The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 23, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 23, 1931
Page 3
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NTS FlICT IDSWIEBEST LI Higher Education! World Follows New York lo lo Win FuvlhfM- Honors. I'lans oS 'avis Hero «Y HAHUY .V. FHANT/,' 1'riiEc'.! Press Staff {'iit WASHINGTON. — lOPi— Wi.rrr Lindbergh goes tiie worlds inia^i- uii'.imi follows—an ftxium oi Amcr- ifnn journalism—has received new «nifir:iiailr):i Incidental lo an- i,<a;ii:emiTil of the snialor's plan 1-jr a fliyhl to Japan and Cliliin. Over four years have :l,i'«-:i since Ijhuibi-rti'.'i ' iiop|X?rt oil" iroin R'jo-.evc-lt Field for a siicc?-:ifiil non-stop flicht lo Paris. The iri 1 - niendcus interest that. nt'."i![l^d his (ramp.ll.imii: flirii:'. has p?-'-- sUtc-d diiii:!? si:cce-^sive yoars. o-.v- iiid to a \vi?Jl-ti!iK':l seri?j of aerial neTomplishni'.'nts. Thr.s? have I.: 1 l'-!i-d anv i«s'ibilily trnt- ilir- firs! the- result of hick. Tn foil]- years sine? he stsrllc:! tr.e world lie lias I:P'.':I the olijr-f. of attempted exploitation in ever;. 1 !i?HI. respite which he still is b?st iilcntificd for his contributions aviation. After his return to the Unitcr filatcs in 1927 he sonn embarked on a nation-wide lour, iindsr auspices of the Guggenheim Foumla' lion, which aimed to bi.ild irj poi-'- ular interest in aviation—in a word to help make the public "air-minded." This eventful and safe torn was estimated of great iniporianc :is an encouragement to commercial aviation. His next great effort, sc-mi-iiiplo malic in character, was a "goo; will trip" to r^fe-xico and countrie.. in the Caribbean region. Ahliougl the Immediate purpose v.-as friend ly contact, the trip in fact prov?< tiie forerunner of a far-reachins of American air-lhie.s ii the enlire region. The Caribbean tour started witl n non-stop flight from Washing ton to Mexico City on Decembe- 13-14, 1027. and ended ivilh n 1500-inile non-stop from Havana Si. Louis on February 13. Ifi28. Th total flight was about 9.000 miles and it was accomplished in the sain V'3^nt of St. Louis" with v.iiic! •^iudberyh had flov.ii the Ailantic Liiulbergh's next important con tribution to the progress ot aria tion was as consultant engineer in the projecticn of trans-contineiila! joint air-aud-mail service, whicli was :inaiisura1cd'suc-cesjfuUy. In IfiKi tlndhprgh piloted the inauguration of an air-line down lh? Antilles to Paramaribo. Dutch Guiana, on the north coast- of South America. In ihe ne:-:t year Lindbergh had a new thrill in stor? for th? co'm- Iry, a feat which lie sharra with his wife. Mrs. Anne Morrow Lin:l- bergh, soon to participate in his fortuics on the Far Eastern flight. The couple Irfi L»n Angeles in tl'.c morning, stopped at Wichita, Kan., in tho afternoon for refueling, and the same night hurtled into Roosevelt FieU. N. Y.. ; U i * new trans-cantinrntal record. The flight of about 2.7M miles was inn-J? in H hours -13 minutes 20 seconds. r.t an average of 180 miles per hour, boating the previous record of Cant. 'Frank M. Hawks by 2 hours 5: m.n- uies and 44 seconds. The Lindberghs' crans-con!ine-n- to! rlishl was made at hish altitude.-, from 10.000 to 15.000 feet, and for the announced purpose, "to Steelc. Socicly Persona! PACE '1'liC-y married \vlien (iie-y v,cr«; freshmen, wurkcd their way fhrnti-h Slate Collr-jr-, at Tiflon. G:'.., had it l-.-iby when they were juniors, ami nov., nt (lip end of (heir senior year, Mr. and Mrs. Carle \V. Collins, nl>r.\T, have tird fur highest srlinlusllr honors in their clays. Baby Doesn't Keep Georgians From Winning College Honors HIGHER KDDUCAT10N--FEA ..jmoon. They went to work. She Hy NI.A Sen-ire | <v-s cconnmical. and FIS ney lived T1PTO.M. Georgia. — Poverty i in ^ lilt i c h(msc n mi | e from the could not. blemish their romance college they found they nor quench the fire of their en-; n , : ,k r r , K | s ,„,.<,( -They "'avert ihe fire of thusiasm for an education. And uii\ now afur fo;ir years of strutulc. I u =rd Mr. and Mrs. Carle W. Collins have been Marinated from State College here, lied for highest honors in their class. With wifely generosity. Collins has p:nni;!eu her band lo be awarded the uii\c money and bouglit a cheap d car in which to drive to work and their classes Worked Cheerfully Together Collins gradually increased! their income. ' lie was appointed an instructor in the summer rchcol. Eventually his salary for | the year reached «n average of I $73 a monih. support- His wife, happy bv ris- ' i- Mrs. hus- hon- tribute ors. undoubtedly as ( to his fine courage in support-1 His wife, happy and cheerful ln-{ her and their baby by ris-} y.^i thl , lr homc )„ or(!c , r a]1( j ing nt 4 o'clock many morn- j rcok;el their meals. They studied m=rs and going to work. together. Good-hmnoredly they Reared on a farm at Morvcn.l vied for excellence in their studies sUins \vas accustomed to hard j Uic irie'idK- rivalry which devel- laiwr nnd long hours. And when ; O pcd spurring theni to greater ef- he cnt:re-J cclkije he go! a jub as. fnrt. janitor which forced him to star; j Their instructors were proud of His day r.t Ihe crack of dawn and | t h,-m. Collins even found time to end it late at night- take jjsrt in fraternal life some- Aflc-r a childhood friendship! [i,,,,.,: ihcv went to social functions which blossomed inio love during'—if ii didn't cost too much the freshmen year of each. Collins married Lois Belcher, the chl with whom he had played ycnr:, before in Movven. Together they facod life and tiie dnubly dilTicult -as:-: of making a living and f.r.rr an cducalion. . Cvuvlid in Sr.ire Time 'liabj- Dm-sn'l Interfere rn August. 1930, u fine baby bov v .as born. The named him Carle Jr. Forced to remain out of class=s n month. Mrs- Collins lost net- i ground in the race for scholar; ship honors, and her husband forg- cd ahead. She gradually over- No one. guested lhal he. a pcor j took him during the year and iuun s nun working In.-, -vay , ul^u a v.T.3 over tl-.c rr.ce 'hroujn college and <iupr<orting a | declared bv college authorities'to vifp, v.-oulci shine as a student, i b? r> "dead beat." But wh:n they checked on ihe | coilins claims her record would marks they discovered he was tied ' have iiea'.en his if his wife hadn't with his wifi>. bdh ahead of nlllniissrd that month. c.thcrs in their class. Hack in the fall o thc-y entered cr.lle^e. Hie job as janitor. By tutoring | and she is 21. Perhaps llie'fricnd- : 192'i Ko'.v that they are through col- when , !eg c they plan to teach in the pub"""' He schools of Georgia. He is 27 Rot j Mrs. Jack Fillii and two children] of IJrinkley, Ark., arc the jju?=ts ol '' Hev. and Mr.s. (i. K. Kills. Mrs. llntili' Walker and children of HoL Splints lire visitinu friends and relulH'i's here this \vei'k. Mrs. l-?d Ashmift K'li:rn.';l lo iu-r honie til Ola, Ark.. Sunduy af'c-r several da» visit with l:sr sister Mrs. John Tucker of Cooler. Misses Wiulad and Sallie H.mir.i j lefi Sunday lor several d.iys vi',11 I with friends anil ix'lutlves in p-jints ! of Oklahoma and Texas. j Dr. and Mrs. Alvin Stephens, 11. I K. Doerner and Miss Hilda I'liim- | user huv; returned home ii!ler| | sppiKli]ii« several day.-, vacation at Mr. Doernt-r's cabin in the CVarks. MLw Sue Etta Njil retunpd to her home in Memphis Suiuliiy af'.-. 1 ! 1 j spemlm'-' (ho pasl week here'ITS the i Rucsl of her sister. Mrs. J. Q. U.uv: | aiul Mr. U.ivls. [ Mr. and >frs. .Xcwberry John- l.'rjn had as thrlr dinner guests Sun. dny evening. Mr. ar.d Mrs. Uixlc I Crawford. Miss Isube-1 Fields and Fanner England of Blyt^i'vill. 1 . Elwood Brown and JOL- Alexander visited In Cooler Sunclp.y nielli. Mrs. Frances Terror and d:iu<h- (er, Joan, \vilh Louise Hayes. Gco. linslr-y and Mis. Dovie Windell of Joiner, Ark., accompanied Paul E. ' Mlllebrandt lure Sunday lo splint everal weeks visit willi his motlier. Mrs. L. c. Spencer. W. H. Richie who is seriously ill is no better io:lay. Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Rlicd?s and Mrs. J. Phillips and' tlifh .Mrs. llattic Walker spsn! SniKlay at Wolf Bayou. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Howell had as their guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Gates nnd Miss Lula S'.atner of Memphis. Miss Rubye Spencer spent t Ii c week-end with friends at Cooter. Mrs. G. W. Dowdy has as- her E'.icst, (his week lier sisters, 'Mrs Sarah Frances Blue nnd Mrs. Sam Scarborough of Vardiman, Miss. . Hcrby Ballentinc and F.sco ,.™ "! Hughes visited friends ai Porlagc- ylile; Sunday afternoon. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. D. Anderson had as ibeir guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Bryant of Ilnl- lanel and Mr. nnd Mrs. C. A. Annderson ot Bragg City. Dr. T. A. Michic. visited with his sou. T. A. jr.. in Nesv Madrid Sunday. Mrs. Vclnm Daucett of Blythe- yilb visited with her parents hero Sunday. Mrs. Curry Albritlon and Mrs. Elbert Brown motored lo BlyUie- vjlle Sunday :afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Weaver attended church services-at Holland Sunday. Miss Agnes Overlurf spent tVn latter part of' the week with iinr sister, Mrs. Elmer Howell nnd Mr. Howell at Tyler. Miss Golden Marshall spent Sunday 'vith Misi Nellie German o near Cooler. Mr. ar.rl Mrs. J. n. Burden spcn £i;ndny with Mr. and Mrs. Earnie- Howell at Gibson. Miss Ettalinc Milner of Tusca- locsa. Ala., and Miss Patty Jordan of Lspanto, Ar!:.. houseguests ol Mr. and Mrs. George Cooke. with Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Limbaugh. Misses Jane Bognl. Olga KiiGiiry, Joe Travis. Butel Lowry ar.;l Wil- bcrt Bishop enjoyed a picnic at Barficld Saturday night. Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Mihier. Mr. nnei Mrs. New-berry Johnson. Roy Harper and Charles York enjoyed picnic supper ot Mosley Sunday ne:it iiioeilnu will IK- hi l!i,i form! Hum Watson nlti-ndi'd Hie b.illiprni Friday nlnia wllh her sister of n plrnlo nl Bai-neltl to whli'h alltunmi' at Owotn Similny ufli-r-iMi.i, Aril,- Siinnncr.s meinb-r.s with tlieir liusbantls nr.-liiooii. I Mr. . 1m | jiis. (loodman "'"l) 101 " , ! Mis.s livne Calledgo entfiuineil .announce Elsworlli- Watson ol Cottonwood' a niunbr-r of her frit'iich with n was a KtiTle vUl'.in- Mon:lay. , |inrty Wednesday nluhl. Alur u Mr. mid Mi:.. Kub^ii Soutlii'rn ul! s»'lrn In the Os-i'oln pool ti:.' nrj-tv Ullison sjirni Sunday with tlislr. prou'ixled to Miss CtUlr«l|;e'.s hoin>> paivnls. Mr. and Mrs. J 1,. Soutii-1 when- i^nnr.s were played nnd <1ali\- cm. 111 Rtn'lc. i ty ii>frr.shni l >iil.s were .si>rv«l. Mis. lU'tile Klnx of IX'riijii k, Mr. nnd Mrs. Harry U'li-diuan vlsiiini; her aisler, Mts. W. R. liit-lcf Ulytluvllli- were nui'sls of M.' fhio. who is very ill. and Mrs. C. I,. Nichols Simdiiy, Mis. J. U. Jone.s ol Cooler Sjieni Friday with lier s-jii. AutU'r A^i- rnil'L aixl Iiniiily nt SU'.'Ic. Miss K;,le Djiilon lofi Friday far 'lV\.n kansi. Ark., \vln-iv S!H> will speml Hie s;i:iniiM- w:iii )-e!iiiivr-,. Mi>. D.ivtd Sjn'iicer em n i tLilii. 1 :! u number o! liule folks vvllii 11 parly ............. ftl home Friday ailerimn li:ni'. 1 June 21st. the blrlh of u dtnujlitcr on June l^lii, Mr. and Mrs. Cl, J. Wlillllc at- Iciidrd ilii' ball same ill Number Mini; .Sunday uficrnoon. Holwn Kuf., and j. j. Moore- nt- li'nded l!:ir dunce nl Mr, Uaylord 1 '; b'utiiul.iy i!i«ht. Iisura I'iilvliiiril had as her ijiiMl 1 ; .. Siind.iy Misie-i U'lui nnd Vena Johnnie Craln of Wilson was Mi? •• Dainrs, Kv:i MiinsUi'itl. Mnynic Ju- iif Miss Mar«iirot Koblns^'.i, li.n .1:1:] Kuth Junes. ' Wi'clnesdiiy. i , _,„_ ,__ Mr. and Mrs. Clovls Cro.-k?(: nl i \"t;'i's sin, Hie 5tti blillKlny ol (iicliardson. Wilson were \>,mt\<i nf Mrs Wilson Sunday. Mr. anil Mrs. Jcssh Victory announce Ihe blilh of u .son Sunday and Mrs. Joe Wad.s nn:l ler molurrd to Ou^ola Suii- li»!',KN rAMi:i) \VI\K n.A<; HAY, Wis., i.UPl — A \l American ling llml rjeiieral Sliennnii on Keixcr Newx and Mrs. .\. s. Aiirtilln (.! i.. Mn., were Bursts of Mr. nnil Mis. Ed Wuisnn Sinnlny. Mrs. Jennie Web.ftcr spent Mr. niul Mis. Howard LK-nbyi week-end «llh her bon a! Nu ci-in-:! ID Illj iheville Sunday for I Nine. ' a \ O.-i, ciiilds nnd Harvey Wilsnn. Miss,Klh"Mi):rls Frlilny'' •-•ni Sim:bv In Memphis. | ^|,. s Cm ( ^ . . ... l.iylor, Ch-jrlrs Nichols, i vory 111, is iniprnvlng rapidly. Virginia Elders ul Vurhrn Hoy Kersey. Ilauiion wilsmi unii I Miss Mnrch lo liio Sea has been t>re.seii(ed (o the Clarence Noble • posl of the Vfleruns of Foreign Wnrs here.. Tlie ling flew from (he loji of lookout Mountain dur- llic Civil War. Tlie Pi-cncli Air Ministry has do- ' rldcd lo replace Baseline motors on all military airplanes with oil- burning L-milnes. 666 LIQUID Oil TAH1.KTS Itelltvfs » llntil-irhe Or Nruralfll In :10 iiihuilcs, <>liri'ks :i (.'ulil (he Ihsl (l.iy, uinl checks Malaria In Hirer days. «(i(i Siilve for Hiihy's Cold ln-,l Dr.PaulF.McCutchen Dentist STEELE, MO. Phone 85 tfOU* r-ttidrnts he make ?G2 a month. was able to He conned icfti t!i:> theory t!'.at airplane speed i^. Belcher in lm sp.irD mon: and effiriency are to be- sought j _„,,,] t he-re weren't many. ' On Christmas dr.y they were ly' rivalry will develop again ns lined j tlisy try to src wliii-h can f;et pro- uenls | niotcd They aren't goini arjas. in rare ntmos- above storm pheres." This ochicveinen! kept the Lind- berghs at the peak of national :.s- tceni. from a tr-hnical as well as popular standpoint. It proved lo ijV.alien authorities liini Lin:tb^rj::i fff ; not inclined lo "stand still' in Ills profession, but dir-posc-d to pr?.= i onward for new successes which would be of practical value to aviation. Aviation experts ore convinced that Lindbergh's Fav Eastern flight aims at specific technical results of which the public has not yet been fully apprised. The llisjlit. therefore. v:ill command t::e nltcnlinn of technicians as well as of the mas=cs in many coimtr:,"; ..who find in "Lndy's exploits." n r.j- lial story of never-fading interest. Driver Grove Rev. W. H. springer ot Tilythc- villc v. ill preach at Driver Grov.-Saturday rasY.t. H.-nry Ooincs spent the weekend with Mark Konller of Shady Lane. Mrs. Clarence Jewell of SI. Lnuis is fponding a fc-.v wvcks wilh her inrcnts. Mr. ai;rt Mrs. Charlie Ciiar!e.= Springer was Ihe dinner gr.ef! of Jti? Freem.iit Rt Blythe- vil'r- Saturday. Mr. niul Mr.-,. D. M. Alexander of I.o.u-hville sprui (he week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Clauilc Jon?;. Mr. pud Mrs. C., R. Brock en- ler:r:ir.':. : a f?w ol (heir friends wilii a p.irty Salurdoy night. Zeb G.iiucs was the gucsl of Wi- j Andr;".v Taylor of Reese was the "nest ol Ci:arllc Springer Saturday ' ' ^I'rank R.ickrider wns a Blytlie- yllle visitor Wednesday of last week. Howell Alexander of Blythevillc spent Friday night with ShO'ly Alexander. Hlr-liard Hall of Cnlnmet wns the ;i;ai:ied. There wasn't honcy- earr.rd (lie marriage. They d ar.y riijht (o bo happy Don't Rasp Your Throat With Harsh Irritants evening. Later (hey motorca to Oi- rccla where they enjoyed a in the Osceola pool, iii" | MiM Val "™ Casey. Golden Mirto he separated arvvoav They've 5ha " and 1Irs ' Vcmc " Casey were '' ' '.Memphis visitors Wednesday Thomas Gains.; spcn! Friday nigh: with relatives a: Trashy Lane. Hen Gardner of UlvJ'nevilb a h!i.-:im\=s visitor hrrc Wednesday, guest, of Marlln Bracken Saturday night. Claude Jonei attended the uall game at Dell Sunday afternoon. Messrs. Henry find John 'Green were Gosuell visitors Siindiy. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Wickrr s;i™t Saturday and Sunday v.-i'.h Mr. an:! Mrs. C. T. Wickrr" ft BlylhevilV. Mrs. Butl Walker of lane Oak was the guest of Mr. O. A. Brooks Sunday. A larfte cro'.vd from here atinrl- ed IIiv baptizing r-.t Lone Oak Si:n- dav. school only the ages of ttvo years - - bcUveen eight and ten. and ThLrfday. The missionary society met at the home of Mrs. N. Khoiiry Monday afternoon. Besides the members there wore tsvo visitors present. The "Reach for a LUCKY instead" Touch your Adam's Apple with your imger. You are actually touching your :_ lorynx-this is your voice box-it contains your vocal chords. When you consider your Adam's Apple, you are considering your throat-your vocal chords. Profit by the statements of 2O,679 American physicians that LUCKIES are less irritating than other cigarettes. Don't overlook that periodic health examination they recommend. LUCKY STRIKE'S exclusive "TOASTING" Process expels certain harsh irritants present in all raw tobaccos. That is your throat protection —against irritation —against cough. And so we say "Consider your Adam's Apple". Be careful in your choice of cigarettes. Don't rasp your throat with harsh irritants. Reach for a LUCKY instead. Huffman News Mr. and Mrs. Her.ry Ct:andlf-r announce ihe birth of a daughter on Friday, .dme lOt'n. Mis,;* Agues and Mabrl McKay spent the week-end in Blylhr.-illc with friends. Misses Lora Mae and Maxinc Ccpelar.d and Martha Adams arc sprndini a few days with their grandmother. Mrs. Ix-rma Copclanrl nt BIylheville. Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Huffman and son. Elbert of Blytheville visited friends here Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Pnrham We eii-sts of Mrs. Marv Merrill Sunday. Mrs. L. !•'. Moore- visited Mrs. Cecil Sayr.-- Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Bon-Ids and Mr. and Mrs. Muck Ashley of Tyler. Mo., were guests of Mr. and Mr.;. B. II. Williamson Sunday evening, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Gray of East Prairie. Mo., are the guests of Mrs, Oray's mother, Mrs. 'Minnie Kirk. nonlamtii Franklin Notice to Tax Payers In ;e District No. 17 Taxes Must Be Paid By July 1st To Avoid Penalty And Costs It is impnvativp tlial lln; intorosl on tlio 15ontls due KclmiJiry l.-i, Ip: 1 ,!, ho paid nnl lalcr Ilian July 1st. To dn (his i!. will lie necessary fnr tlin taxpayers to pay tlicii' taxes now. Under the vnry snhslanlia] roduclion in tiie lax rate for the current year il is expected ilia! (lie taxpayers will co-operate with the District fully and pay he'foro penalty attaches. CLIFTON 11 SCOTT, Receiver Drainage District County, Arkansas. No. 17 of Mississippi t * ' ; •• *'~, *ir ,'V'* ' y -"-\\ £>-h t "1 ".i r^: NS TUNE IN- T*<LucljS<rile D«nceOrcJirj. "••ticry TIKI. •to*. Tfcur.Jo, and Saturday ttepln, „„, N.B.C.nmraU. Including the use of Ultra Violet Rays Sunshine Mellows —Heat Purifies Your Throat Protection- against irritation—against cough

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