The Abbotsford News from Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada on September 18, 1997 · 5
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The Abbotsford News from Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada · 5

Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 18, 1997
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A5 lit lilt ginlis dIM liiii i li i nl 1 j' Abbotsford News - Thursday, September 18, 1997 Writer boasts of killing, assaulting and beating women senseless - ifie killer of Tanya Smith claimed more murders in a letter that taunted police and warned of more attacks to come. The author of the letter that was attached to a pair of green pliers and thrown through a Princess Street window on Feb. 21, 1996 not only claimed to have killed Tanya Smith, but also claimed to have committed other murders in B.C., Alberta and Washington state. Teny Driver has admitted to preparing and throwing the package through the window of the house, but has not admitted to typing the letter. The letter was typed on white paper, accompanied by a newspaper article on unsolved murders in Vancouver, Burnaby and Richmond and enclosed in an envelope with the words From the Abby Killer, call 9-1-1, Driver now admit Admissions The admissions made by Terry Driver during his trial this month in B.C. Supreme Court were made official Tuesday, with both Crown prosecutors and defence lawyers agreeing to numerous admissions. And, unlike the beginning of the trial last week. Driver has now no only admitted to preparing the package - that contained pliers and a letter - that was thrown through a Princess Street homes window - but has also admitted to throwing the package. He has not, however, admitted to writing the letter. The 22 admissions were filed as fact Tuesday, with defence lawyer Glen Orris agreeing to their veracity. Included in the admissions: That police control of the exhibits is not an issue. That Terry Driver removed Tanya Smiths headstone from Union, cliiiti siioGfiod by mossaoo ilirougii vinciovi Among other witnesses testifying Tuesday was Ciystal peters, the Abbotsford woman through whose window came die pliers and attached letter. Peters said she and her 11-year-old son were in die living room the night of Feb. 21, 1996 - she was leading on a love seat, while her son was doing a crossword on the couch - when, at 8:15 p.m., her living room window exploded r Suddenly, something came crashing through die window, Peters told court. Peters said she had heard a vehicle engine running for about five minutes prior to her window shattering, It looked like a wrench to me, Peters said of the package that lay on her living room floor, covered with glass. We just stopped for a second, to see if anything else was coming through, and my son saw some headlights heading north." Peters could not reach her husband, who was at church, and then called the Abbotsford City Police, who dispatched Const Robert Halishoff and Paul Jack. I never touched it at all, she said. I could see writing THE ABBOTSFORD 1 , 1 1 34375 Cyril Street Abbotsford, B.C., V2S 2H5 written in felt pen on both sides. "The writer claimed responsibility for the Feb. il9, 1996 phone call from Rotary Stadium and mentioned a bite mark on Tanyas body and the fact that Tanya was wearing sandals the night of the attack - pivotal facts that were withheld by police from the public. Newspaper pictures of Tanya Smith and Misty Cockerill were also included, with the words Lucky to be alive, written across the photo of Misty. In addition, the letter - rife with spelling and grammatical errors - chided police for unsolved attacks in Abbotsford. How come you guys havent clued into some incidents here in town the last couple of years?, the killer asks. Listed are three incidents, all of which Driver made official the Hazelwood Cemetery and dumped it on a radio station car on Feb. 17, 1996. That Terry Drivers seminal fluid, and no other persons, was found in Tanyas body. That Terry Driver made five calls to the Abbotsford City Police on Oct. 18, 1995, Oct. 31, 1995 and Feb. 19, 1995, claiming to be the killer. ' That Terry Driver called the Abbotsford City Police on Oct. 14, 1995 and Dec. 31, 1995, in relation to a bike theft and an auto fire. That Terry Driver called 85 Radio Max on Feb. 17, 1996 and told an employee to check the radio station car in the lot. That one of the blood stains found on the blue jeans and one of the stains on the underwear of Tanya Smith is that of Misty Cockerill. That blood found on the blouse of Tanya Smith is that of Tanya Smith. That DNA tests show fluid samples originating from Terry Driver and Tanya Smith. The admissions were filed to eliminate the necessity for Crown to call expert witnesses with black felt pen, but I couldnt make out what it said. Peters testified that she and her family do not know, nor have ever met, Terry Driver, Misty Cockerill or Tanya Smith. f Also testifying was Leo Ferraro, who sold a 1982, brown Pontiac Grand Prix to Driver. Ferraro, whose wife worked with Driver at Abbotsford Printing, confirmed he had installed yellow carpet in the cars trunk when he sold the vehicle to Driver. Forensic tests showed carpet fibres taken from the car and from Tanyas clothing were chemically and physically similar. B Abbotsford City Police 1 Const. Mike Olsen also testified Tuesday, telling court that he opened the letter seized from the Princess Street house. Olsen said he used sticky side powder to dust for fingerprints on the adhesive side of a piece of scotch tape that attached the letter -enclosed in a Peoples Jewelry envelope - to a pair of green pliers. I identified it to the right index finger of Terry Driver. NEWS George Evenden made an appearance at Supreme Court and repeated his claim of having no part in this tragic case. CHRISTOPHER FOULDS In New Westminster has been charged and will stand trial next month. Mentioned is an attempted sex assault on Bourquin Crescent West, near McDonalds, where the author claimed to have grabbed the breasts of a teen. Another incident occurred on Oriole Drive. I almost had that woman beat senseless, Sports Editor - Neil Corbett Reporter Russ Akins Reporter Trudy Beyak Reporter Chris Foulds Reporter Vikki Hopes Reporter Kevin Mills Reporter James Kwantes Photography Reprints 870 870 870 870 870 870 870 870-4573 or 870 the killer wrote, and was about to rape her when a car came. I sure dont need to be seen. The third attack was the savage beating of a 44-year-old Native Indian woman, who was found on Aug. 6, 1995, lying across from MSA General Hospital. She had serious head injuries and spent 21 days in St Pauls Hospital in Vancouver. In the letter, the killer said he took her backpack, found $200, and then threw the backpack atop the old brick store. More chillingly, he claimed: Hey, that was the same bat that was used on Misty and Tanya. In the letter, the killer baited police - You cops getting a little pissed off yet? and Hard to catch someone who is smart. The killer claimed that the murder of Tanya Evenden: Im a scrapper, not a killer A face from the past walked through the doors of Supreme Courtroom 1-1 Tuesday, and repeatedly denied having anything to do with the Oct. 14, 1995 murder of Tanya Smith and assault of Misty Cockerill. George Frederick Evenden -the first and only publicized suspect in the Tanya Smith murder prior to Terry Drivers arrest on May 3, 1996 - was suddenly called as a witness by Crown prosecutor Sean Madigan Tuesday afternoon. Evenden was arrested on Dec. 1, 1995 and charged in connection with a June 13, 1994 rape of a woman on Bevan Avenue. At the time, Abbotsford City Police also called Evenden a strong suspect in the murder of Tanya Smith. Evenden was cleared in both cases - via DNA testing - in late January of 1996, after spending 57 days in custody. Under questioning Tuesday from Madigan, Evenden said he was aware of the murder of Smith and assault of Cockerill, but denied having anything to do with the attack. He added that he does not know Driver or Misty and did not know Tanya. 'Orris yesterday unleashed a barrage of questions at Evenden, using dozens of files - 4567 - 4565 - 4566 - 4568 - 4572 - 4570 - 4569 - 4574 Forensic evidence focus of testimony Between the shocking contents of a letter from a killer and the surprise appearance of former murder t suspect George Evenden, testimony Tuesday at the murder trial of Terry Driver focused on forensic evidence. Gary Shutler, an RCMP forensic geneticist who was responshle for initiating the RCMP DNA program in the late 1980s, testified that a sample of saliva taken from a bite mark on Tanya Smiths breast matched the DNA characteristics of Driver. Shutler said he was able to identify one particular characteristic from the small sample from Tanyas body that was from another person. He said the characteristic has an estimated rate of occurrence of one in every 21 people. It is consistent with coming from Mr. Driver, or any other individual with that characteristic, Shutler told Crown prosecutor Sean Madigan. Under cross-examination by defence lawyer Glen Orris, Shutler said he compared the samples found in Tanya with 34 unsolved cases between the Oct. 14, 1995 murder and the May 3, 1996 arrest of Driver. Tony Fung, an RCMP forensic chemist with expertise in the analysis and comparison of hairs and fibres, testified that fibres A lot of my friends would have tried to turn me in because they were all drug addicts. GEORGE EVENDEN Former suspect given to him by Abbotsford City Police. Evenden confirmed he is familiar with the area of the attack as he lived at 2127 Ware St. for six months in 1993 and 1994. Evenden also confirmed he has a tattoo of an eagle on his left arm. Misty testified her attacker had a tattoo of a butterfly on his arm. Orris read a number of statements given to police by Evendens wife and friends, all of which Evenden denied having occurred. Evendens then-wife, Trina, said Evenden was away from home between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. on the date of the attack. Tracy Reid, an acquaintance of Evenden, said Evenden told him on Oct. 14: I did something unforgivable last THE ABBOTSFORD NEWS E-MAIL and mocks cops was not his first. It wont be my last, either. I dont stay with the same MO. I have done more after these ones also. The letter ended with more taunts: I will not be caught. I will not move from Abbotsford. This is the last you hear from me til next time. Good luck! Included in the newspaper clippings were stories on the 1985 stabbing murders of Linda Tatrai, 18, Colleen Shook, 24 and Kim Stolberg, 21. Gary Shutler, a forensic geneticist who does DNA testing in RCMP labs, testified Tuesday that DNA taken from Stolbeigs body did not match DNA culled from Driver. found on Tanyas blouse and on a paper bag placed by police over her right foot were chemically and physically indistinguishable?, from each other. Tanyas blouse - and her other clothes - were found the morning of Oct. 14, 1995 strewn in blackberry bushes along a trail at the Vedder River. Car fibres analysed by Fung came from the trunk and interior of Drivers 1982, brown Pontiac Grand Prix. They had the same color (yellow), the same shape and the same amount of pelustriance (dulling material), Fung said of the fibres he said were made from nylon 66. Fung added that the fibres had the same optical properties when viewed under different ultraviolet lighting. Under cross-examination by Orris, Fung confirmed he had found black, synthetic fibres on Tanyas underwear and confirmed that he has no record of examining three strands of hair found in the pocket of Tanyas blue jeans. Orriss final question was somewhat cryptic, as he asked Fung if he had been part of a dispute between the RCMP crime lab and Crown counsels office. Fung said he was not part of a dispute. night. Reid also referred to Evenden as tlie king of the baseball bat, in reference to alleged assaults committed by Evenden. Trina Evendens friend said Evenden told her: I helped with everything, but I didnt rape her. In addition, Trina Evenden said Evenden pointed to a girl while driving one day and said: Thats Tanya. She has a crush on me. In response to Reids accusations, Evenden referred to the $40,000 in reward money being offered. For $40,000, he would have said anything. A lot of my friends would have tried to turn me in because they were all Joness (drug addicts). Outside the court, Evenden told The Abbotsford News he is upset that his name is again resurfacing in the high-profile case. I just want to get this over with and allow the family to get some justice, he said. Like I told the police (during his incarceration as a suspect). Im a scrapper, not a killer. Evenden said he is working and living in Langley and is still considering a lawsuit against the Abbotsford City Police and certain media outlets. .com Delivered by Motor Route . . SiHlfcopy parchasn Tues , Thurs & Sat Mslled In Canada (monthly)', Ontslds Canada (monthly) . . Ratee Include applicable GST Member of Canadian Circulatior

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