 1 1' tin - . th f-nnntv nf Kim the County of Caaay III. Ava. "Symll, a Hungarian version , supreme Court oi the state of New AW ami nCVII MAVCC TUDCr' -rEARLESI BROOK avaaTlta iiiniiie aaaaaaa PAGAN' Flatbuth Avaaaaa. Fan R,var laiaaa. Dtm aim strlan, Da Ouiima (ALONSO-KRIZA) Milea af Trav I MO YLA N.VOUSK EV ITCH! BALLET THEATRE TOVORROH' MATlHEi at Ml AL0N50 A YOUSKEVITCH la 6ISELLE Inleralay, Fancy Frta TOMORROW HIGHT tt I.J FINAL PCRf. Prlaaau Aurara. Tha Harmt Aetaria, Taa Black aa, SraJaatiaa Ball MITROPOLITAN OPERA HOOSI MARTIN & LEWIS "JUMPING JACKS" ELM. Avaaua M at Eait I7tb tt . ALBEMARLE, Ftatb.Av.'Albaaiar It FARRAGIT, Flatb. An..Farr. Kt. vniraiun u . . .. ui u nnoretta u-ill he ffivpn a wpek I York in and for taid County (said opereua, win De gien a ee Court Mng s court of Record) do from tomorrow night at the I hereby certify that i have mm- it!,,,. Tj,i A,,,A;,rim And : pared the annexed with the original White Hall Auditorium, 408BUSiNESS certificate filed in F. 82d St Manhattan bv the my office April 4. 1952. and that the K,. OiU u, .viduiim.iui, ijy L,lc(M;n jB , true transcript thereof and Hungarian Art Theater. Imrejof the whole of such original. introducing DORETTA MORROW u iues wiitwu CokrbylECHIIICOlOl Oirteltd by ALEXANOIR MALI Piodacxl by JOE PASTERNAK At M-&-M PKtllt QN STAGE: "FALL FANCIES" Gala m rti productd by Ltonideff villi Iht Hocktlltl, Corpi dt Itlltt, Choral Emtmblt and Sympliony Ordittfra dirtcttd by Raymond Paigt. Fkfur..l.lO,S5.l54,4:JO,7.34,I0.3t $t.t.Sawrtili00.Ut.r.00.:J Boon Opaa Swxlay 11.30 A. M. UNPEN? NMir.elT.,.: A 'a.! "DENVER fir RIO GRANDE" (Technicolor) RIALTO.ttatbaibAa.-CartilynRi. "STORY OF WILL ROSERS": "Cntamad FltBlltr" Nagy, Gisella Xagy and Joseph 1 ii COLLEGE, Flitbaab A.-Anaaa H "MY MAN AND I" "HIGH TREASON" Xemeth head the cast. hereunder set my hand and (Seal) affixed the seal of said County and Court, thia day of Oct. 10. 1952. FRANCIS J. SINNOTT. Clfrk. HAWBIHFORP,n STAGE PLAYS STAGS PLATS on loctit satens Ml STATE OF NEW YORK. COUNTY 5 r!, ; 5 s',SIl jftT jfTi OF wt'uSMI. -..: On this 4th day of April fore me personally appeared pd D. Janson, to me known an VfllHXHW a.T'V:V'i a-H M a. . Blal 1952. bf-' , lVjNiif id known ' f dpenhd : m forpRoinn w at--: aaoa.arTt fA T ' li. FCLI, Or LAl r,HTEB"-A(l-inion.riiii a- ACT T IFrrrCf tDWARD DURYtA DOWL1NO rrtttMll LASl 7 WbtjKSl D r . E.T2l:,n, Wi,h L HENRY FONDA 5,FiX..?J .l-iL.L,E Point of no return REGINALD GARDINER Lvl"-w -''" BOOTH Tbaa.. 41 f. w. af B y CIr. O-AStol to me to be the individual in and who executed the BAT RIDUB AND SUNSET PARK Stanley, lib An. tat 7Slb St Wail 'Til tba San Sltinel, Nellili Daa't Sotaar tt KaMk BEDFORD National, tit Wlihlnatta Ava The Starr tf Will Rofera; alto Untamed Frontier I r- atOT' al A :ijf tS a TI "Witt VIZ certificate, and he thereupon duly duly knowledged to me that he executed r V A 1I1V aaa ... Wkers's Charley; Beware, My Lovely On. IU1 Llaiala Plata ..a.. a:i. ami. 1 una t aaa win. at 2 :40 a n. . rrl. . TP H-Waltrr BENSONHURST GREGORY PEQCerjiF 11 r 1 1 r 1 1 ii ura ij in . , Winrhtll ST .. Where's Charley; Beware, My Lovely Mtl lath Avaaua ... WALKER iiruiu lIIIU a'. aV MARBORO Where's Charley; Beware My Lovely DRAMA CRITICS' PRIZE Ml SICAL Guys & dolls A MUSICAL FARLK OF BROADWAY Alr-Conif im 6T r H E A. W .1 y CI 6-4271 t.H at 1:30. Mali. (0DAY ant WED. at 2:30 IN MM ARMS ii ir i DOORS OPEN US A. M. MARTHA WRIGHT GEORGE BRITTON Sin Th Pallttw Prlrt Moalral Plair OUTH PACIFIC MAJESTIC. 4lh m. Wast af B'vaT .,i :M IHart. Matt. Ttaaf 4 Wad. J JO IMrt BRANDT 'ft- the same. DUNBAR JANSON. -Notary Puhllc, State of New York No. 2401957100 Qualified In Kings County Cert, filed with Kings County Registers Commiaison expires March 30, 1953 oll-4t 3a THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK. BY THE GRACE OF GOD FREE AND INDEPENDENT. To any and all unknown persons whose names or parts of whose names, and whose place or places of residence are unknown, and cannot, after diligent inquiry, be ascertained, rilstrlhutee. heirs at law and next urn- Ui.mni:i: iM MAYFAIR 7lt.Avat47l hi "A Roistering Comedy H-J'W"w, UTA HAGEN ," m' A C ILL. aa r J BOROUGH BaUl Anu WUffniuWN Dnfflfia. DtfffUII Fulttn SU. . Jumpinr Jacks; ! Denver Rio Grande ST. GEORGE SSSt What Price Glory; 8M Tannlntl. Faurth Ava. att Daaa St ... Starmr Waathart also Hart Came the M"Hnai Tlvtll, Bart HalL TR. t-7lt; Farr tl Iht Canjo; Fler 2S Riarlnt llty SI'SHWICK Calaalal, Bratttay A Chauaeay St. .... Jnmnlnt Jacks: also Denver A R a (,r-nj Empire. Ralab Ava. A Srataasv Tha Great Manhanti also Mummy-s Curst CO NET ISLAND Strf Thtatrt. Surf Ava. 4 W. 32d St. Tht StoiT tf Will Borers: also F-fl'tr PBOPOSAI.8 'M EVENT r "An lrra.tiM Cnrnrr1v."-rhapaia. Nrwl Mb. Pl'RSl'ANT TO SECTION 178 OF the Slate Finance Law, sealed offera will be received hy T. N. Hurd. Dl- of kin of said SADIE HENDERKR In ANY l AMrtitrr 1 "TTV FIELD MEREDITH COBT Thrt. 4 t t. af B'tty. Clr.3-41M' 1 " auUrxlUd I Ll I T ) Ct. at 4:40. Mata. TODAY an 4 WEO at 2:40 BARRYM0F.E.W.47. (at :40 autat . at 7 FLATBUSH A C T f D y Flatbatb and if any i.f the naid distributees. Capitol Albany. New York, until 10:00 . ' or. al,oC, k,n, of ""- a m.. Oct. 17. 1952, coverinst removal i-eaaed be dead, their legal repre- or mixf.A waste 'paper, cardboard, tentative, their huabandi. or wives. Hn$ nf.wspBpPr from the Creedmoor if any. di. rihuteet and sucreaaoi-a in stal- Hospital. Qanw Villae. 8. Behind Closed Shutters; also M"ss 1'a'ia n ; i u n Avaaua "THOROUGHLY Oil ITFUL .. LOVABLE '-AND F UNHV." ATKINSON . N Y Tlmtll A CBKAT HITIH-AfcClam.r(.-An. Oranada, Churtb tat NHtrant Avat. Kent, Canay talent Ava. A Avaaua H Leader, Caaay Itlaat A Ntatlrt Aval. M Msn and I; else Hith Trertn Dreanbaati air. Lady In Iht Iron M !.t The Story of Will Reters: alia lint- - Fa". wnofe names ana or piare, Nw York may be directed, for a wnose names ana or piares N Ynrk as may b directed, for a r. pickwick -The KING AND I "'' tnf fiSvi-vr.'''" period of six mohtha (6 montha) be-wr' TumffirmnM :Kinninir November 1. 1952. and ending ? i-.T,5ODP?.E,LEADiJ:rj April 30. 1953. rfCllV c'"' Avaaua aad are vi?j&fsf - - r -JftJiiiiEDiiiiiit V UUUb Avaaua K MA. S-UI! Behind Closed Shatters; also Miss Italia Jnsnttnt Jarhst alsa Drtvtr anilnin tt-"- who resides at 16 Hayloft Lane. Rns- Beverly, III Cnurtb Aveaut a trim Charltt OiflfcMts' "Pickwick Pitr"'ST- JAMES The-. 44th 8t- Wnl f B'war FLTMOl'TH, 45 . W. f l ily CI. BI.M Ei. S.Sfi. Niti. TODAY mn4 WED. 1:28 Evt. 1:41 . Mr. t 7. Mat.T4ay A Wt 2:40. t.opies or me errer iorm coverma Ctlvtr. 4U1 Ittb Avaaua Janplnt Jackt; also Dearer and Rit Grande lyn HeiRhit, ing Island. ,. Y... has .v.. ,.,mnv. of mated waate paoer. 'Seamn't Funni?t Plnvf'Chapman Nnct pretented a petition prayinK ror a rnnihoard. and newapaper. from the de,r.e that a certain instrument in hov, n,pntioned Institution will bt wntlnt-. relatinK to real and Persona frni.hed on application to Joteph H. "-""i SI K I h a Rom-RT HELEN HAYES " Mrs. MeTHiNG rt comnff wif b mart chase JULES MUNSHIN t.v ,v j ir. I'1' , . Arir t.tT ; Anfierf.on. Husinest umcer at me in- Kj.lJ.5diT'r,,n"ni-of S,IE fiE.-jstitution or to T. N. Hurd. Director DERER latelv rekidina at No. R4 Ft NUGENT SCOn PRESTON T H E MALE ANIMAL of the Budget, Room 113, State Cap . EAST FLATBL'SH ri'? W lmf?i 1L. Fr" "'" l Weat Point! tlat Son of All Babt Butby. Utlat A Gburtb Aver 0 1 t-MSr The Slary tf Will B.tera; alt Int.mrd Franliar taRITrBBiN eACR New Orahaaa. Sarrtrtaaa A Wblttay An. Dretnbtat; alat Lady la Iht Iron Math BINOS HlnHWAT Jtwtl. Rlatt Nltkwty A Oaaaa Rarbny. Tht Mlrwlt (Wa tl Ntttrt't Hall Aero PARK SLOPE CARLTON "VvlJ-m. Encore ; alto Caribbean itol. Albany, New York. Greejie Place in the Borouith of Brooklyn. City of New York. Now. Therefore, you and each nf IWI SIC BOX. 4IMk HI. Waal af Air-Con HOHOirO. W. 4att B. CIr. .2 FORECLOSURES Mail. TODAY tat WID at 1.4, t,- '"" "" 1 M T.a,4Wat .u .40 you are hereby cited to ahow Ivat at -fore our Surrogate's Court of the oei. SUPREME COfRT. KINGS county - JACOR GREENE. Plaintiff, against CE1JA FRIEDMAN, et al.. Defend- MATINEE MON. OCT. in (COt. DAT! County of Kings, to be held in the Court Room at the Hall of Records. infflilllE P 1 irr5telMT'a'i'WMENT rrr I rnt riereuta ava. aaa rara riatt n-n. alat Ctrl From Manhaltta llavFw P.rf B.i. "" 'Aw.laaaa In the County of Kings, on the 2nd ants. Pursuant to a luagmeni aaieu SANDERS wt taut strttt " Caribbean ; alto Encore afll at public Avenue L day or uecember, li2. at :fi o cl.n K October 3. 13.12. I will CANARSIE 'Fearleas ratan .SffeaSSTOEVl MAKES THREES REIL.iY, Iiuiuu., ant 93rt Strati. lit ' ' i ,i riiouii. "ii Bui.ii unire SUl lln ny in 11. HADU J. should Tint be mnrlp. nnrtloncpr. at Unnm .tOnQ. Municipal NLEONABO HILUMAN'S ' t W r ALLS or 1 9 5 Z i donai.d babbt jam-t 'K'tH'i Vrwr.t Mn.lril Hll.'-rftf Stllirtn T rooK NEI.HOM RII.FY Stwrit hy JOHN Ml BRAY ANDERSON I UV MflDN 1 RII1F YFAR BOYALE THtATRC. 4Jt W nf B CI.S-S7n! ,,t' Dl-UC Air-Cnnt. I,a M "all. TnaayA a. t:M II Ht.lM HaryallHar,IJ4W.41t I I :S0 Mtl Taaay.Ihur. II . MARTIN II 'JUMPING JACKS PARK. 44tb Strttt ant Fifth Avtnua. STATE. OtKalb ant Franklla Aval... HARBOR. (2nd St. ant 4th Ava. ... A LEWIS RIDC.EWnoD RIDGEWOOD Avmut Jumpinr. Jacks; Denver & Rio Grand R I V 0 L I r,l4 w"""To the Shores of Tripoli; China Girl SHFEPSHFAD BAT . 4 "DENVER AND RIO GRANDE" TECHNICOLOR KISMKT, DeKalt Av. nr. Tompklnt Av. WHEN WORLDS 'COLLIDE' a. Submarine Command' COLISEUM. 4th Avt. ant 13nt St. In Tettlrnimy Whereof, we have RtiilrlmK. Court and Joralemon cftuaer the tal of our aaitl RtreniH. Brooklyn. New Ynrk. on No-Surroirate " Court to be vemher 5. 1ft.",2. at 13 o'clock noon, the hereunto affixed. prcniiacj dcoiitnated on the Tax Map tseal) Witncw, Hon. E. Ivan of the city of New York. Bot-ouith of Rilhenteln. Surronate nf Rrnnklvn. a. Sectlntl 24. Blnck 811(1. our aalri County, at the Bor- Ixit .11, aa eaiii map was on November oimh of Brooklyn In them. 1HI4. and fully described In the eaid County the 24th day of judnment. September, 1951 I AARON WIT.T.TAM L.BVY. ReferM. Aaron T.. Tacnhv II1RQV a Attornev for t Color Hits! 'CTflDV af Will inGrBC'l ntamed alat Eneort Sheet heat, Sheoetheet R4. A Viarhlat Caribbean; FORTH AY. t -Ft. Haailltea P'aaay. JANE W VMAN ". niui. Franller' SOUTH BROOKLYN SUMNER, Sumner Ava. ant Painty St "RODEO" tat "HERE COKE THE MARINES' CBlTim1 AWARD BEAT MimiCAI. Vrrwaa SFf.AI Hrtl. I ANfi " ' 00N M T"" WONOFBMAM or P album. L11U THF THEATRE." ylflrinion. Timn a l joey nc;,t. ,;;:s.. iwish you were here BBOATim RAT. 44tk HI. Wt af B'war' " N'V Wnafral Cnmaifv Ia at taar.. atata, TaMyA Wat. 2:36 taart 4fr-C(f lmaarlal.w.4S Inl lt lln l.ln.ail CLINTON sT c'" ...Devil Makci Tliree; Fearleti Fagi i.... iaaiaint Jaektl alat Denver 4b Rlt Ortndt RITZ. Stb Avtnua tnt 4Stb street 'Frantlt Sate tt Watt Ftlnf : 'Son tf All Babt' (Color) Seaderi Oltbt. ISvh St. A Itb Ave.. BERKSHIRE. Wt St. ant itb Ava. .. 'DETECTIVE STORY' A 'Darllnt, Htw Caald Tot' VALLEY STB RAM. I. I Clerk of the Surrogate Court: I Plaint Iff, 66 Court Street, -Brooklyn. I o4-4t8'N. Y. . . : . 0l4-6tTuTh LINCOLN, Bedttrt Ava-Llattla Plan. "A FLACK IN THE SUN" and "SILVER CITY" Sanrlat Brirt-Ba, BtariM Mlihaay... Taa St,,,, Tltt Ma and Pa KatMe Seek et rat past)

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