The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on July 7, 1941 · Page 5
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 5

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, July 7, 1941
Page 5
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V a, , . ; w-.i- . .... ' T;j.:r-S . 4-.. t " " ' , f - : ' i ''." ' REX KING AND DORIS VAUGHAN in a scene from "Out of the Frying Pan," now in its second week ot the Red Barn Theater, Locust Valley. , . GOTHAM GRAPEVINE By HAROLD CONRAD Foreign Correspondent The Vichy Government is seeking to unload its possessions and holdings in this hemisphere to us for a price. They feel we want Martinique bad enough to buy up anything and everything . . . Japanese officials are worried about the effectiveness of their air force. The force didn't work efficiently in China, where It had practically no opposition, but such is not the case at Singapore, the Dutch East Indies and other vital South Pacific spots, which have first-class air defenses . . . German propagandists aren't too perturbed over the ousting of ite consulates here. Spanish (Falangists) agents will be used to keep the Nazi finger in our pie. Washington hears that ex-Vice President Garner Is about to pull an "Al Smith" and bury the hatchet with President Roosevelt. Garner Is expected to visit the Capitol shortly . . . The rumors of a rift in CIO ranks continue and the underground feud between John L. Lewis, deposed chief, and Phillip Murray, current union leader, will be to blame . . . That rumored Barbara Hutton-Archduke Otto heart attachment is all off and she's back with Cary Grant . . . Al Jolson is personally hiring the dancers and show girls for his forthcoming tour , , Bill Shirer, the CBS commentator, received a $10,000 advance from A. A. Knopf for his book, "Berlin Diary." It's the largest advance ever given an author of a "first" tome. The United States will announce a plan whereby It will build, improve and extend roads and railway lines to facilitate transportation of war materials and essentials In Mexico and Canada as well as In this country , . . Archie Bobbins, clever clown, replaces Roy 'Sedley in Jack White's 18 Club mad menagerie tonight. He's a very funny fellow ... In "Radio Revels of 1942" Frances Langford will sing a tune titled, "Rug Cuttln' Romeo and His Jivin' Juliet." What's next? . . . That was a cute present daughter Joan Dempsey gave papa Jack for his 46th birthday the other day two of her baby teeth. And it is pleasant to report that after two years of hard work, papa Dempsey's Broadway spot has caught on in a big way and is doing the best business on the street, thanks to the astute managerial efforts of Joe Howard. TJ. S. Military officials are keeping a closely guarded secret a new weapon called "motored gliders." They are to be a DEFENSIVE, not Invasion unit . . . Huntington Hartford, the A. & P. heir, after many girls has finally discovered Diana Barrymore, the prettiest of the stage's royal family . . . Because of its cast of stars, Deanna Durbin's "Almost an Angel" may be roadshowed in N. Y. at a $2 top in the Fall. Advance reports herald it the best picture this hit-making star has made . . . Ringo & Harris, the clever song stylists at Cora and Irene's, may be broken up because Ringo is in the Naval Reserve . . .. Bill Far-rell, Place Elegante minstrel man, is going to Summer school V complete his law studies, which he gave up a score of years ago to go into show business . . . Joyce Hunter, movie singer, claims that she and Mischa Auer will wed the moment his divorce is final. Col. Perei Luna, South American money-bags, was slapped by a temperamental star in a night club the other evening because he failed to give his full attention to her dance routine. The Colonel was keeping his eye on showgirl Bunny Waters, his dream girl . . . Constance Dowllng stepped out of the line In "Panama Hattie" to fill Virginia Field's role for three days and did such a bang-up job, she has two agents interested . . . Lucienne Boyer, the Parisian thrush, gave birth to a daughter in Paris last week . . . Milton Berle broke a weekend record at the Chez Paree In Chicago over the holiday. His brother-manager Frank Is in a local hospital, recovering from an eye operation ... A Hollywood studio is eyeing the forthcoming biog of Lou Gehrig as a possible screen play . . . The draft has wrecked havoc with the N. Y. Strand Theater ushers' staff. They may go back to using girl guides down the aisles. JEFF ROLLS UP SLEEVES IN Jeffrey Lynn is fulfilling his biggest movie ambition, He is playing his first rolled-up-sleeve role. He plays opposite Constance Bennett in "Law of the Tropics," In which he is a worker on a large rubber plantation in South America. STACE PLAYS 'araadwav'lfunalaitnlay.'.Whfpflte.Wortrl.Tr-!. Howard Llndnny and Ruatel Crouie preaent ARSENIC AND OLD LACE A New Comtiv by Jnteth Ke$$elring with (aril Karlalt, Allya Jaalya, laaaahlna Hull. Jaaa Adair, 'jaha Alaaaadar FULTON. W. 4S St. CI. 6-6380, En. R:40 Mara. Wad. 4 Sat. 2:4(1. Mall ardara aramatly f I lied AIR-CONDITIONED Delightful Air-Cooled f LAUD I A eOOTH THEATRE. Wait 45th SI. CM-MM Man. thru. Sat. 1:40. Mali. WED. k SAT. 2:40 Matinrra Wad. Hat.. ?:10. Own Jonnton 't vrm, never smripin Hellz A DDDDIM h YEAR Air Cond. WINTER GARDEN. B'wavA 50th St. Evil. 1:50. tl.IO-iJ.30, aural Sat. ..a ararrrt rAM FD V" A tktnuntt Timet Life with father; with HOWARD LIN08A Y. DOROTHY IT ICKNEY EMPIRE Thra.. B'way l SI, PE. R-H.U0 Eya. :40. Matinrra WED. and RAT. :40 AIR-CONnlTIONED "A MONEY OF A H0W ' Waller Wlnrhell MY SISTER EILEEN THE RIOTOrR I.AI GH BIT BII.TM0RC Thaa.,47th B'way. CI.M5A5 TONIRHT. 0:40. MATS. WED. A SAT.. 2:40 SCIENTIFICALLY AIR-CONDITIONED HIS NEWEST. FILM He has his first kr.ock-'em-down-drag-'em-out film fight. In the battle he's knocked over a railing and his opponent, Craig Stevens, is sent crashing through a door as a result of a roundhouse blow landed by Jeff. MANHATTAN AIR-CONnlTIONEDf GEORGE ABBOTT'S Musical (lomrdr Hit PA L J O F Y Boon B RODGERS and HART aonta toll V1VIENNS SEGAL GENE KEl.LT JACK DURANT JUNE HAVOC BARRYMORE TH..W.47 St. CI.I-03M. Eva.B:40 Mata. WED, and SAT, 2:40 II. 10 ta 12.75 ' iriant.""' ETHEL MERMAN PANAMA HATTIE COLE PORTER Songs ftmk hy HERBERT FIELDS ami B. G. D18YLVA 46TH ST, B'way.Clral6.807S. Ea.:30 AIR-CONDITIONED. Mali. Wad. a Sat. 2:50 "A Maatrrplrer." ATKINSON, N Y.Timet ETHEL BARRYMORE The corn is green NATI0NAL,4lit, B y. PE. 8.8220. Eva.8:40 Mali. Wad., Thuri. A Sat. 2:40. Nr. Pari. TnnlgM LAST DAYS ! Trlrra: Bi.Sfl, 1.a)5, al. 10 Nona Hlfhrr The Man Who Came to Dinner A Comrdy with MONTY WOOI.LEY MUSIC BOX. 45 B'y. CI.8-4031. Eva.8:40 Mata. THUR8, A SAT. 2:40 Ir-Conijlllonr-rJ "Maylna and n-autllul alay" Watta, Har. Trln. ... LILLIAN HELLMAN'S Nrm Pint Watch on the rhine With UTILE PAUL MATlY WATSON MIKAS CHRISTIAN MARTIN BECK.4J,W.a(8Av. CI.S-8381. En. 8:40 Matlam WED. 4 IAT. 1:40. Alr.Candltlanad Backstage at'Hellzapoppin' as Much A Mad-House as Show on the Stage There's Continuous Rummy Game In Dressing Room of Barto and Mann By ROBERT FRANCIS We seem to remember mentioning previously that "Hellzapoppin" as seen from the back Is Just as mad as when taken irom the comfort of a Winter Garden orchestra chair. But of all the spots backstage no spot Is wackier or madder than the dressing room of Messrs. Dewey Barto and George Mann. Messrs. Barto and Mann are that short and long comedy combination which has been add- ' ing some of the Insaner moments to the proceedings over the last three years. The boys carry their Insanities right off the stage and Into their dressing room. It's stuffy, hot and always crowded. The visitor newer knows when he is going to be asked to pla marbles, try out a pogo stick or get a hotfoot while he is watching the practically continuous rummy game. Diminutive Dewey usually sits in a corner and makes caustic cracks. These never clear the room. George folds up his gangling six-feet-odd over a rummy hand and steadily loses money to whoever happens to be opposite. He's been doing that for three years, but he's a glutton for punishment. 1 "How did yod guys get together?" we asked George the other night during a lull in the racket. Partneri for 15 Yean "That was a long time ago," he rep'les. "I was Jerking sodas out in '.he Venice Ballroom. I was a stage-struck Santa Monica kid. I met Dewey and asked him how to get Into vaudeville. He advised me to go in for eccentric dancing. I did, and It worked. A couple of years later we met again on the same bill and teamed up." "And we've been partners for 15 years," says Dewey. "And what brought you into 'Hellzapoppin'?" "Why," says Dewey, "it was Just one of those things. We happened to be playing Loew's State when Ole and Chic were getting this show together. They Just thought we'd fit in it, I guess." Rowdy Dancing and Comedy Barto and Mann do fit. They put on exactly the sort of rowdy dancing and comedy that the O. and J. madhouse opera calls for, the same kind of antics that have been wracking the funnyboncs of Van Heflin Cast In Russell Film Van Heflin, Katharine Hepburn's leading man in the stage presenta. tion of "The Philadelphia Story," Joins Rosalind Russell, Don Ameche and Kay Francis in the MGM production of "The Female of the Species." Rey Scott's dramatic plcturization of modern China's struggle against Japanese aggression, "Ku Kan," will go into its third week at the World Theater today. "Professor Mamlock." which was the first anti-Nazi film to reach American screens, will be revived at the MiamLPlayhouse starting today. Anne Shirley, for the first time In her career, will become a dancing star in her next RKO Radio picture, "Four Jacks and a Queen." In the new film Miss Shirley will be co-starred with Ray Bolger, dancing actor who appears with Anna Neagle in "Sunny." "Cathleen," the vehicle which will return Shirley Temple to the screen, will begin production in about two weeks at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Norman Taurog, who recently completed "Men of Boys Town," and who Is acknowledged to be among the screen's most successful directors of young talent, will direct, Frankie Darro. Jackie Moran, Keye Luke and Mantan Moreland have been signed for featured roles in Monogram's "Sweet Sixteen." GRANADA HOTEL MICHEL'S MIDW00D s Nlahtly Hrlan nrat llt.l FLATBI'SH AVENI'E (Opp. Dorrhratrr Road) urVIIg IT Daily from Grand Central I : OPEN-AIR MOVIES (Hartem Dir.) to Mt. Vernon f ! i.l..vv, ..jv.Daiianajj..ui, 1 1 r' IJ:J2, I.-06. 1:27. 1:30. 1.41. I S25r3?MITlZ "BaloTetl W , Jerome Are. Sub. to Wood- J TrS JtrPa.S Enemy , Mun diim rneM aU traina and I ; "TV .. I aubwaya, to to and from track. I 1 II cJ& I US I ilataa to Dinr Brooklyn UVrCI DICDDTPniMT "torranant and Blrka st, Vlalt our nrwly daroralrd tlU 1 CL ritlxRCr Ull I Mirror Room. A drhahtful placa to dinr and wma amid chrarMI' aurrmindlnn. Lunrhron SOc. Dinner "7 Sc. II 00. Sundav Dinner 75c, SI. 00. A la cartr. Excrllrnt banquet lacilitlaa. MAin 4-5500. RIV0LI Eat. 1917 1095-97 FLATBUSH AVE. UIXE AND HALF MOON HOTEL OETJEN'S I MORILLON CHARLES ANDEJSOM vaudeville audiences all . over the country, with a bit of Europe thrown In. This is their second Broadway musical. Earl Carroll had them In the seventh edition of his "Vanities." Dewey is a widower. Mrs. Barto has been dead 1Q years. - She was the former Myrtle Lawler, of the vaudeville team of Graves and Lawler. He and his two daughters keep house in an apartment on 56th St. Nan is 19 and is already headed for show business. Betty Lou is 10, and at the moment more Interested in model airplanes. "I have no hobbies but work," he says, with a grin. "They've nad to bring themselves up, but they do a good job of it. They're nice kids." Manns at Home at New Hyde Park George has been married for four years to Barbara Bradford, the Powers model. You've seen her face many Jlmes. She's the girl on soft drink ads. "She won a prize for being the most beautiful model of the year," says George, "and then turned around and married a guy who makes his living looking like mug." Recently there has been an addition to the Mann menage. George Bradford Mann Is now four months old, "born In Brooklyn and weighs 16 pounds, by goshl We've got Hellzapoppin' to thank for him," says George Sr. "We never were in one place long enough before to have a baby." The Manna have bought themselves a new house out at New Hyde Park. (Hellzapoppin'" may have had something to do with that, too.) Apparently its principal feature is a fully equipped dark room. George is a camera nut. Also he can indulge his passion for golf (he claims to be "Hellzappopin' " champion, but if he's no better than he On Local Screens "Sunny," featuring four Jerome Kern hit tunes and starring Anna Neagle in the role that made Marilyn Miller famous, and Damon Runyon's comedy, 'Tight Shoes," will be at RKO Brooklyn and Queens neighborhood theaters starting Thursday. John Howard, Binnle Barnes, Leo Carrillo and Brod Crawford play some of Runyon's amazing characters. 'Summer Theaters The second week at the Rocks Theater, Gloucester, Mass., beginning tonight will introduce Erik Rhodes in "George Washington Slept Here." Carol Goodner and Philip Tonge are in the cast. The second production of his 12th season at Ivoryton, Conn., brings Charles Butterworth in "George Washington Slept Here" beginning tomorrow. J. B. Priestley's "Dangerous Corner" will be the next attraction at the Theater-in-the-Dale, New Mil-ford, Conn., opening July 9. "Hay Fever," Noel Coward's comedy, will usher in the second week of the Garrick Players at the New Kennebunkport Playhouse on Tuesday evening. Ahittnd llce A Lafmvetle Ave. LunchPon RACING EMPIRE CITY S! f O BIH IIM f. II aj I I tBKWS? LdjJJllLLS-i I J THIIHIN I ACU IAIIT f from 50c. Daily and Sunday Dinner from Si. Dining Room-New Cocktail Lounne-Ve netinn Rooms Banquet Facilities Wines Si Liquors S42-54 Klatbonh Ave. In Brooklyn slnee 101O. Luncheon from 50c. Dinners from 85c. A la Csrte. Private Banquet Rooms vs. liable lor weddings and social functions from 2U to ouu. NO COVER CHARGE anttrtllncnant ar Rar Raill;. I fonardl, Darla, Blllr Orlffitb, Orrh.i Danrinc. anal aaanaira b "F.ddle" Butlrr. F.igtllent laad; chlldrrn H.K-Prkr. AccomaiodatioBi (or Weddinf., Banquets, etc. WEDDINGS. BANQUETS, CAFO PARTIKrl, COMMIIMON BRKAK-FASTS, Etc. ItJtaMII. BU. 4-1X14. DANCE BOARDWALK AND WEST ?TH STREET Orran Tarraca Dancing Nightly SHORE DINNER 11.211. Na Corrr. Free Parking. CHURCH AT FLATBUSH AVE. BraolilTn'a Famciaa Ufa Faad Raatauranl. AIR-CONDITIONED. Lnnchean 4V. Dinner RV. Acrammndatlan. far Banetiela and Partita. Dancing and Entertainment. CHURCH AVE, AT EAST II ST. POPULAR PRICES AIR-CONDITIONED - 0 O m ai y f J. C. Olfttn photo DEWEY BARTO shines his shoes while partner George Mann pretties himself for "Hellzapoppin." Is at rummy we don't know). Mrs. Mann's passions are George Jr. and her rose bushes. George Sr. seems to take more than a mild interest in those, too. In fact, we rather imagine that Dewey and the rest of the cast are fairly sick of hearing about Junior's poundage and that the Lady Jane Greys are about to burst into bloom. George is every inch the proud papa, and there are a lot of inches to George. Dressing Room Comedy "Another 70 cents gone!" he says, dropping his cards and untangling Ice Men Back At the Center The Ice men are back at the Ice Theater box office today selling tickets at reduced prices for "It Happens on Ice," which reopens next Tuesday, July 15, at the Center Theater in Rockefeller Center. There will be 1,492 orchestra seats at $1.65 top, 629 seats in the mezzanine at $1.10, and 501 balcony seats at 55 cents. Lenore Ulric, last seen on Broadway in 'The Fifth Column," will make her first New York appearance as Sadie Thompson in "Rain" at the Bronx Windsor Theater for the week beginning Tuesday. The play comes to the Flatbush Theater July 22. Jean Muir and Sanford Meisner will present film star Gloria Stuart in "Mr. and Mrs. North" tonight as the second bill of their 12-week season at the County Theater, Suffern, N. Y. Phoebe Brand, Group Theater actress, will teach the Popular Act- MOTION WAIT DISNEY'S cool Uccp at th 1 y.Ai . 1 1 :wrt:T3r. a BROADWAY o- 3rd tr 4 o'er FRED MacMUXKAY MADf LEHrF. CMROU Pamela Waraaan Bam BairUa "ONC NIOMT IN LISBON" "STRANOC ALIBI" Joan BENNETT Franc hat TONE SHE KNEW ALL THE ANSWERS" "POWER DIVE" AMATEURS tONITC mrfriiif;it I'li.M'.HH RICHARD ARLEN a ANDY DEVINC MUTINY IN THE ARCTIC SINE AUTRY "BACK IN THE SADDLE" aidco; 0 Mmun nun fHTM A liUtl klfllAI MAN HUNT I iPALACl- n naodjeiloeuW aVaaioai Hill TiooriommAm KUI IN MffMN AMI STAB! MAJOR BOWES STAR PARADE OF 1M1' I Cinlaniw a..Iafc I aaiceenr aa p. aj. 9 C I cMH.aaaa aarvrHac & k oatatlty Q IN PERSON HOPE LaktBUH HILL BRADI.ET Pararrxnint't AND BAND TAIH.HT IN .IANK FROMAN THE DRAFT" J DANNY HAVE himself. 'Time to get dressed again." A bellow of anguish from Dewey interrupts. Dewey Is struggling futilely to button his second act pants. 'That blasted Max!" he screams. "Wait till I get my hands on him! I tell him to sew buttons on my other suit, so he cuts them off these to u.e. Somebody find me some safety pins!" Little things like that are always happening in the Barto Mann dressing room. 'ln the Navy' Stays The Abbott and Costello comedy, "In the Navy," begins its fifth week Wednesday at Loew's Criterion The-Theater, where it is breaking all house records. It will be followed by A. J. Cronin's "The Stars Look Down," starring Margaret Lock-wood, Michael Redgrave and Emlyn Williams and directed by Carol Reed, director of "Night Train." 'Washington' at Gloucester Tonight the Bass Rocks Theater, Gloucester, Mass., will offer its second production of the season, presenting Erik Rhodes in "George Washington Slept Here" with Carol Goodner and Philip Tonge featured. Henry Jones and James S. Elliott have been specially engaged for the roles of Mr. Kimber and Raymond. ing course at New Theater School for the Summer term opening today. The class meets every Tuesday evening and covers fundamentals of acting technique for beginners. WHEN OUT OF TOWN REGISTER FROM BROOKLYN PICTURES with STOKOWSKI 1 Air- Conditioned i 2,40 and 8:40 r m Onto a. 5351 I nan-maa aa immn iaStorao: m tun ksihi. imk out 245 1 us n.A. f ... a U-i r. a. "ww., w. an., am., an., fx II. II. a t. ti n n tt n. nm a 1 i w. . a"a f PI EDW. C. ' MnUNC CtO. RDBIHSOH-DIETRICK-RiUT CAP Oani 8 A. M . a Late F aturai AUKONOtTaOfalO B'way 4. 47 St. RADIO CUT MUSIC HALL tOrM SlfMI A Sit rWWMB cnitn carson waitcr rtMion "BLOSSOMS IN THE OUST" irtcitl Mtrns LtRoy M Ira - Mary f Mclwr tSM tNf OHC AT STAOCi ' STMaM4NT M COitM" - LMRaatail'i rtifiiMiC anrn. tympHm 0rttMU. MfMl( Its darclufl ! Crn , 0raM IlilSA. M. Mctwr 1H1S, 1:11, OriS, 1:41, lt !!. trti M i ilO, 4iO, !, ttSS litMBit Sali flird Orel 6-4600 Clark GABLE , Rosalinf RUSSELL In M-43-M'a 'VU THEY v v BOMBAY IS I rnil45A IROOKLYN EAGLE, MONDAY, JULY 1, 1941 Bertha Belmore Of 'Belinda' Is Back Home Again English Actress Had House Here but Now She's Come to Stay On her first visit to America, Bertha Belmore made up her mind that this is the land she wished to live in. She bought a home in furtherance of that determination. But it is only 30 years later and because of a ' war that has torn Europe to pieces, that she finds herself free 'jo occupy it. 8he is celebrating her delayed American residence by continuing to appear in her original role in "Johnny Belinda," which opens at the Flatbush Theater Tuesday evening following its run of ten months on Broadway. Miss Belmore, one of the best-known comediennes on both the English and American stages, touched these shores for the first time in 1911. She came as a variety of heroines in Ben Greet 's Shakespearean repertory, having but recently fought her way out of the regimentation ot John Tiller's dancing troupes. The following season saw her as Portia to the late William Faver-sham's "Julius Caesar," and it also afforded her a chance to look into real estate opportunities. A home in Beechhurst, L. I., was the fruit of these inquiries. She was not to dwell In It for long, however, for contracts with Jack Waller, London manager, strengthened her natural ties with the homeland and fetched her to it. Whenever Waller recessed his productions, Miss Belmore renewed her American associations. 8he was in the "Follies," swapping ban-dlnage with Will Rogers and articulating in scenes with W. C. Fields. She was also important to "Irene' and "Showboat," evidence that Miss Belmore knew her way to the hits. But whenever Waller could locate her, he summoned her home. In 1937 Miss Belmore came to this country to bedevil Gene Lock-hart in a musical pageant called "Virginia," one of the Rockefeller s sorrier ventures. Freed from that, with tragic suddenness, she was engaged by Guthrie McCllntic for "Barchester Towers." But one of Waller's agents turned up with a compelling sheet of foolscap and LOEW'S KINGS ) Jaaara Hilbinh and Tlltfta im LOEW'S PITKIN PilkliW Saratm Avmum LOEW'S AI.riNK. . . .. (ath lr..t and Fifth LOEW'S BEDKORU Brittri Avtnuf and Itriea atraat I.OEW'ft BROADWAY LOEW'S CONEV ISLAND nun aad sllll,l Aukum LOEW'S CATES Gait. Avenita ana Broadaray LOEW'S KAMRO Eaitara Paraaray aad Nailraad Avaaua LOEW'S TH STREET Mlh Straal and Nrw Utrtiht Anaua LOEW'fl PREMIER Snll.r Hlnadala Straat LOEW'S ORIENTAI 116th gtreat and lath Avatua LOEW'S BORO PARK Ht Straat nd Naw UtraiM Avaaua LOEW'S WARWICK Jararna and Fnltaa Straata LOEW'S PALACE Eait N. Y. Ava. and Dauilaaa St. LOEW'S BAY RIDCE 7U atraat aad Third Annua I BI.ONDELL . LOEW'S BREVOORT Bravaart Plata and Badfard Amaua LOEW'S MELRA Llvlnntan straat and Haaavar Plaaa LOEW'S OENT1 BY Parkilda and Naitrand Arrauea I. nd Buthwtrk. R'vflv-Hswurrf am Prosperl, Ninth St. Fifth Avt OrrnoliJt, 925 Minhittan Am... Dvker. Uth St. m Fifth Aw TiItoo, C.ney til., . 8tMplfhM. Orphvun, FultDti 8t..RkwiM pt. Madion, MyrtN-Wyikoff Republic, Grand tntt Kiia 8ts.,,, nenmore, unurtn-piatbuih Avt Shore Road. Mth at. 'Fifth Am.. Prlacilla IVllllla TV A I Caaav lilaad Ar PATIO. Flatbuak Ara. aad Mle'areea, St.. MARINE, Flatkuak An.-Klagt rPway, AVALON, Klaga H ay and I. Itlk St.. MID WOOD, Avaaua I aad C. IStti St.., MAVFAIR, Avaaua U -Canty III. Ava... RIALTO. Flatkuah Ave.-Certdyeu Sd NOKTRAND. Klaaa H'aay-Naatraad Av.. ALBEMARLE. Flatkuah Av..Alkaaarla M. K4RRAI.I T. Flatkuah Av.-Farrafut M.. KI M, Avaaua M al Eait 17th at COLLEGE, FlttBmh Av. swd Awim H . . "Adam Had t our Sons"; and "Escape to Glory" TRIANGLE, K."i H'wsy-E. 1 2th St... Allre Fare. Jack Oak.r, ,7THE GREAT AM ERIC AV PARKSIDE, Flit bmh ind PirkUds Avi.. BROADCAST"; and "THE SINGAPORE WOMAN" tjl frNUN, QifBtts Rd. St C. 35th St. "Elkfy Qww B PtnVhm Myttry" Tip 7A Hsm BHrsyBd7 VOil'E. Ctwty lit. Aw. swd Avsnut K ' ROAD TO ZAXZ I B A R " ; and ' ' Y Ol 'R lT T H Eb N E7' FEATURE HLIT1S BAT RIDGE Stanlry, Flllh Ava. aad 7Mh at I.ady Eraaa Cherenne: alaa A Girl, a Our and a Gab BEDFORD Nelfenal, 770 Waihlnitae Av... The Graat AraerUaa Braadrait: alaa Siaaaeorr Wnmaa Rogera. 333 R.aari Ava. Air Caalad . , . . Mea at Bayi Taa, Mickay Raaaay; alia Blnadia Gaaa Lai in BENSONHIRST Colony, lllti Ar. A 15th St. Air Caalad.. Cafe Mrtropolr. llh Tyrone Power: alio Li'l Ahnrr BOROUGH BALL AND DOWNTOWN Mornart. Fultoa 8t. aad RorhviaM PI.. . Adam Had Fnur Sana: alaa Rare in Hraren H. (iearrr Plavhotlve. 100 Piaaaaala at. Aflrotianalelr Taura; al.o The Wafana Rail al NieM Trrminal, Faurlh Ava. and Daan at... . The Devil and Miaa Jonea: also Rooklra en Tarade BKKillTON BEACH Oreana, Brlihtaa Brark Ava.-Hatf at.... The Wafona Roll at Nljhl: alaa Arfretionatel; Toura FI.ATR:H Aator. Fia1kuh. nr Churrh Air Caalad... Four Sena: alaa Blue Bird fjranada. Chureh ana Naatrand Ave... ..Road to Zanaibar; alao Von're the One F4.ST Fl ATBI SH Avenue D. Avaaua D ana t. 41d 8t... . Adam Had Fnur Anna; alaa Farapa tn Glare Kuan. Ulira and Church Avri .. Adam Had Four Nona: alao Earape ta Glory r.FRRITSEN BEACH I. raham. Ill Whltnry Ava So Enda Our Nltht: alaa Jennie PARK SLOPE Plara. Flathinh Av..Parh PI. Alr-Cr-elad Murder Amanr Frlenda: alao Little Nellie Kelly Handera. Proteaat Park Wit-i4th at.... Road to Zani.bari alao You're the One KINGS HIGHWAY Jewel. Klnai Hilhway aad Otaaa P'kwy(reen I.iihi; alia The Great O'Malley AVENUE II SECTION Avenue I', Ave. U aarl I 14th at The Davll and Mlaa Jnnea: alaa Rnnklea an Parade Tra.rmore, Avraua N lad I 40th t tilery Qolra Prnlhauaa Myalrry; alaa A Mia Brtrtvtd RIDGEWOOD Rlvoll, Mvrllf aad Wtliaa Aval. Wild alaa al Rmwiaa; alia rilary Qiraaa Paath.iuia Mvatary SOI TH BROOKLYN andpr'a Glahe. lit ISth St "aula wil a Lldyt alaa tilery Queee Peathauaa vttet Mlaerra. evarrta An. aad I4U M...Iha Oraal Uei ilaa Muet Oeer hear Tork 1 ?' f 1 1 i 'J '' DOROTHY STICKNEY The charming mother in "Life With Father," which plays its 700th performance at the Empire Theater Wednesday. she was whisked off to London for "Bobby, Get Your Gun." Pausing in Southampton, Miss Belmore had had the prudence to remind His Majesty's clerks that England was not her fixed domicile, a detail that was to serve her wonderfully last year. She had resolved to quit London when a recent ruling forbade stage actors there from doubling in picture work. Pending her departure, Hitler's fliers arrived to make the days hideous and the officials were very fussy over who was to leave that little island. The deed to her Long Island property established Miss Belmore'a right to residence here. She quit England with $50, the war-time limit, and arrived at New York's quarantine $21 shy of the amount needed to redeem her excess baggage. She was quite content to forfeit it, little enough to pay for escape from the Stukas, but she was able to salvage it later. William POWELL n, Myrna LOY LOVE CRAZY P. "THE BLACK, CAT" STEWART II POT O' GOLD" I raulaiM UODDARD j"FE0PLE VS. DR. KILDARE," U AYRES Joan CRAWFORD Melvvn DOUGLAS "A WOMAN'S FACE" -PLIS- 'Reaching for the Sun" Jo.1 McCREA Elian DREW 'lKl,;rla"i"".-" TrJ"""""' Power: """" ' lqr," Rant Tartar, Wanrlr Barrle "Topper Returns" I "The Bad Man" Jnan Roland VOING Wallara , 1 1, BEERY BARRYMORE "Affectionately Youra." Ralph Bellamy: "Warona Roll t Nlht," Hamphrey Borart "1 ZIEGFELD GIRL" Jamra STEWART Jnrtr r.lll tvn "THEY DARK NOT LOVE."' Geo. BRENT PRISCILLA LANE JFFFRET LTNN "MILLION DOLLAR BABY JAMES CAGNEY PAT n'RciEu i uevil uuiji or the AIR "THAT HAMILTON WOMAN" and "BIG BOSS" MSII Vt.AaMafR ar . a . K mm Lane. Jarfrer Lynn. "Mn.LIOV DOLL.4R "' I and "DEVIL DOGS OF THE AIR" Joan Blondall, Roland Young, "TOPPER RETURNS"; and "BAD MAN" Vivian Lalgh, Louranco Oiiviar, "THAT HAMILTON WOMAN"; & "THE BIG BOSS" JEAN ARTHUR. ROBERT Cl'MMJLNGS "THE DEVIL AND MISS JONES"; and "ROOKIES ON PARADE" SHOUJinC TODRV 5' i:aaumtMto-'tJ,'''tM"i attain 5v

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