The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on February 14, 1945 · Page 15
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 15

Brooklyn, New York
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Wednesday, February 14, 1945
Page 15
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f TOMMY HOLMES 'Surprises Loom Baseba Aarmed By ODT Rumor In Service Games; Interest Is High MT.otpst activity In Washlneton re- fgjAL jss'oi baseball in wartime has all the ear- f. trial balloon. ODT will accept responsibility for .hnntV 01 r" J h t W big leagues would be asked to realign nf the St. John's Players Confident Of Taking Cadets Apart Navy Faces Tough Opponent By GEORGE COLEMAN Ea.t and West groups. This was a rumor, wnicii . over the weekend. f 00 T i ke a case lor Mr. Ford Frick and Mr. Will feslooK5' , residents who. pending the election St. Valentine's Day may likely produce a few basketball surprises. With the National Invitation and the N. C. A. A. f' Swb-iu commissioner, have been authorized to tournaments slated at the Garden next month, the result of atters mat ums wm "- today's contests will be watched with interest I r ... i I ' v ll W : I . St. John's U., the National Invitation champion, meets I .-t oflQ uic 5 t m'eht do well to go to work on It right away. For rjtym.s . hacphaii authority shows some one Army at West Point, Muhlenberg iVment authority what an unholy mess such a . . nlpA rT imp i i.iriii ii unniiiriVi. i 1 1 r ijiii . . -nula nic w m nmnra mio-hr. rpnr-h thp rnnr-lnslnn College faces Navy at Annapolis while Long Island plays Canisius and City College meets St. Joseph's College In the Garden doubleheader. Army and Navy officials are opposed to their teams competing in any post-season tournaments, espe nther waruiuc a-6 Indeed is a wntue on w. tails cially those sponsored by profes 1 v 8 1 1 ti 'atddER S Baseball people, especially In the East, be-fiLV . j ,iv. ih rrppnlnar horror at the mere ifflietea wim - - . sional promoters. If the Redmen and the Allentown Mules can beat the service quintets these teams STEINER, SID SCHWARTZ GAIN IN JUNIOR TENNIS Lronard Stelnrr. Brooklyn Tech; Richard Klrsrhner, Columbia University; Sidney Srhwartx, Erasmus High, and Marvin Man-tin, De Witt Clinton, reached the semi-finals in the metropolitan junior Indoor tennis championship tournament at the 2 2d Refiment Armory yesterday. Steiner beat Vincent Richards Jr. of Cardinal Hayes, 61, (4; Kirschner defeated Kenneth Shi-mizu, George Washlneton, 64, 6 0; Schwartx downed Ronald Dugrow, Perth Amboy, 61, 60, and Mantin beat Donald Kramer, Teaneck High, 63, 8 6. Jit. M laovo t.h Fast, with ft fnnr-citv u A 11V1SHHI VY UUlU uw ,-w - J IN CAGE SPOTLIGHT Three ambitious college courtsters will come in for plenty of attention in two contests this afternoon and tonight. At West Point, Roy Wcrtis, St. John's ace (center), will match points with Army's versatile Doug Kenna (rightl, while Les Rothman of L. I. U. (left) faces Canisius basketeers in Garden tonight. can't be ignored in the post-season series. ...U kA Rraatnr Hum Vnrlr Urtctnn I l,,h league laere WUUIU l Ulvci tun .umjuuowu, klUD j V.ot'e oH jplDhia. wasmngwu, k. West WOUlu iare BCU-cr wiuui majr uc wujr oam THE SPORTING THING on that ceieDraieu jjiwiaiinu.uyioi, wao me moi uu If Army downs the Johnnies there is but one other club that may beat the Cadets, that's Penn. which tackles Army at Convention Hall, Philadelphia, Saturday. The once-beaten Mules have a much better chance of making Navy its 21st victim than the DeGray Indians have of downing the Cadets. Ed Kelleher, coach of Army, how hlV the Only) DaficUau UUU bu mmc uut aiiu oajr ui hv at least would have six different cities, St. Louis Stelov's Layup Snatches Wild Tilt From B. C. Hicago being the only two-club towns, v West, in fact, would fare better all around. Six teams and only two Eastern teams finished in the ever, feels that the Redmen have Gory Skirmish Scottie New Ruler Of U. S. Dogdom Hy HAROLD ('. M Kit At the witching hour of midnight last night up at the Garden, when all good doggies are supposed to be fxst asleep In their kennels, an all-black scottie was adjudged the best-ln-show as the Westminster Kennel Club's (59th Annual Dog Show came to a triumphant close. Shelling's Signature was too much experience for his club. To offset that, Joe Lapchlck says divisions Ol Uie iNailOIlal auu vuiciiuau iiraguca iaau Besides Whicn, wesiern cities are ituwier oyaiu anu conditions much less congested than along the Goes to Bryant A one-handed layup by Fred Ste- Army Is St. John's toughest foe of the year but doubts that his charges have what it takes to beat the husky, speedy Cadets. The St. John's cagers dispute Joe's Lj Atlantic Seaboard. low with but two minutes before the final buzzer gave the Floyd Bennett Flyers a 6361 wtn over Brooklyn College in the Kingsmen's gym last Vo MILLION MILES But after you have considered Unanimously GARDEN GAME LINEUPS the winner. By HAROLD CONRAD Firal Game. i:IS P.M. night. The victory was the 27th In 34 starts for the Flyers. For the home forces it was the sixth setback in 14 outings. The Flyers held a 38 36 half time margin. It isn't as valtmble a signature tbaseball reasons why sucn a realignment oi Dig league seems like a horrible dream, you'd still like to ask xxly why it should even be considered, torn the amount of publicity the proposal, rumor or it. was pot in the Sunday papers, you'd think that Uong Island Marvin Bryant and Joey AgostaiPw 'Tell George I'M not mad L.F Goldstein LR.P. Lewis Canisius Mclvln - dark Kamp Green Dumtnlco M those Baoe Kulh used to scrawl at the bottom of Ills Yankee con -Meinhold now!" met in the third match of their feud at the Broadway Arena last night and from the way the boys L.O. -Bnjak R.O. Rothman tracts. The cute, waddling little Floyd Bennett Jumped off to a quick lead as Bob tallied on a layup. Brooklyn's Whitey Levey, however. k!l travel completely flooded the transportation fa looked at the end of the ten-round Subatitolu Lona Island Solomon. Slava. Becker. chap's selection hy the sole .tuclge, Korjr. Eskenazl. Haas, Sherman. Verdnsehl. 's of the nation. wording to the figures in the original story, the pro- battle, maybe it would be a good idea if they called the feud off. unless some one wants to face a man Canisius Barry. IM itoiyer. iwaier ZURITA-RUFFIN BOUT PLANNED FOR MARCH 16 Promoter Mike Jacobs conferred with the managers of Juan Zurita of Mexico City and Bnhhy Ruffin of Long lUnd in an rffort to arrange a lightwtlght title match brtwren the fighters for Madison Square Garden March 16. Zurita ig recognized by the National Boxing Association as the lightweight champion. Included In the negotiations were telephone discussions with George West of Boston, was xpil-lar with the big crowd of 10.000 dog lovers. But Signature still came back with a tap-In, and Bill, Rosenblatt tossed in a set. The lead see-sawed until three minutes from Rodriguez. Bickelman, McNamara. Kennedy. Mauro. Doyle. slaughter charge. They looked as geographical plan would enable Daseoau to cui lis i ofis Qin nasseneer miles. How the spokesman arrived 8-Team Junior Soccer League Officials William soiodare ana Matty Isn't a champion. In the dog world Beaovlch the end of the half when the Maroon knotted the count at 30 301 you have to capture at least ten Second Game L fantastic figure before schedules have been drawn Pos. City College St. Joseph's best-of-brpod awards before you on Morty Kleiner's two-pointer. At L.F. Markoff Tracy can bark w ith that sort of pride. even considered, I do not know. But let's accept it. even increase it to an even 2,000,000 for the sake of R.F. Schmones Hurley C. Korovin O'Neill But the gentleman from Boston though they had been nauied through a meat grinder and that goes for Bryant, the winner, too. It was another gory battle before a capacity crowd. These guys threw more clean punches in one round than you see in a whole fight these days. Bryant started with an early lead In the L.O. Laub Mcuratn R.G. Finger Fraln thinks that it's a pretty good dog. Opens Tomorrow fanatical simplicity. hp samp storv elves the total figure of 1944 transporta- Solitaire's a scottie Just about as Substitutes City Reserves Kaplan. Smolovltz. Hill-man. Bernstein. Friedman. Schlossberg close to standard as It's possible to L 96,000,000,000 miles, a truly astronomical figure. You Oates. Fishman. Hassman. By BILL GRAHAM 8t. Joseph s Hallahan, Barr. Keaveney, not be an Einstein to calculate tnat tne proposed saving first round, but was staggered and Burns. Horgan, Rooney, ottlnser, Kane, this juncture, the visitors, spurred by Stelow and Chuck Johnson, took a two-point lead at recess. The second stanza was equally close as the first with neither team holding more than a six-point margin. Trailing, 56 61, with four minutes remaining, Brooklyn tied the score on baskets by Kleiner and Levy and Rosenblatt's free throw. A foul by Lee gave Brooklyn an opportunity to bounce back but Levy missed the first of two tries and the Brooks elected to take the ball Under the sponsorship of the O'Neill. mileage would amount to i-480th oi l percent out on his feet before the round ended. Agosta was battered around Swiss F. C, champion of the East get," said Mr. Wrst. Outarores Favorite Signature was a real dark dog. The unbeaten Town Talk was the favorite. But the cocker spaniel couldn't come through in the field of six survivors that included a pug, a salukl, & doberman plnschcr, a figure. in the second and suffered a cut ern District Soccer League, a junior opinion. Ray Wertis, Bill Kotsores, Ivy Summer, Murray Robinson and Abe Greene of Patrrson, N. J., president of the N. B. A., In an attempt to ascertain whether his group would recognize the bout as a title fight Inasmuch as New York Is not in N. B. A. territory. Meanwhile, another Mexican boxer, Humberto Zavala, and Danny Barlflrld of New York appeared at the boxing commission for their examinations for their 10-round bout at the Garden Friday night. Both were pronounced in shape by Dr. William Walker, commission physician. under the right eye Bryant main IS INCHES Moreover, the proposed baseball saying league of eight teams, playing flve-a-side combinations, will play the Hy Gotkln "Just know" tney are going to win. Urnnfclvn flnllpoe NpV York TJ. Id amount to all of 1.32 inches lor every mne oi passen- first two rounds of a round robin a pug and a miniature poodle. hvel in the nation. A few seconds tained his attack through the early part of the third until Agosta staggered him again. Gains AU the Votes The fifth round looked like a facsimile of a George Bellows tableau. and St. Francis are still to be played-"1 at mid-courts. i a In t CfalfMif'a fin later Stelow's he ODT could save more passenger mileage than schedule tomorrow night at Stcln-way Oval. The entrants are Ha- field goal decided. Stelow paced all scorers with 20 by halting tourist travel between New York and Florida bout 24 hours. koah, Swiss, Prague, Eintracht Standing toe to toe and bleeding Kollsman, German-Hungarian, New points, while Levy's 18 led the collegians. Bennett Field I Brooklyn Coileae all simmers down to how much baseball is worth as The show played before the biggest crowds In its history. At a conservative estimate 30,000 dog fans passed through 'the turnstiles of the 8th Avenue sports palace. Some came In Uje niopiiug, others in the afternoon, but' the biggest turnout for the two cays ''was at night. Last night was a sellout. All the finalists were American from the eyes and nose, both fight World and GermarAmerican. Until I G. F. P.i O. F. P ers slugged it out. trading blow for bme activity. If it's worth so little that Washington the loop finishes Its schedule the 8 4 20 Levy. If 8 2 18 but a victory at west roint win De the' biggest feather in the Redmen's caps yet. The Garden games, for the first time, take second billing of the day. Long Island U.'s game with Canisius hasn't excited fans. The Blackbirds beat the Griffins in a previous tilt. The City College-St, Joseph's scramble Isn't much of a draw either. Terriers Bare blow. The pace first started to tell Stelow, !f Caldwell Johnson, rf Is this savins, broueht about by a revolutionary up- 1 7 0 0 Rosenblatt, rf 3 0 12 Benson. c attraction will be a weekly feature. The New York State Association received indorsement of delegates to on Agosta and he slowed up in the waning rounds as Bryant insured h of the whole system of the game, is necessary, it's Akers.c 4 10 0 0 0 10 Ltnne Doherty.lg to knock off for the duration. his victory. He received the unani 1 1 bred, so that the prize ribbon for 2 12 Urchenko 0 0 Kleiner. lg 0 6 0oodlrnr 1 ljBricker 0 12 Stanley, rg 0 0 0 4 1 11 Bishop Lee.ri Burs mous verdict. Referee Ruby Goldstein called it six, two and two even as did Judge John Palermo. Judge put its own program on the air. Erwin Single and Dr. George Gar-rod will relate highlights over WWRL every Monday night from 7:30 to 7:45 p.m. The talks will be Rtball results Fangs, Crush Brooklyn Poly 26 9 61 28 7 63 Totalg Abe Goldberg saw it six, three and Btnnttt Field 63, Brooklyn Collet . Totals Offlclali the best American also went to Signature automatically. The scottie was bred by its owners, Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Snethen of Allison Park, Pa. It came a long way from last Sunday at the Hotel McAlpin when lt was defeated in a special scottie -Matty Begovlch and Tony De one. Phillioa. sponsored. Another oner irom a Nelson Too Steady For Jug in Playoff New Orleans, La., Feb. 14 flJ.R) Violet Co-Eds Triumph kridit Navy 58, Wilmington Pro 41. Urn Sydney M. William ft Mary 38. Captain Ruth Klch'g 23 points Ukn 75, Marquette 65. paced N. Y. TJ. to a 3915 victory sponsor to air a Saturday night program has been received. Lewis Flay April 1 At an American League meeting Hi Polytechnic 44, Florida 43. Milton Kessler, Coney Island battler, took a pasting from Sidney Miller of Detroit, who scaled 158, outweighing him by eight pounds. Kessler was down in the second for a nine-count and was cut under the show by Heather Commodore of over Brooklyn College last night at 43, Oklahoma 27. Ii. St. AmbroM 52. They do lt every time. That's not a comic line at St. Francis College. It's serious business. The Terriers seem to go stale every time they play at the Garden then slip back Byron Nelson, Toledo's consistent the B. C. gym. The Violets led, 157, at intermission. FIGHT RESULTS Jersey City. K. J. Freddy Schott, 207 Pftterson, N. J., declsioned Earl Lowman, 200. Detroit (10). Bangor, Me. Ralph Walton. 138, Montreal, declsioned Frankie MacDougall, 137, Roxbury, Mass. (8): Al Wooster. 135, Frankfort knocked out Pee Wee Sharkey, 134. Portland (3): Babe Quirion, 149, Waterville. declsioned Dean Goode, 153, U. S. Army (61. Hartford, Conn Henry Jordan, 144. Philadelphia, declsioned Red Doly, 149. Hartford 101 ; Johnnv Ceark. 137. Hartford, technically knocked out. Mickey Paul, 140. Boston (4): Bobby Poilowitwr. 128, East Hartford, declsioned Eddie Reardon, 130'4, Hartford (6). White Plains Vic Costa, 142 U. Bronx, declsioned Nunzie Ferrare, 145. Milwaukee (8): Lee Black. 1534. Harlem, decisioned star of the links, fired a sub-par 65 n. y. u. it was decided to open the Lewis competition, confined to the eight top ranking clubs, on April 1. The Brooklyn College Edgerstoune. The Commodore was put out at the Garden In Monday's Judging. It was the first time since 1911 that a scottie has won best-ln-show honors, so that Signature is happy rValley 38, Rockhurat' 32. Col'.eae 51, Yeshiva 40. University 59, Tulaa 43. to defeat Harold (Jug) McSpaden right eye in the third. A couple of unusual Incidents oc Herman into high gear for the games played on smaller courts. i first and fourth rounds will be lo Kich curred in the six-rounders. Joey f.Cd 45. Napier Field 42. H Elizabethtown 36. Coaches Joe Brennan and Bucky cal derbies in Brooklyn, Bronx of Sanford, Me., In the 18-hole playoff of the $5,000 New Orleans Open golf tournament yesterday. The 18- :Puig, Maphattan featherweight, was Conley Schneider Wiedman Philadelphia and Kearny, N. J. The downed three times in the first G. F. P G. F. P.! 3 2 8 McGrath 10 2 10 3 23 Mehlman 3 0 6 3 2 8 Marcus 2 1 5 0 0 0 Saradsky 0 2 2 0 0 0 Kassell 0 0 0 0 0 0!Oennett 0 0 0 0 0 0 Securlnga 0 0 0 I Bender 0 0 0 Holt 0 O 0 16 7 39 Total! 1 315 e a Youni 60, Colorado University H Field Air Tec 48. Miami Naval Leary pairings in the second and third hole playoff was necesary when Nel Darr round. The bell saved him the last time, but he had to be dragged to stanzas, which were drawn from the :r 49, American International hat, are New York Americans vs Maurice Lavlnge. 149Vi. Montreal (6): Steve son and McSpaden tied with 284 each for the regular 72 holes of his corner and he couldn't stand up. Kearny Americans. Brooklyn His- M ol Ncv Orleana 63, Naval Repair He was rushed to the Bushwick Hos Totals Williams expected the switch in form last night. They have seen the transformation repeatedly. It cropped up again as the Terriers defeated Brooklyn Poly, 4433, at the Butler fit. Gymnasium. St. Francis clicked from the opening Whistle, but at the Garden only last Saturday the team showed little of the speed, passing and shoot T. 5V VL'nrMel. Pnlv pital where it was revealed that he had suffered a fractured right ankle pano vs. Philadelphia Nationals, Kearny Celtics vs. Brooklyn Wanderers, Philadelphia Americans vs. play. Nelson carded seven under par, while McSpaden came in with a 70. The victory gave Nelson $1,333.33 In Curley, 120. Toronto, declsioned Florlan Bi-beau, 125. Montreal (6); Jimmy Mills. 145. Newark, declsioned Charlev Watkins, 129 Vi, Youngstown (6); Joe LaMotta, 152, Bronx, declsioned Lew Perez. 156, Puerto Rico (4), and Tommy Anderson, 136, Bronx, outpointed Nick Primlanl, 1334, Montraeal. Naw Bedford Benny Singleton. Water-bury. Conn., cantured the New England P Simmons 37, Texas Minea 35. f ' 50 Greeley Teachers 26. I ' Flyine S. C 49: Xlon. 41. and right arm. So, his opponent, Women in Sports Ralph McNeil of Newark, was the Brookhattan, Brooklyn Wanderers vs. Philadelphia Americans, Kearny Americans vs. Brooklyn HLspano, Pt M; Florida 42. f 12; Rhod Island State, 66. W M: Ashland, 47. winner by a TJt.O. lightweight championship by knocking out war bonds and McSpaden got $933.33 in war bonds for second place, place. It was Nelson's first victory In so; Davidson, 26. t. 58. Ursinus. .IS. In another scheduled six between Buddy Bailey, Detroit, and Eddie Oscar St. Pierre, Fall River. In the ninth of a scheduled 12-round bout. saunaers, Hanem, Saunders was seven starts in New Orleans and Buffalo Johnny Grern, 144". Lackawanna, kayoed Maxle Berger, 146J. New named the winner by a TJC.O. in 58 seconds of the first when Bailey in its crate today as it rides home, munching the finest of dog biscuit in the old baggage coach ahead. The hit of the final night were 26 dogs of war brought up from the Curtis Bay Coast Guard Station in Maryland. They brought their own props, set up buildings in the arena and went through the whole routine of catching a saboteur with barking guns and the rest of it in the best Hollywood manner. Before Mr. West Judged the best-ln-show there was a parade of champions. Each owner had to pay $25 to have his dog in the grand march. The fet-s were turned over to the National War Fund. Signature had to pose for the picture in Mr. Snethen's arms, Judge West kneeling reverently to the left and with the gleaming silver cup and what looked like a set of dishes front and center. But the scottie Just blinked at the flashlights. Autograph hunters nearly mobbed the owner who had to fight his way be-lowstairs through 500 admirers and the Dog Show at the Garden was over for another year. York, in the seventh 10; Pat Scanion 139'4. New York, outpointed Johnny Mon 'Henry, 77; Tusculum, 5. " Adolphus. 51; St. Olaf, 30. wn, 50: Moorehead Teach, 40. 'ler, 44: 8t. John's, 39. 5 38; Wooster, 22. cis. 44; Brooklyn Poly, 33. m- 72. Upper Iowa. 45. HriSDltAl A1- Wa.hhiiM, JC treal. 135"). Buna o (HI. couldn't continue. Coming out of a clinch, Bailey called for assistance Han Jose. Cal. cnlco Rosa. 132, camp Short Shots: The varsity basketball team of St. Joseph's College opened Its season In the best possible way a victory. The girls romped over the team of Caldwell, N. J., College, to the tune of a 3020 score. Regina Hughes was high scorer for the winners, netting 8 points. At the half, St. Joseph's led 15 5. The lineups: ing they exhibited in earlier contests with the Brooklyn Army Base, Floyd Bennett Field and the U. S. Navy Armed Guard Center. The Terriers were great in those gamps. So much so that Brennan thought his outfit would have little trouble beating Brooklyn College. St. Francis hasn't a tough one now until the St. John's tilt at the Garden in March. So Brennan and Williams are pointing their cagers for that struggle. Brookhattan vs. Kearney Celtics, Philadelphia Nationals vs. New York Americans. Signs Amateur Form Tommy Mainwaring of the Kearny Americans has signed an amateur form for the Brooklyn Wanderers . . . Lazio Sternberg, former international fullback of New York Americans, who retired a couple of seasons ago, will try a McSpaden's eighth failure in the tournament. The majority of the pros left for Oulfport, Miss., where the annual $5,000 Gulfport Open will begin Thursday with the pro-amateur event. Mcqualde. Cal.. knocked out Villy Bhoca. 138. Chicago (2). Washington Bee Bee Washington. 160. and it was discovered that he had Hwn, 6S;' Columbia A. A.B.. 43 suffered a dislocated right arm. Paul Washington, and Johnny Finazzo, 162, Bal r- .. 3g; Lincoln N. A. T., 36. P. 63; Central, 36. K.4 Fort Hamilton 33. Midiri, Corona, outpointed Mario Torres, Puerto Rican lightweight, in KluhL' 5i' An'Uo A- A. T., 29. F" 1 49. Heiiderson 8t. Tchrs. 31. tne opening four. timore, drew. 10: Eddie Finazzo. 162, Baltimore, outpionted Waddy Forcey, 161, Washington, 6. Miami Bob Jacobs, 176, Philadelphia, TKO Willie Muldune. 191, Cleveland. 7: Willie Thomas. 130. Philadelphia, TKO Nate Thomas, U35, Daytona Beach, 5. St. Joseph s Caldwell comeback with an Eastern District Reif Must Rest "' J, ritiammona St. Hoa- P. P.i Professional Basketball B United Prest Oshkosh 55, Pittsburgh 44. Poly 0 8' Beck 8t. Francis Brook lj o. r. p I Brooklyn M A. A. r. B. C. 49. Eon 41. Dr. Vincent Nardellio announced G. F. P. F P 0 2 0 0 1 3 0 10 3 5 1 I 3 Schupboch HOCKEY STANDING LAST NIGHT'S RESULTS Boston 3, Chicago 2. that X-rays showed that Morris Reif had suffered no rib fractures In his fight with Harold Green at the Garden last Friday. He advised a month's rest for Morris. . o 2 o o 0 4 o o 2 2 0 0 2 8 1 11 n n Hughes Tramutola DeMattels A.Whalen Kennelly M.Whalen Hillary Murphy Qtlllaan Hastings Ryan Kelly Conlon 3 Sherer 4 Rung 01 Krug 01 Hewitt 0 Stanton 3! Miller 2 Kellly 4! 61 0! 01 o; 8tummer Schmidt Sabello Krey Cooley Speicher Joyce Paterno Sullivan Campbell Hayes Hanley Gingold 0 OiSpaschus 0 6 Shatunotf 1 0 Boehner O 0 Houn 0 0 I Fillipl 0 10'Eble 1 3!Cputo 0 Si O'Brien 1 3 Wairner 0 4 Collin 0 Oi 0 0! Freddie Archer, conqueror of Beau Team Montreal Detroit Toronto Boston Rangera W. L. T. Pts. 31 S 3 65 23 11 4 50 -19 17 2 40 -13 23 2 28 7 21 8 22 8 24 5 21 League team . . . With Ponto Del-gadas F. C. currently leading the loop, two new teams have Joined the Fall River League, bringing the roster to 10 clubs. Lt. Caesar De Rostaing of New York Americans and now with the Army Medical Corps has been transferred to a hospital in New Orleans ... In Toronto, linesmen are equipped with stop watches to clock the time lost when the ball Is out of play . . . The league will further consider the number of postwar foreign players to be allowed each team. g Montgomery Finishes Jack, who seems to have rounded into his old form, has been signed Chicago Fast to Cop Coast Nod Los Angeles, Feb. 14 (UR) Corp. S 33 IJnh Mnnt.tnniprv thi Pl-iilnrlplnViia ior tne Broadway Arena feature next week. He is paired with Tony Reno TONIGHT'S GAME Rangera at Detroit. TOMORROW'S GAME Chicago at Rangers (8:30). Totala 20 4 44! Totala in tne eignt-rounder. THE ASSEMBLY LINE Totsls 13 4 301 Totals 8 4 20 Referee Clcerale. Umpire Elliott. In a game that saw only 8 points scored in the first half, 5 for Naval Armed Guard and 3 for Floyd Bennett, the Waves from the Naval Air Station beat the Armed Guard girls, 1413. Rose OcchlplntI paced the winners with 7 points, and Sue Green was high scorer for N. A. G. with 8 points. The lineups: Floyd Bennett 1 Naval Armed Guard Waves Waves and New York lightweight boxing king, showed the effects of a four-month ring layoff last night but found his range in time to pound out a 10-round decision over Cecil Hudson. Hudson weakened following an aftcr-the-bell knockdown in the fourth round and was floored for a no-count in the eighth and a two-count early in the ninth. Betsy Head Parkers Lose In a Park Department championship basketball game yesterday, Seymour Cooper's 19 points and Milton Joseph's play-making enabled Riverdale and Snedeker Ave. Park to defeat Betsy Head Park on the letter's court, 4836. Murray Merrin threw in 17 points for the losing team. Mites Knot Series Flatbush Boys Club 85-pounders avenged a previous defeat by downing the Madison Square Boys Club, 2625, on the winner's court. The series Is tied at one-all. naiiiflwaM BEN GOULD Arma's busy athletic director, Bill Carlson, has been promoted to the important post of production expediter . . . Bill Cody claims that Bendix has the heaviest basketball player hereabouts in the person of Ed Mitchell, formerly of Brown University, who is six feet, four inches and weighs 250 O. T. P. G. F. P. 3 1 7'OakPS 1 0 2 puunus . . . jocKey sterling Young i H. W. Kelly, W. Willoughby, O. Hls- Occhlolntt Gasmus Criikhian Bera Ziobrowskl Brown Anzlone Can Spring Be Far Behind? No! Yanks Plan 15 Exhibition Games says ne is finding greater excitement in working in a war plant than winning a race ... He is an assistant mechanic in a Miami shipyard. 2 Oayle i Mld7 0 AhlRren 0 Green 0 Morgan 0 Aust I Wllkenlni llrvin Wulfhorst cox, J. Pellet, J. Whitaker, C. Wend-ler, W. Lucas, O. Kolb and R. Oakes . . . Despite the fact that Arma had finished Its court campaign, the cagers came out of retirement to play Brooklyn Armed Guard Center. 8 1 13 6 2 14! Totals Totals Referee Martha Moore. so as not to disappoint the gobs. San Francisco Seals. Ken Bron-dell, another hurler from Jersey City, goes to the Pacific Coast League. It was strictly a pitchers' trade throughout. The Giants had already sent Ken Miller and a bundle of cash to O'Doul. Brondell, who won 13 and lost six with the Little Gianta last year, goes on option. BURR. three contests. The Athletics are the only other American League club on the agenda. The Yanks report for conditioning March 11 under the watchful eye of Manager Joe McCarthy. The Giants have finally taken full title to Ray Harrell, highly touted pitcher from Lefty O'Doul's General Bronxe Is organizing an interplant basketball loop . , . Arrangements are being made there to match the champion ping-pong player from each plant irr a best three-out-of-five game series with the finals to take place between the halves of a varsity cage tussle . . . Slats Salantrl, outstanding athlete at Grumman, has been awarded a special trophy . . . He's a benedict, too . . . Joe Baksi, the clouter, is keen about his new Job in a Bronx steel plant. Members of the Sperry Rifle and Revolver Club, Research Branch, have their sights set for Director of Civilian Marksmanship qualifications ... Shooters are W. Bagley, Cousin Egbert Barrow announced yesterday that the Yankees will play at least 15 exhibition tilts this Spring. Three dates still remain to be filled. Seven games are scheduled for the Bronx Bombers' proving grounds at Atlantic City. The Red Sox open up with the Yanks on March 29 and the New Yorkers will conclude their arduous training grind with a three-game set with the Dodgers at Ebbets Field. The Giants will be engaged twice at Atlantic City. The Newark farmhands and the Baltimore Orioles are the only minor league teams that will be met. The Phiiliea are down for Odds and Ends: When St. Saviour's varsity basketball team beat St. Angela Hall in a recent game, it was its 11th straight win. The streak Is a carry-over from last year . . Here are the names of the new head coaches at Erasmus Hall for all sports. Gloria Kaufman, field hockey; Irene Gil-roy, swimming; Sally Langer, tennis; Florence Kranzer, bowling; Marian Davidson, basketball; Carol Schlanger, Softball, and Norma Mc-Leod, badminton . . . Incidentally, Marian Davidson, of Erasmus, once played softball on a team of boys and girls. JOAN CBOSBX OT Remember Bob and Irish Measel, famous Yankee outfielders of years ago? , . . They're both navy guards at the San Pedro, Cal., Navy Base . . . Other former big leaguers now working in California war plants are Ivy Olson, formerly of the Dodgers; Johnny Rawlings, Chief Myers and Doc Crandall of the Giants and Sam Crawford, the Detroit slugger . . . The General Bronze bowling circuit has been running so well that members voted to continue the season nine more weeks rather than finish It In a fortnight. Eatle Sports Picture A BALLET F A klf FRi if na lrllinc Kin 8 nnrl No. 4, Brooklyn Poly, ore trying to get the "U ISQlrpoHv in 4-ko UnnAc nf Mntr nholln Kin 1Q SPORTS WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 1945 fQncis rn -r ' i. f l.ii i.. 1 if l """"S6' leammaTe Jim -ampDen is reaay to 15 sr. r-rancis won a mrnier, h to Si.

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