The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 23, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 23, 1931
Page 6
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'j£$>. «&'v HIX 1ST I TELLS i "To Fight From Start" .•Georgian Hopes for Kayo; j v.Will Sling Gloves from! . Opening Bell. j .' 'F.niTOP.'S KOTU: Thk Is tin- fourth nnd final In lire scrief -in W. I,. (Vti'jne) Strilillnc. America's hrr'e to rcg.iin tbe uolldV hciivy- wclflil r!iauipiciish!|> friuil Mav . Sclmielhi? ijf ficmiany July 3 in ' CJcvi'lrhiri, and written dim-t trilm tin- chillrmrr's (raining rainii r.l Gc.iiisa Lake 1'ctrk, O. BY CLAllti; BISKCKV XE.l Strvicr Spc.rls Writer i . GEAUGA LAKE PARK, 0.- "No-! ' body realtor any b'tter than li the importance of this boul. I'm | prepared for a hard fisht wiihi Sounding, bill I ex|>cct t« miike it tbe best of my entire cjro'-T." Willie ( Slribiim: uf Mn- con, Ga., h>d slipiied into his clothes and was combing li!s hMr lx>fore the atoss in the doorway of his training quarters when* be inad? the aiwvc statement. His workout of a fcv>- minuli-s hi-Inr* hati been one ol (he mosl iwpres- - sive of the Ions Iralnlns srinri "I o.xpecl lo \v;n. or course," be t continued. "1 want to win by a knockout, so there cun'l be tiny argument about it. RtsiU now I . haven't doped out any delin'le jilnn . of batllc except, to fight Schmelln^ from the firsl gona. If he flails as the par>?rs say he will, it will be n real battle. But I expect to And I'a Slrilillng Chimes In Pn Stribllns wasn't present ilur- InE tills little monologue. Only Lake Russell, Striulliiq's trainer, was in tbe room with Slrlhlinr; and mo. But Pa later nrtcd his comment, and emphatically. '. "Srro u'c'll \vin," said Pa. Then quickly br added, "nnd maybe by n knockout; too. If Schmeling ns- .es his right against W. L. and leaves his chin open like he ha.-, •been doins; wilh his simriiv. 1 ' partners, the heavyweight cham- ' pionsbip Is sure going back lo Georgia. W .ii.'s left will ruin Hint feuy." Pa also would have it knuwn thai Young Slriblin^'s right is something more than his fork band. 'It's fine news that Sclnneling is working his right hand overtime,'" • repeated Willie, Sr. "We want iiim to "do just that—and then W. L.'s left will do seme, buslnr-ss. But spenkhig of rights, W. L.'s might figure in Hint fight, too. He liar, finished loir, of them with llnil right. Big Camera hil the onnvas from \v~. L.'s right to the chin." Smith Will Scctnd Willie And Bob Smith, tuo. Bob Smith iiscd to work wilh llw laic Leo P. Plynn and hiis rubbed elbows with fighlcrs for years and years. He Joined the Stribling camp cnrlv in the. IrnlninR poiiod nnd will bo with P-.i in Willie's corner tlw night of July 3. "I'm for this Striblint;. both tis friend and fighter." said Bob. "His slnff is good any \vfty yon take him. He'll be out in front- when the bout ends." These ODinicn 1 ; aren't ail. liy nuy means. Of m:r? than WO cpcrt; editors queried in a recent sliav; vote, three of every four believed Stribling would prove ih?l German's master, and 1 doubly so il he abandoned his clutching-clinchhig '.nctirs. Bnt maybe you're wondering nbcul my own opinion. Perhaps yon shouldn't because this observer's views differ litlie from any otters. A Kayo—Delivered by Slrib T look for e. knockout—either the plain old 1,2.3.4.S,G.'I.8.9.10 kind or .0. technical kayo. I regard the wallep of champion and challen- > per as sufficiently jTOtcut to end the bout tofore the full 13 rounds have been completed. Anrt another llii:v;--I vroiiltln't h" shocked if Stribling stops tlie IDLE US ! RELISHING UP SPORTS ' LBS[ TUKSIUY, 1031 La n for ci"0 lifted below without handicaps 'r.[ the hulivici; Virijil C'/iL'i'nt- wi:]; tn-er T-'rne:%' Uce. -1 and II. Hcland w.m civr: G. O. Hub| bnrd. one up. C. H. Babc-Tt'k won over Lloyc!, 5 :I]H| -1. C. L. Limzi'nich won nver Ployd Ill Barons Real Marines Snmc Okl Fashion; Clucks Hil Fast Stride. The steady ninrcii of the Bir- mlnjjhain Burons lowaii' (lie 151 • Southern ICLI'JLIP pciimnl ctinMn tied lilmosl \vlthmit Inlemipcio:: nnd the Mobile Maiincs w-irt 1 in; 1 !: 1 vlnllms jTslr-rilay. ym-i: 0 U S. The Barons hopped on tVe o Inps of S,itb:fleW and Waiter wliil the veiernn Ca:ci\ve!l kr-nt 111."- Mi-, riiii's In hand. IiirniIn<;!M!ii r.i;'--1 \< i ered 14 hits. Tli? Mnrinos :lid nr. jh' stciv oil Cni.hvt'll uHi'i- [!!? :'rii, inning. :linllanno';a's !.:K)konl; rc ; i\ Orifllih. soiithpaw hurbr. tin? 'i'ii porl and Die 1'cbbl.s ne at Lil!! L > u/jci-. i! to ". Nv.v.'ir. ; .ind Pence ij.ive ii;> M iiiis. ni'jo- I lav.- starred at b?.i nnd ,'.:i-l 1. The C'hlckajaws o f :'.!»:ir,-'ii- chalked in> ilscir virlary at Ih? :-SMP:ISP' of the r<":iv : . vi'le \'a\f Mnnrtnv. r, i» i Hvrv Kelly 'inrlKl stc;:' cr. Tile Chicks ijc.; off t T'r- ' lead and Jieid it nl! tlv Tho Atl-,iila-Xo«- Or: was p^stno {Acton, two sip. Charles linker won over Klklns. C and :>. Sam Nnrris \\tiii over | Wink: Sax Beat Champs; Cubs Hil Hai-d In Win Over the Giants. The lending Atlvietics of tbe Ameiican circuit !os'. yesterday but I!K' :;;c«nd place Senators were held j idle by lain and failed to lake full ailv:i!Hage ol their opportunity. Tn the Nallniiiil loop the pace setting Cardinals lust to tho 1'lills but the Giants, wliu follo'.v u?iilu:l Hie iiii-ds, wt-M' i!;fealvd Ly the t:i!rd ]>larc CnlK. Cl'.icciK'J's White Sox used their Him- hit.s oil 11J1I .Shores to inanu- f.ii-linc an 8 lo 'i victory. Frasloi 1 limited the h.i/d hltlinj Macks t'j six binyhvi. Frnsk'i's double with (he liiixj.s lull [ilso acc'juntsd for the wjnniny nins. Tin? St. I-ous 13rowns walloped V'anVi :• nltchlni; ngain Monday for i: 14 lo ID victory. Cnai'k-y liullina wa.s ilii 1 vuttlin «r the lirowns' bat atl:;ck. I-'ivo Yankee linrleis were ii'iixl durhj^ (he yame. l,ou Gehri^ lilt two hoini'i 1 :; while the Drowns ;j.tincrc:l 20 hits. lioston's lied Sox dcfealcd De- Irnil's Ti^ci.s. .score 7 lo 2. Mac- I-'nyrtpii yielded 12 lilts In Ills Til!err, but U:D Ilenisals (ailed to nsc them at tlie riRlit, moments. Sweeney of the Sax homered. - . Tl'.e T'liilllcs lilt hard arid timely lo Imu tho SI. Louis Cardinals at rhlladelpliia. Tlie score was 7 to 3. Jiimto Elliott was tiie wlnnlnu hmler while Sy Joiinson was the Iciier. Whitney and Klein of tho Phils hit homers. Chicago's Cubs battered Giant hmlliu; for nn 11 In 4 triumph at New York. The Cnlxs were led by Rogers llornsby, their manager, who pounded out a homer. Wilson. Terry and Hcinslcy also lilt homers. Bush was the winning pitcher. The Brooklyn Hobins ?ked out a :i to 2 decision over the Pitibr Cioriton biirgh I'lran-s in'a 10 iniiina hurl- Plf.llV Oil of Hc!l °rc"i j <im: (1 Punch i^'.ic an:l Me Rao Head Ca'.'d. "Ti:n T!i'i:i'lro-inc lleid"—Ton Pl-, Rlan'.i'V Mcltso^r-i': !"iov Hl.u:- clir.:''t and £1rve Mart-e- will [rump into iii=? iin-7 f''. liu 1 Arjnorv :o- tiipht on a fi^.htin^ card fv^iur'n'^ tho !)!•» bays o! the uii'.'i!i-!;c r.ii-k 1 ;. jiri!\ p y. me n ts Mclint 1 . ih- I.iK':' 1 ;! nrid n . in the fea'.urc Iw-l (in iin f'^id. McRne Is \vr!l rind fnvnr-'iilv knov.n in this ser'.iixi ii«' a l:n r f: ll'.C. Otll!' l^hiii'j lii:n and on ih^ b^sis or p--'.^ H5i fn> enures Mimild ensile i-it" 1 r.-,, favorite. Provirln:!. of i':)in.s!v In Ins nor is-avf'led t!ie ro:>d b-u-k isi l^r- lart few mintlis. Tl:r t'.vo hav; n:-v- / or m^t before. Uiii'.chard is thr> onlv 1 B'yih^villo 1 Iny in en;' of lh? featnrf- houls Tho i lniiL r lankv yoisni's^e" '.vill tackle n I stable mate of Pivac in another j eiein rciuvl boul. or Ir-:.^. )^laiu:h- • aid's bjsi bid to fame sn fnr his • \. aa • ... victory over niimmy Mc- Ifinney. : Sailor Smith, and linv Manl™v two slnrpshoolin^ sonibpaw wel: lers. mix in a foi:r rounder. Roth | l;ovs can sock v.'itli Ihe oft" hand ; althon"li Manley is Tiroiiably t^p : hardest nnnclier of the (v:o. Smith ; Rained his experience in in? naval • service. ! A baltlc iKtween two mlrtdle- ; weights and n bailie royal finishes : the card. The boms start at 8:30 o'clock. | Whit Giiarlnian won over Hus.seil Phillips, 7 an.i 5. W. J. I'ollanl won imv R :virstmor. 3 and '1. jing duel. The final run was scored when Clark singled and his numer laced liomc from third on an in- lield out. Clark outpilched Wood, HOW THEY STAND Geis Quits As Coach Of Golden Hurricane JONESUOHO, Ai-k.-Coach Clarence Geis of Jonesboro High school lias resigned Ills i».sicion and accepted a position as coach of the liigh school nt Mindcn, La. A letter from Geis, who is sum-1 menus nt Haynesville, La. to John CJIT Hnrrison, prcsidem of the local school board, riimonnced th? ie iEnulioii. Harrison ealled Geis over long distance in an effort to .'Tl him 1 0 reconsider. Geis staled thai the Minden olfftr was too attractive to refuse. R1TZ MATER Only In Golf T AI (ionniry ("hi champion. Willie has sV.own me r. straight Irft, a blow the chpllon?- er pnls his whole weirjht behind, that may spill a lot- of Maxic's blood and play havoc wl:h tho German's features. Trfv rlinirn for the knockout blow, if he lands it. is a left hook to the champ's chin. I doubt that Sclrmolinc carries enough guns (o pierce th? Stribling armor. Mas'j vaimlcd shon blows. rmncTies that lo carry plenty of •=toam bchird them, may licver rmrt a. more vul- neralib spot than the Gcnrsian's neck, arms or shoulders. If thcy should break thronsh, striUin? knou-s how to ride with th? nimch. StriWing in Great Condili.-n Willie is a master of defence: perhaps too much of n master. [ judging from tlw kicks one frequently hears about his clutching. He never has been knocked out. Schrr.elin? probably never has encountered as well-condit:o::.?rt an nthlotc as Slribling. Tho Georgian's strength—I'd say he is stronger than Maxie—his grealer. experience and the steam in cither hand ought lo carry him to (he cbam- piomhip. If I'm wrong, don't feel sorry for me. I can b? soothed by the knowledge that others went out on Jthe Isamc limb with me. J LA Potav DUNS TO CELEBRATE X GENEVA. Wis.. (UP) — atomi. Indians, driven from, il "Wisconsin by tbc white] dccdd'es ago,' wtl celebrate the ing o fthe first "-»>'—-•-• I June 26 and'27. settlement Hf»d Courier Ki-ws at/ ir ~T :-;,;•.•• i". first nmfinii of Suullirrn T.ragur W. Tne«?ay-\VecTncsdiiy Thur.srlay ' ll;bmikl tlim of liu: hi l )S - Philadelphia \Vcishinslon . New York .. Cleveland ... Boston Detroit Chicago St. Louis ... Naif TAKES AS At ThKES HIS CLOB St. Louis .. New York . Chicago .. Boston ... Brooklyn .. Philadelphia Pittsburgh Cincinnati lianris Hie club is lilie:! This is ;i ehnrac-lrn.stu' niilion nf the trqlnncr who swings ii 1 - llionsii it \\^rt' L'.U ,i\c. the arr.i.s slarl Uclure anj ;ici ion takc.i )) is ^!, !;;iu\:n sn .--lov. motion puluu-s ol fiernarl lilji- riubhrud 1«B l"hind the ami j is:olic.ii liiiritiR tilt' first tt"X inrii i t:t th-^ back',winL'. This move iiul Thtirstlay Tuesday. Wedni'sdnv nnd wi« rii-f,!Ktcd Gcoch. en? i;p and C. E. Closer Jr.. ^ a. \lso Cometh- nnd Xcws. DKTAILS.'l'OMOIlHOAV Atlni.—Jlatince—10 and 30c. Nighl—13 and 40c. Also Fables and MABEL MCELLrOTT The flel.i in (h_> ainni.i! iir.n !<- ra;j tni:ri::iin;'iil of tlv i!!yi.-,-vii .• Cour.lry club. tvMr.h hn f IJVP dcr way (or r^voiM] we.'is. -...i. nnvo;l down to trn men a! ih: »r the third rc.nnri Sunrlay. Ou'.':tan:!iii!: nr.-.oiu 1:1,- linns in iiir liiii-c; rc-ninl c! B. A. Lvnrii .T i M }rf: from 1)13 > , Clivc thought her the sweetest, most attractive girl in the world. Liane was flattered by his attentions, knew the others were jealous when they appeared together. But she was only his mother's social secretary and Clive was sole heir to enormous wealth. Should she tell him about that earlier romance? The love story of Liane Barret and Clive Cleespaugh is one of the most absorbing in modern fiction. It is told in the new serial, "Heart .of Liane," written by Mabel McElliott. Stage .life, fashionable New York society and daring underworld intrigue are all accurately pictured. "Heart of Liane" is a story you will not forget. Watch for the first chapter! It begins Tomorrow In Courier News

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