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Arkansas City Daily Traveler from Arkansas City, Kansas • Page 4

Arkansas City Daily Traveler from Arkansas City, Kansas • Page 4

Arkansas City, Kansas
Issue Date:

ARKANSAS CITY TRAVELER, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 1916. 4 "WOMEN'S HOUR HAS STRUCK" on gAGEFOUB 3Irs.f Carrie XThapmn Catt Say That fU Slogan Sets Pace of Crusade i Annnal Hnnrantlnii "Vntlnnsil AmArii IB (I'll can Woman's Suffrage Assoc ia- if tion Speaker Says Women to Not Xioso Heart 7 UUUU Atlantic City, N. Sept. 7 Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt, president of the National American Wo man's Suffrage association, in her ad Opened for Eustness 1 i HOES REOABS MOUSE dress before the annual "convention of the association here today pictured the suffrage movement as having reached a crisis which means that 'The Women's Hour Has Struck!" Earnestly, she exhorted the women not to lose heart but to recognize the present opportunity which "if seized with vigor will, means the final victory of our great cause in the very near future." She' said in "The great' war will bring. untold iccu uu iiiuxc Liiu.ii mereiy sen snues, we lit mem .1 219 1-2-221 1-2 South Summit Street. as tney snouia De ntiea to insure comiort and satistaqtion. shoe is constructed of solidvleather uppers, heels, and i I 9 i FOR BOYS (fesa FOR GIRLS $2.00 and 52.50 Dull Calf button sole leather tip to prevent wearing $2.00, $2.25 and $2.75 Genuine Gun Metal Calf upperThick oak sole Guaranteed counter Button or lace English patterns. changes xn its wake; it presages a total change in the status of women. In Europe, from the Polar Circle to the Aegean set women have risen and taken the places made vacant by, men and in so doing they have grown in self-respect and in the esteem of 4 their respective nations. Indeed, Europe is realizing as in never did before, that women are holding together the civilization for which men' are fighting. A great searchlight jhas been thrown upon ideal through at the toe The school shoe for service. Sizes 11 to 13 1-2 Sizes 13 1-2 to 2 Sizes 2 1-2 to 5 1-2 Sizes 8 1-2 to 11 Sizes 11 1-2 to 2 $2.00 the business of nation-building and it has been demonstrated JLji every SCHOOL SHOES FOR THE BOYS AND GIRLS. European land that it is a partner ship with equal but different respon We have striven to obtain a new high mark of dependability in school 1 NEWLY FURNISHED NEWLY PAINTED NEWLY PAPERED EVERYTHING IN THE HOUSE IS NEW NOT SECOND HAND. WE GIVE THE BEST SERVICE IN THE SOUTHWEST. BEDS ARE ALL NEW AND FIRST CLASS. ROOMS LARGE, COOL AND AIRY WITH OUTSIDE OPEN-INGS. NICE CLEAN BATHS IN CONNECTION. HOT AND COLD WATER. IN FACT OUR HOUSE IS ESPECIALLY ARRANGED, FITTED AND FURNISHED FOR COMFORT. WE WANT YOU TO GlVlk US A TRIAL AND YOU WILL FIND THE RHO ADS HOUSE FIRST CLASS. sibilities resting the two partners i shoes at less expensive prices. a. re "The war will soon end and the ar mies will return to their native lands. To many a family, the men will nev FOR BOYS Gun Metal uppers, button or blucher patterns wide roomy: er come back The husband who returns to many, a wife will eat no bread the rest. of his life save of her earning. FOR GIRLS DullCaJf or Vici Kid button styles wide roomy toes and stout extension soles Solid leather insoles and counti'A era. "What. then wilj happen after the extenr inole war? Will tne wiaows ieit 'wnn families to support cheerfully leave full double toe heavy sionsole, solid leather and counters. their well-paid posts for those com manding lower wages? Not without The economic axim, de nied and evaded for centuries will Sizes 9 to 13 $1.25 $1.50 be emblazoned on every factory counting house and shop; 'Equal pay sizes 5 to 8 1-2 Sizes 9 to 11 1-2 Sizes 12 Sizes 3 to 7 Sizes 13 1-2 to 2 for equal and common justice will slowly but surely enforce that ROYRHOABS law. The European woman has ris Sizes 2 1-2 to 5 1-2 cn. She may not realize it yet but the woman 'door-mat' in every land has unconsciously become a 'door She will have become ac DOH MANAGER BETTER SHOES customed to her new dignity by the time the come home. She wil wonder how could have been cautent, Jying across the thresh hold now that she discover the up richt' iamb gives so much broad 14 1 i er' and moreujnormal a vision of iff- SAW WHITE-VEIH FIHT. Dr. R. linker Tells of the IJout Great Britain, which was the It -fetorm center of 'the suffrage move and the Fight efs. raent for some years before tne war, Dr. and Mrs. RV'L. Baker, Mrs! Will Bunnell and son Virgil -return hundreds of active, opponents have confessed their conversion to. iifiiaiiiiiBiHii woman suffrage on account of the ed home last evening from Colorado liiiiiiiiiiiiyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Springs, Dr. Baker and wife have been touring the states ot Missouri, Kansas, war services of women. Already, three great 'provinces of' Canada, Manitoba, Aibefla and; Saskatchewan, have civeh 'universal suffrage to I "All this is mere preparedness1 for They left Chicago several weeks ago I the final, drive ito The rfext their women in1 sheer' generous ap and went to penver, for a vis question is; What, shall be our aim? nreciation of their war work, i Even To. my mind the insistence of the en it with the doctor s. parents. From Denver they went to Colorado franchisement of women of our Mr. Asquithj world renowned for his immovable opposition to the par-. FRIDAY SPECIALS 1 Fresh Catfish Fresh Catfish: We carry a complete line of fresh and fancy meats consisting of beef, pork, spring lamb, pork tenderloin, extra good steaks and well dressed poultry. A complete line of luncheon goods. Give our home made bacon and lard a trial. land by federal amendment, is the Springs where they tftj Bunnell family. Will Bunnell and family have been tourkig California and liamentary suffrage for British wom only self-respecting course to pur en, has given evidence of a change of view. Some months ago, he an Colorado. MrrrrBunnell Returned "In my judgment," she concluded, 'the women of this land, not only home several days nounced his amazement at the ut iKfel -7 Dr. Baker stated hq: t' saw I the have the right to sit on the steps of terly unexpected skill, strength and resource developed by the women and Welsh-White fight in Colorado VERYBODY eat plenty of good White bread. Market his gratitude fbr their loyalty and Springs and had a seat directly be copgress until, it acts but it is their self-respecting duty to insist upon, their enfranchisement by that Frank Axley's PHONE 527 hind White's corner. lie said that White had the better of the fight duvotion. A public' statement Issued by Mr. Asquith in August, Vas couched in such terms as to be interpreted by many as a pledge to in JU ts vrholesoine, nutritious and very ay io digest. It is eaty to bake bread along with your other coo Lin gr. Made in your own clean kitchen from your own selected materials, you can be sure of its purity, wholesomeness and fine flavor. i HIS RECOVERY IS DOUBTFUL. clude women in the next relection Dr. Smith of Augusta not Ex-pef led IX ti. a. HUGHES FRESH; VOICK LUSTY Ulll. To Live, Message of Today Says I GIVE US THE (iCON- Bread is the cheapest food in the world be: and that did not think he was entitled to the championship on tho he put up, but that he should have been given a draw. He said that K-feree Roche when the fight was over was about. to raise the hand of both fighters and call the bout a draw when Welsh ran to the supplies the most nutriment for the least money. He Is Making the Democrats Sizzle Dr. Smith of Augusta, Kansas, In Maine Today. TRACT Ten cents worth of flour contains more than ten cents worth of any ether food ycu can I I I r. if? ft V. Vt i- r-V- i. who is the father of Charles Smith and Clint Smith, owners of the Smith Bros, clothing store, 'and Mrs. Boston, Sept. 7 Charles E. Hugh "referee and shoved his hand up in 4UA i- v. t- 1. 1 Stanley Gilbert, is not expected to es, republican nominee for president live, according to a message re "The significance of the changed status of European women has not been lost upon the men and women of our land; our own people are not so unlearned in history, nor so lacking in national pride that they will allow the republic to lag long behind the empire, presided over by the descendant of George the Third. If they possess the patriotism and the sense of Rationality which should be the inheritance' of an American, the ywill not wait until the war is ended but will boldly lead in the in The amount of heat and muscular power furnish ed the body is measured in calories or fuel units. The table below (prepared from U. S. Dept. of Agriculture Bulletin No. 142) shows the amount of energy (in calories) that ten cents will buy in flour and ive other staple arrived here today for a brief stop on his way to Maine. Speeches are scheduled for today at Hampton Beach antl Portsmouth, II and at York Harbor, Maine. 'with, an ad ceived here today by B. Webb Hack, the Santa Fe conductor, who is managing the Smith Bros, clothing store during the absence of Charles Smith. The message, further ad- foods: -'ww- nie air. wukjii xiuuiiu Krauuuu hold of it and pronounced him tho winner. Dr. Baker said the referee was nearlly mobbed on account of his decision by the crowd and that every pillow that was in the arena was hurled at him." White he stated was of the bull-dog type of a fighter and was a good one at. that. Welsh, ho stated was more of a boxer and was the fastest man he ever saw in the ring. The Bakers and Bunnell all report a most pleasant summer this year ised that all of Dr. Smith's children If you are putting up a new building or if you are going to remodel your bouse be surq and let us figure 'on the plunfbing work. ELLIS BILLINGS Plumber. 111 North Summit St, Phone 418. Calories 64400M 4 OS OH have been called home and that the doctor's death was expected momentarily. Charles Smith and Gilbert were called to Augusta yester dress at Portland tonight. A jbrief stop was arranged for this" afternoon at Beverely, where business was to be suspended while the nominee speaks from the train platorm Mr Hughes appeared refreshed today after his long trip from Cincinnati and his voice was in good condition. TThest flour a. Rice Potatoes Cheese Bait Codfish Beet; sirloin 40 lb. St lb. a 25 lb. 7t lb. 250 lb. day. Smith recently returned 465BI 4io to his home in Augusta from Eldora do Springs-, where he went in earch of better health, but the new MOTORCYCLE COPS. ARE KIUiED surroundings failed -to better his Work Progressing All these foods are wholesome and desirable but as the figures show, wheat flour- gives far more for the money. Cut down the food Li. I hy edng mere bread and biscuits and less cf the mora expensive foods. physical condition. Instead he be- work- of 'constructing the new SPECIAL PRICES. evitable march of democracy, our own American specialty. "As the most adamantine rock gives may under the constant dripping of water, so the opposition to woman suffrage in our own country bas slowly disintegrated before the increasing strength of our. movement. "Behind us, in front of us, everywhere about, us. are suffragists millions of them, but inactive and silent. Were never another convert made, there are suffragists, enough in-this country, if combined tp make so irresistible; a driving force that victory might be seized 'at once. "How can it be done? By a simple change of. mental attitude. If you are to seize the victory, that change must take place in this hall, here and now! The old belief, which came weaker. Ira Smith, formerly of this city, now of Augusta, is another son. Besides the-doctor has two Clint Smith and his wife who was Miss June Swift, are in the far west, on their honeymoon and Jit It believed Accident Due to Pursuit of Speeders i Chicago, Sept. 7 Edward. E. Patcrson. a motorcycle and William H. Hartley, a companion, who also "was riding a motorcycle, were found crushed to death under the wreckage of their machines early todays Police believe they collided while pursuing automobile speeders. has not been learned here whether or not they have left for Augusta. Home bank building is progressing kt a most satisfactory rate. The large marble blocks for the foundation are being fitted. Many loads of brick for the have arrived, and been unloaded at the site, Fifth Avenue and Summit street, during the past few days. A large force of workmen are employed in putting up the building which will be one of the finest bank, and office buildings in the southwest. Dr. Smith is one of the best known physicians in Butler county and has good many acquaintances Ar TOE RELIABLE PRODUCE UAIi Buys all kinds of Produce and pays Highest Cash Prices. If you want the cash and the highest kansas City. He and his wife cele brated their golden wedding anniversary a number of months "ago. Ciets Position Here prices see JL-d 22 Gold Crowns 'i. js rt or- 'Xoruearian Steamer is Sunk Miss Vivian Bolger of Little. Rock, who recently came here to vis-- oet.u-t JL euui o.ou Phone 45. 411 Sonlh Snnnail Street Roierdamr 7, via-ridon-lj WOrkper tooth 3.85 he Norwegian steamship Rilda, 313 Pmi i et The Mr. and Harry Wallace have returned from a month's visit in Colorado Springs and Denver. They have relatives in both Colorado Springs and Denver. Mr. Wallace says he visited in Denver when it was a place of 50.000 people. Now it is a town of 250,000. rimxia, up jlixjjii ov Tho" crqw was has, been sunk Saved. All Work Absolutely Guar it her Mrs. Frcid Wlllardy has been appointed teacher 1 of the Fifth grade in the TV. Second rard school by Superintendent Heffelfin-ger of the city schools. She is ex perienced in school teaching. Heff sister. Miss Johnnie Bolger of Rock recently arrived here and will attend the local high school this winter. has sustained suffragists in many an hour of discouragement, 'woman suffrage is bound to 'must give way to the new. Woman's Hour has That slogan sets the pace of a crusade, which, will "have its way. It 'Awake, my sisters, let your neafts be filled with joy the time of victory. Is here. Onward march 4 "Give heed at once to the organization of th. and then to the work that they shall do. Organize in every assembly district and every voting precinct." 'is the only way to make our appeal invincible. SwelJ the army, then set, it upon the trail of every legislator and congress anteed. We Pay Carfare. NATIONAL DENTISTS 10 MAIN PHOXK 878 Winfield, Kansas -GOOD SERVICE Mrs. Anna Shepard came down from Arkansas City Sunday morning to visit her daughter, Mrs: Frank Muchov, and family. Kaw City Democrat. Doyle Hume returned from A r-kansas City where' he had. been Democrats, Notice There will be a meeting of the democratic county central committee at Winfield, September 9. at the. city hall, 2 o'clock p. m. All democrats and supporters of President Wilson are cordially invited to be present. F. W. Sidle, Chairman; P. Miller, secretary. 244 service. Our pleasure is in giving you good It is our specialty. you don't get -j good ser-r Working for someLtime, Saturday! To Build Fine House. U. N. Hume will build.a fine two-; story residence for himself and family on North street. The. house will be 28 feet by 38 feet and will cost $4,200. However, other improvements will most likely be added. man for they alone, hold the key to, tvjce inform us of the fact. morning. Kaw City Democrat. BROWN BRQS. 115 ast Fifth Avenne Office Phone Reg. Phone 1 r. 1371 our political emancipation. uumpi this army of lawmakers to, see woman suffrage to thiuk woman suffrage to, talk woman suffrage every Mrs. Newton Flliott and children ARKANSAS. CITY ICE COLD STORAGE CO. Phone 8. Xotice Fraternal Citizens. All members please be out to hear of Arkansas City spent the week-end making a total cost of about $5,000. with the CM. Sierman family. Tl has let the contract for building minute of everv day until they heed the delegates report Friday night. It ICaw City Democrat. to Ball Gilbert. -our plea. Sec. TEE COMNESE STUBS EB RRES Our patrons are all suirised to see so many new and artistic styles of photos. Our new Buff-Carbon and Royal Sepia finish is the big 41 surprise. Have you seen them?

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