The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on June 20, 1943 · Page 42
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 42

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 20, 1943
Page 42
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1 -- BROOKLYN EAGLE, SUNDAY, JUNE 20. 1943 A7 Band Concerts to Open At Floral Park June 29 Floral Park, June 19 Band concerts on the Sewanhaka High School field will be opened with a concert Tuesday, June 29, according to Charles Hill, director. Nine concerts are planned, ending Aug. 24. A varied program of American music, popular songs, war fongs, overtures, novelty and symphonic selections will be played. Several instrumental and vocal soloists will be heard. These include Laura Lemmfrt and Don Lyons, soloists in the recent performance of "Pinafore" at Sewanhaka, and Jack Heilshorn, cornetist. a f .71" , vs y . - v ASBI RT PARK, N. J. MOST CONVENIENT Home's Crippled Girl Scouts Boast Corking V Garden A vigorous "Eggshell Victory Garden" is among the projects of 14 handicapped Girl Scouts, formed March 28, 1943, at the Convalescent Home for Hebrew Children, 110-06 Ocean Promenade, Rockaway Park. Radish, carrot, onion and other vegetable seeds were planted in some 75 eggshells early in April, "to get a beat on the season." It was each girl's responsibility to care for her own dozen embryo plants and to transplant them outside. Meeting regularly each Thursday with their leader, Mrs. Paul Davis, and Mrs. George Lipsitz, registered nurse, the Girl Scouts, all crippled and five of them victims of infantile paralysis, engage in various activities. Each week brings some new project. Cooking parties give the girls a touch of the homelife that many of them, because of the awkwardness of getting around on crutches, had not experienced. A brightly colored, knitted afghan for Russian War Relief is nearing completion, and the girls also prepared surgical dressings for the Cancer Committee. In June they participated with I SEASHORE RESORT pWecf for Your 7943 Vocation Clean Bathing Beodiet ... livery Board-walk. Open Day and rCaht ... AH Sports end Amusements ... Amp I Hole) and Dining Services . . . Excellent Train and Bus Schedules ... for information writm RESORT BUREAU, Dept. M BAY SAILING On Great Egg Harbor waters, one of the unrationed attractions of Ocean City, N. J. Sport may not be blue water these days, but it carries on. BOARDWALK, ASBURV PARK. CDVO Forms Bucket Brigade to Save Fats Jefferson f other Girl Scout troops of Rock- away in the Goodwill and Inierna- ! tional Pageant. i Writer Gets Y. W. C. A. Post I Mrs. Gladys S. Praser of White I Plains has been appointed Nation-j ality Communities Secretary of the A finiTQV DAIlTr at thf beach ON 4TH AVE. 50 BATHS urooKlyn y. w. c. A., according to an announcement by Miss Margaret Myers, executive secretary. Mrs. Fraser, writer and authority on folk l.fe and festivals, will be in charge of Y activities with groups of varied nationality backgrounds. The formation of a "bucket brigade" to collect kitchen fats in Biooklyn, salvage of which has been unsatisfactory so far, was announced today by Aaron L. Jacoby. salvage chairman of the Brooklyn CDVO. The "bucket brigade" operations, believed to be adaptable to apartment houses and private-dwelling sireas, will be supervised by CETVO block service leaders under the direction of Bernard B. Savage. Biooklyn director of the Block Service Organization. In many cases block service leaders have undertaken the bucket captain assignment, and in others they have assigned salvage volunteers. The bucket brigade" is starting its work in 2.295 buildings about 3 percent of all the dwelling structures in Brooklyn and will be expanded day by day, Mr. Jacoby said. If a housewife prefers to seil her kitchen fat to the butcher, she will be encouraged to do so. The main purpose of the "bucket brigade," It was explained, is to prevent loss of tat. "Through the combined efforts of our Salvage Advisory Committee and the salvage chairman of the various branches, Brooklyn's record ior salvage collection in other fields 100 ROOMS during May is notable and praiseworthy," Mr. Jacoby reported. The May figures follow: metal. 100.087 pounds; jalopies, an additional 109 500 pounds of metal, on the basis of an average of 1.500 pounds in each of 73 old automobiles scrapped during the month; rubber tires and tubes, 10,910 pounds; rags. 143.471 pounds; paper, 1.113 235 pounds; siik and nylon stockings. 13.451 pounds. The total is 1.490,-654 pounds. Certificates of merit have been awarded to 41 of Brooklyn's 2.200 butchers because their January-February fat collections were at least 10 percent over their November-December figures. The certificates, awarded as the result of a contest sponsored by the Butchers' Advocate, a trade paper, have just been delivered, along with congratulatory letters from Paul C. Cabot, director of the War Production Board's salvage division. In the case of Charles Spingarn. 603 Fiat-bush Ave., the merit certificate and WPB letter arrived just before Mr. Spingarn's induction into the army. Joseph Wilan, who bought Mr. Spingarn's store, pledged himself to raise the shop's monthly figure or waste fat collections so that Mr. Spingarn would not run short ef ammunition. Owvrltwking Ocean and Bonrdtrnlk KIROPEAN PLA. RATES f ROM $2 II. BECHTEi- C nrr-Hfl. Or,n All ear. Tel. Anbury P;irk !i2 ASBIRV PARK, !. J. a . . . farOll Plan I a Hi m mm mmm m mm J piionp AfeBIKt PARK AibnfT Park. Bleek te rnvr-ative Manasrn'l Cap. Elrr-tor. BtkWi A. J. W ATSON. Mr. Phne ONE BLOCK FRO M 0 EA V and liarlv ulk. t0 rwims vv iih hot and rld rimnirifr airr. manv nilh private 1ml hs. (o'd foiul, filenlifully ed. Fnrip- $ 1 1 up 117 sin pie ; up douMe. Amrr, j tip Mnple ; $!- up double. p "I ft 1 . ElKins. Joseph Dei Santl tna rHDlK rTPGnt Allan Hartnick. Ambassadors. IWJwIII i dancers, strollers, scouts and a AdBVRY PARK. N. J. Overlooking Orcan nd Boardwalk IUVATOR. FIREPROOF. Roomt ..ib bsth or private ivaiory. AMERICAN OR tt'KOPEAN Pt,AK. Open All Vr. H. S. JACKSON. Mmr. AliTIH R I). M TK.HR, HFSSIF M. K F Mprs. chorus completed the cast. Phone 2042 Cn. M ft Pan-America Play The final scene was the Inca's ' Hymn to the Sun," sting by the entire comoanv. A troomne of the DANA HALL me Dramatic Club ot MontauKofj ,as held in ,.hifh tne Junior High School. Public School , American flag was carried bv flag was carried by THE ASBURY HOLLYWOOD Your Home ot the Shore Truly informal. Near beach all fcd.vilifS Modified Airier. Pian. Eur op , S2 up OulMde T'm.. Hf-rrestipn room. Clot to churches.. 220 4th Ave., Anbury Fails, N. J. E. MO LOUGH N Vf a A&kurj rut, N. 1. tm Sunsrt Ave. 223. recently presented three per- INfbi Beaeb and ConvrutioD Hall Facing Euubel Park and Lake Lr.rue verandas. Runninr water. Private I batbs. American and European plans rhiiTi nf i trfti guard of honor followed by Boy Scouts, each carrying one of the Pan-American flags. The colors were massed while the chorus sang Ernest Bloch's "America." Reasonable lttes. Anbury Park 9 lift. Mrs. Sbcrnaa Dennis. HOTEL ME R TEN 44 MI1H A1.M E ABI BY PARK, N. J. ASB HV FARK t " Near beach, facicg Sunset iaite. Mt-rtrrn Ctn.friah!e beds. Koofrr with or m rthowt buths and showers. Ilcnit cookinp Mod.f.fd Amerxftii plan Brpskfit wid dirajee S( rved. Pates Upon recite f. F(kit't. T. r MIIITIN, Ownrt MtL Mt'.i Sunvrl Ave. Asbnry Park. N. J. L' rider Vew M nnuaetue n I Anr,tr p. an. choicer! food Plentiful';; M-itfd Also ETurnp. Handy 1c be&ch. Ot fan v.twr. SpiCiuu? verundsis. A'liHr-t.vt iat4--.s. Appi5 Mrs- H. M Writhl. tnei man augment. Ave., Asbur? Pcrfc, N. J. tMnf ETT LIN, Prop. Under same morvi :Srutft 11 "h": ionnances of a play about Pan-American relationships, entitled "Let s Travel," to the Parents' Association and pupils of the s?hcol. Mary A. Kennedy, assistant superintendent in charge of Brooklyn and Queens junior high schools, attended. The production was made possible by the co-operation of several teachers. The play was written and coached by Genevieve D. Howell. The cast of 100 pupils was gaily costumed. The stage was decorated with Pan-American products. The vocal soloists were Joan Mandell. Rosalie Solnick, Barbara Lieber-man, Claire Rome and Robert Kaplan. Sarah Kurtz was pianist Pauline Bunkin performed a Spanish dance. Other principals were Bernk-e Goldberg. Carol Cann, Elaine ritchck, Edwin Gittleman. Hillard Floral Park Boy Honored John H. Higman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Higman of 176 Verbena Ave., Floral Park, was graduated with high honors from Ri-ais High School, Manhattan, and was given the Heitefuss award. He is awaiting call to join the Navy V-12 program for which he has passed enrollment tests. Finish at Connecticut Two Brooklyn girls graduated from Connecticut Collide this month were Shirley Socoiof of 384 Crown St. and Sylvia A. K!;nt;on of 1910 Avenue J. cgement. Hcmeltfce, with congeniol mformol ciienle'e. AM outyie rcorm hot ond cc!d running woter. Moderate rctes nc!uIe Continenlo! breck fost. Speciol seoson ond mcnthly rotes. Near churches ond cmusemenf Tel. A. P. 455 MAYVIEW HOTEL 300 7lb Avenue, AsborT Pari. N. J. Ftiicpewn Pians. block from New Swimming Pool ar.d All Be&cii Act-vi-ties. Moderate Rati .a. Hot and Coid Water In Ail Rooms, lnnfi-rprn M;it tresj-es. Id. Asburj Park 1711, F. Pt MMl RS. THE MADISON 0 -. 1 fa Ave ( Aburj Park. fi. J. 'M3WL II Jifihtful Sparious V-raiHaK5 1 Pii?J? r''- R5'i Cmts-.iif Kfp.!JK H.M.n,- Taw M e.-nttan r.ui, :;n t .riji mous j: Frrv..rf.ri. Anra:.e Rie i in ni oiu Sixth A eiiue, Near (Wan Ameriran f nropraii Pr-rritiitve Hoiklrt f cnnitiYf Mil R. M. I KB It A-bur l ark IMK'U Allra't.vf ,''klv I5aln Ta rk .C 1 4 t. DOI) MAN HAWK zmmmf fm i.o; uitAXii. . j. HOTEL COLUMBIA , Rono'o1flRDtATlr,rT,c At the Beaeb Ahnry Park. N. J. ! 2l Covkman Ae., Absi Tark. w. X. 150 Rccms Capacity 300 -EleTbtr Service tkxk to Beach Ucdi jau- Live by the Land f Play by the Sea! DRUID HALL MimI. ralti mclud Cntincntal breakfast. A. P. 455. Cf.n...iUntlv Ooiitj Pt t) Cornier Ti.n I CMilf ;:e H.HmS MOUERN ACCOMMODATIONS AT POPULAR HATtS European Dininx Service from Junt If MTRTITN. 4"4 r,m Av eAsbory Park ITICIVlt-ll Modified Armr;can Plan Bre ktn-t and Dinner served. Booklet. SpidCtOiis A'.ry Verandav -Pr : ri. 'K New Owrnerhtp-Mvt Jos. Hona. Prr.p Easily reached by trains and buses Mocalf.. Telephone Anbury pn PI A 7 A Aso" Park Ore an Front ONLY SI MILIS f ROM NCW YORK CITY MiKferate priced -bep Buves pass door. A PTiil Cottce P. C9P0. HOTEL LAFAY ETTE ASBURY PARK.tiJ. J MONTAUK 7 AV nd 10XD ST A-bury Park, (.'wni r Hi: 1 At itie Beach Gxte-iif ve,y htiixtate-d One e-f Abnry Pnrk' leKrlirp HptcU N.'itr tieacli on J-(;u.!b Avn-ur Mod. rate Tariff. Wn;e f..r Hate rcpuiar i-rtce.- Ainer'e;.n Pii.r. S J. Hart. Owner Tel. Avburx Park VT i-ONG BRANCH offera Uire public batblng bcrra Four ! of octaa front lapped by water pronounced pure by New Jersey Dept. of Health Deep sea fiihinn Golfing Ten-Dts-and a wide choice of charming homes and hotels. Low ce.omutstion ratea also single out Long Fianoh as a h;rry ."lioice lor your permanent home. For booklet write CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Lens Branch, New Jeftcy CLIFTON '"? " Asbury Park. !o(IU. !M r.oust liuir In-it eh tinentitl break fat j Phone 1434 CHAHIRH mOPT (K 1 N HOT FT., Atu3 Park. K J victoria fe-.vr ! V-" turoprjn Plan. Int,r Sereiee MsrR F YN'AI ?K fu ! spmhi. suson km)s Hcriiinutua IAIi ; Tel. A-buri Tark l:..-0. K. A. A M. W . Saltan fe.ll.rii. c-aii.s. Aiiei. t.UJ.' ?;9. Am. r!an. savoy rr,;: . WlTTLiN.

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