The News-Herald from Franklin, Pennsylvania on June 21, 1951 · Page 7
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The News-Herald from Franklin, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Franklin, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 21, 1951
Page 7
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THE NEWS-HJtftALD. FKANK.Llir AND UL CITY, -PA THURSDAY. JUNE 21, 1931. PAG2 S3VEI WASHINGTON MERRY-GO ROUND By DREW PEARSON. WASHINGTON The ladies of the Air Force are getting more and more wrathy over Jacqueline Cochran's report that tne YVafs aren t glamorous or shapely. Miss Cochran, who is the wife of Wall Street financier Floyd Odium, but who operates a cosmetic business on her own, has submitted a con fidential report to Air Force Chief Gen. Hoyt Vandenberg, describing the Wafs as "tattered," "bedraggled" and even "cross-eyed." To say that this has the ladies of the Air Force in a hair-pulling mood is putting it mildly. They have retaliated by calling Miss Cochran "Stonewall Jacky," and even go so far as to suggest that since her husband, as head of Consolidated-Vultee, manufactures the B-36, Miss Cochran should not have been called into the Air Force even-for consultation. Stuart Symington, when secre- j tary for air, w a s criticized by certainly anything but a credit to some Navy men because he spent the Air Force in the present non-one night at the ranch of Floyd i uniform clothing they are forced Udlum and Jacky Cochran. Navy , t0 wear." men have claimed that orders for the B-36 came out of this visit Now the irate WAFS are digging up the B-36 all over again A new shakeup in the WAFS has just taken place as a result of Miss Cochran's "glamor" report, ana Miss Mary Jo Shelly of Ben-ineton College. Vt.. has reDlaced WAF commander, Col. Geraldine May, who opposed Miss Cochran's conclusions. However, the furor continues. What Jacky Said. Miss Cochran came into the Air Force on temporary duty to advise General Vandenberg. and submitted her report from Lack land Air Base. Texas. Though Jacky's general conclusions leak ed out and spread like wildfire among the WAFS, her report has never been published and only a few top WAFS have seen it. This column, however, has obtained a copy. "It is estimated that about one-third of all the enlisted personnel that have been indoctrinated at Lackland are not fit material," she summed up bluntly. "I personally came across a WAF who was approximately 4 feet, 9 inches tall, and who admittedly weighed 134 pounds. This is far too much weight for the height, but what is even worse, she is very much out of proportion as to bodily profile, and in addition, she is cross-eyed. i "And I was informed that this type of error has been duplicated many times," she added in horror. Miss Cochran's opinion of WAF officer candidates was no higher. More "Bodily Profile" Miss Cochran suggested that WAFS should be at least 61 inches tall, but not more than 72 inches. In order that they appear more ladylike, she also suggested abolishing the 30-inch marching step. But most important, she stressed "bodily profile." . "Whatever difference is allowed over or below the standard weight should be based upon the bone structure, the distribution of weight and the muscle tone of the applicant," she laid down the standards for shapeliness. . Stress should be given in recruiting literature to the physical profile required for applicants to the WAF." : Miss Cochran also insisted something must be done about WAF clothing. . "I have seen several hundred of the WAFs at Lacklanad, and they are the most tattered, bedraggled persons I have ever seen in the service," she complained. "The fatigue uniforms which were being worn by the trainees; at Lackland were of at least six different' varieties, and were exceedingly poor in appearance and unattractive. These WAFs are In fact. Miss Cochran urged that "no further recruiting should be done of WAFs until adequate clothing not only in dress uniforms but in fatigue uniforms is procured." ' "The Wafs should be equal to the best among the women's services," she pleaded. "It should be our aim to make them the best. But," she added sorrowfully, "they are not sc now." Miss Cochran suggested giving all women recruits a physical screening, then sending home at government expense those who failed to measure up to specifications. "If the above is accepted," she argued, "it is believed that the Air Force will be able to cut down materially the misfits that are now getting into the program at the recruiting level." Isolated Women. Miss Cochran was also horrified over the small number of WAF's assigned to some outposts. "It is believed that to have one enlisted WAF assigned to Greenland and two to England is wrong," she advised, "just as it is wrong to send one WAF to a station like Douglas, Arizona, which just recently occurred. There were no facilities available, and the commanding officer was very much disturbed." Stressing again that "bone structure, bodily profile, personal grooming and general t deport ment should be taken into ac count "in order to get a smart-looking group," Miss Cochran wound up her report with the significant comment that "all of the Air Force generals whom I have consulted in the field approve my recommendations, herein contained, as minimums." However, General Vandenberg lowered Miss Cochran's mini-mums slightly. For example, he : thought 60 inches was tall enough for WAFs. instead of 61 inches. But he agreed that the WAFs should be more attractive, should also be more feminine and give up such men's jobs as mechanics, truck-drivers and grease monkeys. Note Before Miss Cochran left Lackland Field, she had the WAF's reporting for KP duty in neckties and skirts, and added a four-week course in grooming to their basic training. Small Business filibuster. The late Huey Long, father of Louisiana's Sen. Russell Long, set one of the top records for a Senate filibuster. He talked for 15 hours, second only to the elder La Fol-lette's 18-hour filibuster against war with Germany. Now young Senator Long has a filibuster which will win him the support of many senators. He plans to "talk at length" against the McCarran-Johnson "basing point" bill which would overrule the Supreme Court and restore the "Pittsburgh plus" cost system. This is a system wherby certain industries, such as cement and steel, charge the same price no matter where their factories are located, and no matter what the cost of transportation. When the Supreme Court ruled this out, McCarran of Nevada and Johnson of Colorado introduced legislation to overrule the court. On the other hand, the Senate champions of small business Ke-fauver of Tennessee, Sparkman of Alabama, Douglas of Illinois and Humphrey of Minnesota will vigorously support Russell Long. 8:00 10:00 10:30 11:00 Television WUTV PI I I SRI RGB . . Thondi? M 5:00--Fun With Fay. 5:li Happy f Party. 5:30 Howd lKd 6:00 Viflro Adwrm.res. 6:30 Ed Wood, News. 6:45- -SuppeJ Time. 7:00 Captain Video. 7:: -News and Sport. 7:45 Pitt Parade 7:55 VI? Quit 8:00 Burns and Allen 8:30 Stop the Music 9 00 Plipry Queen 9:30 Blind Date 10:00 Feature Film 11:00- Case of Eddie Drake. 11:30- Allan Young. 12:00 News. 12:05 Coining Attractions. FrMai 10:00 Test Pattern. 11:00 Cases of Eddie Drake. 11:30 Alan Young. 12:00 News. 12:05 Coming Attraction!. 11:30 Studio Control 12:00 Neighborhood News. 12:10 Studio Control 12:30 Johnny Olson Rumpus Room. 1:00 First Hundred Years 1:15 Kay's Kitchen. 1:45 Sun Spotllte 2:00 Variety Resort. 2:30 Movie Time. 5:00 Miss Susan. 3:15 Film. 3:30 Best Parks. 4:00 Kate Smith Show 5:00 Faye Emerson. 5:15 Happy's Party. 5:30 Cisco Kid 8:00- Video Adventure 6:30 News. 6:45 Supper Time 7:00 Captain Video. 7:30 News. Sports. 7:45 Pitt Parade IAS a Qnis l:M Mams 1:38 You Asked For It. a0 Pulitzes Pits Playnoos. 18:00 Cavalcade as Stars 1148- Encore 11:38 News WJAC Johnsuwa Channel 13 Than M. 5:00 Space Cadet 5:15--Corjemaugh Valley News. 5:30- Howdy Doody 6:00 Sagebrush Trail. 6:3a The Lone Ranger 7:00 Kukla. Fran and Ollie. 7:30 John Conte's Uttle Sbow. 7:45 News Caravan Stop the Music Alan Young Show. Big town Martin Kane. Holiday Hotel Broadway Open House 12:00- Preview Friday 1:25- New? Summary -1:30- To Be Announced. 1:00- Garry Moore Show. 2:30- First Hundred Years. 2:45 Home is Happiness. 3:00 Miss Susan 1:15- Guest in Youi Home. J:30 Bert Parks Show 4:00 Kate Smith hSow 5:00- -Conemaugh Valley News. 5:15- Gabby Haver Show. 5:30- Howdy Doody 6:00- -Sagebrush Trail 6:30- -Supper Club. 6:45 Top Views tn Sports. 7:00--Kukla. Fran and Ollie. 7:30- -Showroom 7:45- News Caravan. 1:00 (Jim Kids. 8:30-We. The People. 9:00-Big Story 8:30- Henry Morgan ShoL 10:00 Sportsreel. 10:30 Greatest Fights of Century. 11:00 Sheilah Graham. TREASURY BALANCE ' WASHINGTON UP The U. S. Treasury balance as of June 19 was $5,684,964,939.53. Near East nativps ripvelnnerl mechanized artillery by placing a small swivel cannon nr rum. booruk, on the back of a camel. A worker in ealvanized iron, or a tinsmith, is known as a white smith. I U Shop for the best financing plan when you buy a new car By all means investigate our low-cost auto loan plan. You may save money. THE EXCHANGE DANK and TRUST CO. FRANKLIN. PA. Member of f.D.LC. GENUINE SLIPPY PLAY SHOES Jffl children Plenty of Colors & Combinations BROWN S BOOT SHOP V ' ft SPETHS PRODUCE PHONE 1587 Halibut Steak ..... :;lt 55e Leaf Lettuce . . . .lb. 19c Coffee Bags for Instant Coffee . . 7 oz. jar 55c We have Scallops, Lobster Tails, Shrimp & Frog Legs. uft5 tin ft tomntiu HURRY! HURRY! HIIRRYI FRANKLIN, PA. w ..m m . 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LADIES' ROBES CHENILLE JERSEY CORDUROY 7 Only, $2 and $4 Sub Teen Coats 5.00 2 Only Girls' Coats $5.00 5 Only Girls' Suits $3.00 5 Only Ladies' Suits $7.00 BROKEN LOTS AND SIZES ' CORSETS V 3.00 SHOP PENNEY'S AND SAVE! r 1254 STREET LIBERTY PRESCRIPTION DRUG STORE A White Rain NEW Lotion Shampoo byToni 60c & 1.00 PHOTO FINISHING 24 HOUR DEVELOPING & PRINTING All Work Guaranteed GENERAL ELECTRIC SYLVANIA FLASH BULBS 1 1 W It Only $1.69 WITH SHOULDER STRAP A Hudnut Home Permanent Refill for Children 1.75 7 8-INCH ZERO ELECTRIC FAN Special $3.98 $16.95 G-E OSCILLATING 10-INCH FAN $14.95 $2.69 POLAROID DAY GLASSES Filter reflected glut. Give comfortable virion without detail-obicuriDf dank. Protect your eyet from fatiguing reflected glare. ONLY 89 c A 1.00 Gladstone Double Deck CANATSA CARDS U. S. Rubber Co. Swim and Beach Needs HOWLAND . 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