Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on April 9, 1951 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, April 9, 1951
Page 8
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8—NAUGATUCK NEWS (CONN ), MONDAY, APRIL 9, 1951 Down To The Sick In Ships • , • , (NBA Telephoto) ... D*. I- K. Williams makes his call In Chateauguay, Quebec, Canada, by rowboat, as much of eastern Canada.was hard hit by floods; High watera crept into Montreal's eastern suburban areas as spring thaws and rains swelled the St. Lawrence Biver. '«, CARRIERS CONVENE 'Willlmantic, April 9-.-(UP)—The state convention of the National Association of Letter Carriers will be'held at WilHmantic May 19. National Treasurer' Peter Daly of Philadelphia is one of the scheduled speakers. Thomas Phelan of Waterbury is expected to be the association's new president. It-required 70 years to complete the'Capitol in Washington, D. C.' KEFACVER TO SPEAK/ Bridgeport, Apr. 9, (UP)—Sefcator Kefauver has been invite'il to speak at the' Jackson Day dinner at Bridgeport May 16. The chairman ran Service, Rally Held At Imroanuel The third Lutheran inter-church service and rally was held last evening: in the. Inrmanuel .Lutheran church, with the program conducted by the Men's Brotherhood of the host church. Instrumental music was offered by a violin sextette, conducted by Toffie Thomas, .and included Sun of My Soul and Rock of Ages, arranged by Mr. Thomas. The sex- tette is composed of Joseph Amaral, Ruth Glaser, Shirley Hupprieh, Marcia Baxter, Norman Krampetz and Kathleen Schrader. Miss Baxter, who was elected statewide violin'soloist by the Connecticut State orchestra, played a solo, Romance by Wieniaswski, and she also played a duet, The Lord's Prayer, with Miss Schrader. Other music included a vocal duet, m a Pilgrim, sung by Jean Vagt and Ethel Schiman. Hymns sung were O Zion Haste and Saviour, Breathe an Evening Blessing. Evalt Schiman read the scripture and the closing prayer and benediction was given by the Rev. O. H. Bertram, pastor of' St: Paul's Lutheran church. William Pohl, Jr., gave the meditation. A film,.Turn n the'Road, produced the Lutheran World.Action on the-refugee of the Senate . Crime Investigating 1 }work_ in Europe," shown, 'and Committee has tentatively accepted ! the invitation. Connecticut's two senators, and former : Governor Bowles and state . party chairman John M. Bailey will attend. W A N T E D Additional Help 50 Men 100 Women To Fill New Jobs on Shift WAR P»OI>!UC'rN AND CIVILIAN WORK SCALE - "• ' ••-'::•,.,'' : : • CLEAN AND SAF*} WORK •.;;, ' :V.. ••;:.-• '». NO EXPERIENCE 'NECESSARY ' : '•' '; •.. •:-....; '.-.'' •„•'.. Apply Now United States Rubber Co. Naugatuck Footwear Plant • " - - . . •-•• • EMPLOYMENT OFFICE • . • ' . - • , ,„ RUBBER AVENUE AND WATER STREET .''NAUGATUCK, CONN. program ^concluded with a fellowship' hour during which refreshments were served by the Ladies' Aid society. Newman Given (Continued From Page 1) John Clark, Waterbury, drums; soloist. Lady Alice Finlay, Waterbury. At 1Kb close of the decoration, a quartet frocn the Bristol canton sang, the "End of A Perfect Day." Between the first and 'second parts of the degree, the New Haven Re- : bekah Cadets .drilled with Lady Dorothy Da vis,'accompanist! All -branches of Odd Fellowship were, represented: Philip H. Kylander,' Hartford, grand master and staff; David E. Sipley, Stratford, grand-patriarch of the grand encampment and staff; Col. Benjamin P.,:Hibbell, Hartford, ..department commander of patriarch militant and staff; Hazel L. :,i>drter, New Haven, president of the 1 '. Rebekah Assembly, of -Connecticut.-.and"staff; Lady Sylvia Brown, Hartford, president of the department associa- tian', LAPM, and/staff. :., Centennial Lodge,- Naugatuck, was host, .with, general chairman being Franklin Hotchkiss.and Mrs. Myrtle .Hotciikiss,' past" noble grand of Columbian" R'ebekah Lodge, in charge of. decoration. • • - "Refreshments were served, 'and quests were present from Vermont, *lh ; ode Island, and -various cities and towns throughput Connecticut! WINIXQW-AREA .- New York—About '300,000 square 'eot of green-tinted and heat-ab- '.brbing glass windows .w.ere planned 'or the Secretariat building of the U'. N. .in New. York.: . - : ' In Again (NEA Telephoto) United Auto Workers' President Walter Reuther (right) and Secretary-Treasurer Euiil Mazey congratulate each other after they were reelected to their posts. They won more terms at the union's 13th annual convention in Cleveland, O. • ' All In A Day's Work J "' ' (NEA Telephoto^ War isn't all fighting. Sometimes there's a lot of back-breaking labor for the GIs, like these troops straining to push a'supply truck out' of the mud. Spring rains have turned the Korean dirt roads into heavy going. (Photo'by "VEA-Acnu; staff photographer Waiter tea.) Ellis Island-is not :a part of.New York state, having been-purchased iy .-the/fed:CFqcl"'giiyernme'nt.r. • keep a step-ahead with ideas! In th* low-price field, ONLY Ford Trucks give you POWER PILOT ECONOMY The Ford Truck Power Pilot i* o simpler, fully-fMOvcn way of getting the most '-power from th« least gas. It automatically meters and fires the - right amount of, gas, at precisely the right instant, to match constantly, changing -4peed,:load and power requirements. Unlike conventional systems, • the Power Pilot uses only one control instead of two, yet is designed to synchronize firing tivice as accurately. • You can use regular gas . . . you get no-knock performance. 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And remember, only Ford gives you a choice of V-8 or Six! . .. you select the power that fits your needsl Come and. see tis— get the facts on Ford's proven POWER PILOT ECONOMT! ' •S-STAR EXTRA Cab ai tliahl additional coA FORD TRUCKS LAST LONGER thing latest reaiflrafion data on 6,592,000 Iroclu, life irtMvanc* expert* prove ford Trucks (ad longer! Cost Accountants To •Walter B. G-erould, secretary-controller. of. the A: G. Spaulding Co., Chicdpee, Mass., • will be the. guest speaker at the meeting: of the Waterbury chapter of the National As- sociati.nrv-'..of Cost , Accountants at The • Elton, . Waterbury, - tomorrow night, beginning at 6 o'clock. The technical /session will- begin-at 7:30 o'clock.' '.; - .- ;y...;. CASE r/ONTINTJED. • '.' The : case of Eclelmiro Arroya, 28, 87 South' Main street, arrested; yes- teVclay by Waterbury police on a cbargre'of reckless driving, w'as.con- tinuect. : .toda.y in ""Waterbury 'City Court to May 1- by Judge John. A. MemBrino. Arresting' officers were t. John Murphy and Patrolmen Peter., Kopcha and Benedict 'Scarpati of the Waterbury police force. PROBE Wa-.hingrton —• Democratic Senator AyiUlani Fulbrtffht of Arkansas has recommended a Senate investigation . . of; the "relation- .^bips'w . >: betveen E. M.erl Young ;an<t -the'law firm of Joseph Bo- penbauni. • The .two men wkere recent key figures in Fulbright's tavestig-ation of "favoritism and •influence" - Jn', the Reconstruction Corporation,' GUARD YOUR FAMILY UARN TO RECOGNIZE CANCER'S DANGER SIGNALS • Any sore that does not heal • A lump or thickening in the breast' ot elsewhere • Unusual bleeding oc discharge, • Any change in a wart or mole • Persistent indigestion or difficulty in swallowing • Persistent hoarseness or cough • Any change in normal bowel habits Be on'^he al*rt for cancer 1 f symptoms. They tnay not mean caa- J \ fcr — but they should always ] >«-/. to your docior. AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY/ GIVE TO THE CANCER CRUSADE, of the roadj nolled on payment of S10:. : .Mrs, EioseiRfttlcowski, 1 59 South Main- street, guilty on charges of intoxication and breach of peace -vith a $3 fine on each count. Other cases were: Peter Veneri, _>7 Barbrar street- Waterbury, violating .rules, of the road, passing a halted, school bus -on Rubber av- enne;.-contint'Pd to April 34; Richard Billis, 197 :Hoadley street, operating, a .motor vehicle without a license, continued to April M; Andrew Sargent, 56 Sheffield lane, Union City, non-support of 'two minor, .children, ; continued nisi; Dariicr : Martin,. 26 Prospect street, not guilty on- charges of breach of th,e peace and intoxication; Thomas Hines, 91 Clifton street, A.nsonia, violation ;of the rules of the road, nollea without paymcvnt. .:-,',, Today's' Cession : The following-vcases were heard in Borough/'court.this morning- before Judge. Martin L. Caine: James Dayey, 82 Aetna street, breach,of pee.-.e,..continued to April 30; Harold '(Goodman, 46 Orange street, . Wa'tJerb-ury, passing red ight,;';;$5 bond' forfeited; Lucius Brown;;. Factory court, Ansonia spseding, $10 fine; Francis R. Wha- en, 1087 .Huntingdon- avenue, Wa- .ervine., rules of the road, nolled without.-payment; Ken Kdward Gavin, -Amity road, Bethany, pass- ng stop'-sign, .$5 fine. ,• INI.AND PORT CITY Chattanooga, Tenn.—This city is n officially recbgnized waterport city, ,, although it is several hun- red miles from the Atlantic ocean $36 Paid Saturday In Borough Court Four men and* one woman paid a total '..of $36 in fines and forfeited bonds Saturday morning in Borough., court before' Judge Martin L,. Caine.. They''\vere: Peter Trombley,;40 Richard terrace, Waterb'ury, passing stop sign, $5 bond forfeited; Peter Drelich- owski, .83 .Prospect street, Union City, passing: walks light and driv- 'n? without a license, $10 bond forfeited;. Alex Thompson, 53 Scovil! street, Waterbury; violation rules if the-, road, $5; George K. Walsh, 122 Hoadlcy street, violation .rules Beacon Falls (Continued FrontPage 1) of the'Bridgeport Hydraulic company, to construct a reservoir and dam in the .Quaker Farms area of Oxford, will 'be. held at the town hall.; '•''.••'•':••'.: Members of several, groups in opposition to the bill from towns throughout the District will be present to explain and discuss details.. . . BTA. Meeting Thursday The Parent-Teacher association will meet 7 Thursday evening at 8 o'clock at Center school, with'T. C. Wilkins, •! Oxford,; sales official at the American Brass company,-as guest. Mr. Wilkins will show slides of his, travels-through the West, and include shots of Piute Pass and. the, Pike's;'Peak section of Colorado. ';' -'-- : .;.•';-. • Election or officers for the PTA- will "take place during: the business meeting, and a progress report on' the dental, clinic will be made. 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