Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on April 17, 1951 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 17, 1951
Page 8
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FACE 8—NAUGATPCK NEWS (CONN.), TUESDAY, Verbal Clashes '•'•' (Continued From Page 1) meeting, he said, "The freemen's meeting give people In MlUvllle and. other districts a treasured voice. We shouldn't do away with" it." Speaking of fire protection he said, "Evan with the good equipment we have, the fire departmerix couldn't get up to Hunter's Mountain as well as it could in back of the high school. On fire hydrants. "We have three in Millviile. The fire department hasn't enough hose to reach from one hydrant to anothci'. People in the outside district pay more for fire insurance." Mr. McCann continued by talking about garbage and- rubbish collections, saying that there are no such collections on Pond Hill or in the Straitsville areas. He said the. poli-] ice department has two patrol cars equipped with radios and that "You .have to call, them when you want .them in the outside district." j. Iii conclusion he said, "I believe 'pie old charter has been going along all right for a number of years. There's a lot of good, in it. The. old parts can 'be amended. Forget about the proposed charter." •> Good For Grandfather i Alanson Benson, master of the '.Beacon Valley Grange, speaking ar .an opponent said, "Why do we •lieed a. change. The old charter 17, 1951 was good enough for my grand-/ father, good enough for my-father,' good enough for me and will be good enough for my kids.- Why should eight individuals by them-: selves change the .charter? They, say they are bringing it up-to-date.: We are up-to-date. The old charter: hasn't kept pace, but it has done well." Attorney Caine opened his remarks by saying, "I reserve the right to differ with Mr. Breen. He said a little while ago that Naugatuck had been good to him. Naugatuck has been good to me. The theories "promulgated on the methods of taxation here tonight were good, if they only could be applied in Naugatuck as described." Disposal Plant He continued, "We have a main trunk line sewer system. In 1929 or 193Q, or maybe it was 1981, a $150,000 so-called trunk line sewer bond issue was floated. Prior to that $400,000 was spent in installing trunk line sewers. A total of $550,000 has been expended to date, and a bill is now pending providing for a bond issue of $500,000 as the cost of installing, a filtration plant. That will be $1,000,000 or $1,100,000 spent for the project. It is an injustice to the outside district. It all comes out of the general funds and people in the outside district receive no benefits whatsoever. You have had to pay strictly for benefits of people on the inside district. That's wrong. There's going to be a new bond issue because the law says we must install a filtration .plant." . He stated. "In Hartford I mad^a statement based on hurried calculations. I said that if a single tax district was established tha-i taxes would be raised four mills in the outside district and lowered 1-2 mill in trie inside district. I can give a more accurate statement now. If you had a single tax district the outside district. tax . rate would be increased 3.61 mills and the insidie lowered 1.01 mills. Thr •board of tinance takes over all rights. You have rights when the budget is adopted by the freemen, •but you'll lose those rights to say what the taxes will be. The. only colution is not .to operate under this document." - When Mr. Breen asked Mr. Caine if he had not helped write a board of finance'bill during the administration of . Leo.. ;Brbphy. and . said, "What's the matter w.ith it now?", Mr. Caine said, "I have explained. I had a different solution on the freemen's meeting.. My.theory is that the -budget, should be . written up and thoroughly explained in the press and. on election days copies be available and people to vote yes or no on the voting machines on the proposed, "oudget and If it is given a negative vote .then, hold a freemen's meeting." , ' Atty. Joseph . E. Talbot of the SEE GENERAL MAC ARTHUR Would you like to have a front seat to see and hear General MacArthur as he addresses Congress and tells his story to the American People? Would you like to greet him in your home? Would you like to see Gen. MacArthur arrive in California? Follow him to .New. York and ride with him down Fifth Ave. while the ticker tape pours from the windows? Would you like to ride down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.0.;.with the General as he goes,to address both houses of Congress? Your best chance of watching any of these events in your home is with a ? ZENITH TV RECEIVER!! 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St. Naugatuck (Tel. 6490) Chamber committee,- took the -floor to say, "-We're -trying to- bring out from all the arguments something fair, something as pleasing" to !as many as possible. We. didn't set up the director of finance with all these powers.^ We. havett't made one single change in-the' charter with the exception of language, (3n the assessor's appointment,. before and now"the borough board makes the appointment"* ; -. . - : ,Speaking to Mr. "Benson, theiat- torney said, "Who do; you think paid for the sidewalk,' ;curbs aiid gutters in front ; of ;-my house at any house in the borough! A taxpayer can have as 'many sidewalks as he wants if he'tf pay for them. The inside people, have paid for their own sidewalks and always have. The borough hasn't anything to do with 'the extension of gas mains or Jights. That's -up-to the gas and light company." Atty.. Talbot said, :. "Mr. .Caine spoke of' a half million dollar bond issue for a sewage disposal,plant and that you don't get'benefits from'it on the..outside district; The sewage now flows as raw sewage and after it is taken out there will be no more and you'll ail get the same benefit. It's mostly Waterbiiry sewage flowing-through the river now. The purpose of the' isewage disposal, plant is to clean out the river, and it has been ordered by the State Health Department.. It's going to benefit' everyone." ; Asked about the borough engineer holding office "during good behaviour," Mr. Talbot said, the phrase is used in ; the charters of Waterbury, New Haven-and'Hart- ford, and means that 'the engineer. would hold office unless he caused some misdemeanor and that his' removal would be with a vote of five members of the borough board. . • •' ••..-. Asked by State Representative Adam Mengacci if the. borough .engineer's position was a life-time job, Mr. Talbot said, "There is nothing political about a borough engineer. I would agree in most political jobs, but there are not too many engineers around and they are hard to.get, arid ,we have to hire them for 50 per cent 'of what they would get. in industry. I can't see anything ' political In the position. The borough-engineer doesn't make policy, he only does what he's told to do," . ; Mr. Mengacci claimed that his 12 recommendations ; were never considered by-, the- committee, and Atty. Talbot said, "You introduced the park ; commjasiohers bill find we copied it word for word. Also the zoning and zoning appeals commission is' your bill.";;; ,.,.'•' .'. He continued, v '.!Ypu sai.i we didn"i give minority, representation. • It wasn't in your bill; but to" be siire we put -in a sentence., covering this matter." Mr. Mengacci. said.; he' did not think, it necessary to include minority representation. in.' his bills because it is provided for iri'anothar measure. Mr. Talbot Said,, "There are lots of good ,'citizens who are not Republican or Democrat. What are we going to .do? We're willing to .change anything." .'. •'• ' Clifford Owens : asked, "If this bill is accepted, where y^ould you house all these people?" A'tty.- : TalSbt asked, "Have you read the debater? What new office is created? Only the director of'finance." Mr Owens said, "But all the assistants," to which Mr. Talbot' said, "Don't you UiinVthat we have assistants now?" •Mjr. '..Owens 'hen mentioned the new :ommissjpns would no't have meet- Injjr.-'piaces,. Mr. Talbot "said,""These .commissions would not be compen- jated and they would meet just' as various boards . meet now." ; ' Then Mr; Owens turned to say that in 1948 a committee of 200 was i>roppsed ! tb revise the charter and iha't then he was told only 45 were 0h; the'committee. Mr. Green explained, that there were 200 at the first meeting in the Tuttle Shed and as a result. 45 committee members were named. ; iMr. Mengacci when asked by Mr. Talbot. ';Would you. vote for the charter, if the life-time job of the borough engineer is eliminated?" said; "I haven't been given time >o look at these amendments." .•"Georsre.T. Froehllch asked about the assistance given by the Con- ; necticut Public Expenditure Coun- ;cil in'; Hartford and said that the State CIO had investigated the council and found it is financed by '.the Connecticut'"tisrht and Power • .Defends Bre«n - C. J. Waskowicz took the floor arid said;,"I've .been listening to all these remarks about Mr. Breen and : Mr. : Breen's recomniendatoins. Mr. Breen. tried to form a neutral committee and no one would cooperate.- I. was called to attend the' meeting, with the Chamber group, ibut I couldn't attend. Mr. Breen is a good solid citizen. It wasn't •only .his own ideas, others had Ideas- too- and they were all combined. Mr, Breen. did what he thought was best and- I think he Is now one of the sorriest men." • Mr.-Malcolm Sears ashed, "Is it necessary, to change our charter to make provisions for putting away money?" She referred to the reserve funds for capital outlay and non-recurring expenditures. Mr. Talbot 'after an explanation about the reserve funds told- her that ft was: not necessary to change the charter.for this purpose. The hearing adjourned at 10:58 o'clock on a motion by William Brush, to April 30, when a third and last bearing .will be held at the auditorium. .' STOKE OPEN FKIDAY NIGH* UNTIL 8:45 few«*-5?«sS^^*W-T«S®«S5^^ 5-,00—WWCO--straight Arrow WATR—News ; Merchants Quiz WTIC—When a Girl Marries WLCR—News ; Beat 'on Wax 5-15-WTIC-^Just Plain- BUI 5:30—WTIG—Portia Puces Lite JVATR—Big John & Sparky • WWCO—Sky King WLCR—Best on Wax . 6:45—7,'BRY—Curt MasHey Tbn* WTIC^-Ffont Page Pui-rall 6 :00--AI!-Ptattnns—No-vs WBKY—E. Christy Brk 6:15—WATR-^NAUO NEWS WWCQ—Spbrtscpe. . ' ' WTIC—Slrictty Sports WBRY-^Penthouse Serenade .. Wl,eR—-Supper Serenade 6:30—Philip Von Tobel; Song of tlie Day - .•••"• WWCO—Who's Talking WBR r—JoTin A. Cluney WTIC—T3niil Cote Glee' Club 6:45—WATR—Al Vestro, Sports WBRY—Lowell Thomas WTIC—3 star R»i.ra 7:00—WBRT—Naug. Valley Ind. WATR—Johnny Guarnierl ' WTIC—Boston Blackle WWCO—Fulton Lewis, Jr. 7 :05—WB.RY—3 • Suns WA'TR—Headline Edition 7:15—WBRY—Jack Smith Show WWCO—Spotlight on a Star WATR—The Melodlers 7:30—WTIC—News WBRY—Club 15 WATR—Armstrong of the S.B.I. WWCO—Gabriel Heatter 7:45—WBKY—Edward R. Murrow WTIC—One Man's J-'nmtly WWCO—Newsreel 8:00—WATR—Can You Top This? WTIC—Cavalcade ol America WBRY—Mystery Theater WWCO—Family Rosa.ry 8:15—WWCO.—Cong. Patterson 8:30—WTIC—Baby Snoofcs WBRY—Mr. and Mrs. North ' WATR—I Fly Anything WWCO—OHIcinl Detective 9:00—WATR—Ainenca-s Town Meet- In* WTIC—Bob Mope . WWCO^-John Steele WBRY^Lile With Lnlgl 9:30—WTIC—FiODer and Mony WBRY—Play Radio . WWCO—Mysterious Travelev 9:45—WATR—Freddy .Martin 10:00—WWCO—Wax Museum • WATR^-Time F.or Defense WTIC—BiR Town 10:15—WWCO—I Love/a Mystery 10:25—WBRY—News .Summary 10:30—WBRY—Bishop Hatch Consecration WTIC—People Are Funny WWCO—Music Yon Want WATR—John Daly 10:45—WATR—Cong. Patterson U :00—AH Stations—News WBRT—Uass Sumpf and the News 11:15—V.ATR—Sports Report WBRY—Movements in Modern Jazz : WTIC—T.B.A. WWCO—UN Today 11:30—WTIC—Dance Ork. WWCO—Dance Ork. .' WATR—Dance Ork.; Gems Gems 12 :00—AH Stations— -Tievn TET.EVTStlTN WJfHC-TT Channel f 5:30—Howdy Doody 6 :00—Kltdoodle Playroom 6:30—Little Show 6:48—Sidewalk Interviews 7:00—Kukla, Fran and OUi. 7 :30—This Week ia Sports 7 :45—Newsreel 8:00—Milton Berle '••.•': 9:00—^Vaughn Monroe SUrw 9:30—Suspense 10:00—Amateur Hour 11:00—Holiday Hotel 11:30—Broadway Open Hoane LADDER AS FIRE TOWER Naugatuck firemen this morning gave a..demonstration o f how the 75 foot; aerial ladder can be used as a water tower with the right amount of water pressure. The demonstration took place in the Synthetic Plant area off Elm street in the tire storage piles. TALENT REVUE PARTY A party for the high school performers in the recent successful Talent Revue show will stage a party tomorrow night at 7:30 in the high school gymnasium under the guidance of Milton Berkowitz of the music staff. Refreshments will be served and the students will create their own program. 101 SPRING ST. 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Men with experience and vision • perfected the plans ... raised the money .... and built the huge modern electric generating stations that have already gort* into service throughout New, England since the end of World War II. And now ... from blue-prints prepared long before the present national emergency .. .your tax-paying electric companies are creating still greater additions to this region's supply of electric energy... still further strengthening New England's ability to meet the challenge of me times. electric light and power companies OF NEW ENGLAND f } The Connecticut Light and Power Company

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