Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on April 20, 1951 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, April 20, 1951
Page 4
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,._ • Every Evening (Except Sunday) by TBOB NAUGATUCK NEWS CORP., NAUGATUCK, CONN. Telephones 2228 and 2229—All Departments Entered as second class matter at the post office in ..:' Naugatuck, Conn. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Payable In Advance i$onth $1.30 lYear $15.60 Member: American Newspaper Publishers' Ass'n.; N. E. Dally Newspaper Publishers' Ass'n,; Conn. Newspaper Publishers' Ass'n. • / - /;;; FRIDAY, APRIL 20, 1951 THE CLOCK -Three-, members of the'- newly- .organized . intermediate Luther League of the Iminanuel Lutheran 'church •will' present musical .entertainment at the state Luther league convention, "Life Service ilaily",' to be held in Norwich, , May 6. ..Michael Sharon will play ( the-accordion, Kathleen Schrader, violin and Jack Weiss, .piano. - Another church group i reported studying the possibility of a merger ... The Rev. Donald L. Kent, pastor of the Salem Lutheran church, tells us that currently the Augustana, Amreicaji, Evangelical and United Evangelical Lutheran churches and Luth- TFree i church are in Chicago dis- OtlMlng plans for a merger ... ,Mr. Kent Is.a delegate to the Au- (tutaria synodlcal convention to be held In Galesburg III., in Juno, when the matter will be discussed again. : - • - '.;".••• . Wednesday, April 25 is the regular meeting night for The Play- tnakers ...Jack Carr, FBI agent of the Waterbury office, will be guest speager . . .the session is scheduled for 8 :o'clock in St. Michael's parish house. At • least nr.e mother has a bright, idea for keeping the kid- dles in tow .. .while pushing the •baby, carriage containing the youngest one, the two, old enough to walk, . were seen in their "harnesses" tied to either «ide of the carriage. Oops ...'Wednesday was the anniversary. L of Paul Revere's famous .ride! ... The Ansonia fire alarm .box number 9 for the Grif- fln hospital will be tested today .(Friday) at 4 o'clock "simultane- lO'ugly with the Derby alarm, also box".?.... .ana ftremen;and residents In.'the- area• are , asked to take note, of .-the test .and test only. ' Mr». Ford Wulfeck called to tell us that a merit 'system job of assistant chef for a state institution Is available ... any Naugy veteran interested In said position IB ' asked to contact Mis. Wulfeck at the Service For Veteran* ^telephone 5137. i,"Japk ,Curtin of our Composing Room is sporting a close-cropped head of hair. ^ ; Last. 'Wednesday night the Y. &,<?.;*, gym was a strange looking and sounding place .. .At one end ••group of young people wore practising for the - Industrevue •how with various musical acts if£ Towards the ptherTend three stalwart men in briefs, led by Wes Cady were practicing gymnastics. .-.Each group ignored the other nicely. l ' The Garnet Gleam, high school paper, comes out on April 26... The first issue won a prize for makeup over a lot of competition. The high school is preparing its contestants for the coming third annual state debate meeting at UConn on May 12 ;..The discussion — Resolved: that the American people should reject the welfare state. ..Final entries will be announced when they are selected. Nice talking again to Sgt. Ray Carlson of the Naugatuck Police Department.. .Bay is back on the desk after having been hospitalized and recuperating at home a couple of weeks from surgery. Thanks ( to Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Matson, who send us a couple of papers from Bermuda—The Sunday Royal Gazette and the Mid- Ocean News. Candidate for Warden, George Fellows has started a red-hot program for election .He's passing out books of matches advertising his campaign. Ray Raker makes his new car do everything but talk ... We understand that Al Benz and Ralph Stotz 'have been having trouble with the Oxford road maps .. .Or was it Wolcott? Mrs. Jack Ashmore is home from the hospital and the young offspring will be coming home very shortly .; .Jack is still smoking those big cigars in celebration of the event. Mrs. Mary Fitzgerald and son, Jim, just can't wait for the dawn of Saturday.. .They'll ibe out fishing, as usual on the flrst day of the. season. ••'•'• Can't help but notice that the sidewalks near the' new Central avenue school are badly cracked and out of shape for being so new ,. ..If they were in front of our house we'd squawk but loud. Residents ^of Connecticut have already contributed nearly one and a half million dollars to the 100 million dollars worth of food and textile packages which have been distributed by CARE among the needy of a score of overseas countries during the past five years. Dr. Lawrence J. Shea of Waterbury is a member of the committee arranging speakers for the 86th annual convention of .the Conn. State Dental Association which opens in New Haven, April 25. Fireman First Class Donald W. Munger, of 44 Ward street, is serving aboard the TJSS White Marsh, Landing Ship Dock, .now making its recomnaisslonihg shakedown cruise to Hamilton Harbor, Bermuda Islands. Famous Sculpture answer to 7 rcvious Puzzle HORIZONTAL. 1,5 Depicted ' famous statue 8 Couch .12 Century plant 13 Puss 14 Musical instrument 15 Rodent 18 Unescorted IS.Aiterhoon social event 19 Area measure 20 Closest 22 "Tar Heel -State" (ab.) ?3,Storage pit 25 Wealthy ZTCIcatrix 28 Pain 29 Niton •(symbol) " 30 Mixed type 31 Exclamation 32 Percent (ab.) 33 Grade 85 Otherwise SB Always 39 Actual . 40 Iron (symbol) 41 Legislative .- bodies 47 Note of scale 48 Finish 70 Its sculptor . VERTICAL ,.lpisturt> 2 Visigoth king 3 Negative wor J 4 Down 5 Festive € Scent 7 Accomplished 8 Sheet (ab.) 9 Cereal 24 Woolly 44 Mine entranc 10 Its creator was 26 Pendant Ice 45 Baked clay —- 33 Directs 46 Half an em lllndian 34Thoroughfare 49Expire '16 An (Scot.) 36 Hail 51 United 17 Plural suffix 37 Purled up 53 North Dakotj 20 Cold gales 42 Suffix . (ab.) . _ 21 Fur hunters 43 Mouth ulcer 55 To (preBx) . &VPrepo»ition 82 Spoil 54 Unit of wire •measurement 88 Poker .stake 8* Plant t7Qod4ws of Infatuation + JACOBY ON BRIDGE + By OSWALD JACOBY Written for NEA Service Unorthodox Bidding Puts Foe Off Track When Sam Fry, Jr., and Peter Leventritt won the Eastern States pair championship recently they showed that teaching orthodox bidding methods at the Card School hasn't -made them forget how to hornswoggle their opponents with a change of pace. Sam held the North cards of the hand shown today, and decided to make a psychic bid of one no- trump. Pete's , response of two NORTH 463 ¥1073 20 'WEST #AKQ10742 " . ..... EAST . 4k Q' 108 4 VKQ84 ITAJfl > A 98 81 .;.., 4QJ107 #98 #J5 SOUTH (D) AAKJ7 V952 • K532 #63 E-W vul. South West ! North East Pass Pass 1N.T. Pass 2 # Pass Pass Pass Opening lead— # 9 clubs was the Stayman Convention, asking the opening bidder to show a biddable major if he had one. , "Is that Stayman?" asked West. "Yep," said Pete. "Normal no- trumps?" continued - West. "Uh- huh," nodded Pete. Meanwhile Fry tried not to break out in. a cold sweat. Leventritt had no way of knowing that the opening bid was a psychic, so his answers to West's questions were perfectly unsuspecting and honest. Eventually West parsed, and Fry passed with a dead pan. East now realized that there was a strong smell ol herring in the air, but he couldn't: think of any safe action to take. So he passed also, and Leventritt found himself, playing the hand with two little trumps in his own hand and seven solid trumps in the dummy. The defenders could have taken four tricks in the' : red suits if they had been quick about it, but they got off . to a poor start with a trump lead. This gave Leventritt a- chance to draw two rounds of trumps and take the spade finesse. When this finesse held, Leventritt won 10 tricks, for a top score. ' I, sometimes' wonder i whether, the boys teach all these fancy tricks to their pupils. CARD- SENSE . Q—With both, sides vulnerable your partner deals and bids one no-trump. The next player doubles. You hold: Spades J-3, Hearts 9-7-5, Diamonds A-Q-J-9-6-4-2, Club 8. What do you do? A—Redouble. If your partner stays in no-trump, your diamonds should guarantee the contract. If ,the opponents run to spades or clubs you will probably have to go on in no-trump (or possibly diamonds). TODAY'S QUESTION With both sides vulnerable your partner deals and bids one no- trump. The next player doubles You hold: Spades J-3, Hearts 9-T-5, Diamonds 9-7-6-4-3-2, Clubs 8-2. What do you do? Answer Tomorrow What's Right? You have a beauty shop appoint- •ment at 11 o'clock. ; _, WRONG: Feel it doesn't matter if you arrive ten or fifteen minutes late for your appointment. ,; RIGHT: Realize.that one late customer can throw a busy operator behind on her appointments for .the remainder of the day. ON CANASTA By JSDWEV-P. JORDAN, St D. Written for NEA Service How To Dominate Discard ONCE' your, side gets control of he .discard pile your primary ob- ective" is••' jtb. retain this control hroughout a long and pleasant land.; The opponents will try to J this control-, and they have three nipthods at their disposal. ' The method , is to meld out and sSnd> you?•. • picnic.x You cannot weyent this, but you don't have .o help them. The way most people help h them- is, by* taking too i;,discard .piles once they iave;es£abiisjied-controi. This gives the opponents more draws from the stock'and more "chance to improve ihelr'- handsi'; Remember that as long as ; th« v dlscara pile is not going to get away from .you there is rib hurry about taking^ it. The second "way they have to Dfeak your control is to freeze the pile. If you-rush to meld everything possible, -'. your side will be down to a few cards and the opponents will be able to freeze the pile. Thereupon you will not take the discard pile any more that hand. When you have control of the discard pile you should hold up your meldable cards until the opponents are about to go out. Once they appear to be .close to out you should get your melds dowon. The pacty'is over and you want to score what you can. The third defense is for one of the opponents to grab the discard pile. If you and your partner play carefully there is very little chance of this happening. When it does, they have disrupted your squeeze. Q—What is meant by melds "of the same rank" in the official laws? I am told that you cannot make separate melds in the same rank, but .this is not clear to me. A*-Cards of the same rank are those that bear the same number or the same picture. For example, al king-s are of the same rank, or all nines, and so on. A seven and a six are of two different ranks. The meaning of the law is that you cannot have two separate melds of kings (for example). If you ac cidentally put down a meld of three kings when you already have a meld of kings : on the tqble, you must add the two. melds together and make them a combined meld. Are you sure on the latest meld rules? It's easy to look them up and' be certain when you have a copy of Jacoby's 1951 INTERNATIONAL LAWS OF CANASTA. For your copy of this COMPLETE rule book,, send 15 cents In coin with your name and address to Oswald Jacoby, Naugatuck Dally News, P. O, Box 438, Times Square Station, Neiv York 18, N. Y. DO YOU REMEMBER? One Year Ago ONE YEAR AGO Naugatuck -High school, class of 1940, held an anniversary reunion at the American Brass Country club. Ann Tvasauskas was elected president of the U. S. Rubber company Girls' Inter-department Bowling league during the 14th annual banquet of the league at Paradise Inn. $0 Years Ago Mrs. J. A. Macmullen, Winslow court 'was hostess at her home for a meeting of the Fidelity Bible Class. Louis deary, Bridgeport, spent the week-end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cleary, Bradley street. VETERANS There's a TIME LIMIT ON G. I. Training. Register for June 25 Term. POST JUNIOR COLLEGE 24 Central Ave. Tel.. 4-8772 Waterbury + Questions and Answers Q—What is AmWtc*'* number one fish in volume ofj productionT- A—Menhaden, v America's num- ser one fish m volume of produe; tlon, is seldom used afi food, it 1» used almost v exclusively in the manufacture of oils, meals' and fish solubles.. •' ' > • Q—Why Is tt sometime* Mid that Calvin CooUdg* wa» not legally president for the flnt *Sx months? A — The story gops that six months after Coolldge had been sworn in by his father, as a Justice of the Peacr-- it was,;discovered that the senior Coolldge's license had expired prior, to the time he administered the presidential oath to his aon. The oath was readmin- Istcred and official ' Washington 1 went bade to work, f r Q—What wan the<*lnt rogvlar newspaper in North America? A—;On April' 17, 17041 John Campbell issued The Boston News Letter, a/ weekly halfsheet, folio. This was the first regular newspaper in North America. It lasted 72 years. It had one predecessor, Publick Occurrences, 1690, but that was suppressed, after orie-isue, hence, did not qualify as a newspaper. Q—What food adds lime to the body? A — Milk is the chief food for lime. Lack of lime in the diet causes soft teeth and poor bones. Q — In what country waa the cangue once used as a form of punishment? A—This is a heavy wooden collar or yoke, worn around the neck. which was formerly used In China as a punishment for convicts. ' We Have Your T.Y.SET —See Us— The Music Shop — everything musical — |S8 CHURCH ST. PHONJt OKI + THE DOCTOR ANSWERS By EDWIN P. JORDAN, M. D. Written for NEA Service Some Symptoms Are Purely Imaginary— Not Easy For The Doctor To Deal With . It is sometimes difficult to tell whether a complaint is real or imaginary. The first two questions today fall in that group. Q—For the past three months I v$ practically ceased sleeping. When I retire I close my eyes and as far as I know I do not sleep at all. The next morning I feel, fairly rested. What do you advise? Jack. A—There are many people who are wakeful a good part of the night and yet who actually sleep more than they think they do. The" fact that you feel rested in the morning suggests that this may be true in this case. If you could arrange it, you might have another man watch you during the night to see if you do not sleep. Anyway, if you feel rested in the morning the apparent lack ol sleep is: apparently doing no serious harm. Q—Name a few things which could be wrong with a person who stings air over'.when walking or doing anything. A. D. A—In the absence of any break- big out on the skin or other obvious cause this is certainly a puzzler. It suggests a mental difficulty more than a physical one. Q—Is auricular fibrillation serious? My friend who has it weighs over 200 pounds. Would reducing the weight help? J.E.L. A—Auricular fibrillation is a condition in which the heart beats irregularly. It/ must be classified as serious, though when properly tested it often, goes on for years and years without causing heart failure. . . Too much fat obviously gives the heart more work to do than necessary so it is usually desirable to maintain a normal weight. Any reduction in the presence of heart disease, however, .should be carried out under the doctor's direction. Q—The same parents have three children two of whom have high I.Q. tests. The third has an I.Q. of 65. What could cause the difference? Is there anything that could be done to better the condition? A.P. ; A—No one knows why differences of this sort should occur. There are usually differences between the intelligence of different children within the same family but seldom as much as this. It must probably be considered an accident. Unfortunately there is nothing to do which would- raise the I.Q. of this subnormal child: Some experiments with glutamic acid for, this purpose are going on but it Is too soon to .know just what this will accomplish. '.. Q—We have a. 15-year-old girl who has had brief spells of loss of memory since she was two years old. These leave her pale and weak. She has not outgrown them as we hoped. Could this be a. form of epilepsy? C.R. A—It is possible that these attacks are a form, of epilepsy of a mild type known as petit mat. If this is the case the outlook Is pretty good, especially with the im-< proved drugs which are now available. It would be desirable to make sure, however, and this could almost be done with the aid of this cncephalograph. This instrument measures the electrical waves in the brain. NOTE ON QUESTIONS Dr. Jordan is unable to answer directly individual questions from readers. However, once a week, in this "Q & A" column he will answer the most interesting • and the most frequently asked questions received during the- week. APRIL, 15 TO 21 IS NATIONAL WANT AD WEEK " ." ••'. v ; ' r ;..;' ', '--. -THE /'• ••-.'•'. :" •••• NAUGMUCK DAILY NEWS CAN HELP YOU, AND IT'S SO JEA3Y ? to Phoite 2228 ~~~ Ask For The Classified Department And State Your Wants Everybody Reads The WANT ADS So, when you place an ad in the NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS you are sure to get the best results because the News ads are read by everyone in our community. ... ,. n "News" classified ads are the market place of the people in Naugatuck, Beacon Falls, Union City and other nearby areas. PHONE YOUR AD IN NOW COMES IN SPRING WHEN MOST EVERYONE IS WATCHING THE WANT ADS TO BUY WHAT YOU DON'T WANT. The Cost Is Small, The Service Satisfactory The Results Profitable ^ ; • --' -' - - • USE WANT ADS —to recover lost articles —to sell or buy an automobile • —to tell of business or professional services you offer —to secure the right kind of help —to get a job or a better one —to sell merchandise, poultry, vehicles or live stock—to rent your rooms or find one —to sell your house or farm Or buy one —to make any kind of exchange A 3 Line Ad To Run 3 Days, Will Cost Only 90c WANT WAM7 AD WEEK Phone your ad in early Our deadline is 3 o'clock today for tomorrow's paper. Naugatuck DAILY Phone 2228

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