Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 25, 1948 · Page 16
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 16

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 25, 1948
Page 16
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(4 Logonsport Pharos-Tribune , 5:1u RADIO COLUMN WBpM— Columbia. s:0 Kc. V/MACi—National. 670 He. U'LS— Arnem-an S?V Ko. WON —.Mutual. 720 KC (F)—Full-hour program (H) —Hiilf-liour orosrru/n TIIURSDAT BI'K.SINO CST . 6:UO— VVCE.M— Boulah W.MAQ—Jimmy Blade Oreo WLS—Orfleld. N*ws \VU.N — Dr. Bradley 8:11— WBBM—Ilullls, News VV'.M'AQ—.Morgan Beatty WLS^Jury'Vi-Iul!' (H) wi'lACi—il;inur HouseParty 1— V.'liu.M —.'.'.urrf.w. nuwb WU."—liisidi- or Spurt* W.MAQ — fUi rk ri',-ss. ntru.5 7-00—Wiiiiil—KL'.i In I'eac« ana War (H> V, i.; .\ - -A 11 -S in r Rev uo W.MACi—Aldrlch Family i III WLS —Peter Don;iUl 7:l.j \VGX-Grual Talent Hunt WLS—ijueut Star. 7-30--WBB.M —Mr.' Keen (H) WCN'— Allen. ns\« W.MAy—i;urn» niul Allen (H) WI.S—Henry .Morgan (H) 7-.is —\v<;.','—Your Answer 7:f.i —W'JN —liilly U"M(; S;uv—WiiUAl —Uick ilajmes (II) W.MAQ—K rat I .Music Hall (II) \VL.S—vvn;i« rin'.T n-i> %i\~t-~- WCN— Crt'llo X.,'V;*recl 8:30—U'l'.N—K. !•'. I>. America (II) f ID J ~ W.MAQ—Vill:iRO Sloro (It) WI.S—<;,iilcii<! .Mui'i.phoiie (II) j ; OIJ—WBB.M—Kea.il era UlKeat (H ! \VM'\C> —Hob l-lawlc show (II) WI.S—Leo Siveethind Show (Mi j:30—WBBM—First Nlgliter (H) WMAlj — Kclcllo C'antur (Ii) U','..S—Herman Qu.'irtet \V\JN—Tim Morthurm ra (II) Amateur Forecaster Predicts Cool Summer \ RUSHVILLE, Ind. (UP)— Mark j He said ha expected "no real heat (Puree!!, a weather prophet who : wave" such as Koosiers experlenc- ' correctly forecast, a severe winter . ed last year, predicted for Indiana, yesterday that the summer months would be comparatively mild and cool. Purcell completed a four day study of wind currents and then revealed his findings. He said the first half of me summer, from Juno 21 to July 15, would he "mild and changeable. Purcell bases his predictions on v.-lnd currents and directions. He said it "was pretty hard to figure out this year" because of rainstorms and changeable weather. He said the "wind was out ot the southeast the majority of the time during his observations. Purcell said that Indicated mild weather. SEIZED SHIPS RETURN TO ITALY with <i lot ot different kinds of weather." From Julv 1C to thy ....,- —, , of fall, he predicted, It would be: 30-year period "somewhat warmer but nothlns , out of the ordinary." "I fJon'c look Cor ..... - , heat this summer," said Purcoll. i state's coldest weather of the year | Purcell claims 90 per cont ac-| first day I curacy In his predictions over *j ' " " Last fall, he fore- j cast a severe winter with heavy I snows from Jan. 13 to Feb: 19. any extreme | Those dates coincided with tho U. S. Lets Palestine Dangle In Air At UN CST S;OU—WBBM—Harrington, no wo WTi.V—Hurloigh. nuwa W.MAQ—Your J'ththbor (ID WI.S—Urealifust Club (F> g:10—WHIiM—Gold Co™, WG.V—Two Ton Hakcr 8:30—WBB.M—P.-uil Clli«nn WON—Breakfast Quiz WMAQ—Koas. inunlg S:-10—'.WliBM—.-UiODi>ln>r WON —WIshlnB Wotl W.M AQ—.N'orrnun Cn rry. 9:00— WBB.M—Edition of tho News Wi'J.V—Allen, news WMAQ—frad WcinnK (H) WLS—True Story (H) 9:11 —WON—A .Melody a: ^0—wnii.M—Evelyn Winters \VC!.\—Norman KOSM WMAQ—Itoad of l.ifo W'f.S—Botty Crocker 5:15—W BUM—David U.-irum WON'—Spots of Music W.MAQ.—Joyce Jordan WI.S—LUiteiilns I'oai LAKE SUCCESS (UP)— The Uni| ted States yesterday loft its new j formula for Palestine hanging in i air at the United Nations, repor- I tort'iy because President Truman land Secretary of Stale George Mar- I shall were planning major state| mcnts t-xplalnlng tlie sudden Am| ericati abandonment of partition. I The development left UN (lip- Burch Throws Long-Expected Hat In Ring | loniats confused and puzzled as to § t a j e Auditor Announces [what action the UN could take rnnH jj nPV For Governor At Candidacy For Governor At Party Meeting In vjJle. Evans- EVANSVILLE, Ind, — (UP) Fire In Dairy Caught Early Rid Fir* At Twlp Lakes Dalrr. Montlcello, Averted By Quick Work. MOXTICELLO, Ind. — A bad fire at the Twin Lakes, dairy, 823 South Main street, was narrowly averted about 7:30 a. m. yesterday. Robert Sweet, an employe, spelling smoke while in the front part of the dairy, found the ulterior of the boiler room in the back of the , building ablaze. He immediately j applied water from a small .".ose j and had the fire well under con- I trol by the time the fire department arrived- A work bench and some tools ! were burned and window lights I broken. The blaze was confined entirely to the boiler room, whicn adjoins the enrage at the rear. Owner of the dairy Is Lester Erlandson. TRANSFER of 15-coal-burnlng liberty ships to Italy and return of 14 Italian vessels seized by tire United States during the war is authorized as President Truman signs official document Watching (from left) are Secretary ot State George C. Marshall, Adm. Louis E. Denfeld, chief of naval operations; Attorney General Tom Clark, und Ambassador Alberto Tarchianl of Italy. (International) BurlJng'ton Holds Services- BURLINGTON', Ind. — Union Easter sunrise services will he OU . •-;it top speed came when State Auditor Alvin V. Burch an- held here at the Brethren church ! - • next to solve the snarled Palestine \ problem and end the Arab-Jewish i warfare in the Holy Land. ! The first sign that the United | States would not push Its ! proposal — —..., — - ,._. . , . ! American Delegate Warren R-[nounced his candidacy for gover-1 at 6 a. m., with the Burlington Austin cancelled plans to presentj nor of Indiana last night and | Evening Musical society in charge. pledged to put the state government "in tile hands of tho people" if nominated and elected. Although not mentioning it by name, Burch referred to the direct primary, which he has advocated For Easter to' the security council today a formal request for a apodal general assembly session to scrap partition and create a UN trus- taeship for Palestine. Lator, it was reported that J' 1 '- Ladies billfolds, fountain manicuring sets, dresser Sarasonite luggage. T1MBKRLAKES pens, sets, Truman might discuss the bitterly i \ n opposition to the policies ot the criticized abandonment of P"'' 1 '" j present GOP administration, tiun at a news conference today. ' reports W.MAQ—Nora Drake WI.S—Tom Bremuimari 'HI 10:15 —W.M.-'.Cj—Katie's Daughter .,. \VG.X—Lir, C'rario KW30--WBB.M—Grand Slam WGN—Heart's Deslro til) W.MAQ—Jack Bcrch :" WI.S—Galen Di'alto •iO:«—W«!:.M—ilosomnr.v W.MAQ—Lorn Uiwlon WLS—Lewis, news 11 :ffd— W BD.M—Wondy Warren WCiN—Kato Smith W.MAQ— Veoil Maplclan WLS—Welconio Travelers 11:15—W CUM—Aunt Jenny WGN—Victor Umll.-ihr WMAQ—Von Danimo Quintet 11:30—WBB.M—Hula n Trent - Wfi.V—NiMlson. n<!Wn W.\i.\Q — Kllzahcth ITiirt WLS—Farm World (H) 11:45—wr.B.M—Our Gal. Sunday ", WON'—Claudia WJIAQ—Tunes And Tips AI'TUKXUO.N (II) j that Marshall planned to speak out within a few clays on the full reasons for the decision to scuttle the partition program, j The unexpected switch in American plans occurred in the face o't a potentially serious movement I among other UN memhers to op(pose trusteeship unless they re! ceive advance, Iron-clad proof that i !t can be enforced. Speaking before some 1,500 V'ati- derb'urgh county Republican •work- il'.-C'O—WBC.M—Hip Sister WON—Lot's Have Fun (H) •WMAQ—Stone, nows WI.S—Dlnnt-r Hell (11) I2:1D—WRB.M—.Ma PurklnM W.MAQ—Musical Ml He wa son 12:30—W11BM—Now?:. - W<5N— Farmer's .Market ' WLS—Noontime Nfws 12:-15—WBlsM—Guidlnp Light -- WON—Alli-ti. Ni'WM. WMAQ—Hob Hlplo.v ^VI.S—Lloyd I>urllnKhritii j:0u—WRBM—ilra. Burton WON—Queen for R Day (H) W.MAQ—Todays' Children :. WLS—Kex Allan 1:16—Wf.HM— Perry Mnson WMAQ—Woman in Whits WLS—School Time 1:30—WIJLIM—Dr. M:ilone i , W(!X—Mnrtln Clock •'. WMAQ—Holly Slonno: Botty Crocker • WI.S—Brldfl A Groom (H) l : 45—WHB.M—Kos« ot Wy Drcmns WCrN—Foster, news "Vi'.MAQ—Llpht of tho World S:00—WBli.M—Double. Nothlnc WGN—Jfartln Block Show WMAQ—Lift Can He lieaur.lfu\ WT.S—LnairM B« Sf-ntrd (H) 2:1.-,—\VAIACJ—Mn f'erklna. WGN— Jay Walker S:30—WBtiir—Hoxiso Tarty (II) WMAQ—Pcppor Youn.c; WLS—I'aul Whltennnn (Fl 1:4;—W.MAQ Rlpht to Happiness Wi'.N—liess.'i't With Anu-L-ho j;00—Wr.EM—Hint Hunt ill) wnN—llurlc-i^li. ;ie«\<* W.MAQ—K:u-l;st:ipo Wifo S:15—W'CN—Melody Momos WMAQ— Strll.l P.lllns 3:30—WBBM—Gold Co.ist WGN — Holland Kns'lo 'III WMAQ—I.cri'iizo Jones WLS—T«d Mnlono 1:15—WBBM—Ecntley, nows WLS—Mac and Hob WMAQ—Young Wlddor BroTm 4:00—WBBM—Paul Gibson (H) WGN—Allon. news WMAQ—A Girl llnrrlo-- WLS—Featurp Foods (H) 4:15—WON—Marshall Kent Shovr WMAQ—Portia Kaees Lito WLS—Eddy Diichin 4:30—WK13M — Kditor'a Dnuphtar WGN—Baker's SpotlfKht WMAQ—Just Plain Bill WLS—Ort'ield. nsivs 4:45—WCBJt—r.lnda's Lovo WGN'—JlnKle Jnckpot W.MAQ—Front Paso Fnrrel] S ;00— W KBAf—NCK-S WilN—Adventure Parade. W.\tAQ—Stono and Thorpe, WLS—Dtok Tracy 8:15—WI5BM—Harrington, nows U'G .N'— S u p e rm n n WMAQ—Pnvo Carroway (H) WLS—Terry and Pirates 5:30—WRBM—.Lum nnd Abncr WGN—Cnpt. Mldnlsht WLS—Spy Kin*. S:-I5—WBBM—Lov/el! Thomas WGN—Tom Mix ' W.MAQ—Holtman. news FIUUAlf ETEM.NG CST S:00—WBBM—Bculah. WG.V—Dr. Bradley • WMAQ—Jimmy Blado • WLS—BoiHictt Orfleld 6:15—WEBM—Hollos, nev* wnx—Phone Quiz ; WMAQ — Bentty news •- WLS—Pr;ilrl« Farmer Nc\v» srju—WBB.M—Club Fifteen WilN—Henry J Taylor WMAQ—Houso Party WLS—Lone Knnsor (Hi 5:45 —WBBM—Murrow. new •• U'GN — ln.«ldp of Spurts WMAQ—K.iltemv-rh, ne\vj ::BO—I\\;N—Burl i\cs. -. W!.S—l-'n t .MTn i HI " WHUil—Caby Snooks Show . W M,'. n— M ,1 1- .\tiri;:iri -Hi 7:1.1 -WGN—Frank U-ahy Show | 7:SU—WHi'.JI —I>.-ny Thomas Show; — WiI.V— L.-ive It To The Girls i ~ (H) W.!AO—Vou Top Thli? (Hi j ., u (.S'-'v.'irt riii IHI T"i - , —\Vn.N—Hill- Ki.si- Kuimr Soil Service Officers, Essay Winners Named- Dwight Smith Elected Chairman; Carol June Hopkins, I cinct commHtecmen and •«-** nnri f n o nAiinrv rihoivmon 1 Route 1, Twelve Mile, Places First In Essays; ers and party members, Burch naked the "delegates to the state convention for their votes and support." i Burch's long and anticipated announcement brought to lour tHe number of active GOP condldatos to succeed Governor Gates. Hobart CreiglUon of Warsaw and Walter Helmke have announced as candidates and Sen. William E. Jenner indicated this week he was avall- ! able as tlie GOP nominee, i Burch said lie would run on ft 'four-point platform. He pledged; I 1. To put the government !n the i hands oC the' people. j 2, To slash the cost Of government. I 3. To see that counties, cities land towns receive additional money | for roads and streets. i 4, To return to the .GOP pr«- womon the county chairmen and women tlielr right to run the affairs of their party. Election of officers *.t is vital to me and „ lighted the regular monthly meet-, *™y ?oul in Indiana, said Burch. ing of tho Cass county supervisors! H« «wd he would run for gover- for tho Soil Conservation Service'n" "»« ™ a candidate of any Tuesday evening | faction not as a tool of any or- Newly elected officers arc:, ganized. selfish minority. Dwlght Smith, chairman; .Lee, Lawson, vice-chairman; T. AJifUdentS MGlp Jenner n?r P Tr re asu?er ta r)aie a Beck, r retiring! Reach High Position chairman, resided during the T Q \\yf,j c h ^ A. Rug««d, imort brawn extort, Dureblt rubb*r iol>< and Alto in ttralpht tip. Sim i to U. I. Rich-f«n*<( brown moceailn. Ion B- w«oring rubbtr and SH!I, I & D widtht. South Delphi Lady Expires Mrs, >*ettl e VTidner, 75, Dies At Home After Paralytic Stroke. DELPHI, Ind. — Mrs. XettiS •w'iduer. ~5, died at 4:25 p. m. Wednesday at her home in south Delphi after a stroke of paralysis recently- Born at Battleground, Ind-, December 22, 1S72, she was the daughter o£ Itha and Sam (Ellis) Thompson, and spent most of her life in Delphi. I Surviving are the husband. Wit- iliam; five daughters, Mris. Mabel I Fife. Lafayette, Mrs- Nellie OUe, 'Chicago, Mrs. MoIIie Ocawipa, Gary. ; Ind., Mrs. Rosa Staton. California, jand Mrs. Jennie Mintholl, Roch- 'ester; two sons, James and Josse, ! Delphi, and a brother, Joe Thomp' son, north of Pittsbure. ! Friends may call at the Griinm f Thurs. Evening, Mar. 25, '45 j funeral home after Thursday noon, 'and final rites will be conducted' there at 2 p. m. Friday by the Rev. Howard Jenkins. Burial will ba in I the Odd Fellows cemetery. IVfiiiuimc Cafe Sold j W1NAMAC, Ind, — Mr. and Mrs. ]'Leo Christer-son have purchased ; the Liberty cafe from James Kou- |toulas, owner for the last two (years, who is moving to LaPortc. I After radecoration, the grand op- i cuing: under new management will be Saturday. Read Classified Ads CALL 317S FOB Vonr next wash or jiollsh job. l'Ick-ni> and dcllrcry (.crrlce. STAR MOTOR CO. 113 South Sixth .street tered a suggestion for a county! yesterday started a movement to conservation tour of the air. ™&.^™^*^ Winners In the .annual essa}., • tnat he can wash the gteps contest were announced as 1nBtjP , $ll . place, Carol June Hopkins, route; Ind'anauolis " 1, Twelve Mile, Twelve Mile hishj ume " t ln : "° nnoun ed ln soliool* second pi AC 61 IF'rGcloricx i . , *• ' * -IT AT fao I \Viislilnffton Moridfl,}' uiniit tliiit h6 hle^school'^and third 6 place! Maxi was available for the GOP nomln- Lvnch, route 1, Logansport, Meteajatlpn as governor of Indiana he high school also sald that lle never refused to The first place winner will re- accept a call "to any service which ceive n ?25 savings bond, second! my party or my state demanded.' $10 in cash, and third {5 In cash. | "1C I can serve ray party and Those who served on the judg-'iny state by washing the steps ot ing committee were: Chris H'eld.ithe Soldiers' and Sailors' monu- soil conservationist: Carl ShaferJ ment. there I ata willing to serve," assistant conservationist; Oscar he said. The next day a petition appeared SPECIAL ONE WEEK ONLY CHI - NAMEL Coat-O-Lite - Satin Finish Wall-Paint 79 Ackerson, district soil conservationist; Forrest perintendent ot Fred Bcnner. Dwipht Smith, J. Hummel, su- county schools; soil soil supervisor on the law school bulletin board, asking signers to help supply Jenner with tlie articles he'd need and John \V. Connelly, county agricultural ageut. supervisor; i to wash the steps. The organizers of the stunt were R. Dollens, North Veraon; ,John R. Dollens, North During the business meeting onejj 0 ] m Droege, LaPorte; Ralph farm plan and one ditching pro-]j3 err y, Terre Haute, and Sara Blue, ject was approved and discussion i;u en tone, all senior law students. o£ State Conservation Week, A s [ guer o£ t h e petition, Mrs. April 5-12, was held. Also reor- Jg(m Seidel Miller, Fort "Wayne, sauiiation of tha soil- supervisors) ga[d ghe wag prorapte( j t o add her board was considered journinent. before ad- Klnpcry Barn Collapses BURLINGTON',' Ind. — Another piece of property destroyed by the tornadic winds Friday has Ueen reported. Tho large barn on the farm of 'Mr. and Mrs- Clarence K i n g e r y collapsed during tha storm. WLS—Brrak Ilia EnnK <H) S;ir,—\vi;\—.\hitunl XeWsrefl. S : ;o—WBBX1— Ozxlf, and Harriet Nelson Ul) WGN—Information Please (H) \VMAU—Wnlti 'llr.n- lH> \Vl.S-Tho Sheriff (H) O-.oo—\vi:;;.V'--nin:ih Slun'i—Harry Jiinic* (H) AVON—Smiths of Hollywood (H) W.MAQ—Mystery Thc.Tiro <H| UM.S—Boxiiis tii.uts (H> 9:30— U'fJUM—«t»'i:llfflil f.Wle-.v (H) W.MAQ—S:.i>rlM Ncwsn-ol WON—Hul.'ywui.il Ti-cjlro W I..-"— SHK-rls. l-'a^r 3;li— \ViUVU—Pro and Uon namc w the Ugt by .. an unpre ce- dented flow of gush" from Jenner. List price $1.40 SAVE - 61 LIMITED ONE QT. TO A CUSTOMER WE WANT YOU TO TRY IT Complete Evidence In Ejectment Suit j Evidence In the civil suit ofj Charles Blaisdell and Helen Mc-j Kinstray against •vvllliam Odle! was concluded Wednesday noon inj the Cass clrAit court before i Judge Clifford 0. Vild. ! The suit in which the plaintiffs! 'are seeking possession, of their j 400-n.cre farm from the tenant. Odle. was taken under advisement; by Judge Wild. The presentation' of the evidence began Tuesday. Attorney Glen Miller represented the plaintiffs, while the law firm of O'Neill and O'Neill appeared for the defendant. —COUPON — I HAVE RECEIVED NAME ...... . ADDRESS !! CHI — NAMEL PAINTS Bring Your Coupon Sch ers If Eggs at HILBEKTS DELUXE 40-i E. Mkt. Phone II Phone 37£6 22 P^^^^^^ SSS| PRETTY EASTER GIFTS... Embroidery trims flower prints * longer lengths Pretty and practical! Rayon satin slips trimmed with rows of fagot- ing and embroidered with flowers. In pink or white. Sizes 32 to 40. Also rujjlfd rayon, crepes in pink; blue or frosty white. la 32 to 4-0. For dream-tisne ;:: njon printed with flowers — styled with graceful skirts and midriff*. While,' blue, tearose. 32 to 44. 3 49 Add thlt pureh«M t« y*ur Ward Monthly Payment Account

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