Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 9, 1948 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
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Tuesday, March 9, 1948
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LOGANSPDRI PUBLIC tlBRAKi THE WEATHER INDIANA: Fair north and partly cloudy aoutli portion tonight; colder; Wednesday partly cloudy ilt- tlo change In temperature. Temperature 7 a. m. 26 degrees; 12 noon 40 degrees. Sunrise 8:12; sunset 5:49. rrs YOUR RED CROSS J^fafazwAJf/ HOME EDITION YOUR HOME TOWK Founded T 844—Volume 103' KulJ-L««««d Dnlttd Prea« WIr«» .LOGANSPORT, INDIANA, TUESDAY EVENING, AM Departments Phono 41«1 Price Per Copy— Five Cents MACARTHUR Commodity Markets Again Goto* 0# Col* By K- M- Landit Soyb< (Mr. Landis' columns represent his own opinions and do not necessarily reflect the views ot the Pharos-Tribune,) A Smear Abetted cans Lead Falling Prices Chicago Hog Market Reported Steady But Livestock Markets Lower in Other Cities. CHICAGO, March 9—(UP) — : Grain prices fell again today on i the Chicago Board of Trade. Wheat, corn and oatg dropped j sharply for the second straight j day, at the opening. Soybeans fell j the full eight-cent limit. j Hog prices at Chicago appeared j steady with yesterday's lower i levels, but other markets through- i LOCtANSPORT, Ind. | out the Midwest reported prices { A close parallel exists between j 75 cents to \\ a hundred pounds Communist tactics In Eastern Eu- j lower. rope and the smear techniques of I At New York, top grades of " | beef in the wholesale meat market sold 50 cents to ?1 lower. the House Com- iii i 11 e e on un- American Activities. When the Communists want to liquidate democratic freedoms In Bulgaria or Romania or Czechoslovakia, they invariably begin by Imputing disloyalty to Independent nwn. Hockey Stars Identified In Gambling Case League President Accuses Rangers Billy Taylor and Bruins' Don Gallinger. LANSING, Mich., March 9—(UP) .... , ,„ .—President Clarence Campbell of Poorer grades of beef, however, , were'strong to higher. Veal was , B|] f of tbe Nw steady to $1 higher and pork was | york Rangel . s and Dcm Ga i, lnger steady to »1 lower. Qt Ule Boston Bruins as the players May Halt Packlngr Strike allegedly Jinked with gambling on Meanwhile, at Washington, K°V- ; hotkej . g ames THEIR HATS IN POLITICAL RING eminent labor experts predicted He ordered the expulsion,of Tay- that President Truman would take ]or from noc]i:e y f Or u fe j nc i the action to postpone a strike ot I lnc i e (i n it e suspension of Galllnger. CIO packinghouse workers schwl- | Campbell named the players in uled for next Monday. Under the j a meeting with Gov. Kim Sigler of I Taft-Hartley law, the President In 'such countries it may be | could declare that a meat ind us- L'ArtVi K Trtnn « Ilf» trt nAVA nftn tnc I - . _ ., .< , worth R. man's life to have had the most innocent contact with an American. Things are not yet that bad in the United State*. The victims of the Un-American - ActtvlUeajCpm- mittae are not shot. Their cnKwe't- ers are .simply assassinated in the American press. ' 'In some ways, tho evidence required is less-"When the Commun- try shutdown was a "national emergency." At the opening of the Chicago grain market wheat was 3-4 to'. 4% cents a bushel lower. Corn lost 2 1-4 cents to 7 B-S cents. Qats dropped .3-4' to 3 cents. All ot the pittjor commodities, except crude rubber took a sharp drop yesterday with grains lead- Ists want to get rid of someone, I Ing the descent- .The trend was they accuse Mm flatly of consplr- j transmitted to the stock exchange., ing with American secret agents. •But It la enough to damn an American'to accuse hinr In weasel Michigan, who had taken personal direction of a probe of gambling activities in Detroit. Plan New 4-H Girls Exhibit Pacific Commander Definitely Announces That He Will Accept Republican Nomination; Chairman J. Howard McGrath Announces Truman's Candidacy. | TOKYO. March 9—(UP)—Gen. j WASHINGTON, March 9.—(UP), . - , . j Douglas MacArthur agreed today j —Republican regulars and rebel-' Structure to Be Lre ««* At I to acccpt the 194S ^publican Pres- ] lious southern Democrats maneuv-. Fairground For All- X ear ^^ nomination ic Jt is offeTed | ered today to put the freeze on the Use, Pennington Announces. The Cass County Fair Associa- him and observers believed he : Presidential candidacies of Gen. would campaign on a platform of; Douglas MacArthur and President Sin. Harry 5. Truman C*n. Deuolat Mat Arthur Renew Opposition To Slash In Taxes Administration's Plea Falls on Deaf Ears; Discard Ten Years of Peace Outlook. WASHINGTON', March 9— (UP) — The administration stated its no- The NHL chief told Sigler he j tax _ out . n(w vlews again today. . had evidence that Taylor communi- j Socmary - of Commerce W. Aver- cated with James Tamer, Detroit Harrinlan ' told the f?enate,FI- gambler now in prison, m placing committee that tsieSh' FI-. a $500 bet on the outcome of game played Feb. 18 between the-]- RriiW.'. and "the: Chicaeo Blacfir-t w ! nance committee that while and 'the • Chicago Blacli? hawks. He said Taylor bet on Chicago, although tho Bruins won the same. Campbell emphasized that he had found no evidence of any attempt ,,.,_„.„,, cents"To"?V.50Jbr players to • "fix" a National lower at the big cornbelt stock- j hockey league game. Carl Helton Passes Away : VA-..^*- • •* ! Funeral BJtcs for Former City tion is planning the construction vigorously opposing further Rus- j Truman. during the'coming year of a new : slan expalls jo)a. MacArthur and Mr. Truman an- 4-H Girls Exhibit building at the MacArthur is known to believe nonnced they were willing only & fairground which can be used on i that direct ' man-to-man aegotia- j fow hours apart yesterday. Many •an all-year basis for both rural and city activities, it was announced Tuesday by Ben Pennington, president of the Association. The building will be erected in the form, of a small auditorium and can be a meeting place for the youth of Cass county as well as for Home. Economics organizations of the county, it was reported. This structure, which will cost j several thousand dollars, cannot be erected before this year's fair, however,, due to the fact that the building program put on by the fair board during the last few- years has used up most of the tioiis between the President of tho I concessional Democrats put an United States and Premier Josef Stalin should be attempted. • In the opinion of those who have talked with him, MacArthur would, | ne would be licked in November. immediate chill on Mr. Truman, with reactions most remavkablo for grim silence or predictions that if nominated, favor placing the American anti-Communist program upon an immediate global basis. JIucArtlror's Stand MacArthur's views on leading is- A few Democrats uttered half- hopes Unit MacArthur would turn out to be a Democrat -and maybe run for them if they could block Mr. Truman. But the general is » sues, as. expressed to numerous i Republican. visitors in conversations in which j GOP party leaders shied away this correspondent participated are | from challenging MacArthur. But as follows: 1. The greatest single problem facing the American people Is that of relations with Russia; most oC them are convinced now they have the-November election in. the bag. Many are not as eager as some months ago to top their presi- surplus funds'. Pennington stated, j mea ns. Await Council's .Decision 2. This problem should not bejdential ticket with a lot of mill- considered insoluble by peaceful The 4-H girts exhibits at the 3, Direct nmn-to-man negotia- tions.between the President of the county fair for years have been United .States and Stalin should be which closed fractions lower. Hos prices i , words of "associating"— "knowing- ! yards. i ,> 'or «nknowlngiy'--witn an "al- It was tho biggest gen eral drop Taylor, a 29-year-old center, was •' Red ** Chairman Thomas ot tha Un-American Activities Committee uted on Dr. Edward U. Condon, head of the Bureau ot Standards. Thomas cited certain "derogatory information" from a secret FBI report, but -suppressed the. part which found thera waa no evl- dlsloya'ny, the war, Condon had checked and a gradual upswing began. Survey Shows Buyers Market The commodity markets set the pattern for the level 'of the nation's cost ot living. The National Association ot Purchasing Agents reported that | latest survey showed a drift i Boston then traded Taylor to the Rangers. . And, he asserted,- inflationary-! j, nploye -jyill' Be ..Held Ihnrs- pressures continue strong. ! housed In what is known as the ! Art building. The Art building-is I the property of the city of Lo'gans- I p.ort,. only' the south 'wing ot the i building being on fair association j ground. • , • • ,•.-,_• City officials recently announced But a majority of Congressmen- day Afternoon. attempted. 4. The United States should make it unmistakably clear that "Wasb- ington''ls- <: Di'«pared to use whatever methods may be necessary to defend the American way ot life. ti. There are some grounds that that Plans are underway'to raze Mo . cow Vould retreat if the United the old Art building, which is in ! sutes dec i ared its determination probably a veto-overriding major-I Carl Helton, -67; oC 602% North | a dilapidated' condition. Mayor i to use the strongest methods to ity-aereecl with the U. S. Chamber ^ ^ paS8ed ^ av a t 1:15' o'clock I '&*Tge' Muehlhausen emphasized, j p rW enffurtii"er Soviet aggression, of Commerce that a tax cut Is due. I . -.-/•-•-. ,-., >,, imr ,,.,-,i |.however., that no 'date' has been j ff ju stjiy. j,, J a pnn — n , ._, .„,_-, ii.„ o~«.,i. rt ruesuay mornins,--ac uie :UCITID.I itii , ,,• . j,,,,*.,.,,,*-,-,;,,, n f t^ P 7mfMin*r f T . - .....J..T—+„.* *,„,.., 4v,*i. **«,._ i uuimneiue i.no.1. IV tu.^ .,«.. A- ^--. rp i m'nrjii'nr-'.itrt^f Memorial • The Chamber told the Senate Tuesda3 n'°'nin.g at. Ue .mrnonal t jonimittee that a tax cut would be ! hospital following a-long illness. • and that it wiu b e tary glamor. General Gtts Strong Support. There Is some rank and file MacArthur support and he has a national folloiying as a military man but the greatest political asset he and General Ike possessed. is fast disappearing- That was the fear among many Republicans that they could have a hard time defeating Mr. Truman this year. But MacArthur has" some powerful newspaper support, including Col. Robert R. McCormick of the Chicago Tribune and William Randolph Hearst. MacArthur's big-political test will "the best insurance available against a recession." The committee is studying V.F.W. Eighth Anniversary • LJUrlUX C«E WUr, VUJJUUU JU*v* -" , ,, played fn important role in tho toward a "buyers market. - ... I mni ail I, <\t J. 1 1L.11L . (HJ.VA -AitsJ k-ii. w*.» *,N*--J. J6.5 billion tax cut passed by the | n No mber :3 1890 iu .Logans- House. GOP Senators plan to-trim [ pQi% ^ ^ ^ ^ o£ .-. A1Mn and the cut to ?4.a or $5 billion. They , Julja Twe ;, g H( ,i t(m . He was a hope by doing that to get enough the ' Episcopal church votes to override the tax-cut veto Md ^ Macoabees .. . Surviving are a son, Albia A. Helton, 'city; . a... step-daughter, j *v, (Esther Shuey, city; a foster daugh- bate on foreign recovery and the gjj j ea n;', three brothers, House discussed pay and training Joh ^ Edwint ., ialld verno'n Helton, He was a former.city employe, j the city council to order thebuild- and at one time operated a res- | ing torn down before such action taurant at Fifth .and North streets. . Arthur wln here that• subjected to an im- ! there bv Gov Thomas E ' I is taken.. Meanwhile, the fair association president expressed the hope that "the city will wait until after this year's fair to . destroy the Art which everybody expects from President Truman. While the Senate continued de- . development Of both radar and the atomic bomb—serving his country probably as 1 well as the average congressman. According to th.e Federation of American Scientists; "Dr. Condon la an outstanding: example of a research .scientist turned devoted public servant, of which them are But Thomas demanded Condon's scalp, .saying darkly "there aro other Government officials In strategic positions who are • playing Stalin's game to the detriment of the United States." • The malice, and dishonesty of the statement were, obvious. But . the American pre«» played it. dead-pun, giving it top billing. Headlines screamed across the nation: "Atom Chief Linked To Reds," etc- A person had to read the news story very carefully tp discover that Dr. Condon had been given a unanimous okay by «, loyalty review board Ju*t six days before- Something is seriously wrong "Competition is becoming sharp- j er in many fabricated products,", the association said, noting that "worker productivity Is Increasing." "These deflationary forces, continuing to grow, will probably affect the general price structure in the not too distant future," It said. Wheat, coyi and soybeans for reserves, the Congres- budget included: Later than they thought—U mediate flood of requests that he j o£ New Y ' Qrk ^ (ornier G ov. return, to the United States per- ; Hal . oW E- stassen ot Minnesota. If sonally to expound ' his views on j !ie various questions. Wisconsin he might" also blitz the. Republican national con- That he will reject such requests j vention. Otherwise he will ba may be considered certain. Those j among the possible compromise who know him .are confident he candidates if Dewey and Sen. Rob- building so that "there will be a lneang j u st what he says when he j ert A, Taft of Ohio tie the conven- suitable place for the 194S 4-H|j ns j s t s he has "no plans for leav-j t!on in stalemate. MacArthur also girls 1 ,:exhibits. The mayor is ex- | lng mj , post in Japan." pected to meet with tbe entire fair board to discuss the matter. ! Scherer, Wayne; -,' Fannie three With Nomination of Officers and Refreshments. The eighth anniversary of Lo gansport post No. 3790 Veterans -of Foreign. Wars, will be observed at its . meeting Wednesday night, which is on the exact date of the from/war for at least 10 years. CnaBa _ MiIler cn a pe l with -Rev. _ . That was the gist of a report from c Rdmflr officiating. Burial Defense Secretary James Forrestal .. ,,. ; ____ , ,.,.,..• X r,,,» Q ^nmotnrv Dete'nse Secretary James to tlieiSenate Armed Services committee. These authorities aren't predicting war soon; they just don't.feel that the 10-year guess is will be made in : Mt. Hope cemetery. The body is at -.the :funer.al home where friends in ay .call. Should he be nominated at the Republican convention in Philadelphia in June, however, it is anticipated he might fly to America and address the convention before it adjourned. has a chance to show his stuff against the entire field of Republicans in Nebraska, April 13- Vnndcnherg Silent .Sen, James 0. Bastland, D., Mis*,, who repudiated • Mr. Trumau'» candidacy, hailed MacArthur as "* There nomination of new future delivery dropped the limit I anniversary, March 10, it was an- for a single day's trading on the j nounccd Tuesday.'' Chicago Board of Trade, but wheat recovered slightly at the close. Cotton slumped as much as J6 a bale nt New York. Wool futures dropped 6 cents, raw hides were much good in view of recent hap| pcnings. paage-H o u, e GOP officers and refreshments will be served- The first meeting for the organization of a local VFW post was 3 to 45 pon lower, and cotton held ou Feb. 21 1940 in the dty Led oil 8 Hpp,d 90 to MO.. Crude building with the follows ott ^ers seed oil slipped rubber was 20 lower to 15 higher. The drop in grains was blamed on two factors: (1) the govern- elected: Charles Saunders. commander; IraHornbeck, senior vicecammander: Ralph Lewis. Junior on two lactors. u; u«' *—" vicc . c ommander; G- P. Capen, quar menfs refusal to bxiy floui at . orm , a>0 ,.. T ,,,., r( , n[ , e Davis, chap time being, the plea of Secretary of State George .C. Marshall that other aid programs be kept out of the European recovery bill. Marshall personally asked Speaker Joseph W, Martin. Jr., to consider the ERP bill apart from others in the interests of speed. Fourth Person Files For Commissioner . Raymond M. Bowybr. • -route 1, Walton, filed -his. .declaration of candidacy for county commissioner from the third district on, the:-Republican ticket-with'County Clerk Dewey Schmidt' Monday , afternoon, becoming the-'fourth candidate for that .post. MacArthur entered the 194S Pres- j great American above party and idential nomination race by issu- partisan politics." ing a statement saying he n-ould Sen. Arthur H, Vandenberg. . Stassen And Dewey Clash In Vote Test 1 Results of New .Hampshire Pre'ferential Primary Watched by Political Observers. MANCHESTER, X., H., March 9— (UP)—New Hampshire opened the season on Presidential candidates today with a preferential primary hailed as a test ot .strength be-j cree t political silence with his j ^eraT' standT'on some very im- tween Gov. Thomas E. Dewey otj dram atic announcement. i'^rtant &««** to the south and to run if "called by the American people." MacArthur referred specifically to the April 6 primary election In Wisconsin, where his name has been entered on the Republican ticket, and said he would run even though he does not seek office and has no plans for leaving Japan. MiicArtliur Buttons Displayed "MacArthur For President" buttons appeared OK the streets ot Tokyo'within a. few minutes-after ended months of dis- Mich., who was the most prom- .inent; supporter of MacArthur for President in 1944, had no comment on his 19-JS candidacy. Vandenberg Is counted the likeliest compromise nominee if Dewey and Taft miss. . Sen. John H- Overton, D., La,, and Walter F. George, D., Ga., hailed MacArthur as a great gfen- eral and administrator. "Ho has shown remarkable ability in both fields," Overton. said. 'We could go far and do worse. portant issues to the south and to j nation." prices it considers when the American press will co-! operate in spreading suspicion on j . . -the authority of a man like Thorn-] f\Arif\ as. whom." disloyalty to the first | IT!VI11 principles of truth and tolerance j i r»s long been manifest. I AT (2) Exceedingly favorable weather which has given wheat growers the chance for an excellent winter wheat crop this year. Several filed"for Republican pre-|New York and former Gov. Harold j "i Qave been informed that "Loafing"—The House Appro-j omct committee"'"positions. They jE. Stassen. . . | lions have 'oeen filed at Madison j Rep _ x ' L Miller, R-. Neb., th» "•"** "' I termaster- Lawrence Davis, chap- priations committee accused the L- ere Asher Wilson, east precinotj At-stake were the eight delegates , and signed! by many of my fellow L rig|tla j MacArthur for President exhorbltant. i. Leonard Fenwick. Ottis j Internal Revenue Bureau of "loaf- of Washington township; .George to .the Republican National con- j citizens ot Wisconsin, presenting j man ij C f O }. e 1944, sa id the general's lain- Leonard Fenwick. Ottis j Internal Revenue Bureau of loal- of Washington township; .George Miller and Maurice Weddington, |ing on the job," the job being-to ghanks, east of-'Noble: George trustees ' I collect taxes. It also charged the j FergupEon, west 'of -Noble; .Law- Robert D.- Schmidt and Ottls j bureau with "glaring ineffIcien-! rence Browning, second of the MiTleTwere appointed a committee j cios." The charces accompanied jpj rst ward; and Herbert Frushour to'name the new post. It was nam-': approval o£ a ?l-9 billion bill'to run | wesc ot ciay..-. .ed Logansport post. . the treasury ana post office in fis- : On March 10, 1340. forty-six cal 1S49. . : members-were initiated' by the j Olcc—H. J. Deuel. professor of , . . i Hammond degree-team post 802. De-: biochemistry and nutrition at the Qf ACCldent Ipartment officers and represent-j University of Southern California, Amputate Left Arm Crash Victim's Estate Opened U vention. my name to the electorate for con- anDcnm ccment given his friends the green light to go to Snlllvn,, W*M iJt^r Wlfn ' atives of 29 posts throughout the ! told a House committee that mar- Solllvan HeM After Wife state were present . ! garine is just as good for people The I. 0- 0. F. hall, was rented ' as butter—and cheaper. He urged ! Lebanon, Say* He Tired At Times With Klfle. Her 1'onr A record number o£ voters-per- ' sideraUon at the primary April 6," •haps.as many as 60,000-was ex-!MacArthur s statement said.. ^ work . pected to be lured to. the polls by j "I am deeply grateful for this | MacArthur's announcement causr the. combination of the widely; spontaneous display of friendly | ed more surprise than Mr. Tru- publicized Dewey-Stassen duel. The ! confidence. No man could fail to | roan ' S j n Washington, but far less weather was cloudy and cold. [be profoundly stirred by such a , anRr y comment- Some Democrats Fop Democrats, only a state i public movement in'this hour of | gai ,3 lne president deserved a term !party : nuarrel was to. be settled. • momentous import—national, in- j o£ n i s O wn and some said he would M g TJle j Though two opposing slates of -| teniational, temporal and spiritual-. w -j n it gut rebellious southern"'BO'-land go I candidates were entered in the'con-j "While it seems unnecessary for j erg rea cted to the Truman an- I'liotnfi ami "attest for New Hampshire's 16 seats ..me to repeat I do not actively seek,; n ^ ttnce { neU ( &f! to a slap in the e . - . . a . for regular meetings, and on June , repeal o£ federal taxes on margar- j double^ fracture,. o( - the r discovered at the •• St Elizabeth Estimate T^)u« -. Bessie Junnlt* st ?2^JOO. The estate of tho late Bessie Juanita Maie, of "Walton, who was James F. Sullivan. 45. a railroad 12, 1340. fifty-seven new candidates , me. ., .....,_ r ,, n .. otta fnHav ssMt-ssjsM sai3'— ca ed Sheriff C I Thf ^i '^ a 10°3 Erie avenue now' treatment under federal, ownership I Becker, 6.7.;;city, ^'ho died of m- U at 7 45 P m j owned b -"the post was rented and I'oftidelands as they would, if states juries received when be was-caught jMondarfrom the filling station onjthe first meeting held there s Sept 1 were given title to the oil-rich sub- r in..a. pieca of road macnmen_on the island and said her husband! 25. 1940. The post colors were j merged areas. (in the Democratic National con- I or -covet any office and have no ; fa^g ."The comment of some north- vention.".all members.of both tic- • plans for leaving my post in'Jap- j em Democrats was somewhat short kets were ' pledged to President' an. I can. say and'with due humll- j o£ enthusiastic. Truman. ;. • ' jity. tbaf/J tvould be recreant.'to all j _ ——: The' Republican, primary was '[ my concepts of good citizenship , p os t mas tQ r AnnOUHCCS 'narrowed to a test between Dewey-i>-«e I-.:to shrink because of haz-j •"•» -.-ci. and-Stassen -But-it might also ! ^rds and responsibilities Involved,. ifostal RCCCIptS SHOW . state" road 41; near' Bosvrell, Indi- tne isiano anti saio ner nuscaua :aa, I:KU. me posi. ^iu.= m ^^—-= --— , »i aT ,, ^fnTirlav-'afrprnoon . was intoxicated and had fired four I dedicated on Sunday, Oct. 15. 1940,! The military s abandonment of j ana Monday afrcrnoon^ fatally Injured in": an auto-bu* tlmes through the windows of their in services in the Berry Boowl con- j the no-war-m-te^yeaj-s estimate _ , . ^ .--* Tr-_ji..j.» n^n^nivio- MI i, , 1-1 .1 —.x-ii,. _,-».i«_i j_..._j v.. r.~-,. „«„> ana was reported by informed senate j f^C3ltn UTilClolS - throw a sidelight on the - voting < from, accepting any public du^to , Q _ , „ popularity .of Gen, DwighT D-" Eis- j which I might be called- -.by the U*m UVCf LBSF I ear popularitv . — --- _ . -„ — _ _ , _.. tj enhower and Sen- Arthur H. Van- American people- crash last Wednesday morning; on I home> breaking them, while aiming : ducted by Gary post 909. highway 35 near Eighteenth street, ! at ner on the outside. None of the j The local , post had 154 charter , sources. was opened Tuesday in the Cass shots hit her. she said. . j members and had the honor ofhav- | These Idenberg, R-. Mich. "Two caadidates still were pledg- ' MacArthur is 68 and is gaid-by associates to be in excellent circuit court with the ment of a brother, Sh«rman of Galveston, »s *dmtnistr«tor, .,-, sources said the military ; Begin Inspection •ed to Eisenhotrer.' despite the geu- . health ^f or the possible, rigor* of ! eral's 1 renunciation - of political; j* u A A c.l«p »^ «***«"** 1 CLfl-i n i i;j.iu.iJ.^j.(A.i.iv»J. -w*- r y ••-***•-••- ; - - , \ conslderatloa and another pro- , renivn. to tufi Unitfia otates- xie a&s Sylvester Kelly, local postmaster, announced Tuesday morning that postal receipts for the month., of February exceeded receipts for I tbe same month' In. 1947 "by •—*• ""~- anuks 4nt iici- otic ^>cvtt.. . i m^x.iv^.o uitu ..« H — - — -- . , | w .. -. , ,- | rnTi^iflpratlOii and anotner ury- . * &t -* appoint- parrett and State Trooper B. B.; ing .the largest charter in tUo state | authovit^s are^not necessan^ pre- , ^ ^ ' . fl£ - ;all vestauvants> } Std^Smself favorable to Van- ; not ^n Maze Leavitt accompanied her to the until 10-14, _ ., .. _, ;dc««S }*«. But thejJeellt_ ^as i . . - . oo ^ halld Hnr estab-Jdenbenr-- : " ' - ,-. jy ea - lll^ >>fti.- A^Ut l.i*t..' i.wx*i, •>. •• *-^i i -. . : J-l_ J1J - J home, which i^ust outside the city j Commanders -^o have served the J said, that J^^^^ 5 ^! ^^^Sgun^sday by J Gen.'Doujlas MacArthur's .avail^ The parent!, Uiree .brothers -and I limits on the south edge Of -town. * local post in addition to Saunders , nscessar> to leconslder tneir^eftrii ,^ ""....^ ^.* lrt . ^ rt ^,^ %t,,H.,. t^ ^ nm -t««HnTi ^« -not- «- been in.the United States ears.. 11 rsrss^r; z j^-srs^xssjs^ include $200 In personal property a"d ?2.000 In real wtat«. Hanna, Small and Campbell are him. He was lodged in . the auorneyi for the estate. I night. i present commander. FORMER EDITOR IMES WARSAW, Ind., March S—(UP) j . .fUcelpU for the month totaled $12,59.4.13 as compared to S12,- 112.18 Ior February of last year. The current total receipts for estimates. Among the .military j ciiy and state health: officials. . r = r-pnorted'v cited bv Forres-' The wort was being--carried t_. ^.^^ ,^_ . ... . . ,.,... -,*,* ,„ „„-, ii^o^qsq <n ^el^-^^pTL^^ht ^V-Oif^rdT^^^^^^ iirrioS i*£f .r 'sssj^s^s^ft ;£.?• ^r^s^ss ^ s ^r^^s^ s_ ; r r^° t^ 3 ^^. ™^ «•.<**- ^ ^^1* ***«« n,«^ * Gem Austrja _ forces spcctor of,-the :Fopd .and Drug . Lvision . o j /tl i« state., board of health., pledsed. cheir alliance >i, ^ ,' o' the Warsatv Tira««. 194S are now $25,985-69 Ia.com-. 'or » .for th« , -I year.

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