Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 30, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 30, 1896
Page 3
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-6IVEH AWAV- and RAZORS In exchange for Coupon* with Ohewlria and Smoking" (Th* only XNTMEIWOUSi ANTI-DYSPEPTIC \ I and NICOTINE NEUTRALIZED) TOBACCO. • JACK KNIVES and PEN KNIVES, • • Stag Handle; JRazor Steel, First • • quality, American manufacture, • • hand forged and finely tempered. • •Fin* RAZORS, Highest Grade* • Steel; Hollow Ground. • Gonponi explain bow to leoiire the Above» One Coupon in tack 5 sent (S ouaet) Pnckanr, Tico Coupon* in «wA 10 ant (4 ounn) Paeiage* Mall Pouch Tobacco Is sold tyr all totlm. PacknK»i(ii<iir<;ft*a/<>)coiit»liilnir"O coupon* will bit accepted a» cmiponn. "to:." Emjt'JHaa at one Coupon. U 4 r>«" Empty fay cut (ico Coupon*. t LUST RAT ED Cataloout a/ntktr ValuMe Artidtt with explanation imir fa (jet them, Mtlled on r«qu«l. The Blooh Bros.TolaocoCo..Whullng,W.Va. Kll <V>«1>00> OX'JIU1U£0<1 HflOlf Jlllj 1,1807 THE RAILROADS Projectors of the New l>ogansport Line at Work. VANDALIA INSPECTION General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. LOWERING STATE DEBT. Treasurer Scholz Ha.s Paid $600, ooo Thus Far This Year. STATE NATIONAL BANK l.OOAX.SI'OBT. IND. OftPITflL • $2OO.OOO J, F. Johnson, President. I S. W. Ullcry. Vice President. H. J. Heltbcink, Cashier. DIRECTORS. f. T. Johnson. S. W, Ullory. J. T. Elliott. W. M. Elliott. W. H. Snider. Buy and sc'l Governmont bonds. Loan nonoy on personal security and collateral!. Issue spi'clii! cmltlcates ot deposits ' bearing L per cent. Intoreat wher lelt one rear; i per cent, per annum when deposited »lx months. Boxes In Sarety Deposit Vaults of this tank for the deposit ot doeds, Insurance policies. tnortsraKes. and other valuables, • ranted at from J5 to J15 :*ir year. THE Muflson typewriter Is a Good Machine. liulhuwipolls Journal: MO.-MI-S. Talhutt ami Myers, president ami secretary of the Indianapolis, Logansport & Chicago Riiiilrotitl CompiUiy, with Messrs. BryaJH and ConivIIns, local representatives of itlu> road, held a long conference with the directors of the. Conimer- cil.-il Club yestvrday ivfteriioon. As siarod In the .Toiiriiiil yesterday the di- reeroivi lui.ve been asked ro examine Hie project, the •proinotoix of rlie road h':- Ifovliig'tihey will-l iind It worthy o!' bfinfi recommended to Hhe Board of Piiblk Workn. M'onday tlie Hoard sent a com- immiearlon ro the siKTetiiry of the Ci>m- mereial Club stating Mint ir would IIP glad to receive suggestions from the dl>:>. George Mi>rrir.f wns al,s» pres- on-tat rlie conference. He was iheve ra pr.m'st agalnisr. tlu> proposed right of way for which the company has pi-tl- tiup.cd Hie Board or rubl-r Works nn lu.-li!ilr u!' hiinse'.f ami other interested propi'i'fy owneiT-i, On gpr.prai pniu-i- pies Mr. Merritt has no objections lo the ,rnad, but sa.ys he thhvks a better route could be chosen Mian that allied for in the petition. He hud another mine to snggiwt. His ideai-i were carefully eo;- shlered. as we.ll as the- chuiu or the company. No llna.l action was taken 1:11 tlie .question by the direotoi-s. Anotiier mppting will be held for further consideration lio/forc any iwrummt'.'idatioits are made to the Hurt.rd. Sfifto Auditor Dally y<istord:iy sent a draft for .«^UO,00 ro \\'ln«low. Ijuilor i< Co., to.pay tiia.t amount, of the StatoV bonds wlilluli will .not be due until April 1, ISOf). Tlicse live n part of tin tomiwrary ]oan*t)0iuls wimc.ii wtrc Is sued SBvorul yeatis ivj,'o n,tHl were niud pnyal»lt> at the option of the Stnto after .180;". DmriiiK tills yt'ar Trim-surer Solid/! Jias paid out $(100,000 to cnncoi lilie debt of the State. Of tlite amount .f:.fOO,000 was paid Mvireli. '2 on B'/i per cent. boiulB w^lili* nintiired n.t that tlnn>. On AprU 1, $100,00(1 of oprtuiu'd boinls duo ta 180!) were ixiltl n:ii(1 now ,?200,00n inoi-o of the sn-nic kind tire fo Iiu paid Alienist 1. with tlie money forwarded yiwrmla.y, Tli'tw; optlatui'l bonds bear .". per eenl. Interest. TJiis pn'.vment t>C if-'IOO.OOO on those bonds iinaUcs a snvln.c; ofJT.'iO ;i inonl'.h to tlie Sl.ate lu Interest. which would iijuoimt lo abo.n.t .fiT.OOOjf rlie lioudis siiouild not have been paid until maturity. LAB03 IS AGAINST SILVER New En glanders are Flocking t McKinley. ].il-:it> She f Ailgti stanUard o( eieelience, Man* nsera ol the -MUI.SOB" coDnlJer it THE,BEST. You will nhil It a valuable nsslstaut In lour ot- .. ttce. Address for p'artlcnlata THE MUNSON.TYPEWRITER CO MA>CFACTUKERS. 240-314 WtiF-t Lake St., CliIcaRD, 111. SIX SIX. Special Train EXCURSIONS "TO- Maxinkackee Lake VIA THE VANDALIA LINE luly ipth, 36th, and August and, 9th, idth, 23rd. Fare for the round trip $1.00. Train eaves Vandalla station at 6:50 a m. AN INSPECTION. Indianapolis News: TI, 1. Miller, general superintendent <if viio VaudKlia, and a number of oltlcials are making an inspection (-.rip over the lines. They arriv.'il liere last night. When Mr. Miller was asked if the Vamlalla property 1 rha-t »t' the Pennsylvania at t'hls point were to be consolidated, he replied tliar it was a matter about which he knew but little. • "We are protly well fixed here,'' said Mr. Miller. -In fact, we have the facilities for more business thiiu we are handling at this time. There are a good many ai-garmente In favor of consolidation, nnd there are nuiny against It. 1 a-m not sure yet what will be done. But we are waiting to se« what ttie country is going to do before going extensively jiito i'liiprovemcii'fs. If tlilx free silver .movement carries, it will pnt pvory railroad in the country In 'bad shape. So Car as we are concerned there will not be nnieh'-done ou the Vimdalla in the way of spending money until utter the election." KA.THEK A SKRIOL'S JOKE, While,ralki,ng with a party of I'rlo.iid.s last Wednesday, Hlalr Howard of War- Mr Lain that, they get married, .indented, In-.!, each Mipposcd llie was jesting. A friend was dW- il t'cii 1 a Hcriise. which was drawn up i.:i due fiirui. 'I'lie weildin-x \v:>r> :: niiomu-cd In lucnl papers to rake place at the. residence of liev. 0. IS. Curri'y, piu*tor of Sacri'O Han i-lmrcih. l.hnr night. At the ap- piilnteil li'nic the Couple went to'(he resi dence, but Father Ctuwy hail several visitors and they did not remain, Thursday ino'rniug they went back and fl;e oiwinmi-y was performed ,imid a great dea.l of dialling, rli-o ciiiitrnctl.n'g partJivi still believing ir to be a joke. The bride and groom went about I heir ordinary duties and were no more to each other thiMi friends. Last nigiit Mr. Howard desired to pall upon a friend andannounced Ills inifeiitlon at (.lie Coin- mercial iiotel, where he boaruVd. Fath- t>r Ciin-ey,. who was at rhc table, accidentally heard it and Informed !he, young num that he was legally married. He went to the home of tue bride today aud rlie two are now living together. CHAS. L. WOLL, :-•• UNDERTAKER :-• • X*. 417 Market Street. Call* attended to promptly. . <Hy ot intral Union and Mutual telephone!. Office, No. 16; Residence. No. 12L If lit Cei ' L. G. PATTERSON Bw opened B Firs and Accident Iniur- nc« office lit 410 Broadway, up italn, and ollclt* a chare of the public patronac*. rone but Flint Clani Companlei Repre- •nted. iHIGAGO MUSICAL COLLEGE Mini MHiloi Hill, Chlcigo, Or. F. Zl»ghld. PHI. >Slit Ytar twllni »«pt.T, 1 >•«. OowwMqtt tht toremwt ImlltvUm of Amirlca. DoviOAlIed Taollltles for a thorouitii oonno In MUSIC and DRAMATIC ART. > * Ftrx mt I'm. JLppUciiKloni f or the ftt>« an if fo raotlTod to Aoiiost 1Mb. WANTED. V vUjTBD-5,000 Agents for Ba»«ell'« ratbo- rllM "iivts OKHcKIVLKI ana H0DART" 9 PHM, slcgmtlr llla.i.i- >' "il. Price only II00 ui best and obenptst, uud outsnll* all-others per ornt to igenu anrfwight paid. VBooks Off 'I«adr. 'Sava time l>7 undlDf; 60 cents In tittft lac in aunt Mtacf. Address, . - - - HBrttord, CODD Marlon Chronicle: Majcr Steele wns Logansport Sunday attendlDg r. icetlnp of the.CONS county Eepublicfln onunltte. He reports Uiiiit the Eepubll- ftio outlook to Oaas county l.» encourng- \g. The mflnagers In that county are rrnnglng to establish n system of fin^ nclal schools for tire education of the otens on tlie money question." Jhamberlaln's Cough Remedy cures, tide, cnwp and -n-hooplngTOggh. It la eawnt; wore and reltoble. For gale B. F. EcMUng, druggist PROMPT ACTION. The Poimsj-lviMita railroad company has taken'prompt mensnrc to-prevent any 'infringement 'on the United States postal laws, ad In n few days the otQc- Inls of the eoimpnoy will reclve orders not ro take any matter from any connecting lines that oghut to pass through tiiemaib. This law lias been the ix>llcy of this coii>pauy for a unmber of years, nnd k 4s said tlui-t there hns been no reason 1'or -lit to be broken, ns nil the vaiilroad business done-by letter, was between Its own oBiciiils out! employes. The circular contains speclllc dlroctlous for the carrj-lnc O'f railroad mnil niat- ttfi 1 , and Idi -ft will be stated that nothing font that which pertiriiis to the affairs of the company 'uvnst be taken lu the railwaj' uvall. No personal letters are to be sent and the various agents are to see tlwt the rule Is ec/orcd. ' THE COKS 'MOVEMENT. The reduced rates.on coi-.n from the Northwest to tho seaboard have started an unprecedented movement.ii«d there Is a car famine Imminent as well as a blockade on, some of the roads. On the other hn«l It Is stated that r. D. Armour has a-bout 7,000,000 bushels cribbed on the Chicago, Milwaukee vt St. Pail sj-stom wlilcli lie declines to move at present and will iiold for better 1 prices. Other holders, controlling about 25,000,000 bushels, relying upon the judgment of Mr. Armour, wi'll keep their holdings off fhe .marm nlsp. He- ports froni liiat region Indicate an indifferent corn crop tills year, and all farmers who can will hold .on to their old coi-ti In the hope'of securing a better price. i RAILROAD NOTES. .August 1st, T. R. Sewell, chief clerk : tO; Master Meclfcinlc Penivock of the .Fnnihnndle sfliops, wJU leave on a two \veokx' yncaUon to be .spent at Wash- itogton, BalMmoi't), Philadelphia «nd •Now Yoa-ki His wife aral daughter, •who are now Jn the east,: wHl return with-him:. -... ; .. • It lias developed that "Tames Byera, the Vandalla agent at Mbrab, who sul- cliled by shooting liliniself Monday, wns short $100.1'n Ms accounta with the. rail: road company, and vrns also behind $300 with the Adams .Express company. The unfortunate young man told hjs promised wife his.troublts and.that.he. I'ntendeil suicide. DEAFNESS CANNOT BE CURED by local applications, as they can reaeh the diseased portion of the • Tliere Is only one way to cure deafness and that Is by constitutional remedies. Deafness Is caused by en Inflamed condition of the mucoua llninjg of tbe Eu- stacblan Tube. When this tube gets Inflamed you have a rumbling sound or Imperfect hearing, and when it is entirely closed deafness Is the rosnlt, and unless the Inflammation can be taken out and this tube restored to Its r.or- nial condition, hearing will be fleo- troyed by cata/rh, which Is nothing but an Inflamed condition of tlie runoous surfaces. We will give One Hundred Dollars for any case of deafness (cansed by catarrh) that connot'be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, free. F. J: CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. Sold by Druggists, 75c A dispatch from Washington says Kupreseutatlve Ashley. VJee Clialnnai ol' the Republican Congressional Com iwittee, is . back from another trli through New England. Tho talk o free sliver nmklug ijiroads in the labor Ing cL'i&^s of the east, he dedaws lo he nonsense. Hc«a.vs: "instead of hea expressroi*i of alleglimce :o free silvei among the p,;o])k> of my .swlioii, heard nwinji- asyjer.tions of Democrail' intenitlon to bolt Bryan, Sewall and tlii;Iir pla-til'orm. Sevciul told me themselves, tlnut they wen- uua.lte.rahly opposed ro Hie tic-kot." Keiirweiirailve A,~lnlcys;iW tcday that the Cougr.a«Hiojiii.l Coni-mitree i« C!TCU- g McClenry's .*peerh on the rela- tLcii of tree silver ro r.h« laboring mau. 'Any iiRi.il," SJIJ-K McCIeary, "wlio w.lll ex:uul.iie the daily quotations ot prices us j-opoi'ted In the jjewspapors, will ,SOOIL dlscovui 1 riiat flif.v change 'Mm! ihiy lo day. and some:Iine<i oliange i-i'i-y giv.-i rl'.v Ju MIL- coiiRii; or a inwntli, Bti't every iiia.iv who ea.rns v.-.-;ge.s b fa- ni'lliar with tliv l'a.ct rhat wage* clwugu slowly,- an Jnorea^e of 10 per cent, in a year brlnx (juire n gaJu. Prives c-h:i.ngi.- i]iih'kly: wages chaiigo slowly. •!Now lot i:s grant 1 wli.'it llie advocates of free silver cIiiLni— rliat go-lug ru Hie | silver liasis would 'tloii-ble lilie pricus of j ci'iiiiniMlii.iu*.' Docs ;uiy \vork)ug.-iiiin hi'lieve that wages wnuiiT lie doubled too? Even it' .they should be, how nunrli would Hie wnge-cnrr.i'r prol'ii by Ihe change'.' No Intelligent working man believe* for a ininuie that hi? wag\'S would lie inprnsMd by rinri.- linili a .small per i-pni.— that is. while iiis wages might lie uouiinaHy increased son!(-«"hal-. the pi-Ire of fin; thiiigs he has to IMI.V would be increased very rmicli more. So the real purclinsing pr.w.M 1 of ;i day's wo.rk would he greatly dliuin- •is-hed. All fixpfrieneo shows that any debiisemenf in tin 1 moiipy syslcau uf ,'i country raises prices l'a.sferand further r.lian Jt does «-;igo.«. Tins mrglit inflii- ent-o soiine -employers to consider t'.ie proprleity o-f debasing our ciiri-eney, bnl it i.s precisely rlie reason -,•.-•.:- workingmen should oppose Ir. "So l'a.r as workiiiginea .-.re con. cenied tihe whole silver ouesrio.ii Is to be sun-med up In one tjueiy: 'Do yon wajit your wages cut down? If so, vote for the free coinage of silver." Drawings of AH Kinds Made by BYRON B. GORDON. 'Draughtsman & Patent Attorney. Spry Block. Logansport Logansport I N i:ur i'.a i J ^rcificii! Gas 3ill5 da 3 trie pirs of eaci m )nth. ten clay's grace. All bills paj- able at the office of thelCompany, 317 Pearl AX OB.7ECT LESSOX. On»e of Rlchino'.ul's buKluu&i llrnis iately received n.bout 1,200 Jlexlcnu. si.l- vei' dollars by express jir payment of an account, and n.5 tlio baaks were not desirous at! handling them, wore forced to use thorn in payment of the (inn's oininloyes. The dollars were slven tlie nicYi nt tlieir nehin.1 value and still those who received them at- 50 cents on tlie dollar objected to taking them at all. and several of the anen who professed to.be.free sllvcrltes ait that. XWs seems strange Indeed -wlien ou'e takes Into consideration the fnot tlut there Is more silver ,in tlie Mcxlenn dollar thfl.u in the standard dollar of tlie United Stated how in use. A few more practical les- HOTIS of this toind will open the eyns of the deluded, and n light understanding of the true condl'ttqn of affairs will then come .to those who heretofore refused to listen to reason. RAISING THE LAKE LEVELS.- It Is dalnieil rhat ihe levels ot tho sm:iM hikes I 1 :, the nortlicni part ot t-.li.is county, IUK] tOiroiighout this jx-irt of Iii- diaua a're firxm one to three feet higher Chtin l)bey have been In the last live- yeaw, In- thut period • there ha,s boon a marked deficiency lu tlie rainfall, a.nd the creeks iteit feed the lakes, many of wlitif.li were bu,t'large frog ponds, linve dried up, while the quantity of water <ll«ch;irgml by springs -luis been greatly reduced. As u rmu'lt the water has gradually receded ti'onn the bnufe, leaving wide expansopi o : f iiifliisli, grown up with reads, and, as In the case of Round Lake at Luketoui It looked as though many-of the stnaMer Ixxllos of water would coise tx> exist at all. The licavy nilns of -this .summer have •restored imist of tlie lakes to their old dimensions, ami thougn' the present waitcir levels cannot be maintained the lakes for<a. year or two will enjoy some of their former gloiy. Special— Low rates on heaters during the months of May, June. July, August andJSep- tember. FULL or SNAP— THE LEADING HUMOROUS PAPER IN DOt'BTS THE DIFFERENCE LABOR. "Tlie red-uctlloJi -wiMah we have mnde to tl» tariff upoai immwfacturc-d articles ikj a pren't Teauctloai In existing snhed- itles. It ta not ns great a reduction as inJgUt l« made. I believe tLmt we Uave leflt far mwe taiHtf than can-1» shown to.. be necessary to provide for any -difference, If there l>e npy difference, be- :1i\vieen tlw cost oC imauufactiires here ncd abroad."—Won. .TeniDtags Bryan. Jiust IMW, when Jill par.Mes have de- cStlud tiiat protection 1» the- policy for America,.the well known radical free- trade views at Mr! Bryan in.ay be lu- terostlng.'. .' ' A GREAT THING-FOB TELE STATE. •Xortliern Indiana countlas have become Interested in a movement'to drain 'the Ktuikakec region, the State's fam- ou-s humtliig grounds, r.ac stops have been tuikenT-to incorporate au-assoclatlon under .the laws of ludtuia and by sysr temallc drainage reclaim for cultivation the thousands of aeras ot Innd now covered by water. : The plan Is to 'deepen and widen the •river, which 1 would open Cor settle-, mwi't a large area In St.. Joseph, Laporte tnd Starke counties. Engineers pronounce the project i feasible. It is stated 50,000 acres will be reclaimed. OUT EVERY The Cyclist's-Necessity. I POND'S WILL JURE COTS, BURNS, BRUISES, WOUSDS, SPRAIKS, SUNBURN. CHAFINGS, INSECT BITES, ALL FAIN, AND INFLAMMATIONS. USED INTERNALLY AND EXTERNALLY. A CHILD ENJOYS .:'. The' pleasant • flavor, gentle action, ;iind soothing effect of Syrup of Figs, -wlien In need of a..iozatlve, and If the father. ior •• mother be costive or irillons, the most gratifying results'foltow'lto'user so' that it te/ the best famUjr remedy known and every family .should have a bottle., '•'' : '' ..-'- ' : '.'• •. ' '•'- '•" THE BUFFALO MOTH. Wabasli Platodoalcr: Tihe pestiferous Insect, kno^Ti> as. the Buffalo moth la at .work in tills section. .-Myriads of them ihuve attacked Hie upholstered furniture and carpets of Captain .T. M. Thompson) on Mfrln street. It seems almost Jmpo,»Iblc to get rid-of them. The captain has taken all the upholstered .Cu'ruitnire o\it of the house.. He will Itave U ttxra to pieces and thoroughly ialeancd before putting It back. . GENUINE IN OUR BOTTLES ONLY, BUFF WBAPPEBS, SEE OUR NAME, POND'S EXTRACT CO.,.NEW YORK, TO FIFTH AVEXUB. USE POND.'S EXTRACT OINTMENT FOR PILES. Sent by mail on receipt of SO eta. G. A. R. AT ST. PAUL. Special Rntos via Pennsylvania. Liues for National Encampment. Subscribe for The Journal .CHEAP EXCURSIONS TO THE WEST AND NORTHWEST. Oa August 4, 18, September 1, 15, 29, October C and 20, 1800, The North- Western Line (Chicago & North-West-, ern, R'y) wMI sell Home SeeKers* excursion tickets at very low rates to a large number of polnta In the west and nortli- :west. .For .full .informntJo'n apply to ticket agents of connecting Itn<.* or ad:, dress W. B. Knlskern, 'G. P. & T. A.; Chlcogo! Ul. • ; " ' St; Joseph U a moBtuellghtful resort- during : this estremeij torrid weather.: Fare for tlie 'round trip, $2.00. Train; leave* .Vandalla.. station at 7:00 a. m. every, Sunday.; August 30th. and 31st and September 1st are the date, upon which low rate round trip tickets to St. Paul will be sold via Pennsylvania Lines, the <short iTOtte'througli COiltaga Tickets will be good return-tag until September 15tli, Inclusive,'.• aud If deposited with the ilotnt ag'jnt ait St. Pn\i! ou or before September 15, the return limit will be ex- teiiJed to Jactorte September SOtli. Tlie .rates f-r tills occasion- will bo cxccp- tiomi.lly low vJiii Pennsylvflttla Lines. t'ie only tsystem of mllwflys over which trains run from Western Ptnnsylvaula, West Virginia, Ohio and Indiana to Chicago. Union Station, tlie natural gateway from those States to tbe Northwest. Daily trains-from Pittsburgh, Coluin- bus, Cinclnmitl, Indianapolis aud Louisville • make convenient connection at Chicago-with. St'. Paul rrauis. .Arrangements may be made by G. A. n. Posts or parths. of friends to travel together ou special train* or special cars that will go through from starting point to the Encamptueiit without change, If tlio mmi'ber justifies It. Information on ,Uie subject will be cheerfully furnished by reprftscnfattves of tlie Pennsylvania Lines. HALF RATES TO OMAHA. Via the North-Western Line (Chicago & Xorth-Westerii R'y) August 13, 10 and 1", 1S9G, one fare for the round trip. .On, August 24 excursion tickets at very low rates will also be sold from .ptnoba, to. Denver, and the famont Hot Springs of South Dakota. For fnll Information apply to ticket agents of connecting lines or address W. B. Kntekera G. P. & T. A., Chicago, lil. LOW RATES TO SALT LAKE Vfci the North-Westera Line (Chic«fl» & Nora-Western R'y) August 0 and 7,' 1896. For full Information apply to ticket agents of connect!ng-Uncs or address W. B. Knlsfcern, G. P. &'T.- A, Chicago, 111, : • • Oeo. Harrison bw the flnMt-Un»>oT bammocki In the dtr-

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