The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 24, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, June 24, 1931
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:"X$ Served by the United Press THEVILLE COTMER NEWS VOL. XXVIII—NO. 85 THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NCRTHBAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Ulythevllle Courier, Bljtherille Daily New» _»jythevlll8 Her»ld, Mississippi Valley Lender. ARKANSAS. \VKDNKSDAY, JUNK 2-1, HOME EDITION . SINGLE COPIES'FIVE CENTS'" 2.28 INCH RAIN ENDS DROUTH MENACE Post andGatty Arrive In Berlin FLIERS * IN SPEED! New Pair Off From Harbor Grace Today on Flight to' Copenhagen. BERLIN, June 24 (UP) —(UP) — The monoplane of Wiley Post and Harold Gatty arrived here at 8:30 p. m. from Hanover, Germany, where it made a brief halt after spanning the Atlantic dining the night. The flyers brought their speedy craft down here before proceeding to Mrjscow. They were utterly exhausted afler nearly 30 hours of almost continuous flying. The flight of 15U miles from Chestc-i" England, was mad? in 0 hours and 25 minutes, elapsed time. Halt at Ilanovrr HANOVEK, Germany, June 24 (UP)— The monoplane of Wiley Post and Harold Gatty, enroute to Berlin after 1U flight across the Atlantic, left licre at 7:20 P. M. afler a brief halt and !i false start. The plane landed here from Chester. England, at 6:40 and 15 minutes later starled on- Beauties in Love Feud IIKIIUCSS AND A'CTKKSS' DAIKIHTKK ARK KIVAI.S IN NEW SKK1AI, WHICH STARTS TO.MORUOW When a petted uiid pampered heiress .sees the man on whom sh? has set her heart being won away bv (mother girl sonr- ililnu's bound to happen! Muriel Ladd. popular New York debutante, faced this situation and something did. Liane Barren, dauthtcr of un actriss. was the other girl. Von Robard, ciack ]>o]o player, was the man in the case. The two girls first met when Llano and her mother came to Willow stream, L. I., fashionable summer colony, and Cass Barrett Joined the company of the Willow Stream Playhouse. Her daughter, Liane, worked in the theater box otlicc. Muriel Ladd volunteered her service for the same purpose. The girls became friends Hnbard uiso look an interest In the theater. In almost no lime the friendship between the two girls was at an end and forces set Lu work which make "Heart of Liane." the serial which starts Today in Ihe Courier News, a thrilling, absorbing story.. liane llnriel All-boa IOdwards Mow .Leadinjf fn Popularity Race Miss Althea Edwards, who for several weeks has been among the leaders in [lie popularity contesl which local merchants are .-orlng, has gone Into fir a narrow margin over Ruth Whitworth and Margaret Milner, who I are virtually in a tie for second. CCpts HOOVei' Program. ! !ios:1 Uia Cooke. Luxora. showc: |a good gain and stepped Into foutl! i place, closely followed by Ell/abetl Also A Washington Italv Ac- off again | r .flight the • " Radio Corporation Keeps Broadcasting Licenses WASHINGTON, June 21. (UP) — The Federal Radio commission today upheld tl'.e Radio Corporation of America In ils plea for retcn- , . |D i A H i lion of the hundreds of licenses .1 lACSCniS Attempt to j under which Ihe corporaiion con- Show Starr Planned jSX^r 1 '™"™ am ' j In rendering its decision tiie commission held that the Delaware NEW YORK June 24 cUP)-Ue- l coult dcci s ton 'o the effect that, the watchfulness, and tortured by t'"e| sp ite : two letters said to have been Ratlirl Corporation of America had "" "•"" of t! * ""'or;] written by Starr Faithfull 10 Dr G h cled in rastralnl -- ot «™<le »< '-»= ""•' '"-"""•"' -Jameson Carr. for whomrshe pro- i salc of'Vacuum .tubes did not fur- fivers returned ;o the landing field. The aviators, lompietely exhausted after al'.noy. continuous Hying since daybreak Tuesday, wore worn cut hy the constant strain and Death by Suicide. ceaseless rlri'tiimin: A Their" condition was' llhjsnfiiv* hy 'heir start and return because they came brck merely to inquire the shortest, way to Berlin, which fcsscd a "mad and insane attach- i nish the commission grounds for ment," and which Indicated her "in- i rerilsi »B the RCA licenses, tentioti of suicide, the battling death ' they had forgotten to ascertain. 0[ , he g!r , SMmC( , nQ ^^ ^ jtion today. I The letters, presented to the N as- were so nearly all in they hardly able to talk above ers. It is expected they will he compelled to pass the nlglit in Berlin to get some sleep. Land la England LIVERPOOL, Eng.. June 24. (UP) —Wiley Post and Harold Catty, after a successful flight across the Atlantic, landed their monoplane at the Eraland airdrome near Ches- sau county grand Jury yesterday by Dr. Carr. ship's surgeon of the liner Franconia. told of her unrequited love for him and told of carefully laid plans by the girl to end her life by means which would prevent frustration. However. District Attorney Edwards who has clung to Ihe theory of murder since the girl's body was found on Long Beach more than two weeks ago declared hi- wns still skeptical that Starr had taken her ter today and proceeded on their way around the world alter a brief halt. The daring flyers came down at • ou . n the airdrome at 1 p.m. English lime but despite the strain of their dash from New York to Newfound- j ^Targed that the letters and and across the Atlantic in lit- „„.,£ u , trcmb|e(1 lvjl] , tie more than 24 hours rofusDd to rest but took off with the intention of flying at least as far as Berlin nnd perhaps to Moscow. Post and Gatty looked wonderfully til. They said they were ha:d- Stanley E. Faithful! also held to the murder theory today and > a I (ion wh2ii he was shown l!:c lel- ' ters, written in round graceful ly tired after llicir flight, and their appearance confirmed it. While the flyers had lunch 400 gallons of gasoline was put in their plane. They said Ihey hoped to avoid the rain | which was threatening and wanted to reach Moscow tomorrow morning at the latest. They explained they had lost considerable time in the fog over Ireland. The flying distance from Chester to Moscow is about 1.650 miles. script, and declared "(lies; letters are forgeries. That's all I can say." Faithful! denied he had any name to suggest in connection with his charges. Off for Copenhagen HAREOH GRACE. N, P.. June 24. (UP)— Another plane, the second within 24 hours, soared into the air here today and started out across the North Atlantic toward Europe. Otto Hillig and Holgar Hoiriis New York, departed at 3:24 a.m.. eastern standard time, for Copenhagen. A west wind helped them at the start. Weather conditions were favorable. Martineaw Adjudges McGill Mill Bankrupt LITTLE ROCK, June 24. (UP)— The rice mil, of A. U. and H. T. McGill. brothers, of Stuttgarl, was adjudged bankrupt here late yesterday by Judge J. E. Marlineau The involuntary petition was filed by creditors a month ago following; Ihe disappearance of A. U. McGtll and the finding of his submerged tintc-mobilc in a river. Liter McGill Scouts Planning _ Big July Fourth Picnic «m* (By United Press) France and Italy accepted President Hoover's war debt pro|K>sal In principle today. Prance, as expect- cd, attached reservations, however. The cabinet insisted Germany's unconditional payments must be made but it Is willing to have (he money go back to Germany if the Bank ol International Settlements believes she needs it. The French cabinet's reply lo President Hoovcr'also must b? submitted to parliament. It insisted also the agreement stand only for one year and that the Young plan should not be affected. '.Mussolini Answers for Italy Italy's reply, penned by Premier Mussolini to the Italian ambassador at Washington, said: 'I beg your excellency to Inform Ihe government of the United States that I have examined Ihe proposal of President Hoover for the tola) suspension ol payments on .war debts among the governments for one year. This proposal will menu noteworthy sacrifices by Italy but I. after mature reflection, have decided lo give my most cordial acceptance to Its principle. I- promise i'o forward to the American govern niant' several observations for ''U.^ just nnd practical application of the agreement as intended by the happy initiative of President Hoover. Furthermore I wish to say the initiative of President Hoover has the highest moral .significance which i? perfectly appreciated by the ftal- Marlln, Dell, and Margaret Cross. Standings as announced toda; Allhea Edwards Margaret Milner Hull! Whilworlh Hosa Lou Cooke, Luxorn Elizabeth Marlin, Dell Margaret Cross Carolyn Pride Mary Ue Wccsc.-IInytl Maurine Branson Evelyn Harwell Ruth Butt Albertn Elltoil Marlon Burns Virginia Uurlon, Cnruthersvillc Orlne Hutching. Manila Marlha Robinson Dorolhy Gideon, Wilson. A Kingly Service Richard Torin, 13, of St. Louis, Victim of Tragedy Tuesday Afternoon. CARUTHEIiSVILLE, Mo. —Richard Harmon Torin. while swimming with a large crowd in the Mississippi river near Ihe Dillman Egj Case company, was drowned about one o'clock Tuesday afternoon. Richard was thirteen years old. and was visiting here with Mr. and Mrs. Jake Bernstein at the time of his death. He is survived by his parents. Mr. and Mrs. S'. J. Torin of 1311 Park avenue. St. I,ouis. and 0113 brother. P.amon Torin. The body wcs shin;>ed Wednesday morning at 1:27 from Hayti tr> St. Louis where the funeral services an people. U may onen a period of efficacious collaboration onions the sxlrcincly necessary at this of general difuciilll;s on eve of HID disarmament congress." Animra Ifniicv] • WASHINGTON, June 24. <UP>_ Ne»- force has been given President Hoover's momentous proposal for^a one year holiday in war debts payments by a the Democratic camp for a "political trure." Developments since the proposal was dramatically laid before the world by the president Saturday night all have contributed to uniting the country in support of the administration's move. Mcsl foreign reactions likewise has ty-n favorable. and reparations, suggestion from Resents Mussolini's Refusal to Permit Catholic -Organizations. VATICAN CITY, Italy. June 24. (UP)—The Pope protested publicly today against the treatment accord- cd the Vatican by the Italian government shortly after the govern- Assures Good Corn and Soybean Production and [Benefits Cotton. No longer a ruler, but always a sportsman, King 'Alfonso of .Spain ivns greatly concerned when one of the members ot n polo tenfti was Injured during a match nl the Rochnmnton Club, London This remarkable picture shows the Bourbon king as lie bent solicitous); over the lion. C. Douglas to light the Injured athlete's claret. • Stock Market Values Are Still Climbing Today NEW YORK, June 24. (UP)— The sine* market today advanced from one to 12 points mid added two billion dollars to market values In un active session that, saw more than flvc million .shares traded- The swing forward of the market today brought up paper values of listed niciil hail delivered Its reply to the I securities sis billion dollars over ' Pope's latest note. Tn an adtlress to 90 pilgrims from Naples who had Just returned from a pilgrimage to Pagua Asslssl and Loretto. the Po|>e said. "The situation Is bad. Things are not going as normal and today arc not tending to return to normal. Tile present situation is painful mid abnormal. Both th? Pope and (he Holy See are not being treated as we deserve to be treated." j closing quotations of last Friday. J.H. IRT1 ILLIiFlDTE TEST One ot those "million dollar."..'' ains that are sometimes announc- , id In newspaper headlines actually. : ramc to Mississippi county-., la'st :: light, dispelling fears of a repel!-. ion of 1930s dioiilh and pulling a : season In the ground that-will make he corn nnd .soybean crops.and . fortify cotton ngnlnsl disaster. ' ': The official weather observer ,nt the Chicago Mill and Lumber cor- '?. ,>oiallon plant here recorded 2.2D.. Inches ol precipitation, the heaviest, since January 8, 1930. when 4.U inches of rain fell. While not nil parts of the county received im equally heavy downpour the rain was general over this section and heavy enough almost everywhere lo be of siibslantlul benefit. The lightest- rain, apparently, . was between Doll and Big Like,; -' : Farmers and observers of farm ''••' conditions were Jubilant today over.' what they regard ns absolute"assur-, -'•• ante of the biggest feed. crop this " "coimly has.ever produced? Even wilh the continued lack, of rain lit- : jlle alarm had boon felt for-cotton,'", but corn, soybeans and 'e.ven-nlfulfa' .were, coming to the point at which. ^ additional moisture was essential: Now there Is moisture in the ground to carry all but the very- I a Uj corn nnd soybeans lo maturity, and to'• k3cp alfalfa growing. Pastures and gardens will also benefit materially, :.•• and the progress ol.Ihe'cotton'crbil . will be speeded. " • ' " ."• ' ;' Enough to Make Crop , ' Men well acquainted 'with crop": HOME, Italy. June 2-1. (UP)— Italy defied the Vatican's demands in n note delivered to the Pope today replying to hi* protest against the closing of Catholic clubs and anti-Catholic incidents by the Fascists. Suggestion for a political armis- Tllc note refused to deplore lur- licc came from Senator Pal Hani- tllcr demonstrations against the until two years ago. when they moved (o SI. Imit.* nnd established a business there. They lived in Caruthersville about fifteen years, and Richard was born here. MANILA. Ark., June 24—The Manila Doy Scouts, Troop 16. met last night above People's Drug Store, to formulate plans for the big picnic that they will conduct at Edgewater July 3 .-.r.;: '.. together with Manila Lions Club, are planning to mate this the best picnic that has been held in this section of the country for years.. An agreement ha'j already been made wilh Jimmy the' bring part of his entertainment de vices out to the grounds on lliat day. Plenty of cold drings and barbecue Van 1>: purchased frnm stands on the picnic site. The | and , ncn ordcrcd tllem , (| , highway will be patrolled by Boy lnd Ulat ,,.,,„„ Erwm ,, rolcsled K Beach, Big Lake. The Boy scouts, i Negro Indicted for Little Rock Shooting LITTLE ItOCK. .June 24. (UP> — George Rosmond. 23. negro, was indicted for first ricarec murder list liny Boyd. well known Ely- nigr.t for the shooting of Jav Erville and Arkansas showman. _to win on n lonely road near here tost •"'•-' ' J ' week. Miss Pearl Weaver of T.onoke. Erwin's companion at Ihe time of the slaylnir. said Ihe ncrrro robbed them son of Mississippi, ranking Democrat on the senate nuance committee. "Times like these are like times of war and a political truce should be dcdaied." said Harrison. "So far own feelings arc concerned Pope and refused to rcO|>en youth's branch of Azione Cattolica. the public's interest will be best returned "after visiting plils and St .Louis." hi Scouts of the local troop, and the parking of automobiles will also be directed by these bovs. Tiic local scoutmaster, R. H. Hudson, has been negotiating with the Blythevllle Boy Scouts to Join in with the local troop . on that day. No definite word has been heard from that organization. The pro'ceds of this aflair are to be used on the annual outing that the ioc."l troop makes to Hardy. Arkansas, each year. Indict Pittsburgh Mayor Big Navy Dirigible Is Damaged by Small Fire On Misdemeanor Charges ] WASHINGTON, June 24. IUP>- . 1 Commander A. H. Dressell, of PITTSBURGH. June 24. (UP)— navy dirigible Los Angeles, rcport- The grand jury loday voted to In- ed lo th« navy department Ixlay diet Mayor Charles A. Kline on there had been a small fire aboard charges of misdemeanor in office | the craft In ll.s lianjar at Lake' with the alleged city j !|'irs.t. N. J. The dint.ige wti.s In connection purchasing scandal. slight, however. was shot. The negro confcssel. Eighty-Year-OW Catalpa Blooms in Backyard TAYLOWVILLE. Illinois. (UP) - A calahn Iree. believed to be Ihe oldest and largest ol its species in the United States, is still bloom- Ing here In the yard of Mrs. 1 H. Abell. The tree, said to be 80 years old. Is about 80 feet high and at the trunk Is nine ffct in circumference. A smaller tree of the same class also is growing on the Abell properly. It was planted at the same time as lho other, but Its lake, erowth was stinted when lighl- nli'a struck it some years ago. Pictures of the trees, taken re- ccnlly when they were in full I a served by declaring an armistice on politics so that, these issues may be solved by American statesmen rather than by American politicians." Such an utterance coming from one of the most vitriolic critics of President Hoover in the Democratic party was regarded ns tending further lo reassure Europe as to America's nniled posiiion. Farm Bureau Meeting at Osceola Tonight OSCEOLA. Ark., June 24.—Tile south Mississippi County Farm Bureau organization will be perfected and definite plans of work formulated at a meeting called by officers of the temporary organization to be held in the courthouse here tonight at 8:15 o'clock. Invllallcms have been sent to 50 additional farmers who will be urged to Join the charter members in the organization. C. J. Lowrnnce jr.. Is chairman of (he temporary organization and O. L. While is secret a rv. VAI RSAVF. BABV NEWCASTLE, Eng., (OP)-Two men saved n two-year-old baby from drowning when the ivrnm- bulnlor in which It was strapped ran over an embankment Into a 2,000 GIRLS HIS FAHTNF.RS BERLIN. (UP)-In establishing new world record for nonstop ,. . , • ...... ..u.iii »i_\.ui\i luj iiuunvvji bloom, have bren sent to the Na-| dancing of eight days and eight llnnal Geographical Society for Us'hours here. Alfredo Fernanda us- magazlne. cd 2.000 girls as partners. which iovcrnmcnt had closed. Jonesboro Lawyer Sirlfers Skull Fracture When Car Goes Into Ditch. MEMPHIS, June 24. (UP)—J. H. Hawthorne. 55. attorney of .Tones- boro. Ark., was In the Baptist hospital with a fractured skull and George Lacefield. 20. of Dranden- burg, Ky., has several broken ribs as the result of an automobile accident near West Memphis today. Hawthorne was driving into Memphis. He had just picked up Lacc- I field who was walking along the highway. Hawthorne told police he lost control of his automobile and it went off the pavement into a ditch. Both men were brought to the hospital here in ambulances. Haw- .he nHuni caaft vSW"^' jtp Mississippi county variously from"', one to' two million dollars. They pointed out that with. • excellent-: stands the rule and with fields generally as free from grass and weeds and in as nearly perfect a state of cultivation as this county has ever seen. the moisture was all that was needed to insure bumper yields. The ". moisture is here, and with proper Attorneys will beqin taking de-. workl or lhc ' nMs ^ nasen-i" positions of plaintiff's witnesses u , t w , u pri , c t| cally makc , llis yMr . s in the election contest suit, brought I c * .. by An. airfield'against Mayor] whUc a , R . yicl(1 0 , g rcc n . bcaris Neill Heed, Friday. |1RS „„„ ho]ding l;p rmarkabl>v | well during the 'dry weather the i rain will add tremendously to .both the quality nnd the quantity of-the Witnesses In Election Contest Will Be Examined Friday of This Week. Witnesses were to have teen cx- airiined Today but the examinations were posl p-our-d due. lo the absence of defense counsel finni the city. The takln? of depositions will nrobably consume, several ilriys.| A largc acreago ot latc The suit is (o ervtne before a special! judge at an adjourned day of clr- ' cult court here, July 2nd. for trial. Defense counsel have not disclosed whether thcv will nsk at that time that trial of the case be positioned until the January. 1M2 term of court, as indicated when court adjourned early -in June. The defendant insisted then that the. introduction of a new cau^e of action by (he plaintiff would -delay trial of the case until the next regular term of courl. Mid-South Directors Name Officers, Adopt Resolutions, at Memphis. The <isc of cotton bagging for rrapping cotton bales, as part of a general program for Ihe increased use o[ cotlon. was endorsed En a resolution adopted hy directors of the XJid-South Cotton Growers association at Memphis yesterday. The board re-elected H. H. Naff of Portland, Ark., to the presidency, with J. D. Mosby. Sover- vllle. Tcnn., as vice-president, and Charles G. Henry of Newport. Ark, as general manager. A. D. Slewart, Memphis. Is the organization's secretary-treasurer, and Abe Wald- auer, Memphis, is attorney. Members of the executive committee are c. B. Ores?. Jonesboro, Ark.. C. T. Taylor, Magnolia. Ark., Charles Key. Jackson. Temt, J. D. Josse Hatcher Reported' Recovering From Wound Jesse Hatchrr. Huffman farm thorne had come to Memphis on hand, who is a patient at the Uap- busine-w. Besides a fractured skull! tlit hospital sufTeiin? from a gun- he suffered severe cuts and bruises on his body and face. The automobile was badly wrecked. Both men were in the X-ray room of Hie hospital Wednesday alternnrm where the extent- of their Injuries was to be determined. Mosby. somervllle. Temi..' Drew con « rn - d(1 " I;d Sheriff Puzzled Over Theft of Oil Pipe Line REDWOOD CITY. (UP) — Sheriff J. J. McGrath wondered lo- day v.lio and. ir.orc particularly, how, nnd also when, someone stole 2.000 feet of pipe from the Mid- State Oil Company premises here. Sections of the pipe line were discovered In a San Francisco Iron works, but the company insisted that It had purchased the pipe from a man named C. Vincent, who had posed, as an official of lhc oil company. Charles White, manager of the Vardell. Kennelt. ident Nan, ex-officio chairman. The board adopted a resolution endorsing the federal agricultural marketing net and urging the congressional delegations of Arkansas. Tennessee and Missouri to "stand Mo. and Prcs-! such Person connected with the company. RACE COURSE HEli GRAVE LEEDS, Eng., (UP)—The dying wishes of Mrs. Jam nullah were that her ashes ho scattered on the banks of the waterjump on Wctli- K II V • * unnna Ul IUU "HIUIJIHIILJ "II >YIUI- by the farmers in preserving thts| erbs , rricc course and , ho mourncrs ' were lo back, the favorite in all C. Q. Smith represents the Mis- eighl races on the program wilh slsslppi county district on the the book-maker with whom she board. ' usually bet. ospital suffering from a gu: shot wound inflicled by his brolli- er. Henry Hatcher, was reported Imnrovlnf! yesterday. Henry Hatcher is at libnrty on bond, on n charge- of assault with intent to kill. It is understood lhal he will be given a hearing soon before a -Hirkman township ju<tico. He claims to have shot in self-defense. crop, and a day and night operating schedule is-probably in store'.,.fpr lhc Blythevllle Canning company. beans Is just ready to come .'Into production, and the rain will-insure a big crop. After weeks during which occasional light sprinkles and occasional showers had failed -to produce anything approaching general relief from a condition which 'was threatening to assume drouth pro- iwrtions the few drops of water which began to fall in Blytiievills shortly alter 5 o'clock yesterday nf- terncon attracted little attention. Many more promising appearing showers had fail;d to produce enough water to be of any benefit. 'About G o'clock, however, the rain began to fall in earnest, and for nearly an hour there was a drc-.ich- Ing downjwur. Gutters 'and ses'srs, virtually, dry for over a year, quickly became clogged, and for a time many of the city streets carrhd from a few inches to over half a foot of wnler. Lighter showers con- linued oil and on throughout the, night. Low Pav This Year For Harvest Hands Good Itain at Osceola OSCEOLA, June 24—A local drouth which threatened at bast a partial rcpctilion of last summer's disaster lo soulh Mississippi county farmers was relieved by a general rain over this section of the county, which fell about ssven o'clock last night. While the local weather bureau reports a fall of only .48 inch, which Is generally not considered a season In the ground, farmers agree that the precipitation be of GARDEN CITY. Kansas, (UP) — Wages to harvest hands in the wheat fields of western Kansas this summer will be the low- rst in several years, according to the farmers. About S2 a day and board is expected to be the" usual scale. The floating harvest hand problem became serious in this section about three weeks before the grain was ready to cut. Each dny has been bringing new _., transients looking for jobs, despite a general rain In this section n! numerous warnings that there the county in over two months and were- alrsady plenty of laborers I crops were beginning to suffer, here lo handle the crop. much ben?flt at this time, particularly as the rain fell at nfeht and continued clouds this morning will allow the lull benefit of the shower to be felt by the cross. With' the exception of a light shower measuring only .20 inch and. followed by Immediate sunshine, a few weeks nso, there has not been WEATHER ARKANSAS—Generally fair lo- night; Thursday increasing eloud- Drenth Brnken "a( Manila MANILA. Ark.. June 24.—A general rain fell in (hi; vkinlty last night, and latc yesterday after- neon, which was sufficient to bo sal [I to have broken the drouth of (Cnntlmifd on page three)

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