The News-Herald from Franklin, Pennsylvania on October 9, 1931 · Page 13
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The News-Herald from Franklin, Pennsylvania · Page 13

Franklin, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, October 9, 1931
Page 13
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Rlesenman Pharmacy and other local druggists invite every victim of rheumatism to try Ru-Ma under an ironclad guarantee of money fcack if it does not bring quick relief to your rheumatic suffering. TO SAVE DOGS WITH DOLE. ' MUSKEGON, Mich. Love for his dog has been exemplified by Guy Davis 79, negro. Davis, hailed into court for not obtaining licenses for two canioes, said that he would' pay the $8 taxes for the animals out of the $12 monthly allowance he receives frort the county welfare. n Dual Kingdom Embraces Wide Area-Holy Cities of Moslem World Located In Hejaz. NEJD MOSTLY UNEXPLORED WASHINGTON", Oct. "In recognizing the dual kingdom of Eejaz and the Xejd, the United .States welcomes to the family of nations two extensive I areas of the vast Arabian PenlnsnU ( whose national names are far less fn-1 miliar than geographic features they embrace," according to a bulletin frun I the Washington. D. C. headquarters of the National Geographic Society. . """ "Heja has two holy cities of the ' Moslem world, Mecca and Medina : the Nejd sprawls over the second largest desert area in the world. In fact tno Nejd rates 'second' on two contrasting geographic areas : second to the Saiui-ra, as stated, in respect to its arid expanse, and second to the remote Antarctic Continent in respect to the size of its, r.wjlnrd domain. First Traversed This Year. "Southeastern Xejd, the district known as Roba-el-Khali, is as barron of names as the iSargossa Sea. It was that region which Bertram Thomas, English, explorer, penetrated for the first time early this year. "Other parts of the new nation embrace territory Whose story goes back to the early chapters of human history. In the sandy desert wastes of the Arabian Peninsula are the neglected ruins of.MittJe known cities and civilizations, wjjile along its northern borders are the Holy Lands of Christendom, .the. caravan trails and the relics of classical empires of Syria, and the traditional site of the Garden of Eden itself in the present-day kingdom of Iraq. The Size-of Sixty Floridas. "Dwarfed" by " the huge bulk of the continent to: which is is attached, the Arabian Peninsula is likely to be classed with the peninsulas nearer home, such as Florida. But sixty Floridas would be lost in this large Asian pr.i-jection ; it is,- in fact, a third as large as the entire United 'States. "The new . dual .kingdom of Hejaz and the Nejd, which dates only from 1926, embraces. -or rather claims, a'l but the narrow ; eastern and southern fringes of this vast domain. The Nijd, roughly speaking, may be said to' include the sandy .core of Arabia, much, of it unexplored and uninhabited, even by the nomadic tribesmen who constitute most of King Ibn Saud's 3,000,000 subjects." ; ' "Hejaz, the smaller part ot the dual kingdom. Is-better known. From Brit' ish TranJordari is extends,' -a narrow strip, along the Red Sea coast for 900 miles to the province of Asir, a protectorate bt the-'jffijd. Within its boundaries are the famous cities of Mecca and Medina, the. most sacred shrines for one-seventh of the world's population.; 1 ;. "Neither of these cities, however, is the residence of King" Ibn Saud, the Arab chieftain who was : the George Washington of the new-nation. Two ; capitals are maintained.. One is Mecca, but Ibn Saud spends most, of his time in the other capital, Riad, and rules Hejaz through an agent-general residing in Mecca. Riad is' a lonely oasis. hidden almost 500 miles back in the desert. "Why is Hejnz and. the" ?v'ejd a d-ial kingdom? Austria-Hungary before the War offers a convenient parallel e.nw. The He3az and the Xejd are two large expanses of country brought together by a powerful ruler, but the people of each have deep-seated differences which prevent a more' perfect,, union The Nejd, home of ,the warlike Waha- bis, or Arab 'fundamentalists,' must he administered in the; simplest manner, without ministers of, state, constitution or other formalities. "The Hejaz, however .has. a 'Con stitution and six departments, three of which are responsible In the first place-, to-the AgsntrGeneraLat Mecca. Many. Popple of the Hejaz. less nomadic, live in cities,-or along the pilgrim railroad which extends from Trans-Jordan to Medina, burial place of Mahomet.' Wahabis Dislike Frills. "The Wahabis.c-f the -Xejd are a comparatively new sect of Moslems. Abdul Wahib. from whom the tribesmen ! derive their name, founded the Wahabis in the latter part of the eighteenth century. Aroused by Moslem religion and the lavish expenditure of time and wealth in building mosques,' he pleaded for pure Mohammedanism under the Koran and the return to the old, wild, vigorous faith of the desert.-' "Wahabi simplicity is carried to the extreme in Riad, the, inland capital. The city is surrounded by a 25-foot wall of sun-baked, mud bricks. Its only decoration is a row of pinnacles around the top of the wall, of a shark's tooth design. Massive guard towe-s overhang each of the nine city gates. Inside the wall there are no graceful white minarets towering above huee gilded mosque domes, nor are there nnv elaborate shrines or rich prayer carpets such as are found in Moslem cities outside or tne wanam country. "The great mosque of Riad is a drab, sqnatty building of the same construction as the wall. No costly shrines adorn its interior. In fact the building is little more than a shady , place of prayer where the faithful are protected from the piercing rays of the desert sun. The palace and the fort are the only other large buildinr.s within the wall. They, too. are archi tecturally unpretentious, while the rows of flat-topped houses bordering tne dusty Riad streets are severe in me'.r plainness. Ibn Saud, the Leader. "Ibn Saud, the ruler who has raised two obscure Arab kingdoms to a posi tion gaining recognition by world powers, has been called the 'Cromwell of the Desert.' In 1901, Ibn Saud was an obscure exile in Kowelt, on the Persian Gulf. He owned not an acre of land and had few friends. But that year, at the age of 20, the youthful exiie gathered a small party, of hot-blooded companions about him, led them into the desert, and surprised and captured Riad, captail ffijXejd, and historic home of his ancestors. "By 1913, having consolidated his power and position in 'V '' p piij A Gigantic Sears Purchase f Makes the Saving Possible Here are the Models Most in Demand! 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Wireless and Street Caw. "Ibn Saud recently signed a contract for fifteen wireless stations in his domain. Even the holy city of Meera will have its wifeless telephone a;id telegraph, although only Mohamme dan faithful may construct and oper ate the system within the sacred precincts. Installation of electric street cars, motor trucks and radios are among King Ibn Sand's plans for the modernization or Mecca ana Medina. Throush Jidda, the venerable Bed Sea port, the modern 'industrial rerolt in the desert' is pouring, in the form of boxed dynamos, radio tubes, typewriters, motor cars, wire, and other accessories which Arabia must draw from the 'infidel' (non-Moslem) world. In -1026 motor cars were almost unknown In Arabia. By January 1, 1D30, 1.5(K had been imported; 250 of which were for a royal motor transport." FARMER WHO SHOT BOY TAKING APPLES, IS HELD , AIR RACE THIS MONTH NEW YOBK One of the feature air races of this year of air races is the Curtis 'Marine Trophy race to re held late this month over a course near Anacosta Naval Air Station. Heretofore the races have been held In t!e spring, but this year the practice has been changed. The race has been iiid every year since 1922 for naval service planes! but it is expected that commercial craft will be allowed to enter this year. ITS A SECRET. ABERDEEN. (Md. If the U. S. is ever engaged in another war, Army aviation heads hope to have a Utile invention which will fool enemy pilots. The secret device now being tested is said to determine the altitude of WASHINGTON, Pa., Oct. 9. UP Alleged to have shot a 13-year-old boy as the youth was attempting to take apples from his orchard, J. M. K. Donaldson, Hickory, Pa., farmer, will be given a hearing Monday on charges of felonious assault and battery. The boy, iMike Soitis, Westland, Pa., was taken to a Pittsburgh hospital for treatment. An apple tree on the Donaldson farm hangs over the fence at the Hickory High School property. Donaldson is said to have been involved in difficulties with high school pupils for some time over the fruit : AX Ant RAID. PITTSBURGH Mr. and Mrs. Mike Damon were enjoying an evening sicsra on the housetop of their home. Their peaceful rest was rudely interrup:ed by the sight of Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Meklas, neighbors, charging upon them from an adjoining roof. Meklas was brandishing a chisel and hammer and his wife a plank. The Damons were, beaten and injured and have sued for $20,000. invading planes as well as automatic- central Arabia, Ibn Saud attacked And ally range anti-aircraft guns on them. . WINK COSTS $5. LANCASTER Five dollars a wink. That's the rate which is charged in Judge Groffs court. While testifying at a trial, Helen Seville suddenly winked at the defense counsel. The judge interrupted the testimony and asked the girl why she had winked. She admitted the wink with the state ment that she had done it for no purpose and had winked at no one In par ticular. The judge fined her ?5. REAL STICKLER. BERLIN Considerably puzzlement prevailed when it came time for a bnby boy to be registered near the villages of Koningswinter." and Dollendorf. in the Rhineland.. it seems; that 'he boundryline between the two vllla?es passed through and across the bed of the room in which the child was born. After some discussion "" Konigswlnter woa the honor of, being the birthplace. When angered, a Queensland lizar! opens a large cape-like frill from i"-neck and distends its jaws. T.e fril is a foot wide and, with the gapiii: jaws, presents a terrifying picture -t . an enemy. SPECIAL! for Friday & Saturday A ; DRESSES i $794 t All sizes. j Quality, Style and A the lowest Price are y combined in this spe-4 cial offer. At Terms to Suit You K OPEN A CHARGE k mrT a -r ' i mil 2261H oa cay. n i mm i ,i I. "i i mfcii i

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