The Daily Times-News from Burlington, North Carolina on October 30, 1976 · Page 24
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The Daily Times-News from Burlington, North Carolina · Page 24

Burlington, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 30, 1976
Page 24
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Page 8 Burlington (N.C.) TIMES - NEWS Sat., Oct. 30, 1976 Previews 8:00P.M. (Ch. 4): GREAT PERFORMANCES 'BARBER OF SEVILLE' (LIVE FROM LINCOLN CENTER) Special broadcast live from New York's Lincoln Center, starring Beverly Sills as Rosina in Rossini's 'The Barber of Seville.' The New York City Opera production will be staged and conducted by Sarah Caldwell, with Dick Cavett as on - camera host. (Three hours.) 8:00P.M. (Ch. Swral, 8): BIONIC WOMAN 'Kill Oscar,' Part Three. Jaime and Steve Austin become the sole hope of saving hostage Oscar Goldman when Dr. Franklin repels a military force with the weather control machine. Guest starring John Houseman, Jennifer Darling, Jack Ging, James McMullan, Sam Jaffe and a special guest appearance by Lee Majors. (60 min.) 8:00P.M. (Ch. 12, 28): THE PRACTICE 'It's All in the Head.' An incredulous Dr. Jules Bedford cannot resist becoming involved when he suspects that his doctor - son, David, is carrying on an extramarital affair and that David's secretary, Rhonda, is the woman in question. 8:30P.M. (Ch. 12, 28): MOVIE: 'Stalk the Wild Child' David Janssen stars as a behavioral psychologist attempting to civilize a boy who was abandoned in the wilderness as a small child and lived for a time in the company of a pack of wild Robert Webber, Lee Grant, Van Heflin. 1969. 9:00P.M. (Ch. 36): MOVIE: 'The Ghost And Mr. Chicken' A small town newspaper typesetter has one driving ambition, to become a reporter. Don Knotts, Joan Stanley, Liam Redmond, Dick Sargent, 1966. 10:00P.M. (Ch. 5wral, 8): CHARLIE'S ANGELS 'The Killing Kind.' The Angels investigate the murder of a magazine reporter in a luxurious health sp3. Robert Loggia, Joseph Ruskin, Frank Maxwell, John Ericson, Hugh Gillin and Janis Jamison guest star. (60 min.) 10:00P.M. (Ch. 12, 28): THE QUEST 'Seventy - Two Hours.' A drama about a trail - town marshal who allows cattle drovers to run rampant and the 'harmless fun' turns into a personal tragedy. Guest starring are Howard Keel, Cameron Mitchell and Mitch Vogel. (60 min.) 11:30P.M. (Ch. 2, 11): MOVIE: 'The Last Survivors' Alexander Holmes becomes senior officer when his captain dies in the lifeboat after their cruise ship is sunk during a typhoon. With twenty - five survivors jammed in the nearly - swamped boat and another typhoon approaching, Holmes must decide who must be sacrificed so that the majority can survive. Martin Sheen, Diane Baker, Tom Bosley, Anne Francis. 1975. 9:00P.M. (Ch. 5wral, 8): BAR ETTA 'Breakout.' A gang of escaped juvenile convicts are holed up in an abandoned plant, surrounded by State Police and S.W.A.T. To prevent bloodshed, Baretta goes in to talk to the kids and is forced to help them carry out a plan for escape. (60 min.) 9:00P.M. (Ch. 20): MOVIE: 'The Big Bounce' Man, kicked out of camp for migrant workers, gets involved with the mistress of the camp boss and her plan to heist the payroll. Ryan O'Neal, Leigh Taylor - Young, James Daly, 11:30P.M. (Ch. 5vral, 8): ROOKIES 'The Authentic Death of Billy Stomper.' Terry Webster becomes romantically involved with a frightened Jamaican girl who has witnessed the execution of a notorious drug pusher. (60 min.) 11:30P.M. (Ch. 12, 28): TONIGHT Johnny Carson is the host. 12:00A.M. (Ch. 36): MOVIE: 'California Conquest' Californians, under Spanish rule, band together against the Russians trying to take over the territory and save the day for the Spanish, Cornell Wilde, Teresa Wright, Eugene Iglesias. 1952. Flamboyance Is Out for Newscasters "I doubt that the big - name newscasters of 50 years ago - even 30 years ago - could get a job on a network today. A Floyd Gibbons or Walter Winchell would come in and audition now and he would be a joke funny." Chet Hagen is talking about the changes that have taken place in reporting over the past half - century. He calls them "startling." As producer of the news and sports segments of NBC's four - and - a - half - hour Big Event: "The First Fifty Years," Hagen has spent the past four months replaying tapes of the newsmen of a bygone era. "Most of the early newscasters were flamboyant," he says. "All were very dramatic. The delivery was much more rapid than today. None of the newscasters today has anything of that rapid - fire overblown delivery the old special events reporters had." In a way, Hagen misses some aspects of the older ways in newscasting. "In the early days kids had fantasies about growing up and going into that kind of work," he says. "I know I did." WFMY WUNC WRAL WGHP WTVD WXII WDCA WRDU WRET WTTG w , CH. 2 CH.4 CH. 5 CH. 8 CH. 11 CH. 12 CH. 20 CH. 28 CH. 36 CH. 5 Wed. Greensboro Chapel Hill Raleigh High Point Durham W.Salem Washington Durham Charlotte Washington Cable 11 Cable 10 Cable 7 Cable 5 600 News Zoom News News ' News News IstarTrek Praise The I Dream Of My Three Sons - Lord Cub Jeannie 20 C 8 S News Guppies to ABC News ABC News CBS News NBC News Ussie Beverly Family Affair Groupers - Hillbillies 700 Liars Club Rebop The F. S. I. Let's Make A My Three Sons To Tell The Emergency NBCNews Andy Griffith Andy Griffith Deal - Truth One " 30 $25,000 Once Upon A " The Muppets Price is Match Game - Batman Corner Pyle Brady Bunch Pyramid Classic " Right - " " " 800 Movie: Great Bionic Woman Bionic Woman Movie The Practice Ironside The Practice Marcus Welby. - The F. B. I. 'Juggernaut' Performances " - 'Juggernaut' " " " M. D. 30 " 'Barber Of .... Movie: ' Movie: - Seville' - 'Stalk the 'Stalk the " 900 - (live From Baretta Baretta " Wild Child Movie: The Wild Child' Movie: "The Merv Griffin . Lincoln " - - Big Bounce' " Ghost And Mr. 30 " Center ........ Chicken' 00 CBS Post - - Charlie's Charlie's CBS Post - The Quest - The Quest " News I I election Angels Angels election " I W30 Special .... Specia . n00 News Anyone For News News News News Mary Harinan, News Mary Hartman, Odd Couple Tennyson? ..... Mary - Mary Hartman 30 Movie: " Rookies Rookies Movie: Tonight Bums And Tonight love. American Love. American I The last - " The last - Allen Style Stvje m 00 Survivors' .... Survivors" " Honeymooners Movie: J - - - 'California I 30 - " Movie: Movie: Untouchables Conquest' Best Of " " 'Violence 'Violence ...... - Groucho Wednesday TIMOTHY THOMERSON (standing) and TERRY KISER, at the organ, star as amateur musicians who moonlight on the Las Vegas Strip when they aren't working as undercover cops in NBC Movie of the Week: "Benny and Barnev. The Aristocrats." Nov. 3 (8:30 - 10 p.m., ET). Chisholm Service NOW OFFERS Furnace and Ducf Cleaning Service FOR Residential and Commercial Heating & Cooling Systems INCREASE YOUR EFFICIENCY While you decrease your cost! Complete Fall Heating Service CHISHOLM SERVICE, INC. Gable 'Scared' Over Rhett Butler Role ' "I was scared when I discovered that I had been cast by the public. I felt that every reader would have a different idea as to show Rhett should be played on the screen, and I didn't see how I could please everybody." So said Clark Gable of his starring role in "Gone With The Wind," to be colorcast in two parts as a "Big Event" Sunday, Nov. 7 (8 - 11 p.m. NYT) and Monday, Nov. 3 (8 - 10 p.m. NYT; 9 - 11 p.m. PT) on NBC - TV. Gable went to Hollywood in 1930 and quickly established himself as a premier talent, winning an Academy Award as Best Actor for his performance in the 1934 romantic comedy, "It Happened One Night." His public image as dashing, dangerous and adventuresome captured the hearts of literally thousands of readers of Margaret Mitchell's best - selling novel, "Gone With The Wind," and when news of a potential film based on it reached the public, there was near unanimity among fans of the book Clark Gable must portray the hero, Rhett Butler. Two - and - a - half years elapsed between publication of the novel and the beginning of filming and public consensus appeared to grow larger month by month. A dismayed Gable was even teased by fellow actor Spencer Tracy on the MGM Lot when Tracy greeted his friend with, "Hi - ya, Rhett!" 1 Channel 2 Ml I 335 TrolRnger St Burlington our new phone number it 2284571 Tuesday, November 2 7:00 pm - Election Coverage: Walter Cronkite anchors CBS coverage, with Roger Mudd reporting on activities in the South. Rick Amme anchors News 2 coverage of state and local races, presented at 23 and 53 minutes past each hour. Dick Canter reports on Alamance County races. Wednesday, November 3 8:00 pm - CBS Movie Special: "Juggernaut," sea adventure starring Richard Harris and Omar Sharif. Thursday, November 4 8:00 pm - The Waltons: Two - hour special on Mary Ellen's wedding.

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