Arkansas City Daily Traveler from Arkansas City, Kansas on September 16, 1922 · Page 3
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Arkansas City Daily Traveler from Arkansas City, Kansas · Page 3

Arkansas City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 16, 1922
Page 3
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NEWS IN GENERAL -ID ' - - n " . -.-: . J? J- TODAY IN VAUDEVILLE , , "Hyland, Grant & Hyland. A trio of musicians coming diret from Kansas City and going from here to Tulsa. THE PICTURE Lionel Barrymore in "THE GREAT ADVENTURE." Told mainly with chuckles but sometimes a sob. c Matinee 10c & 20c Evening 10c & 25c Card of Thanks. We wish to, thank our many friends for the comfort and kindness during the sickness and death of our beloved husband and father, also for the' beautiful floral offerings. Mrs. W. H. Hoback, children and relatives. It ALWAYS A GOOD SHOW Continuous rrom 1:00 to 11:00 p.n - TODAY Pete Morrison in "Crosing Trails" v Cartoon Comedy f "Tarzan" - 5 MONDAY" " Alice Brady "Red Head" Also Vaudeville By the Associated Press) Chief of Stall. Dublin, Sept. 16. (A. P.) Major General John McMahon Jhaaf been appointed chief of staff of the Free State army. He succeeds Richard Mnlcahy, who held tho combined losts of minister ot defense, chief of staff and commander in chief of the army. Rain at Emporia. Emporia, Sept. 16 Two inches of rain fell here last night, the heaviest precipitation since last summer. Adopt Seven Prayers. Portland, Oregon, Sept. 16 The house of deputies in the last night session of the convention in two hours of animated discussion last night adopted seven prayers, i A sharp attack was made on .proposed prayer for a legislature and after an amendment had been voted, the house reconsidered and accepted the prayer proposed by the prayer book commission wftfli a (slight change. There was a sbmp conflict of opinion on a prayer for memorial ' day also. f , Theatre Granted Charter. Topeka, Sept. 16 -The Standard Theatre company of Wichita, capitalized at $100,000, was granted a charter today, The Pleasantop Cemeter Endowment association, a $250,000 capital, was also given o charter. Dardanelles Vital-Issue. ' . London, Sept. 16. (A P.) The British government has adopted th attitude that the effectiva. ana permanent freedom, of the Dardanelles is a vital necessity, for the sake ot which it is prepared to make exertions, it was authoritatively stated this" afternoon. Big Rain at Junction City. Junction City, Sept. 16 Two ani one half inches of rain fell here during the night following one of the most severe electric storms ever experienced here. Two bolts of light rdng struck the B. Rockwell Mer chandise and Grain company store one starting a fire that was confined to the elevator shaft and did little damage, and the other splintering a wooden flagpole, hurlinf bits of it a distance of a block. To Issue Mortgage Bonds. Washington, Sept. 16 The Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis, was authorized today by the interstate commerce commission to issue $2,499,000 of general mortgage four ier cent gold bonds to be held, subject to furthjer orders of the commission. LEGION AUXILIARY MEETIN(T Marks Opening of Fair Activity by the Local Unit 'Admission to all J Y ioc-STRAND-ioc Richard Talmadge m 99 "Taking Chances Comedy "Bashful Blacksmith" MONDAY Conway Tearle "Af ter Midnight" Comedy 10c ;5?& 10c SilverdaJei News IMrs. William' Utt has -returned from Wanette here she visited her daughter and family. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Hackley J. M. Hackley and Mrs. L L Laurance attended the funeral of Mrs E. B. Stark at Ponca City Thursday. Mrs. Hazel Smith at Othe is visiting her sister, Mrs. B. M. Smith. Mrs, Minnie Engles of Vinton is visiting at J. N. Pointer's, on a return trip from Tulsa, Okla., where she has taken the little Moore children and their mother to live in the future. ' '.,'' . - W. P. Clemens of Kaw City is visiting his daughter, Mrs. J. N. Pointer. ' . . ,'s ! Mr. and Mrs. 1. Ferguson of Kaw Cfty visited at J N. Pointer's home, Sunday. : iMiss Wilma Jeaa, granddaughter, of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Beaty is on the sick list.. . Mr3. Adrain Bexty of Apperson was called here on account of the illness of her father, Wm. Hobach. Mrs. Jim Lowrie has gone to Arkansas City to be with Mary and Laran who are attending school there. Mrs. Hugh Brackage of Newkirk, Okla.. visited her parents, Mr.and Mrs It. Vickery over Sunday. Mrs. E. B. Starke Aunt of John Hackley died very suddenly "Wednesday, Sept. 13th. Her funeral was held at Ponca City. Mrs. Wesley Walker is living at Arkansas City at present. Tho picnic held -on Grouse creek by the Ladies Aid Tuesday was en-enjoyed by all who attended. Those present were the Mesdames Harry Hocknbury, Pord Vickery, Warren, Lish Acton, Moore Larrance, Smith, Jenkln and Lidia Mayer of, Stillwater, Okla. Wm. Hoback who was operated on last Friday at Geuda Springs for appendicitis, died Wednesday night. J. W. Mills of west of Silverdaie suffered a stroke of paralysis Tuesday. Mrs. J. Moore and Harry Moore went to Red Rock, Okla., to attend the funeral of Mrs. I. Allison. Mrs. B. F. Silars of Maxville is vis-ising her daughter, Mrs Floyd Deen. Clyde Moore and wife from Arkansas City called . on Ed Moore and family Tuesday. Adrain Beaty of Apperson is here to attend the funeral of his father-in law, Wm. Hoback. Bulah Beaty of Arkansas City is here to visit her father and attend the funeral of Wm. Hobach. Firemen are Burned. Dallas, Texas, Sept. 16 FIvj firemen were overcome by smok! and heat and another seriously burned iby blazing credsote in a fire which practically destroyed the sin story warehouse of , the . Interstate Forwarding company -here early today. After three hours fighting ot the fire, which started among furniture stored on the second floor firemen announced the blaze war under control. Early estimate? placed the loss at from $150,000 to $200,000. Celebrate Turkish Massacre. Constantinople, .?. 16. (A. P ) -Renewed celebrations were held throughout Asia Minor yesterday to mark th,e sweeping Turkish vic: tory over the . Greeks Friday is Turkish Sunday, and the entiro The American Legion Auxiliary met last night and transacted much business of interest. This meetin? hiarks the opening of fall activities-for the local unit, after a period of inactivity during the summer months. The report of the corresponding secreti v included a call for the na tional convention to be held in New Orleans, Oct. 16 to 20. The report of the membershir committf showed nineteen new members taken in since the adjournment in May, making a tota' of 162 members paid up in full fo1 1922. The report of the welfare com-Mnittee,, on work done during the summer for disabled soldiers, show fed such articles as pajamas, yarr and other necessaries, sent to U. S hospitals. One electric fan was sen to the sanitarium at Norton, am' eookies were sent to Leavenworth besides other local aid given to sol diers' families. The president, Mrs Georoge Ndr ris, gave a talk on'", ritual cere Moslem population ceased its wont ed pursuits and repaired to the mones, which were discussed an1 Mosqu to offer prayers of thanks-! adopted by the local unit, Mrs. Theodore BeumeleT was ap pointed by the president to fill th' vacancy made by the resignation o' Mrs. Stanley Spencer, as secretary Mrs. Erma Red was present ant1 outlined her plan for sponsoring r Legion library. Mrs. W. M. Stry-ker and Miss Mary Hume were ap giving to Allah. For the first time since 1453 when the Turks captured Constantinople, the sultan went to the tomb, of Mohammed, the conqueror, in Stamboul, and paid homage to the memory of his illustrous predecessor. Several miles of exulting and jubilant Turks with flaming flags, lined the streets an i j pointed to act with Mrs. Hume ii watched their sovereign pass. He miadti the trip in 4 an American limousine. Asked to Stop Turks. London, Sept. 16. (A. P.) The British government addressing Ru mania, Jugo-Slavia and Greece, is i brown calf.- furthering her plans for the library Mrs. Red reports the first donatior for the library, to be given by Ms J. E. BrocV, through her daughter Mrs. " Gr-artro Probst, the donatior consists 24 volumes of thf Rncyclopeflia Britannica bound in asking their participation- in an ef fective defense of the neutral zone it was learned officially today. Great Britain also has invited her dominions to be represented by contingents in the defense of those interests, for which they have already made enormous sacrifices, it was also authoritatively stated. ; QUASH INDICTMENT . Pollock Holds All Indictments Against Robertson Defective Wichita, Kan., Sept. 16- One day session of federal court held Friday by Judge John C. Pollock for the purpose of hearing questions of law before the fall term opens a week from next Monday, was 'feateured by the court sustaining a demurrer quashing all indictments against Or. rin Robertson, aged 60, of Kansas City, charged with concealment of property in a bankruptcy case in 1916. ' Judge Pollock held that all indictments against Robertson were defective, because two of them failed to specify the owner of the property which Roberts was accused of concealing. The indictments also failed to show where the alleged conspiracy took place, the court said. The indictments were returned in 1916. For nearly six years afterward Robertson was a fugitive from justice. He was arrested last April as he was about to cross the Canadi. an border. He was conducting a sanitarium at Arkansas City at the time he was adjudged bankrupt. n Thirty Days Has September s to And -V, t Four Wash Dav Remember Have Just the same i i t 11- i t All the Rest Except the Woman, Who at Nine Puts Her iy WasheH Clothes oh the Line This month $5.00 down and 56.60 per month n ii I! S: 0 i I-I Kansas Gas and Electric to DAY CALLS - t NIGHT CALLS Phone Plant 118 These ladies hope to establish p very fine library of the best books for Shelton Beaty post. The Arkansas City unit of the auxiliary boasts of having the youngest member of the American Legion Auxiliary, in that Ida Laura recently arrived baby at tat Shumate home, at the age of one minute, made application, through her parents,' for membership in tru national organization. A letter from Emma Hado'rn, de 'partment secretary at Topeka, wa read, which contained the following comment on. this baby incident: "I agree with you that the little mtsr has an unusual opportunity vto de; velop into a tone hundred per cent American citizen. The account of her early membership is very interesting, and I now ask you to please make a news article of this for the Kansas legionnaire." . ... The auxiliary was favored with a piano selection by little Eva Gean-etta Boger, aged 10 years, who if "a pupil of Mrs. Druley. The little pianist graciously, responded to an encore. She came with her moth-'er, seven miles from the country, to be present at this meeting. Mrs. Jimmie Woods sang a vocal solo entitled "Marionetta." which was very pleasing. At the closing hour Mrs. Edna Craig and Mrs. L. H. Carter served punch and macaroonsf Adjournment was taken to meet on the 6th of October ALL OVER A MILK BOTTLE But The Milk Bottle Contained Choc Beer Instead of Milk. Will Smith, negro has a sore head today because he tried to break, a milk bottle in the presence. of night officer, J. H. Atteberry. last night. The officer used his cqjrvincer to subdue the unrul ynegro, rapping him on the head.. The trouble all started over the fact the bottle contained choc beer instead of milk. Smith was in an automobile when he tried to destroy the "evidence". He tried to break the bottle on the fender of the car, but the bottle refused to break. He spilled most of the con tents before the officer could get the bottle from him. but enough was saved to use as evidence in the case. Smith save his address as being 6 02 North E. street, "Dark town." but the arrest was made at 514 East Cedar avenue. He 1$ charged with having liquor in possession and also selling liquor. He was put in the city jail to await court action today.. In making this arrest. Officer Atte-berrv set a trap for his man and he walked Into it. This is Smith's second offense, officers say. Home With New Cars. James Clough, Arthur Post, Leland Bittle. Carl -Bell, representatives ot the Newman Motor Co., and K. F. Smith, i of Cedarvale, returned last eight from a trip to Kansas . City from which place they drove home four new Chevrolet cars for the company here. They. report a fine. trip' - c - - -- ': ,,,. , -i H alf Fordoilen tMdJerSs in Hisiory- A slight iifF beiween ; - Alexander ihz Great and Darius "Heaven cannot support two suns, nor Asia two kings! It was after the battle of Arbela in 331 B. C. Alexander the Great was the speaker and his words were said to Darius of Persia. Arbela was one of the decisive battles of the world: Alexander with 40,000 Greeks had cut to pieces the Persian army of 200,000. And now Darius who, the morning before, had proudly boasted that he ruled the world, was suing for peace at the hands of the great Alexander who wanted to rule the world. Darius offered the great Greek half of Asia as the price. It was then that Alexander made his famous speech quoted above, and thereby turned the course of history. The point we desire to stress is that in his laconic way, Alexander had voiced a principle which has always been true, and upon which your electric light and power company is operating today. It is the old, old truth that a Man, a Country or a Corporation cannot serve two masters. Kansas Gas and Electric Company serves but one master the Public. Our one excuse for existence is to serve that Public to the very best of our ability, in furnishing it with light and power. You know how true is the old saying: "A lie travels farther and faster than the truth." It makes no difference whether it is an intentional or an unintentional lie it hurts just the same. Both combine to tear down a service which means everything to the community in prosperity, growth and convenience. When anyone of the countless individuals of the Public comes home and touchesva button, we must have electricity on tap, to answer that touch with a flood of light. We must be prepared to give all the power and light our customers want at the time of the "peak load" those periods at the close of day and at dawn when everybody seems to want light or power at once and to maintain our equipment capable of giving this service, even though at some other periods not one-tenth as much power is required. It is to our interest to serve the public but it is to the Public's interest to help the utility in its service by honest, open-minded co-operation. Your co-operation determines our ability to serve. Misunderstandings and lack of "team-work" hinder us in our service. Study the problems of the electric light and power company. Your team-work will bring you returns in service satisfaction. Kansas Gas and Electric Company "At Your Service" A 2 I And no trouble experienced oa the s i rutuxa coae - . - - 3pr Jt ft .fr : r -X .p4Bily J 4fc & & m . -

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