Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 14, 1949 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, March 14, 1949
Page 24
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! Logansport Pharos-Tribune" RADIO COLUMN (T) full nour oroKram. (H)— Halt nour Drozram- '.VBBM — ColumDii, IJO re. WLS — American. t»fl ke. WMAQ— Natlono.:.670 Ho. WON— Mutual. 7ZO kc. .MOXDAT EVB.MKC CST «:00— WEBM— Eculah tt'G.X — Preston fcrndley W.MAQ— Uon Full-child '• WLS — .Ervln J^owia News , WSAI^— V.'orld News I i «:15— VVBBM— Jack Smith Show ! N — Passing parade ' . \VLS-P. F. Air EcIIUon | WSAT, — Rainbow rendezvous I 5:Jj — WBBil— Jvastinsr Impressions ] WLS— lid win C.'Hill. i :JO— VVBB.M— Club Firteen WCN— Ilurlclch, News | VV'AIAQ — llorntj 'i'oWi-jor.i 'WL.ii — ui.no Hunsar IH) \v,SAO- Dinner .Vlu.'-lc i>:4S~-WRBM — Murrow News WON — Inside Sports W.MAIJ — Lcif Kid, Ni.-ws 7:00 — WEBM— Inner Sanctum \vr:x— atrnifjh: Arrow W.MAQ — Cavalcado WLS — Railroad Hour 3:30— WBEM— Talent Scout* WON— Sherlock Holmes W,\l AS — Volcu ol fireston* an WLS— Stars in the Night WHAT/— Songs Of Yesterday 7:4.-.— WI.X— Honry Taylor 7:35 — \VG.V — Hy .Gardner Say» *:00— -WBBM— L.UX. Kadio Thea.tr WMAQ — Tclephona Hour WGN — Heattor, news WLS — German Wlilto 'Letter 'WSAIV— Kvenlns Serenade 8:1.-— Wti.V— This Is The Story 1:30— WON— Fish * Hunt Club WLS— Stara In Tho WGX — Guy Lombarflo WMAQ— Ur. I. Q. 8:35— we. V— Bill .Henry, Xews »:00 — WBBM— My Friend irraa WGX— Air Korco Hour WLS — Arthur Ga&th. WMAQ — Carnation Cont. Hour WSAL, — Dancins Alone »:30-~WBBM— Bob Hawk Show WLS— On Trial WMAQ — Radio City Plavhouse , TUESDAY »IOIlM>C CST 8:00 — WBBM — Harrington, Newi WGN^HurlelRh, news WLS— Breakfast Club (F) W.MAQ— Your Neighbor (H) WSAL — News Ana .Scores • 1:15— WEBM— Gold Coast WGX— Two Ton Baker WaAL— Morninfr Melodies 1:30— -WBBjr— Patrick- O'RIley WGX— VIekl Stevens . WMAQ— Music That Sing's »:45— WBBM— Shopping With Missus WGX— WIshlntr Well ; WJIAQ— Barry, Xews 1:00 — WBEM— Bentley, NCWII WGX — Si8KTt.it, News . WMAQ— Fred Waring (H) WLS— Truo Story <H) WSAL — Hymn Tim o •»:15 — WGX — Marriage Bureau WBEM — Rhymo Dc<es Pay WSAL — Organ .Reverie* " »:30— WBEM— Arthur Godfrey WGX— Baker's .Notebook WMAQ— Road ot L!f» WLS — Betty Crocker WSAL — Melody Time »:45— WGX— Spots of Music •WBBM— Arthur Godfrey WMAQ — The Brighter IJay WLS— Club Tlroe 10:50— WBBM— Arthur Godfrey WGX— Watkins, Xew.s WMAQ— Do It Vourself WLS — Captain Stubby 10:15— rWMAQ — Love and Learn "WLS — The BuBi-anecrs WGX— Vic Llndlahr 10:30 — WBBM — Xational Heart Week WGX— Gabriel Hcatter W.MAQ— Jack Bcrch WLi> — Tfd Malono WSAL — .Strike Uf> The Band 10;43— WBEM— Rosemary WGX — Virginia Gale WLS— Robert Lylo, News W.SAL- — Ka.Mi' Knytnni 11:00— WBBM— W»ndy Warren WGX— Kate Smith WMAQ — A.unt Mary WLS — Welcomo Travelers WSAL — -Musical Memoirs ' 11:15— WBBM— Aunt Jenny WGX— Kate Smith' . WMAQ — It's Your Lire- 11:30— WBBM— Helen Trent WMAQ— The Uoens WGX — Binsr Crosby WLS — Farm 'World 11M3 — WBBJI — Our Gal, Sunday WGX— .Nichols. Xews WMAQ — Wllsonalre.s . 11:35 — WLS — Weather Outlook ' CST Hey, O'Rourke—The Shamrocks are Coming SHA>'> T 0>' AIRPORT, Ireland. (UP)-Thcy started shipping out the shamrocks to America lij air j-pstrrrtny. One hundred bags of shamrocks were dlsjmlched to >'cw York, Chicago, St. Louis; and points ivcst to ndorn the la. pels of those tvlio'll ivwir the green on St. PntrJck's Buy- WASHINGTON (UP) — The joint chiefs of staff have been handed a U. S. Air Force "finding" that Russia has no adequate defense against the B-26 supcrbomb- er, it was re.ealecl Sunday. Furthermore, she may not have a defense for several yars. The finding is based on.tests under combat conditions and it un- I derscores Air Secretary W.' Stuart I Symington's description of the I B-3S as' an "inter - continental i bomber." Expect Close Vote in Battle! The Air Force's information, ~ Extend Controls 151 plus corollary interviews with air Reveal Russ Lack Of Defense Against B - 36 I Joint Chiefs of Staff Receive U. S. Air Force "Find ing" on Inadequate Soviet Defense From New Superbomber (UP) Hopes High For Passage Of Rent Control Bill To Months (H) O— WBBM— Bit Sliicr WGN— Let's Have Fun (H) WMAQ— Stone, Utley. N«w» WLS— Dinner Boil Tirnn WSAL — Farm Fair t2:OE~WMAQ— Utley, News . 12:1-5— WBBM— Ma ferniris WMAQ— Food Magician 12:30— WEBM—Eentley. Now» !. WGN — Market importer WLS — Xoontlmo News WSAL — Xoontlmo Xews ll:4S— WBBM— Guidlnc Llsnt WGX— SlcKrisU, Xows WMAQ— Luncheon Party WLS— Lloyd BurllnKnam WSAIx— Luncheon Music 12:30 — WLS — Closing Market 1:00— WiiiJM— -Mrs. Burton WMAQ— Doubt* or Nothing WLS— Musical Almanac WGX — Quoen For A Day 1:15— WBBM— Ferry Mason . WLS— School Time 1:10— WBBM— Nora Drake. WGX — Jim Ameclic WMAQ — Today's Children, WLS— Brlflc & Groom (H) 1:41— WBBM— What Makes You Tick? WGX— We Threo WMAQ— LiKht of the World WSAL — Artist Of Keyboard J:00— WBBM— David Harum. WGX — Foster, Xews WMAQ— i.lf» Can B« BdBUtl- lul WLS— Ladles B» Seated <H) WSAL— Mn^i With A Band •1:1S— WMAQ— Mn Porldns WGX— Hal n.nd Leo (H) WBBM— Hilltop House. WSAL — Something Old • 1 :30— W B 75 M— Xc w» ' - WMAQ— Popper Young's m 1 1 y •WLS— G. E. Hotigepnrty "WSAL — Afternonii Surunado • »:15— WMAO — Mieht WGX — Frankiyn "WfiJHM— Kobert Q. Lewis WLS — What Makes You Tick? 1:00— W BUM— Hint. Hunt (H, WLS — Kay Kyser • • • WGX— Kadio Quiz. WMAQ— Backstage Wif» 1:15— WMAQ— Stella Dallas WGX — -Lunny Koss J:30 — WBBM" — Winner Take All WGX— Linda's First Lova WMAQ— t,uren£o Jones . WLS— Galan Drsike -WSAF. — Waltz Time 1.45 — WGX — Editor's -Daughter WKfiM— ttrt More Out Of Life • WMAQ — Wlrldar Brown WLS— Lulu Belle 4:00 — WHBM— TRUI Gibson (H) •WGX— Leslio Xlchols WMAQ— A Girl M.-irrles WLS— Martha Crane W.SAL— Teen Tlniu 4:15— WGX — Marshall Kent Show. WMAQ— Portia Facp.-. U> 4:30 — WRBM — Between Us Girls WGX— Baker's Spotlight WMAQ — Just I-'luln Kill ' WLS — Lewis, Xows 4:4J.— WBBM— Gold- Coait ' WGX— Telephone Quiz WLS — Nelson O'.mstead WMAQ— Kror. i face u arr«U »:0«— WBbM— Xe- ft WGX— StraiRht Arrow WMAQ — Stona X'owo WLS — Green Wornet <:15 — WBBM — J-larrlnjrion rewai WMAQ— Dave Caraway Show (H) *:30— WBBM— Herb Shrlner • WOX— Captain Midnisht •\V[,s — Sky Khip: WcSAL — •Troplcnnii' t:4S — WBIIM — i-.owoll Thomru WMAQ— Holtman, Xew« WCX — Tom Ml.T WSAL— Sports Edition TVKKDAT KVE.M.NO S:00— WBBM— Eoulah TTOX— Dr. 'Pr«ston Bradl«r WLS — 'Lowls, News •WMAQ — Don Vnlrchild WSAL — World Xrws K;i;— wtiDM— J.ICK- Smith Show WGN— Pasting Parad* WASHINGTON (UP) — House Democratic leaders, waging- a nip- and-tuck battle to extend rent controls for 15. months, voiced optimism Sunday that their bill will be passed Tuesday without 'crippling amendments." But Democrats and Republicans alike agreed that the showdown will be one of the closest legislative tests in years. Administration forces, badly frightened by the narrow squeak their bill suffered in . the first amending session Friday, spent the weekend wooing votes of "borderline" representatives. While the results ot their "persuasion" campaign were hard to measure, supporters of t!io bill | were noticeably more confident | yesterday and. foes, .were corres- ! pondingly more guarded In their i | predictions. . As late as Saturday afternoon, some key Democrats were so worried they cpnceded privately the administration might suffer "the biggest reversal ot all" in the final test on the bill to carry out President Truman's campaign pledge. But Rep. J. Percy Priest, D,, Tenn., house Democratic whip, said flatly that the bill is "out of the woods.!' "There's no danger about final passage," he said. "That's assured." He forecast that the "closests test" will come on an amendment to give states and local governments final artthority to veto controls In their Jurisdictions. "That will be'falrly close," he said. "But I think we are safe enough on it now." Rep. Charles A, Hallcck, R., Ind., a leader of the GOP floor fight against the bill, expects the crucial test to come on a motion to send the measure back to the bank- Ing committee with'instructions to trim the evtension down to SO days. A GOP floor move to amend the bill in thai, '-ay was defeated Friday,' 17S-163, force officers, stresses: 1. That the superboinber—quite capable of carrying an atomic bomb—is the only, military aircraft that can perform efficiently at an .'.titude of more than'eight miles. That, plus its armaments, niakes it almost immune to interception of anti-aircraft fire, 2. It is the only bomber in the world that doesn't have to be altered so it can carry special bombs. Its capacity is two 42.00C pounders. Faces 2 Prolilcmg 3. Russia faces two major defensive problems — building Interceptors that could waylay the big- planes and 'ringing her vast terrain with a radar warning system that would get the interceptors into the fir in time. 4. Even the Air Force's jet fighters, rated as good as any in the world, are 600-mils-an-hour demons at 30,000 feet but are un| wicldy in t" e thinner air at '10,000 feet. Tests at Berlin Air Force base, Fla., show they lose power Three Hurt In Auto Crash Three persons were injured 5 an auto collision early Saturday evening on road 29 a mile soutl of Deer Creek. The injured were Dr. Robcri Hoffman, 56, South Bond: Mrs Warren Martin, 33, Camden; and her brother-in-law, Robert Martin, 17, of near Galveston. They were taken to Memorial hospital by passersby. Dr. Hoffman, who was treated for head lacerations, was dismissed yesterday but the other two victims remained in the hospital with severe head and face lacerations. The Hoffman car was going north and the Martin car south when the two struck head-on. The Martin car was turned over on its side while the doctor's auto plunged into a fence beside the road. Mrs. Martin's two' daughters, Martha, 13, and Perrietta, 11, were riding in the back seat but suffered only minor injuries. State troopers Clement Duckwall and B. D. Leavitt, Sherriff C. F, Parrett, and Deputy Sparkey Carey of Carroll county investigated. and their small whips will not support them in the thin air. Hold Rites For Mrs. Anna P: Reames MONTICELI.O, Ind. — Funeral services for Mrs. Anna Pearl Reames, 62,, who died Friday afternoon at her home in Idaville, will be .conducted Moudav morn- Palestine Truce Being Violated, Bunche Declares U. N^Mediator Denounces Israeli and Transjordan Troop Movements RHODES (UP) — Acting United Nations Mediator Dr. Ralph J. Bunche declared last night that Israeli 'and Transjordan. troop movements along the Gulf, of Aq.- aba appeared to be violations ot the Palestine truce.- Bundle said . tile Israeli advance to the Elathe coastal strip nay be a "serious breach of the truce," Already it has resulted in "grave complications" in the delicate Is- aeli-Transjordan armistice negotiations, otliei sources. Technically, Bunche said, Trans- ordan's maneuvers in the area -,-ere a truce violation also. The acting mediator stressed lowever', that he will not draw a inal conclusion until he .has re- eived 'reports form the UN ob- ervei-s ordered to Aqaba, Trans- ordan's seaport. • Reliable sources said the secur- ty council is pressing'Bunche for full report on the crisis as soon s possible. If Transjordau's complaint gainst Israeli troop movements upheld by UN observers, author- tative sources said Bunche may ecommend that the council take firm action" to force -Israel to vacuate the strip bordering the uif at the' southern tip of the Ne- ev desert- Miss Margaret Brehney Passes Away in Delphi DELPHI, Ind. — Miss Margaret Brehney, S3, tiied at .12:30 o'clock Sunday afternoon at her home Tucker, 86, well-known farmer and-i here following a ] ong illness. She had been in poor health since breaking her hip in a fall six years Melvin Tucker Dies Sunday ROYAL-CENTER, Ind. — Melvin Monday Eve, March 14, 1949 funeral home at S o'clock Monday community leader, died Sunday at noon in Memorial hospital at Logansport. He had been seriously ill three weeks. Mr. Tucker, was. born June 10, 1SS2, near Lucerne, the son of Abraham arid Margaret? Witters Tucker, He. spent his entire life in that Funeral services are to be Tuesday morning at 9 o'clock in St. Joseph church with the Rev, Francis Kienly officiating. Burial will be made in St. Joseph, cemetery- ago. Born in Delphi, December 2S, 1S65, she was the daughter of Con- sciene and Ellen Taffy Brehney. She was a lifelong resident of this community, _. _ . _ Clay Farm Bureau T_ ' ° The Clay township Farm Bureau ill have a baked ham supper. She was a mem- j sponsored by the county co-op, at community and resided'ou a farm | bcr o£ SL Jos «l* Catholic church! 6 ; 30 • "• m - Thursday at Bethel one and a half miles east of Lu-1 atlti Ule Rosary and Altar Society! ch ^JV _ •_..,. cerne - - | of that organization. j AVilham Day. co-op field man for ' 4n'active member oC the Zion | Miss Bre,moy is survived by one ! this district, will be . speaker of Methodist JiurcH, Mr. Tucker was j siste ''. Mrs. Mary Murphy, with | tlls «vemn E . There also will be also the oldest living member of wuo ™ she lived. spec.al musical numbers. the Royal Center Masonic lodge. He was a former trustee of Harrison township and a former member of the board of trustees of the Logansport State hospital. Survivors include one daughter, Mrs. Harvey Clary, Lucerne; a grandson, Walter Clary, Tipton; one great-grandson and several nephews. His wife, Annie, passed way May 23, 1933, The body was prepared for burial at the Harrison funeral home here but v, ill be taken to the Tucker residence Monday afternoon. Funeral rites are to be held Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock in the Zion Methodist church with the Rev. Chester Mahan in charge. Burial will be made in the Zion cemetery. The body was taJcen to the Patrick funeral home' where friends may call after 2 o'clock Monday afternoon. The Rosary Society is planning prayer services in the All members- of the Bureau and their families are invited. Those attending are asked to bring a covered dish, bread and table service. The meat will be served by the committee in charge. JIMMY FAY COMBO With "BABE" GRUBBS ATTEND SERVICES Mr. and Mrs. William Bushing j of this city will attend funeral services in Chicago for Mr. Bushings aunt, Mrs. Mary Howell, 92, former local resident. Mrs. Howell . passed away at the'home of a son in Chicago. Opening Monday, March 14, for a limited engagement. Dining, dancing and Floor Show Monday thru Saturday 4 to 12 p. m. 5. The B-36 soon will be equip-| ing at 10:30 o'clock in the Miller ped with four jet engines to aug- | funeral home, ment its six 3,500-horsepower pis-1 The Rev. Lloyd Overmeyer is in ton engines. That will increase its talce-off power and give extra | speed when needed. rimic Invulnerable These factors convince the military that the superbomber, at this moment, is close to being invulner- charse and burial is to be made in the Buffalo cemetery. Mrs. Reanies, who had been in ill health for severel years, was born September 0, 1SS6, In White county. She was the daughter of John and Minnie Randt Fuller and — Tuesday DUFFEY BASIL'S Road 35 North Kokomo able. They believe therefore that j had lived in this vicinity most of it will be a major item in any war during th next three to five years. Some air force officers believe the 'Superbomber's range—10,000 miles—not only means atomic bombs can be delivered without hindrance, but that they would not have to be stored outside this country in war time where they would be exposed to attack. The Air Force's data reportedly has been passed on to the White House. The major Issue before the All- Force i.ow is to develop an interceptor to "combat" the B-36. Gen, Hoyt S. Vandenberg. .Air Force chief of staff, point'ed this up recently when he said: "Our real problem is — how would we defend outselves against attack by an aircraft comparable of the B-3G?" Rochester Officials To Receive School Bids ROCHESTER, Ind. — Bids will j bo received March 31 for construe-1 tlon of a new grade school building ] and an addition to the. consolidat-1 ** <v cd school building, it has been an- i I iHVOPilfer I f\ nounced. ' (VJUTtlllVI IV Ralph Radcr, trustee of Henry township, and-members of his advisory board will receive the bids. A. $160,000 bond issue to cover estimated cost of improvements was sold, last December to four Indianapolis bond firms. sue is divided equally between! ths Fulton County Purebred Henry Civil township and Henry j Brooders association Monday even- school township. ~" " Construction ot improvements to the Akron school plant is expected to start Jiis spring- in order to use the building for the 1949-1050 her life. Survivinj with her husband, David, are two daughters, Mrs. Minnie Austin, New Waverly; and Mrs Ida Howard, Lucerne; a son, Edgar, Idaville; 11 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren; two sisters, Mrs. Ella Miller, Huntington ; and Mrs. Mary Woods, Anderson. Guest Speaker ROCHESTER, Ind. — Governor Henry 'F. Scliricker has accepted an invitation to be guests speaker This Is- i at a fish fry to be sponsored by school year. Children of Former Residents Burned A blowtorch explosion In the Indianapolis home ol! Mr. nad Mrs. Kenneth Heckathorn, formerly of | Logansport, caused three of their i children to be badly burned last Fa-! Thursday, .It was learned here. | The three youngsters, Penny, two and a half years old, Jerry 10, MacciJ?mac'h S ' and Fre ' tld >'- i2 - a™ in Methodist 'hospital in .Indianapolis where the little girl-is reported in serious condition. Both parents are Fulton county natives. While Mr. 'Heckathorn was employed at the local gas company, the family lived on North Cicotf street. Ing, March 4, in Whitmar gymnasium. Profits from the affair will be used to build permanent swine and cattle display buildings at the new Fulton county 4-H Fair Association grounds. Electric Light Bills Due Penalty added after March' 15th. • Chances axe you haven't appendicitis — or any other serious malady. But it's best to know. If your health is in question, consult and co-operate with your Physician, And, we'll co-operate if you'll bring his prescriptions to us. CENTRAL DRUG CO. BEHT XICHOISO^, R- fit. 4th & HdYVT. Phone JJ131 HALL'S FOOD SHOP Offers You— SELECTED FINE FOODS Pepperidge Bread Hill's Coffee - Stewart's Coffee >. ,S & W Fancy Foods Quality Groceries Fancy, Fine Quality, Meats Frozen Foods *, Fancy Fruits and Vegetables, DELIVERY SERVICE For Your DAILY FOOD NEEDS and those out of the ordinary delicacies phone or visit. , HALL'S FOOD SHOP NOW PLAYING THRU THURSDAY 19th and Broadway Phone 4710 PUBLIC SALE CALENDAR March 15—Aarone and Grace Mendenhall Kivett April 6th—Ray Milburn Grume Beatty new* WLS—Prairie Farmer WSATi—Rainbow .Rendezvous 1:30—WEBM—Club Fifteen u MAQ—Hometowners Vt'LS—Counter Spy . . WON—Hurlciffh, News WSAT,—Dinner -Music l:<5—WBBM—Murrow, Kews WGN—Inside of Sports WMAQ— Hnrkness, News .7:00—WBBM—HJystern Tlicatre "\VGX—Grotrorv I-Iood WMAQ—This-'is Your Uto WI.S —We Sec By The News 7:15—WLS—Red Cross Program 7:30—WEBM—Mr. and Mrs. North WLS—Town MeotliiS WMAQ—Allen Voutipr Show WGN'—Official Detective AVSAL,—yonsrs of Vestal-clay 7:53—WGN—By Gardner Say» »:00—WBBM—.Melody Lana WMAQ—Bob Hobo WGN—Gabriel Hoatter WSAL—Kveninff Serenade S:ir,—WKX—This Is The Story 8:30—•WMAQ—Fibber nnd Molly WGN—Ed'dy Howard WBBM—Strike It Rich WLS—Cunham, News S:-I3—WLS—Detroit Symnliony S:,15—WGN—Bill Henry, Now» »:00—WMAQ—Elfr Town WOX—Hawaii Calls WBEAt—Hit The Jaclcpot. \V'SALr—D.inelncr Along W.ibash »:30—WGN—Tha Northerner* WLS—Us In The Family TVMAQ—People Avo Funny —Mr. Aco and June Closing Out Sale Located 3^6 mile's northeast of Delphi, 5 miles west or RockCield and % mils north of road 25, on THURSDAY, MARCH 17, '49 • BEGINNING AT 11:30 O'CLOCK S HEAD OF CATTLE—I Shortliorn cow, 5 years old, cal£ by side; 1 blue roan cow, .4 years old, calf by side; 1 Jersey cow, fresh; 1 Brown Swiss .cow,, 2 years old, calf by side; 1 Guernsey cow, G years old, will freshen. In April. IMPLEMENTS—I John Deere .tractor, 41 model B, new motor, 6 speeds forward; cultivator .for above tractor; one' 2-bottom 14 Inch John Deere plow, 1'year-old, on rubber; 1 No. 290 John Deere corn planter, 1 year old;. one 7-ft. tandem disc, 1 year old; 1 two-section flexible harrow, one year old; 1 No, 5 John Deere 7-ft. power mower, one year old; 1 new rubber tired wagon and bed; 1 old rubber tired wagon with rack; 1 No. 10 John Deere hammer mill; one 50-foot endless belt for hammermill; 1 garden tractor with cultivator, one -year old; 1 new factory-built trailer; 20 gallons of weight 30 motor oil; Lincoln grease container and gun full of grease. These implements are practically good as dew, HAY—150 bales of wheat and oats straw; 50 bales of clover and alfalfa, and four tons loose alfalfa, more or less. MISCELLANEOUS—2 hog houses and two tools and miscellaneous articles not, mentioned. hog feeders; small TERMS: CASH, Not responsible for accidents. Lunch will be served by Tipwa Grange. WILLIAM A. SCOTT KENXARD and MILLION, Clerks BAY BOOTH, Auctioneer Remember ZIKER'S And Your Spring Housecle^::ing UNLINCD 'PR. Take Advantage of This Week's Special Restore Lustre and .tresh- 'ness to your draperies the Ziker Way. Use Ziker's Water Repellent on Your Drapes For a More Beautiful Finish. 124 South Sixth St. 705 North Third St. STATE n ALLIANCE Theo* COSTIXUOUS 1-9 ilo TODAY AND TUESDAY Features At l:.tO. 9<30, £180 7:40, 9:45 PLUS Disney Pluto and Cartoon Jinx Falkenberg in "APPOINTMENT WITH BABY" Tonight — "Duke of West Point" - "Miss Annie Rooney" TUE5, WED., THURS. Four Men and . a Woman Lost in a Jungle, Terror... Thrills Never Seen Before! Why Would Men Do Any Thing She Wanted Them to Do? t BEAUTIFUL GIRL CAPTUREF SACRIF

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