Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on April 14, 1951 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
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Saturday, April 14, 1951
Page 4
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:*— yA,UJBATlJCK NEWS (CONN.),: SATURDAY, AFRtt 14, 1961 rr^. d-Bveijt-S. Carting. (BS*e«i>f Sunday) toy -THB NAUGATUSK NEWS CORP., NAUGATUCK, CONN. Tilejphbnee 2228 and 2229-^AU- Departments \_,.., . Entered as second class matter at the post offlc* in - Naugatuck, Conn. ' * ' ^ .'-...-"' SUBSCRIPTION •-.." -Payable In-Advance ^ .Month ............ $1.30 • : 1 Year ............ $15.60 Member: American , Newspaper Publishers' Ass'n.;N E. Dally Kcwapapcr Publishers' • Ass'n.; Conn. Newspaper Publishers' Ass'n. SATURDAY, AFBii ii, 1951 THE CLOCK , Je»n-Honan;of-thfr library staff traveled up to Boston over the weekend coming back Sunday i-night, . .'.We noticed Fred Bori- .tempo, 'accompanied by his wife, -piloting a new green Ford the other day- . ..Both look reasonably '-proad.; '• - . -VA*'»bdn as. two people meet tbe»e day* you know what they dUcuaa ... MacArthur ... To understand his recall you have to •understand the workings of the •.Army which recognizes a man first as a soldier then as a pei 1 wm. • ' "• . •• A voting machine has been set up 'in the town hall court room In: order that voters may practice.,.. It's surprising how even 'some of the old timers get mixed 'up oh election day with the excitement and accompanying nervousness 'that goes with the occasion.'., if there's-any- doubt in your mind as to how to operate a voting machine, take a-fast trip /Into the;court-room. • . .-i.,t . ^:. . 3J.- it. ; v John f. Coe, vice-president otf the U. VS. Rubber Co., received his amiNal oversize cigar Thursday night at the -ninth annual banquet of-the Chemical Fore-. Jnen'« -Club-; in Waverly 'Inn. .-.. ;Art -Vrlfai., puf t ed away at a •normal size Job and spoke of stay- Ihf on -the Job, even though he's worked out -several retirement <extensions. •--, •-'",...•...' ;-., U. S. Rubber President Harry "^.'Hnhipnireys,' 'Jr.', "'was telling the boys- at, .Waverly- -the • other night that he worketMor 11 years In the firm without getting an advancement.-.'. Then he went iron) vice-president'to president .. .No room for advancement now, Mr. H. •••• "'•-. ' • •-: Sidney Edwards, former bor- oughite, managing director of the Conn, Development Commission, left for-Bpston this morning for the sixth annual conference of the Association of- State Planning and Development 'Agencies in Miami Beach, Fla ...He flew with Mr. and iMrs, Raymond A. Loring. President Joe Biernackl and Toastmaster Art Thomas are golfing 1 pals, but Burgess Harold •Stinson says he can take 'em both in a match :. Joe makes an excellent club president. - .; John : .P. Caskey enjoyed the .privlfege of .not having to make a ;ipech, and /said- BO L.. Rev. &$*&••* Shields of Ridge^eld,; or 'Ridgew&y, take your choice, had the. boys In: the aisles with his 'line:. humor:,:„,..But.look,, Bev., ~yhy- do :you always -tell that 'Btory about newspapermen traveling pairs when we're In the au- •' dlehce?.\;:.Good story. ."Breezy" Schelthe Is working on . 11 .-new, for him, sport—fishing. ... . J he has already purchased most •J^t^ltlfe equipment he'H need— eyerytblng, that is, but the fish. .-;. Democratib : Candidate for War- den'George Fellows tells us that ' the meeting of the tpwn commit- • tee:' Thursday 1 night' : was the ''most harmonious'' he!s. ever-seen s ... The new chairman, Joseph L. Blirh'eny, 'promises us'i a 'new picture for our flies ...And even Town Clerk' Raymorid JTSt. John is going to come through with a new photo.'.."Joe" says he's had so much'luck with the old one he hesitates to replace it. ''•'• • T -:-^v'. J ''••','— •'—r •§••' . ; x ' Atty.'aha -Mrs. Fremont W. Tolles of .Gemdale Manor, are rc- portwi Ute'flntt riwrfdente to obtain a license for Oieir dog... the pet U named Schnitzel.. .dog owners must obtain the licenses by May 1. : v , ^ Both sides of the charter question agree that everyone should read the old and new charter before making a decision on it. ... Marshall McCann, Jr., who opposes the new charter and Postmaster Frank Green, who supports it, both agree that to vote Nearly on it, the' charter must be understood. The Western Union office ta Naugatuck reported that about 806 telegrams have been sent to Washington, since the ousting of Gen. MacArthur.-. .most of .-them opposed the move. ' The Naugatuck Junior Chamber of Commerce, wliich has sought to establish a good dental clinic in Salem school, is in need of some more dental equipment... a unit containing a cabinet and air hose among other things... 'Doctors who volunteer their time "to work could do a more efficient job if they had the correct materials to work with. Many thanks to the Ladies' Aid society of the Immanuel Lutheran church for the complimentary tickets to the church supper to be held'Thursday, ; April 28 from 6:30 to. 8 o'clock In the church hall.. vrt's:., to feature. roast pork and roast -beef. Char-lie Bengtson, WATR announcer, who is still in a cast and confined to bed at. his Scott street home, received more than '.200 cards, a dozen or so bouquets and pounds and pounds of candy, as well as other get-well gifts, •while in Waterbury hospital,.. he's asked us to say "thanks" from the bottom of his heart to all his well-wishers. Powerful Animal Answer to Previous Puzzle HORIZONTAL 3 Fish 1,8 Depicted 4 Nethts-lands . animal 1% Ransoms 13 Weird 14 Prince 15 Click beetles HManuscript • (ab.Y 18 Behold! 19Unu«ual province 5 Noting 6 Long meter IJUSJMUi CJfJ ..: 7 Belgiafi river . 8-Cl!mbIng peppers 9'Before 10 Ventilates i . tteie . 21 Roughi ^ Java ;22 Decigram 26 Blatant -••imita . • 13 Organ ol '•'hearing " 16 Musical not* 31 Ascended ZSAcCMstotns 27Kop.s' kilns, 42 On time (ab.) 26 Lu^curlaW: in - KslMuisahce a warmth .44Mimiqs 32 ImBenetrable .48 The dill hardness 46 At this place 34 Locked fixedly 48 Driving 38 Sound at .command ,-._,,..^ ; . :•• disapproval . -.-SftCretan -„„ . ^§^w^rul«r ^Grafted (her':) " mountain 80&een«Hon S&0therwise 41 Srtiill >hiW .WFrench articli . . 'S_&. \' •!••-'.' - .^ ' . --..... *-,.,„- - • SI Onager, _: { 82 Wiles S3 Scottish. , . iheepJolds 55 Writing tsbl* 56 Symbol lor niti •-.-•• r '\' 37 While •"-, • 38 Profkpua 40 On lop ' "" .. 45 Excliniatlbn 47 Ungrateful -'."•person' 19 American ' '. writer ;, • • ' 51 Chargtir .'-•' 52 It has long, ,—— -claws on - lti» Xor*paws 54Sow 55 Having made VEETICAX 1 Odin's sxvord Our Young Citizens... BAKBARA AT?N PEBBY, six- months old, is the daughter ol Mr. and 'Mrs. Thomas. Jerry, 274 High street. . . ' -three-months" olfl^ is d of Mr. .and Mrs...Bocco Triano, . Cotton Hollow. .' . , -LOUIS MASCOX.A, JB.;-one-year -old,'ls''"irift < e T 'son- of Mr.' and~Mrs. Louis Miiscola, 111 Carroll street. Observe Loyalty Sunday At St. Paul's Lutheran .''Loyalty Sunday will be observed tomorrow at St. Paul's Lutheran church, according to the Rev. O. H. Bertram, pastor, who at the 10:30 o'clock service will speak on the topic, "Loyalty; to God and His Church." J All members and . friends of the church are invited to see one hour and 15 .minutes of. religious movies, which will .be. shown beginning in the morning at. 9:15 o'clock. The ninth in the series, "The Life of St. Paul," entitled "Visit to Corinth" will be shown, as well as the motion . picture, "Speak No Evil." Parents are requested to attend with their children. • During the regular service, various phases of church work will be considered, such as evangelism, so- cities within the : church and education. Questions may be asked during the address, which will be conducted in an informal manner. ST. PAUL'S LUTHERAN Bev. O.. H. Bertram Sunday school and Bible class, 9:15; public worship, 10:30. Loyalty Sunday will be observed with the pastor using as his theme, "Loyalty to God and His Church." The Lu-. theran Hour, WWCO, 1:30, WLCR (990 kilo.) 2 p. m. Wednesday, choir rehearsal, 7:30. .Thursday, Release-time school, 2:40 p. m.; Walther League meeting in church parlors, 7:30 p. m.; Lutheran Vespers, WWCO, 8 p. m. Friday, the congregation is invited to attend a" lecture on the Lutheran Laymen's League and its activities by the Rev.. Hugo Hartmann of St. Louis, Mo., at 8 p. m. St. John's Lutheran church of Waterbury is invited to attend this lecture. Saturday, "Moments of Comfort" WATR (1320 kilo.) and WTOR (1490 kilo.) 7:45 a. m.; "Chapel Doors," WWCO, 9:15 a. ». ^Thought for the Week, "There is something about April that keeps us hopeful."' HILLSIDE COVENANT Kev. Harrv 3. Ekscam Sunday, April 15: 9:45 a.m. Sunday'-Bible 'school. 11 a.'m. Morning worship. This is ' known as Camp 'Sunday throughout the* Conference. In the morning worship special mention' will be made of the Youth Camps to- be held at Cromwell this summer. Miss Carol Gus- tafsori will speak concerning Girls' Camp, and Gordon Vought will speak concerning Youth Camp. The church choir' 'will sing' and the pastor will'bring the message on the theme, "The Divine Secret.'" 5 p..m. Afternoon Vesper service, a service of song and inspiration. The Chapel Echps Quartet from Bridgeport .-will be' .the ..guest vocalists. Members of the quartet are Hilmer Nelson,-first.tenor; Carlton Soderholm, second, tenor; Herbert. Ari- ,dersqn, -baritone ; and, Ralph Hardy, ias's. Gertrude .Hanson will be the accompanist, and' Mrs./Ilertiert <Anderson the guest" soprano soloist. .This, service is sponsored by the Ladies' auxiliary of the church. Mrs. Tngve Dahlin, will be the leader-, andj Pastor JEkstam will ; give a .short meditatioti. There will -he refreshments served at the close of ..the' program. ,The- general pub- lic:ls':cordially invited. , .Wednesday,' 7.:30. -p. ,m. Covenant Hi League', meets;. 8 p. m. The Sunday Bible school teachers meet-Thursday^ 2:SO;p. m. Week Day Sfchool of Religion; 3:15 p.m. Jun- icir choir rehearsal; 8 p. m. The Ladies 1 auxiliary and the-Men's Fellowship meet for their respective business sessions. At S^S-p.m^the men will' be 'guests -of the ladies •«$io ;are .presenting Dr.- Joseph Sklaver, of Waterbury in an address cqircerning.: the functioning of .the human heart. ,He willjalso present a ^hort, colored sound ;mbvie calied "Circulation.'"' :The- gerierVa public is;.invited.-VT;h.e hps;t? and-hostesB- es^are^-M-rs. C. G.'" Swanson, iirs. Wm/'Swanson, paul'V.. Johnsop and Carl .Magnuspn.. r ".•- ':..-" Friday,, ;3.:3p? fl! m..^Gu-l Scout Troop :,No.: 88,;' 7:30 p- m." Boy Scout Ti-odp No. 6;.'7:45 f>im. Choir choir re'heaTsal. 8 p. in. 'a joint -session of. the Deaconesses and Deacons. » aturdayJ paper/drlye. conducted by the /Covenant Hi League. The League -would appreciate it very much if calls for pick-up of papers and magazines be made to any-of the following numbers: 2444, 3624, Or'2613. 7:00 p. in.,; the planning :ommittee~ for the -proposed addi- :ion to the church will meet in consultation with the architect, Carl Johnson." .'-•'•-..• , CONGREGATIONAL Bev. Willard B. So per . The -Church School will meet at 9:45 a. m. for the primary, junior and senior departments. The nursery, beginner and kindergarten departments will meet at 11 o'clock Morning Worship. will be. held, at 11' o'clock with the minister .preaching on '.'.The Vanishing Angel." Children's Talk 'will be ^'Let Him Have It." Music:: prelude, "Gothic Suyite," — .Choral, Introduction — Minuet — Prayer, toy. Boellmann; anthem, "Daughter of Zion," . Clokey; offertory "With a Voice of Singing," Shaw; postlude, "Toccata," Boellmann.. Mrs'. Charles . D. McCleary is Minister of 'Music. The Pilgrim Fellowship- will meet at 7 o'clock. There will be a. variety film program.. ,•-.-. • Monday, The Junior Choir Rehearsal, 3:30 o'clock. Tuesday, The Adult Choir Rei hearsal, 7:30 p. m. Wednesday, The Aid Society will hold a dessert card •' party at 1:30 o'clock. All women, of the church are invited. | There a' prize at. each table. Those : making up tables are asked to bring cards/' A silver -offering- will .be .taken arid the proceeds will gp toward the rer decorating of the.ladies' rest room. Reservations can be made at the church ot&ce,.or with the Circle chairman'. The Evening Circle will meet at 8 p. m. at the home of Mrs. Arthur E..Anderson, 58 Buck- ignahm street.. • [, Thursday, The Weekday school Of Religion, 3:30 o'clock; The Ju-' iiior choir rehearsal, 3:30 o'clock ; The Girl Scouts, Troop 4, 3:30 o'clock; The Boy Scouts, Troop 2 7:30 p..m. : t ..'.'•. Friday, the girl scouts, Troop 22, .1:30 o'clock, The Brownies, Troop 57, 3:30, o'clock. The Parish Players will hold a spring dessert card Party at 8 p. m. The public'. is cordially invited 'to attend. There will be a prize at each table. Those making- up tables will please :bring cards. A silver offering' will be taken and the proceeds, will go toward the new stage curtain. The Misses ArleUa and Dorini* Durr are co-chairmen, and reservations should be made by calling. 2134,.:or ST. MICHAEL'S (Episcopal) Kev. Winfred B. Langborst M- for Sunday; . April , third Sunday afiter Easter, and tor the , week . following are: 7:30 a. m., Holy Communion, . server' Earl Phillips;. 9:30 a. m., church school, hymns to be : played by the church school orchestra, Gail Anderson, . B e 1 1 Y Fowler, Betting Graat, . Arin^bslle... Smith, .'.'Pejoice Te Pure in Heart," "O' Zion Hast.e," and "Onward, Christian- Soldiers"; 10:45 a. ni., nursery igchpbl, Mrs- George Bower in; Charge ;'.'jl..'a, m morning grayer ;ahd sermen, ace-! lyte, Ronald Grele, criicifer; jBu- gene Doughty, small cross;: James: Fairchild; flag' bearer; John' Bree and Francis Nardello, candlebear- ers; ushers, WilHamCj. Noble, Jr Edward ;S, Nab'le, . Frederick. D! Na wrath, Wallace Noble ; iSiSO >m Lpung People's; Fellowship ''leaving the parish house for .a joint -meeting and . supper. ', at : St. T.homas' : church, New Haven; "•' Monday, 3^30 p. m '., \Brownie Troop ,19;, 3:45 E. m., .Cub Scout Den meeting.,,'. ' . . _ Tuesday, a:30 . p. • m,, Brownie' Troop 58; .-Tuesday afternoon the; Church. Helpers will set up ,f or, the rummage sale, and they have re- ; quested. -that- the.; articles for the rummage sale be: brought hi 'Monday or .Tuesday mor.nings if- possible and liiatr 'thei^boxes -brought in be labeled Tor, Rummage Sale'; 7:30 -p.. m.,1 . Kaymalcers reheaxsal. Wednesday,, 9,'a.j nj. to, '5 £• in., Church. ... Helpers'., 'rummage •',' .sale; 3:30 -p. ,-m.,- grammar school girls choir rehear,sal; 7 p. m.,;-Cub Scout Pack meeting; 7:30 '.p. f ~-m^ ^adult choir rehearsal. -..",[. "'" .' : Thursday, » a. m. to 5 p. m.,1 second day of ; Church, .IHeipers -rummage sale; 2:30 -p. m., Weekday School of Religion; V 3:30 p. .m., church school orches.tra. rehearsal; 7:30 p. m., ,Boy ;ScoutiTroop' 7. Friday, 3:30 .p. m.,' Girl Scout Troop- 34;; 9~ p^-ni.,- Playmakers spring dance. ..•..'-. '..";" ST. MICHAEL'S (Roman Catholic) : '-.:' Beacon Falls " Kev. Jerome T. Cook , Masses at 8, 9:15 and 11. ST. MARY'S -. ^ (Roman Catholic) Rev. Thomas M. Griffu» Masses at 7:30, 9:30 and 11. r ST. FRANCIS* (Roman Catholic) R«V. Paul F. Keating Masses at 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. Children's Mass downstairs, 9 a. ST. ANTHONY'S (Roman Catholic) Prospect, Conn. Rev. Thomas J. O'Connell Masses at 7:30, 9 and 10:80. ST. HEOWIG'S (Roman Catholic) Rev. William 3. Topor ;, Ma'ises at 6:15, 8,' 9:30 and 11. 31 HQLY SAVIOUR ! :,-i<Poilsh National Catholic) _,.,.. Kev. Paul Kozlovrski ; v Masses celebrated at 8 and 10:3&: , ; SALEM^ LUTHERAK :'?',. rK' : :' :• (Augustana) ?> * fl>; <:•-. ••: r 'V_ Key. Donald X. Kent •- •: ?"",. ' -,"" '• '•-'-)'' ' '• 'iDonald L.Keati pastor, 20Salem\ s tT,?et, 'telephone 2692; Sunday scbbol, Bible class and membership class at 9:30 a. m.; divine worship at.lC:45 a. m. A nursery is maintained .during the Sunday morning worship service for the convenience of parents of small children; Sunday,; April ; 15,..third Sunday after Easter,'"''Tbe Way to the Father's HbUse;'..,; ii (John 14:1-12); ushers, JameV.'Reynoids and Robert Swanson; acbiyte.-Lenart Peterson; mu- ,3ic, prel.ude; selected; anthem, "Let Not "?our Heart Be Troubled," Speaks/-Salem choir; offeriory anthem, r "Living for.Jesus," Lowden, Sundav'ischool ch'olr; postlude, selected ;'V s'erhipn '•.-, theme" ' "The Way "-''-' : ' '; HartfOjffcDistriQ.t.Chorus.concert will be held this evening at 7:30 p. m; 'at the Emmanuel Lutheran church, Hartford; speaker, the Rev. William Siegel of Minneapolis, Minn. ' ^Wednesday, April IS, 6:30 p. m., Luther choir. .': Thursday, April 19, 2:30 p. m., Weekday School of Religion; 3:30 p. in., Junior. Confirmation class; 7:45' p. m., senior choir; 8 p: m. Lutheran Vespers, station WWCO. .Friday, April 20, 3:30 p.. m.,' Brownies; S p. aa,, Brotherhood meeting, church, hosts, Arthur Pearson, Fridblf. Carlson, and Gustavo Bertelsen. v ...... .Saturday,, April 21, 9:'15. a", m., '•"Cn-apel 'Doors," station 'WWCO; 9:30 : a.. m.,_Sundax.. school ..choir; 9t30 a. im., Senior Confirmation class., ,;•• , -.'•. ''....". '._-,. .,-• ' FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST ' ' . ... Corner of Holmea and MltcMII Ave, ,. SCIENCE . SiER- VICE; 'Sunday, April 15; FIRST CHtJRCH OF CHRIST-, .Scientist, Waterbury, . corner Holmes -,,and Mitchell, avenues. - > tl: Sunday;services, 10:45.a. m. and 7:30,p. ni; ,Sunday school, 10:45 a. ; m^ .<Wednesday evening meetings incjuding ctestimonies of Chrijftian jKealing, 8 o'clock. ,. ', ;. -Siri;';; Disease,' and. Death. py?iH,3t)e the subject of the Lesspn-Sernion for Sunday,' April 15/1951.'. •'',. _. .-. ', V The Golden Text is from Psalms 68:20.' .."He that is our God is the God ,<xf salvation; and unto God the Lord belong the issues from death." Selections -from the Bible include the following: '"I will praise thee, O.-Jiord, with my whole'heart; I will-.shew forth SI;.'thy /marvellous wprJks:" (Psalms 9:i) " , '•, Correiative passages from the Christian .Science textbook, "Science: and .Health. with Key- to the Scriptures,", ;,by Mary.-Baker Eddy, include, the following, -(p.: 232): :"Ih our age Christianity is again demonstrating the ipower of divine Principle, as it'did-over nineteen hundred .years-ago,-Sy_ : healing the sick and triumphing over death." 1 ',. + Questions and Answers Q—Why is the period omitted after the-middle Initial "S" liTPrS duit Harry S Truman's want!? • A—It is correct, to omit the period, for the "S" in,the President's name does not stand for a name He was given the initial "4-S" lor the given names of his grandfath ers, so it is merely a J3ort of fani* ily memento. Q—How many pitchers wereiued in baseball's longest game? A—Two On May 1, 1920, Cadore and Oeschger pitched the entire 26 innings, major- leagues' longest game—Brooklyn .1, .Boston 1. Q—-What Is the'ancient custom regarding the King's messenger at the opening. ol the British* parliament?... . ...• • .V-..-. '. L ;; .. ... ..;.. A—To. show- the. independence iof the House of Commons, it As an ancient British tradition to have the door of the House slammed in t ; he face of .the. King's messenger at the opening of. Parliament. Q—Can Turkish tobacco be grown in the United States? A—Yes. ,Aromatic;;or Turkish tobacco is now being grown in Virginia. Q—What is the largest freshwater fish? A—The : largest is believed to -be the huso,, a type of sturgeon found in Russia, .especially in the Amur River. The fish reaches a weight of a ton and a half. . DO YOU REMEMBER? One Year Ago •- ..;.-, . Rev. William Tbp'dr, pastor of St; Hedwig's."church marked his 25th anniversary of : his ordina- nation into, the'priesthood. > The U. S. Rubber company donated an electric Scoreboard to the Union City Little League. JO Years Ago Walter E. Brown, postmaster, was made a member of the executive committee of the Conn. Association of Postmasters. Joseph Hanley was again, appointed, dog warden' by the board of warden and: burgesses. IMMANUEL LUTHERAN : -• •" . .. V.I..CA. .... '•Rev. Theodore A. Schrader The Rev. Theodore A. Schrader, 'pastor, -567 • High - Street; telephone ,5493.; Sunday, Aprii.'lS, third Sun- <2ay;-;after>;Ba.ster; Church School. orSO/a; -hi:; adult membership class, 9:3p',.a .m.; worship Service/ 10:30 aj.j'm^-jaelrnqn' topic; ':"The Sin of •Omission,^; text,-James 4:17. . Monday. 6:30 p. m. .Dinner meet, g; of -the Naugatuck District of the Mattatuck Co'uncil, Boy Scouts Of Anaericar will be held at the 'church'hall. :; ; • ; ., ,' - Tuesd.ay. 7:30 p. m.; Friendship Circle ..meeting. Mrs. Howard Welsch,: president in charge. .Wednesday, ,7 .p. m. An Organizational meeting ,for, the purpose of forming an. Intermediate Lutheran League will be held at the Hall: Boys-and girls : jn the seventh, ^ighth and--first year^in high school are invited, to this meeting. Miss Ruth Luschenat,. president of the Y-oung.,Peoples'. League, will be in charge .of the meeting.; Therp will hg,.an election lot officers and a program of activities, will be discussed at this. organizational meeting-.'-.;•-, ' ";: . . -.,.'..' ; Thursday. 2:3p; ; p. m. Weekda^ School of Religion; 8 p. m..WWCQ, Lutheran Radio,'- Vespers. Eastw Schrader will.iiave. the mediation. . ;Friday, 6:3&; p. m. Junior choii' rehearsal. Mrs. William .PobJ., director., 7:30,p. m. 50th-anniversary committee meeting. .The committee is composed of the, president of each society, or .organization an<l one representative. Kindy infprhi your representative of .this meeting Saturday, 9. n. m. Senior conflr- mation class; 9:15 a. m. WWCO Chapel doors; 10 a. m.,: Junior confirmation,-class. 7 ' . '.' ; . , Next Sundav,. 6 .p. m. The annual fconyesti.on of the New England Conference Brotherhood will be held at Grace Lutheran church in .Hartford.;.. The. men are, asked to inform the ...secretary,' Wjlllaii Jr'offl, Jr., of your .reservation, for the ;dinner. jUdies kre also -ihvtteol Please call 4^41. '" NATJOAT00^: METHODIST • Cn . ur <* school, 9:45; morning °«*B|fi;^:ll. .Sermqji b.j;,.ihe mjnis- er ^, -'The 'Rhythm'. of !iife> Music by the choir_under. the direction of CJare'S, Smith; A nursery, 1 S ',conducted during the worship hour for small. ..children;; Touth .Feiip'wshii), Monday, 1:30' p. "hi.'," members of the W.S.C.S. will leave for the West Ha T«, 1 > Home,, w her,e they wjll hold their anntaaf.. tea. for the ^members of the. home;',All .women, {leeiring '° £P. $£.? asked', to Vcall Mrs. Fred' Mowery;;.8. p. m.;,the teachers; of th ? church,school ,w«l meet in:the church hall..--; , r ,''- '.'.,'.,;.::." ; '.'' Tiiesday, '.7:30, MiV.F.'. play re- h'earsal....,..' .. . .'....' 'Thursday, 9'a. m.,: Oie New Hk- ven District meet of the W.SCS will be held in the First Metnodist church,;Hartford., Members desiring to attend .are asked;,to .make reservations' with. -Mr* Cornelius VanVlandren; 8, choir practice. '. Friday, 8 p. m;, .''The White Mountain Symphony," an illustrated lecture "by the ^Rev. Joseph -R. Swain ..of.,the, .First..- Methodist church,, Middletown. and former minister- of the Naugatuck Metn- odist church. This lecture consists of selected scenes from New England's noblest mountain range to the,,accompaniment ; of. Beethoven?s "Pastoral Symphony." Tickets may be secured, from members of the John Wesley; class. or at,the door. • **AC«OBY : ; By OSWALD JACOB! Wifitten for NBA Semite - •: , . ' ••'• •• ^: '•' • • • ... . "'" ''-: •<-.-* :; .*• ••-. Overbid Hands Can Be Made "We reahaevthaVvthis hand .was overbid,'.. admits. a- Lynn, Mass., correspondent, ."but that.. ;doesn't bother us as much as the play of the cards. "West. .opened the nine of: hearts, dummy put up the jack, and'East made the .rather peculiar but brilliant play of refusing to cover with his king... Declarer led a low trump to his king and leturncd a. tiump to dummy's ace, discovering that West was out of trumps "Declarer concluded that he: definitely needed a trjump .finesse and that he would have to hope for a 3-2 ,break in hearts. He therefore returned a trump from dummy, finessed . the ten of spades, and drew East's last trump., He then entered dummy with the ace of clubs to lead a heart. East player the ten, and South successfully finessed the queen. .'"Since' the.- hearts did not break, however, South had to lose a heart and, .three diamonds for a one- trick .set. "Could declarer make this contract by any different line of play?" .• I agree with my correspondent that the hand was overbid. However, declarer should have made his contract.- .,; : . . v, After winning the first trick with dummy's jack of hearts, it was correct for declarer to take the king of spades and then lead a low trump to, dummy's ace. : It was then definitely not correct to lead another trump. If the hearts were going to break favorably, it was perfectly safe to lead a heart at this stage. If the hearts were not going to break, it was vital to lead the heart rather than a trump. . Accordingly,. dummy leads a heart after winning with the ace of spades. East plays the ten, and South wins a finesse with the queen. Dummy is entered with the ace of clubs, and, another heart is led through East. South wins another finesse, takes the last heart, cashes the king: of clubs, and then gives up three diamond tricks.. . . ..... . When the. enemy gets through with their diamonds, South will still have his queen-ten of trumps and is bound to make both of them regardless of which opponent leads CARD .SENSE Q—With neither side vulnerable, your partner deals and bids one diamond. The next player doubles. lou hold Spade 7, Hearts 6-5-4 Diamonds K-J-S-S-2, Clubs K-Q-8-7 What, do you, do? : ; . • A.—Bif four diamonds. You'r length -in diamonds will reduce your- partner's defensive strength, so that Uie opponents may 'well ; be able to : make a game against you. J our bM 0* four diamonds should not b ( e badly hurt and .may even be made.- If the .opponents -refuse to be" shut out, you have made It dif- fitult lor them to choose their best contract. TODAY'S QUESTION With neither side vulnerable, your partner deals and bids' one diamond. The next player doubles. You hold: Spades K-Q-7-5- WJiat'sRight? A. friend tells you he is going to a-<hospital' to. undergo an• operation-.: .,.,.'• WRONG: Tell him about someone you know who had a similar operation, and what an. ordeal it,.. . ...'-.'--.' - RIGHT:. Show your concern and sympathy—but don't say anything to worry the .person ,and, above all, don't discuss other cases similar .to, his. -,*..' NORTH WEST 4k 9 *A7 EAST _„ *J852 IAQ876 U?". *QJ9803 *10S2- ; SOUTH (D) ; AKQ107 WAQ84 »J32- *K4 N-Svul. West North 2* 2 A 3* 3*. Pass Pass South 1 A 2N.T. 4 4k Pa»s Opening lead— -V 9 POM '2, Hearts 9-6-3-, Diamonds 10-8-4, Ciubs 54. What do you do? " Answer Monday What's Doing In Naugatuck ' • •(•"'">« •!-'! » •„' • .. Saturday, April U Joint installation of officers Crusader post, Veterans of Foreign Wars and Ladies' auxiliary, VFW Home, Rubber avenue, 8 p. m. "The Jade Necklace," a comedy mystery, to be presented' by the Young People's Fellowship,.. .Congregational church parish house/ Make new voters, town hall 'court room, .9 a. m. to 8 p. m. Card party, Pond Hill Community club, 8:30 p. m. Sunday, April 15 Concert by Chapel Echoes Quartet of-radio station WICC, Hillside Covenant church','5 p~. m. Monday, April 16 • • Public hearing on proposed borough charter revision, Naugatuck high school auditorium, 8 p. m. Meeting of Past President; club of Ladies' auxiliary, Crusader,post, Veterans- of Foreign Wars, VFW Home, 8 p. m. . I>taugatuck. Ski. Club holds first annual, meeting and election of officers, YMCAV 8 : p. m. , : • TuesAny, April 17 Business meeting, Kennedy Circle, Daughters of Isabella, 8 p. m., K.' of C, hall. voters,-town hall court room, 5 'p. m. to 8 p. m. Regular meeting, Shepherd lodge, A. F. & A. M., .Grand Lodge reports. Masonic Temple. 7^30 f p.m. Benefit cancer card praty, sponsored by. Naugatiiek.Woman's club, American- Legion;Home, 8-p. TO. ' , Wednesday, April 18 Make new voters, town" hall court room, 11 a. m. to'2'p., m. 'Annual spring- rumiriage sale, St. Michael's 'Church; tielpers, parish house, 9 to 5 p..jn.v .• : • ..' 4 Thursday; April, 19 ;• Monthly meeting,' board of park commissioners*, town hall, 4 p.-jn.: Make ne^yoters, town hall courx room, 5 ,p. : ni. to 8 p. m. ' A Annual spring rummage sale, SI. Michaers Church Helpers, pariah House,..9'to 5-p>-mi',y-"-'', - : • The Music Shop A Tip from your Pointer MU ' .«.•;-_-& . •* . ^ _' * . '. . . ' The paih'ter who values his' reputation all ways uses quality house paint on his jobs. He knows cheap paint is a poor bargain for him auid for his fcustocaers. Murphy House Paint is a favorite of good painters •vetywhere. They like its ease! of application; covering capacity and hiding power .. .-they know they can stand behind a Murphy job. When your houa« is due for repainting, specify Murphy for «stra yten of beauty and protection. Murphy O.D. OUTSIDK I WHITE | HotU* Point CANS, Inc. MAPLE STKEET TEL.3507

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