Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on April 17, 1951 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 17, 1951
Page 4
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VAGK 4—NAPCATPCK NEWS (COMf.), TUESDAY, APRIL 17, 1951 CfeBaOpifefatf , Eirenln B (Except Sunday) by TUCK NEWS CORP., NAUGATUCK, CONN. Telephones 2228 and 2229—All Departments Entered as second class matter at the post office in • Naugatuck, Conn. SUBSCRIPTION RATES ,. Payable In Advance Month............^$1.30 1Year Member: American Newspaper Publishers' Ass'n.; N. E. Daily Newppaper Publishers' Assfr.; Conn. Newspaper Publishers' Ass'n. TUESDAY, APBIL 17, 1951 THE CLOCK 8ft, Bay Currier, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bay Currier, has been In Korea the past couple at •weeks.. .He reports that he at. tended Mass in Pusan and heard the Korean ''choir ting 'as he never heard music before The men would-have stayed on and listened all day if they were al- lowedj he wrote home His brother Jack, has .enlisted In the Navy and is awaiting orders... Meanwhile, Ray, Sr., .is busier than a one-armed paperhanger '•' The 'finding on the Naugatuck Water Co. petition for an increase in rates is in the process of being prepared by the Public Utilities Commission in Hart- lord ...the -hearing .was held Jan 29 and 30 .. .Louis B. Warren, JPUC secretary, says Atty. Bill Connole'is working on the finding with the commissioners ... no . definite date when the finding -will be issed. Warden - Harry L. Carter leaves the borough tomorrow for Swainpscott, Mass., where . he and Mrs. Carter will attend the wedding of the warden's son, Bob, to Carol Pollard, Saturday .:. Senior Burgess Bill Rado takes over any o£,.tl»e warden's .duties - during- his absence.) ' " There's a new addition to the Johnny Woods .family ...a little Wtten ' at the Rubber avenue home, name unknown as yet... Patrolman Harris • Burke who does an excellent .job in oils re- c.ently started doing landscape paintings, and the one we've seen is beautiful. . ;,: ;; Something we've'thought about f 0 J" B .; 1 " n P time, comes to mind "f^V^Wh/a news release from the Conservatory of Music In Kansas City, Mo. ... If you are J P«*H»r *«r a Good paying job in an understaffed Held you might try piano tuning ... piano tuners are very scarce.. .a committee reports that between 6,700 and 10,- QOO new piano turners are needed. •'••: '••• Mrs. Janet Jones keeps a very impressive and complete scrapbook for her cute little daughter, Susan . ..Florence Niewinski is completing wedding plans for her May 12 bridal to Walter Rachuba of Ansonia. Mildred C. Galvin tells us that the installation of officers of the Veterans of Foreign Wars at the VFW rooms on Rubber avenue Saturday night was very impressive, and enjoyed muchly. .Gerald LePage, who was induc- tc'drinto the Army, yesterday^ is. registered with Selective Service Board 11. as living at 3J -Elmore street, Naogatuck ... the board said he, answered to the listing, but we've checked and found he resided with the Charles Kannenberg familyr jit 37 • Elmwood street. ., " '•'. • Jim Burns is starting to feel the effects of being a home-owner ...he was very much on the tired side Saturday night after having been in the dirt all afternoon .. .he did take time out occasionally to take a peek at the Yankee-Dodger ba««ball game... we're sorry Jim about slipping up on both yours and •„ Mrs. B.'s birthdays-in the column.. Pfc. Bill Simmons, former sports editor of The News, was home for the week-end and looking great.. .Bill, a member of the Marine Corps, is now in Little Creek, JVa., for three weeks of amphibious training ...his mail still goes to Camp Lejeune. -Voting lists have been tacked up on the corridor walls of the town hall building . ..better take a^trip in to cliei:k your name... it's important if you want to vote -May 7 in the biennial election... we found a couple names remov-, ed from third ward lists that weren't added to the first ward lists... The people had moved from one ward to the other let the registrars know of such changes, or you may find yourself unable to cast a ballot. Albert C. Demers, who has been in Naugatuck many times on state housing affairs is .being prominently mentioned for appointment as chief of all housing- activities under the State Public Works Dept. ...He is now bead of the rental housing division ...Ed Adams of; Wethersfield, who spoke to the,Exchange Club when Naugawam was under construction, is also in the race.. The second. National Coast Guard SPAR reunion dinner will be held Saturday night, .April 21 at the Hotel Astor, N. .Y. ... inquiries should be addressed to National SPAR Reunion Committee, Box 703, Church street Station, New York 8, N. Y. John Sulima Grand Juror of Beacon Falls is piloting around in a new Buick lohy Farrar keeps himself busy selling insurance, selling real estate, driving a school bus and working weekends at the Bristol Co. ... Such ambition Tony. Clarence Haigh is the happiest man in the state ...And the reason is that Frank "Spec" Shea is back with the Yankees.. .Aren't we all ?.... Wcicome home to Mrs. Mary Grant who returned to her linotype machine in our composing room yesterday after a long absence because of illness. Radio Newscaster Answer to Previous ^AII INITL- p>ie|T|ei ICtTIOIRUM JATiv|| OMl I BOKIZONTAL f 1.5 Depicted U radio ^ 'newscaster * ,'1$ City in /•• Nevada 14 Not arched 15 Daughter of Herodiaa 17 Inferior 18 Dutch cfty 4 Dove's call 5 Plant part 6 Suffix 7 Low-lying country 8 Brother of Cain (Bib.) S Legal point 10 Church festival .' • 11 Genus of f' willows L«JUlrJfgIMMKllBM;S-tJLJ'J i gj ROME • v » w«i4«4i«; 23 That thing 24 Negative reply -.25 Measure of cloth (pi.) 26 On the • sheltered side ,X» ' WLUOWS 19 Mystic syllable 12 Skin (suffix) 20 Hebrew deity 16.Volume 21 Scottish cap 22 Palm lily 24 Symbol lor neon • 25 Direction 27 Verbal ' 30 Lines (ati.) 31 French island S2 French article 33 Symbol for , sodium : ! 34 Denomination 87 On top 34 Neat 4aPronoun . . 4lAir(comb, form) 4S Arctic gull .45 Symbol tor samarium 47 Short-napped •fabric 80 Lubricant ' 92 Dorfnant 54 Ingress . :. 56 Volcano In Sicily 57 Abandoned 98 Approach' VERTICAL 28 Italian river 29 Jump 35 Writers' marks 36 Size of shot 37 Part of "be" 38 Rounded and cylindrical 41 Old i 42 Sea eagle £f. 43 Eskers ' w 44 Twisted 45 Winter vehicli 46 Rough lava 48 Girl's name 49 He is a in his field , 51 Exist i 53 Number. -1 55 Symbol for i • 1 Gaelic 2PeruM aorific** Wkat Oui- Tktok Says To the Editor: When Senator Benton supported President Truman in relieving General MacArthur from duty, because our Senator believes in' civilian control over the military, the Fairfield Young Republicans picketed his home with signs reading, "Benton approved Cof dismissing MacArthur) and so did Stalin." If these misguided Republicans were truthful they should have carried signs reading, "Secretary of Defense Marshall, General Omar Bradley, and Admiral Forrest Sherman approved and so did Benton," for this is a fact. The wise men who drew up our Constitution provided for civilian control over the military, for otherwise it might be easy for a popular military hero to set }ip a die' tatorship. General MacArthur deliberately disobebyed direct orders not to issue policy statements until they were first cleared by his superiors; so he forced President Truman either to dismiss him or acknowledge that generals should make policy, not the elected representatives of the people. If the Republicans who picketed Senator Benton were willing to tell the GOP Misguided In Picketing Benton Home whole truth they should have carried signs reading, "George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin approved of dismissing a disobedient general, and so does Senator Benton." Of course, neither I nor the Republicans have talked with Stalin and can quote him on his stand But I do know that the Communists and Russia have opposed our helping to arm and defend with troops the free countries of Europe. It is reasonable to suppose, therefore, that Stalin -would like nothing better than to see us bogged down in an all out war with China, so that we could not help Europe when Stalin attacks there. Such an all out war with China is just what MacArthur advocates, though it would weaken our ability to help Europe against Russian aggression; while President Truman and the other members of the .United Nations except Russia and her satellites, want to avoid such an all out war. I wonder if the Republicans realize this. ALFRED BAKER LEWIS. Greenwich, Conn. Farrar Says Taxes May Be Kept To Minimum By Intelligent Handling Of Budget Problem April 16, 1951. Editor Naugatuck News. In a recent letter to the News, I suggested the formation of a Taxpayers Association. Since then I have been approached by a number of local taxpayers - who have expressed their dissatisfaction concerning the inevitable increase of the tax rate, by possibly four mills, a total of $4.00, for each $1,000 of assessed valuation. It is obvious and I must be blunt in this statement, that our Borough officials are either incapable of thinking intelligently ton the tax problem or do not chose to do so. Furthermore, I may "add, that it is an injustice to the people of Nau-' gatuck; for a Borough official to even attempt to administer the duties of his office unless he is familiar with the knowledge pertaining to the fundamental principles of economics, particularly those applying .to the functions of the Federal Government. I know that the functions of the Federal Government appear remote when we are concerned with the increase of our local taxes. However when we realize that not only :he Federal Government, but the State as' well is demanding more and more taxes from us we become aware that there is a definite connection among the three forms of government.. To be sure we are faced with a National Emergency, and the :heory according to the Board of Economists in Washington is to finance the emergency on a pay-as- you-go basis. Consequently as the momentum of government production increases, it is obvious that our income taxes will also increase. Furthermore, anyone familiar with Long Form 1040, will note when filing his next income tax return that the percentage reduction will have been eliminated from the form, thus resulting in a higher tax. How does all this affect our citizens regarding our local taxes? To be sure ours is an industrial town whose residents are chiefly wage earners. Many are home owners whose dual responsibility is concerned with the thought of amortizing the mortgage of their homes and raising a family with some minimum standard of existence. The . Federal Government by its means of taxation, namely Personal Income and. Social Security, determines their take-home pay. In addition, the State with its many forms of taxation, Sales Tax, etc.," also cuts into the wage earners take-home pay. And to make matters worse, our National economy is suffering from an inflationary condition with prices of goods, spiraling- up ward so that tht average housewife who is faced with the problem of trying to .make ends meet, is finding it quite 'difficult to do so. ; Of course we realize that our town must have revenue to function properly, but it certainly appears that some savings can be effected by cutting down on purchases, on equipment, and on the exorbitant amounts that are asked for repairs. No one questions the proposed increase's that may be given to the Borough employes, but on the other hand everyone feels' that by intelligent handling of the budget problem taxes may be kept down to a minimum. ANTHONY FARRAR. JACOBY ON BRIDGE By OSWALD JACOBY Written for NBA Service Cue-Bfd Shouldn't Tip Off Opponents A cue-bid (one that shows con- TO! rather than a real suit) often belps the 'partnership reach the best contract. However, it is im- NORTH (D) 17 4KJ10754 ¥J1073 4>74 *6 WEST EAST *86 .*None V84 VQ62 *KJ6 , 4AQ1095 *AKQ943 *J10872 SOUTH 4AQ932 VAK9S • 832 + 5 Neither vul. North East South West Pass Pass 14 * 2 + 3* 4 A Double Pass Pass 4N.T. 5V Pass 5 4k Double Pass Pass Pass • f Opening lead—* K and ]?ast could then go to five clubs. It would seem that he was simply making a sacrifice bid, and his side might well be permitted j to play the hand at five -clubs — ' probably doubled. Even if North ran out to five- spades, East might then bid six clubs. Without the cue-bid in hearts, North could be expected to lead a spade; and 'then West would easily fulfill the slam contract in clubs. CAED SENSE Q — With both sides vulnerable your partner deals and bids one no-trump. The next player doubles. You hold: Spades 5-3, Hearts 9-4-2, Diamonds J-9-7-4, Clubbs 10-8-5-2. What dp you do? A—Pass (with inward fear and trembling). Your hand is almost worthless, but you cannot expect to improve the contract by bidding one of your miserable four-card suits. TODAY'S QUESTION With both sides vulnerable your ortant not to make such a bid if t helps the enemy more than your ide. In today's hand, for example, East was technically correct in bidding four spades. He wanted to each a contract of at least five ;lubs, and he could honestly show :ontrol of the spade suit on the vay to that contract. Psychologi- ally, however, his bid was very noor. It warned the opponents that i slam in clubs was not impossi- le and that a game contract was a. near certainty. When East made a second slam ry by bidding four no-trump, South made a cue-bid that was eally intelligent. It seemed likely o him (with good reason) that tBe pponents could make a contract of ix clubs except against an open- ng heart lead. Since he was de- ermined to bid five spades as a. acrifice against five clubs, South ould afford to bid five hearts on he way. After this intelligent bid by south, East and West had to be atisfied with the 100 points they ould get by doubling five spades. t was no longer possible for them o bid six clubs with any serious _xpectation of making that con- ract. There would be a different story o tell if East simply bid four clubs nstead of making the tactically un- ound cue-bid of four spades. South | would proceed on to four spades, HI- ions and Answers Q—What is the derivation of the title Mrs.? : 'A—"Mrs." is actually the abbreviation of the word "mistress," originally a courtesy title given any woman, married or single. When it became customary to address married women as mistress, th.e pronunciation became gradually corrupted until at last it was "MISS-iz" and the spelling was abbreviated to "Mrs." Q—What type of dog Is a Lhasa Albso? . • - . A.—The shaggy dog known as a Lhasa Abso is a rare Tibetan ter- riiir that probably has more hair per square inch than any other dog in the United "States. Although he is only about It) inches tall, he has almost enough hair to cover a St. Bernard. Q—Are colored glasses unsafe for night driving? A — Use of colored glasses for night driving is not recommended because although they may reduce glare, they also tend to obscure the wearer's vision. Q—Who composed the famous song "Sweet Adeline"? A—Harry Armstrong wrote the music and Richard Gerard wrote the lyrics. The song originally was titled "Sweet Rosalie." The name was changed by the publishers in honor of Adelina Patti, the opera singer. It was written in 1903. Q—How doas wood compare wit! coal in the amount of heat it pro duces? A—A cord of good quality wood will supply as much heat as a ton of coal. * THE DOCTOR SAYS : - Low Blood Pressure Causes Too Much Unnecessary Worry What's Right? Several women meet in a restaur ant for a Dutch treat luncheon. ' WRONG: They let the waiter make out one check for them al and try to figure out how much each one's lunch has cost when they are ready to pay the bill. BIGHT: "To avoid all that con fusion, they ask for separate checks when 'they order. DO YOU REMEMBER? One Year Ago Three hundred and fifty persons attended the 10th annual get- together of the East Side Old Timers, honoring Atty. Thomas Gormtey,. Naujfatuck" native, who 1 ' for the past 33 years was affiliated with the Veterans Bureau, Washington, Ground-breaking ceremonies for the new Rock Rimmon Grange hall to be located in Pinesbridg-e, were held. The first spade of ground was turned by Mrs. Mary R. Clark, the only living charter member. . 0 Years Aso Mrs. Mary Penrose was elected as president of: the woman's group to the Veterans of Foreign Wars at their organizational meeting. A Beacon Falls baseball team was being formulated. partner deals and bids one no- trump. The next player doubles. You hold: Spades J-3, Hearts 10-42, Diamonds Q-9-7-4, Clubs K-8-5-2 What do you do? Answer Tomorrow WeHaveYonr V. SET Us— The Music Shop — everything musical — 88 CHURCH ST. PHONE 8887 WANTED Additional Help 50 Women To Fill New Jobs on Second Shift WAR PRODUCTION AND CIVHJAN WORK • HIGH WAGE SCAtE • CLEAN AND SAFE WORK * • NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY Apply Now United States Rubber Go. Naugatuck Footwear Plant . . OFUCE RUBBER AVENUE AND WATER STREET NAUGATUCK, CONN. : "Please tell ; me what to do for low blood pressure? All my doctor says is that it is better than high' blood pressure." So writes Mrs. G. and a lot of others are equally interested in the question. I don't know why so many people get disturbed because their blood pressures are lower than what they think should be normal. But Mrs. G.'s doctor was certainly right in saying low blood pressure is better than high. As a matter of fact most people with low blood pressures are well off and can expect a long life. There are few exceptions: There is a condition known as Addison's disease which, among other symptoms, is characterized by a low blood pressure, but this is rare. There are not many other conditions which are accompanied by low blood pressure and which have any serious significance. There are several things which help to determine whether the blood pressure will be low, high or normal: The pump-like action of the heart is one. The elasticity of the arteries is another. In most cases of - below "normal" blood pressure the cause seems to be 1 exceptionally elastic arteries and this is a good thing. For one, it generally means that hardening of the arteries will be slow to develop and this in turn has much to do with the expectation for a long life It is hard to say whether there are any symptoms which can be wn °V° W bl ° 0d P res sure and thing else. Some people who have low pressure also complain ^f* ° f ? 6P ' but this ^ just as from th SS in the mind as jt 's irom the pressure. Even if the blood pressure should have something to do with complaints of this sort, there' is not much that can be done about it. BETTER. LEFT ALONE Theer is no good, safe way to raise the blood pressure and it is better left alone in most cases. If anemia or some other disorder is also present, it should be treated on its own account. Low blood pressure causes a great deal of unnecessary worry. With exceedingly few exceptions the person with 'below normal pressure can consider himself or herself lucky, and does not need to do anything about it. Man Awarded $425 For In jury To Back Workmen's Compensation Comsr. J. Gregory Lynch approved a stipulation which provides for payment of $425* to Stanley Padaigus, 57 Chipman street, Waterbury, for a back injury sustained Dec. 12, 1948, while employed by the Nau- gratuck Glass Co. The commissioner also approved weekly payments of $32 to Anson Moc, Seymour, from H. A. Matthews Mfg. Co., Seymour, beginning April 10, injury to left heel. TORRINGTON FIRE ' Fire officials say a blaze at Torrington caused about $70,000. But the owner of the Valley Cleaners' plant says the loss was entirely covered by insurance. The general alarm blaze started when an oil burner back-fired. Ill Defense Counsel, Defers Grant Trial The Superior court trial of Angela Grant, 27, ofr-Ne\fr York city, charged with larceny, was postponed yesterday., by .Judge Jatnes E. Murphy because of the illness of Atty. Edward T.'Carmbdy, defense counsel. The 'trial was supposed to have continued this morning but the .announcement' made last night iaid the-data of resumption of the trial would not be set until the court receives reiorts on Mr. Carmody's condition; *He entered' Waterbury hospital,^sfesurgical patient. Testimony for the trial Started, .last. Wednesday. Mrs. Claire .Sehjplenski, > 'of .Beacon Falls, and Mrs.. Doris I. Ncary, of Nauga- tuoki are?' on -the? jury, 'composed of eight women and four men. Realty Transactions The following papers, have been filed for record in the office of Town Clerk Raymond J. St. John: Wai-raiity Deeds Lennea'Weld 'to'Mary A. Blase, property on Bescon Valley road. Stanley Tolius £o Stanley and Marie K. Kielb properties on 1 -Winthrop avenue and Radnor avenue. Mortgage Deed Gaston and Elandine Lafontaine to Naugatuck Savings Bank, property off Aetna street. - -.. Mortgage. Release Naugatuck Savings-Bank to Gaston and, Blandine Lafontaine. SOME FIGHT! Last bare-knuckled, world heavyweight title fight went 75 rounds in 1889 between" John'L. Sullivan, winner, and Jake Kilrain at Rich- bur'g Misji. PERSONAL LOANS for many purposes TO MODERNIZE FOR TELEVISION and , Other HOME APPLIANCES TO GET OUT FROM BEHIND TO CLEAN UP OLD TO FINANCE A CAR BILLS FORA VACATION FOR EMERGENCIES TO PAY THE DOCTOR VOR HOME REPAIR fc& LMI for many people We charge but the usual low bank rate, with further reductions if the loan is secured by life insurance policies, passbooks, securities. The life of the borrower is insured for the unpaid balance of the loan at no extra cost Loan decisions are prompt, terms liberal. If convenient to call", phone ^augatuek 2286, ask f or Mr. Buell. ' NAUGATUCK'S -...'- The NAUGATUCK NATIONAL BANK MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT IHSUBANCI CORPORATION • FEDERAL RESERVE STSTEM

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