Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 10, 1948 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 10, 1948
Page 4
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Sof. Evening, Jan. 10, 1948 RADIO COLUMN WBBM—Columbia. X20 kc. WGN—Mutual. ISO kc- WMAQ—National. 670 fee. WLS—American. S90 kc. <y>—Full-hour program (H)—Half-Hour arocram Senator Tobey Comes Out For Eisenhower Cass County Rat Drive Boy Confesses Nets More Than 5,000 CST 6:00—WBEM—Sports Report. WG.V—CVpital Comment Wf,S—Orflolrt. News 6:15—WG.V—Musical Scoreboard WLS—Modern .Music WBbM—Newu 6:30—wnuM— Abu Burrows Show WG .V—.%"<• vtnvn p e W.MAQ—Curtain Tlm» (H) WLS—Mod'-rn Mu§le (H) (,-4j—WG.V—USDA ttoport WBBM—Hongy Carmlclia.«l 7:00—WBBM— To bs announced. WON—20 UuesilviiB (H) W.MAQ—Life of ISJIcy (H) WLS—J'c-tor Donald Show. 7:lfl — iv:,y—M ; >C niid tt"h , 7:30—WBB.V—Limvo .it To iitll (H) party to a sweeping victory In Nov- V-'UN—Cnnarv Pet Show WMAQ—Truth or Coimcducn- rim l in Wr.H—National Barn Dane* 7; !5—WG.V—b>rena<l« WBBM—Winston anil Clff.iry 8:00—WBB.M—Joan Duvls (III WG.V—Stop Me (lit WMAQ—Hit Parado <H) WLS—Barn Dance Party (H) J.-50—WCCM—Vauehn Monroe (H) W.UAQ—Judy Cnnovji WLS—Murphy .lamhoro* (H) WO:.'—family Theater (H) S.-OO—WBBM—Saturday Is'lghL 3er- I Predicts Army Chief Will Carry Republican Party To Landslide Victory. i Charles W. Tobey, R., X. H-, last i night came out'Tor Gen. Dwight i D. Kisenhower for president, and I predicted that the Army chief o£ j Btaff would carry the Republican ember. The recent rat control campaign, sponsored by the Cass county Rural Youth club in co-operation with the county extension office, | it. The halt trill be sold at cost as long as tlie small supply lasts.- The largest number of dead rats Causing Wreck Blonde Tipster Informs Police Logansport Pharos-Tribune 5 Service Orders 1IJ50 Trees For Planting resulted in the death of an esti- j [ ° un <l aft « r the reccllt campaign mated 5,000 to 6,000 rats through-j was by John Graham of Jefferson jout the county, John Connolly, j township who found 40 rats. Her- j county agent, announced today. i man Vansickle ot Royal Centre I According to best estimates, ft I reported 30, Eber Morg-an of Deer | cost about $2.00 a year to feed a | Creek township, 19, and Ed Span- jrat, but only one cent to kill him, ,'gler of Clay township, 14. There ' meaning a savin? of approximate- j were many more reports of 6 to Threw sUtc? "jjft So i Five-Man Gang Terrorizes 25 Employes, Slugs Could See A Train Wreck," j One, In SpHf-ScCOnd Bonk Robbery Stog-j Number^ Will Fill^ One-Half He Admitted. ec | j n Downtown New Orleans; Two Thugs JONESBOHO, Ind. (UP) — Aj _ ... . . 16-year-old boy confessed yester-| 5flll At LOTQ*. day be threw a switch which caused \ _ NEW QRLEA.NS (UP) — A five- 1 derailment of a local passenger , man ban(]|t gang robbed thg Hlb . j National bank's midtowa! train "just so I could see a train ly J10.000 in feed and grain on Cass county farms, Connelly RiSd, In pointing out a few of the most outstanding results obtained in the Tobey, chairman of the influcn- , reccnt campaign, the county agent • tlal Senate Banking Committee that there are approxi- and a. frequent critic of GOP ec- | mnte iy 50 packages of the specially onomic policies, announced that^he j prepared rc( , st . uiH ba]t available """Jin the extension office, for a follow-up dosage for those desiring accepted a directorship *nafl« (H) WG.V— Theatre of the Air (F) WMAQ— Kay Kysor WLS— Hayloft Krollcs 5:30— WCBM— Abf liurrow.i WJJAQ— Ol« Opry III) WLS— Doc (Iotikln» 0:15— WBinr — Vranlcla C;irl« Orch WLS — Bentl'tv news 10:00— WLJBM— Pa.rty Time. '.VC1W— Am'.zlnB Story WMAQ— J-lurlburt Newn. WI.S— »IJan« Ounce tZJi') 10.-1S— WBBM— .Vow* WON — Vour Ana-,vor WMAQ— JIIKC Music. CCS— [H Thero (H) 10::0— WBEM— CBS IB There. VVGN--Tormirrc>w',i Trlbiiru WMAQ — Symph<>n»ni> (H) MO.VDAV JIORM.VG CST 8:00— WBBM — KarrinsrtOTi N'aws WG.V— Hurloleb. news WMAQ— Your NalKhbor (H) Wf,S— Break Cn nt Club (F) t:W — WBBM — Ool'l Coast WON — Two Ton B;i.Uer *:SO— WRBM— Pnul G/b.ion WGN — Breakfast Quiz WMAQ — Roan nnmlr S:i;— Wf3B.M— Slio-ppInK With Mrs, WGN— Wishing Well W.SfAQ — Brirry. N'oiv.i 5:00 WPBM— Edition of tlib News (in WG.V — :A31«n new.i WMAQ— Frert Warlntr Wr,S— Tnio Story <K) }:!."— WGN— Music 9:SU— WBBM— Kvolyn Winters — s WGN— Nonnon JJoss WMAQ — Hofi'l of Llfo Wf.S — Betty Crocker 9H5 — WBBM— Dr.vlrt Mnrlim wax— spots or Music H'.MAQ — Joyce Jordan WI.S— Llstenlnjr t'ost 10:00— WPESf— Arthur Godfrey (H> WC4N' — Juno Bnfcnr (fll WMAQ — Nora Pr.ilio WLS — Tom Bronnomnn (II) 10:13— WAI ACJ— K'HtM's Daughter WON- -pr, Ornne 10:30— WBBM— Grand Slum WON — Heart's Doslro (H) WMAQ— .Tuck Berch WUS — Galen Ornko 10:<D — WBBM — i'.oacmsry WMAQ — Lora Ltiwlon \VuS- .Tjfiwls, news 11:00 — Wl'B.M— Wendv Wnrrcn WO.V — Ki'te Smlih WMAQ— Food MftRlelnn WI.S— Wrlcorae Trdvolo.-s (H) 11:11 — Wd;M— Aunt J finny. \VGN- r.lrhiird Mnxwcll WMAQ— Clovo fClrby II. -«C— WI'HM — (Iflcn Trent Wf^N — \ol'.sr>n nouvv WMAQ— Elli»iih»th Ilnrf. Wf,S — I'nnn World II!) ll:-(5 — Wni.-;M— our Gal, draft Elsenhower league, which has its headquarters in New York I City. i "For some time," he said in a i statement, "I have been giving aer- j IOUB thought as to which man of j the several possible and actual j candidates lor the Republican nom- i ination for president Is beat quail- j fled to lead this nation In this time | of great crisis in national and in- | ternatlonal affairs. | "I have come to the conclus;.on that Dwight D. Elsenhower its that man." The announcement signaled a complete break between the out. ' spoken N'ow Englander and Sen- Robert A. Taft, ot Ohio, a leading contender for the GOP presidential nomination. The two men never have seen eye to eye on methods of dealing with the nation'n ec- 10 dead rats found at each farm where the bait was used. The Rural Youth club has again planned in their 194S program- to Include a similar rat control pro- I ^at'ed r*rum -noYt- fnl! Arivm-m T-nTfM'flstpri gram next fall. Anyone interested in obtaining any of the few available packages of bait should call at the extension office as soon as possible. Four persons were injured slightly when the locomotive and three cars were derailed'Thursday night. [New York Central officials esti- !ie damage at $50,000. police and the Federal, j ernia j branch of a record $130,000 yesterday but police got a-Up from an unidentified bleed and quickly seized three of its members and State a large part of the loot. John Hasselbacb, one of the youth told' them he took a wrench i ^ree arrested, had $30,000 of the from his home and Mattered and! bank's money cached uudar the Cass County Reforestation Needs This Year. The Cass county Soil Conservation Service vlll rtceivt 11,750 trees to be distributed to farmers in the county for spring planting. Chris Held announced today. Each year the Soil Conservation service ma)c«s an estimate o£ the VU11V1MJ L111U. iilUi^W",' J. iH*il— j . j J J. der in the ValleV with Lon McCaK I toUlnnmbar or tree, needed lor Cinema Week At The LogJiii Sunday thru Thursday — "Thuii- ! Bureau of Investigation i&ld the j Tri-County Farmers Institute Dates Set pried off a padlock on the switch, j f) oor 0 ( his house, Detective Chief! At The State lister, Peggy Ann Garner' and Edmund Gwenn. Friday and Saturday—"Roses Arc Red" with Don Castle. Peggy Knudsen aud Patricia Knight. Burnettsville High School Gymnosius Will Be Scene Of Institute Meetings January 29 And 30; Begins 7 P. M. Thursday; Various Awards Offered. After throwing it open, he told police he- ran away. "I don't know for sure why I did it," he said, "I guess it was just so I could see a train wreck." A few minutes later, he said, he became frightened and hurried back to close the switch. But on his way back He heard a loud crash The forty-fourth annual Tri, County Farmers' Institute tor Cass, as the train plowed off the track, the locomotive overturned. The boy's nama was not disclosed. Trooper Joe Mendenhall said he had been, in trouble a few 1 times. He said tho 1 case would be turned over to Grant county authorities and a delinauent charge Joseph Scheurir.g said. Tommy Ricketts, 21, and his uncle, George W. Ricketts, were arrested in possession of a suitcase full of cash. Officers held the 35-year-old woman tipster in protective custody. .! Sunday, Monday • and Tuesday— "That Hagen Girl". Mta Ronald Regan aud Shirley Tempi*. Wednesday—"Wife of Monte Cristo" with John Loder, Lenore Aubcrt and Martin Koslecki, Thursday, Friday and Saturday— She told them tried unsuccess- | Lost I-Iouevinoon" with Fraachot OHB LU1U LIIU1U Ulle LI JEU UiiaU^OVB^" _ fully to warn them of the intended Tone ' " . M ™* J 0 !? Hood o£ program, reports of the exhibition j placed against him. and awarding of the prizes will WMAQ — Times rtn-J Tips .MOMMY AFTKRNUON CST 12:00— WBKM— Biff Slater WC'.V— Lot's Hnvs Fun (H) WMAQ— Stono. Vcws VV'f.. 0 — n:nnrr Bull (H) 11:1 .'•— WF»UM — M(i Pork Inn WMAQ— Muxic.-tl Mlllcw.iiron (IT) 12:50— WP.Bir— .'^nllcy. nr-ws WON' — Farmer'* M.trkrt WI.s— XCW.M !!:•(;— WBBM— Uutdlnic Melit WDX — Kixmou.i Nnmoti. WMAQ— Robt-rt Rlplcy WI,S' — Mojvl (jtirllnrrliam 1:00— WREM— Mrs Hurton WON — Qiioon for n. Dny CH) WMAQ— Tudav'ii Children Wl.s— r. ox Al'u-n I S3 5 — WI.IK1! — Porrv Mnson WMAQ— Woman In White WI,S--School Tlmo 1:30— WRBM — FT. llnlon» WON— Martin Ulock W.AfAQ — HolJv Sloano WI.S — Rride & Groom fH) J:43— WliCM — Koso of My Droam? Wf;N' — Fontcr, news WMAQ— LlnlO of Uie World 1:00— WRBM — IJOIIMP. Xothlnir WON' — Mrtrtln Klock Show \VJfAQ — Life Cnn Ba Uanutl- rm WLS— Parties Be P-ntcfl (H) J:Ij — WON — Mil IP & F:innl8 WMAQ— Ma Perkins 1:35 — WBGM — <J1 M. Houseparly on WI.S— Fa in Wlilteninn (H) WC5N — SfrKnjrcr'a Songt WMAQ — Fi'pp<ir Vnunp _ . ..-. -,Tny "Walker WMAQ—KDrln to Happlnesi 3;00—AVBB.M—Hint Hunt fj-I) vv'G.V—ntirlolfrn. new* W.MAQ—Backtttagr* Wf« 3:15—WGN—Melody M«moi YVMAQ—StelJn nnllfis ' 3:50—WBBM—GoM Codft WGN—Holland Knmlt (H) M'MAQ—J^oranxu Jones \VI.S-Tsd Malune S:J5—WBBM—Bentloy flc\vi \VMA«—Wldtler Hruwn \VT.H—MHO niul Hob <;00—WBB.M—Fan) Olliaon (lit WC,,\*—Allen Hewn W.MAQ—A Olrl Mairlc. WI.S—T'VaUii'i; 1'ocicls 4:1.',—\\ r C.S"—To Bo Announced '.V-M.vQ—I'ortUi PitocH L.li« \VI,S—F,(U!v .Dnchln •i :So—W.BBM—ted I tor's Dnugliter W.\YA<2—.(ust Pl.iln Bill WT^S—Orfltilil, News 4:45—WBEM—Lln'In'p dov« l\'Ci.V—JinKle J:ivkl>ot W.MAQ—front Pt\50 Fnrrcll 5:00—WBBM—Xoivs WC1X—Ifop M:irri(r,in W^tAQ—Stono A Thorpe, Xows WLS—Dlelc Trauy S:lu—WBBM— Murrlngton, rows \VOX- SupcrDinn Wt,P—Terry and tlif Pirn ion W.MAQ—Tjavo Gnrrmvay (11) 5:30—WBflM—!,«in & Abnor WG.V—Cant Mlrtnlglit WLS—Spy Kliiff 5: -t," — \ V 0 B .M— iMWi'll T h o in n s WGN—Tom Mix MO.VDAV EVB.VIVG OPT C:00—WRCM—Bciulnh Wfl.V—nr. Brudloy WMAQ—Jimmy Bhulo Orcli. WI.S—Orflokl, -S'ews C:1J—WRB^r—Hollos news WGN—Telephone Qnlx \V.\IAQ—Hoatty, iii-wc •SV^.S—P, V. Air Edition «:3d—WBBM—Club Fifteen WON—Henry Taylor WMAQ—Skip Fin-roll Wt,S—r.ono ICnniror (H) IMS—WBBM—Murrnw. now* WON*—Inside or Sports WMAQ—Knttonbom, nfvf* 7:00—WBUit—Inner Stinpnim 'HI wr;x—Adventures Ot Tlio Fnl- WMAQ—Cavdlcnd* (HI wr,s—roinc Siibiimo ni) 7:1.',— WT.8—Honojdroumor.-i 7:30 — WT!KSr—Artnur Coclfrdy CH) \VON—Clmrllo Chan (H> WMAQ—Volco ot Flroston* fl-li WI,S—Oplt- Cntes (H) T:?.'—AVON—Billy Ko.so SiOO—Wr»BH— R»i1lo Theatr* (F) \VOX-Hdftttor, ni>\vs W.MAQ—Tel«i>hon« JToin- W.I,S—On SIHRO Amorlcn. (H) 5:ir,— VV(1X—Runt Stnrlns S:2(>— W(!X—Vnh-i\i ot StvlnRS (H) WMAQ—Docfnr I. Q. (H) \\T,S—Wunt To Lead A BTind? tin 5:00—WBBM—My Friend. Innn \VflX-FlJililnR, riuntlnc 'HI WMAQ—Contented Hour fTI) WLtj-^lnlph Novinn.ii CH) 9i30—WBE.M^—Scroon Guild Playcri wax—Boston Plifltle (H) WM.AQ—Frod, Wnrl nil WLS—Knrl fioortwln - Only one of 12 passengers in the on the train was injured ] as" with Gene Autry. ! At The Iloxr "Hell's Do- robbery last night after she overheard the gang discussing: it for several days. Failed To Warn I Sunday and Monday She said she had been drinking ! vils " «!* Alan Ladd: with the gunmen, and after .fail- i ing to reach police Capt. Harry Gregson by telephone last night j she "forgot about it." When she | ba followed hv ' sin K ie passenger coach on the | called again today the robbery Had-1 • ^Whrit Tone and Guv 1)8 Cll ° S6d " J ! - -<""»". Engineer Claude I been perpetrated but S h ft was able l™£- F '»" h °* ^"1 "^r A rotorestation in the county and orders one-half ot that totil from the service's federal nurseries- The other one-half must be supplied by tlie farmer*, who usually purchase theirs from the state nurseries. The local soil branch has completed long-range farm plans for 60 farmers in the county and twenty of these men, hava indicated th« desire to take an active part in. the spring 'tree planting program, Expect lo Plant 25 Acres seria1 ' Purple . " w »«» ° f Monster Strikes." Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday— "Honeymoon" with Shirley the institute festivities. Classes for the exhibits were announced as follows byBi'ookie: six ears yellow corn: six ears of I 29 and 30 at the Burnettsville high | school gymnasium. Principal speakers for the meeting will be Mrs. Harold Carruth- ors, who will Hpeuk on "Let The , „,„ „,„ _, „... „ Hurricane Roar,'' and Otis Crane j white corn; one gallon soybeans; of Marion, whoso talk is entitled, |ono gallon wheat; ons gallon rye; "Lessons From The Bee." Officers Jn charge of the Institute nrc: president, Guy R. Brook- le, Cass county; treasurer, William i i cram was injured. Jingiueer uiauuu uccn JJ^I^UI-IULCU uui. oi-c ^.»o ^u^ , - » T OA "CtniT-TOov TTni- A regular bu.ine«a meeting to close i BiCornc]lr6 , iAndergoniIndiiVaa | to put them on the trail of the I ^f^;/*"£• ^ZZl j hospitalized overnight -and two o- thcr crew men -Injured slightly. bandits, police said. McBeth, Cass county; seci'otnry, Mrs. James Adams, Cass county; (vice-presidents, Mr. mid Mrs. Harlold Risser, Cass county; vice-pres- | idonts, Mr, find Mrs. Asn Croc; Carroll county; and vice-presidents, Mr. and Mrs. Delton Tcdford, White county. Judjro H'lll Syonk The first session will convene at 7:00 o'clock Thursday even lug:. Rev. Virden Graham will load devotions and the Adams township school will be in charge of the entertainment. \V. Lynn Parkinson, judge of the Tippecanoe^ circuit court will be the guest 'speaker. | Rev. Raymond Skelton will be I the devotional leader at tlie Fri- ! day morning' meeting 1 which convenes nt 9:30 o'clock. The Burn- etUvillo school is iu charge of the entertainment and Otis Crane, will speak on "Farm Hobbles." Mrs. j HtiroUI Carruthers will also give j a talk on "Kitchen Treasures." j The Lake Cicott school will provide entertainment for'the Friday afternoon program at 1:00 o'clock and the county and home demonstration agents will give short talks. Mrs. Carruthers and Mr. Crane will speak again during this session. List JExJilblt Classes Following the Friday one quart clover seed; one plate of potatoes; six ears popcorn. Whlto cake, (not angel food); dark cake, roils, cookies, host plate of fudge; Gun of fruit; can of vegetables; dozen of white aggs; dozen ot brown eggs; and best piece of Warsaw Lady Contests Will Of Jesse Stofer sewing by girls 10-17 years ot age. ! Mrs. Rose Alexander Asks Brother's Will Be Set Aside Due To Unsound Mind. Prizes of $1.00, 50c and 25c will be awarded to the first three prize winners and the exhibits are open to everyone. It was announced that entries will ho accepted until noon, Friday, January 30- Deer Creek Form Bureau Meets Monday Bill Anderson, of the Producers Marketing Association, will be the . principal speaker at the meeting j will be set aside, alleging her bro- ROCHESTER. Ind. — Mrs. Rose Alexander, Warsaw, yesterday Hied suit In the Fulton circuit court contesting the will of her brother, Jesse Stofer, who formerly lived on a farm north of Akron before going to Denver, Colo, for his health seven years ago. Mr, Stofer died in Denver on May 9, 1047. Mrs. Alexander asks . that the Deer Creek township Farm ither was ot unsound mind when ex- at 7:30 o'clock Monday jecuting the will on January 25, of the Bureau evening at Deacon school. |l94«. while visiting in Akron Th 0 program will be in charge j The Denver Tuberculosis hosplt- of Deer Creek Home Economics |al hhd the Ohphan's home of St Club No. 2. nnd devotions will be j Anthony's hospital, Denver, in ch.irgo of Mrs. Jim Snyder. named principal beneficiaries Children from three to ten years)tlie will. He also asked that his A search of Hasgelbacli's house quickly uncovered the JSO.OOO I which had been hidden in a paper bae and stuffed into a hole in the Cloor, then pulled a stove over it, police said- The Eicketts wero ar- resteil at a Thalia street rooming house. The getaway sedan, bearing Florida license plates, was found on a suburban street several hours attcr tho robbery. State police and FBI agents joined eight four-man teams ot city detectives in the ssarch for the remaining two gunmen. Split-Second Timing U*c<i The holdup was carried out with j Star" with Cornell Wilde. Friday and Saturday—"Weit To Glory" with Eddie Des.n and Hoscoe Ates; ALSO, "Texas Trail" with Hopalong Cassidey; and Chapter S of the serial, "The Sea, Hound." Death Claims Anna Eicher Mother (V Mrs. L. E. Thome Of Montlccllo Kxpirc* In Sanitarium. MONTICELLO, Ind. — Mrs. split-second timing by tour ot the j Anna C. Eicher. mother ot Mrs. bandits while the fifth-waited out-1 L. E. Thome, Monticello, passed side the bank in their getaway car. lawny at 5:30 p. m. Thursday at When Porter Joseph L- Thomas i the Wabash Valley saniterium opened the bank at 7 a. m., the four squeezed through the door, slugged him unconscious .and herded about 25 employes into locker rooms. Twelve Of this group ot 111 sliire in tlie 11,750 trees that will be received here. Held Bald. A total of upproximately 25 acres will be, planted" durins tlie sprluK- Held said th« trees -will com* from the federal nurseries »t Zanesvllle, Ohio, but as yet he does not know wast sp*cl«s will be sent. Meanwhile, J. L. VinC&up. extension forester at Purdua university, announced yesterday that fanners must place their order* immediately for treei to be planted In the spring before the supplies are exhausted in tb» state nurseries. Sfate Reserves Trees Trees which, «re ordered in wW- winter are reserved tn the state nurseries until the middle of March. or early April, depending on *Kea- thcr conditions. Several days notice ! is given the farmer before the trees • are shipped. i VanCamp said that trees should ' be planted as soon as the frost : is out o£ the ground in order that | tlie loots will be \vell-ostablished I before dry summer weather arrives- Booklets witli planting Instructions can be obtained free at the county ' extension offices or from Purdua. Denver Man Found Wrists Cur .>c." near Lafayette where she had been for the last few weeks. | Wayne Morgan, a steamfitter > Mrs. Eicher lived here •with Mr. ; said he lived in Denver. Colo., was and Mrs. Thome at 621 West Wash- i found yesterday in a local hotel ineton street for the last several I with both wrists slashed and a deep cut In his neck. Police discounted his story that They waited until tellers arrived i years. with U>e keys to strong boxeB, ap- j The former Anna Jacobs, she propriated them and made Hymeljwas the widow of Leander Eicher, Amuedo, assistant manager, open i who died June 24. 1944. Mrs. Eich. fti'e "money buses"—portable cash j er was a member of the local wcre j-'fepositories—in the vault. For good | Presbyterian church and the Unis In^tjMjasure they took along the wal- vorsity Extension club. Mrs- Thome { , %ts of all male employes. Then \ and one son, Ben, of Borwyn, 111., j hold a number ot people had overpowered and cvit him. He was taken to Memorial hospital for treatment. of age are asked to attend in order that the group can plan the arrangement ot a Pet and Hobby club. Each. v family Is asked to brinp one pie"'and table service. The com- mfttee includes Mr. and Mrs. Elmar Caldwell, Mi', nnd Mrs. Jim i Snyder, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Yeak- ! Icy, Mr. and Mrs. John Morgan, ami body be cremated and the ashes, strewn from the summit of Pike's' Peak. This wish was carried out.. The sister asks in her suit that this will be set aside, and one of June 22, 1922, in which he left all property to her and hor sister. Mrs. Emma Harmon, now deceased, be admitted for probate. The exact Apparently manned by an accoin- 'piice. survive. i • Private funeral services will be J there. at Borwyn Saturday, with i burial iu Mt. Auburn cemetery afternoon ! Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harmon. | value ot the estate is not known. Today-"Blondic's Holiday" & "Bustlers of Devil's Canyon" ROX Y n ALLIANCE Theofre SUNDAY AND MONDAY TWO BIG TRUTH- REVEALING THRILLERS AN EXCITING STORY OF LOVE AND MUTINY ON HIGH SEAS. JACK LONDON'S With LYLE TALBOT PMAPTMl 12 OF "The Purple Monster Strikes'' AISO -'-•- : : -. __..-.. - NEWS SPECIAL The Rose Bowl—U. ST. vs. Jllch. Vllmeil lii BoHutliul Color LOOM THEATRE SAT. LAST DAY 'MARK OF ZORRO" SUNDAY THRU THURSDAY - FIVE BIG DAYS ; > Vengeance hard as the rocks [Y', of their hills... . - emotion that, £*.. ^ sleeps the t\ Valley's Reeple! IN THE Color by TECHNICOLOR STiKNS ION 'McCAlLISTEfi .EDMUND GWENN PEGGY COMING SOON "CASS TIMBERLANE' - REGINALD OWEN-GHARLBIRWIN 100^ KING-ROBERT BASS1E8 TODAY—DOUG. FAIRBANKS, Jr. in "THE EXILE 1 ' and "HEARTACHES" LATE SHOW T ONIGHT 9 P. M. STATE An\ xHU4NC£ Theatre SUNDAY-MONDAY-TUESDAY RONALD REAGAN SHIRLEY TEMPlEf PICTURE IN A MILLION THAT WILL LEAVE A MILLION MEMORIES! EXTRA' -SPECIAL!ROYAL WEDDING ELIZABETH. WEDS PHILLIP 30 MIN OF HISTORY MAKING PICTURES IN BEAUTIFUL COLOR

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