Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 9, 1948 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 9, 1948
Page 2
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2 Logonsport Pharos-Tribune RADIO COLUMN WBBM—Columbia. «0 Ico. WMAQ—National. »70 kc. WLS—American »90 Kc. WU>i — MuiuiU. 720 Kc. {T)—Full-hour prosrara (H)—Haif-ljour orocm/n T UKS1)A V e n K.N I> G C.IT *:CO—WBEil—Bouljth VV'JN —L>r. UriuJlcy WLri—Orflelcl, News WMAW—Jimmy Blade's Music f:15—VVUB.M—Huliia iiuwa WUN—1'tiuno Wuu W.MACJ—Jieitu>. uewi WLS— KFD Mull Box «:30—Wt;i;.u—Ciub t'ttieea WGN—N«w8cope \V_1JAW—Huuve Part,? WLB—'Jrucri Hornet (H) t-M— W'tBM—Murrow, news WG.S — lliaide ot Suui'l* WJIACi—HiirkncBi., New» T;OU—WBB.M—Big Town (H) WG.S'—Philharmonic (F) ' W.VAQ—Wilton herlu <H> WLS—1'outli Asks (Jovernmaiu 7:li—WL.S—ilonjtor Nviv* T.ZU— VV'BBil—Mr. and Mrs. (Hi WAIAQ—Date With Judy (H) WLS—Tov/n Mooring: (i'> 1:00—wuii.u—Moludy L.U.HU (H) WUN—Hoiuter news W.MAU*-~Amys 'n' Andy (H.) S:li—WLi.N—lUrtio Nevvsi'tPl S:UO—WBB.M—Christopher Weils HO W(;.V—Case of Gregory Hood Ml; WMAQ—Fibber McGeo and ' ' Molly (II) WLS—Boston Symphony IF) »:00—WMAQ—Bob Hope (H) WGN—To Suc-uro TheHe Klgrhts \ (; ou rt Hits Trusts WBBAr—Studio Ono (H) S;SO—WRB.V—To Bu Announced WGN—Kl(f«t To S»y it W.MAQ—Ucd Skulton (H) WL,S—It's Voiir l:usinc.sH WEUM2SUA1 1 MUK.M.NU C»T S:00—WBBM—Harrington. News WON—Hurldlgh news W.MAQ—Your Neighbor (H) WLS—Breakfast <Jlub (K) 1:15—WbBM—Coant Khythmi WON—Two Ton Baiter j;JO—WBBM—Paul Cll'.ion WGN—BrcnUlast Quiz WMAQ—Konu. niuaic »:<;—WBLJM—.Shopping Supreme Court Bans Religious Teaching In Public Schools 1VA.SJIIM:TO>' (I'P) — The supreme court ruled yesterday Uiat religious tcmrhlnjf In public schools, even on a rolnnbirj- ban/*, is uncoil* tit ntlonnL The 8 to 1 decision THIS made i" a CHUB c)iallen&In|? the \olnntary religious Instruction system used In Chainpalyn, 111, pnbllc schools. Ft cast doubt on the legality of rell&ious teaching In any pnbllc school Clnssrooin. Tlip majority opinion, written Ijy ,/ustlcc HujfO I. Black, wa» bused on the separation of church and state Nortn ] as provided in the first amendment ot the federal constitution- . Justice Stanley F. Reed was the ! 30n was a P 11 ? 11 lone dissenter. Black held that tlie first amend- weekly religious classes in a public school wbere her 10-year-old Mrs. McCollum. wife of a Uni- vereity of Illinois horticulture professor, contended that it violated ment "has erected a wall between , [)lo constl£utlona , barl . le r between church and state which must be church and state. kept high and impregnable," He :J(l , nt Connc |j Sponsor, added that tho Campaign plan i The Campalgn plani inaugurated . "falls squarely under the ban of | j the first amendment." sponsorecl by a j 0 | n t Jewish - Catholic - Protestant co- i until which provided teachers for In two other major discussions : religious instruction in school the court upheld government and- 1 classrooms. Students were requlr- trust charges of illegal price fix- ! ed to get written permission from Ing In the gypsum industry and In | their parents to attend. They were the manufacture and sale of eer- ! divided into classes according, to tain types ot electrical cutout . their belief. Jewish Instruction was fuses. In each case lower court ' abandoned shortly after the plan decisions were reversed, j went into effect. The decision in -the Campaign Mrs. McCollum appealed to the WMAQ— gurry, noun »:00—WBBM—Edition of the Newz (H) WGN—Allen, news WMAQ—I'Yed Warlnsr WLS—True Story (Hi 1:11—WBB.M—Louise WGN—Melody To Milady 9:30—AVJ3BM—JSvely n Winter* WGN—icons. Music WMAQ—IXoad of Life WLS—Betty Crocker i:4E—WCN—Spots of Musio WMAC— Joyce Jordan WLS—Listening Post WBB.M—David {[arum 10:00—WBBM—Arthur Godfrey (H) WGN—June Baker (H) W.MAQ—Nora Drake WLS—Tom Bronnonian {3D 10:15—WMAQ—Xn tie's .Daughter WON—Dr. Crane 10-.JO—WBBM—Grand Slam WGN—Heart's Venire (H) W.MAQ—Jack Eorch WUS—Galen Draws 19:15—WJiBM—ilosemary W.MAQ—Lorn Lawton WLH—Lewis, nown i::OC—WB3M—Wendv Warren WGN—Kate Smith W.MAQ—Foofl Magician WLS—Welcome Traveler! (H) 11:15—WBB.M—Aunt Jenny WGX—Victor Lindlahr WMAQ—Van Damme Quintet 11:30—WBBM—Helen Trent WGN*—NeilHon. now* WMAQ—.Elizabeth Hnrt WLS—Farm World (H) 11:15—WBBM—Our Gal Sunday WGN—Clauaia WLS— Hex Allen WMAO—Tunes and Tips WEDISKSDAV AFTKH.MION CST 12:00—WBBM—3lK Sister WGN—Let's Have Fun (H) WMAQ—Stem;. News WLS—Dinner Eell (H) 12:15—WBBMj—Ma PerklnB WMAQ—Musical • Mitlcwajron (H) 12:JO—WBBM—BonUey, new* WLK—Dinner Bull (H» WGN—Market Reporter 13:15—WBBM—ciuldlnff Lt«rht WGN—Fnmous Names WMAQ—Bob Rlpley WLO—i-loyd Burllnsrharo 1:00—WBBM—Mrs. Burton WGX—Queen for iv Day (H) WMAQ—Today's Children WLS—£>awnt-uster,i 1:15—WBBM—Perry Mason WMAQ—Womnn In Whit* WLP—School Time 1:SO—WBIi.M—Dr. Malon» WON—M.irtln Block W.MAQ—Mamjuerade: Betty Crocker WLS—Bride and Groom fH) l ; 4S —WRBM— Hose of My Dreams WGN—Poster news WMAQ—Light of th» World 1:00—WBBM—Lmublf. Nothing (H) WGN—Martin Block Show W.MAQ—Llfo Can Ha Buiuitifui WLS—Ladies bo Son ted (H) »:I5—WMAQ—Ma Perkins. WON—Jay Wulk.-r. 1:30—WBBM—Houso Party CH) WGN—StranRer's Sontr WMAQ—Pepper VounR •WLS—Paul Whltemnn CF1 2:45—WGN—Dessert with Amcche. WMAQ—Kltriu to Hapiunoi j;00—WBBJr—HInt Hunt (II) WGX—Hirrlelgh news WMAQ—Bnckstape Wlfa »:15—WGN—.Melody Meinon WMAQ—Stella Dallas »:30—•WBBif—Gold Coant AS'GN—Holliind Enple (M) WMAQ—Lorenzo Jones V["1,S—Ted Malone 1:15—WBB.M—Bontlcy nuws WT,s—Mac * Bob WMAQ—Younff Wlddor Brown 4:00—WBBM—Paul Gibson (H) WGN—Allen newe WMAQ—A Girl Marrion WLS—Martha and Helen 4:lS—WGX—Marshall Kent Show WMAQ—Portia Faces LUi. 4:30—WEBM—Editor's Daughter tv'GN'—Baiter's Spotllxrht WMAQ—Just Plain Bin WLS—Bentley. news 4:15—WBBM—Lindas' Lnv» WGX—Jinffle Jackpot WMAQ—Jj'ront fugu Karroll i:00—WBtiM—News WGX—Adventure Parade, WMAQ—Stone, Now* WLS—Dick Tritcy »:15—WBBM—Harrington, n«wi WGN—Supormhn WMAQ—Dave Garroway Show (H) .WLS—Terry •& Pirates I:SO—WBBM—Lum and Abner WGX—Capt. MldniKht WW—Spy Klnir. 4:15—WBBAI—Lowell Thomax, news WGN—Tom Mix WMAQ—Holtnmn. News WKU.NCSUA1 KMi.M.NO CST 6:00—WBBM—B»nlah WGN—Dr. Bratiley WMAQ—Jimmy Blade's Orch. WLS—Orflold. N'ewa «:15—WLS—P. F. Air Edition. WON—Phono Quiz. WBBM—Holies, News. WMAQ—Bontty, X«ws. 8:30—WLS^—Lon» Ransor (H) WGN—Gaolh. News. WMAQ—Manor Hous* Party WBBM—Club Fifteen. 8:43—WON—Inside Of Sports. WBBM—Murrow, News. WMAQ—Karknoss, Xews. 7:00-—WLS—Mayor of Our Town fH) WGX—Hollywood Open Houso case wan one of the inoet sweeping rulings ever made by the high court on the subject of religious ecluca- ' don in the public schools. supreme court after Illinois courts had_ refused her demands for a court order to forbid the classes. The high court granted her plea Dope Found In Ship From France Narcotics Squad Raids Steamship Upon Docking, Discovers Packages Of Pure Morphine In Flour Barrels, Cracker Boxes And Oven.. -Tues. Evening, Mar. 9, 1948 "Lovely sprint */>• Colonel! — Ideal veathtr foe an o//cnsi"v».'" either on the McMahan farm" or j with the construction company. I On June 20, ,1924, he married i GflAIX, HOGS SLUMP CHICAGO (UP) — Grain, hog Haze) Freed, .who survives. He was ; ant i. cotton prices nosedived on the NEW YORK (UP) — A federal :—: narcotics sauad yesterday seized] Tbere'were 13 packages in glL $1,000,000 worth of. pure morphine. ! Durniag said the dope, in its pre- hidden in flour barrels, cracker jgent form, is worth more than bnxes and the voven in the galley, j J50,000 per pound and would sell of the steamship Marine Marlin, (or Jar more than that amount j shortly after she docked yesterday i W h en diluted and passed on to afternoon. : drug addicts. The loot, lie said. Collector of Customs Harry JL ', was worth approximately $1,000,000 Darning said the drug was being: ill le^al outlets, smuggled by a narcotics ring j "This seizure should hreak the which has its headquarters in Le | back of the Le. Havre smuggling Havre, France. He predicted tlie | rinjr," he said. "They can't afford million dollar loss would "break : to lose a million dollars." the back" of the ring. It followed j —: smaller seizures in the last few . $ Qn .Administrator months. . _ , is • n The, galley and bakery of the;Oi KeitZCT Estate ship wei'e empty at the time the j The estate of the late Mrs, Car- : raid was made, an unusual circum- ! rie E. Keitzer was estimated at; stances 4n itself. No arrests were | $17,000 when it was opened Mon- | announced immediately. ; day in the Cass circuit court with; Inspectors >fp«t Ship | the appointment of a son, John ' Tile searching squad of the cus- • Keitzer, Jr.. as administrator. ; j toms department, headed by Deputy j Heirs of the estate, which inclu- ; j Surveyor Herman Lapski. boarded j des ?15,000 in real estate and 12,- '• the ship from a regrular routine in- ! 000 in personal property, are tlio ; spection shortly after its arrival i husband, four daughters, and two . from Le Havre and CoWi and i sons. J. J. Hemphing of South Bend ' Southampton, England. They were j is the attorney for the estate. particularly on. the lookout for! narcotics because of the sailing j |_ ove | om Camel Spoils The Champaign case arose on the i for an injunction to halt religious I a member of the Baptist ctmrcli nation's commodity markets yes- plea of Mrs- Vashtl McColhan, an I teachings in the Campaign public and the Odd Fellows lodge iti'Ful- . terday .in the sharpest break since avowed atheist, to halt half-hour schools. Six Plead Not Guilty One Of (Jamiiijir Cases Set Tof.lnly Trial In Cftss Circuit Court On | May 24. I Pleas of not guilty were entered Monday afternoon 111 the Cass circuit court by six local men charged with .gaming after Special Judge Russell Gordon of Mon- tlcello had overruled a defense motion to quash the charge against Ihern, The trial of one of the defen- E. C. Becker Dies En Route To Hospital Rochester Resident Caught In Machinery While At Work; Foreman Injured Trying To Rescue Him. I ROCHESTER, Ind.— Edward j C. Becker, 57, 502 West Sixth I street, Rochester, an employe of j th.7 McMahan Construction company of this city, died enroute to the hospital at 3:30 p. m. Monday. Death was due to injuries received when caught in a piece ot road machinery while working on State road 41 near Boswell, Ind. Mr. Becker was pumping asphalt from a tank car, using a distributor, when hlg panta log became caught and drew his right Leg into tha machinery. According to ivitnesses he remained'fully conscious and directed fellow 'employ- es trying to free Win. His leg was so. tigbtly. wdeged,, however, that Dr. L. P. Muller, Boswell was forced to 'amputate it on the spot. Mr. Becker died from shock in'the ambulance on the way to the .hospital in Lafayette. Foreman Crushes Arms "William Borland, 62, Lebanon, Ind., a foreman for the construe- i Kochert Give* Results Of !tlon company, in an effort to free', I tlant'a. John 5'fffley. was set for May 2-1- The case Is scheduled to be heard by a jury. The others who enterad pleas of innocence were Thomas D«ering, Chester Osborn, Morris Boehme, Alva Wall, and Donald Michael. They were represented by Attorney Glenn Miller. Prosecutor Keith Campbell appeared for the state. point ol the Marine Marlin, an Am erican ship. Suspicious of the empty kitchen, the agents began a careful search. They probed with iron rods in the fiour barrels and felt a solid Ob- :on, and was a World War I vet-j the big price slump a month ago. eran. j Hogs dropped from 25 cents to Funeral Is Thursday i.?1.50 per hundred pounds, and May. Surviving besides the- wife are : : corn was of.£ from 5% cents to j jcct. Digging down through the a son, Elwyn, at school in Kansas j full -S cent limit. City, Mo.; a daughter, June, at home; three brothers, Ernest, Fulton. Julius, Plymouth, and Joiin, Rochester, and a sister, Miss Em- School Holds Paper Drive The senior class o£ the Wash- ma Becker, Fulton. j ™ slon township school is spon- Tlio bodv was taken to the Fos- » or "V '^ap paper drive on Fn- ter funeral home. Last rites 1viU ^y, MaTch '12, it was Announced De at 2 p. m. Thursday at the Pres- j todav ' A!1 , Persons wishing to dis- byterian church, Rochester, with P<»e of o\A paper, rags or scrap the Rev, Harry .1. Bailey oECiciat- j metal can | flour, they pulled out a one-pound package of pure morphine, wrapped In cellophane. Four more pac.k- Courtship by Biting DALLAS, Tex, (UP)—A one-sided love affair IE going on at the Marsalis Park zoo in Dallas. It j could be a reciprocal proposition | if only Punkln. the lonesome i dromedary, would quit biting liis j „ life of solitary discontent, staring- back at the hundreds who dally savk at him in hi* pen. The people of Dallas, especially those who j spend their Sunday afternoons •cralkiag 1» U« zoo. finally" took 'pit)" on the camel. I Josephine, a three and occ-haU- i year-old member of the opposite i sox, was turned into his pen. She ' gave hlnv tlie cold shoulder, however, and kept her distance after Punkin took several love nipi at ! uer nose. ! The zoo superintendent, Walton Carlton, explained, however, th»t love should blossom in the sprint. When Winter Colds Hit You Below the Belt Quick! Get this 2-Way Relief from Constipation ami Upset Stomach I Don't "suft'er out" thst constipation and stomach upset which stubborn colds often bring! Take Dr. Caldwell's Senna Laxative contained in Syrup Pepsin. This great family laxativa contains two of the finest medicinal ingredients known for the^e discomforts. Acts two ways to speed relief: DOUBLE-ACTION RELIEF ] Dr. Caldwell's Laxative Senna ' relieves constipation gently, pleasantly. No griping. 2. Its reliable carminative action * warms and comforts upset stomach, helps relieve gastric disfxess. 40089 and they will ing. BuHil will be to the Roches-Pf " icked "" ^ a ™ efflber o£ the | ter Odd Fellows cemetery. ! class. Haselby Herd Leads DHIA in February Dniry Testing In Cass County. Dale Haselby's hord ot three cows moved into first place in the February report of the Dairy Herd Improvement association of Cass county. The former leader, Cy Dur. bln, placed second, and Marcellus Flory. third. The complete report, released by Tcflter Joe Kochert, ia as follows: Xflt Ib* lb! Owner COTVS Milk Fat Dale Haselby 3 Cy Durbin 7 M. M. Fiery 20 Jar I A Dan Wolf 23 !van Meeker 21 W. & H. Hubenthal 25 D. Beck & Sons S2 E. Eikelborner 17 Hubonthal-Pickens 2.1 E. Schmaltz 26 Albert Elliott 17 F, Hubenthal 23 Cotner & Young 23 Dick Robinson 9 Cotner & March 23 Forgey & Tabler 36 G, XaCtzger 16 Houser A Ivy 26 H. Bridge & Son 12 W. Hubenthal 18 0. E. McVay S 0. Wade & Son IS Harold Ban- 21 ft Sons 15 Becker, caught both arms in the machinery. One arm was fractured and .the other mangled. He was taken to the St. Elizabeth hos- pitid. Lafayette. Becker was born on a farm near Fulton, .December 4, 1S90, the son ot Charles and Mary Becker. He lived all hid life in Fulton county, and had been employed hy Otto McMahan for the last 34 yearj, L. Dawson 723 1055 1001 TS9 S44 603 535 556 6S6 43S 697 507 527 649 765 5S1 661 722 693 497 562 447 49S 423 601 5S3 473 445 S63 1424 429 473 150 40-S 39,0 39.0 31.9 31.5 31,3 30.6 30.4 29.6 2S.2 2S.O 27.5 27.4 26.9 28.7 26.5 26.4 26.0 25,5 26.3 25.3 24,9 24.3 23.7 22.S °2.2 21.3 20.S 6S.4 19.5 16.3 6.9 WBBM—Melody Hour (») WMAQ—Dennis Day (H) T:JO—WBBM—Dr. CUrlnlan (H) WGN—Allen, news WMAQ—Gll3«r»le«v» (H) WLS—Vox Pop IK) I:<S—WGN—Your Answer «:00—WHBBM—Mark Wirnpw Orch <H> WGN—Hetvtter. n«ws WMAQ—Duff»y'» Tavtrn WLS—Abbott and Cottello (H) *;15—.WGN—Kadlo Nowsreel 1:30—WBB1T—Keport Uncensored fH) . WG.V—Kacket Smashers (H) WMAQ—Mr. D. A. <HI WLS—Groucho Mars Show I - D. D. Bridge 12 R. G. Reiff 3o B. Skinner 12 Moss & Eller 33 F. .E. Eikelberner 20 Hoff & Becklcy Glen Stxby 4S XUllman <t Gates 12 J. P. Galbreath 11 Cows producing over 50 pounds of butterfat: Dale Beck & Sons 1523 100,5 Elmer Schm&lu 933 Si.6 Frank Hubenthal 1073 7«.2 W. & H. HubenthAl 1296 75.2 i Dale Beck & Sons 1067 SS.3 Moss & Eller 1237 74.2 Albert Elliott 22-3 70.8 HoH & Beckley 1424 69.4 Dale Beck & Sons 10677 6S.4 Elmer Schmaltz 970 67.9 9:00—WBBM—Tha Whistler CH) WGX—Encoro Theatre (H) W7.S—fling Crosby IH) 1:15—WBB.M—Music for \'ou W.MAQ—The Bis Storv tH) 1:30—WGX—Bulldog Drummoud Durant» (H) WBCJI—Public Forum (K) S—T6xaco Them™ C TRAVEL BY BUS CALL UXIOJf BUS STATICS BARSES HOTEL BUttD DIAL 3029 Effccthe March 10, 1948 BUSSES LEAVE FOR Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Louisville. Washington, D. C., Pittsburgh, New York City S:05 a m., 8:15 a, m., 12:50 p. m., 3:00 p. m., 6:20 p- m., 5:50 p. m., 12:30 a. m. South Bend, Kalamazoo, Grand Ranalds, Muskegon, Petoskey 8:20 a. m., 10:05 a. m., 12:30 p. ra., 2:55 p. m., 4:30 p. tn., 7:30 p. m., 10:10 p. m,, 12:50 a. m. Lafayette, Terre Hrxte, Danville, Champaign, Springfield 11:00 a. m.. 3:15 p. m., 5:15 p. ra., 7:45 p. m., 10:00 5. m. Peru. \Vabash, Huntlngton, Fort Wayne S:05 a. m., 10:05 a, m.. 1:35 p.m., 4:25 p. m., 7:05 p. m. Kokomo. Tipton, Elwood, Alexandria, .Marion. Munncia and Anderson 9:15 a- n.. 1:30 p. m., 4:45 p. m., 6:30 p. K., 7:45 (Ko- komb only), (Saturdsj-s, Sunday* and holiday! only to Monde sjid daily Koxomo only) Akron, Warsaw, Milford, Goshen 10:05 a- m., 4:25 p. m. Royal Centre, Star City, Winamac, Bass Lake, Gary, Hammond, Chicago S:20 a. m ,.(12:30 p. m., Sat. & Sun- only). *:SO p. m.. TioO p. m. Detroit, Toledo, Clev«l»nd, Pittsburgh, New York 8:05 a. m.. 10:05 a. m., 12:30 p. TO., 2:55 p. m., 4: SO p. m., 7:05 p. m., 10:U5 p. m. Public Announcement of THE LOGANSPORI REAL ESTATE BOARD Preamble of Code ot Miles, the use of the term "Realtor," list of members authorized to use ^Ecultor" In advertising and list of business anil property owners affiliated with the board. PREAMBLE Under nil Js the land. Upon its ivlse utilization and widely nllocatcd OATiicriihi)) depend the survival and growth of free Institutions and of our civilization. The Realtor Is the Instrumentality through which the Jaml resource of the nation reaches its highest use and tlirotig-h ivlilch land ownership littnins Its widest distribution. He Js a creator of homes, a builder of cities, a developer of Industries find productive farms. • Such functions Impose obligations beyond those of ordinary commerce; they Impose grave social responsibility and a patriotic duty to which tlie Realtor should dedicate himself, and for which he should be dlllfrent in preparing hhnself. The Heiiltor, therefore, Is /ealons to maintain and Improve the standards of h!s calling and shares with his fellowORealtors a common rcspoiislb.il- ty for Jts integrity and honor, In the .Interpretation of his obligations, hi? can take no safer guide than that which has been handed down through twenty centuries, embodied In the Golden Rule: "Whatsoever ye would that men should do unto you, do ye also unto them.'' Accepting this standard as his own, every Realtor pledges himself to observe Its spirit In all his dealings and to conduct his business In accordance with the Code of Ethics. USE OF THE TERM "REALTOR" ARTICLE VII, SECTION I OF BY-LAWS The use ot the term "Realtor"' by the Board Itself and Its Ac- tire Members shall at ail times he subject to the provisions of the Constitution and By-laws of the > T ntion»l Association of Real Estate Boards pertaining tiiereto and to the rules and regulations prescribed by its Board of Directors; and the Board shall hare primary control over the use of the. term' within Its jurisdiction. ages were found In other barrels. Then they found others hidden in tlie cracker barrels and more In the oven ot the stove, which was unlighted. DOUP Worth More To Addicts lady fair on the nose. I For nine years, Punkin lived a } Macaroons ! at HILBERT'S DELUXE i 4IH E. Market PI. 3S3S ' Even finicky children love this pleasant tasting laxative thut also warms and comforts upset stomach. Famous over 50 years. Get Dr. Caldwell's Senna Laxative now. 60c and $1.20 sizes. SLEEP SHOW MARCH FIRST TO TWENTIETH i f r .• '• &**/> MEMBERS AUTHORIZED TO USE ADVERTISING "REALTOR" IN Bohcrt Ayers 16 >V. linden Ave- Florence Brown 2*8K 4th St Alma Cooper 210 1th St, Ire Cree 421H E. Bdwy. lorry Fetterhoff 216H 4th St Harry H. Huston 210 4th St Owen I/. LaJrd- 20SH 4th .St. Roscoe Martin 202 4th St- Hngh Thlmlar Barnett Hotel .Tames T. Tersohette '210 «h St. ' Russell D. Pierce 218 4th. St. ' Erie G. Schneider 2TS«hSt • John Smith Barnett Hotel The exclusive listing of property should be urged and practiced by a Realtor as a Means of eliminating misunderstanding and dissensions and assuring better'service to the owner BUSINESS AND PROPERTY OWNERS AFFILIATED WITH THE BOARD Jack Haymaker, Ass't to Pres. National Bank of Lopansport R. C. Hlllis, Attorney" J. T. Hlllls. Attorn*}' Jellle Hlrschauer, Abstractor Mary Jane Laird, Abstractor Douglas Martin, Insurance Agt. Richard Jfurtln. Insurance Apt. B. Mnrphy, Insurance 31alc(uiiti Jlaub. Teller Farmers & Merchants * State Bank Hal Robl). Manager First Federal Savings Jc loan Ass'n. Idger F. Snyder, Bkpr. <fc Property .Mgr. Golden Rule Dept Store Harold Tnberty, Attorney. Bedding Headquarters SPECIAL OFFER THRU TO MARCH 20TH ROLL AWAY BED—39" With Felt Mattress ...:..... |24.50 1NNERSPRING MATTRESS-r-186 Coil, Colored Tick $24.50 FELT MATTRESS—55 pd.—Heg. ?49 ; 5p, Now -. $29.50- O1L TEMPERED COIL SPRIKGS_»0 Coils f 1(C95 LOVE SEAT-^-Rose. Tapestry—Innerspring Construction—Makes hill 54" Bed—Reg: $124.50—Now ;...,.,........ ; ,,^,. .......i.r ,..$99.50 SPRING AIR AND SLUMBEKON MATTRESS, Nat Adv^ ..... „ . ,|49JO FULL LINEOF P & P BOX SPRINGS andln. Sp. Mat. ... .$39.50 to $59.50 MAPLE AND WALNUT BUNK BEDS—Very Sturdy..- '.^4495 • : . Come.In. and Take Advantage of These Specials "LOGANSPORT'S STORE FOR THE HOME" 313-15 E. Broadway Dial 3832

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