The Daily Times-News from Burlington, North Carolina on June 29, 1972 · Page 26
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The Daily Times-News from Burlington, North Carolina · Page 26

Burlington, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 29, 1972
Page 26
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To' Err Is Humanizing'TMIf You Are The Right By JOHANNA GRIMES UNC-CH News Bureau CHAPEL HILL Some psychologists say that people are more attracted to a highly competent official who blunders than to one who does not. But an article in UNC's journal, "Representative Research hi Social Psychology," sheds new light on the matter. The blunder attraction is true, it seems, only when males are judging males and to a lesser extent, when females are judging females. Women are not attracted-to blundering males, nor men to blundering females. In her article, "To Err is Humanizing: But Sex Makes a Difference," Kay Deaux of Purdue University presents data on male-female eval- uations of male-female pratfalls, a study significant because both male and female reactions were included. She also warns psychologists against the practice of using only male subjects in personality and social psychology studies. "Particularly · in the area of social behavior, it would seem that any assumption that the sexes respond in identical fashion is hazardous," she says. Miss Deaux obtained her data from 193 students who watched filmed interviews of a male and a female applicant for an important university position. Each s u b j e c t watched one of eight possible tapes, representing all combinations of competence level (high-low), pratfall (absent- present), and sex 'of the job applicant (male-female). The students then answered questions that determined their attraction to the applicant whose interview they watched. Results indicated that each sex will prefer the person who blunders only when that person is a member of their own sex. And, this effect is true for men primarily within the high competence level, while it is sharper for women 'within the low competence level. Why? It could be, says Miss Deaux, that an individual more readily identified wich a member of the same sex, that a person may be less tolerant of error to the extent that he cannot as fully empathize with the opposite- sexed person, or that a person holds higher expectations for the opposite sex and that these idealized images cannot incorporate evidence of a blunder. She then comments on the practice of using 'generalizations from one sex for both, "while numerous areas- of research are probably not, subject to sharp sex distinctions, it is suggested that such areas as interpersonal attraction are highly influenced by Interactions of sex of .subject and sex of other. . .Demonstrating that a phenomenon found to be true -in : one sex may not be true of the:'-other sex does not necessitate;a total unheaval nor a witch" hunt by crusading.'liberattbnists. On the other hand, it is "clear that questions should be posed separately for the two sexes before assuming equivalence." Survey Shows That Teenage Girls Are On The Go NEW YORK -- America's teenage girls are on the go from California to Corsica with more than nine out of ten planning at least one major trip this year, according to a travel survey conclucteu by Seventeen Magazine. The report, based on 1,257 replies from members of the magazine's Consumer Panel, revealed that: --93.4 per cent expect to travel this year with nearly one-quarter planning their vacations outside the United States. --83 per .cent of teenage girls have flown;: one quarter flew inthe past six months. r-70 per cent traveled with their "families but 17.3 traveled,, alone, a substantial increase from recent years. r-Eor trips, taken last year, the'automobile was. the-favo- rife^onn: of'transportation (77 .percent) followed by. a virtual tie between, planes and buses. Railroad travel accounted for .'only:'1.7 percent:" · Even though. the girls are on the go, parents pay'for 66.7 per cent,of the trips while it's a joint financial venture for 21.6 per cent. Only 12.8 per cent said they paid all costs themselves. , And -where will they be going? For trips in this country California and Florida were exact percentage choices (18.5 per cent) for vacation plans this year. New York, Texas and Colorado were other favorites. Europe was the first cnoice for foreign travel followed by Canada and Mexico. With these destinations in mind, plane travel is planned by 45 per cent of. .those responding. The teenagers are sold on jet-setting,' giving the airlines "excellent" or "good" ratings on speed, safety, courtesy and comfort. Airline food is another story, though, with 40;4 per cent rating' it no better than ."neutral." Interestingly, among those who took a major airiine trip last year, 74.8 per cent did not use the lower :youth;fare" available from most scheduled airlines. .An airline spokesman explained' that "youthjares" are sold on a standby basis and most teens obviously prefer a guaranteed flight. .-,..Travel agents were ^consulted .by only ,17.8 percent but no matter how their plans were made, 36.3 per cent said they carried traveler's checks. And foi almost 80 per cent, traveling -was done in the summer months. But no matter where you go, there's still no place like Jean Adams* FORUM IN THE WOODS: (Q.) My boy friend takes me out about every day in the woods and we make out. ' I love him, but I think -he's Just making out with me to, see my body. I need help; --' .14 in. North Carolina.'' (A.) Making out, as has been mentioned here before, is a rather . elastic term. I trust that what you and your boy friend are doing is something short of intercourse. Whatever it is, it is up to you -- now that you see the foolishness and danger of it -- to stop it. Quit going to the woods, or any Icoely place, with him. If necessary, break up with him. NO PROGRESS: (Q.) I am very unhappy because I have very few boy friends. I'm sending you a picture of myself so that maybe you can give me a few tips on how to improve my appearance. I'm friendly with everyone, but it seems that I'm not getting anywhere. I hang around with my girl friend, who is popular with the boys. Tiiey notice tier, but not me. Pleaise help me. -- Boy Needed in New Jersey. (A.) Your hair and your smile are very good, but you need to work on your weight, and possibly on your teeth. Ask your family doctor to prescribe a diet for you. I think you need to lose about 15 pounds, but he can tell you exactly. As your dentist to check your teeth. Hanging around popular people doesn't always make a girl popular. Sometimes it makes her just a hanger-on. You are the one who counts to you!- Get put of your girl friend's shadow and stand on your own. Be yourself, not a copycat! Be Smart Shop At FASHION SHOP The Friendy Store In Downtown Burlington SENSATIONAL SUMMER CLEARANCE SALE REDUCTIONS UP TO 50% OFF home -- even if it's someone else's. The girls indicated that 40.1 per cent stayed at private homes after reaching their destinations, although a com- bination of accommodations were apparently used with hotels and motels named by 55 per cent, with 12 per cent ' preferring campsites. Britain's Plea To Parents, Open Minds-And Parlors By TBJXffi BELMONT Women's News Service British schoolteacher Michael Lloyd - Jones is. urging parents to allow their teenage kids to use the sitting room to make love.' Says the fiery Weshman, 'if young people are not able to do their love-making at home, in comfort and privacy, they will 'be driving out into the s t r e et s , into furtive experiences on lonely : commons, in dark alleyways, or in the backs of cars! "And the parents will be to blame for the consequences," he says, insisting that today's parents have inherited a legacy of prudery, sexual guilt and moral cant. 6-C Burlington (N.C.) Times-News, Thursday, June 29,1972 "Everything For The Woman Who Sews" 168 Holly Hill Mall Open Mon. Thru Sat 16 A.M. to » r'.M. -- 584-8881 C. F. Neese Downtown C. F. Neese Son Holly Hill Moll Special Purchase ! 2 Carat Diamond (inly 295 REGULAR $400--SAVE $105 You can be assured these are fine, high quality diamonds. VFew*he» fina stones under our Diamond Scope. We'll'he?p^v1th your selection end show you whot makes these diamonds^* qualify ona value you d expect Plain Mounting from Our Regular Stock included! . DOWNTOWN ·HOLLY HILL MAIL tttftiitftn's l«#n| Jtwi'ir Sw» U7I ".Representative Research journal in the country edited per year for institutions. The resentative Research in Social in Social Psychology," edited by graduate students. journal is published semi-an- Psychology," Department of by graduate students at UNC, Subscription rates are $3 per nually. All correspondence Psychology, Davie Hall, UNC, is the only social psychology year for individuals, and $10 should be directed to "Rep- Chapel Hill, N. C., 27514. BALDWINS Holly; Kill Mall Daily 10:00 to 9:00 Saturday 10 to 6 Hug Your Hips With Comfort a Flair Hug your hips with comfort and flair in these flaired, fashion-right slacks of 100%cotton. So scandalously low on the hips with only inch zip! Perfect for body shirts, halters, tank tops--or any kind of top at all: The size flair you see i ' %" ' " , ' ' · ' · ' · : ' " · · . 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