The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 23, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 23, 1931
Page 5
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-<:^W?m TUESDAY, JUNE! 23, 1031 WATHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS Two cenU » word tot Cut Insertion and one cent * word (or etcb MbuQucat Insertion. No advertisement taken (or test Qua We. Count the wordi aod (tod Phone 30ti KOK SALE l r oa SALB-Kipe peaches, excel lent, tor pickling. *1.W per Dusn- el. Bliscoe's Orchard, 1'lione W or H-i. ^U- FGK RENT TOR KENT—Furnished 3 room flat, 100 West Walnut. 6c-U FURNISHED Apartment for Kent 305 Dougan. 18P-K2' PAGE FIVE r^nm/t?Q • *v$*y - « AuiHUHui-„ kJjxyyyOp •arpsjBYMEAaiivicc.i.'vr TheHuslrndfltintei^ek, FOB nENT — 4 room furnished apartment, 20D W. Kentucky Call after 4 o'clock. Mrs. Sisk. 22C-K2- ! FOR RENT—7 rooms, 1133 West 1 Ash. 4 rooms, 1218 Holly. Both modem and in gocd condition- Phone 100. E. D. Ferguson. 23C-K26 CUAl'TEIt XLVII1 41'i'llfc; doclor will not do It lo- 1 - day," llcryl added when shs. hail told Uayiord that slio was giving the Did her sister needed. "I should think not!" lie es- claimed warmly. "You look like * patient yourself!" "1 only need a Mill; ivsi." lisryl InsisteJ. "My heart's all right. They leslcd It." "But it's s<m:«liea, U-iyl," '.lay lord protested. "You're not up to it. Any fefll would know- that, can't Imagine what—" "I'm all right." lln-yl Inshu dogsedly. "Just a litllo tlrcil. It's only tho lienrt that matters. The doctor knows." "I won't have II," (iiijlnrcl dc clarcd heatedly. "You know I cai: liay—" "No," U^ryl ixiid with a slialte o lier head. "It isn't what yon cai pay. (laylord. Irene feels l>eitei row. She w;ts disappointed liccause Motor co ( uld pojr c<#*e.^M&'tlior'l ' ATKIl (licy brought Her back. -* not to (lie room they'd B(HMI icr first, but to nue s!ie was lr> hare with Irene. Neither knew li c.r several hours after they were nl to bed there, and Ueryl did not .ilnd when she did, but Ireno com- ilatncd. "Wo could not help it. Mrs. PITH isa," the nuvtu patiently ^xiilalr.g,!. 'Wo arc overcrowded. Fivo pft- .leats came in thla morning." Sho ookcd nl iieiyl ami Iri-nj had the jrace to cease muling fault. Irene, looking about at lUc bcaiill- fnl iiiinlaliints, was thinking that Caylont was mean not lo have eii- :agcd It for her in the llr.-U lilac. 1 . LOST AND FOUND LOST—German Police dog named Lindy, limps, reward. Notify Florence Arian, at 150. 20C-K24 WANTED POULTRY WANTED-Market prices, any quantity. Marilyn Hat- Uery, 21U S. Fourth St. 9C-XE \7ANTED — Family washings or general housework. Mrs. Dora 1:17*11, 2207 18th St. TF WANTED — Hay to bale. C. G. Smith, Phone H27 or 1502-F2. C-tJC-Tf WANTED—Plain and fancy sewing. Mrs. Iva Crawford. Holly. 22C-K29 WANTED—Reliable white woman to care for small child and do general housework. Call between 11 and 1 o'clock Wednesday. 325 N First St. 23O-K2S WARNING ORDER CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Walter E. Taylor, & State Bank Commissioner, Plaintiff, No. 4967 vs. Myrtle Colbert Ellis and R. A Ellis. Defendant. The defendants, Myrtle Colber Ellis 'and R. A. Ellis are warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complain of the plaintiff Walter E- Taylor as State Bank Commissioner. Dated 6-1-1931. R. L. GAINES, Clerk. Marcus Evrard, Atty. Ad Litem. 2-9-16-2, JN THE DISTRICT COURT O THE UNITED STATES OF TH EASTERN DISTRICT OP KANSAS, JONESBOHO D1VIS ION IN v THt MATTER OF E. E. Byrd, trading as Leachvll Drug Co. Bankrupt, No. 1540. Notice is hereby given that pel tion for discharge of the bank rupt has been filed, and same w be heard in the United Stat court rooms at Little Rock, Arkan sas. on the 30th day of July, A. D 1931, at 9:30 A M. SID B. REDDING, Cler By Bess Matties, D. c. fercnce. She did not know dial llnyl listened wllh a bVniHni; heart lo Hie ihiufis Iveno ^ilil to tbo nuisc-s r.bont Tommy. Ircno sccined to forget she was InlkliiK to lln :i like a young filri \jropnrinK for tlio conUru; of lior lover. Ur II sV.o did ncL forget ehc no lunger cared. C'crlntnly. she (old herself, everyone at the hospital must linvo seen that Oavlord was no husband to her. So about Tommy . Tommy. She sloptK'd talked . . Tommy . . only when the nui'fes nskrd her In be <;nitt. noil- din:: their lioadi in Hrryl's illroc- Her rcscnlniont against (ir.yloid ll °n. Soon ircuo would break out grew when llowers arrived ami tin? largest null loveliest lioininet was for Ucryl. There was an cxrjulsllc basket of fruit for licryl too, as well TH several books, while for bur Ihevo was only a stack of magazines which she felt sure Uayloul liail grabbed at random. Among llieui were :i number of dnplleaie:: which Ircno room. threw angrily acrow ultant. She had scut a mucli belter." -..-•• •!---;i •"I.suppose you'd ray-that If yoi were giving up an arm." Gaylori grumbled. "Now I know what' been vising mo. You're a fanatic, speak to him. that's \vhal you are! And Iren isn't worth it." "Please!" Ilei'yl Eaicl simply and (iaylord desisted. ''•••":•?•-• At tlio hotel he asked if lie might have dinner there with her. She refused with a gcnlle dignity tlmt reminded him lie was her sister's estranged husband. "Sho probably Ihinks I beat the little brat," he thought angrily, but he could not defend himselt against an unspoken charge so he said good night rather abruptly anil departed. Later lie telephoned wucti IJciyi was having the food tho doclor hail . advised brought lo her room to usk If she were, comfortahlc and if he might take her tD tho hospital. Beryl, thinking Ireno migLt nol wish her to aulDgoni?,-! him, con ECnled. The nest morning lie came for lier, bringing such a large bunch ot flowers that Beryl was reminded of the floral ottering her "gang" had sent for her radio debut. She hadn't had much time for her boys lately. The gang was breaking up. She took the flowers with her, Iml soon Caylord -wished lie hadn't brouglit them, for instead ot being a gay note they had added a funeral toucli to tha day. :" That night Beryl remained at the hospital and lit ae^t day they took her -wittj Irene ta what tho latter .^called .-"tbat awful room." Then she . relapsed into sullen silence, harboring :• bltier jealousy of Itcr sister. When Gaylord caiue lo sec them Ircno would scarcely lie paid little attention lo her for Ucryl's condition worried Him She was too still and whins. Ills fruit was untouched, his books un opened. Two days later he wired lo Mr I-'vcrelt. Strange, he Ihou^hl, look ing at the portion of Irene's face iKiiln. H wns dcchleil to move Pi-ryl lo other Quarters as Foon as there ivas a vacant room. Sho was fili!l with 1 re-no when Tommy arrived. Mr. Everett hail him to come, but ho needn't havo done FO for Tommy caiililn'i l:avo stnii.'eil after rcinUng (Jaylord's telegram. Irene's wire reached Us ilesllna- 11911 after Tommy w;:s on htn way lo lako ;i Iruln for Daktlnlo.' When word was sent up that ho hart arrived at tbo horpital sho naturally assumed It was her wlro that had liroi:;;'iii h!i:i. Slio did nol know lhat (Jaylonl hail been FO alarmed about Meryl's health tbat ho had telegraphed to the family. fJaylord illil not want to tell Irene until Ileryl was out ot the room, lie did nol trust Irene's power of Eelf-contvol. Pcihaps she would have shrieked with ; i>f HID young man's incsnu-e In !bo I'oom. Kilo oiH'iiCil her oycs. ICvcn whni ho canio ID Ircixi she liiiul look nt him. Dear, dear Tommy! llo stood'In the doorway. Ills eyes were 011 Ireno. loukln;; pretty in her pink iacki't nnil erowncJ In Bold, llo wore brown twccilp 0(1(1. tils ;.ilr wai lirnwii.. Tho mil —a winter's sun—was gllmlnn atrass Iho loom. It was like tlio fun- Bhlno through nnlumti leaved. Tonnnj- had not moved. Ills eyes scariMicd the room. Then lie t-aw llovyl bin Iho Kirl'a vision wus diimnrd liy sraldlng tiTirs. Slio liad held buck those tears for HO long! J>l;vii-k hold Tommy Wilson roulcil to il'.i« ertol. I's eyelids drooped, livery- thlni; was nil rlplit. > lOvcrylMiiK lo be ni It should he nl last hnl Jhc could not hear (o ho :i wit- ncs.-i to the scene. "Tommy!" Irene cried again. 'In a mlnuEc 1 mnyt wake up and smllo." Ucryl was lelllni; hnwlf, "bnl for Just Ibis lltlln minute— Toitmiy—if yon Jusi could DUH BOARDING HOUSE By Ahem thai was nol bandaged, and tin.ling when Tommy arrived just tho same H merely potulant in e^ijrcrsion us I if sho had known. She was thlnk- usiinl, that she did not kiiov;. But at last tbcie nptiearet- a 1 ot triumph in Irene's eyes. H • lhat moment only thai , Tommy was hers—that ho had fume in answer to her appeal. Now there an hour or two after Gaylord Ueryl and Gaylonl and all the rest bad sent bis wire. Irene wag es- of her owu. And sho hail rousci! Uci-yl to tell her about It. She would t-eq it she had to be neglected by l:tr own husband while her sister got every atlention! Beryl looked over at her v;ilh weary eyes as Irene exclnlincd: 'Listen lo me. 1 can't stand Ibis any longer—llic way Gay is acling! I've sent for Tommy, i'vo got lo have someone with me who cures something about jno!"- OKIiYl/S eyelids llntlercd down -^ liko thy while petals of a rose A Eigh tco fatut for Irene to hear Then sLe her pale lips, ivas still again. "Oil well, ot iMinsc, it you aren 1 interested!" Irene exclaimed p-:t lislily and look up a magazine to I show her disdain ol Bervl'- ludit-l of 1i:o world would seo tlmt slio liac snmeone who loved-~ti?r dcvotedl; There would bo no more taking a tack seat while cverynno mad such a fuss over her sister just bc- causo Blio'd given up a little skin. I' was. the visiting 'iuur: Tommy might"coiile any moment. "Olvo me that pink jacket," Irene called to tho day nurse, hair's a i suppose my slio fretted, putting up lier hards to smooth the golden crop. "He-ally, you shouldn't sleep all the time," Ireno grumbled to Ueryl, who lay wiih her thin hands chncli- ing tho counterpane. Tlio other girl did not stir. "Pleaso (juict," the ninac "If you're not your visitor can't come in."- board r.o more nnlil a '"!" at.urilQ.l hnr go&lliy It would make H easier forever ;if(cr." Hcryl held to (he last shred* of her courage desperately. She did not notice Ilic foolsleps that weio coming nearer lo tier. In a moment she would oprn her eyes and rco Irene In Tommy's arms. She would iinllc casually and say, "Hello, how aro you?" as ihongb hor liearl wero not breaking. Two hands foil softly upon hor shoulders. ( "Ueryl!" H was Tommy bcsldo her, pouring out his love, whispering to her that ho had loved her always— never anyone else hut her! Ills arm* were around her. Tommy's wonls wero music. Now he wan saying all the doar, bcaulltul llilngs Hcryl had dreamed oC bearing for so long. "llul Tommy—?" eno exclaimed weakly. • . "lk-ry!, ('..•irlin;, forgive me. Oh, my precious, lirccious girl, 1 lovo yon. Don't you understand! I lovo yon!" lie was holding hor closely In lib anus now. Across the room a whlie- faccd girl stared at Ilicni In amazement. Ircno could nol believe her cyo3. Neither IJcryl nor Tommy cared lor that. Ireno was forgotten. Tlio rest of tho entire world was forgotlc:i. For tlieso two only tho Brcal, joyous reality remained lhat they had found each oilier, lloru at last was happiness. Ilere at lust was love. Tommy's lip.i pressed to'Beryl'!.. - CAM GET SQM&BOPV -TO TIMAMce SlIe'D UOMATfe -f LEAST see THEIR ME, I WILL ToR AM ASCEASIOM O.T FWE UP UA-t AH -- m "fHe eR- GO UP HIGHER, -fttRU ME IT" TAKE TWo To UP FROM -r PROFESSOR 'RE.COR'D MILES! t BECAUSE THERE IS BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES NOW WILU15 KNOWS! ' By Martixi Closing Stock Prices A. T. & T 17G 1-4 Anaconda Copper 27 Auburn 1C9 1-2 Caterpiller Tractor 24 5-8 Chrysler 20 Cities Service 121-8 Cora Cola 145 5-8 Continental Baking 13 General Electric 42 1-8 General Motors 36 1-8 Montgorery Ward 20 New York Central 91 3-8 Packard 71-2 Radio Corp 17 1-4 Simmons Standard of N. J. . Texas Corp U. S. Steel indigestion. They must eat plain, well-cooked, nourishing and easily digested loods as regularly as they should al home. On trains, mealtime breaks into (he day and provides some-tiling to do, with the result that each meal is welcomed and heartily enjoyed. But on trains there often is Insufficient fresh air and always lack o( pxercise. encase light, easily di- gesled loods. Plenty of vegetables, plain salads, fresh o:- slewed fruits of travel which permlls us to nt will. Of course bicycling and horseback riding aro also real exercise and do not require a rcslriel- cd diet. When we hike we go on our own power ami we need plenty of food. Plenty of good hearty food three times a day is necessary lo supply this fuel for the energy. Fruit casi be eaten between meals if the appetite becomes ravenous. It is advisable to carry a tiiermos bottle ot water with one r.iLicr chard «si lemon butler, Jellied fruit salad, cheese cups, milk, cof- and broiled or rousted meats with- j than trust to the purity of stnm-e out rich gravies or sauces lurnish a we.'ls. 13 7-8 37 7-8 23 90 1-4 IN THE DISTRICT COURT O THE UNITED STATES FOR THE JO,NESBORO DIVISION OP THE EASTERN DISTRICT OP ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF * L. H. Hauff, doing business as L. H. Hauff Motor Co. IN BANKRUPTCY To the creditors ot the above named bankrupt of ksachville, in the county, of Mississippi, Division and District afo.'es.iid. a bankrupt. Notice is hereby given that on June 15, 1931 the above nanva petitioner was dul> adjudged a bankrupt, and the first meeting ot the creditors will be held at my oflicc In the CIU 01 Jonesboro, in said Dlclrict on' Jiuy 2, 1031 at 10 A. M , at which time the said creditors may attend, prove tnei.' claims, r.ppoint a luistee, cxainin. Ihe bankrupt, and transact sticli oilier business as may proiwrly come before said meeting. At Jonesboro, Arkansas. Ihi June 22, 1931. P. C. MULLIMX, Referee in ISankrurjlcy. New Cotton (UP)— vv close HEW YORK, June : Cotton closed steady. opjn high July \ 943 955 9W 954 Ocl 988 997 970 995 OCC 1013 1020 993 1018 Jan 1022 1030 1005 1029 March 1041 1051 1025 1050 May 1062 1070 1045 1070 Spots quite, 5 oil, nt 970. New Orleans Cotton NEW ULEANS, June 3 (UP)— Collon closed steady. k . . open high low close \ July 945 954 928 950 Oct 58fi 994 970 990 Dec '008 1017 933 Jan 1014 1014 1003 March 1032 1048 1025 May 1062 1062 1043 Spo'.s steady, 5 off, at 65:i. varied and wholesome diet. Kich' desserts and heavy "made" dishes should be eaten sparingly. Candy, salted nuts and a!i kinds ol confections are temptations lo \vliich the wise and "seasoned" traveler will not yisld. Drink plenty of iva- ler nnd eal fruit, if you must eat beUwecn meals. Tomorrow's .Menu BREAKFAST: Plums, cereal. cream, boned pan-fish, breakfast rolls, milk, coffee. LUNCHEON: creamed CHID meat and rice, cabbage and celery salad, filled tea ting, fruit punch. DINNER: Baked cottage ham. Rheumatism Retires Civil War Drummer as Jude EL PASO. Tex., lUPi— Joseph H. Ware, 85-year-old justice of the peace, and falhcr of twins when ras HI. finally lias quit his office in the sn:;-ltcr district because ol Ills age. Rheumatism forced him to quit Fcr 28 years he ruled his district During the Civil War, Ware served under many famous generals as a drummer boy. He was al tile surrender of Lee at Appo:nal tox. He al. c o fought In "the Indiai wars In New Mexico. He has had "six or seven" chi! dren by a divorced wile and savei Hiking Is perhaps the only made new potatoes in cream sauce, Swissby his present wife, who is ' GOY SP.ME VlACt IN "Wt Vfs^Vi • '\v\ , 60T '. ViUT.T't^VE. ^ \.ON6 SXOHV SHOR hOLWECT CpU-lTO '<t\ VLO&t W<b ORY •.•li'TA\CW&ft t ^Wri 'M owe.^i UE HE WETURtlEO VvDWE , WE. Wh'b M'ft Wfvb OliYX ft HE 5h\\XD THFVY ' VoONO Olit \Yt V^fA t\ •• A VWViCt FRECKLES A JBV si* -iij»i" NEA Strvire \Vrili-r , Too nftpn we mar the perfection if vacation days by careless eating vhich results in headaches and general physical discomfort. As guests ol the hostess wnosc sign .ml symbol of hospitality is fcoct, ve arc prone to over-eat. As travelers we. welcome meal-time as a break iii the monotony, while the elaxatiori and holiday feeling of:en lead us out of our regular diet. The method of transportation is v most important, factor in (leter- nliiiiig just what foods vvc shall Hiking, motoring, traveling by train or brat—each trip demands different typ-s of diet, Motoring naturally makes one lungry, for fresh air slimuUlcs t'iy appetite. Nevertheless, lack of e\Ise maies the careful choice of tods exceedingly important. Bulky foods such as coarse cereals, leafy vegetables and plenty ol fruits will be found beneficial. Three well-bai- j anccd meals a day should be carc- lully sclccled. Atovc all, eat regularly! Don't go an hour or so pa^l Ihe lunch or dinner hour with ihc hope of finding "something belter" down the road. Meals at irregular hours arc responsible to; many ?. headache lhat could have been avoided. I Watch Children's Diet When children nre In Ihe parly their diet should be watched with the utmost care. Ice cream ccnrs between meals, pop, crackcrjack or any other confection should be forbidden. Apples, oranges and b.\- nonos are always available and arc not harmful. Continuous driving and change of scene with little exercise lend to excite and tin: children, making them susceptible to M.AS DRAvJM A SLIP or- PAPER. FROJA THE HAT!! AND ^IHAT TUB piece OP PAPER. SAYS, \UILl. PEClDe VULL speso A VACATIOM, AT ,V.R. I^USSTOM'S THE VKKDICT! SUMMER PLACE 0>/THE LAKE" VJELU,THAT ISN'T SO BAD.... r-to^J i GOTTA AH' TEU. HIM DECIDED.-. SET < WASH TUUHS By UltJD OF A PLACE HE HAS OP TMSSH? ess..,. "L DOST EVSN HAVE J=^ a THIS LAKE IS '-' c£J£5. -^^l ^ KACK TO TACK! rjnt RCftR ffi Wt COKiT faUfkRO BOMS dRO'.'lS UVOUDER AUP V.OUCER. ^ £ SMU66ie*s t ~ PANIC sTfttCKen. CULL FORGETS THE FREe-foR AV.L QftbVji, WiP ftUMS fQR A SECRET TUU"" > ^ J Crane •VI ABLMlE) LiE\ Wft'SN'T VOOKiNCj FORMOBOpY, '•'""'-. ' 1 ( ' *M._*L : 'J j|i

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