Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 10, 1948 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 10, 1948
Page 3
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ffi fratrog fjffirl bung L "YOU* Mdrt» 10:1 Yrnrt of »er»l«» le Ik* Comnnmlfy 1. An operative Planning Commission. 2. An Adequate Civic Center.. 3. More efficient operation of the Municipal Utilities for the benefit of users. 4. Proper maintenance of streets and sidewalks. 5. Civil city tax. b'. An adequate Sewerage and Garbage Disposal System. 7. Sufficient Parking Facilities. Logansport In the Past One Year Ago Mrs. Jtary Mce, 3P, wife of Arthur Stee. 01! Sixteenth street, died at ' the St. Joseph hospital. j Sirloin steak, 3D cents a pound. Cream clicp.se, 49 cents a pound. President Truman submitted to i Congress today tho first balanced federal budget since the 1830 de' prcsstion, with a stem warning ; against tax reduction at this time. 1 Improved Street Lighting Needed Many residents of Logansport have suggested that One of the most valuable improvements which could be made in this city would be the moderization and exen- sion of our present street lighting system, Poor street lighting, or a complete lack of it such as we have in many sections, reflects a poor impression of the city as a whole, and in addition has been found to be directely connected to the crime ratio of a given neighborhood. Where a district or neighborhood is well lighted, robberies, attacks and other forms of crime are few in number. Recognizing the need for a highly improved street lighting system, one big manufacturer, the General Electric Co., has developed and marketed its first post-war street lighting product—the suburban luminaire. This light is reputed to be far superior to anything now in use. Other manufacturers also have developed highly improved and modern street lights. The improvement in Logansport could undoubtedly be effected over a period of time without a burdensome expense. Present limp posts in most sections need not be replaced, but do need new type light. And new installations should be made in all neighborhoods where there is no street lighting. The entire problem of street lighting is one which the citizens offer to the new city administration for thorough consideration-in its plan for a better, greater Logansport. Ten Yean Ago George W. Richardson, 92, passed away this morning at the Franklin Masonic honia. With all of tlie brick work and plastering completed, the new building which will house the local branch of the Indiana Associated Telephone corporation will be ready for tho installation of all equipment beginning February 1. Susan, seventeen .- months - old daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Allen Sauei-s, passed away at the family home, 503 Wlieatland avenue, last night. Mr, and Mrs. Bernard Ault of Galveston announce the birth of a I son. Miss Frances Inskeep on Monti- oello. home economics teacher in itho Moiulcello high school, sustain- 1 ftd a broken right wrist" when she ! tell while,skating. I Nolll% Porter was elected presi- 'dent of Phi Sigma Iota club, succeeding Mabel Grubljs, Frank Kriame!, 77, passed away at the residence near Lake Clcott. Mrs, Kilzabotli- Morris, 76, wife of David Morris, -147 South Broad- iiviy. expired al the Dukes Memorial hospital, Peru. Helen Judy has been selected as editor ot a magazine entitled "The Evening Attack" to he published by the fencing classes at the V. V. CA. Tossing In a free throw and three consecutive field goals in the last fow minutes of play. Russell Vanco turned defeat Into victory for (ho Lincoln Junior high school basketball team In Its tilt with the Noble township ninth graders in Berry Bowl. Board of Strategy Will Leave on Tour Twenty Years Aqo GOY. Thomas Dewey's Governor Is Silent About Indiana Race WASHINGTON, Jan. 10— (UP)— 11"""' 1 '»' Clinton I Gov. Ralph F. Gates of Indiana to- (Montlcello. NEW YORK, Jan. 10—(UP)—A ; day declined to comment on whe-) The Cass county -Sat Evening, Jon"' 10, 1948 By Wolter Wincheli Broadway and Elsewhere The New York Skyline Broadway Confetti: Czar.Pctrillo who shakes hands by extending his "Spine." It glistens. . .Hank the lea- cured dancer at the China Doll. (Velly pletty). ... Jack Paar, voted "most promising star ot tomorrow" (by a radio critics' poll) losing his sponsor. .Phil Silvers, . wines" 1 gary Bros, at the Cotillion. . . -Out of My Mind" by S. Fain awl the Kenny Frores. . .Gordon Git- rord's barimucs at One Fifth. . . . Mitzi Green, Rudy Vallee and j Buddy Lester at tho Beachcomber. i . .The Cavanaugh Trio — biggest thing to hit town since Kissing! i Sounds in the Night: In the „ , i Stork: ''Don't be ugly. With a who sets .1 juicy percent of the ; )inje etfort you can bc -i,i dc0 us". . . 540,000 weekly gross in "High But- : u Rub; . F J 0 - S ^^. .- Ho w gigolo ton Shoes." To which F. J. IJe- j ^ hc ' gfitr _ At Yank sln(C . j laney puns "Silvers Treads Among . .. To ] C yo Rose probably figures that the Gold". . .David Wayne, who . wjlll • &u U)ose ij| )enl i American lett "Fintan'B Rainbow" for "Mr. ; C0mtnentlltol . s booted off the all- Roberts" at J750 (instead of Sl.aOO j [h( , ra oughw be a spot { or her". . . i in another musical) because he , Jn Lindy ' s . .. Tne Presidential ring I didn't want to be "typed". . .Betty j n£ny lla ;. Stassen - s nati T aft's Haas, former show gal in "Follow ; du;!ce>cal) nlu i Wallace's halo". . . the : Girls," now behind the per- j ln Rounen - s: "..\ W ido_w and her fume counter at Hattie Carnegie's, j moncy are soou married". . .Ac , ,Kira Hunter of "A Streetcar i clufe '-<,. .. what - s t | le intest gossip Named Desire" showing party j a] Th9 Mcan stem?". . .At the friends her bruises from the villain's he-man acting in that hit. j. 2 .3 : -HO never takes his nmr- rlsc g seriously— just, goes along - „ for' tie bride".'. .At the Wivi!: "I Sallies in Our Alley: Meta Hotf- t dm > t !lke womcn . j j ugt like what man wonders if you've heard ! nie'rc made of!". . -At Knduro: about the fellow named Kissinger j "He's her So-AVhatheart." who had his name changed to j Lyons. . .You didn't?. . .Well, the next week lie had it changed to Broadway Piffle: Look Magazine once reported that this column Merry-Go-Round for Sobol. . .Later, he changed it to mentioned : Billy Rose more often Billingslcy. . .Then he had it I than anyone, including FDR. switched to Jessel. , .By this time j The other edition this appeared in all his friends were saying: "ijhls space: "As someone has said wonder who's Kissinger now?", . . j it isn't 194? In Palestine—it is Since Ur. Ktnsey's book (on sex) 1T7G:" Now that he has a type- got those rave notices, the wags writer he's forgotten how to spell have a new song title: "I Looked Winchcll!, . .The reports are sug- Tou "Up in the Kinscy Report and j ary on LilM Palrtw's now film, You're the Gal for Me:" i "My Girl Tisa". . .Steve (Mike St. 1 j Angel) Flagff's option has been Mldtown Melodrama: Jean Ten-i renewed. . .A cousin of Cuba's nyaon hailed a cab on 52nfl Street | Batista (he had a plush job there tho other slushy midnight. . .As | when his klu was Mr. Klg) is now it reached the avenue the tnxi skidded, and Jean struggled to keep hev balorice. . ."Don't worry, madam." the driver assured her i on station platforms fought I copies of II Progresso. i The ouly discordant note In the i French reception of the friendship j train was sounded by the Communist paper, Humnnito, last week in j seriously wound?". . ."Xali. I wasn't a barber in an E. Cist St. shave- tevla. . .Frank Marlowe. the Strand's comic, and iUolly Jans, former dancer, aren't quipping. . . cheerily. "I ain't gonna land back | That platinumb blonde caught in in no hospital. I was in one for IS j that 52nd Street uarcotic raid will 'months overseas!". . ."How dread-' go to juvenile court. She's 1C, uot ItulJ" said Miss Tennyson, synipa- j thotloally. "You must have been board ot strategy named by Gov. jthar ho will support any candidate | Welfare association Thomas.E. Dewey to hamlle his as 1,-. successor In this year's Iruli- j f™^!« for thCi anft gubernatorial election. unannounced candidacy Republican presidential nomlna- | Gates, In Washington to attend tlon soon will beglu visits to var-l ft con [ crotico of state government i use of serum for treatment of tuberculosis In ciittlc. Alice Louise Adair. daughter of I lett the United States, manyj lng to Arrlis b ,, t w!leu aha got newspaper editors and even a ; the ,. e L OW ery, who has consistently greater number ot friendship train [ op p OBC (i publicity for friendship committees asked me to report on ; foo)li ttmle( i thumbs down.. and ioua states to drum up prc-con- ! of n c lals, Indicated he has not made away here. . Mrs. Cecil Atlclr, passed vontion support for him, it wns up J)ls mlna what lie wil | dfsclosed toilaj'. A committee of three, the saino managers who engineered Dewey's the Republican Includes Herbert tee; J R«».H Sprague ,»l,oua - In rosponee to reports that he will discuss with Sen, William E. Jenner, R.. Ind.,, the pOBSlblllty of Jenner's entering the race, Gates snld ho had no comment. Contract for the paving ot Front street from Wheatlnml avenue to West Market street was approved. B. F. Ditmlre was chosen president of the town board at Fulton. the distribution of their carefully collected food and how it was received by the French and Italian people, Before finally .leaving Europe, 'this nomination on ticket in 1944, Browne!!, Jr.. former chairman ot j Jenuer is said to bo interested, the Republican national commit-I but uas toui . inoro y ears . to HOI-VB 'before his term in the Senate es- Iplres. The'Indiana state coiistitu- chairman, ! tlon limits tho governor's tenure j school Now, it was revealed. Jaeclde. to ona four-year term, I county essay contest on fire pro Spraguo and Brownell will make trips to several sections of the country to talk over Dewey's pros- poets with other Republican leaders. They were expected to concentrate their efforts on the states Tiny Jones, county superintendent and eight trustees, arfe conducting an inspection of Fulton county school?. Mrs, Charlotte •r home hero. 12Ida Cessna, pupil at the Reiter won the annual Fulton In Jtaly, likewise, Joliu Secon- dari of the Columbia Broadcasting with ill breed- Pearson And his accomplices," concluded Hu- manite, "our contempt." "The most significant part ot the editorial, however, was its Statement, "it is scandalous that In of the cast ravaged by floods, i "Never pot a i mental case!" scratch. I was a j U. S. neiVH nnd rmlio correspondent* in Europe rnte grcut crcdit| an editorial attacking mo as a I wounded," was the goo-goo reply, A nine-pound Golden Eagle was | f ur ,,|,i to Friendship Irnlnj French nnd Italian relief agencies efflc-, " b ] aclcgua ,. d anfl Johnson near | | en t, honest. - ],.,'.,, ! PARIS—(By Wireless)—Before ' > ms ' ' " ' to ^ ;ev Health an' ' IS as reported Jn the papyrus. . . Junior Standlsu and Prof. Berle are going everywhere together except to tho bank. The Heel of Fame: He sits .in tho night clubs a lot. watching Memos ot a Midniglitor: Monday j many of his patients tell jokes uu- iiight (always an off-night in most! der assumed nosos (which; he ! night spots) was capacity at the I Colonial Inn's gambling casino, near Miami. At least -100 money curved). . .All work and no pluy would make him duller than he is, so he picked up a hobby—a "dis- | JlttH 1*J ittiUl. ."VI, 1 VtVOL T U".' -.itWJ*i_.,r j --- •* — *- " -- -• V -' squanderers congesting the dice covered ot talent". . .lie found one !j ».!__ /^ • .._._ r— -4. ^_ _ „..,,, «,\ ri w/1 hnu l^ooii ft>ii'\i\rtT*f 1 YI f l^oi* in 11 i tables. Groeaacres (not tar away) almost ditto. (Aside to Bob Ruarlt, System, Carl Cortosi ot the Rome | trucks display streamers showing-1 who colyumed "Xo money" in Daily American, Margo Atwood of (the friendship train when the pro-(Miami: You left too soon!). the American Broadcasting Company anil Rita Hume ot the Korth American Newspaper Alliance pa- JB my attempt to i trloticalty accompanied subsequent do so. friendship trains In order to tell American news- | the train's story to every part of which Dewey failed to visit last summer. Shrin* Club Plans Stag Dinner Tuesday A stag party will be held by members ot the Shrine club Tuesday-evening. All members are invited. A baked ham dinner will be served at S o'clock. Conservation Club To Install Officers Officers ot tho Cass county Conservation club will be installed at the regular meetinR next Tuesday, with Dr. Charles Erbaugh in charge, The meeting will bo fallowed by vention. Edward Snyder. of HinHington, has been named traffic officer for the Indiana Service corporation with headquarters in this city. The Edna M. Burrows Violin choir presented a concert at the Memorial homo under the auspices of the Music league. that country. In France, Robert Blake ot American Aid to, France and Her- men who are impartial if not critical observers report that, in geu- jral, the people of all France and Italy—even to the smaller towns—seam fully familiar with the friendship train and tho motive behind it. It has now been three weeks since the I many people questioned the effic- ducts being distributed do not Miami's top gambler (an oil wildcatter from tho Mid-west) had a corae at ail from across the At- i hu( - e losiug day a t the Orange lantlc. It's a swindle. Undoubted-| Bowl but won ?7C,000 (on. the last ly tho organization of the spectac- i card) in the burK's biggest stud nlar caravan which crossed France cost more than all the food it transported. Soon it will be impossible to buy a thing without bert Schenker of the Jewi.*!i Joint j its bearing the inscription 'Made Distribution Committee night and day for a solid month, making sure no kinks developed In distribution of the food. Before I left the United States worked ! in America' or 'G'ft ot the Good i Mr. Truman.' " Despite Hunianite's charges, however, the food delivered by truck to Met.?., Nancy and the flooded cities of eastern Franco poker game. . .Does that crowd in Florida (who play glu for a dime and more n point) pay any I taxes'.'. . .(Or mint their own moo?) 1 . . .Marybelle Reed, former Earl I Carroll beauty-model, is Mrs. Ralph Capons. . .Dr. Albert C. Kinsey, whose book, ."Sexual Behavior lh(J Huumn i s getting reams of attention in the big mags, handles his own publicity right from his chair at Indiana first friend ship arrived at Le Havre but tho newspapers still are carrying stories' about the subsequent trains ant!, today, France I Solr announces that the Ministry A touring car belonging to C. H. of Education has officially accept- Jenklns, of Peru R. R, 9, was re- was abandoned by thieves. passed away at the famiy home * •* a. roast beef dinner and motion pictures. Officers to be Installed are: Paul Sagers, president: Frank Moore, . rice-president;* John Klesling, di-j south of the city, rector for two years: Clifford Ter-' ry. secretary; and" Wilbur Ouster, treasurer. covered in Logansport where it in the schools ot the entire coun- ed a plan for a friendship contest iency of local distribution systems. I actually did come from the ( rjjuv. . .What'' the Fox-Hole Set However, my observation is that the French Entrft'ald and the Italian Endei, the chief relief agen- frienclship train. It was delivered there when U'e cities' food supply was cut by flood and what irked try, in which prizes will be award- Various proposals have been Mrs Man- Ann .Manderg 7S led for the twenty best' letters on I made in Italy to thank the Amer' Fifty Years Ago the friendship train. These let- I lean people for -the friendship train. One, by the Rome news- tors will be made into a book to bo taken to our 4S states __by the i two French children who wrote Hold kornbread and milk to- the host letters. night at the korn karnival. Miss Anna Wagner of Much credit for the continued t!, E ] interest of the French people in Laugh Time Jwests'ido, still continues seriously friendship food American news should and go to American women, Rose Dolan and cies here, are efficient, quick and j the Coisinuinists was that two absolutely honest. They work in ' complete teamwork with American relief groups. usad to dream about: Ex-Gls and has been supporting her in a manner to which she was not accustomed. . .Singing lessons, mink [coats, etc, . .Then he told her sue ouglita have her schnoz prettified and she agreed. . .He got so nervous under the great strain of operating: on her that the blade slitched, and her nose is turned lhat-a-way. . .But Love, as Con- furious always says, has a Way. . . And this guy's Way—was Out. The Late Watch: Henry Morgan's Situation Wanted ad (on our Sunday-nighter) pot results. Elmer Bobst's firm signed Morgan to start Jan. 29 (7:30 p. m.. ABC all time zones). . .Ward Wilson and Kay Loring (radio people) Dood It at Asbury Park Sunday last. . . Latest black market fee for sleeping pills Is $2 apiece! (Or 3 for |5). Year's Greetings From A Elizabeth Adams, also accompan- I Hipster : It's the think before blink led the trucks with the friendship posters on them to make sure the local people knew where the food came from. The grateful people awarded theae ladies the Gold •n-orkihp at Toffenetti's get a $90 , Biggest market for them Is the bonus every 3 months. I swank East Side dens. . .Inflatioa- j ote: New typewriters are to be made without the "cent" nl&n. . . Bruce BJiven. the magazine editor. says: "Sex is always newn". . . Fuller Warren guarantees $500,000 to the Runyon Fund (and March of Dimes) it Notre Dame and Mlchi- time. • . .And the ^deal is going down. . .So get your hypes together, . .If you want to jive tc brown. . .In the Book of Many j i Logan Chapter No. 2, R, A, M. i will confer the Royal Arch degree ' this evening. January 10, 1S9S. It is desired that the officers will be prompt at 7:SO ofclock. A party of young people was handsomely .entertained Saturday night by Miss Bessie Stouffer, in honor of Sylvester Jackson ot Anderson. There will bo a called nieating ot the Purity lodge at I. 0, 0. F. tonight at 7 o'clock sharp. Mrs. Harriet Mehaffie. died at the home of her niece, Mrs, Toler A. Kline, 16 Eighth street, last Bight. The Pharos has received & copy of the Indianapolis Sentinel Al- mnnac for 1S9S. Orders for tho book can be made at the office. for deposit in the Smithsonian or National Museum. In Florence, a group of artists propose sending radiomen | several art gifts to the American | under a committee Headed by | people while an Italian newsreel ' company. "Incom," is preparing a-' special newsreel, entitled "Thanks, paper. Momenta Sera suggests i Medal of Mete in appreciation. that some ancient and highly ! Hitherto, ot course, it was only ,^- iw « D work- of art be sent to Washington the Russians who wore smart , ^ov.'. . An Y thc right hypes - -••""--" -^l^f^'^r^^ri you can't auit...May all your g o ld Pages. . .Where the righteous pulp gan meet at the Orange Bowl this is cool. . .The twelve is almost month. . .Tiie Runyon Fund Com- powdered. . .Old Pop has wouud his spool. vour F'fty-Twos ' Henry Cassidy of the National Broadcasting Company, who made sure that an American representative was on eacli of the shorter trains. Becausfi the cities of greatest need fan out from Paris and couldn't very well be reached by one or two trains, several penses for this film, as did also delivered food. Or. as_Le Figaro, answering Humanite. 'put !t, "it I would have been better, no doubt. ! yellow, fit your mitt! the cool green mittee hopes this offering will ' help clinch' Uie game. We will immediately turn over $100,000 to Notre Dame (which requested an allocation) ; another 100 Gs w cancer fighters in Michigan: and Mr. Warren's remaining 150,000 America," allowing the Italian re- ! safely 'into port the attack jmust j ceptlon ot the friendship train. is some clever sabotage had de-I The Big-Time: The jazz music ot i to Jacksonville, Ills home burg. .. railed the friendship -train. But | Eddie Condon in the Village and i Coaches Leahy and Crisler! How since it lias unfortunately come | Fred and Bobbins' one-nighters i about that? ? ? Premier Alclde De Gasperi already has contributed 20,000 lire out of his own pocket to lielp pay the ex- be made on this terrible Drew Pearson. For this wicked aggressor. Drew Pearson, is nono other than a Journalist who launched the idea of the friendship train. Lansing I Foreign Minister Carlos Sforza j He might well have expected that 1 ' the Communists, would not let such Laff-A-Day trains were necessary. Warren of the New York Times j and their assistants. accomr-inied the special train to Nantes where ceremonies were held explaining how the food was collected and the friendly motive behind it Pan! • Gnall of the Chicago Daily News accompanied the tpecial train to LiHe. wjille Bob Parker of Internatioual News Ser- tlie city Helping to tell the story of insolence pass without comment." American aid have been two pictorial supplements printed in the j Italian and French languages by , I! Progresso Halo-Americano in j I Local Nurses vice went to Rouen whare residents ot that shattered Col. Edwards, one of the jolliest (promptly made him an honorary Scotchmen whomever, cracked a citizen. joke is a guest at the Johnston, The one sour note was sounded "What alleys baffles me is, WHO docs the liatening:?" Jacob Hadley has taken to the i by Don Lowerv of the Paris Y. position ot chief cook at Louie ! M. C. A. who, when Mrs, Alice Per- Wandrei's restaurant. . Jklns of Fairchild publications vol- Mrs. Rosier. 66, fell la tlio yard .unteered to act as the friendship yesterday while fetching water ' spokesman at Arra*. refused to let and broke her right arm near the her speak. Mrs. Perkins had spent wrist. , ' her own -time and money journey- Minstrels to Give Show at Air Base The Logansport Shrine Minstrels will present their first show of 194S naxt Wednesday night at S o'clock at the Bunker Hill Naval Air Station Show PiUace, accord- ins to Ben Pennington, business manager of the group. The show is being- sponsored by the Bunker Hill First Baptist church, and all of the receipts will go-to the church's remodeling fund. traveled through the U- S! A. Various airlines. Sncftding TWA. Pan American. Air France and the Army Transport Command, patriotically volunteered to fly these booklets to Europe in order to get them here in time- Furthermore, they carried' them at considerable financial sacrifice since they had to throw off profitable Christmas cargoes. These picture stories, however, hive been most popular, especially in Italy where crowds To Get In Neuropsychiotry I ! I CHICAGO, Jan. 10—Miss Mildred i PHAROS-TRIBUNE COMPANY DnilT ™ tlnnn p Jonrnnl per n-rvk fc* rurrlert *'*—' fff 1 'n^" M jre«»7~o«tifc?r'lrniiSK'iVi*~ii»a""nilhIn Inrtl- ""«'""-" "«««-"«« ^""= "-( im'at iBtiaM. »J2-oo p«r ?e»r; All mull *nb«rii>- | week course. Following graduation! in luivnnce. ^_ ' ... .. ; they will r«iiirn to Englewood hoi- By «ir- By nnll In CUM. «•<• Mliiwl roniitlt*. ni r*ral roof.-, of Funkhouser and Miss Katliryn Spitznogle. both-ot route 3. Logansport, Ind.. will receive graduation certificates from the Illinois Xeuropsychiatrlc Institute on Tuesday, January 13, following the successful completion of a 12-week course in psychiatry, neurology, and neurological surgery. A total of 47 affiliate and cadet nurses Tvill receive certificates at graduation exercises at 10 a. m- Dr. John B. Youmans, dean of the University of Illinois college of medicine, will be the guest spelker. Miss Funkhouser and Miss Spitznogle received both, clinical and theoretical instruction in the 12- it»n ,~4j£5Hfcv^ Trl*o«« ««tnh»»fcr* JOOT ,.».«. HMMI.M IS!' V^lgP*,' ""M* -«««, rt ^ im l>nl<lliik«d rfNlir »<•'»« l«»*»y *7 Pfc«ro«-Trli»iiii« Con»»r BIT E»« Bho:irt«nr. I.«)m«*Vi»« l.dlnan. KaUMd »• ..•*»•« «!•»» *»««» •« «»• piMtofffrr nt Lominnport. Ind:, midrr the »rt nl )I«r«h 3; 7ST1). JIEilBEJl \L'IJIT Bt'KEUD Ol' Cin'JUI.ATlO.V A..VU VXITED TRESS ASSOCIATION , Chicago, to complete their training. The Illinois Xeurop*ychlatrlc Institute, located In the Medical Center District on Chicago's West Side, is operated jointly by Ihi University of 'Illinois,and.the;Ct*te Department of Public Welfare. "Aren't you coinf to »ay good nif ht to Mr. tnd Mr* • ••"- ' •-'" -'-- ••- Botta?" '- •"•' .' • •--:'•' •.•"•••

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