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Grand Junction, Colorado
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THE DAILY SENTINEL, GRAND-JUNCTION, COLORADO PAGE SEVEN SUND A ORNIN "APRIL 2," 1933 KIDNAP VICTIM HOME AGAIN News Briefs Get 1 liah ummrn fl'ytiflntiotii fmm feta fi I Continued from page Springs -A- V- Caffrey; Phene 05J3. -oi JU A By Mr. Jennie Coppock March II, 13S2. 'I he spelling and oratorb al in-leet of Hie eight It gtada of the rounly waa htld tiatutday, along win, Ihe lounty of the olhr grade arid high a (tools, and the spelling i or tent woo hy 1 helm a Juno Kinney, of I arbondale, l.oOt', of Carltofidale, won the eighth gid rslftrl)sl to the other toithly high into I toolesta, winners were as follows oiaiorll, fit1 pla Jo J.ffi-te, arbondal, ond, Inily Morgan, Glen ood HI Klein, Hill mini plsra lire iua.Hi. Joad.ngi I'.

sthi ilte f- feis, ferhoudul. Hist, l.m-l May Dshco Hill, sc ond, and lord, Dorothy J.alsoii, (ilenw.tod Humorous fuel, Kva Boiler, Glen wood so ond, I ads Alien, Rifle, and Ms ry I-Donne, hill third During ihe ft in fie was furnished by Ihe high bool VO sl sea I Me, end by the gtadu a hool violin rnrteiphje ml-1 me dtreiUoo of Vlles A.a Bollo'k. Th otatorbal Judgoe were Mi. Bhlllipe, of Gypsum, Miaa Wilson Kagle, and Mr Bollings of Cliff palling Judges, In TO t-tvoee -m-ewtotyd b-foe wet Mte Imm flailtioo, of Iararhle iifc, Via Bat of Mlscourl lie ghls Ml- Marl ItoneHa, Dowir tattle, Cl eek, Mr ti II Ha 1 1 at dt'f, Mis Kdna Ixwta, of end Mr Darlsnd, of Hilt Hie 001,1 1st making no provision, H.ia for Bending the winners to Hi state meat, 0 sr people 1 gave an entertatomei.i Wednet day evening to raise finds to send their two ihampiona to fien-vt, end -they will leas Jj-und. arrompanlad hy Mrs Alma liar rig, who It going over to attend the etete rounly euperlntendenta meeting Denver, The btrdhzuse rontsat, apob- BeW patrol waa formed, cUad the Klylng eagle Petrol, end Louie liovcdu wae tna'allad aa leader, and Myiln Andareon, his aaalat-anl.

'Xme otheia Ihalallsd wvr Hob iiorden and Bob Thomson, loader and assistant of tle Warrior Balrol, Jack Hubbard and Bstil Nealeil, of Ilia Banlhar Bairol. ltell and Robert li 1 is ngflold, of the Belli an Batrol, Tha Installation Udk uls'e In the tbuul ooiJi at tha Junior blgT school, followed by social hour, during whlb Itl Thomeon told a et'iry, and llin refrMhmente. Both laal troops, fl and 111, re-nglsicted again, whlr-ti la requlr-o! year, 'I roop 71 went oa a hike up Oasla reek, Krlday, for a marshmallow roaat, and to take ton, a (eats A rou of Rlfls heights Jadle ked Mlrs trlsdy Bradley, home dcmihsi 1 at Ion agnt for the roua-ry, to meet with them and esplaln the nionslon work to them, and they formed an ealanalon rub nf twelve member, with the poeat-billty pt three more Joining soon. Mte hutherlend, of the agricultural vcollege will be at the Tfi HOT hlrtf i mo W4-fTcatia tbe talk ou Thrift Bia tins a. I me eilohalon tub members lo this vi InBy, and It la hoped that iitt, era, not bs 11.

lo toy dub will avail then eve8 of the opportunity to a mu interesting talk Thursday she will glva the same talk 1 Klfle the general public arid the nil metobeiva SD and Mr Meahil were d'wn from Kagte ort Monday Mr and Vis It fare f- Gypsum were lu town Mon day, Mrs Woody and Mra Bryan Donald en'ertalned the Royal Ni.ghbora, arnl particular dan i Wc.ody home, Wednesday n.ghi Twenty mm her enjo.ed an evening w-rtSvl I-saw ptjjkt and folpwihj Hatar Maysra, Jr, IS, gu rrtunSad hy resmbarg 'tl Ma family and far tna memant happily angigad In ftlii a Jigsaw punia, re sumad bia bema lift after kting bald vaptiv a gbt daya hy thraa arsnad ma wbe kidnaped bim from Ma brrw tn aar ary, Obre, Hta fetkes aald be ebtalnad tb bay's raltaaa In rttum ISOO ranaem. Hatar I seated batwsan bia aiaitr, Ha'an, and a metnar. Hi fatbtr la aand-Ing, AtteeiaUd Brest Phttu) Jnetpbua Canlai, Predant ann'a ctvy aserttary, la undargiood to ha s'ttsd for an rran ahlp nf a ns gnvar nmar.l group te Include tee Interstate aumrrarte eommie-i on, shipping Board end tua fcrannh nf tha avwirrarta Us-parlmsst, (Aaau(iatad Brass Khe-t 1,705 Mcab Were rSend In March At Salvation Army 4 ffM Ru New York, April I. freight, loadings of tha Atchison. Topegaj A iiu-U ft railway In Mari.Ii tar 1 taiert H.itO cars against I In Kooruary aad lOu.iiL tn Mnjn.Ii).

1 2 (iM4tyt hu am4 Viii Boston, April I I be Boston Ibvenlng arnerlita asya bar I Mallty, B''on advertising man, ha been tendered the post of Lnl'aei feiaUs minuter to th Irish Crs i) Mslley admitted ha bad been approached by Washington sou on th mailer snd id be would apt th poet If It sore offh ia red him. WII DKNfU 4 It rl Hi.y, HAHIIAHK Og fstUI I assuisted rsa IssMd Wu. Ooldea CO lo A prll 1 A egg losing in Id sot In Whbh I w. t'o'orad hl if professors eer larger atparsoHy, had been rtod today af'er ths student hurlsratsd apol.glrd the two profssaora tn Me 'er i Hobrff and IpbyaBe sod A k. I hsilia also of phyt.rt dvjai'- 1 rnM wwg found gut ly of tin-' proi.i pr st a ksi- rarro court of asr'rr idenu ti aa fe' urn of ihe annua! sen lor dsy eift re.

on i hn prifeve a wsrerti'b- i It was reported a'u dnr.i a bsrra a 1 i am An taveetlgeHoa reaudsd la 'r 'r of epi Uni from aorr. it udnn'e per') if sd 'heir narr.ea wi nol d'e ''t1 xpinotv PAHA f7 FOR RrTETL OF Ol ft DRY LA Mb Mtir.g'.oe Apr! 1 gas Wiacooa a la perad of ea'c v'c 7iw. of t. 1 1,' as auno.n-a-J wc, Hcnw pres dB. i Lit Brntjc, ton A wr.

diosu1 V'deri Is Mj'tigsu I go te pol a oa April gas for a I April It 7 he H.asona a way fo April tt i r. i I' fur awvsrsl li6-c-o ry to 06 'la A a err a and Aratass has a i'tui 1 'a'-w da referenda to I'td Kt veeiiea da'es'ee krng at Ter a )'lftwee gvo ly proved tor aiec t.ot ft a ga'ea f-y 'I n'a largs I h- GATEWAY By Jw lie foy A r. I I a 'A a 'A i.el i wu Mr a Jo Vrrertcrtr. I i Inner 24 i -I ty it'ii home hr day af'r ejend ug two wk in t. 4 I i in w' her flr, i 'icer ft Mary a no 'era ha a.

and i Msry a no Ms" aso snd Met In, I rt'g chi'drac, e' i ti-cd We I ft l)Sfi, sid Jp-s Wurioe WdM i vi fj'trd Ithf- I I i 1 I I I sored by lbHrln riuli, came tuUy the lommlt'en so aucanaa an end this weak with the Judy-! fuliy tha Hi Jetrli ka 6 preview oa April 4 1 p)'4 or. tUe wl f'. low summer and fl. Hiim saw a devticeptaeat la Mr Caw oa ito uni kci.dy Wtl'ey ytell nr Le. Irwon 1st Fs ard fcf, Dr fas i1 hrb Ana Cw'fvd 'd Al Marjorie, ard, Mi" i Hit Gr c'o apes bev r.flt vjva'P.

fs'wy wk 4f a nd I s'. "li wee! wics Tom Gsrvey fj-c and Mr pay Ijo. Ii, fo.cord Iran Boyd M' M'rn'a Da, Had. Ed by rafreabrneril lather arilvari guv a good Is'k on "Ireland' Ihe meeting of lh a'hollr DaugMr la wee ft lelneae conducted, hut in social Wat dispensed with because of 1rni. Mar sr Kinsman and Mr Power were up from Grand Jua'Mon visiting at the Georg Human home Father Carrtgan went up to Minturu Wednesday, lo conduct a funtrtl service for Mrs House.

Mr and Mra. Frank Doll wert down from Gypaum tbla week. Mike Walsh waa down from Red Cliff for his periodical eav-batha, two of which always to- Jrvenate him. He la year of time here yts'erdey age, and baa been taking the Mesa ranch bat ha for many year, wneeever he feels ike seed of tbarrn. Km lit Kohl waa Frulia rrtid(ria here day.

Vlncenl Banter bualneA here fcaturday Mr F. Fratsr th fl'y fcaturday FrulU b'eme Mr Eva Wins her fcaturday from t-e Prewa't W.J. Stevens formerly of tha rUflley-SlcvHift Optical Company tmrioiirn to Oift opnlpi of jirofmlonal offli at 442 Main St. tiring Junrtlon, (Viliirado We extend rurdlal Invitation in all our frit-nil still former (lallenli to Visit tins new location. Aa a 1UI to I roil Of lory utU-r, are giving a 20 Discount on glaaae complete, new louaee or Dime during the in on iu of April only.

CHARGED WITH PLOTTING DEATH OF HIS WIFE A 11,4 trt, I ,4 Win i Arigsle, A tT 1 1 'I ho alleged "other woman' In lh Ilf of (ieialit CralK, foionr lolli-yo fool ball alar ami Win Id i ran, will lie i roee exeinlncd Monday when Craig's Dial ou i harge of plotting to kill hla wife la it- gumed. "Th oihr woman, Mr. Jtuti hearer, divorcee, took tha alaud lata yesterday aflornonii and lold alory of how hr, believing Craig separated from li la wife, allowed him to court hm, Bh aald ha mad presenla of perfume and eyya to hi I ho prneeciillon all ring the fortoor oania from Mra. fialg's boudoir and tha latter from her kitchen Preceding Mra. Hbearer on th aland ware Karl K.

Murn and Detective Lieutenant T. Bryan of tha Ioa Angelos pulp a department. Muren teifief that he, an acquaintance of t'ralg, waa by tha former football player to kill Mra, Craig Muren aald reported the affair to police and Bryan, posing ae gangsler, waa Infrndmed to Craig aa th'nian for lha Job." RHONE Hy Mre. IT, Moor March ti. Mf.

and Mr. Walter Pin hv rlurnd from Idaho and ar lk In on thlr old ranch on th plver road. Mr. and Mr Inland ftmllar tk parents of a baby eon, born March 31. Ther moved to rh Ia Ha Monday.

Mothrnd bahy are reported a doing well. Pounding brother are th nw manager of the Monroe Bd, Mr. Ada Il baa epent the peat week at the -homV of br brother, W. Cappa iu family. Warner baa Just finished sewing an cr of wheat for If.

A. Poland. Jamea Rrenneman, Laurence and Margaret Capps attended an T. U. IT.

S. band hike on week. Margartt remained overnight a the gneet of Ln'l1 Gar-rleon. Considerable brooder pneumonia la reported among th brooder flock. Mr.

T. 6, Ulmer nd Mr. Moor apent all day Wednesday with Mra. Lucy McCoy. H.

B. Richards confined to hit bed with th gripte th last of th week. Lorimer C. farla and Mis Ad Eno, both of Frnlta, obtained a marriage license Saturday afternoon at th county clerk's office, Th license was Issued Immediately npon their request. A rofvwar-r 1 alone tte nl'iii ffoggar it fcskare la kc.e.

featday it los A'laot aatal'y idea-j IlCwd ik a egeadery Dead it Ka.ea Ttgr. D.e Al.o. areas ard Jake took seeds of tansy and sjarampena and ha balm, blcb stray down tha road from thousands of old New England garden, and of i hamomli and muatard. which tarpet every barnyard. Only wlntergreen did Mra.

Tog eeem to bring In from bar native woode, But she grew everything. Helen wrote out a rail pa for culd-creein l.ltltl years ago. Mrs Fox followed It with oil of roee ftom her 'own garden, end never, lie eeye has used beltar rnld cream Fbe tried out all aorta of old reilpe. and while her famllf refied to follow her taele with some (murmuring, perhepe, eey If spinach, and to hell with she found them all enttvnalemte for marigold pudding, made with tha petals of calendula. Her tansy pudding, her grean-pe eoup with mint, her oinelot made with four fines herb, not Jual parsley hr herhv veul ate and rosemary Uy sound eye mnrd alluring llerb after herb ah describes, reporting on her esperlmebta tn cultivation, offoilng old rm Ipek and new.

Basil and marjoram, bag as and ev-orys are sure to find their way Into the garden of any reader of this oiilirlng book But not the saffron crocus, ft takes 100,040 rum flowers, Mr fm says, In mhla a pound of eaffrrm What Amerlisn money bee done In pieaervln a plcfureeque Kng-llnli village la reported by an eastern edllorlal writer: The times ere no longer conducive lo the artlvltle of affluent (ollwtora who once wandoved afield In England and on Ihe Lee-tlrterit ravishing art treasure here and historic, souvenir ther and purchasing entire chateaus or Elts-atmthen gatek-eepwea' lodge ia be reassembled on the famlly-ewtaiM In ftklehoma or California. 'But even If Ihe predatory American no longer roams abroad, spreading dismay and resentment, It la egre-alie to know that turns rompen-llon for this eerier situation has been art) loved In at east one reee through Hie generosity of an A met hen riend of hngand. Th little villus of Hrantr.hMter, Immortalized by Rupert Brooke In oo of fils poems, has been eved from modernisation by a gift from Hie Pilgrim established by Darkness Of the town Brooke wrote "I only know lust ou may Ha fisy long ao wstf the Iaoibrld sky And flowsr lulls In th slsspy a i ssa ffes Hr- ")t tana nf hours psaa i'ritil Hi centuilst blend and 11 i In Oiant safer. In Vie snt bsstsr," Now, two dads after Hrooke wr'ite these llne, Mr Darkness's money has prevented tha building through firarit heater of an -prees highway whb'h would Irredeemably have modernised the village and filled Ita meadows with petml fume and th rush of motor Occasionally It la possible to point with pride to Atntrluit veu-datlam In reverse, BOYS AND GIRLS IContlnued from page After a while when Dtrk had tried several time and failed he gave op trying he alao gave up hop of ever getting away from the thieve. On day th thlv wr out of water and they sent Dick after tom.

Whan bd walked about on and one-half mile taw aom policemen but tbla time he waa not afraid of thm because be knew bit fathwr and mother had them hunting for him. Bo they found him and asked him what hi nm wa wbto aald Dick Pren. They knew he wa whom they wer hunting for. They took him hom and told them about th thieve aad that they had BO bag of gold. Then th policemen eeptured the thieve and they gave Dtck 10 hat of the gold for finding who etole the moaey.

And the ret they returned to th owner. A for th thieve they had life-time sentence to the at! penitentiary. FIVE HUMvRF.fy FAHIIJER REPATRIATED MEXICAM TO FORM MODEL COLDS! (Ihi4fnelee4ln) Mexico Cltr, April 1. Jot Terra tl a. aecreiary-g atwral of tha Ba-tlonal repatriation commit, left yeeterday for Tax b4 Calt-fornl te select 100 Mexican families to form a model repatriate colony Bouts of Mexico City.

Tb oniony will be agricultural and Mexlrana especially qualified la asricultur wU be ehoaea by Fermi. Those he choose to form the colony will be transported free by tho government. Sentinel Want-Ad Get Remits at ftnwtii ihK t1t 1 a- a i tt Tool i A i Cel Mac fS rt i liny od i a deny sd od ro'Vif a ova for fae I a ge" f.c Dour. )fc. rc 4 -o it-on 4 a i dvr a nav ig iru s' Ia vsCoa Amy 's spvc'd rase 1 augUa rope, Tf ee FCCty ti tuf f'' dsy fa A ri I (d Vi 87 Miles On 1 Gallon 'gBFf klff I 1 4 If t) 4 c'l MID I' 5 5 4 df 4 FF led s4 tt FA Local NEWS Lloyd tlaen yealerday from ted Kf ul'a lb city Kic'er was a tor t.r ou katurday from I Haring Jr lh Erulla day wa error fl't )m lower valley rnu from Ba.i-aad atcpped I toui her was a Ca'eway.

spent a ah'rt Robert Isnrson was vls'i or here yee'erday frrio Balieade, Crrome of Balitad apent Saturday la By, 0, W. lit end of laom trtn was a k' yaeurday. Mr. N'elll B. Dy akojpe-d Id tk By fcaurday from fruit.

Moor wa among fc reildar, ter fcaBfdsy. Cu OQilse apent br from C'llfUcs, fcs'trday Roy Hsffer ea 'fc ty fcaturday from Cad Bark be la employed rosd rotrtr, Hoe. Ms'Bger ep-eut fcatvrday it from bts Lom rtt'k. rrar.k 8. Grove of Ma' 4s-trtet waa a vei'ot hr on fa'ir-d ay.

Mrs Rkhard For1 ef hopped ft tie cty fca'srdsy, Foa Martlso wj ru'tor hero Saturday from Cameo. g. Ray Hoc tar systt fcaJUfdtv Is Ihacl'y from hie rttch at Co-bras. 100 Pure Pennsylvania Motto? OIL sylvan ia Mr efl ia S-grVw egeert re a- Has sfl te triyJ sraied by tk ms nil key two law efll 2 Gilkms with ccnUiner PENN r7 ACE Ja Gallons in UPER ERVICE 633 Jliin Street My Platform Among the things to which the people of Grand Junction ARE NOW ENTITLED, and which I shall support if elected to the City Council, are: tng nf tb house entered, which houeea have been on display In aom of the ainre windows. Thar waa a fine representation of blrdhouasa, both omaniem! ami erbtly uutltaiin Judy of the conies! wore Dsa VSisvcf, A lugh and hoi'll, am end the wlnnera weie.

In me t'Vli and euiti grad group, fiici, Robert Htrangfleid and Inland V. Had, second, a II between llenry Manbenneit and Bernard Gslll-gn; third, Duane llarrlr, fourth Morris Burltmaci or. Honorable mention, Robert Davit, I.awreuie Holloway and Billy Cruuber. In tb aeverilh and eighth grad group, flrat pla went to Robert Reraher.yl, asuond, Cecil Hellinfer; third, RIJIy Redd, fourth, Ben Katorj Honorahlej mention, Joe Zimiorp nl Ralph ogr ley, Mra Wlnccrj Holgate, aged 42, wSa brought down from bt i Missouri ID Iglii bcnie to a hoe-j Where ll died a few days I later. Her hnrband, Kred Holgae, i and several children, survive I Burial waa In the Car hood I remetery last Sunday, Reg, rji.

tier conducting tb eervl, wMl Burdg Mortuary wa In charge of arrangement. Eacharlah Daugherty, aged 14, died In hoapllal Marh 2. Mr. fraug herly was a be belor, and reaided In New eatle for a great many yeera. Mia niece, Mr.

Lo Corey, live fol' bra. Burial rvtr will probably be held la tha Eagell'e cemetery near Plateau City. Burdg Is la charge. Th Pan-Hellenic aeeoclattoa held their monthly meeting at Rlfl (Saturday. It blng a ub-acriptlon dinner at th Winchester hotel.

Two nw member wer added to their number, Mia Elisabeth McCarthy of Glen wood Bprlcga, and Mra. Fee, of KSLe. Th afternoon hour pd with rooveraaGofl, and coBtr.ctbrldl. Tho preaent the Mis Mary Moor wer there from Rifle. The nxt win ba Miw Hill and Mrs.

Lambkin, entertaining at the Hill home oa April 23. Th pre-Eaarr entered Into jolBt'y by tk Malhodiat aad Presbyterian church, will commence April 2, la tha evening, continuing aech evening except Saturday. hB'II Abril 14. Th nm week they will he held In the Metbodiet church, aad Rev. W.

L. Keaaedy preach each eweiUag. He hae a-nouflced hi aermoa topic ae follower Sunday, Afnl 2 Which Hinder a Revival Monday. April "Whet God Almighty la Paralysed Tueeday, April 4 "Tha Mark of a Bible Ckrtiaa." Wedneeday, April I "Good People la HIL Tkara day, April 4 'Jew Jewelry Md Jaxx." Friday, April 7 'The Mayor of Sod Tk eacoud week Rev. J.

R. Ketch am will preach at tk Frae-by'aa church. The Prmhyteriaa ekarrh he'd their yeeriy meeting Wednesday Bight, hearing tb report of th rariou orgitiia-i tloa. and making place tor the! corning year. The Pathfiader claa met seeday with Mra.

Locy BolUL Mra, Lax I kla ester talced Mra. L. C. Cuahlsg. M.a Harriet Hill acd Mia Charlotte Schalu at contract Thursday evening.

Mra. Katheris Campbell, of Silt, died ia a local hospital the 2ith. at th age of il year. She leave two daughter la ktiut, and faaeral arraageateau await word from them, bat will probably be ia the little ehewh with banal la Rifle. Burdg la la charge.

Tha Bey had a Taetday right, aa tasiai-, la'itu Tir tor te pa'rol td- -r and lhic aiaaiaavtjcetda, by Ruk There Moorhead, and Roy MacTav a. A This I 11 lie' ai.g, I Mary Irt.a a re of 1ora to 't rsn'h fca'urday af'ertoo from 1 'o J. f. Wse raect. Mr, end Mr I rar std Mr and Mm nttea Ke-t, Arne bo Ttvveday rt'rg Frd ws tcjv'ad fr.

work'rg, ot tS 'ffta rvt ba- o.1r" v'v toy vt I hedge itl st a to G'ttl o. )'ftr for aedtcal-tcec As ws ro at fe'tre a ets 'alt tg a S' FCf GITt FIRE AfcHORE IwcVI fM laef wv 't' aid od 3 1 Scalar socritf If Tk fsi'Jto Vi to 1 ywer ottr of i j' mm ca'S til V' ore iti ot tr.ll ba de.tverwd K-D'-wel cf dtstlwa 1s '7 for a few day Ut to i.l:ee xta1'- Can, $4S TORES see Ine Phor.e 3S1 Dll. A. C. H1THEKS SPEAKS AT SLOPE DENTAL MEETING Dr A.

Wither of Denver will ha the cllcibitn at the quarterly weering of tb West err Blop Dwntal aae-iaion to held her all dag fcaturday, April I. Dr Withers subject will be partial denture end removable bridge. The roe' In aan o'clock In tb morning and 'm-tlnuo through the evenlrg Prac-Umi demonarratlosa win be mad Is a local dens I offioe. Th ot her meetlnga, tb disc, aad paper illustrated with will take tv H'Hti Court. Tb d'nner rt at 7 tU 0f tk aneakee at tb.

treasurer tca. A Rrsnvrn for DEMUR ORFHTO4 I tcM fw ImH Win, Denver. Colo. April 1. Judge Chari C.

ea-lrmaa Is Deuvor dla'rlct court today grasteg ap. p.katioa of th sited Sta-ea National back, ae for beadboldwr. for appotatmest of a recetrer for ito properJao of tho Denver Orpkesm corporsrioo. Albert Jewel, trso' offrtl tetk. arp-ra od re ceiver.

Byron Bcydeu of Mack waa a bcaisee vir.tor lu th cfy tatar-day. SPRING CONDITION TOUR CAR It'a as old rtery but ortheiea tru tiat 33 per rest ef car troxh'o come from doubt all wistr lesg yoe bv -t1 pour tar you have drive It very Irttl aad It aeeds right aa Electrical Check Up This uvea you time id money. If it is la good coadl-tioa tell yoa promptly, if it aoada adjsstlng asts recom met da Goes. Electric Auto Parts Co. fit jr, fcetrwh Raw SSI liir 6tlty fident bend ef fJJj ty tre j-itun Petrtlenra Corpontic'n.

cr i dewtt cf Im. run in United Stites tends with the city, to cttrpiy with the ccnditi' r.s cf it franchise printed by the 1 A rednrtior A in city witer, e3t-m frirate. An increise cf '-rhe threnfh the icrip fystem. Every effert toTernre erU: time cf payment tie city's now amonnting to cur a year, until basiness r. od Don't Forget to ry.

See 1Tinm before you have your car tuned up -tr for spring Tom 8 place is equipped to make any Icind of repairs on your automobile. Let us tune up your car, yive the spark valves, distributor, gas and cooling systems a thorough going over. Our work is thoroughly guaranteed to give satisfaction. SPECIAL FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS Keystone Battery $3.50 11 Kb I our Old Battery Park Garage In short, a buine? sdmi will asrre the growth and pro1 rarity cf this city. Lawrence Bothwell For Councilmn district A Plwaa VA i 4.

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